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New kit! Meet the gorgeous Nokia Booklet 3G

Check out Ovi Maps and our guide to the best location-based apps

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Mobilize your photos Give your mobile photos the exposure they deserve with fun, free apps from HP and Snapfish

Your mobile darkroom

Make 4x6 prints from your Nokia phone in a snap with the HP iPrint Photo app and a WiFi-connected HP Inkjet printer.

Share and upload in an instant

The Snapfish app lets you upload and share mobile photos from the palm of your hand. Then, turn them into books and more at Snapfish.

Search for Hewlett-Packard in the Ovi store and download the apps for free. To learn more, visit hp.com/go/mobile-printing-solutions or snapfish.com.

iPrint Photo requires a WiFi connection to the printer. Mobile operator data charges may apply when downloading apps and using the Snapfish app. Š2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.




For your chance to win a Nokia Booklet 3G, check out ovi.com/promotions (see page 42)


Email for everyone



Contacts & Calendar


Share your life as it happens

Get organised

What is Ovi?


Come discover an entirely new way of using your mobile phone

New kit!


New hardware or software? You’ll find it here



Introduction to Store





Your music, your way

Always access your content


Never get lost again


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App Life

Whatever you do, for you there’s an app that is perfect

App reviews



Game reviews


Locationbased apps

Nokia Recommends


Our round-up of the current popular apps

Social 28 networking Apps to help keep in touch

Get around, not lost

Got some spare play time? These will help

Great apps we think you should check out

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t r a t S re He


Welcome. If you’re new to Ovi, prepare to embark on a journey that is likely to change the way you think of your Nokia mobile. Don’t worry, though, you’re not going alone. Aside from the millions already enjoying Ovi, Your Guide to Ovi by Nokia is here to take you through all that awaits you. We begin by breaking down the various Ovi Services, explaining their benefits while adding easy step-by-step walkthroughs or tips to make your introduction to Ovi suitably complete. Then we’re off to have a good old browse around the Store – a place where games, apps, ring tones and more are but a quick download away. If you’ve ever wondered what your mobile is capable of, prepare to be pleasantly enlightened. By the time we’re done, your Nokia mobile will realise that life without Ovi isn’t worth living.

4 // Issue 1 // Your Guide to Ovi by Nokia


What is Ovi by Nokia?

Play Discover

What is Ovi? Discover a whole new way of mobile living Think of Ovi by Nokia as a suite of services designed especially to help you make the most of your mobile phone. And how. If your life thing is business or mostly pleasure, Ovi is here to open up your horizons by fully unleashing the potential of your Nokia mobile. You want to stay close to the people and things that matter most to you? Consider it done. It doesn’t matter if you’re in town looking to hook up with friends, if you’re about to set off to the other side of globe and want to share the moment, or at home waiting for the special person in your life to return – with Ovi you know that you can keep in touch.

If you’re into music, travel, photography or social networking, Ovi has it all: Contacts, Calendar, Files, Mail, Maps, Music, Share, and Store. All you need is your Nokia mobile. And your fingers. Read on… Contacts and Calendar may sound a little serious, but where would you be without a little organisation? Besides, this is easy – you get to update your phone list and appointments from the web and sync with your phone. That way, when you’re out and about you’ve always got the latest details you need to keep in touch and won’t miss out on any of the fun life has to offer.

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What is Ovi? So you’ve got your contacts with you, but forgot that important document? No problem. Files gives you remote access to your computer so you can transfer it to your phone and even send it securely to colleagues and friends. Ever wanted to email while on the move? Ovi makes that a breeze – when you sign up for Ovi you can create an email address. You’re then set up for mobile email. Perhaps what you need is direction. Well, consider Maps. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat or want to plan a route to transfer it to your phone, Maps will get you there.

Love music? So does Ovi. The Nokia Ovi Player helps you keep your playlists up-to-date, share favourites with friends, and take your tunes with you on your mobile. Speaking of sharing, there’s Share. Snap a photo or capture a video and then email it from your phone to friends and easily transfer the pics to the web. Never lose the moment. Last but not least, there’s the Store, where you’ll find thousands of games, apps, ring tones, wallpapers and more – all available for download to your mobile.

How to...

register with Ovi


Navigate to Ovi.com To kick things off, head over to ovi.com and click on Register.

3 2

Create account

Complete registration Once you’ve verified your email address (and mobile number), your registration to Ovi is complete. See how easy that was?

Enter your username and password, set your country of residence, enter contact details (mobile number and email), security code, agree to the Ovi Service Terms and the Privacy Policy and click Continue.

6 // Issue 1 // Your Guide to Ovi by Nokia

What is Ovi by Nokia? Ovi on mobile Obviously you can enjoy all of the Ovi services from the convenience of your mobile. Check out www.ovi.mobi

Nokia Ovi Suite You’ll need Ovi Suite to get access to Ovi. That’s because this is the software that enables Nokia mobile users to easily organise and share their content between their PC and their phone. Some Nokia owners will be familiar with PC Suite, which came pre-installed on some mobiles, but Ovi Suite is now geared to replace it. It has been completely redesigned to be simple, powerful and fast and it can be easily downloaded from the Ovi site www.ovi.com/suite.

Ovi services We dive into the Ovi experience in proper depth over the next few pages but here’s a very quick lowdown of what you can expect from each of the services.



Email isn’t confined to your computer. Stay in touch with important messages wherever you are.



Capture your life moments on the go and share those photos or videos instantly with friends and family.





Ovi can hold your Nokia mobile contacts list and even act as a back-up should you ever lose your phone.

Organise your meetings, to-do lists and notes and then sync them between your mobile and computer.



Music gives you all-areas access to millions of tracks, as well as lets you organise your music collection.



Files is a handy service that lets you access your computer files from anywhere you happen to be.





Get around without ever getting lost by planning your trip and relying on Maps to show you the way.

The moment you enter Store you gain access to thousands of apps, games, videos and more.

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Email for everyone

Did you know many people still associate email with computers, even though these days your email account can be accessed in a great number of ways? And what more practical way is there than emailing from your mobile? You know what it’s like. You’re out of the house and need to check your email but can’t face that crowded internet café. Consider Mail, then. It’s a dedicated email service that’s optimised for mobile use and has been designed using leadingedge web technology. You get a simple, easy-to-use email interface that includes

advanced features like drag and drop and a preview inbox widget. And best of all, getting it is totally free. Setting up an account is simple (see our How to below) – just do it via your phone or online, whichever suits you best. It’s safe, too. Mail includes full-featured spam and virus protection and a choice between high and low bandwidth versions to give you the best possible experience. You use the same username and password with Mail as you do with all of the other Ovi services, which makes it easy to move from one service to another.

How to... set up Mail

Step 1: Sign up to Mail

Step 2: Verify contact details

For web sign-up visit mail.ovi.com, or if from your phone go to ovi.mobi. If you’ve not registered with Ovi yet, simply enter a username, then choose a password.

Once you’ve entered your contact details, With your contact details confirmed, you completed the security check, read and must then select your time zone from the agreed to the terms and conditions, and dropdown menu on-screen. clicked Continue you’re sent an email or text message asking you to verify your details.

8 // Issue 1 // Your Guide to Ovi by Nokia

Step 3: Set your time zone

Your guide to Mail

Mail on mobile

Mail is currently available in 20 languages across 203 countries – that’s pretty much every nation on the planet – and available on over 200 Nokia phones. It’s already become the number one mobile email provider in the Middle East and Africa, having overtaken Google and Yahoo. So you’ll be joining a rapidly growing service that includes millions of users who have discovered the benefit of email on-the-go. Because with Mail on your phone you’re always connected to everyone that matters, wherever you happen to be.

While most mobile owners love texting, some have yet to feel about mobile email in the same way. They should. The most obvious reason to set up email on your phone is to ensure you’re never separated from your account, regardless of where you happen to find yourself. Which aside from the typical social and work-related daily communications means you’re able to respond quickly to urgent messages, too. But it’s also a great alternative for times when you don’t have access to the internet – so you never miss out on important news. When a mobile email service as suited to your mobile phone as Mail comes along – and it really is intuitive, whether on touch or non-touch Nokia phones – you wonder how you ever lived without it.

Did you know? Four things to learn about Mail


Ovi is the fastest growing email service provider for email accounts created on Nokia mobile phones.

Step 4: Get emailing The process is complete and you can start using Mail to get in touch with friends and family, whether on your Nokia phone when you’re on the move or from your computer if you’re stuck at home. Or work.


Mail is designed to give thousands of consumers in emerging countries their first internet experience.


Millions of users across 203 contries already enjoy Mail in 20 languages and on more than 200 Nokia models.


Mail is free to set up and you can do so from your mobile via the email set-up wizard – no PC needed.

// Issue 1 // 9

Share your life as it happens

Share Life’s special moments don’t wait for you to get your camera out. They can occur anywhere, anytime. Fortunately, today’s mobiles are suitably equipped to capture those instances as they happen. And Share lets you show them to everyone who is important to you. Using Share is simple. You can either upload photos and video as you shoot or select images from your phone or computer’s gallery and upload those directly to your Share library. Either way,

10 // Issue 1 // Your Guide to Ovi by Nokia

once they’re up you know your family and friends can view them. Not only is Share free to use but, brilliantly, you get unlimited storage and uploads – that’s right, no limit on the number of photos, videos or audio clips (you could even back-up all of your media if you wanted to). Every media file type you’re likely to have heard of is supported and in the unlikely event you’ll need to, you can even request support for a new file type by getting in touch with Nokia. The bottom line is that it’s all about sharing your experiences but ensuring you are always in control. You decide who has access to your media and what they can view, comment on or download. Want to keep something private? Of course you can do that too. And if you want to take Share beyond its Ovi roots, go right ahead. With the world increasingly connected, Nokia has designed the service to make it easy for you to publish photos and videos on social networks, blogs or other sites you like to visit. Go on, give Share a spin. You’ll find that organising and sharing your media has never been easier.

Your guide to Share

Share on the move Obviously your Nokia mobile connects directly to Share. This means you can take a photograph and then share it with your contacts. You access the service remotely but you don’t lose any functionality – so you can browse your friends’ photos and videos and add your own comments, for example. And if you don’t have a Nokia mobile, don’t worry – you can still upload all your media to Share from any phone.

How to... upload media to Share Getting photos and videos onto Share couldn’t be simpler Step 1: Sign in Ready to share your creations? Okay, just sign in to Share at share.ovi.com and click Start uploading now.

Did you know? Step 2: Select the files Browse your computer for the file you would like to upload. You can select up to ten files (maximum 100MB each) which you can also drag and drop. Choose the size you would like them to be displayed at and click Start upload.

Step 3: Add description Once your files have uploaded, you can view them and add you own description and tags (so they become easy to find).

Four things to learn about Share


You can upload via email, too. You do this by using a dedicated Share email address and sending your files as attachments.


Get into the habit of adding tags to your media files as it makes finding them with the search function much easier.


Uploading full resolution images can take ages. You can save time by resizing your images before you upload them.

Step 4: Share your files Then you’re just one click away from sharing your files with friends and family. Select the file, click Share and enter the email addresses of the recipients, along with a message of your choice and press Send.


You can have friends or your whole family upload files to the same album – this creates a handy place you all get to share.

// Issue 1 // 11


Get orga nise d

& Calendar

You’ve probably never properly considered just how much your mobile can help out when it comes to organising your life. It’s okay, you’re not alone. Many people instinctively think of their handset as little more than a phone. And yet, it is so, so much more. You’ll realise this the moment you use Contacts and Calendar. You may have already come across Calendar on your Nokia but by syncing it with Ovi (see How to sync Contacts & Calendar) you make sure that both your phone and your computer are always up to

How to... install Contacts

Step 1: Download Contacts

Step 2: Install Support Package

After navigating to ovi.mobi and clicking on Contacts you’re given the option to download it onto your mobile.

Next you should download and install the Now repeat the procedure for the Contacts Nokia WebServices Support Package to make mobile client. your mobile compatible with Contacts.

12 // Issue 1 // Your Guide to Ovi by Nokia

Step 3: Install mobile client

Your guide to Contacts & Calendar

How to...

sync Contacts & Calendar Step 1: Locate Sync function With Contacts set up on your mobile (see How to install Contacts), locate the Sync function from within the Tools menu.

Step 2: Select functions Select which functions you would like to sync with Ovi.com by choosing from contacts, calendar, notes, email or multimedia.

date with each other. You’ll never risk missing a meeting or forgetting an important date again. You can view things by day, week, month or list and check the details of any event (which can be edited to include name, location, time, frequency, or have a reminder set). You can even add notes, or create and manage handy to-do lists. Contacts, meanwhile, is all about keeping in touch with family, friends and colleagues when you’re on the move. Contacts and Calendar… two more ways in which your mobile isn’t just a phone.

Step 3: Select sync profile Under Options, select Ovi.com as the sync profile. Once you’ve chosen the sync profile, select the Synchronise option from the pop-up menu.

Step 4: Sync data Your mobile will now receive and send contacts and calendar data from/to Ovi.com. Once everything has transferred, the sync is complete. Your mobile’s calendar and contacts are now up to date with those found on Ovi. com – and vice versa.

Step 4: Launch Contacts

Step 5: Sign in

Step 6: Use Contacts

Once everything is installed you’re ready to open Contacts, which you’ll find under the Applications menu on your mobile.

Contacts will ask you to sign in using your account details (or create an account if you don’t have one – see page 6).

You can now start using Contacts. The tab along the top switches between your contacts list and finding your friends online.

// Issue 1 // 13

Music ecomes

b Nokia Musi icPlayer Nokia Ov

Imagine walking into a music shop entirely dedicated to you – your needs, your taste, your tunes. Some of you may know this as Nokia Music, but this is being replaced by Nokia Ovi Player. Following a quick upgrade, you still get complete control over your music, building and organising your library, ripping CDs and transferring or syncing music from your computer to your mobile via simple drag-and-drop. You can still access a store featuring a discography that spans millions of high-quality MP3 tracks from all the major labels and many indies – from the latest international stars to favourite local artists, it’s all there.

But you get faster navigation, improved search facilities, full track and artist details, and a redesigned experience that establishes Ovi Music (which integrates Nokia Ovi Player) as the easiest and most affordable digital music solution. You’ll find everything in one place, and all within just a few clicks. What’s more, it’s increasingly universal. Music has just launched in Russia (continuing Nokia’s intent to bring digital music to emerging markets) and others will follow in 2010, along with cool new features to better the musical experience for all Music users across the globe. Consider, then, Music your all-in-one and one-fits-all musical solution.

Music around the world

Want to know whether Music is already available where you live? Australia











United Arab Emirates




United Kingdom



South Africa




14 // Issue 1 // Your Guide to Ovi by Nokia

Ovi Music isn’t available in all countries yet – check Ovi.com for details

Your guide to Music

The Nokia Ovi Player is easy to use, it’s blow-your-mind comprehensive and no copy protection on your tracks gives you the freedom to move songs to any digital music device you like. Whatever your tastes, whatever your lifestyle rhythm, you can rely on Music to keep up.

Organise, enjoy Nokia Ovi Player is the heart of your Ovi Music experience. Let’s take a quick tour… Ease of transfer Transferring your music content from your computer to your Nokia mobile couldn’t be simpler – just select the music then choose the ‘Transfer to’ option from the dropdown menu.

New navigation panel Nokia Ovi Player has been designed to make it easy to navigate. The options are now in full view along the top of the screen to make it a quick and intuitive process.

My Music/Store Quickly switch between your music collection and the Music store by clicking on the My Music or Store tabs – the display changes accordingly.

Show me more from… Like what you’re hearing? The ‘Show me more from’ option lets you locate more content from an artist in your existing library by connecting you to the store.

Get Rihanna Live

A partnership between international R&B superstar Rihanna and Nokia serves as a perfect example of what Music users can expect from their service. The Come Get Rihanna Live app (available at the Store) is a fan’s dream, giving access to exclusive content like music, photos, video and news.

Album view You can tweak the way your content is displayed to a manner that best suits you. The most visual and immediate, perhaps, is Album artwork view.

Text view If you crave a more detailed view of an album’s content then consider the text display option. There’s also the option of a side panel for ultra fast navigation.

// Issue 1 // 15

Always ac your cont cess ent


Gone is the time when you had to ensure you took everything you might need when stepping away from your computer. Remember turning up for a client meeting without that crucial document? Meeting up with friends and wishing you could show them pictures of your new special someone, dog or car? Or being in the mood to hear the one song you forgot to transfer across to your mobile? Files ensures you will never face such

moments again. It does this because it lets you access all of your computer-based files from your mobile (or another computer). Simply download and install the software

How to... set up Files

Step 1: Getting started

Step 2: Downloading

Getting set up Files is easy. The first thing to do is to visit files.ovi.com, enter the information required, then accept the Service Terms and click Next.

You’re now ready to download and install After the Files Connector has downloaded the Files Connector software on your follow the installation instructions for your computer. Click Download and you’re away. computer and click Continue. The installation will take just a few moments.

16 // Issue 1 // Your Guide to Ovi by Nokia

Step 3: Installation

Your guide to Files

Anytime Files Of course, there will be times when your computer happens to be switched off, or just offline. In these cases you may still need remote access to content that’s at home or in the office and this is when Anytime Files comes to the rescue. By choosing which folders and files you would like to be made always available, Files automatically keeps a copy of the latest version of that content stored in an online storage locker. Don’t worry, this storage is perfectly secure and is accessible at any time, regardless of the status of the source computer.

on your computer and the next time you connect to the internet via the device of your choice you can instantly get hold of the content inside your work or home computer. Pretty cool, eh? So if it’s pictures you want, you can browse, search and view your computer photo library via your mobile. If you’re all business and little pleasure, you can just as easily view documents stored on your computer – even better, you can browse, search and view Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office files without the need for software to be installed on your mobile. And once work is done, why not relax with some music? You can download

tracks from your computer to your music-capable mobile. Of course, Files also makes it possible to send files direct from your computer to friends or colleagues without needing to move files to your mobile first. And even when your computer is offline, don’t think your content is too (see Anytime Files). With Files, it doesn’t matter where and when you go – you can leave knowing that you’re always connected.

Did you know? Five things to learn about Files


Files is free and any new user registering with the service is instantly provided with 10GB of Anytime Files storage (see above).


When viewing photos on your Nokia mobile, the images are automatically resized to properly fit on your phone’s display.


When browsing documents you can step through individual pages and control the zoom settings to read text.


Recent upgrades include remote access of Macintosh computers, a touch-ready experience and Russian and Italian support.

Step 4: Connection

Step 5: Verification

You then need to connect your computer with your Files account. Type in your user ID and password to complete this process.

Now click Go to Ovil Files to verify your computer is connected to your account. You should see your newly added computer’s files and folders.


There’s no need to upload to websites – Files just gives direct access to your content via a suitable internet-ready device.

// Issue 1 // 17

Maps How cool would it be to know exactly where you are and what’s around you at all times, wherever you happen to be? That’s Maps. Because wherever you are, Maps is with you – whether on your mobile or online at Ovi.com. That means that not only can you always find your location, you can also plan a route and get to your destination

Never get lost again

without ever taking a single wrong turn, get directions to places you’re interested in, explore local services, save and share places with friends and family, and search for an address or location. And the moment you sync Maps (see How to sync Maps), you can then easily copy places and routes from Maps at Ovi.com to your mobile and back, making

Want to go further with Maps? City Explorer Here’s your handy guide to getting around a new city. Not only do you get weather forecasts, you have the option of walking door-to-door thanks to GPS pedestrian navigation – complete with 3D landmarks – for over 70 countries. The journey won’t suffer from getting tiresome, either, as descriptions of places to eat, things to do and shows to see from Lonely Planet, Michelin and WCities are available at any point along the way. That’s exploring in style.

Drive and Traffic & Safety Install Drive and you get detailed and clearly designed in-car GPS navigation featuring turn-by-turn voice and visual guidance, lane assistance and optional speed limit warnings. Want more? Then consider the accompanying Traffic & Safety service that offers traffic information in real-time, automatic re-routing calculations and the location of fixed safety cameras to help you get to your destination with the minimum of fuss.

18 // Issue 1 // Your Guide to Ovi by Nokia

Your guide to Maps

How to... sync Maps Copying your places and routes between Maps for mobile and Maps at Ovi.com is easy Step 1: Find Maps The first thing is to ensure that you have Maps on your mobile. Go to Menu to check the Maps icon is there, or look in the Applications or GPS folders. Maps is the latest version from Nokia.

Step 2: Get Maps

dealing with your journey even simpler. You just plan your route online, then take it with you on your mobile by simply transferring it across. Maps is free, easy to install and currently supports navigation in more than 70 countries worldwide. But that’s not all. For those that want it, they can add premium services such as car navigation, traffic and safety camera information, weather forecasts, and additional useful travel-related content (see Want to go further with Maps?). So wherever you decide to explore, just go for it – really, don’t give it a second thought. With Maps, the days of getting lost are now long behind you.

Get connected If you want to get the most out of Maps on your mobile then you’ll need to connect to the internet. You can download map locations direct to your device and benefit from more accurate GPS positioning, better search results and satellite maps.

To get the latest Maps application or upgrade your existing Maps application, go to nokia.com/maps, click on ‘Get Ovi Maps for mobile’, select your mobile and follow the instructions.

Step 3: Install add on To sync Maps you then go to maps.ovi.com and install the browser plug-in that powers Maps.

Step 4: Sign-in Then simply sign-in to Ovi. If you haven’t yet registered with Ovi, you can do this now (see page 6 for details).

Step 5: Set sync Open Maps on your mobile, then select Options, Tools, Settings and Synchronisation. You can choose when you want Maps to sync by setting the sync frequency.

Step 6: Sync Maps Then enter your username and password. Ovi will ask you if you’re ready to set up now. Select OK and the sync process will be complete.

// Issue 1 // 19


Tracking the biggest Ovi-related developments


a ance to win For your ch t 3G,

Bookerle Nokia to head on ov

ions om/promot www.ovi.c ge 42) (See pa

Meet the Nokia Booklet 3G Nokia’s first mini laptop is set to make a big impression Say hello to the Nokia Booklet 3G, a brand new breed of portable device from the Finnish mobile giant and the company’s first mini laptop. And it’s Ovi friendly. Simply access the Store directly, browse through the thousands of apps and select the content that appeals. Or sync your photos, calendar, contacts and music – your Nokia phone works seamlessly with the Nokia Booklet 3G via the Nokia Ovi Suite. Windows 7-based and powered by the versatile Intel Atom

processor, the Nokia Booklet 3G delivers the functionality of a full-sized PC in a diminutive, thin yet durable and portable aluminium chassis for a total weight of just 1.25 kilograms. Despite the device’s compact size, the 10.1-inch HD-ready glass display and 120GB of internal memory provide an excellent work environment, further boosted by the minimal background noise (thank the fanless design). As you’d expect from Nokia, connectivity of the device is key.

20 // Issue 1 // Your Guide to Ovi by Nokia

Built-in 3G and wi-fi should cater for all your on-the-move online needs, and there’s Bluetooth for wireless device connections. You also get the ability to send and receive SMSs via the dedicated desktop-based mini application and the A-GPS receiver will come in handy when you want to explore your surroundings. And if you’re wondering how unfeasibly quick you may have to work with all of this lot on board, don’t. You get up to 12 hours of battery life to

Inbox Tech specs Body: Aircraft-grade aluminum slim body with super chassis construction Dimensions: 264 x 185 (with hinge) x 19.9 mm Weight: 1250g Colours: Black, Ice, Azure

Memory and hard drive RAM: 1GB DDR2 Hard drive: 120GB

Wireless WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth: 2.1 + EDR Built-in 3G modem (data calls only): WCDMA 900/2100 or 850/1900/2100

Audio and video • 1.3-megapixel FF camera • HDMI port for HD video out • Built-in stereo speakers, and microphone • Analog audio output / headphone out (with OMTP headsets also functions as audio-in)

CPU AND CHIPSET • Intel® Atom™ Z530, 1.6GHz • Intel® Poulsbo US15W

Display and keyboard • 10.1-inch, 1280 x 720 pixel display • Glass window • Frame keyboard

Battery • 56.8Wh, up to 12 hours

I/O PORTS AND SLOTS • HDMI 1.2 out for HD video • 3 x USB 2.0 • 3.5 mm headphone out (OMTP: with OMTP headsets also functions as audio in) • DC-in • SD card reader • SIM / USIM slot

GPS • Integrated GPS and A-GPS • Ovi Maps application

Other • Accelerometer (motion sensor)

keep you connected in between charges – that’s plenty. Of course, if you’re not in the mood for trawling through Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents you can spend that time listening to your favourite tracks, create playlists and import music from your personal collection with the Nokia Ovi Player. Or watch high-definition content by connecting to an HD-ready monitor. Whether it’s business or pleasure, the Nokia Booklet 3G looks set to deliver.

Speed up your mobile internet access with JoikuBoost Joikusoft There’s great speed in numbers Let’s be honest: while operators often promise alluring internet speeds for 3G mobile phone users, the reality can fall somewhat short of the suggested figures, leading to frustration and disappointment. JoikuBoost plans to change all that. Put simply, it’s an app that multiplies your internet speed by wirelessly sharing 3G bandwidth between phones. It doesn’t matter whether JoikuBoost users are with different operator networks, either – the app joins multiple 3G connections into one larger ‘bitpipe’ to create a secure, fast network accessible via wi-fi. The advantage isn’t insignificant – just two mobile devices with JoikuBoost installed are able to multiply their internet connection speed by 1.6 times, for instance. The system is unique and while the technical inner workings are relatively complex, JoikuBoost itself is easy and intuitive. JoikuBoost supports the majority of the Nokia phones of the last few years and once installed couldn’t be more straightforward to use. Just one click switches it on, after which it automatically scans for other JoikuBoost users within close proximity and then combines their 3G data connections over wi-fi. You even get to see the actual speed of the connection within the application display. In effect, JoikuBoost ensures you and your fellow users end up with your personal 4G network over 3G, taking mobile internet to an entirely new level.

// Issue 1 // 21

Want more for your Nokia? s ers Neaw mer cov

Pocket Glatest mobile all the news, from gaming ie or console big movs, through to release tive original innova e titles. gam


Want to know if a game is worth playing? Pocket Gamer reviews give you the lowdown on the latest and greatest releases for your mobile.

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Every title es into Pocket Gamer goe, which id our Buyer’s Gu by genre you can search mes. to find top ga

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k/mob tgamer.co.u www.pocke

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Your introduction to Store

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Your gateway to great new experiences

So, you’re a Nokia owner and you are an Ovi services user. Now it’s time to take your mobile to the next level: With the Ovi Store. Because it’s here that applications, games, videos, images, wallpapers, ring tones, podcasts and more are waiting to be downloaded. With thousands of items already available and more added all the time, Store is a world of possibilities. Some apps are free, some are bought using a credit card (or through operator billing) and the range of is vast, spanning almost every desire you may have for your mobile – anything from crucial information you can rely on, to practical solutions, to stuff to entertain your friends with.

Getting to the content you want is a breeze, too. A clear and clever design makes Store extremely user friendly. Once you’re signed in content is automatically filtered for your mobile and can even be recommended specifically for you based on your taste and where you live (not all content is available for all phones and all regions – check your Store at store.ovi.com). And when you do find something you’d like, downloading it onto your mobile is just as painless. So there you go. Visit the Store and prepare to enter an exciting new chapter of your Nokia ownership. You’ll get to discover just how far you can take your mobile experience!

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Browsing content on Store is easy. The content is sorted into Applications, Games, Audio & Video and Personalisation, with each of those categories further divided into Collections to enable you to quickly get to the content you’re after.

Products on Store can be viewed in grid form or as a list (as above) which includes descriptions and Send to mobile option.

You can filter the home page content to display the most popular products, from newest to oldest or content suggested for you. You can also select the home page to display paid, free or all content.

24 // Issue 1 // Your Guide to Ovi by Nokia

Once you sign in, Store will automatically display content available for the Nokia mobile registered to your account. Note that content can also vary according to your country.

Your introduction to Store

How to... download content from Store

Getting content from the Store to your Nokia is quick and easy Step 1: Sign in

Move the mouse cursor over a product and a summary description pops up, with a quick link to send to your mobile.

More and more phones come with Store pre-installed. If you have an older mobile, simply open your browser and visit store.ovi.com to get going.

Step 2: Download Once on the product page (which includes a description and other details) select Download.

Step 3: Install

Click on a product to be taken to its page. Here you find a description and the options to send it to your mobile or a friend. You also get a selection of related products and access to user reviews.

Already know what you are looking for? Then use the search function to find it quickly.

The app will download to your phone and you’ll then be asked whether you want to install it. Select Yes and choose the install location.

Step 4: Launch In this example, the downloaded app can be found in the Applications folder.

Step 5: Use Select the app and you’re ready to go.

Compatible Nokia devices The number of available content currently displayed is shown, along with direct access to one of five pages at any one time.

100 Nokia phones are now compatible with Store. Click on the ‘Where’s my mobile?’ link on the Store homepage (store.ovi.com) to see if your current Nokia mobile is listed.

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Claudia, 17

App Life Whatever you do, there’s an app for you

Regardless of where you are in your life, you can rely on the Ovi Store to have an app perfectly suited to your needs. Whether it’s solutions to your business requirements, getting directions to the theatre, performing Tarot readings on strangers or just looking to kill spare time by getting engrossed in the latest games, with thousands of options available to download to your Nokia phone you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.


Keen to keep her finger on the fashion pulse, Claudia devours style and celebrity information as veraciously as she does high street shops – you are what you wear, after all. Her harshest critics are her ever-in-touch circle of friends, of course, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ben, 25

Graphic Artist Being a graphic artist at one of the leading design studios means Ben works hard, but he maintains a healthy life balance by playing hard, too. Meeting friends on a Friday night results in a dizzying succession of bars, restaurants and clubs before Monday morning ushers in a frenetic pace of a different kind.

Laura, 37

Businesswoman Running your own business can mean a lot of time spent away from the office, as Laura has found out. Getting to meetings on time and managing her daily workload is as crucial as keeping in touch with her team, something Laura handles through her preferred selection of business apps from the Store.

Tom, 55 Retired

A keen rambler since taking early retirement, Tom has kept in touch with technology throughout his life and has therefore been keen to spend his newfound time exploring the possibilities awaiting him on the Store. It didn’t take him long to find some apps perfectly suited to his needs.

26 // Issue 1 // Your Guide to Ovi by Nokia

App Life

Elle Lagardère Active Digital I get my fashion fix with Elle. There’s all the latest and greatest trends from what’s going down across the world’s trendiest catwalks – as you’d expect from an app from the world’s biggest selling fashion magazine – and you also get celebrity news, shopping guides and beauty tips, too.

Playlist DJ Syntonetic Media Solutions I can’t be out and about without music in my ears but often find myself reverting to the same tracks or albums. Playlist DJ has changed all that, creating instant playlists based on my mood settings that never cease to surprise me. Now every trip is a revelation.

Bloomberg Bloomberg Much as the temptation is there, my Nokia isn’t used for fun so apps like Bloomberg – which keep me up to date with world market news, stock prices, market data and analysis – are my regular port of call when I’m away from my desk, visiting a client. It’s information I would feel lost without.

Anitello Oy Anitello They say you should learn something everyday and my source of knowledge often comes from Anitello. It’s an animation-based application that offers a wide ranging set of tutorials covering anything from how to make a paper plane to how to taste wine.


Nokia/SML/MySpace Just because you’re on the move there’s no reason not to be able to check out what your friends are up to. And, of course, let them know where you are and what you’re doing – either through messages and comments or, my favourite, uploading your latest pics.

Lastminute .com Last Minute Network

If your set of friends is anything like mine, you can expect too much wasted time in the evening deciding about where to go to grab something to eat. I’ve since put a swift stop to arguments with Lastminute.com, which highlights local options instantly.

Phone Wallet

5Pro-Software I’m often on the move and have come to rely on a secure data encryption app. Something like Phone Wallet keeps all my important information such as credit card numbers, online passwords, and even confidential contracts safe for great peace of mind.

CNN Video Nokia/SML/Turner I can’t stand not being up to date with what is going on in the world when I’m not in front of the telly or computer. Thankfully, CNN Video gives me a rundown of the latest and biggest news and sports stories from around the globe for me to regularly digest on my Nokia.

Midomi Melodis Corporation The days of hearing a cool song and never finding out what it is are over. If Midomi can hear it (you can sing, hum or hold the phone up to a speaker), it will find it. And when it does, you even get to preview the track or video. Your sanity totally depends on this app.

Tetris Pop EA It may be getting on a bit but I’ve never got over my love for classic puzzler Tetris. It’s just infinitely playable and the sort of thing you can squeeze into any tube journey to or from a club. But if you think Tetris is ace, wait until you experience this revitalised version…

Vlingo Vlingo The other element of being out of the office is the need to keep in touch with both my team and clients. Vlingo makes it simple to text, email or call, and offers a number of other options I haven’t got round to yet. Best of all, it’s quick. And, as they say, time is money…

AccuWeather .com AccuWeather International Enjoying long Sunday walks without risking getting caught out by the weather is essential in my view, and I’ve yet to find a forecast service as detailed as AccuWeather.com – everything I need to know about what the skies are doing in the next hour or five days is here.

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s to A fabulous five winaytouch ensure you stay

t s e b e h t f o Five a

social networking Whether you like to micro-blog your every movement, keep tabs on your buddies, or follow online social groups – or maybe just have a quick way of planning a night out with like-minded souls – your Nokia mobile can help.

Gravity Mobileways.de

That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you. For instance, if you use Twitter to follow your mates and a smattering of celebs, or if you want to talk, chat or send multimedia snippets to people, or find a way to interact with just about every social site under the sun there’s bound to be an app that’ll do the trick. Luckily, nearly all are either free or have a free trial period so you can see if they float your social boat. Just sign up with the Store, give them a whirl and get connected.

28 // Issue 1 // Your Guide to Ovi by Nokia

Fring Fringland

Fring is a cross-platform communications app that’s been offering instant messaging and VoIP for several years. Although fring operates its own VoIP and messaging service, people primarily use it as a way of accessing more established services such as Skype, and it is no surprise fring has extended its reach to cover social networking services, too.

An always-on internet connection plus the power of a smartphone means you can jump feet first into social networking and make the most of the numerous ways to stay in touch with your friends. Or make new ones, of course. You’ll want to start with the Ovi Store to find the latest social apps for your mobile. But the question of picking out the best social app is a tricky one as each fulfills a different role, covering one or more aspects of the stuff you might want to do with social networks.


Fring is unlikely to be your main social networking client, but being able to contact your social networking friends as easily as any other app is really, really handy.

Does Twitter need any introduction? Nope. Gravity might, though: it’s a full-featured Twitter client for S60 devices. Unlike the over-simplified mobile web interface that you can access via the Nokia web browser, Gravity presents the timeline of tweets from your Twitter pals as a scrollable list, complete with avatar pictures. It’s extremely easy to use – tapping a tweet will let you reply, retweet (republish with accreditation), mark as a favourite, or access any links that lie within. It’s a great app, and the best Twitter client on S60 mobile.

Social Networking Apps

Buddycloud Buddycloud

ShoZu ShoZu

Nimbuzz Nimbuzz

Can you have too many social networks? Nah. ShoZu lets you connect to loads, such as Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Photobucket, Vox LifeJournal and more. So, using it, you can quickly update your status across the lot – and view those of your friends, of course – as well as other crucial activities such as uploading pictures and video. The app also gives fast access to popular news sites that take citizen journalist submissions – ideal for the next time you’re on the ground at a breaking news event. Few social apps give so much functionality.

Unlike many of the social apps in the Store, buddycloud offers something a little bit more in that it’s a complete, self-contained social networking experience.

Enjoy free international mobile calls and chat messaging via the likes of Skype, MSN and Yahoo Messenger, thanks to Nimbuzz’s Voice over IP (VoIP) features.

You can create and join channels for you to chat about where you’re hanging out, what you’re up to, as well as post photos. And because the app is location-aware (your location data is generated automatically), you can hook up with like-minded buddyclouders in your local area.

It will let you initiate calls to anyone in your address book via a mobile call or one of several VoIP services (Skype et al). You can add further contacts from any social networks you are a member of by signing into Facebook (or your preferred alternative) and agreeing to let Nimbuzz slurp them up.

There are hundreds of channels, divided by theme, location and other arbitrary categories.

Looking for a fast and simple VoIP solution? Give Nimbuzz a try.

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Five of the best location-based apps GPS-loving apps on Store your phone shouldn’t be without

GPS receivers have been standard in many Nokia devices for a while so it’s a pretty safe bet that your phone has been able to tell you where you are on the face of the earth to within a few tens of metres. As long as you’re not standing within, say, your local multi-storey car park, which can interfere with the necessary signals the GPS software uses for determining position. Recently, however, app developers have made some breakthroughs with regards to improving the performance of GPS receivers in mobiles.

For instance, they figured out how to combine the GPS satellite data with extra info – such as how far you are away from the nearest mobile masts – in order to narrow down your location more precisely. And things like the Skyhook Wireless system go one step further, using information from commercial wi-fi networks to improve performance in urban areas. But as useful as knowing your exact coordinates, what’s much more exciting are the ways developers are dreaming up to use such information. Just displaying it on a map is so unimaginative, after all.

30 // Issue 1 // Your Guide to Ovi by Nokia

Luckily, the Store has an impressively comprehensive selection of location-based apps that use this raw data to successfully answer the important questions in life. Like, “Where is the nearest curry house?”, “How far have I run today?”, “Where the heck did I leave my car?” and “How much money should I extort from my children for giving them a lift to the cinema?”. Finding your way to the right app isn’t difficult but to get you started, consider this our selection of some of the most popular and interesting location-aware applications available.

Location-based Apps

PinPoints PinPoints Most location-based apps try to work out where you are, but PinPoints tries to guide you to a location you, or someone else, has selected. If you tend to print out map directions to help you find where you are going, PinPoints will stop you wasting paper and send the info to your phone instead. You can search or look up your destination

on the PinPoints website, or highlight an address or postcode and use a clever browser add-on to search automatically. Once you’ve found where you need to be you can ’stick a pin’ in the map and send the info to your mobile in the form of an SMS message. Your phone will pick up each PinPoint SMS and display the pin on a scrollable map. Easy and great.

Endomondo Tracker Endomondo Here’s a sports tracker application that offers a web-based database of your workout stats and a mobile app tracking how far and how fast you run, walk, cycle or otherwise suffer in the quest for physical perfection using your phone’s GPS. The app performs well enough and seems accurate, tracking information such as speed, duration,

distance and altitude while plotting your path on a map. Once you’ve captured the workout data, uploading it to the Endomondo website – with all its associated social networking fun and games – is automatic and hassle free. Endomondo Tracker’s versatility ensures it’s a recommended app for those who practice a distance-based sport.

Dad’s Cab Work Club Location-based apps aren’t just for figuring out the nearest place to spend your cash – they can also help you rake some money in, too. If you’re fed up of your car being used as a taxi by your offspring, you can stick your mobile in a dashboard cradle, load up Dad’s Cab on your phone and start earning. The app uses GPS data to work

out how far you have been travelling, then applies a pleasantly exorbitant charge per mile. Even a quick trip around the block can turn into a cash cow, and Dad’s Cab also lets you bump up the fare with extra arbitrary charges for such offences as impoliteness, mocking your choice of music, and even arguing over who gets the front seat.

Near Here Staron Near Here offers a quick way of finding something to do in your immediate vicinity. Over 500 categories divided up on the main screen into Food & Drink, Entertainment, Travel, Education, Shopping, Health, Business, Government, and Organisations are searchable. Selecting one of the colourful category icons opens

up a scrollable list of sub-categories to narrow down your selection. The app will then quickly trawl through its database for any applicable restaurants listed nearby. Once you have found the location of your choice you’re quickly given the address and phone number, plus the approximate distance, and turn-by-turn navigation advice.

I Parked Here Staron After a long day’s shopping, remembering where you left your motor within a vast, featureless modern car park can prove tricky. That’s where an app to help retrace your steps can come to the rescue. There are two big buttons on the main screen of I Parked Here. ‘Remember my car’ is the one you will

be using first. Tap the button and I Parked Here will determine your location, then let you set an alarm to remind you about parking meter timers or car park closing times. When it’s time to go home again, tapping ‘Find my car’ will take you to a list of saved parking locations, and show approximate distance and general direction to each.

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App Reviews Get your mobile working for your needs

Found Powered by Le Cool Publisher: Nokia Collection: Entertainment Ever feel like you’re missing out on the coolest events around you? You need Found Powered by Le Cool. If you’ve not heard of it before, Le Cool is an alternative city guide that specialises in cutting edge cultural events around the most happening locations of the world. In short, that means that if something makes it into Le Cool, it should definitely make it onto your ‘must check out’ list. What Found does, then, is make it possible to personalise that information, so that you get to learn about the things that really matter to you. Because as interesting and enriching as, say, a football museum may be to some, it’s of little use if what you’re really after is an ultra chic ‘50s-styled hotel bar in which to relax and soak in the swanky atmosphere. Found prevents the above scenario from happening by getting you to choose the three most important categories to you from a list of five (film, music, culture, eating or nightlife). From then on you’re presented with a listing for each of your selected areas of interest (you can expand each category to include the latest ten events). The content in Found is provided by respected writers, chosen according to their expertise of each field and,

32 // Issue 1 // Your Guide to Ovi by Nokia

crucially, local knowledge. You get a detailed review of the event and if it sounds like the sort of thing that will push your buttons, you can also get directions to it (Maps – see page 18 – will even show you the way) and just as easily share all of details with the friends you want to tag along. Tell them to keep it quiet, though – all of the content is exclusive to Nokia users so you’re likely to find yourself beating the crowds to the hippest places. If you’re one of those who really likes their life to be lived right on the edge, there are also selected events that give you the chance to get your name on the guest list for free entry for you and a chum. Prepare yourself, because you’ll never be as popular.

Verdict: Your ticket to the most happening places where you live. Expect Found to quickly make you the coolest person in town

App Reviews

Lonely Planet Live

Mobnotes Publisher: Mobnotes Collection: Social Networks

Are you the kind of person that maxes out your mobile’s contacts list space quicker than the way your average very red, very Italian supercar accelerates? Then you’re probably the kind of person that is likely to have friends in all sorts of places.

Viva la Revolution

Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications Collection: City guides & Maps

And if that’s you, Mobnotes (short for ‘mobile notes’, see) will come in handy because it helps you connect with your chums by telling them where you are and what you’re up to. You just post your details on the map so they can see you (and you can see them, of course). You can even do it via photos or video.

The Lonely Planet guide books have gained a reputation for practical, current, no-nonsense travel advice – qualities you’d expect to find in an app bearing the company’s name. Thankfully, Lonely Planet Live delivers. It works by picking up your GPS position and automatically directing to the most appropriate section of the Lonely Planet Mobile site. From there you get access to what to go and see, places to eat, shop, sleep or play, and even check the weather. All the elements needed to ensure a successful outing in an unfamiliar city. (Of course, you can also use it to find great new places in your home town.)

But it’s not just friends. You can also locate nearby places – think restaurants, shopping, travelling, fun, nightlife, art and culture – and instantly share those locations with your contacts. Mobnotes is easy to use and is likely to become a favourite for all your social connections needs.

The app is fast and easy to use, with good summaries and a selection of suggestions certainly worthy of the Lonely Planet name.

Verdict: Found a cool place? Want to see if anyone you know is around? Want them to meet up with you? Mobnotes makes this all possible and easy

Verdict: As straightforward, detailed and useful a city and country guide as you’d expect from one of the leaders in the travel guide market

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MyWeather Mobile Publisher: MyWeather Mobile Collection: Utilities You can’t control the weather but you can certainly predict it, and certainly if you have MyWeather Mobile installed on your phone. The app relies on location-based technology to instantly update the weather forecast in your area (thousands of international locations are covered) and give you detailed information – temperature, humidity, pressure, rain volume, wind speed/direction, and more. The data is presented in a clear way, giving you no excuse to ever get caught out by the weather again.

Verdict: Nicely presented, easy to use and accurate, MyWeather Mobile works just as it should

Vringo Publisher: Vringo Collection: Utilities Vringo is a nifty little app designed to make one tool in your phone’s arsenal – video ringtones – easy to set up, and without you having to join any kind of subscription-based services in the process. The concept is simple. To assign a video ringtone (or a vringo) to your phone – once you’ve set your connection defaults (wi-fi is recommended if you allow Vringo to run in the background) – you can browse the app’s library of video clips. These are short five-second previews giving you a snapshot of what’s available. The videos themselves cover everything from cinema and music to adverts and even Obama speeches – an interesting and contemporary choice.

Verdict: If it’s video ringtones you crave, consider Vringo your simple yet effective solution

Pocket Express Publisher: Handmark Collection: News & Info Pocket Express is the kind of app that’s great for newcomers to the Ovi Store. It serves up a neat news and sports portal for those who find searching online via their mobile browser a touch intimidating. The stories themselves are lifted from various news agencies and feeds, with your first click bringing up the initial few paragraphs, and another then loading the whole article. In terms of content, Pocket Express is incredibly reliable, and well updated, covering all the bases. Even live match scores are available in the sports’ scoreboard menu, including games from the majority of Europe’s football leagues, as well as Formula 1 and the NFL.

Verdict: An ideal first download for those finding their feet with their new Nokia mobile

34 // Issue 1 // Your Guide to Ovi by Nokia


Publisher: Flash Widgets Collection: Social Networks

With every man, woman and child seemingly on Twitter these days, it pays to explore the various options available to keep in touch with the latest tweets, even when you’re not staring at your computer’s screen. Twittle is one such solution, offering a dependable Flash Lite Twitter client that enables you to log in to your Twitter account when you’re out and about. It’s an attractive, straightforward app with a clear and intuitive user interface that includes everything you possibly need to not miss out on any Twitter action, essentially.

Verdict: Simple yet solid Flash Lite Twitter client that keeps you tweeting when you’re out

Qik - Share Live Videos Publisher: Qik Collection: Photo & Video Qik streams video directly from your phone onto the web, the app automatically assigning it a url based on the username you sign up with. Like YouTube, you have a Qik channel for anything you upload. You have two options in terms of Qik use: switch it on and let it record and then upload, or start streaming live. There’s very little fuss or bother. Videos can be directly uploaded or linked to on any of the sites you’ve paired up with. You can also set Qik to notify you when any friends you’re linked to on social networking sites upload videos of their own.

Verdict: Think of Qik as an impressively reliable way to stream video from your mobile

Insy Television & Messaging Publisher: Intellsys Collection: Utilities As mobile network bandwidth evolves the possibility of mobile TV becomes a reality. Insy Television & Messaging is an app that bravely aims to bring TV, video messaging and self-casting into one neat solution. The channels available will depend on your area and Intellsys promises more are being added regularly. But even without that in place Insy still works as a free video messaging service between mobile phones for those times when text messages aren’t quite enough. And, of course, there’s also the option to share your latest video creations with your followers.

Verdict: Insy’s video messaging is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family

App Reviews

Photobucket Publisher: Nokia/SML/Photobucket Collection: Photo & Video If you’re new to Photobucket, it’s a site that offers image hosting, and photo and video sharing for free. This app makes setting up and logging in to your Photobucket account from your mobile a breeze so that you’re quickly uploading photos from your phone to your album. Of course, you can also manage your account via your mobile, meaning you can edit photos in your album, add descriptions to content or delete it. If you’re not feeling productive, just browse through other people’s creative efforts – you’ll soon stumble upon something amusing.

Verdict: Polished and easy way to share your photos with friends and family instantly


Publisher: Shazam Entertainment Collection: Music

Shazam’s music recognition software gives you a quick and easy way to scan songs using your handset’s microphone. It’s not only capable of telling you the artist and song, but it can link to them – if available – on Nokia’s music store, or recommend them to a friend using an automated SMS system. The program only needs ten seconds of airplay sample before analysing the track – using a connection point of your choice – via its server database. This is a speedy process, rarely taking longer than the act of sampling. Once it’s pinpointed the song’s identity, however, Shazam becomes a useful tool, keeping a record of every song you’ve tagged and even recommending songs you might like.

Verdict: With Shazam, you’ll never again be left wondering just what that track is

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Game Reviews Let your phone live a little

FIFA 10 Developer: Distinctive Developments Publisher: Electronic Arts There’s no hot air when it comes to this year’s FIFA. The big game deserves a big game, and no other mobile football sim has ever matched the sheer amount of official leagues and teams that come with FIFA 10 – it’s perhaps the pinnacle of the genre on that score. The proof, however, is in the playing. FIFA 10 has a passing ethic, the idea being to slot your way through the pack before slamming it past the keeper in the box. The issue here is that its side-on 2D view means you only get a narrow field of vision, with a number of players off screen and impossible to track. Unless you have your formation down to a tee, it’s possible to lose your way when trying a long pass or through ball, successful passes relying on arrows at the side of the screen pointing to available players. That, however, is counteracted by play that feels more responsive and based

in reality than most of its rivals. The AI, too, feels like a step up from the competition, while free kicks are particularly good, balls flying into the net in a manner that would even make Cristiano feel a little bit proud. Then there’s the Be a Pro mode, in which you take charge of one player, turning them into a star match after match. It’s one of the areas where FIFA appears to be better equipped, EA’s years of experience paying off smartly. Rounding off the hugely impressive package is the publisher’s trademark professionalism. It makes it easy to immerse yourself here – you’ll find yourself wanting to see out 90 minutes on the go.

Verdict: A light yet comprehensive footy game that stands as one of the finest examples on mobile

36 // Issue 1 // Your Guide to Ovi by Nokia

Game Reviews

Go! Go! Rescue Squad Viva la Revolution Developer: Connect2Media Publisher: Connect2Media

Everybody likes to play the hero every now and then. In Go! Go! Rescue Squad you’re a life-saving fireman. Putting out fires is all part of solving puzzles in each level, and you do it by lobbing a fire extinguisher into the flames. The point of the game is to rescue all the people – the Darwins – from each level. You do this by getting them to one of the exit doors, a process hindered by fire sprouting all over the place, and also by ladders, sheer drops and other hazards. In some levels you just have control of one firefighter, while in others there are multiple ones scattered around the level that you can switch to at any point. Doing so introduces a whole new level of strategy, since you can throw Darwins and fire extinguishers to another firefighter to catch.

Rescue Squad is a truly inspired game and one that will easily keep you playing for weeks thanks to its whopping 64 levels. It’s fun, original and one of the most addictive puzzle games you’ll find.

Verdict: Go! Go! Rescue Squad has it all: devilishly difficult puzzles, originality and dangerously addictive playability galore

Airport Touch Developer: Offscreen Technologies Publisher: Offscreen Technologies The role of an air traffic controller is said to be one of the world’s most stressful occupations. Which begs the question: would the average person be cut out for it? Well, Airport Touch will help you determine that. Like air traffic control, the goal of the game sounds deceptively simple – land the blue jet planes on the blue runway and the yellow light aircraft on the yellow runway. Ingeniously, you do this by drawing out a plane’s flightpath on the touchscreen, ensuring that aircraft don’t come into contact with each other. That’s when the trouble starts. Because planes travel at different speeds and you’re limited to two runways, organising their landing as more aircraft fill the screen becomes an exercise is advanced logistical planning. And one that you’ll find yourself returning to again and again.

Verdict: Beware: Airport Touch’s jolly graphics hide an unusually engrossing concept – one you’ll have trouble putting down

// Issue 1 // 37

Game Reviews

California Gold Rush Age of Empires III Developer: Sumea Publisher: Digital Chocolate

Developer: Glu Mobile Publisher: Glu Mobile

California Gold Rush, which essentially plays out like a solo game of battleships, is all about digging for gold, hunting out the bling with no more aid than a slight twinkle in your eye.

Realtime strategy that takes inspiration from the historical tribulations of a world at war – in this case the siege of Malta by the Ottoman Empire.

Taking on the role of Mandy, you grab your pitchfork, explosives and various other tools underground to dig for gold. This means digging yourself through a grid of earth and rock filled squares. But it’s this very hunt that proves to be full of riches. It might sound like a cliché, but Gold Rush really does shine.

Verdict: Part puzzler, part adventure… no need to dig deep to uncover its golden moments

Need for Speed Shift Developer: Ironmonkey Studios Publisher: Electronic Arts The visuals in this latest addition to EA’s prolific racing franchise are so stunning you could miss the exciting and excellent high-speed driving mechanics. As with most Need for Speed games, it’s not simply a matter of circling racetracks. You have a career to build, and that involves nailing first place as often as possible in order to shore up the cash and pimp out your (already gorgeous) ride. Tuning the aerodynamics, nitro boost and other factors help you to custom build a car ideally suited to your particular size of lead boot.

Verdict: Sterling visuals, super-slick gameplay and thumb-bendingly, unique controls

Malta is initially underpopulated and underprovisioned, so not only do you have the invading Empire to deal with, but basic survival needs also weigh on your leadership. This involves moulding your initial collective of villagers into soldiers by building up barracks and then following the individual objectives of each mission.

Verdict: Distilled to the genre’s basic requirements, this fits the mobile platform admirably

Tower Bloxx Deluxe Developer: Sumea Publisher: Digital Chocolate Like the original, 2D version of Tower Bloxx, Deluxe neatly combines action-orientated puzzling with a simple but fiendish strategy game. Explained most simply, dropping blocks builds tower blocks, which can then be placed carefully into a small model city that you have to fill with as many residents as possible. Carefully choosing when and where to place particular buildings is paramount, as the layout of your city drastically affects your population size. If you fancy a sprinkling of strategy with your block dropping, pick this one up without delay.

Verdict: A masterful mix of action-brainteaser and city building strategy game

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ed cramm to is e r o t The S ps designed p full of a ur life. o n enrich y small selectio … a Here is consideration r for you

Apps BUSINESS Advanced Call Manager for S60

S D N E M M O C E R Friendster

Publisher: Nokia/SML/Friendster


360Fashion News

Publisher: 360Fashion Network

Publisher: Melon Mobile

Handle incoming calls on your Nokia mobile with a personalised approach to different callers, based on your customised rules.

Florin Finance Tracker Publisher: Smashing Ideas

A simple-to-use personal finance tracking application that provides you with an easy way to keep on top of your money.

Handy Safe Pro Publisher: Paragon Technologie

Secure all your personal data stored on your Nokia using strong 488-bit encryption and a user-friendly interface.

MobiSystems OfficeSuite 5, 5th Edition Publisher: Mobile Systems

The complete mobile office solution, enabling you to create, view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly from your mobile.


NEWS & INFO Green Explorer Widget Publisher: Nokia/Services/Eco

A tool for learning and sharing tips about eco-friendly travel and lifestyle. Show the world you are committed to a greener future.

Reuters Sports Publisher: RefreshMobile

Top sports stories formatted for your phone via this launcher, taking you directly to the Reuters Sports mobile internet site.

Shoewawa Publisher: RefreshMobile

Shoewawa offers you a fashionable obsession with shoes, with informative content displayed alongside fashion tips in a format that is just perfectly formed around your Nokia.

Get the insider perspective on fashion from top professionals – photographers, make-up artists, stylists and models – in the industry.

Hand Reading Pro Publisher: Handmark

Surprise and impress your friends by analysing their palms to learn everything about their inner thoughts. Or just use it on yourself…

Ensure you stay in touch with everything your friends are up to on Friendster – see your comments, check your chums’ photos and more.

Pixelpipe for Share Online Publisher: Pixelpipe

Connect Nokia Share Online to over 100 services across social networks in order to share photos, video, audio and files.

Tweets60 Publisher: Ravensoft

A feature-packed Twitter client specifically designed for Nokia S60 devices to make the art of tweeting effortless.


Tunerific (Touch)

Comeks Fun Photo Blogger

Publisher: Hugvakinn

Publisher: Comeks Oy

An interactive guitar tuner, a reference tone tuner with 12 different tunings and a chord finder with over 300 displayable guitar chords.

Create funny SMS-length messages that are anything but ordinary – include photos and little cartoons displayed as your personal avatar.

vTap Video Search

Flixwagon-Broadcast Live!

Publisher: Veveo

Publisher: My Frame

Your source for watching web video on mobile, featuring over 250 million videos that are easily searched with just a few taps of the keypad.

Broadcast live video from your mobile to the web in one click. View your videos on the flixwagon site and embed them on your blog.

Smart Recorder

Tech Buzz Homescreen Widget



Publisher: Aims Migital Technovations

Publisher: RefreshMobile

Publisher: ROK Entertainment

Publisher: Touchnote

Record and play all incoming and outgoing calls with a single click. Save your recordings on phone memory, as well as memory card.

Keep up with the latest tech news, gadgets, video and gaming from a wide range of respected websites using a simple yet powerful user interface.

Automatically scans for and logs into free wi-fi hotspots to enable free Mobile TV, free mobile email, low-cost text services and free web surfing.

Use photos on your Nokia phone to create stunning, printed photocards that are sent via postal mail to anywhere in the world.

40 // Issue 1 // Your Guide to Ovi by Nokia

Nokia Recommends

Games Asphalt 4: Elite Racing Publisher: Gameloft

Choose from ten dream cars and bikes from the finest manufacturers and face the world’s richest drivers in high-speed races through civilian traffic.

Guitar Rock Tour 2 Publisher: Gameloft


Use your Nokia’s built-in accelerometer to translate your hand gestures into simple, intuitive and precise commands used to control phone calls.

Level Touch Publisher: Offscreen Technologies

Turn your phone into a builder’s spirit level that features both horizontal and vertical bubble tubes through the use of your phone’s accelerometer.

Night Stand Touch Publisher: Offscreen Technologies

While it’s charging, use your phone as a digital night stand clock that features alarm, snooze and dimming functions.

Heart Rate Monitor Publisher: Pico Brothers

Just tap the screen a few times in time with your heart beat, and your heart rate is instantly displayed. It’s a very simple but fast monitor.

Map My Tracks

Hero of Sparta Publisher: Gameloft

You are King Argos, leader of the courageous Spartan warriors waging brutal war to destroy an evil cult that taints ancient Greece with blood.

Publisher: Tinderhouse


The easy way to accurately track – or share in real-time via Twitter, Friendfeed and Fire Eagle – your sporting activity live on the web.

Publisher: PopCap Games

Aim, shoot and clear the orange pegs on your way to Peggle puzzle greatness as you conquer 55 levels using your mind. Oh, and ten mystical Magic Powers.

Nokia Step Counter

Sky Force Reloaded

Publisher: Nokia Beta Labs

Publisher: Infinite Dreams

Keep track of every step you take and determine the distance you’ve covered, your energy expenditure and compare your past activity levels.

A classic mobile shooter that returns with more levels, more graphics, more music and more action. Strap yourself in and get ready to go into relentless, bullet-ridden battle.


Nokia Handwriting Calculator

Earthcomber (USA)

Publisher: Nokia Beta Labs

Travelling to the US? Discover your favorite foods, people, places and events of any place you go in North America.

Witness Nokia’s handwriting recognition technology that allows you to calculate handwritten maths expressions.

Guitarist or drummer – choose your rhythmaction gaming path. Travel from New York to Tokyo and fire up the most famous concert stages with your band.

Publisher: Earthcomber

Sonic Unleashed Publisher: Gameloft

Everyone’s favourite hedgehog breaks new ground in a game that features a novel side of Sonic in order to spin in a dual game style.

Up Up and Away Publisher: Mobilefunk

Bounce off platforms to get as high as you can. Rely on special platforms to get an extra boost, unlock new characters and demolish your friends’ high scores.


Speereo Voice Translator 4.5

Publisher: SBSH Mobile Software

Publisher: Speereo Software

Publisher: Mobilefunk

Record voice notes using your smartphone and subsequently have them automatically sent to your email inbox with only two key presses.

A 16-language phrasebook enhanced with many useful features: converters, city guides, flights timetable and schedule, city events, maps and more.

A mobile twist on the much-loved and frantic ‘whack a mole’ carnival game, where you can insert pictures of your friends (or enemies) to get whacked.

Whack a Friend

App compatibility dependent on Nokia device. Check www.ovi.com for details.


// Issue 1 // 41

42 // Issue 1 // Your Guide to Ovi by Nokia


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exclusive version of rated r free on the nokia x6 comes with music edition

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