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Twisted Sister founder Jay Jay French brings us his Twisted Business Wake Up Rise Up International Day of Peace 24 hour concert And much more!

Marlowe B West’s interview with up and coming NYC artist Coby Koehl Steel Notes Magazine Fall 2021

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Fuel Resurgence makes a big comeback with NEW CD: ANOMALY BY ALEXXIS STEELE


Last night I had the pleasure once again to speak with Carl Bell, founder of the rock band Fuel. The first time we spoke a few years ago, he was releasing his solo cd out of Nashville titled Tennessee Fuel. This time however, it was for the exciting news of the resurgence of the band with drummer Kevin Miller that he originally created. Carl went on to tell me that Kevin had a proposition for him to put the band back together, but with other new members. Carl was hesitant at first because he only wanted to do shows, but when Kevin told him that he already had all the players that were great musicians he played with, Carl got excited to start writing for it. During the Pandemic in 2020, he wrote, played, produced, and recorded everything on the cd. Carl wanted to make use of the technology that was available since he recorded his solo album. Because of the situation with travel during Covid, he had no choice to do it that way, and the results were phenomenal!. The only thing that needed to be added were the lead vocals from newcomer John Corsale. The vocals were recorded in Pennsylvania, at two studios, including local favorite Soundmine Studios and then sent to Carl. Enter, Fuels first cd in 18 years since fan favorite albums like Natural Selection,and Something Like Human, this one he called Anomaly.

Also added to the new lineup was bassist Tommy Nat, and guitarist Mark Klotz. Now, I have known drummer Kevin Miller for many years, from playing in popular cover band Shotgun Wedding, to his own bands Fosterchild and most recent band Kevin Millers Smashed. In his most recent band,you would find guitarist Mark Klotz, who I had the opportunity to play with when we were trying to start a band some years ago.. Let me tell you I know first hand the guitar and vocal capability that adding Mark brings to the table! Carl and I discussed his awesome vocals and harmonies as well,so adding him to the mix was a real gem! This lineup of Fuel, brought changes to the table in both looks and sound. Gone is Kevin Miller’s signature longer locks in favor of a short hairstyle, more in line with the rest of the current players. Fans may also notice a slightly different sound, with some tracks leaning towards more of a current radio friendly pop rock sound. Personally I have not yet heard the entire album, but I am excited because of what I have already heard. The band has so far put out three music videos starting with their first single release- “Hard”, followed by “Don’t Say I”, and their most recent video for radio pop song “Landslide”.


For their most recent video, they chose to do it on a rooftop high above the NYC skyline in Manhattan, with great results. The premise of the song is about relationships, and includes some pretty girls, with bar scenes and playing pool. While they don’t have an actual tour set up for the cd, they are doing some shows, with one local, on November 26th at Musikfest Cafe,in Bethlehem Pa., followed by a show in Lititz Pa as well. Their 11 track cd was released on October 22nd, and is signed by all the band members. Fans will certainly not be disappointed by the new lineup and music, as this brings Fuel to a whole other level. I know Carl is happy with it, and stated to me that this is the best band he has ever played in!\





Twisted Sister’s Jay Jay French NEW BOOK:


Jay Jay French ( John French Segall,) is an American guitarist, manager, record producer and founding member of the heavy metal band Twisted Sister. He is a columnist, author and motivational speaker who oversees licensing and intellectual property rights for the Twisted Sister brand.

In addition to founding Twisted Sister, a worldfamous heavy metal band that has sold more than 20 million records worldwide, Jay Jay French is one of the top entrepreneurs in entertainment. After taking over as manager in the ‘70s, French developed Twisted Sister into the most heavily licensed heavy metal band in history, leading the group to perform more than 9,000 shows in forty countries. Part business book, part memoir, Twisted Business is an unexpected, inspiring, whirlwind story of transformation and redemption. Twisted Business follows French’s adventure-filled life— from growing up in New York City in the sixties, to working as a drug dealer and struggling as an addict before quitting cold-turkey, and finally, to creating and cultivating Twisted Sister and turning it into one of the most successful brands in the world.

You may be surprised that if you speak with Jay Jay, he is not what you would typically expect from a rock star. Jay Jay is down to earth, and unassuming,with a witty sense of humor! As we spoke via Zoom technology,, he sat in his room wearing shorts, and in his bare feet, showing he has nothing to prove, because he has already done that! Together with his mentor, Steve Farber, a best-selling author and one of the world’s top leadership and management experts, French offers unique, hard-earned tips and advice from his nearly 50 years as a musician, music business manager, and entrepreneur. French shows how, through tenacity, grit, and dedication, anyone can create their own brand, grow a successful business, re-invent themselves, or simply find success in what they love to do. Entertaining, provocative, funny, and informative, this book is the trip of a lifetime and a treasured guide for entrepreneurs, business people, and music fans alike.





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Ladies and Gentlemen and All You Beautiful Children of All Ages... As many of my cherished readers and fans may already know, my name is Marlowe B West and I am your Ring Leader... I have joyfully been the Star Reporter, here at Steel Notes Magazine, since its inception seven years ago (maybe eight or nine - lost track along with a whole lot else since we all fell under the Covid Curse). However, I am happy to still be here reporting under my Marlowe B West Takez Manhattan platform (also the name of my Rock ‘n Roll band) ... Where I continue to spotlight and share with you my most brilliant discoveries on my constant treasure hunt trek through these glorious, ever exhilarating, streets of New York City... Today, I am extremely honoured and proud to introduce to you, the extraordinarily beautiful young man responsible for all the tsunami-like wavez shaking up the current in our New York City Underground... Coby Koehl and I are on the phone... let’s eavesdrop ... Coby: Hey Boo ... What’s new? MBW: You, Coby! It’s all good. Just had a recording. Finished a couple more songs today in the studio. Coby: Oh, how exciting is that? MBW: Oh, I love it. It took a long time. Um uh, pandemic and all. Like crap. Coby: I hear you. So you sang all the vocals today? MBW: Yeah. I’m anxious to hear it but there’s a lot of mixing. Coby: Sounds wonderful. MBW: Yeah. How are you? Coby: You know, I’m getting it together for my show. On November 11th, I got, like, 21 songs to learn all the lyrics. I got some new songs that I’m working on. And, uh, you know, I’m feeling the stress. I’m feeling that it’s time to get it together it’s on the 11th. Today is the third. I’m gonna have diarrhea for the next eight days. lol. At least I’ll lose a couple of pounds. I’m retaining water since 1982. MBW: Ahaha, I think I’ll follow Coby: Shit Uh, I think you look amazing. MBW: You too. You’re kidding me. Coby: Thank you. You have the best clothes I’ve ever seen on anybody. It’s such great style.

MBW: You know what? You’re just like, so. fantastic to, um, comment like that, because It’s some kind of an instinct thing. Some people like you. Um, you are extremely yourself. Yeah, you know what I mean? And it’s just it’s fantastic to see that. And, I mean, just as far as your voice and your performance is just, uh, just you. I mean, that’s what it is. And when I see that in people you know, when a person is. showing their inner self is coming out, that is just beautiful. Because everybody seems so inhibited or else they’re copying something else. Or depressed. A lot of people are just cranky. And, you know, I just love to see individuality. It’s so beautiful. Coby: Thank you MBW: You know, it’s and you know, it’s so crazy because the world is like in everybody’s little stupid group, you know, like you’re black or you’re gay or you’re Jewish or you’re and this one little category and I Coby: I happen to be all of those things, By the way lol. MBW: Do people like? Like, that’s beautiful. How do people fall into, um, having such, uh, you know, um, anxiety about other kind of people, you know, like this one’s that And this one’s that. And these ones don’t get along with that. I mean, you’re a bunch of conflicts all in one thing. Coby: Well, I think I think, you know, we’re conditioned to find conflict in everything instead of embracing people for who they are. You know, we’re taught early.I wasn’t, but a lot of this country is, you know, that’s all political. homophobia and racism. And I mean, we could talk about it for hours and hours. You know, I’m just lucky that I get to do what I love. And, uh, I sing from the heart and I’ve been practicing, you know, almost 50 years and I just feel really blessed that I get to do what I love. I know it sounds cliche, but. when it comes down to it, it’s everything to me It’s more than money. It’s more than being in love. its doing what you love, because it’s, it’s so important. I think music saved my life, you know, as I’m sure it saved yours. MBW: Yes, that’s my life. It’s like, um, everything surrounded by that. And I get all, um, carried away with, uh, responsibilities and things that are expected of each of us. You know, all of the things that we have to, um, do to just get by. And then, um, the whole intention is to be able to get to do what you want to do. Coby: Love it. Yeah. And my intention is to do the music first, and everything else falls, you know, Second, really, to be honest, uh, because, you know, I think it’s important to have an outlet to express yourself so we don’t become bitter and unhappy and jaded. And, uh, I just, uh, you know, not everybody has an outlet. So you and I are very, very lucky. We have an artistic outlet we get to perform, we get to dress the way we want. We have the balls to be true to ourselves. And I think that’s such a gift. And even it might have taken a long time to get to this point. But, uh, you know, I know you’ve been doing it a long time. I saw you have an autobiography 1967 to 1970.



MBW: Yeah. Oh, my God.

MBW: Amazing. I would never think that.

Coby: And I saw that was another life. Actually, I think I see the same person. It’s the same beautiful man, you know, You’re just a little bit older. I was born in 1970. So you were already in the game when I was even, was a sperm. So I have a lot of respect for you. You’ve been in the game a long time doing your thing, and you’re still cranking it out. So my hands down to you, man. I mean, incredible. You never gave up on yourself.

Coby: Thank you

MBW: No, I think I put everything else aside too and and my my goal is still before me. I was still reaching to write and I’ll never stop if I exactly ever hit the main target that I’m after. I mean, I haven’t. Gigantic aspirations and my dreams. I like beyond, Um, it’s not just one thing. It’s a big conglomeration of things. that are all kind of had to reach to mostly everybody, and and so. it’s hard to like. hit. them all, you know Coby: It is. But you know, I think it’s really important to have a goal and to always aspire to something. When you lose your dreams, you lose your zest for life. And if you don’t have something to look forward to, and if you’re not working towards something and if you’re not trying to accomplish something, then what’s the point of getting up in the morning and getting out of bed? You know, there’s been times when I was so depressed that I couldn’t get out of bed. But I actually have to say that music. has always been the thing that always, you know, saved my life and got me to the next level or got me through the worst times. Uh, that taught me everything that I needed to know. And,you know, being a singer has opened a lot of doors for me, as I’m sure that I’m sure that it has for you as well. So we’re actually very lucky. You know, money isn’t everything. The blessings are free, and we have to really embrace them. And the money comes after, you know, money and fame and all that other stuff. That’s just gravy. You know, uh, the fact that I get to sing every month at PANGEA. That is a gift. You know, I have an outlet. I have a platform. You see, you perform all over the country. I see you have a great band, and, uh, you know, I think we’re really lucky. And that’s why you’re so young and vibrant and beautiful because you’re still doing what you love. And, uh, you’re an inspiration to me.

MBW: Somebody asked how old he was when I was talking about you, and I said, Probably around 30 or something like that. Coby: Oh, thank you. If I could look 20 years younger than you know, I’m doing something right. No Botox, no filler. MBW: No, you do. You should. I’m not kidding it. I was like, I say you was in the thirties. Maybe. Coby: Thank you. A lot of people say that, and I’m really blessed, you know? You know, at any moment I have to say that in four years of Trump, I feel like it aged me. And I definitely gained some weight. You know, I carry a lot of shit on my shoulders, you know, and I feel a lot of pain. And maybe that’s why I sing so well Because I know, I’m very sensitive, and I worry about people and our country, MBW: But, Coby: Uh, you know, we still live in New York. We still live in the greatest city in the world where we could still be ourselves. And you can survive in New York. We’re survivors. MBW: Yeah.

MBW: Well, yeah. I was just telling some people today, like, actually, when I was at the studio. with my guitar player Paul. And, um I was telling him about you and that I was interviewing you for the magazine and that and how you inspire me. I mean, after all these years, I have never ran into somebody who was so inspirational. I mean, you’re younger than me, but you bring something from another whole dimension. You seem to carry things that are familiar. Things that were just amazing. And other huge singers, like Judy Garland and even Pavarotti. Coby: Wow. Judy Garland, who doesn’t want to be compared to Judy Garland? I mean, that’s incredible. Thank you so much. you know, she’s was so phenomenal. I’m older than Judy Garland when she died.


Coby: And you know, we’re resilient. MBW: I know I feel very alive just walking down the street in New York City. And you know what? Um you said something about, uh you live for your song and stuff, and I just do you just wake up singing, Coby: Not always. MBW: No,

flooded with. joy. And you know, I’m And when I’m just, like watching and listening. and all these feelings, it’s like you. You’re just like you have so much to give. I can’t wait for the world to get more of you because, like all of the bullshit that we all been through in this covid thing and everybody being gloomy and stuff they need to get kicked in the balls with the real good stuff like that. Thank you. Like it’s really an eye opener. It’s so joyful. And, um, you’re so funny, too. Coby: Thank you

Coby: But I’m definitely always thinking about music and. my next show and my next performance or a booking. I mean, my whole life is really at the end of day. It’s about the music.

MBW: Thank you! I mean, you’re so today. You’re, um the way that you’re wording stuff the way that you talk, and it’s very cool.

MBW: Absolutely. Yeah,

Coby: Thank you,

Coby: I know you understand that.

MBW: But it really reaches everybody. It’s not just for a certain group of people, It’s universal. Coby

MBW: Oh, I definitely do. Wow. just being in the studio today put another big light on that because, um, since, uh, we started recording the song, and then everything got in the way until I finally got to put on the final vocals. and hearing it’s like a birth or something. It’s like, Oh, Coby: It absolutely is a birth or something. It is. MBW: It is because it’s like, I can’t wait for everybody to hear these songs. Finally. It’s expressing what’s in your heart, you know, Coby: Absolutely. MBW: It’s a Coby: release. You’re releasing a lot of things, you know, pent up frustrations. Your are your lyrics, your melodies, you know, during the pandemic we weren’t able to really like, I wasn’t able to perform live for almost two years. And that was really hard for me. MBW: Oh, yeah, Coby: It was really difficult. And then sitting on my ass in my house and watching the news and seeing my friends pass away and people suffering and the country falling apart, it definitely had an effect on me. And, uh, I feel like we’re just finally, even though we’re still going through a lot. And there’s a lot of covid cases, and I think we’re just learning to adjust to this new type of era, you know, we’re living a very different life. Then we did five years ago even, with the death and the vaccines and the pressure and people still aren’t working. I mean, there’s a lot of shit going on. So, thank God we have an outlet. and and and their way to express ourselves because, you know, it’s cheaper than therapy and Prozac to do your art. I think, don’t you? MBW: I know! Yes! Definitely! This freaking pandemic still freaking sucks, Coby. I, I can’t wait to see you again. I know, when I’m watching your performance, I am just


Coby: Well, I really appreciate that. Well, I’m very inclusive, you know, I sing for everybody. You know, I don’t sing for a specific group, uh, I sing all kinds of songs. I don’t just sing one type of music I sing R and B and jazz and house music and opera and a little bit of cabaret and some Broadway a great balid. You know, I’ve been singing my whole life and I love all types of music. I mean, the first show I ever saw when I was four or five years old was a Was a show called Ippy n tombi they were they were an African dance troupe that sang gorgeous songs while naked on stage. And that was the first thing I ever saw on stage as a child. And, uh, it was incredible. And something like that has an effect on you forever. So, you know, we bought the sound track and I was singing African songs. MBW: Yeah. Coby: So I was very influenced at a very young age by all types of music, Frank Sinatra, African music surely, and a lot of gospel music, jazz. So, you know, listening to all that type of music, really, helped me form the sound that I love, and, uh, it helped me develop my talent. You know, the people that inspire me are the great’s. So I’ve been very lucky to be exposed to just great talent and great records and great people. And I went to high school, the performing arts, and that was really big. influencing me as well. MBW: So you’re Coby: Really lucky. You know, I’ve been singing since I’m a baby, and I’m about to be 51. MBW: So Coby: I’ve been singing for 50 motherfucking years yo! MBW: So I heard your show on the 11th is actually your birthday?

Coby: Yeah. You know, I try to sing on my birthday every year to celebrate why I’m on this planet. Because I know why I’m here. I’m not here to be a supermodel. I’m not here to run for president. I’m here to bring joy and sing and, express myself write great songs touch and move people. And, So I know why I’m on this planet I’ve always known. And, I celebrate myself, and I think it’s really important. You know, I’d rather sing at a concert Then go out and buy a fur coat or spend money on stupid shit. I don’t wear fur of course it was a bad example lol. I rather spend it on performing.its really important to me. My birthday show is always a guarantee that I’ll be on stage and it’s something to look forward to and work towards. And I’ve been performing with the same pianist for over 20 years. His name is, Yan Falmagne and he’s a great blessing. in my life because we have great chemistry, and, uh, he’s a great guy. He went to great music schools. He’s just I mean, he could look, he could listen to a song on YouTube and write it out in, like, five minutes, he’s genius MBW: Oh, yeah? Coby: I get to work with phenomenal background singers and great musicians and singer at great places. So, uh, you know, I’m so fortunate. I really I’m really, really fortunate. MBW: Oh, yeah. Those girls that you brought up on stage, Aviva and, um, Coby: and Mijori. Aren’t they brilliant? MBW: My God, they’re like, um, it’s like your. They’re on the same cloud as you. I mean, absolutely. They knock the shit out of you. You’re like, What the fuck? Coby: Yeah, MBW: just And you Coby: I know, girls like that young, beautiful girls like that need a place to sing. And that’s why I first of all love Pangea. I love that they’ve given me a great platform that I can host a show and bring great talent to sing there because, you know, I don’t think there’s enough of that in New York. I feel really blessed to be able to support other artists and influence them and maybe, um, inspire them and give them a place to sing and learn from them as well. You know, you learn from everybody you perform with, so I’m going to be doing that once a month, last Tuesday of every. month. And, uh, I can’t wait for the next one. I have, like, 6 or seven people coming to perform. It’s really growing and building. MBW: Yes. And you know what? It’s gonna catch on because that place is gonna be packed. Coby: Good. I’m glad

MBW: The crowd is growing every time and they’ll be down down the block trying to get in there, And Coby: I hope so. MBW: I can’t wait. So this magazine comes out and people start more and more people start finding out about you because you’re just gonna be all over the place. Coby: Well, I appreciate you and I really, really appreciate your love and support. You know, it’s very rare in this business, and other artists support other artists. You know. Everyone’s so fucking competitive. it’s just so ridiculous. there is Room for everybody MBW: Everybody! Yeah, and nobody’s the same anyway. That’s what I was trying Coby: to write for. MBW: Everybody be so choosy about this or that one being this or that. It’s like. nobody’s the same. Everybody’s freaking. as different as their fingerprint. Coby: Isn’t it interesting that in life, you know, uh, we love antiques, but We don’t celebrate older people. We love different types of dogs and cats, but we don’t except different types of people. You know, we love different flowers, but we’re racist and we we don’t open ourselves to different cultures and different lifestyles. It’s just so weird because we love certain things, but we don’t love each other. So I think we really need to strive. Humanity needs to work on that, you know? MBW: And then also, I think the media, um, is really trying to be destructive about that and dwells on it. And that’s what the headlines, um, they put a spotlight on all that shit. because I. I see I feel like, um, it’s really overwhelming. But then, as I look into. people and just walking down the street and the Children, they’re born beautiful, and they’re just. how do they learn to laugh. That’s a natural thing. They nobody taught them to just brand of things. And when they smile and stuff, I mean, that’s what people really are. And I think the older they get, they get influenced and the media is just disgusting. All you hear about Coby: The media, though, I think it’s politicians who really, uh, race race bait. for votes. You know, they try to support the wrong thing just so that, you know, they’re trying to placate and influence the people for votes. So they’re gonna say what those people want to hear. And if the group of racists want to hear that the Mexicans are the reason the world’s falling apart, they’re gonna say that, you know, they’re they’re selling their souls for votes and it’s all about power. And it’s all about division. and pointing the finger at somebody else instead to distract from being held know, just like sex sells ,It sells, it, sells tickets, it buys, votes, it gets donations. And, uh, America is deeply rooted and white supremacy homophobia sexism and ageism, and, uh, I happen to be all of those things, old gay into the swirl and jewish.



MBW: So Coby: It’s, uh you know, it’s complicated, but we live in New York City, and that’s why we live in the greatest city in the world. Because we are open and we can walk down the street and be who we are. And we’re gold and glitter and all the shit that we want to. And, uh, you know, get on the subway at four. In the morning and you look amazing. No one’s gonna really bother you. You know what I mean? It’s still okay, but if we lived in Texas, we’d be in trouble, don’t you think? MBW: Yeah. Coby: I mean, I’d have to have an abortion before I was six weeks pregnant. MBW: ahaha, well, no, that’s what I was saying about, um, the media, though, because the politicians are using the media and buying the media. And the media is just. bills out all over the people and people that don’t even have any of their own thoughts are voicing what they saw on TV. Coby: They’re repeating what they want to hear, but especially Fox news. I think you know, they’re anti vaccine, their anti mask wearing. Meanwhile wearing a mask is” a personal choice” but what a woman does with her own body is illegal and not her choice. everyone at Fox News they can’t even get in the building unless they’re vaccinated or without wearing a mask, Did you know that? MBW: But they’re still Coby: They’re still pushing rhetoric, you know, because that’s what the Fox News viewer wants to hear. You know what I mean? So they’re not even? I mean, Donald Trump was vaccinated before everybody. Why wasn’t he saying go get vaccinated? Because it didn’t work for his agenda, right? he was already vaccinated such hypocrisy. You know? It’s incredible, man. What can I tell you? Just keep on singing. It’s the best thing you can do. MBW: Yes, I agree. Coby: Keep on singing. That’s about it right? Keep on singing. MBW: Yes. Coby: Alright. Much love. MBW: Goodnight. COBY: Goodnight.


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Azurite Jacket

Amber Jacket Our Amber jacket inspired by the classic tuxedo is perfect for the woman looking to make a statement with an alternative take on black tie dressing. Satin peak lapels and accentuated shoulders couple with a tapered waist to create a piece that combines androgynous details with an unquestionably sexy silhouette. This piece can be worn as a separate or with our Agate trousers for the fully suited look.

Agate Trousers These high waisted tailored trousers are cut slim through the thigh with a subtle kick flare. A luxe wardrobe staple for day or night they can be worn as a separate or as part of a suit with our Amber jacket. Available in classic black or in neutral ecru for a more tonal edit.

Aquamarine Top The Aquamarine is our hero statement top available in a spectrum of colours as well as classic black. Its draped cross fronted body is sexy in style whilst still leaving something to the imagination with its fluid lines and plunging neckline. This piece can be worn off the shoulder as in our campaign shoot or sleeveless with a looser drape.

Topaz Trench Coat

Topaz Trench Coat The belted trench is an essential of any wardrobe, perfect for transitioning seasons and taking an outfit from day to night. Ours, crafted from 100% cotton in versatile black combines sexy and classic to full effect. The sharp shoulder and lapel detail add a modern edge to this wardrobe staple.

Topaz Trench Coat

Saphire Blouse The Sapphire blouse in a luxury silk cotton mix is the epitome of sensual nonchalance. It’s lightweight fit and fluid drapery combined with low neckline and silky soft feel means it feels as good to wear as it looks. The ruched sleeve detailing and draped neck ensure that although this piece is relaxed and effortless, it is equally chic and refined.

Jade Dress The Jade dress is a skater style dress with a difference. Crafted from premium leather, this statement piece with its fit and flare design accentuates the waist whilst the leather fabrication adds texture and interest. Available in eternally sexy black leather as well as sky blue and white for a fresher more minimal take on the style.

Black Opal Dress

Black Opal Dress The Black Opal dress combines drama and style with its Athenian inspired details. Its mini length and plunging v neckline are balanced out by long puffed sleeves and a wide waisted detail. These elements combine to create a piece that is minimal in aesthetic, yet shows off any figure to the most glamorous effect.

Emerald Dress

Emerald Dress Our Emerald floor length dress crafted from 100% silk is a true wardrobe hero. Its column shape and delicate spaghetti straps in this luxury fabric are both timeless and sensual. The piece is cut to highlight curves by skimming the body and draping across the chest with a subtle cowl detail. Whether styled to be worn with attitude and nineties cool or more sophisticated evening glamour this exquisite piece in black or white is sure to become a go to for any occasion.

Onyx Dress The Onyx dress is deceptive in appearance. At first glance its longer length gives a more demure feel but closer inspection reveals a high front split and plunging neckline that are altogether more sultry. It is also incredibly versatile and can be worn with looser kimono style sleeves or sleeveless depending on preference. Available in a selection of rich toned hues as well as classic black this piece is a must have for understated yet undeniably sexy chic.

Red Beryl Dress

Red Beryl Dress The Beryl dress available in a spectrum of high octane tones is our statement sexy dress for all occasions. This bodycon piece with cowl neck and ruched body exudes starry glamour whilst it’s hooded detail evokes the female power of a Bond era Grace Jones. This is a dress for the woman who wants to stand out in any crowd.

Red Beryl Dress

Ruby Dress

Ruby Dress The Ruby dress is a modern piece with a Grecian feel. The flowing tiered fabric edges with their cape style add fluidity and the intricate silver shoulder fastenings highlight its Grecian influence. The piece’s soft fluid lines and subtle details combine with the mini length and diamond cut out back to ensure that in an array of statement brights the wearer of this dress will be noticed for all the right reasons.

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MAC GOLLEHON: World Renowned NYC Recording Artist To Release The End Is The Beginning Solo EP Via Nefarious Industries In February; “Neon And Gunpowder” Streaming + Preorders Posted 52 Posted on

photos by Tyler Adams


Nefarious Industries announces the February release of The End Is The Beginning, a newly recorded solo EP from world renowned New York City-based trumpet slayer MAC GOLLEHON which melds avant-jazz with the influence of 1970s film noir scores. The label has just issued the EP’s cover art, track listing, preorders, and more, as well as an advance single, “Neon And Gunpowder.” MAC GOLLEHON has toured the planet and recorded in studios everywhere with an endless roster of rock, pop, and jazz artists since the 1970s, including David Bowie, Blondie, Onyx, Madonna, Billy Ocean, Hall & Oates, Chaka Khan, Buddy Rich, Al Jarreau, Sheena Easton, Nile Rodgers, Patrick Adams, Mick Jagger, Grace Jones, Hector Lavoe, and hundreds of others, including his decade-plus run in Duran Duran. In addition to the Herculean amount of session work, GOLLEHON has released a variety of solo albums since the late 1990s, including records with his ever-morphing MAC GOLLEHON & THE HISPANIC MECHANICS. Anybody who has heard Billy Ocean’s “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car,” Blondie’s The Hunter, or Onyx’s Slam is well versed in the wide array of brass tactics of New York City-based MAC GOLLEHON, as proven on the well-over two-hundred gold and platinum albums on which the trumpeter has appeared. But GOLLEHON’s exploratory nature led him further from the mainstream path into the outer realms of the audio matrix, in recent years collaborating with extreme/experimental solo outfit Gridfailure. In May of 2021, Nefarious Industries released the pair’s fully collaborative Dismemberment Cabaret album, a savage hybrid of industrialized ambient/experimental metal rooted in slasher gore and underworld speakeasys, recorded remotely while under Covid quarantine. Upon completion of the record, GOLLEHON and Gridfailure’s David Brenner had already identified several new project ideas to explore, the next of which is embodied in The End Is The Beginning. The End Is The Beginning sees MAC GOLLEHON writing all arrangements and performing all instrumentation with Brenner engineering/producing the record. Drawing inspiration from trumpeter Lester Bowie’s Art Ensemble Of Chicago, pianist Cecil Taylor, German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, and others, GOLLEHON delivers a mangled storyline that immerses the listener in a daring concept inspired by 1970s film noir, transporting you to New York City and abandoning you in what could be an ongoing mob war infiltrating the city’s five boroughs. An extremely stripped-down home studio arrangement with solid microphones, a hybrid of analog and digital equipment, and primitive tactics with a wide spectrum of effects and pedalboard matrixes made for constantly morphing and immersive recording sessions. Within the record’s runtime, inspiration from classic crime dramas of the era explodes with bold dementia. With Don Ellis’ score for The French Connection and Lalo Schifrin’s Dirty Harry suite at the forefront, one can hear a convergence of styles tracing to Ennio Morricone, Goblin,


Miles Davis, Elvin Jones, Riz Ortolani, and more contemporary creators David Lynch, Mike Patton, and John Zorn. The End Is The Beginning sees MAC GOLLEHON performing a cavalcade of choreographed brass – including trumpet, trumpet, cornet, and trombone – as well as a diverse array of drums/percussion, keyboards/analog synth, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, scat vocals, and more, as well as field recordings taken from various areas of New York City. Delivering ten songs in a dense thirty-three-and-a-half-minutes, the record was engineered, recorded, and mixed in four one-day sessions during the sweltering inferno of Summer 2021 at The Compound in Valley Cottage, New York by David Brenner who supplies additional field recordings and samples. The album was mastered at Black Matter Mastering in Nashville, Tennessee by Dan Emery (Kool Keith, Lost Dog Street Band, Thetan) and completed with photography by Tyler Adams and design by Brenner. With the scat-and-groove slap of “Neon And Gunpowder,” lead single from The End Is the Beginning, GOLLEHON reveals, “I went to the street with no name, but arrogant greed, cruelty, and deceit. Pursuing the tired pointless temporary fix, robotically feeling the betrayals of being burned then swindled with disinformation. Then the joy of revenge through vindication, turning the tables, no longer floundering paralyzed helpless in the agony of surrender or defeat. As if the night became a blissful jubilant rave with a deadline in the acquiring of guaranteed satisfaction. All the deep comforts proven pure as neon and gunpowder.”

Stream MAC GOLLEHON’s “Neon And Gunpowder RIGHT HERE. Nefarious Industries will release The End Is The Beginning through all digital providers and in a limited run of gold cassettes on February 4th, 2022. Find preorders and merch RIGHT HERE. Watch for multiple videos to see release surrounding the record’s release. Additionally, GOLLEHON appears on Gridfailure’s upcoming Sixth Mass-Extinction Skulduggery III album, Gridfailure & Megalophobe’s third collaborative album Harbinger Winds, and the new MAC GOLLEHON & THE HISPANIC MECHANICS LP is already completed for release later in 2022, all through Nefarious Industries. GOLLEHON performs an average of three to six times per week across the NYC and Northeastern US while not on tour, but more extensive US and international live excursions are returning in 2022 and beyond.



The End Is TheBeginning Beginning Track Listing: The End Is The Track Listing: 1. AsWorld Your Burns World Burns 1. As Your 2. Enigma 2. and Enigma 3. Neon Gunpowder 4. Passion For Wrath 3. Neon and Gunpowder 5. Revenge For Brooklyn 6. Dead Protégé 4. Passion For Wrath 7. Bronx Motor Inn 8. Turn It Up Motherfucker Go 9. Sackett Street Racket 10. The End Is The Beginning


Wake Up / Rise Up LIVE4PEACE GLOBAL CONCERT Conflict. It’s becoming a way of life. Social Media stalking, rudeness, obnoxious behavior, and harassment. People flying apart and having temper tantrums, throwing things, and breaking them. Shootings, beatings, and other uncivilized acts between supposedly the highest form of life on this planet. Why? Yet, people want to embrace peace. Are you willing to turn away from moments where you or others engage in abusive behavior? Are you willing to change you to change all, to step up to the plate and say, “I’m going to make a difference today in somebody’s life!” Three people from Pennsylvania have made the choice to say, “Today, I will make a difference.” Those people are Douglas Payne, Carman Bryant and Ali Hackett. Their stories are varied but, their purpose is similar. Each of them are part of the music industry. Each of them has a loud voice locally or so they thought. The Concept Musicians communicate through music. They decide to have a concert that supports peace in Philadelphia. Good Answer! Many people hear about it in Philadelphia and want to join in. Then, people in New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, The United Kingdom, and Italy hear about it and want in! Then, the United Nations says, “Good Answer!”

People were recruited from around the world, some 300 acts and over 3000 people to put together a video, 24 hours long, showing music, people being happy, talking about peace, focusing on containing ongoing violence. People came in from Australia through the United States and Canada, into the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and into Africa. From all walks of life, we said in once voice, WE CHOOSE PEACE! On September 21, a day the United Nations calls world Peace Day, WURU was slated to broadcast with a full endorsement from the United Nations. One week prior to the event, an illness hospitalized one of the critical people who was responsible for the broadcast. Doug and Carman frantically searched for a replacement. Shaun Tonks stepped up to finish the video file. A replacement was found at the 11th hour and the event make it on the air on time. The event re-aired on Oct 10. Total viewers… 4.3 Million. It’s a start... PEACE!

The Wake Up / Rise Up Live4Peace Global Concert is born. It started with a song that Douglas Payne wrote on a WaWa Napkin while driving using a sharpie pen. Get the point? Peace started with a song, with music. People heard the song and told Doug that his message must be heard. Doug has a huge background in music, graduating from the high school that Fame was based on. He worked with TSOP, Sister Sledge, The Coasters and more. Carman’s background is with the SOS band and many others in Motown. Her and Doug have known each other for a long time and decided to build a team, which included gun attack survivor Ali Hackett and Shaun Tonks on IT.



Essentially, he had no one to walk Angel during the day and apparently he whined all day long. In truth I had heard him many times up there, but apparently some of the neighbors in the building had complained. “I don’t know what to do,” he said, taking a swig of orange soda.

John moved into the apartment above ours shortly after my wife and I settled into the apartment on the third floor. I can still remember him hauling one box after another out of his old pickup parked at the curb. The reason this stuck in my mind wasn’t at all because of the man, a fortyish single guy from out of town, but rather the Border Collie that accompanied him up and down with every trip. It was so intriguing to watch the dog, fur, brown and white, at his master’s leg, looking up with wonder. Many times, Ican remember walking from my window as I took a break from writing, a smile set on my face. In the end, John and his dog, Angel, would turn out to have a far greater impact on my life than just a distraction from my day’s work. John settled in quite nicely, and it wasn’t long before I invited him down for a few steaks I fried up and served with sweet potato fries. We sat at my kitchen table and we got to know one another: he divorced but still in contact with his daughter, now in college. She’d visit from time to time, but mostly John concentrated on his own work as a sheet metal worker at a local company nearby. He was gone most of the day. And of course there was Angel. We gave him his own piece of meat, and he ate it hungrily yet daintily. In truth, I had never before seen a more obedient and patient dog. That of course had no bearing on our landlord’s opinion. He knocked on my door looking for John, just as we were enjoying our meal, and boy did he let him have it. John hadn’t even been there two months and he was telling him that if he didn’t do something about that dog’swhining, he’d be out. Our landlord left in a huff, leaving John to explain.

I looked down at Angel, and so would begin our daily walks around the neighborhood. As a writer, I’ve got quite a bit of time at home; especially at that time. I had a few books out and was writing for a few online magazines, making a decent pay, so walking Angel really wasn’t a problem. At first John was shocked, but he appreciated it immensely, accepting my offer. Angel would just look up at me for those first few walks, walking timidly, but eventually, he took to me and it really was as John had said … “probably the only dog you don’t have to keep on a leash.” A few weeks later, the pandemic hit, and no one was around on our daily walks, so mostly we had the pathways in the parks and the riverside to ourselves. Angel liked to watch the ducks swimming in the icy river, ducking down in the water where they could. He’d bark every time one of them did that, seeming to me, almost in worry. I noticed eventually that he walked with a limp and it was only after our first month of walks that John told me that Angel had something wrong with his hips. On a personal note, the height of the pandemic also brought severe pay cuts for the articles I was writing, pay cuts that just wouldn’t do. It got to a point where they were paying a mere seven dollars for news reports of about three-hundred words. I understood their point, as they too were probably suffering, as the entire world was suffering. I ended up spending even more time with Angel, as he distracted me from my issues with my work—or lack thereof—us even playing catch in the back yard of the building. It was on one of these occasions that I noticed his limp getting worse. I didn’t want to mention it to John, but maybe in the end, that was my mistake, and maybe what ended up happening wouldn’t have been quite the blow that it was for John. But of course, these are the questions that will forever persist … for me, for John and maybe now for you, reading this—these, the questions we’ll never get answers to.


It was in early May that Angel couldn’t make it up the steps anymore. I’d carry him all the way up. By the second week, he stopped trying altogether, just looking up at me at the base of the stairs, his big brown eyes pleading to be helped. I’d pick him up and start climbing as he’d lick my face affectionately. When I’d let him into John’s apartment, I’d stand at the door, hooking the leash on the hook there and watch Angel go straight for his bed in front of John’s electric fireplace. “Have a nice rest, Angel,” I’d say as I closed and locked John’s door. In the weeks that followed, I’d let myself up in between writing sessions to check on him … he was sleeping through so much of the day. He’d get up some energy for when John got home. My wife and I would hear them above us as we watched old sitcoms we had on DVD or playing a game of chess. We’d hear Angel hopping about, barking contentedly and John laughing. I don’t think I can ever forget John’s laugh. It was so infectious. It was the following week I noticed that John’s pickup truck was still parked out front. He hadn’t gone to work, and it must have been serious, because John never missed work, for any reason. I sat down in my chair to read as I drank my morning coffee and I heard John’s phone ring. I heard some muffled words and then silence, and very much like John’s laughter from the other evening, I heard wails of pain and sadness escape him, the pain seeping through the ceiling that separated us—our lives—like a thick liquid seeping through a thin fabric. I put my book down and listened … I listened, and it was as I listened, that I thought of my last walk with Angel...

It had been raining and Angel loved hopping in the puddles. It meant me having to towel dry him when we got back, but I didn’t mind; he was having so much fun. He even got to chase some kids playfully around the park, the kids wearing masks, the sight surreal even now as I think back to it. When we got back to the building, I carried him up the steps; he licked my face in thanks, and the rest happened as it always had. There was no hesitation at the door, no goodbye like it happens in the movies. In real life, you never know when the last time you see someone will be, and like the blowing out of aflame from a strong wind, it just happens and without much warning. As I write this, John has moved away. He assured me a million times it wasn’t my fault; he knew Angel’s health was deteriorating all along. He just couldn’t face it either. I hear from him sometimes. Myself, after the first wave of Covid-19, I got an opportunity to write for a local newspaper, and although I have to go out for stories from time to time, I’m still home quite a bit. And it’s in those moments of reprieve, those moments when I go to the window— especially on a rainy day—and see the world out there, facing this awful and mysterious pandemic, and spy the puddles, that I think of Angel, Angel and our walks around the neighborhood.

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Halloween HORROR by Johnny T









Halloween MADNESS by JR Peterson










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Gail Anderson GILCHRIST




Gail Anderson Gilchrist had an interest in painting since a child, and went to art school in New York state, before becoming a full time musician for over 30 years. Presently, Gail has retired from music, and now has more time to pursue her love of art! To commission Gail for work, or to purchase this painting (Or others she has) please contact her at:


Photo by Bob Klein 90





Halloween Fright Rock Created to put the spectacle back in rock, Amazing Demon Boy and his band have quickly become a crowd-pleasing favorite at shows and events. Demon Boy himself has been described as Alice Cooper with a David Lee Roth attitude. The defining music and image have set him apart from the mainstream, and the high-energy show is an indescribable blend of Rock-Metal-Horror-Goth that has been gaining Amazing Demon Boy a cult-like following around the world. The live show is something of fantasy, fun, and metal mayhem that takes you on a Halloween Trick r Treat ride. The blend of Metal, Rock, Theater, and Comedy makes for an amazing live performance from start to epic finish.

Rocking Songs Like "Ravenous" and "I Kissed a Dead Girl", along with fan-favorite hit songs like "Little Red Riding Bitch" and "This Halloween" make this a show you can't miss and will never forget! GET YOUR GHOUL ON™ with"The Worlds Most Exciting Horror Rock Show"™







Rise of the Demon Album Trailer & Videos

Ravenous - Official Music Video

Dawn of the Demon Album Trailer & Videos

Pain - Official Music Video

Amazing Demon Boy Live Concert Videos

My Coffin - Official Music Video


PRESS "Demon Boy is Heavy Metal Theater. It's a horror show that record labels haven't picked up yet, but they sniff the band's sanguinary trail. They'll realize the scarlet-haired fallen angel of death is a true candidate for stardom. Although he commands a small but loyal cult, the ghoulies are lining up to see what all the fuss is about. He has spent years dissecting the brains of legendary stage acts Rob Zombie, ICP, Alice Cooper, Manson, and Ozzy Osbourne and now it's the Demon Boy's time." Louder Than Hell Magazine

"I find myself short of words on how to properly explain the incredible phenomena that is the band Demon Boy. I could go on and on but it would never do Demon Boy justice. If I have to narrow it all down into one sentence, it would be "DEMON BOY ROCKS". Heaven Leigh Eldeen -

"The Demon Boy band is poised to take the entertainment industry by storm. Not since Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne have music fans been treated to a more allencompassing, theatric, and energetic experience - and it doesn't end there. More than just a character, a band, or even a show - Demon Boy is an epic comic book, labeled by industry insiders as having the potential to become the "next Crow franchise". Dark Media City

"How refreshing it is to hear someone creating a theatrical homage to the likes of the great Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie! Fans of either, or both, this is one twisted act you must check out! Dawn of the Demon is a fun-filled romp though morbidly twisted themes with an auditory landscape that continuously fuels the fire. Demon Boy is a New York based band made up of Demon Boy on vo-kills and his minions as the band. Dawn of the Demon starts off with I Kissed a Dead Girl, a track of fist-pumping, head bobbing necro-rock. Love that guitar tone! Track two, Little Red Riding Bitch, is a grooving, cemetery bop with a twist on the fairy tale of nearly the same name. Track three, Pain, is my favorite on the album. The song starts off with a bang and is a runaway tank all the way through! "THE PAIN IN YOUR BRAIN IS THE DEVIL IN YOUR VEINS"! Track four is Ravenous and another great tune! I love the guitar riff in the beginning leading into Demon Boy." Bobby Weaver - Brutiful Promotions




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Ash ASYLUM by Dex Shellhammer

Ash Asylum officially started in November of 2020, after one year of working under the name Shellhammer They released one e.p. titled, “Resurrection”. Ash Asylum features members of Father of Sin and Romantic Industry. Producer Mike Bunting handles guitar, keyboards and programming. Dex Shellhammer provides lead vocals, while bassist Dena Due adds additional vocals. The Band’s unique sound is an eclectic blend of Metal, Rock, Industrial and Darkwave. The Full length album, “Nosferatu”, was released on March 21st, 2021. The lyrics carry a vampire theme throughout, paired with the allegory of the exciting beginning and exhausting end of a romantic relationship. Horror is a big influence for the members of Ash Asylum. Four of the eleven tracks on Nosferatu were inspired by horror films or television shows. Nosferatu was the first release on the Apple House Music label, formed in Zionsville, Pennsylvania. The band made music videos for the singles, “Underneath Your Skin’ and “Drawing Blood”, with “Hypnotized” on the way. Expect new music from Ash Asylum in 2022. You can find links to music, videos, merch and social media handles on:



Art of KATYBATS Katie Bast (now Katie Shellhammer) is an acrylic artist from northeast Pennsylvania. Professionally known as Katybats, she specializes in the gothic/horror style. Her canvas paintings are morbidly beautiful with a sense of humor. Her original wooden creations called ZOMBICATS gained popularity in 2018. She started sell her canvas work online in 2004. Katie’s unique style has a worldwide fanbase, and with the help of social media, hundreds of Zombicats and canvas paintings have found homes. Katie is entirely self-taught and draws inspiration from the dark side of the human experience



Josi Kat




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OF LIFE, LOVE, AND FAMILY The complex loving woven tentacles That we yearn to be nestled within That at times strangles us with their incredulous cruelty And diminishing neglect Yet at times are the very warm enclosures Needed for our lonely chilled spirits It is this backbone that we swing from On our daily-yearly jaunts and adventures Dating, school, marriage, work-not in tht order But stunning events impressing upon our lives Whether that base is strong enough or not Built with character and morals and kindness and love It determines how far we swing and where we fall The paths we take and the mates we choose And most of the destined situations we help create Our mannerisms and behavior— Some cherished—others echoed in therapists’ walls Are the legacy of our heads of home-state Storytellers, handy people, fashion-savvy or historians And yet sometimes they make us what we are not The remainders of our inherited beings Our smiles and gestures and fingernail beds Loving reminders of those before us Our heights—or lack thereof—and the couture of our hair Are the cultural pieces to the puzzle of us And so we are children And have some of our own And the spiral begins anew Whether positive or to the dark we go Depends first on our foundation But then builders are we Of the new forms we take And are always re-constructing In order to form a more perfect union of ourselves



Los complejos tentáculos tejidos amorosos Que anhelamos estar acurrucados dentro Son los que a veces nos estrangulan con su crueldad incredula Y negligencia cual disminue Sin embargo, a veces son los recintos muy cálidos Necesarios para nuestros espíritus solitarios y fríos Es esta columna vertebral de la que nos balanceamos En nuestras excursiones y aventuras diarias y anuales. Citas, escuela, matrimonio, trabajo, no en esa orden Pero eventos impresionantes que impresionan nuestras vidas Si esa base es lo suficientemente fuerte o no Construida con carácter, moral, amabilidad y amor. Determina qué tan lejos nos balanceamos y dónde caemos Los caminos que tomamos y los compañeros que elegimos Y la mayoría de las situaciones destinadas que ayudamos a crear Nuestros gestos y comportamiento Algunos apreciaban, otros hacíendo eco en las paredes de los terapeutas Son el legado de nuestros jefes de estado de origen Narradores de cuentos, personas prácticas, conocedores de la moda o historiadores. Y sin embargo, a veces nos hacen lo que no somos. El resto de nuestros seres heredados. Nuestras sonrisas y gestos y camas de uñas Recordatorios cariñosos de los que tenemos ante nosotros Nuestras alturas, o la falta de ello, y la alta costura de nuestro cabello. Son las piezas culturales para el rompecabezas de nosotros. Y entonces somos niños Y tener algunos de los nuestros Y la espiral comienza de nuevo. Ya sea positivo o hacia la oscuridad, allí vamos Depende primero de nuestra fundación Pero entonces los constructores somos nosotros De las nuevas formas que tomamos Y que siempre estamos reconstruyendo Para formar una unión más perfecta de nosotros mismos



I am thankful for the love finally reached Love of self and others I am beginning to understand Or trust to know That I’ll always have me to rely on That I am goodness flawed And that’s ok That I am a memory worth having A life that is to be loved and needed A history worth revealing A worthy companion and wife With my feet of clay I move in this glorious adventure Frolicking and fearing Always humbled by a good deed Wanting and wary Of those all around me With arms outstretched Yet ready to flee Yearning for words that caress Yet listening for the letdown I try to change old habits Ensconced in my very bones Adapt to new muscular movements That will propel me to new openness I strive for a better posture To receive life’s enchanted gifts From that girl came my Rock To withstand another’s horrid storm From my advisor was gentle guidance To understand the maelstrom provided From my umbilical connector came shelter Once I learned to stand in the cold And regain my dignity and senses Reality slowly returned As I had once known it But I was forever changed I still hold a darkness My poor mate must contend with But he helps me destroy it Piece by ever-bleeding piece And so I’m healing in his love Healing in my tenderness Healing in again seeing the possibility of the world No matter what king may come I am determined to be cloaked in love

Estoy agradecida por el amor finalmente alcanzado Amor de uno mismo y de los demás Estoy empezando a entender O confíar en saber Que siempre me tendre a mi misma en quien confiar Que soy bondad con fallas Y eso está bien Que soy un recuerdo digno de tener Una vida que debe ser amada y necesaria Una historia digna de revelarse Una digna compañera y esposa Con mis pies de arcilla Me muevo en esta aventura gloriosa Follando y temiendo Siempre humilde en la presencia de una buena acción Queriendo y cuidadosa De los que me rodean Con los brazos extendidos Pero igual, lista para huir Anhelo de palabras que acarician Sin embargo, escuchando por la decepción Trato de cambiar los hábitos viejos Penetrados en mis huesos Adaptandome a nuevos movimientos musculares Que me impulsarán a una nueva apertura Me esfuerzo por una mejor postura Para recibir regalos encantados de la vida De esa chica vino mi Roca Para soportar la horrible tormenta de otro De mi consejera fue suave orientación Para entender el torbellino provisto De mi conectora umbilical vino refugio Una vez que aprendí a soportar el frío Y recuperar mi dignidad y mis sentidos La realidad volvió lentamente Como lo había sabido una vez Pero yo estaba cambiada para siempre Todavía tengo una oscuridad Con cual mi pobre compañero debe lidiar Pero él me ayuda a destruirlo Pedazo por pedazo sangrado Y así estoy sanando en su amor Curandome en mi ternura Sanandome nuevamente viendo la posibilidad del mundo No importa cual rey venga Estoy decidida ser encubierta en amor



Level Up & Listen to LIZZY K “No”vember By: Lizzy K Love & Relationships Coach, Women’s Wellness Mentor & Spiritual Guide @lovelizzyk

I never cared much to appeal to the “me” in the mind of others. My favorite part of life is to be whoever I want. A little about me? Well, since you totally asked, and I’ll keep it brief... Upon realizing the radical responsibilities that come with womanhood, I spend a lot of time soothing myself through uncomfortable situations. Fully realizing I “could have it worse” and answering life’s beckon with appreciation in my heart, things still happen that hurt like a b***h. Things like emotional neglect. Divorce. Shyness. Scolded for & hiding my mess. Anxiety developed in part by human egoic forgetfulness of what being a woman truly means. I taught myself to accept my goodenough-exactly-as-I-am-ness. I came to realize past traits no longer defined me. Let me tell You a true story about the other side. Driving through town, I noticed a popular social media influencer. One of my friends posts her stuff all the time. I parked the car nearby and my head started spewing it’s narrative about when & where exactly her and I’s meeting will happen on the street so that she can help me boost my spiritual influencer business.


“Do I ask her to make a Tik Tok with me?” “Does she even consider talking with people who come up to her like that?” Uh...oh gosh. ...well played imagination! You’re WILD!! Although anyone would be excited to work with me, I’m beyond tired of overthinking like this. While freshening up in the nearest restroom, I allowed my mind to play out the scenarios it imagines if, let’s say, I get to see this particularly important stranger while out & about. Then I remember my mood actually doesn’t determine anything about me. Anxiety lies. It claims that in this next moment, everything I ever was or ever will be, becomes defined.

I have everything I need within me/ in my vicinity to create these moments. Emphasis on “within me.” It’s taken many years and countless full-circle moments to fully accept my “no” right along with the Hell Yes. I try new things. Practice doing what feels good. I allow my “NO.” & “Yes!” to influence the world around me. Appreciate the little things that make You, You this November, with “No” being the most impactful yet littlest sentence of the English Language.

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Recognizing this, I take back power & decide instead- “No. This doesn’t determine me. I am worthy. My dreams will come true. I declare “I will not repeat the old stories,” I quiet the mind and reach for a new, calmer feeling.

Much of my life I wondered how I could be more available for others.

Listening to my inner reality allows me to recognize when I’m really fully activated in my power & able to move forward as such.

Recently I told my partner Jose, “I’m proud of myself for taking a step back from feeling I ALWAYS need to be there for everyone in my life.”

I over-gave of myself and put my dreams second. Part of me feared rejection if I wasn’t the person others expected.

I decided to be LESS available. Not like full hermit mode, However, You want to talk? Okay, call me. I’m not going to always be the one calling. Need advice? Consider paying me. Want to know how I’ve come this far? Message me your concerns & I’ll respond whether or not I can help. Life is for us to share AT OUR CHOOSING. Unless we signed a contract and you paid for my service, I have no obligation to give you anything. This can be a hard pill to swallow. Especially since our society has forced women to assume the role of the good girl, putting others desires before our own beginning at an early age. Many of my girlfriends use medication to abate symptoms of anxiety. I’ve experienced somewhat severe anxiety myself, and been privileged enough to pay a mentor to walk me through ridding myself of the energy. This is the fate of many women in today’s world. We feel overwhelming pressure to perform, to have our lives look a certain way, to adhere to the good girl persona we’ve been coaxed into our whole lives. We must choose ourselves first. This means day after day, wandering with curiosity into our unknown. I may never have a child of my own, as a proud childfree woman, but the self-love revolution I choose for myself will affect generations upon generations.










This album is in memory of Kathy McConnell. GREAT UNKNOWN kicks off this album with a great melody that will cling to you and won’t let go. The lyrics say it all. NO MESSAGE FROM YOU is sung from the heart and has a message that will get to you, because you might have been there. The lyrics sent a message loud and clear.

Album Review: Don Lee Van Winkle “Great Unknown” BY JIM ALLFORD DON LEE VAN WINKLE is a rock legend from Philadelphia, Pa. Don played in the well known rock band, The American Dream, which only had one album released and it was produced by Todd Rundgren in 1970. The musicians that played on his 10 song album are: Don Van Winkle: Guitar, vocals: Bobby King-Bass and arrangements; Chris Leuzinger-Guitars: Dennis Wage/Will Barrow: Keyboards: Jim Hoke/Tony Paoletta-Pedal Steel: Andy Hull-Drums and Ron Wallace/Tim Ruppert-Background vocals.


IF I COULD SAVE YOU has a great intro as the lyrics sneak in and get you by the neck and shake you to wake you up so you can get a grip on life. This is quite an intense song, please, give it a listen. WAITING has a Bruce Springteen feel as he sings it from his heart directly to you. This song is a sure delight for everyone to hear. The petal guitars fit in perfectly to this song. LOVERS CAN’T BE FRIENDS is a real rocker from the very first note. I love how the guitars are in your face and this song is made to be cranked up loud. THis song is quite a gem. Please check Don out at: Bandcamp; Facebook. YouTube, Apple Music, Pandora; iHeartRadio,Deezer and Soundcloud. I want to give a big Thank you to Don for being in touch. ROCK ON, JIM ALLFORD

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Hundreds of tables with Antique Radios, parts, and related merchandise. The host club is The Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club. Held under the two pavilions 60 ft x 350 ft. and outdoors. Friday evening auction. Exhibitor reservations are online. Call Fridays & Saturdays at 610-683-6848. Free admission and parking Friday & Saturday.












Ouiwey Collins & THE FUNKSQUAD FunkSquad is a versatile band that plays many genres of music which all leads back to the Funk on the One. Funksquad is not only a band but also a funk family of many artistic individuals that love to come together and blend in their talented gifts any where from Music playing, Arts and Crafts, Modeling, Filming, Dancing, Directing, and so much more. So yes FunkSquad is a band but they are also a brand. Leaving their mark of positivity, good vibes and their love of music to all.


Christine Ohlman THE BEE HIVE QUEEN


The heart of Christine Ohlman has belonged to rock n’ roll from just about the moment she could walk and talk. By the time she traveled from Boston to New York on an overnight train to make her first record at the age of 16, writing the “B” side on the way to the studio (that “B” side. “I Don’t Know Why,” was reissued in 2012 in the UK as a part of a Mainstream Records compilation All Kinds Of Highs on the Ace label), she was already a veteran of the local coffeehouse circuit around New Haven, Connecticut. “Bob Shad, the owner of Mainstream, flew down from New York City to hear the band; he signed us the same day,” she says. “Shad was a true legend. He’d made field recordings of Ray Charles in Florida when he was still calling himself Ray Charles Robinson. What a kick. We were in the studio practically before we knew what hit us recording a version of Al Kooper’s ‘Wake Me, Shake Me.’ The next thing we knew, we were on the charts and I was in heaven!” Christine was a founding member of The Scratch Band, legendary throughout the Northeast for their incendiary and eclectic live shows, and her stark, piano-accompanied version of Dusty Springfield’s “I Only Want To Be With You” from their first LP was a turntable hit in the U.K. A portion of The Scratch Band reunited in the studios of NBC’s Saturday Night Live with Christine joining guitarist/vocalist/musical director G.E. Smith and bassist Paul Ossola, both former Scratch Band members, in the SNL band. Ohlman has now been the featured vocalist with the SNL Band for 28 years, appearing on both the 25th and 40th Anniversary SNL telecasts; in addition, SNL40’s post-show concert also featured her star turn onstage with Jimmy Fallon (pulled onstage by Fallon at the Plaza Hotel, Ohlman was treated to Elvis Costello and the B-52s joining her as back-up vocalists). At one show, the 11-member SNL Band, featuring in its repertoire a heavy dose of Christine’s favorite music—southern soul—took the stage (joined by Ry Cooder, Steve Cropper and Maceo Parker) as the house band for The Rhythm & Blues Foundation Pioneer Awards, a performance that was, in Ohlman’s words, “just about the biggest flat-out thrill of my life. We were doing ‘Tell Mama’ and I looked around to catch Steve Cropper’s eye only to spot Clarence Carter, who wrote the song, standing in the wings waiting to come on. I thought—well, it just doesn’t get much better than this” (although she admits that the 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction in Cleveland, where she was part of the house band, The Central Park Summerstage Tribute To Janis Joplin, where she fronted both Big Brother & The Holding Company and the Kozmic Blues Band, and the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Tribute Concert, where she sang with George Harrison, among others, edge out everything for sheer historical vibe).

Ohlman has most recently been heard in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” (in a guest-vocal turn on the Rolling Stones’ classic cut “Out of Time”). In 2017, she was inducted into the National Blues Hall of Fame of American Heritage International. Ohlman topped the Alternate’s 2013 Readers’ Poll as top Americana vocalist, joining other winners Paul Thorn, The Mavericks and Rodney Crowell. While touring and recording with Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez are the main focus, she has numerous all-star concert appearances to her credit, including numerous guest vocal shots on the HBO series “Vinyl” that feature a duet with Elvis Costello; the 2016-2018 AMA Conferences in Nashville; The PBS series “Music City Roots” with Bonnie Bramlett, Sarah Potenza and the McCrary Sisters; the 2016 New Orleans Jazz Festival’s Tribute To David Bowie; aforementioned 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction; “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon”; the Carnegie Hall Tribute to the Rolling Stones (where she appeared with Ian Hunter); the series of Little Kids Rock NYC tributes, on stage with Bruce Springsteen, Brian Wilson, Steve Miller, Tom Morello, Keb Mo, Bonnie Raitt, and Elvis Costello; the Lincoln Center “American Songbook” Series (with Sting and Lou Reed); the 2013 Obama Inaugural Gala; “Celebrate Brooklyn’s” Tribute to Bill Withers (with Nona Hendryx and My Morning Jacket’s Jim James); and sit-ins with Ronnie Spector, Mac Rebennack (two evenings of solo duets that she calls “some of the highlights of my life”), Muscle Shoals icons Donnie Fritts and John Paul White of the Civil Wars at NYC’s Public Theatre, soul queen Candi Staton, and the Blind Boys of Alabama.

Ohlman’s yearly contributions to the WC Handy Festival in Muscle Shoals, Alabama include historic events like from her sold-out 2013 Handy Fest Tribute To Jerry Wexler, to 2016’s sold-out collaboration with iconic guitarist Travis Wammack and 2019’s planned Shoals Theatre songwriters circle with Dan Penn, Spooner Oldham and Donnie Fritts at which she’ll duet with all


three (in 2015 Ohlman was the fest’s Grand Marshall, riding in Sam Phillips’ famed baby-blue Cadillac convertible). Muscle Shoals has truly become a second musical home; she plays in The Decoys with legendary bassist David Hood and, as she says, “the cream of the Shoals cats.” She is also deeply embedded in the New Orleans scene, with six sold-out editions of “Down On The Bayou” during successive years of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, all to benefit the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic, of which she is a national spokesperson. Ohlman of course continues to perform with the SNL Band, appearing on the aforementioned 40th Anniversary broadcast and with Al Green on the show’s 25th Anniversary Special as well as in hilarious commercial parodies like “Carter n’ Sons Barbeque.” She is a sought-after studio guest vocalist, appearing on 2013’s “Andrew Loog Oldham & Friends Sing The Rolling Stones Songbook Vol. 2,” a historic release (chosen by Little Stephen’s Underground Garage as “2013’a Coolest Record Of The Year”) by the legendary Rolling Stones producer (a close friend and himself a 2014 inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame); Ian Hunter’s “When I’m President” and “Shrunken Heads”; Big Al Anderson’s “Pawn Shop Guitars”; and three CDs by esteemed Irish punk group Black 47. “Labor of Love: The Music Of Nick Lowe” features her vocal collaboration with Marshall Crenshaw on Lowe’s “Cruel To Be Kind.” And her commitment to the blues runs deep, as her scorching duets with the late Eddie Kirkland on his CD’s “Where You Get Your Sugar” and “Lonely Street”; her guest-shots with Charlie Musselwhite on his Grammy-nominated “One Night In America”; and her appearance on “The Songs Of Willie Dixon” (with Sonny Landreth & Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown) and Grammy nominee “A Tribute To Howlin’ Wolf” (with Taj Mahal & Lucinda Williams) give statement. In 2011 she contributed vocals to Mac Rebennack’s BP oil spill saga, “All Washed Up.” Dedication to preserving the soul in rock n’ roll has been the hallmark of Christine’s work from the days of The Scratch Band through a stint with Christine Ohlman and The Soul Rockers to her present band Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez’ (Cliff Goodwin-guitars, Michael Colbath-bass, Larry Donahuedrums; original guitarist Eric Fletcher passed away in May, 2006). Her earliest idols were Etta James, Ray Charles, and Jackie Wilson. “My mom taught me to love those artists,” says Christine. “When she was growing up she used to frequent Cafe Society in New York City to hear Billie Holiday, Count Basie, Lena Horne. I just naturally picked up on blues and jazz through her. Then of course there was Elvis, and Jerry Lee, and the artists on Stax and Atlantic. At some point I also began to listen heavily to Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Elmore James. So my songwriting reflects influences old and new. I always tend to lean toward wild guitar bands— you know, the ‘crazies’.” (Ohlman continues this fascination with musical tradition via her work as a music writer and musicologist. She was an original editor of the All-Music Guide, edited Andrew Loog Oldham’s autobiography “2Stoned”, and is a cover-story-writing contributor to Elmore Magazine). Ohlman travels the world with The Sessions Panel, an all-star music industry presentation whose mission is to “enrich, educate and empower”; in 2019 they appeared at the Royal Academy in Ghent and in Nottingham, UK. She is a board member of the Institute for the Musical Arts founded by iconic guitarist June Millington of the group Fanny, and a yearly contributor to IMA’s Rock and Roll Camp for Girls. Ohlman’s six CDs with Rebel Montez are The Hard Way, Radio Queen, Wicked Time, Strip, 2008 career retrospective


Re-Hive, and 2010’s The Deep End, her first CD of new material in five years. Co-produced by Andy York (John Mellencamp), it features duets with Ian Hunter, Dion DiMucci, and Marshall Crenshaw and guest shots by Levon Helm, Big Al Anderson, G.E. Smith, Eric “Roscoe” Ambel, and others. The Deep End was honored on four national 2010 Top Ten lists. In July, 2011, Ohlman & Rebel Montez released their first concert DVD, Live Hive. She is currently at work on “The Grown-Up Thing” projected for 2019 release. No stranger to tragedy, Ohlman suffered, in addition to the loss of longtime musical collaborator Fletcher, the death in 2005 of her mate and producer of more than 25 years, Doc Cavalier. Re-Hive is dedicated to his memory (as The Deep End is to Fletcher’s). Following Cavalier’s passing, she produced a now legendary memorial concert that featured 26 acts and nearly 100 musicians pivotal to the professional life she shared with him. “This is a time of reordering in my life,” she said recently. “There are no words to describe the empty spaces left by these losses. I feel I honor the memory of Doc and Eric by creating, by writing, and by performing. It hasn’t been easy by any means. But friends and fellow musicians have been extraordinary in their generosity and support. Michael Colbath, Larry Donahue, Cliff Goodwin and I look forward to the next record and to future collaborations.” Ohlman says, “The songs on The Deep End deal, in some ways, with the subject of loss, but much more importantly with the ways that love intersects with life to bring a kind of joy into one’s heart that is sometimes bittersweet.” With her trademark mile-high platinum beehive hairdo and enviable collection of sequins and rhinestones, Ohlman looks like a lady to be reckoned with, and when she opens her mouth to sing, the truth comes out. But underneath it all lurks a no-frills approach to music. In her own words—”I give it to an audience straight, which is the way I like it myself. Yes, I like to shout, and I like to croon, and I love to wail. I just need to get in the groove and rock---not think too much about it– tear it up or soothe it over. I’ve loved rock n’ roll since I was a little girl, and I’ll love it forever. It’s my greatest kick and my greatest privilege to be able to get up on a stage and rip it apart. That’s rock n’ roll to me. I’m here to set your soul on fire.”


A tinge of psychedelia, a later inclusion of “pop” and now a chas with a keen eye for detail. He remains captivating, weathering th dates on any tour, lost in dreams of neoteric lyrics for yet another smile. The history for Robert and subsequent band remain an et salient in their normal routine with crowds across the globe.


Stage charisma, charm and crowd rapport are a constant, a mu in his soul, a paradigm for yesteryear and the next generation. “R through the efforts of Robert Lamm & Chicago in general……. ( BY DON ATERS 2016, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award - 2020 ) This seems to be a summation of my perception after fifty-five Chicago performances through the years. From the archetypal moments in time, this band seemed to be a Pre-Raphaelite in defining their chosen musical road. A musician such as Robert Lamm ( amidst others in this historic ensemble ) creates his own destiny from meager allocations of money until evolving into the idyllic band that featured a horn section augmented with a keyboard player / vocalist who segues from one lyrical masterpiece to the next. All are venerable based on a crowd who grew to the words of a band who were instrumental in defining an entire generation, “Dionysian Rockers” are epic while Robert, James (Pankow ) and Peter (Cetera) wrote most of the tunes that defined their carpe diem approach on a nightly basis (Songwriters Hall Of Fame). To maintain his lucid demeanor for the throngs that continue to traverse the highways to see Robert and the band, a ritual of practice seems to be a mandate to retain quality. A tinge of psychedelia, a later inclusion of “pop” and now a chasm that Robert seems to notice with a keen eye for detail. He remains captivating, weathering the silence between documented dates on any tour, lost in dreams of neoteric lyrics for yet another tune that make our hearts smile. The history for Robert and subsequent band remain an ethos of an entire generation, salient in their normal routine with crowds across the globe. Stage charisma, charm and crowd rapport are a constant, a musician with a touch of thespian in his soul, a paradigm for yesteryear and the next generation. “Rock n’ Roll Royalty” lives on through the efforts of Robert Lamm & Chicago in general... ( Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame -2016, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award - 2020 )



Doobie Brothers at THE PPL CENTER Allentown, PA






Scranton’s Sleeplore to Officially Release DEBUT EP

For Immediate Release

Scranton-based, alternative experimentalist, Clyde Scranton’s Sleeplore to Sleeplore officially Rosencrance, will release his debut EP under onreleas December 15th, 2021, both digitally and physically.

Pre-stream the “Sleeplore” EP here: https://soundclo

“Sleeplore” (self-titled) builds upon the success of previously released singles, which caught the ear of outlets like ‘Alternative Press’, with an EP that collectively embodies the origination of the Sleeplore sound. The EP was completed with the help of multi-Grammy award winning mastering engineer Brian Lucey. The EP also features multi-platinum artist Anthony J. Resta and several other guest performers. “These songs were written and recorded over a period of more than 10 years while working on other projects. My goal was to capture the essence that helped define the Sleeplore sound, by hand picking through my catalog to set the course for what’s to come. The songs are a rollercoaster ride of introspective thoughts and emotions, with production that helps place you in those various states.’ Pre-stream the “Sleeplore” EP here:


Scranton-based, alternative experimentalist, Clyde Rosencrance, w

Sleeplore is the brainchild of American songwriter & producer Clyde Rosencrance. Hailing Sleeplore is the brainchild of American songwriter & producer Clyde Rosencrance. from a nondescript region deep in the woods somewhere between the Mid-Atlantic and the from a nondescript region deep in the woods somewhere between the Mid-Atlantic a Northeastern U.S., Sleeplore’s sound calls on elements of discovery and the comfort of Northeastern U.S., Sleeplore’s sound calls on elements of discovery and the comfor isolation. Weaving a thread to combine hypnagogic visions with a contrived production style, isolation. Weaving a thread to combine hypnagogic visions with a contrived productio Sleeplore offers listeners a sonic template from which they can contemplate their own unique Sleeplore offers listeners a sonic template from which they can contemplate their own stories. stories.

The project’s enveloping sound is influenced by artists such as Sparklehorse, Sigur Ros, The project’s enveloping sound is influenced by artists such as Sparklehorse, Sigur Radiohead, & Coldplay. Listeners will appreciate the mixture of familiar rock song structure Radiohead, & Coldplay. Listeners will appreciate the mixture of familiar rock song s with immersive elements that pull those listening into a contemplative state. with immersive elements that pull those listening into a contemplative state.

Rosencrance’s formal tenure in music spans more than 15 years. Throughout that time he Rosencrance’s formal tenure in music spans more than 15 years. Throughout that tim has released several collaborative works from the raw college rock and alternative sounds has released several collaborative works from the raw college rock and alternative s of The Magdalyns (dubbed “Skeleton Rock”) to more contemporary rock and roots-based of The Magdalyns (dubbed “Skeleton Rock”) to more contemporary rock and roots sounds like Ourafter and Dalton 45’s. Named one of Alternative Press’ “10 unsigned sounds like Ourafter and Dalton 45’s. Named one of Alternative Press’ “10 unsigne bands to keep an eye on in 2021,” he has shared the stage with an array of notable artists bands to keep an eye on in 2021,” he has shared the stage with an array of notable a including Yellowcard, The Roots, and Everclear. including Yellowcard, The Roots, and Everclear.

Clyde has also produced for many other artists both independently and through his personal Clyde has also produced for many other artists both independently and through his pe studio, Republic Audio Studio. Often referred to as a “5th member of the band”, he helps studio, Republic Audio Studio. Often referred to as a “5th member of the band”, he he drive their vision to realization & adds unique elements that offer a sonic signature. drive their vision to realization & adds unique elements that offer a sonic signature.

Electronic Press Kit Here

Follow Sleeplore

Electronic Press Kit Here

Follow Sleeplore

Spotify: Sleeplore Spotify: Sleeplore Facebook: Sleeplore Facebook: Sleeplore Instagram: Instagram: YouTube: Sleeplore YouTube: Sleeplore


"Very rarely do you get a track come through in the submissions that stops you dead in your tracks"' "Powerful and poignant, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this track become an emo staple of the 2020s."



"I feel like there’s music coming at me from all angles, around every corner and hill. It’s like I’m actually in motion and coming across parts of the song as they happen. It’s wild." 146



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Downtown at THE SHANTY Downtown with dinner & a show at The Shanty every Tuesday night from 7 to 9 Pm EST 613 N 19th St, Allentown, PA Every Tuesday night, at the Shanty on 19th, begins a new kind of amatuer entertainment in the Lehigh Valley. The combined talents of the Dynamic Diva’s (Alexxis Steele and Josie Janci) and Rocking the Valley (Steve Jones, Earl Andrews, Sheri Bayne, Keith Moon Reichard, Paul Rosa, Joe Holler and John Millington) plus independants Frank Porter, Ralph Pagano, Tom Cooney, Mike “Not for Coltrane” Duck and a HUGE cast of musicians from all over the Lehigh Valley... Embark on the first of it’s kind ensamble cast.

Downtown Dinner and a Show Every Tuesday at 7 PM The Shanty on 19th Street in Allentown The ENTERTAINERS of the Lehigh Valley brought to you by the powerhouse podcasts of the Lehigh Valley. The show is directed by Steven Jones, hosted by the best hosts we’ve ever seen. Every Tuesday we will have a different host and new guests. The show will develop as time goes on! We tape one week and broadcast the following week on Rocking the Valley and Steel Notes platforms. More information to come


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The Magic Continues to Bristle with the Wind: CHICAGO BY DON ATERS

Few bands have transcended the decades with the unique ability to make horns the priority component that would see them climb the ladder of success and maintain that brilliance through seven decades. During the embryonic days of The Big Thing”, their chosen craft was a tinge arcane to the world of “Rock n’ Roll” but changing the complexities of grandeur for the masses was not on the agenda.

They are the doyens of an entire culture who were critical in helping paint the tapestry of the entire Woodstock Generation. The disparity between paradigm and paradox is easily conjured through the minds of followers after all these years. The torch of those who have made a difference through the sands of time is now carried by the passion of fans and the alchemy of Chicago - 2021-2022.

The dystopian attitude would soon prevail as the hippie diaspora was on the horizon. The stage charisma, charm, crowd rapport and collective, melodic gifts as a touring band were and will remain. Augmented with the ethos that would transcend with “The spirit Of An Entire Generation” these are the collective souls that define archetypal musicians with the mirth of joy when playing as a unit while deftly segueing from one mercurial tune to another.

The first song at any chosen venue is dedicated to Terry Kath although never announced to the burgeoning hordes across the globe. The love of live performances has always triggered these iconic musicians and inspiration to continue their chosen path while we make the sojourn to watch them regardless of demographics. Perspective may vary but from the recesses of this menial mind and 6,000 bands from the glory days in San Francisco, it will never get better than these performances.

Their cacophony of lyrical sensations would see Robert Lamm, James Pankow inducted into The Songwriters Hall Of Fame in 2017 and into the asylum know as Rock n’ Hall Of Fame in 2016. Amidst their collective awards, a myriad of other kudos and plaudits were bestowed, inclusive of “Grammy Award”, “Lifetime Achievement Award” were unveiled. This amalgam of Dionysian, musical warriors have redefined what constitutes legendary, the tunes that defined an entire generation despite the decadence of the sixties and beyond. When I spoke to Robert (Lamm) last month, I mentioned when a replacement is needed, is there an audition? Robert alluded to just having a one show replacement and if preferred by the others and himself, whomever is now a member of one of music’s greatest musical attraction in the history of recorded music.



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