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Inside this issue . . .  “Where’s My Playground ?” o The playground equipment

is disappearing at many local parks . . . but why?”  “A Cold Shoulder to Hot-Spots” o The etiquette of WiFi Hot-

Spots, and where to find them in KF”  “Introducing Betty de Barista” o Betty de Barista, our

coffee shop diva, checks out the local coffee spots.  “The Game is on” o Astral Games downtown

offers a safe environment for teens and young adults Plus over a dozen more articles inside this issue . . .

The 13th Floor . . .

Discover what the 13th Floor is all about. A great new resource for


From Your Editor Welcome to the inaugural edition of The 13th Floor! Klamath Falls is a great place to live. As a resident for almost a decade, I have often struggled to find my niche in this community. I have come from all walks of life, from retail to student, mother to small business owner. Through it all, I have learned many things. I have seen businesses come and go. I have watched my places of business close their doors, while new doors open all the time.

Rebekah Dodson is a recent graduate of Oregon Institute of Technology, and a Klamath Falls resident. She has a passion for reading, writing, and travel. A former military dependent, she has been to foreign countries and across the United States. She says: “No matter where I go, Klamath is always home. I love the people and this community, and I especially love the trees and landscape. It’s just so beautiful here, no matter where you look. ”

But, through it all, we really wanted to start this publication, you should know how great of a town Klamath Falls is. There is so much to do! Whether you enjoy outdoor activities, watching a live ball game, enjoying a theatrical production, or singing your heart out at Open Mic night, there is something for everyone here. Recently, all these activities have become a “13th floor” of our community, if you will. Everyone may or may not know it’s there. There are many rumors circulating, but no one knows exactly what it is. So I am hear to calm your fears, to tuck you in, to save you from the boogie man that threatens to destroy our community. Between the pages of this magazine you will find not just a wealth of knowledge about our community, but also ways to connect and support our community. Do you know who can stop our business from closing, and save our beautiful part of Oregon? It takes every individual working together to stop this from occurring. I hope that after reading this edition, you will become more connected and active in

your community. The tighter we are bound together, the harder it is to break that bond. Klamath Falls can last a lifetime, but only if we do it together. In the following pages you will find everything from business reviews, event advertisements, and community events, and different groups located in and around Klamath Falls. You may even find your mouth watering over some of our reviews, from the Hungry Man’s Café, to the French Dip Connoisseur, and even the community fund raising events. In coming editions, we will even be talking with some of our local academic institutions, and showcasing different departments, with interviews and activities for everyone to get involved, whether you’re currently a student, or have always thought about continuing your education. We hope that you will enjoy your time reading Klamath Fall’s newest magazine.

Welcome to The 13th Floor.

Senior Editor

KLAMATH FALLS’ NEWEST MAGAZINE INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Community Fund Raisers: Starvin Marvin, Cans 4 Cando, and More! Klamath Film Group: So you want to be in pictures? The French Dip Connoisseur gives you his take on Wubba’s French Dip The Pet Whisperer: How old is your pet, and tip on how to train your master The Hungry Man’s Café: Gettin’ that ole time truck stop breakfast in Klamath Falls The Children’s Museum: check out how much there is for your kiddo to do! Tracy’s Yard: Tips on straw bale gardening for your budding garden Wi-Fi Etiquette: the do’s and don't’s for the wi-fi savvy


The current population, according to the 2010 census, is 20,840 residents

 Klamath Falls was originally named Linkville when George Nurse founded the town in 1867—the name was changed to Klamath Falls in 1892  There are no falls in Klamath Falls! The Link River falls that the town was named for no longer exist  The Applegate Trails blazed through lower Klamath in 1846

Klamath Falls Today

Welcome friends, Even though this is our first issue, we’ve been getting lots of facebook messages, posts, e-mails and even the occasional snail mail letter about our new magazine for Klamath Falls and the great people who live here. So we thought we would share a few here with you . . .

“Why “The 13th Floor”? What does it mean?” - Tracy, KCC Student The 13th Floor is something that is usually there, but no one wants to admit it. With The 13th Floor, we have decided to dedicate the magazine to any and everything in Klamath Falls that many people aren’t aware of. Klamath Falls has great places to eat, many diverse events, as well as local artists and writers. Whether you’re a long time resident, just moved here, or traveling through, knowing what there is in Klamath is a great idea, even if no one really knows about it.

“I just moved to Klamath Falls, and it seems pretty boring. I am a single college student and there’s more to do where I’m from. What is there to do here?” - Megan, OIT Student Well, it depends on your interests. There is open mic night at Matteo’s, a great bistro near OIT, that we have featured in this edition. You can also catch a play at the Linkville Playhouse, take a drive around the lake (and many other outdoor activities). You can also enjoy many of the different groups on campus, or if you’re into it, karaoke on Thursday Nights at one of our lounges.

“I have two kids, and I’m not sure what kind of activities there are for us to do as a family. What do you suggest?” Emily, Working Mom What do your kids like to do? Are they outdoors types, or prefer indoors? There are 2 swimming pools here, indoor at the YMCA, that offers swimming lessons, as well as family swim times. There’s also the Ella Redkey pool, a geothermally heated pool that is open year round. There is also little league, a youth soccer team, and many karate places to choose from. On top of that, Klamath Falls features The Ledge, an indoor climbing gym that provides not only after school care but also hours of entertainment for the entire family! For some educational fun, also try the Children’s Museum.

“I would love to connect in the community, but I’m not sure how. I love to knit, sew, and read. Is there anything here for me?” — Deborah, Grandma of 6

Did you know that Matteo’s actually have a knitting club on Thursdays nights? See our article on Matteo’s for information on how to contact them! There are also various reading and writing groups in town, our team at The 13th Floor knows that most of them meet at the library downtown. We aren’t sure about a sewing group—but hey, why not start one?

“I’m just a single guy, I’m 20 years old. I don’t go to school and it’s been really hard to find a job here. What do you suggest I do?” — Mark, bored and restless Mark, don’t feel like you are the only one. There are lots of people that are your age and in your situation. We understand how hard it can be out there! The best advice we can give you is to be diligent, honest, and aggressive about finding a job. And take your mind off the stress but enjoying the beautiful wildlife around town, paint, or write! Take pleasure in your hobbies! Do you have a burning question, or just a question? E-mail us at, or join our group, The 13th Floor, on Facebook for more answers to your questions!

Years ago we referred to the great locally owned Café’s as Truck Stops and Diners. There were certain characteristics that set them apart from the other restaurants in town. The 1940’s 1940 brought the traditional Americana “Truck Truck Stop” Stop to Route 66 and other great roadways that crisscrossed criss the United States. They ey began as a reliable resource for truckers to be able t get diesel fuel. As the number of cafes and diners began to become “Truck Stops” they searched for ways to get the truckers to stop at their location, and not their competition. They found that by having the “biggest”, “most tasty”, rib stick’n stick comfort food, with sweet waitresses with sas, they would win the stop. stop Starv’n Marv’ns ns is just such a place. Well they don’t don serve diesel, or any gas for that matter, But any trucker, long haul or short trip would be well pleased by the bountiful servings of rib stick’n stick comfort food. And it’ss always served up by waitresses waitre with just the right amount of sas, and true love in serving you. The plated breakfast shown here is an actual meal from Starv’n Marv’ns, ’ns, It’s It hearty, and made with quality ingredients. Served well!

The classic Truck Stop is fading, just as Route 66 has gone the way of “service” stations and roadside amusement attractions. Each issue we will bring a little discussion on a “café for the hungry man”. There’s still a few around, and they hold to the creed of good food, good service and in trucker size quantities.

You will never leave this restaurant hungry! Their portions are very generous and so very good, like sitting down to a homemade meal in your own home! The staff is incredibly friendly, always serving with a smile and warm greeting. I think Tracy knows most of her return customers by name she makes you feel like you are her best friend when you walk through the door - she is amazing! I also pick up orders to go for business meetings. The doctors that I feed during those meetings are particular about what I get, and they are never let down when I bring in food from Starv'n Marv'ns! In fact, they rave about it and look forward to it! I also love how community oriented Tracy is, so they are very involved in helping anyway that they can. She even donated a breakfast kfast for a team of Christian Athletes that I had in town last year. They were thinking, ok, they'd probably get some toast, muffins, fruit and cereal like at the hotels. But nooooo, when they sat down and saw the plates of meaty 12 egg omelet’s chocked full ull of chunks of sausage, bacon and veggies, topped with cheese that took up an entire platter and piled several inches high, their eyes were huge! And that was in addition to all the toast, coffee, juice and everything else! Speaking of juice, when she handed ded them a glass of orange juice in a quart mason jar, I thought they were going to cry they were so grateful and happy! In fact, they pulled out their cell phones and snapped pictures of all the food! Those boys did not leave hungry! And that's just how they hey are all the time to everyone that enters their doors. It is "the place" to go for breakfast and lunch. As you can tell, I highly recommend this restaurant! A loyal customers recommendation from The “URBAN SPOON . COM”

“Went Went to eat the other day and was really starving. Had gotten the suggestion to try out this place called STARVIN' MARVIN. Figured with a name like that it had to be good. Anyway, was a nice restaurant. Pretty cool decor...waitresses were nice, served a good od glass of tea. tea Now what to eat.....Looked at the menu. Saw a bacon cheeseburger. Thought yeah why not. Waitress asked you want the big one? Sure why not. Well lemme tell you.....this thing was 16 oz of angus beef. It came on a plate by itself. Now I got a big appetite, but it took me a while to finish this bad boy off. it was really pretty good. May have to go back and try the other variations of this burger.” burger. J Leonard as posted in his BLOG a visitor from Mississippi

Anyone who knows me, knows I am always on a quest or a great French Dip. And who could resist? Thin sliced good cuts of beef between a crusty roll, traditionally topped with Swiss cheese (and onions, if you prefer), then dipped in a piping hot dish of au jus (French, for “with it’s own juice”) sauce. And last but not least, a complement side of something salty, such as fries or chips. I’ve had a lot of French dips from all over Oregon. Everywhere I go, you can bet I will stop and try the local cuisine, and I’m going to order the French dip. From Tillamook to Mt. Bachelor and back again, I’ve had a lot of French dip sandwiches. The French Dip, like many other American creations, such as the cheeseburger, is served in a variety of different ways. Some like it with pepper jack cheese instead of Swiss, some enjoy pulled beef as opposed to strips. But no matter how you enjoy your French Dip, there are several places to go to find a good one. And some of my very favorite places are located right in here in Klamath Falls. I may be a bit biased, but one of the best places to go here in town for a French Dip is Wubba’s, located at 3930 S. 6th Street. They use thin strips of tri dip for their Dip, and fresh Swiss cheese. Their au jus is strait from their grill and authentic. Salty-sweet fries finish off this amazing combo.


I do enjoy a good French Dip, and I actually have developed a rating scale for this delicious meat sandwich: F—Fries. Does it come with fries? Are D—Dunk. How does it dip in the au they crinkle cut, straight, or seasoned? jus sauce? Does the meat stay in the Are they too salty? sandwich? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R—Roll. What kind of roll is it on? Just a hoagie bun, or a traditional crusty roll? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 E— Edibility. Does it fall apart when you try to pick it up, or is it pretty solid? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

I—Irresistible. On the scale, how does taste compare to other sandwiches? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

P— Pièce de Résistance: The au jus sauce, the best part. It shouldn't be too thick, like gravy, and should be thin, more like a broth. It also N—No Meat Left Behind. How much should be a little salty, with a good meat is falling out of your sandwich? beef flavor. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 C—Cheese. What is the quality of the Swiss (or whatever kind) of cheese on it? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 H— Hot. The meat should be well heated, and the au jus shouldn’t burn your mouth. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

F—Fries. Their seasoned fries are salty with a bit of sweet flavor, and very crisp. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R—Roll. The roll is a standard thin hoagie roll, and can get saturated if left sitting.

D—Dunk. The au jus is thin enough to provide good dunking, without making a mess. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 I—Irresistible. Compared to other restaurants in town, the quality of meat, cheese, bun, and au jus is superb.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 E— Edibility. The meat is solidly packed into the sandwich, the toasted bun prevents loss. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 N—No Meat Left Behind. Little to no meat ever falls out. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 C—Cheese. The Swiss cheese isn’t overwhelming, and adds a nice flavor. Pepper Jack also isn’t spicy and adds a smoked flavor. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 H— Hot. Earns a 10, the sandwich to au jus temperature ratio is perfect. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

P—Pièce de Résistance: The au jus is exactly how it should be: Thin with a heady beef stock flavor, and lightly seasoned with garlic and smoked seasonings. It does not overpower the sandwich, but compliments it. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Serves: 4 Prep time: 0 Cook time: less than 20 minutes Ingredients:  1 lb. deli sliced rare roast beef  4 slices alpine Swiss cheese, thinly sliced  2 cups au jus sauce  4 crusty hoagie rolls Directions: Preheat oven to 350°F. To prepare the au jus sauce: in a 5 qt. saucepan, mix according to package instructions, less 1/4 cup water, and add a dash of garlic and pepper. Bring to a boil and turn to low. Slice hoagie rolls in half, place one slice of Swiss cheese on one half. Bake in preheated oven for 5-8 minutes. For meat, heat skillet or griddle to medium high, and melt butter. Briefly fry roast beef until no longer pink, turning once. Remove immediately from heat and into the au jus sauce. Simmer until hoagie rolls are done, then remove from heat. Arrange roast beef slices on hoagies. Pour 1/2 cup of au jus into bowls for dipping. Serve with potato chips, French fries, or mashed potatoes.

Do you enjoy a good French Dip? Do you have a favorite haunt for your ideal sandwich? Let us know: And don’t forget to join us next edition for other local French Dips, from David’s Brawny Burger, The Upper Deck, and more!

We have found great French dips at the following local restaurants: 



BBQ  Starvin’ Marvin’s  Upper Deck  The Klamath Grill  David’s Brawny Burger Elmer’s What do YOU think? What’s your favorite French dip in town?

Follow us on Twitter @Klamath13th or e-mail us @! Or vote for you favorite sandwich in town on our poll on Facebook:

For more infomamation and a full menu, please visit Wubba’s website, http:// , or like them on Facebook for daily specials.

Eating disorders are something we all know about, but unless we are affected by one, we don't truly understand it. Growing up I never even heard of it until I was in junior high and read about a model that purges in order to maintain her weight. My immediate im thought was that it was something that only affected model and actresses. There was no TV shows or magazine articles that truly explained what eating disorders are. It seemed to be something we didn't really talk about.

During my senior year of high school I started experimenting with dieting. This was not done out of the need to lose weight, but rather the need to be able to control something. Always being pretty small to begin with, people started to notice my weight loss. Most people thought it was good I was getting “healthy,� knowing I loved my junk food. This added some fuel to the flames. I quickly started learning new and faster ways to lose weight and ran with them. This started my journey into an eating disorder. After about ut a year of dieting I discovered purging, this allowed me to eat whatever I wanted without gaining any weight, but what I didn't know was how dangerous it was. I felt great at first but soon started feeling light headed, weak, had chest pain, and had a hard rd time breathing. I felt like I was having a heart attack. After much reluctance I went to the ER and found out that I was simply low in electrolytes. I guess simply is not the best word for it, electrolyte imbalances can cause a heart attack, swelling in the brain, shock, and death. After getting fluids and potassium through an IV I was given a strong warning about the dangers and sent home. This was the first of many ER visits, hospital admissions, thousands of counseling appointments, one intensive outpatient outp treatment, and four inpatient stays over a five year period. I switched between starving myself for weeks at a time and binging on thousands of calories in one sitting and spending hours in the bathroom purging it all back up. I had major hair loss, dry skin, fragile nails, memory problems, heart problems, damaged my esophagus, had some issues with my metabolize, loss of my menstrual cycle, severe depression that was followed by several suicide attempts, lost many friends, and put my life on hold for several years. The only permanent damage I came out with was

tooth decay which is NOT the norm. I have several friends who have died due to heart attacks, a ruptured esophagus, and a successful suicide attempt. Others have come out with no teeth, heart damage, ulcers in the stomach, esophagus, and mouth, and some have yet to regain their period. The dangers of an eating disorder are real and very scary. I was very lucky to get out with such minimal damage, but not many are so lucky. Out of all the people I have come in contact with through treatment (about 80 girls and one boy), four have died and only 3 are still in recovery. gers-electrolyte-imbalance_.html

In America Anorexia affect one in 200 women, Bulimia effects 223 in 100 women and half of all Americans know someone who suffers from an eating disorder. Only 30 30-14% of these fully recover. A total of 166,642 people die from Anorexia each year, 32,798 die from Bulimia, and 22,644 die from EDNO (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified) these are huge numbers and it scares me knowing that there are thousands of women and men out tthere that are suffering from an eating disorder and will potentially die from it. I also fear for all my friends who are still struggling every day to beat this beast inside them. stics.htm types/meta-analysis/mortality analysis/mortality-rates-inanorexia-nervosa nervosa-bulimia-nervosa-andeating-disorder--not-otherwise-specifiednew-meta-analysis/ analysis/

There is help out there for anyone who is willing to seek it. Here is a list of places you can contact for help. Please, if you suffer from an eating disorder or you know someone who does, seek help.      

Providence Adolescent Eating Disorders Program in Portland, OR: 503-216-2025 Providence Adult Eating Disorders Treatment P Program in Portland, OR: 503-216-2025 Rain Rock in Eugene, OR: 310 457 457-9958 Mercy Ministries: 1-(615)-831-6987 6987 KYDC: 541.883.1030 Eating Disorder Hotline: 1-800-931 931-2237

Kiersten Gifford is a Psychology major at OIT in Klamath Falls. Kiersten is a talented lented writer, musician and loves spending time with her family and friends. Connect with her on facebook.

Does a pet “own” you? At one point in all our lives we have probably had a pet who was more our master than we their master. In fact most people would probably have to admit this has been the case with every pet they have owned, especially dogs and cats. This is of course not to imply that your horse, ferret, hamster, snake or goldfish cannot or does not “own” you as well. This column is non biased. LOL. In each issue, I (Magi del Gato) shall share some stories of human ownership. If you have a story stor you would like me to share, please let me know by facebook at /fatasscats And by the way . . . you may call me the “Pet Whisperer” from now on.

Welcome to the first installment of “The Fine Art of Training your Master” by the Pet Whisperer. First let’s get a couple things straight, I am a talking cat, and I’m sensitive about my weight. If you have difficulty believing in talking animals and such, then you obviously did not grow up in America. I’m not talking about YouTube stuff like Gypsy the talkking Turkish cat or Mishka the talking Huskie. I mean come on, these two just have a major speech peech impediment that sounds like human voice. No I’m talking about the real talking pets, you know like . . . Mr. Ed the talking horse . . . Paullie the talking parrot . . . Babe the talking pig . . . And Francis the talking mule. So you think you know ow all that huh? Well here’s a little quiz for you then. The first human who send me the correct answers to all ten questions gets a little prize (Wow, that litter box needs to be cleaned, hehehe)

1. Babe was a talkative little pig. What was the surname of the people who owned the farm on which he lived? Pluckett Hoggett Sackett Lockett

2. This talking animal, a 'horse of course,' had his own TV show back in the 1960s. What was his name? Mister Ed Mister Jones Hero Wilbur OK, so you made it through the first two, broke a sweat yet?

3. What is the name of the cat who wants to rule the world in the movie "Cats and Dogs"? Mugsy Mr. Tinkles Mr Tiddles Myrtle

4. Who owns a talking cat called Salem? Samantha Serena Selena Sabrina

5. What was the name of the talking mule who first appeared in a movie in 1949? Murray Ted Dolly Francis

6. There have been a few movies made about Dr. Dolittle, the scientist who can talk to animals (and to whom the animals would talk back). Who wrote the books on which the movies are based? Harry Sutton Hugh Lofting Dave Turner Daniel Baxter You only have four more to answer, you're doing great.

The most popular names for female cats in the U.S. are Missy, Misty, Muffin, Patches, Fluffy, Tabitha, Tigger, Pumpkin and Samantha.

7. In the 1998 movie "Paulie," the feathered star talked very well. What sort of parrot is Paulie? African Grey Parrot Blue-crowned Conure Blue and Gold Macaw Orange Wing Amazon

8. What are the names of the two talking dogs in the 1993 movie "Look Who's Talking Now"? Rocks and Daphne Roger and Dahlia Rusty and Dyan Roscoe and Della

9. In the 2002 movie "Snow Dogs," which of the following was NOT the name of one of the talking Siberian Huskies? King Demon Scooper Yodel

10. In the movie "George of the Jungle," what was the name of George's talking gorilla friend? Wayne Gorilla Charles Ape Photos used in this article are the property of Agora Dedakalos. Some images were retrieved with permission from published web sites. A single pair of cats and their kittens can produce as many as 420,000 kittens in just 7 years. Remember to Spay and Neuter your pet.

Some humans have one or more large glass tanks filled with water, called "aquariums". Inside these aquariums are delicate morsels called fish, which are much prized by Cats as snacks. If possible, leap on top of the tank, flip up the lid that the humans use to put food into the tank, and stare down until you think you can snag one. Unfortunately, this action will require getting your paw wet, since the fish will not cooperative by jumping out for you, but the result will be worth it. If you can swipe a fish onto the floor, it becomes an amusing toy as it flops around helplessl helplessly. Once it is no longer entertaining, ntertaining, you may eat it. Be warned that the humans will not appreciate your efforts, so try not to get caught in the same room as the aquarium so they won't blame you for the mysterious fish population depletion. If access is denied enied by the wicked humans, watching the fish swim around is a good way to relax. Converting between cat years and human years isn't as simple as using a factor of 7 (as some people erroneously think with dogs, and sometimes cats). The main reason is tthat hat cats mature quickly in the first couple of years of life. To convert cat age to an equivalent human age, an accepted method is to add 15 years for the first year of life. Then add 10 years for the second year of life. After that, add 4 years for every cat year. This means that by year two, a cat has matured to about the same as a 25 year old human. So it isn't terribly complex, but you would have to do some figuring on paper or in your head. That's where this cat years calculator comes in handy. Figuringg out how old your dog is relative to human age isn't as simple as some people think. A number of factors come into play. The first factor is a dog's size and/or breed. For instance, a Bulldog's life expectancy is estimated to be around 7 years, and Great Dane lives to be 8.5 years on average. Compare that to a Miniature Poodle who's average lifespan is close to 15 years. So the breed makes an enormous difference in the number of years a dog will live. If you want to learn more about determining your pets age Google the question, there are many sites that offer pet age calculators and lots of good info on special factors.

So I call my friend to go on facebook and ask around about who's a good vet in town. I don't have opposable thumbs, so typing is just out of the question. Anyway I posted this on facebook and here are some of the responses I got back "I'm " looking for a list of vets who do good workk here in Klamath. Can you please comment on any vet you've used that you liked, and why. I know there have been some other discussions on her about vets, but this a shout out call!" call! . . .

According to business listing there are 5 major Veterinary Clinics in Klamath

Erin Hampton we LOVE West Ridge. Dr. Doug is great and so are the rest of the staff. Brittney Gardner Love love south sixth street vet Dr roney is amazing kind to your animals and is straight forward with procedures... If he feels that it isn't worth it or won't help he will tell you and explain why something could be a waste .... Basically he let's you know Theirs two options and doesn't push you into a pricey procedure if It's not going to help or change the situation if that makes sense.... He is a great vet Tommy Jones The only Vet I have and will ever use is Hullmans Vet. Its behind the Taco Bell that's on South 6th. Homedale is where its located. My family and I have been taking our dogs and cats there for 30+ years and before it was Hullmans it was called Baumans vet clinic. It's been around forever. I have had a few other vets that I have dealt with in emergency situations that I can say were great too. They ey are East Ridge Animal Clinic and Basin Animal Clinic. Erin Bur We also use Dr. Ronne at South 6th vet. He and the staff are kind, caring and compassionate. We too have boarded our dogs there, and always felt that they got excellent care and were treated as if they were part of the office family. Would you like to sponsor Magi's column "The Pet Whisperer'? If so contact the advertising staff at The 13th Floor for more details.

In large Metro areas WiFi spots are so close to each other that it almost creates a virtual bubble of free high speed internet access through WiFi Hot Spots. Public WiFi hotspots are becoming more and more prevalent and are being used as a value-added feature by many businesses. While the offer of free internet access is sure to attract customers, there are some limits to its cost-effectiveness. This has caused some restaurants and coffee shops to institute policies or charges for the service. For customers who want to continue frequenting that bistro with laptop in tow – and still be welcome to do so – the following are 10 rules of public WiFi etiquette you may want to keep in mind. 1. Be a Paying Customer – Remember that the goal for retail venues is sales, and that WiFi is a perk they are providing toward achieving that end. Make sure you order something from the menu. A complete meal is appropriate if you will be there for an hour. For longer stays, make a purchase about once every hour. 2. Sit at a Smaller Table - Use one chair. Leave the larger tables for parties of more than one. Use one chair and make the rest available to other tables and patrons, or consider sharing one if no smaller tables are available. Coffee shops are great for sharing a tale with another WiFi user. 3. Have a Full Charge - Charge your device before taking it to a public WiFi hotspot, thereby minimizing your need for external power. This is a hefty overhead cost for the WiFi host. An extra battery is also a good idea. Some places do provide outlets, but this is an additional cost to the vendor. 4. Tip Well - Remember, if you’ve got a server, he or she is likely to be subsisting on tips, which are normally based on a percentage of the check. So if you’ve been nursing a latte for over an hour, tip at least $2 an hour you are using the WiFi. 5. Keep it Clean #1 – Be mindful of the websites you visit, and files you may

5. Have Moral integrity – Be mindful of the websites you visit, and files you may open while in a public place. Avoid any potentially offensive material. Your visits are being logged to the businesses IPS address. 6. Keep it Clean #2 – Police your area and minimize the work required to prepare your table for the next visitor. Bus your own table between orders. 7. Don’t Hog Bandwidth – Keep the downloads to a minimum. Large file downloads when there’s a large group of users sharing bandwidth is a no-no. 8. Keep it Down – Not everyone wants to hear your music or your videos or whatever other kind of audio you’re listening to. Use earphones or a discreetly low volume setting and give those around you a break. 9. Mind the Traffic – If it’s none too crowded, then an extended stay to work from your laptop is probably OK. Once things start getting more crowded, though, it may be time to pack it up for the day. usually before 7am, 9-11:30am and 2 to 5pm are good slower times. 10. Obey House Rules – Some establishments have policies regarding internet access, like restricting use during peak business hours, or maximum usage durations. If the AC outlets are covered up, take the hint.

Please remember the HotSpots are for paying customers, they cost the businesses money to have. Restaurants/Cafe 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

Daily Bagel El Palacio Hurry Curry Jack in the Box Los Potrillos Matteos Coffees McDonalds Mia and Pias Pizzeria Pete's Coffee in Fred Meyer Pizza Town Quackenbush Coffee Shilo Inn Restaurant and Sports Bar Subway Thai Orchid Tobikos Upper Deck Waldos

Business/Museums 18. 19. 20. 21. 22.

Children's Museum Epicenter Fred Meyer Laundromat Jump n' Jax Staples

Hotels/Inns 23. 24. 25. 26. 27.

Cimmaron Hotel Comfort Inn Holiday Inn Motel 6 Shilo Inn

OTHER 28. Rest Stop on 97 at Midland near CA Stateline 29. Lake of the Woods Marina

OPEN MIC NIGHT AT MATTEO’S: FUN FOR ALL AGES Ah, karaoke. The nights of fun, singing, laughter, and maybe a bit of embarrassment at a missed lyric. Oh, the frustration of a song that no one is familiar with, and the awkward moment when your friends thinks they might know the lyrics. And who can forget the horrible intoxicated people crowded around the stage? But what about a chance to sing your own songs, play your own instrument? What about an opportunity to read a poem or story you wrote, to a small, intimate crowd? What about being able to do it and drink a smooth carmel latte at the same time? Matteo’s has just the scene for you. Located at 2229 N. Eldorado, in Campus Square behind Abby’s Pizza, Matteo’s is a locally owned and operated bistro. Just calling them a “coffee shop” doesn’t do them justice. They can make coffee, chai tea, or hot tea for any heart’s desire. Crepes and pastries are served fresh and hot in the morning; their new lunch menu includes sandwiches, wraps, and bread bowls of freshly made soup. They have a cozy fireplace to curl up next to, and even free wireless internet for customers.

On Friday nights, customers of all ages and walks of life are welcome to participate in Open Mic Night. On any given week, Open Mic Night showcases: a 10 year old playing the guitar, a high school trio’s shared melodic voices, and a local blues band, complete with jazzy riffs. And best of all, no matter what your talent is, there is no heckling allowed. If they miss a note, or sound off key, the crowd still claps and cheers. What an encouragement for the creative process!

For more info, Go to their webpage: home or “like” them on Facebook: id=1337899936

The Death of Society

It is often hard to get away from the staggering statistics. Last year, Reuters reported that 16,000 deaths were caused between 2001-2007 by talking or texting while driving. That’s 2,666 people annually that lost their lives because their phone call was too important to wait. That doesn’t seem like big number, but compared to the 1,314 children that die annually in drunk driving incidents, it is relatively a large issue. Talking and texting on a cell phone is now more deadly than drinking! But this article is not about cell phone related accidents.

Cell phone related accidents cause 16,000 deaths a year...what else do they kill? It’s about cell phones killing other things, like polite conversation, socially acceptable responses, and other exchanged niceties. Important social exchanges that make even strangers smile and brighten their day. Cell phones are so prevalent in society that it’s an often site to see someone on one everywhere you go.

And, after a long day, there is the customer holding up the line at the grocery store because their brain can’t process the phone and swiping their credit card at the same time.

From the drive-thru coffee stand in the morning, to the co-workers or fellow students, and even at the grocery store on the daily trip back home. Many companies ban their employees from using cell phone on the job, unless it’s required for a time sensitive and often independent employer. But what about customers? Cell phones distract not only the person using it but the people they are interacting with as well. There’s always that person that holds up the drive-thru coffee, because they won’t put down their phone long enough to make and order. There are employees that steal company time because texting is more important than the job; students that cheat on texts because their friend took this class last year.

It wasn’t really that long ago that customers greeted their cashier and other social contacts with pleasantries such as “hello, how is your day?”, “Thank you!” and “Have a good day!” Cashiers, still required by their employers to interact with the customers in this way, have hit a brick wall. There isn’t much to say when someone is engaged with a person on their phone. Cashiers, friends, and family alike all nod and try to smile. But the cell phone-obsessed patron hardly has time to notice. So next time it’s tempting to talk to that buddy, that classmate, or that mother figure, pay attention. Everyone is working just as hard as you. Take the time to put down the phone and ask someone how their day was. You’ll be glad you did.

Tender corn beef, crisp leaves of cabbage, mashed potatoes with creamy country gravy, soft buttered carrots and a wheat roll. It’s traditionally the perfect St. Patrick’s Day dinner. What could be better? When it’s for a member of our community in need! Kristin Kr Belletto, waitress at Starv'n’ Marv'ns, s, was recently injured at home. She suffered 3rd degree burns and couldn’t return to work for nearly 4 weeks. Tracy Fields, manager at Starv'n Marv'ns, s, decided to raise money to help Kristin out with her mounting medical bills.

Kristin Belletto suffered 3rd degree burns on her hand on March 1st. She is currently facing mounting medical bills and unable to work. Starv'n Starv Marv'nss raised $1,000.00 to help Kristin with her costs at a Corn Beef and Cabbage Fundraiser.

On March 17th, Starv'n Marvin’s held the Corn Beef N Cabbage fund raiser. aiser. Besides the delectable meal mentioned above and pictured below, the Cakery provided two delicious chocolate and vanilla cakes for dessert. des

Back Row: Dani Greenwood, Kyrin Greenwood. Middle Row: Tracy Fields, Barbara Masters, Kristin Belletto, Angie Amos, Tayson Amos, Bailynn Amos

The food brought the community together, but the community ty took care of Kristin. Throughout the week before the dinner, donations flooded the small restaurant. Everything from fruit baskets, to make-up up and lotions, even just cash donations for people that couldn’t make the dinner. The donations are all raffled off to raise additional money for Kristin. Yet, the best part of the night wasn’t the money that was raised, the community conversation, or the delicious food. The raffle begins

It was watching the community join together. Within moments of the door opening, the place was packed. People were still bringing donations, but most were there to eat. The waitresses, some of them volunteer staff, rushed piping hot full plates to each table. tab Older children stopped at each table, selling raffle tickets. Tracy Fields, manager, flitted from table to table as if her way, pouring coffee and iced tea, and making sure everyone was having a good dinner.

Selling raffle tickets

The most heart-warming warming event of the night was watching Kristin float from table to table, receiving hugs and well wishes from the community, and sharing her tears shed from a grateful heart. She just couldn’t believe how many people came out to support her, either by donating to the cause or just to offer a kind word. In the end, the he combined raffle and dinner raised over $1000.00 for Kristin.

Locals Benny and Patti McMann enjoy dinner

Then, a silver lining! Last week, Kristin was cleared by a doctor to return to work, with the diagnoses that no skin grafts would be needed, and the damage to her fingers would not be permanent! “I “ would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You so very much for everything! Thanks to all of you, my trip to Emanuel Burn Center was a success and a blessing of great news. I'm happy to say I'm back to work and almost have full function back to my hand. With a little therapy I'll get full function and I'm calling it a miracle,” Kristin said. What a great community event, that just goes to show what we can do when we join together to t help someone out in need.

For many of us, our pets are our children. We feed them and sometimes even clothe them, and they make our world a better place. Just seeing them in the morning brings a smile to our face and warms our hearts. But for many more, they are lifesavers. They are a specially trained medical necessity. Dogs (and even some cats, too) can be trained to help patients with diabetes, siezsures, and even metal issues like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Brenda Miller rescued 4-month old Cando 2 years ago. She collected nearly 6000 bottles and cans from local businesses for just 1 month in order to raise the $300 she needed to buy him from abusive owners. “While I collecting, a friend told me I had a can-do personality, so that’s what I decided to name him: Cando,” Brenda says. Now Cando, no longer a fluffy puppy, is turning 2 years old. Brenda wanted to honor her beloved pet, who has truly been her lifesaver since she purchased him. So, she decided to reach out to the community that once reached out to help her. From now until April 30th, Brenda has been partnering with the Klamath Lake Counties Food Bank and Astral Games to donate cans of food, dubbed the “Cans 4 Cando” fundraiser. Brenda hopes to donate as many cans as possible to the struggling food bank. Astral Games has even pitched in on this effort. On April 14th, the $4 fee for the Magic the Gathering tournament will be waived if you bring in 4 cans of food. Brenda is also working with The Cakery, who is providing “doggy only” cupcakes for Cando’s birthday party. Now that’s what we call reaching out to the community!

Michele didn’t know Corri. They had never met in real life, just knew each other through a mutual facebook group site. They have little in common. Michele, a college student and home business baker, and Corri, single mother of two, have each had their struggles. But they were strangers.

These total strangers [offered] to help me get my puppy out of the pound I can't believe it—all I did was cry when I found out I didn't ask for help, nothing ,how amazing! I didn't know there was still good people in this town.” — Corri When Corri posted that her puppy was missing, her two daughters were devastated, her friends were concerned. When she found out he was taken to the pound, she knew she couldn’t afford the fee to get him out, and would have to find a way to tell her daughters they wouldn’t be able to bring him home. But Michele and other members of the community jumped to action. Michele began the cascade with her fundraiser, “Cake Pops for Puppy” and vowed to collect the $70 pound fee needed to rescue Corrie’s puppy. She only had a few hours to raise the money, because the pound fee increases per day of residency.

Michele’s initial post to raise money was up to 45 comments in just 16 minutes. She had over $83 promised in just 2 hours. More amazing than that, several other posts appeared, offering clothes, jewelry, and books to raise money for this cause. More than a few kind souls even offered to pick up the puppy, and told Corrie to pay them back “when she could.” By 1pm, Corri was able to march to the Humane Society, pay the amount, and take her beloved puppy home. This is a great example of Strangers Helping Strangers. No one knew Corri, but yet they were willing to help out in a time of need. It’s amazing how we can band together as a community and help others.


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Klamath Basin Home Event Center, Exhibit Builder's AssociationHall #1 Dinner Home Show

KBHA Games Oregon Horse Performance Horse Show

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Event Center Gates Open..............5:00 pm Race...............6:00 pm

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Jackpot RODEO

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OAEYC Children’s Learning Fair

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891-3776 10am to 2pm - $1 Bernie Wood - 884per child or $3 for 2421 a family Jim or Rusty 891-3776

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Car Show and Sale

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Team PENNING Sharon Camarrillo Rodeo rodeBarrel Race Clinic

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Misc. Information Friday 4-8pm – Saturday 9-6pm – Sunday 10-4pm-$3- 17 and up, $1 off for canned food item - kids FREE 545-6364

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Les Hathorn High Desert Trail 541-882-467 Riders & Wilderness Event Center - Vendor Info. Skills Clinic over 50 Friday night show - 541-533-5400 Gates open 12 noon FREE clinics and ––Saturday night Tri Demo information on Friday, 8am Satseminars, over 120 -tip Dinner Auction 541-798-5005 urday & Sunday vendor displays Dutch Oven cookoff – 541-613-4758 Klamath Dog Fanciers - So. Ore. Kennel Club present CASCA DE CLUSTER an AKC Event PEO Ch FF, Rummage Sale 4-H Pre-Fair Horse Show

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Spirit of Captain Jack OPEN RODEO-$300 added purse and $500 added purse Bull Riding

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Richard Tupper/883 Breakfast @ 8AM - -2876 Entry Day - - Church @ 10AM - - May ?, --6 -9pm RODEO @ 1:30pm 883-7166

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Master Gardeners Flower and Gardening show & sale KBHA Show Birthday Big Country RV Sales TOOL SALE Southern Oregon Paint Horse Show

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Event Center – meals, clothing, hairOrlando, “Klamath and Lake cuts, food stamps ref, 541) 850-4554, 591County STAND housing, counseling, 9033, 273-219, 884Steve, Brigitte, DAV DOWN” entertainment,eye 9125 hall, exams & glasses, legal assist, employment Event Center, Parking 541)281-7094 Klamath Freedom Lot 24 hour access, w CelebraDoug & Chris Brown FIREWORKS, CAR/BIKE tion VETERANSWALL, SHOW m Birthday Exhibit Hall #1 n/a n/a Oregon Performance Horse Club Horse Indoor Arena Sharon C. 541)723-2076 Show

People often make the mistake of assuming that a public action is only what it appears to be, superficially. We must remember that all political actions are social actions, and if they are done for the good of the whole, they are truly what we owe each other. People helping people, for no apparent reason other than that we are partners on this planet, is the sign of a healthy community. In that healthy society, everything is in a state of evoluevolu tion. On April 3, several people became aware that one member of our community was struggling with an issue of power and payment, reality and people. In fact the issue was about money owed to Pacific Power in a situation pushed beyond reasonable resolution. In this specific case a shut-off off order was in place, the customer had paid 90+% of the outstanding balance and had the rest in hand, to pay after 9am, when the pay station opened. The disconnection of services (power) was likely to occur between 8am and 9am. From the position of the Pacific Power employee, the issue was as clear as the numbers on the paper. For the single mother of 4, with a medical hardship certificate on file, this was a life-threatening event. You see, nothing is ever as simple as it seems at first glance.

What catalyzed a „situation‟ was someone doing his or her job, as it was understood, without folding any level of understanding or compassion into the mix. If THAT is how the job is meant to be done, with no latitude at all, the problem needs to be looked at by that institution, from 3 steps back. Sounds a lot like that forest and tree thing.

In the end, a group from the community ‘occupied’ a power pole for less than an hour and Pacific Power, to their credit, reevaluated the situation and cancelled the immediate disconnect order while the bill was being paid. This is how neighbors live together.

Thank you to those community activists, who braved the cold for someone they did not know and to Pacific Power for seeing beyond just what is on the paper and making a human call based on need.

Just like the multi-colored bulbs, every member of the community is unique and can help each other in different — Kirk Oakes ways!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kirk Oakes is a local author, who specializes in both community articles and fiction short stories. He is a very talented part of the community and often wears many different “hats.”

Are you interested in acting, directing, script writing, lighting, filming, makeup, wardrobe, editing, scoring of music, special effects, choreography or any of the many other aspects of film making? The Klamath Film Makers Group, a local group of people that have produced low-budget/no-budget budget movies are searching for more participants. We're currently looking for experienced and non-experienced experienced people behind the camera (everyone already mentioned and also property owners that would like their property prop used as set locations, caterers, car owners with older or unique cars, horse owners, rental outfits, ts, carpenters, painters, airplane owners, etc...); and for actors & actresses, young & old, tall & short, etc. to participate te in the production of movies ies in and around the Klamath Basin. We're a relatively new group having been formed in January of 2011, and even with our current 27 members we find that we are still on the search for new talent. Our first short film, "Zombie's Nightmare" won an award from om the Herald & News and we are currently filming a feature length movie called "The Demon of Black Death". scripts ready to begin filming. Filming is generally done on the weekends, but we set shooting schedules to fit the cast and crew's availability. Although lthough we're not currently being paid for our efforts, it's been extremely fun. Perhaps if someone would like to pursue a career in film making, this may provide experience that they could include on their resume. The only prerequisite is that you

work well with others. Interested parties can join us for our monthly meeting 7pm Monday, April 23rd at the Klamath County Government Building, on our website at or you may call Wayne Sweat at 541-331-0577. 0577. If you know how to capture a picture from a webpage, the picture on our webpage would be appropriate. If you have any questions, please call me at 331-0577.

Jerry Bowers is the owner of Bowers Fencing and Swimming Pools in Klamath falls. You can contact jerry at facebook page or email at

Safety, Security, Peace of Mind Although we live in and often seek a risky lifestyle, using the thrills of extremes to break up the monotony of our lives with sports and recreation, the last place we seem to want to do that is in our homes and businesses. Life is already al risky enough within the economical and relational climate of today without letting go of the control we can have. I am referring to the physical conditions of the property we own, lease or rent.

"As As it is with our humane behavior, and depending on our individual personalities, we often wait until the problem pokes up its ugly head before acting. We install the security system after we’ve been burglarized; we put on the snow tires after the first snow; we go on a diet and start exercising after the doctor’s scale breaks; and we build or rebuild our fences after we’ve been victimized in one way or another... all in the name of Safety, Security and Peace of Mind."

What kind of things do we tend to protect? We protect the things that we invest our time and money into. Whether it is possessions or family, we have an extreme dislike for losing things or finding damage to what we have purchased with effort or cash. So, how do we do that? Let’s The Home: There are as many ways ass there are reasons to protect your family’s front yard. Sometimes the main focus is to increase the protection from what may come into your property, such as the neighborhood pets; dogs, cats, even horses, cows, and goats that we may find in a rural area as ours. Depending on the location of our property, we may want to protect it from that path that makes an ideal ‘shortcut’ across the corner of your lawn, lawn thus we seek protection from the human factor. factor There re are many fences that are used to make this a reality.

Often times we want to beautify the front of our homes and businesses with an attractive fence or delineation thus creating a magnet for what we have to offer to others. But usually, usually a major reason for a home is to contain what is ours. Being able to keep our children and our pets from the dangers of what looms outside is part of what makes us the responsible parents and pet owners that we pride ourselves in. Traffic always presents a constant concern, whether with our children or pets; it just makes sense to make the effort and ggive ive ourselves the peace of mind it offers. This brings us to the ‘backyard’ of our worlds. Ideally, backyards become the ‘oasis’ of a busy life, and we tend to like o our ur privacy in our ‘oasis.’ If we furnish our ‘oasis’ with a body of water, i.e. a swimming pool or spa, we generally want the seclusion sion a solid fence offers, which can be accomplished with vinyl, wood and ‘Total Privacy’ slatted chain link fences. Enjoying a BBQ or just lounging on a deck, adding to your tan, tan also increases the advantage of a privacy barrier barrier. As effective as a sight obscuring fence may be to keep the “Looky Lou’s” from peering in, it also works well to hide that neighbor’s yard who overlookss the responsibility of maintaining the lawn height, the weed control, the hoarding of ‘collectables’, etc. as well as the increased security a tall solid fence renders. The Business: Commercial applications are as plentiful as its residential counterpart when it comes to beauty, privacy and security, but usually in a bigger bolder way. In industrial areas, barbed wire and razor-ribbon increase the security quotient quotient,, as well and the type of materials they are constructed of. Crowd control also becomes a factor, ctor, whether it is keeping the public out of the danger areas or guiding them to your front door. Each of these areas offers a different level of that peace of mind we allll want to obtain obtain. Ass it is with our humane behavior, and d depending on our individual personalities, we often wait until the problem pokes up its ugly head before acting acting. We install the security system after we’ve been burglarized; we put on the snow tires after the first snow; we go on a diet and start exercising after the doctor’s scale breaks; and we build or rebuild our fences after we’ve been victimized in one way or another... all in the name of Safety, Security and Peace of Mind.

Becky Seal Becky is a mom, cook, wife, chauffer and avid reader.. We asked a her to share a little about how her family fits reading into its busy schedule. Sports, academics,, family and technology still lets this family find time to read.

This past Christmas my sixteen year old son Joshua asked us for the book series The Hunger Games!! By Suzanne Collins. I was so excited he asked for a book that was different from his Halo series. I love to read, just walking down a book isle brings a smile to my face. When Joshua finished The Hunger Games Gam he convinced me to give it a try. I mostly stick to the supernatural, but I don’t like to set limitations or boundaries on my choices. So I started reading readin it, and found myself completely lost and submerged in the life of Katniss Everdeen.. It was heart wrenching and intense. I couldn’t put it down and loved every word. I finished the book in eight hours and then told my thirteen year old son Zack ack he just had to read it. Surprisingly once he started he read it in one day. Great book I recommend it!

Our family loves to read and my favorite family day is going to The Klamath Library with my husband and four children. Whitney (6th grade)is reading the Vampire ampire Diaries, Zack (8th grade)just just finished The Mockingjay, Kayla (2nd grade)is into The Bearstein bears and Joshua (12th grade)started grade) The Hunger Games over again for his English class. Zack is reading The Call Of The Wild by Jack London for school

Zack – 8th grade Khayla – 2nd grade

Klamath County library has two branches, downtown and S. 6th and a branch in Keno. Basin Booktraders also offers a great selection of new & used books Nook and Kindle books are another great way to read books. Encourage reading with your family. DROP EVERYTHING AND READ

Beginning a garden from a straw bale can be a fun activity that is not only good for the environment but also helps our local businesses. It’s a little early to start these but I needed to get mine started so you readers out there can start at the right time. You should start your bales about April 15th. You will need the following supplies:

 

4 straw bales (I got them from Grange Co-Op for $5.50 each) High nitrogen fertilizer for ($8.99 at Grange Co-Op)

The first set of numbers in photo 2 is your nitrogen content, the higher the number the higher the nitrogen level. Nitrogen is essential to the decomposition of your straw bale.

I decided to set the straw bales in a square formation because I would like to plant corn in the center of the formation. (Word of warning I have been told that planting corn in the straw bales does not work as the high winds blow the corn over fairly easy.)

Then water each bale thoroughly. You need to reapply the fertilizer every day, 1 to 1 ½ cups per bale for 10 days and water after each application. However you can set your bales side by side, end to end, as many as you would like or as few as you would like. When setting your bales you want to set them on their sides so that the strings hold the balestogether. In other words, you shouldn’t have the strings showing on your planting surface. Skinny side up fig 3, above. After setting the bales in the desired configuration; sprinkle 1 to 1 ½ cups of the high nitrogen fertilizer over each bale spreading evenly. Then top off with compost. I just sprinkled some compost that I already had on hand over the top of each bale but it is generally inexpensive and can be found anywhere that carries nursery items. I have read some articles that say to do this for 5 days but last year it took a full 10 for mine. In the mornings you will notice steam coming up from your bales, do not be alarmed! This is the “cooking” process of turning your bales into perfect planting material for your veggies.. I started lettuce indoors on March 23, I bought the seed packets for less than a dollar each and have enough seeds to plant lettuce for the whole season. Lettuce is a cool season crop and the first to be planted and then I will replace the lettuce with tomatoes after the last frost ( Which should be around the end of May but it is the Basin so that could be around July) I always keep covers handy and watch the weather reports every night after planting.

The nice thing about the straw bales is that they continue to “cook” and help to keep the frost off of the plants. But you still need to cover if frost is in the forecast. I have never tried lettuce because I had a rabbit and deer problem but that has been taken care of (I hope). I will have to keep you updated on the progress of the lettuce. Last year I planted cantaloupe and honeydew in my bales and had some very sweet and delicious melons. This area is a very hard area for melons because our growing season is so short, but the heat from the bales helped extend the season for me and I harvested about 6 of each melon, before the birds got to them. This year I am broadening my horizons and I am going for 3 tomato plants in one bale, beans and peas in yet another, melons again in one, and for the last one I have yet to make up my mind. For those of you that decide to follow my lead and leave an empty square in the middle of your bales: I have halfway filled the middle of the hole with one of my old straw bales from last year; I tore it apart and then dumped in egg shells, coffee grounds, and really well dried horse manure (chicken or cow manure works great too, but make sure it is really dry, powdery. You do not want to use “hot” or fresh manure) then I topped off with more straw and just threw in a couple of handfuls of the high nitrogen fertilizer and watered it all down when I watered my bales. I will finish filling in the middle with garden soil, either purchased or from my old garden bed. I will be planting the middle with corn and possibly carrots; as root veggies seem to have a hard time in the straw bales themselves. Here are some examples of the finished product:

I am also going to try the new potato towers that I have been reading about. I will be more forthcoming about that in the next issue. Good luck everyone with your straw bale ventures and let us know how they turn out for you! — Tracy

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tracy Fields, manager of local restaurant Starvin' Marvin's, is a garden enthusiast. She is also a avid member of the community, from fund raisers to meet ‘n’ greets with local political figures. We are excited to see her contribution in the future!

Astral Games Astral Games is unique in the Klamath Falls area in that it provides a place for gamers to hang out and meet other games who like the same games instead of being cooped up in their house playing the same games with the same people. Their main consumer base is young adult, high school to college age range, because they are more likely to pick up the games and form an interest in them. According to Josh Morrow, owner, anyone that can read can pick up the games at Astral Games. Astral Games already reaches a fair few students at both levels, but Josh would like to see the store reach more. Josh would also like to reach other people in their early twenties who have some extra spending money that are not in school. Josh also feels he serves more than just the young adult crowd, even though they are his biggest customers.

“We currently serve anyone with an interest in the table top games, RPGs, and trading card games, regardless of age. Anyone who can read can pick up these games, which is virtually everyone!” - Josh Morrow, Owner, Astral Games

At any given time, Astral Games is typically packed with customers. There is a play area for kids, 4 long tables for gaming, a sales counter that can special order anything from cards, to books, and even plastic figures. There is even a private back room that accommodates over 20 players! The current card games that are trending for Astral Games right now include

  

Magic: The Gathering Yugi-Oh Pokemon

They hold weekly tournaments with cash prices on Friday nights from 5-8pm, and their buy-in price is $4 a player. There is also a trend of RPG (Role Playing Games) that are popular, from Dungeons and Dragons to the new evolution, Pathfinder. These groups are made up of anywhere from 3-20 players. Players can establish their own group and use the Astral Game facilities for free, or they can join a game for free on a sign up sheet that’s behind the counter.

Whether you’re into traditional card games or the more engaging role playing games, Astral Games has something for you. With their extended hours, engaging staff, and even a kids’ play area, what are you waiting for? Play some games! — Jason

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jason Boese is a local film writer and director. He has completed over 36 short films. He is also a current Senior at Oregon Institute of Technology in the communication studies program. He is currently planning on going into marketing with a local company, but would “love to travel the world someday, and especially visit England, Japan, and Greece.” He has many more scripts in the works, and is an active member of the Klamath Film Makers Group.

When my mom first told me we were going to the Children’s Museum, I got really excited! I really wanted to see all the toys and play with the kids. Mommy showed me some pictures of all the kids laughing and having a good time with the helpers, and I thought you’d like to see them. So this place sounded like a lot of fun, and I couldn’t wait to go. When I first got there, there were lots and lots of books, and these TWO huge sections for babies and something the lady called “tumblers,” like walking babies or something, but I don’t know, I’m only 7! Why would someone need two rooms for babies? They even had a HUGE fire truck. I was pretty jealous. But then the lady behind the counter showed us upstairs for the big kids and OH... MY… GOODNESS. There was so much to do! A giant wall of magnetic tubes and stuff, my brother really like that one. But there was science-y toys, like this one where you could draw with little metal hairs; I drew a smiley face. Then, I got to go play barber, or doctor, or dentist, or go grocery shopping. I loved the doctor’s office, because I could dress up like a doctor and help people. I really want to be a doctor when I grow up. There was also this really cool bike, like this one my mom hangs her coats on at home. When you pedal it, it shoots out this air that makes a ball float. It’s like magic! Here’s a picture of some of my friends making the ball go up in the air! I also really liked the gigantic fire truck and the hats and fireman coats we got to wear. OH, and GUESS WHAT?! They even have a sound stage! You can sing into this microphone, just like on rock band at home, and they will record it for you! How awesome is that? So mommy wanted me to tell you my favorite part. There’s this dark room, called the Shadow Room, and at first it seemed scary. But if you go inside (you have to take a mommy or daddy, I took my daddy) this really bright light actually takes a picture of your shadow, and you can draw on it! Well, I really liked the Children’s Museum, and I have some pictures to show you!

I like a lot of stuff about the Children’s Museum, especially playing doctor and the shadow room. I had fun playing with the other kids too, and it was funny to see my brother scream when I chased him with a Barney puppet. He hates Barney, it’s pretty funny, and he screams like a girl! But what I loved the most is that mommy and daddy got to do stuff with me. Daddy helped Roland and I on the magnet wall, and Daddy went into the shadow room with me. Mommy was a good patient in the dentist chair, and helped me pronounce the parts of the body, and told me what CPR is. I like Mcdonalds because of the slides and ice cream, but I think I like this place better because we can all play and have fun. I can’t wait to go back!

Take advantage of all that the Children’s Museum has to offer for less than the price of a happy meal!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cara is a brilliant and active 7 year old. She loves to help her brother write and illustrate stories, and wants to be a doctor, artist, ballerina and soccer star, all at the same time. Her art has been featured in 6 ceramic magazines, and has won several 1st place awards at the local fair. Even though only in 1st grade, she is already writing in cursive and completing complicated math problems. She has a bright future!

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 The science station was really cool. I got to play with a telegraph, a hand operated battery, and some metal hairs in a plastic box.

 My brother Roland liked the Magnetic Pathway, you can moves the tubes around and this machine thing shoots the balls up and down the maze! Even the little kids like this wall, some of it is the right height for them

 Can you believe they have a full skeleton? And nurse outfits, and a plastic dummy thing for something called “CPR”? I love learning about the body!

 These kids really liked it too. I wonder if they know that crutches in real life aren’t so much fun?

 There’s actually a dentist chair in here. I don’t think I will be afraid to go to the dentist because now I know what tools they use

 In the barber shop you can dress like a barber and brush, curl, style your hair! And there’s wigs to play with, too, even a barber chair!

 Going to the store with mommy isn’t as fun as being able to do my OWN shopping. They have baskets with fruits and veggies, and even macaroni and cheese. They only thing they are missing is candy!

 The wheel in the fire truck is huge! It’s fun to play with the hats and coats and pretend we are putting out a fire

Shadow Room: Like I said, it’s pretty dark in there, but there’s no reason to be scared, if you take mommy or daddy or grandma or grandpa in with you. I liked seeing what my shadow looked like on the wall.

 I heard that the Eagle Scouts put this together. You can be a rock star, or pretend you are anyway. I even got a CD of my singing!

 When you push the button on this one, you can watch a little train go around the mountain, tunnels, and over bridges. A lot less scary that the ones we see go around the lake  There’s a little plane, or maybe it’s a helicopter, I don’t know, but there’s lots of buttons and things to turn and push, and even a steering wheel. My grandpa used to fly a plane, I bet it was hard!

So, I finally figured out what “tumblers” are, I guess it’s really toddlers. Like little kids that aren’t in school yet. They have a kitchen like I have in my room, and lots of plastic food and stuffies to play with. My favorite part is all the noise makers and there’s even a kangaroo and lions on the wall. Don’t tell my mom that I liked playing into the toddler room, she will think I like playing with baby things. I really don’t but sometimes it can be quite entertaining. This little guy in the picture seems to think so!

My mom and dad seemed to like this thing called Wi-Fi. I guess it’s this way to connect your phone and laptop to the things that lets you on Facebook and YouTube. And my mom was really excited that they have free coffee, she had like 5 cups or something.

I heard my dad talking to this helper about the parenting classes. I’m not sure what they do, but it sounded like they are free, which is good because I don’t have a very big allowance, too bad it’s for parents only. But the helper said that the kids get to play while the parents are talking. Free is always a good thing.

The secret to a strong relationship is often found in keeping those special moments flowing. We’ve all had them, the special dinner, the surprise weekend, the secret getaway. They help us communicate with our soulmates, and strengthen our bonds. But what can you do for a special date night here in Klamath Falls? Big cities have an almost endless selection of things to do for a special “Date Night”. In this section we would like to draw your attention to some special romantic places you can take the special person in your life.

The Linkville Playhouse The lights dim. Enter actors, stage left. They take their places. As the lights return to a soft glow, the actors deliver their lines and glide across the stage as if they were meant to be there. Occasionally, a line will be missed, a mistake will be made.

The audience chuckles, yet the actors continue in their deliverance of the play. Your date scoots closer under you arm in the inviting ambiance of this intimate theater. The Linkville Playhouse, located at 201 Main St. in historic downtown Klamath Falls, is an intimate indie, or offBroadway, theater.

“What a tangled web we weave!” Linkville’s most recent production of Agatha Christie’s “The Spider’s Web”

It’s an ideal romantic night on the town, sitting by your loved on with low lighting and local talent. The actors, staff, and directors are all volunteers, and ticket prices typically only cover the cost of maintenance for the theater and props. Despite being an indie theater, the Linkville often uses actors with over 20 years of experience. This is a great opportunity for upcoming stars, which have little to no experience, to learn from experts in their field. The Linkville also puts on a variety of productions, from Broadway specials, to Agatha Christie’s “The Spider’s Web” classics such as “Sound of Music”, and coming soon in the month of April, check out their production of “Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street.” Unfortunately, Johnny Depp (talk about a way to get your partner in a the mood, whether male or female!) will not be present for this performance, but there is a talented list of artists lined up for this horror/musical!

Theater is a inexpensive way to spend an indoor date. We know that the weather in Klamath Falls can often be unpredictable, so we have compiled a list of other fun indoor date ideas: Make a movie together—find odd props around the house, then come up with a creative plot to act out.  Have a poker tournament but instead of betting money do it with something fun and random like candy or cookies.  Go to the Humane Society and play with the animals—Who knows, you just might find a new friend  Coloring pictures together is a great indoor date idea—find a fun coloring book or print coloring book pages off of the Internet  Finger painting—put on an apron, because this can get messy. Find some big paper or maybe a cardboard box and make a masterpiece together. Take a trip to your local hobby shop – pick out a project to work on for the afternoon—maybe build a boat, or a rocket, something that you can play with! Make-Your-Own Pizza Write a book together Make outfits for each other out of newspaper then have an indoor fashion show Set up a tent in your front room, sit in the tent and eat dinner on a blanket--build a fake fire, or roast marshmallows over a candle. Read a book together—Choose your favorite childhood story and read aloud Put on a play – choose a popular story from literature, or a movie Write a song together Wii Olympics -- get a group together and have a competition using Wii Sports 

        

Need more indoor, outdoor or even creative date ideas? See this great website:

Local Haunted History: Does a ghost frequent the Linkville Playhouse? Atmosphere and entertainment aside, this playhouse, like many others, has its own resident spirit that occasionally shows itself. reports: An extremely dedicated and involved actor, simply known by many as "Ralph", died in 1994. His spirit has been spotted on several occasions. A beginning actor was alone one night, and spotted a man sitting in a chair, smoking a pipe. He later told a seasoned actor and friend of his, who brought him to a picture of Ralph, asking him if that was the man he saw. He promptly said yes. Another actor reports during a dress rehearsal where they did absolutely no technical things whatsoever, the cast was on stage when suddenly Greensleeves began to play out of nowhere. They ran up to the sound booth, which was empty, and tried to turn the CD player off. Before they could, the song changed right before their eyes! Others have witnessed in the costume attic by the light of the "Ghost Light" which is left on every night since the first sighting.

Whether you are looking for a traditional play, a horror story, something Victorian, (or even if you want to try your hand at acting on the not-so-big -stage) the Linkville is a great local production theater. The cover price is well worth the experience for this intimate stage theater! It’s also an affordable way to spend the night alone together, and support a local business. Tickets and information about the Linkville Playhouse can be obtained from the Linkville at 201 Main St., or at The Oregon Gift Store, 729 Main St., Klamath Falls. “Like” them on Facebook pages/The-Oregon-Gift-Store/140877175979650, or visit their website,

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The 13th FLOOR V1 I1  

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