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About Us Steel Available is an online steel sourcing platform that connects buyers with suppliers and ensures suppliers compliance and visibility.

Online Platform We are dedicated to create a transparent global supply chain via our services and online sourcing platform. We are the first independent, heavy industry platform that provides trusted information about suppliers to our buyers. We work to strengthen your existing suppliers relations and create new ones based on transparency and credibility, one order at a time.

Mission Reduce the hidden risks in value chains by providing information that matters, from compliance to quality assurance, creating value for all stakeholders.

Vision Become a network enabler to build an ecosystem for the heavy industry and ignite collaboration across the world.

Value We believe in an industrial world of trusted, passionate, and dedicated people. We work to achieve this with open minds, agilility and a customer centered approach.

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Why us Starting with the digitisation of procurement in engineered steel, Steel Available will evolve into a global marketplace for customised and non-customised steel for the heavy industry. Transparency & Trust In the era of transparency, trust is the key to success. This trust does not happen by accident. Building real trust for us starts by truly listening to your needs, while respecting your needs of confidentiality and security. We enhance trust across our network, adopting an approach to information that fosters stronger relationships and generate new opportunities.

Tailor Made Service We are aware of the complexity and diversity of your needs, and we are ready to customize our services to your specific requirements. This is why we offer you the option to create dedicated services. We accomplish this by providing an in-depth analysis of the compatibility between your specific needs with the standard services available on our platform, specific characteristics of your customers and the industry, technical capacity and the project’s budget.

Experience In Asia Asia’s dynamic economic growth and the associated developments have created tremendous opportunities. However, with this growth, businesses in Asian countries face more and more challenges and require specific expertise. Our team, with over 10 years of industrial experience in Asia, is well-suited to provide highly professional services, particularly in creating and expanding strategic customer relationships across the region.

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Do You Want To Know Who Can Make This?

We Connect You To The

Best Supplier

To Build New Relationships.

Service Who Does What In The Industrial World? We answer this question by helping buyers understand: Who is really capable to supply a specific steel product to them? Or how qualified is a certain supplier?

For Buyers

For Suppliers

Manage your suppliers, access the information you need and target the most qualified and trusted suppliers.

Showcase your business, and get matched to buyers seeking your expertise.

RFQs & POs


Post and send immediately via the platform.

Send immediately via the platform.

Supplier Matching


Get matched with prequalified suppliers to fit your needs.

Check your performance and improve.

Strategic Data

Supplier Profiles

Make informed decisions based on suppliers‘ compliance and qualification data.

Showcase your business‘ expertise and meet new buyers.

Order Tracking

Job Management

Check where your order is each step of the way.

Track all orders in one place, and keep buyers updated. Steel Available | 5

Showcase Your expertise & Get Matched To Buyers Profile Supersteel Supplier Co.

The Steel Available


This Is How It Feels.

Steel Trading Products Steel Available built a solid network of suppliers that allow us to deliver worldwide. We supply any products which can be either standard or special materials, although our focus is mainly on Hard-to-find and Customized-to-drawings items. We focus on Finished, Semi-Finished, Long and Flat Products.


Fla n ges

For g ings

P lates


MARKETS Steel Available supplies a full range of products and services for the following markets:

Oil & Gas

Aviation & Naval

Construction & Mining


Power Generation

General Industry Steel Available | 7

Ecosystem We create transparency. We encourage companies to adopt best practices. We build trust and reputation. This results in collaboration and innovation. Store & Share Files

Close And Clear Communication

Steel Available


Partnered Services 8 | Steel Available

Customer Support Groups & Events

Global network Steel Available relies on a large and continuously growing database of global suppliers that can ideally provide the complete range of products required by our customers.

Europe > 400

China > 500

Middle East Americas > 400


> 200

> 300

India > 200

A WINNING BET Many international clients and suppliers agree on the vision that inspires Steel Available. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding our references at: “I can say that it‘s very important to hold all the necessary information about our main suppliers working with us in our hands. Also having this access to a wide range of new opportunities, allows us to manage a complex and fluctuating supply chain.“

“Companies strive to find solutions to gain a lead on competitors. Steel Available helps in a couple of ways: allowing you to find new business opportunities, having always up-todate information about products, expertise and capabilities, and getting tailor-made inquiries.“

Frédéric Santelli

Massimo Grandi

Marketing Officer & Institutional Affairs at Bonatti S.p.A.

Sales Manager at Chero Piping SpA Steel Available | 9

TEAM Our team is comprised of accomplished professionals, always ready to assist and provide you with the best solutions.

Francesco Grillo

Antonio Guadagnino Francesco Zhou Fei

CEO & Co-founder

CDO & Co-founder

CFO & Co-founder

Manufacturing and business

Serial entrepreneur,

Experience in Chinese

development in the Asian Heavy

Founder of e-marketplaces

Industry and Finance, GM for

and Mechanical Industry

Italian, based in Hong Kong

Italian, based in Italy

Italian-Chinese, based in Beijing

Diane de Beaudrap

Jennifer Jäger

Naseer Ahmed Yousafzai

Sales & Marketing Director

Design & Marketing Manager

Regional Sales Manager Middle East & Pakistan

Energy Engineer

Print and Media Designer

Business development in the

Experience in

Experience in Sales and

Mechanical Industry and

Nuclear Industry

Interface Design

Oil & Gas Industry

French, based in Hong Kong

German, based in Hong Kong

Pakistani , based in Pakistan

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Tips 10 Best Practices For Your Supply Chain Want to be a “best in class“ organization? Then follow the lead of highly successful companies and adopt these 10 practices in your own operation. In today‘s economic environment, doing what you‘ve always done - even if you do it very well - is no longer acceptable. Under pressure to contain costs and produce results despite challenging circumstances, you (and many other supply chain managers) must transform rather than simply improve your operation. That means adopting the principles methods, and processes that will make your organization “best in class“. Many leading companies have adopted these 10 best practices. Some may be familiar while others may be new to your company. Implement them all and you will have a strong foundation for supply chain excellence.


Establish a governing supply chain council


2. Focus on total cost of ownership, 6. not price

Put contracts under the supply chain function

Make technology work for you

Properly align and staff the supply chain organization Establish alliances with key suppliers


5. Engage in collaborative strategic sourcing


Establish appropriate levels of control and minimize risk



Optimize company-owned inventory

Take green initiatives

10. and social responsibility seriously


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Contact Steel Available Unit C, 8/F, King Palace Plaza No. 55 King Yip Street Kwun Tong, Hong Kong  Email: Phone: +852 6798 0877

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Steel Available is an online steel sourcing platform that connects buyers with suppliers and ensures supplier compliance and visibility.

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