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stefani johnson

undergraduate portfolio 2015 texas a&m university

education Texas A&M University, College Station, TX Bachelor of Environmental Design (Graduation: May 2016)


stefani johnson spring 2015

Barcelona Architecture Center (BAC), Barcelona, Spain Study abroad program

10525 Marsh Lane Dallas, TX 75229


W.T. White High School, Dallas, TX

214-902-9116(h) 214-914-9020(c)

education work experience 2012-2016


spring 2015

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

GSR Andrade Architects, Dallas, Bachelor of Environmental DesignTX(Graduation: May 2016) Summer intern: schematic design, work on projects for project architects & interior designers, organize and Architecture constructionCenter documents, siteBarcelona, visits Barcelona (BAC), Spain

Study abroad program


Providence Energy Corp, Dallas, TX & copied Dallas, legal documents, reorganized Summer intern: W.T. White High School, TX


Page Parkes Management, Dallas, TX Model


system, worksheets in Excel

work experienceHollister Co. @ Galleria, Dallas, TX 11|10-01|12 06|13-08|15 01|10-12|11

Cashier & Model GSR Andrade Architects, Dallas, TX Sportsplex @ Valley View, design, Dallas, work TX on projects for project architects & interior designers, Summer intern: schematic Basketball Scorekeeper & Concessions organize and construction documents, site visits


Providence Energy Corp, Dallas, TX & copied legal documents, reorganized Summer intern:

12|10-12|11 2014-2015

Page Aggies ParkesScholar Management, Dallas, TX HELP Model The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) Hollister Co. @ Galleria, Dallas, TX Conference (SBSLC) Southwestern Black Student Leadership Cashier & Model (M)aximizing (E)ducational (D)evelepment through (A)cademic (L)eadership and (S)kills, Sportsplex @ Valley View, Dallas, TX (M.E.D.A.L.S.) Basketball Scorekeeper & Concessions


2014-2015 11|10-01|12 2013 2013 01|10-12|11

system, worksheets in Excel

activities skills software 2014-2015

Rhinoceros 2014-2015 Autodesk Maya 2013 AutoCAD 2013 ZBrush

HELP Aggies Scholar

KeyShot Adobe Photoshop The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) Grasshopper Adobe Illustrator Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference (SBSLC) Autodesk Revit Adobe InDesign (M)aximizing (E)ducational (D)evelepment through (A)cademic (L)eadership and (S)kills, Google Sketchup Adobe After (M.E.D.A.L.S.)

software skills Rhinoceros Autodesk Maya AutoCAD ZBrush

KeyShot Grasshopper Autodesk Revit Google Sketchup

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe After

projects white object the knot anarchy of the archetype long acres ranch welcome center sketches

01 02 03 04 05

white object | indexicality fall 2013 second year studio professor: gabriel esquivel

The Entenza House or Case Study House #9, designed by Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen, was used as a precedent. The diagram was analyzed for its most interesting organizational elements. There are two angled axes that form from the tiling in the outdoor patio and living room that intersect at the front door. The plan was then shifted, rotated and broken up, using these diagonal lines as the new grid, creating a unique layout of the spaces. A 3-D interpretation of the iteration was then constructed.

In the next step, three different types of skin applications were applied, ultimately addressing tectonics. I. II. III.

opaque mesh translucent

The shifting and breaking of the two dimensional diagram created a system of layering and sharp fragmentation in the three dimensional analog model. This shattering of faces was also translated into the ground condition, as the floor plane is broken up into sharp triangulated pieces.

the knot | san antonio, TX fall 2014 third year studio professor: sarah deyong partner: adam wells

Located in Southtown, San Antonio, TX, the Knot is the newest addition to the Blue Star Arts Complex. This community center will seek to connect two economically and demographically different neighborhoods together which are currently divided by the San Antonio River. The Knot is made up of a network of pathways or “threads� that spread out across the entire site. These threads converge at the center of the site, creating the Knot. The program includes an art gallery and exhibition space and a small cafe.

proposed site

Pioneer Flour Mill

industrial reuse retail, residential, art [Blue Star Arts Museum] Blue Star Arts Complex


Industrial Buildings

Pioneer Flour Mill

the Southside neighborhood

the Gunther House

residential restaurants


“Southside� Neighborhood King William Neighborhood

Railroad Tracks

transportation / railroad

topography / San Antonio River

the San Antonio River

King Williams neighborhood

The pathways are simultaneously used for spatial division. They divide the site into smaller, more intimate pockets reserved for activities like a basketball court, a pool and a baseball diamond to further encourage community interaction. The idea of scale played a large role in the development of the pathways and materiality of the building. We looked at the contours and topography of the site and were interested in implementing the same type of figural linear relationship in our project. The building’s mesh form can be understood as it’s own intricate linear network on a smaller scale. The criss-crossing lines create a web-like structure that consists of a high level of intensity and detail. The pathways can also be viewed as a complex network, very figural in nature, that begins to interact with the immediate surrounding buildings, streets and contours of the site.

the anarchy of the archetype

spring 2014 second year studio professor: gabriel esquivel & bruno juricic team: lyly huyen, adrian martinez, stefani johnson Our project explores the notion of ungrounding through a combining of the graphic realm with the scientific image. The graphic nature of our project investigates how application of generated patterns start to exacerbate the object as a way of testing limitations of the digital medium. Consequently, the object in question declares its autonomy by overcoming that which can be achieved through digital means. What is supposed to be an argument of Raw and Synthetic, becomes more of a conflict as the patterned synthetic is trapped in a state of tension with the raw object it is projected onto. This static moment captured in a continuous flux becomes the ultimate moment of ungrounding where Raw and Synthetic reach ultimate chaos and equal autonomy before either takes over.

The cartographic method fails when the patterns become so layered and complex that it ends up distorting the very surface it was supposed to define. Consequently, the object declares its autonomy since it is only perceptible because of the limitations of the medium. The pattern acts as a way of exacerbating the surface rather than blurring it, similar to Alexander McQueen’s "Plato’s Atlantis”, the application or projection of the pattern onto a surface starts to distort depth perception and material reading and vice versa where the surface articulation starts distorting the graphic. Not only that, but the pattern adds another level of complexity that the raw fails to achieve. As discussed in Murakami‘s concept of 'Superflat”, the layering and scaling of certain portions of the pattern begin to allude to a two-dimensional depth that adds to the existing three-dimensional. Video is used as a way of presenting a two-dimensional + three-dimensional representation of the object Because of its graphic nature, the object in question is able to mix a comic book-like appearance with the scientific image. Through use of projection mapping techniques, we will be able to animate the 3D prints with the existing pattern as a way of showing that the raw object is in a continuous flux in its hard+soft raw form as well as its patterned, synthetic form [lifecycle condition]. This is the ultimate show of autonomy, where the object containing both raw and synthetic is rendered with so much information that the digital medium through which it is shown through fails. The object in question defies all methods of representation and starts to dictate the conditions through which it is shown. The Anarchy of the Archetype.

long acres ranch | richmond, TX fall 2015 fourth year studio professor: craig babe partner: austen kernodle

In today's time nature is continuously encroached upon by the man made environment. Nature enthusiast and eco-tourists typically must travel far from home to experience an immersive natural environment. Eco-tourism has recently become popular and our site, Long Acres Ranch is currently undergoing steps to provide this service. The purpose of the Welcome Center is to gently prepare the user's senses as they transition from the man made to the natural environment. This is achieved by a promenade that begins at the extremities of the site and continues as they enter the welcome center and continue on to various activities. Petite outward-facing buildings are organized around two central gathering spaces. These gathering spaces separate the public and private sections of the welcome center. Each building is surrounded by a porous circular pavilion that allows for cross ventilation, protections from the sun, and provides semi private gardens. The village of buildings is designed to humbly sit within the landscape and allow the user to focus on their experiences with nature.

the prommenade




slowly introduce trees

cars with some nature

abandon an environment beleaguered with cars

people with some nature

I. location

the site is located on a former cattle ranch which is now predominately beautiful grasslands

II. volume

in order to minimize the visual impact on the landscape, the project was developed as a single story

III. division

creating individual buildings allowed for more intimate, small spaces that face outward, while eliminating the need for interior circulation

IV. public/private

organizing the buldings around two central spaces created a public realm as well as a private area that could be utilized by extended-stay students and researchers

V. elements

porous circular pavilions provide shading for glazing, creates semi-private gardens for each building and welcomes wind flow through the building large overhangs are angled to receive natural light and collect rainwater

public vs. private

geometry + axis











spatial varieties

indoor heating + cooling unit

refridgerant pipe condensation pipe

condenser + compressor

Located along the Brazos River, Long Acres Ranch, a former cattle ranch, is now being transformed into a nature tourism center. This 750 acre ranch will host outdoor recreational activities like hiking, canoeing, bird watching, wildlife photography and much more. The Welcome Center will include a lobby, auditorium + lecture hall, classrooms, exhibition + gallery space and dorms.

charcoal sketches

pencil hatching

pencil sketches

Stefani Johnson 2015 Portfolio  

Undergraduate Architecture Texas A&M

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