21-22 St. Edward Parish School Annual Report

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“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Je r emiah 2 9:1 1

Year in Review & Annual Repor t 2021–2022
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Dear St. Edward Parish School Community,

As we ended the 21-22 school year, the school’s annual theme resonated so loudly:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

As the 21-22 school year began, we were still experiencing the impact of the pandemic. We weathered through uncharted waters. Despite the difficulties and challenges that were faced, together we found a way to persevere. In March, we welcomed the news that many of the pandemic restrictions were being revised and lifted. We embraced the change and enjoyed the return of some in-person events. Things began to feel more “normal.”

Miraculously, St. Edward Parish School ended the 21-22 school year with all of the festivities and celebrations of a typical school year. “Plans to give you hope and a future…”

Despite the many challenges faced, generosity in our community has consistently created pathways for Monarch students to learn, grow, and thrive. We are grateful to the many donors and volunteers who moved our school forward during the 21-22 school year with gifts of time, talent, and financial resources. In the face of significant uncertainty, St. Edward Parish School forged ahead in countless ways to advance our mission and support the great work of our faculty, staff and students.

Thank you to our school parents, grandparents, faculty and staff, parishioners, community members and friends of St. Edward Parish School for the ongoing commitment, partnership, and strength you provided to our school. We are grateful for your continued support.

With Gratitude and Appreciation,


Pastor – Fr. Philip Smith

Principal – Tom Waszak

Assistant Principal, 6th - 8th Grade –

Ashleigh Vachon

Assistant Principal, Kindergarten - 5th Grade –

Janelle Hamm

Early Childhood Education Director – Nicole Bader

Director of Admissions – Cindy Celotto

Director of Advancement – Lauren Bordages

Registrar – Jean Paulson

Front Office Coordinator – Susan Robles

Wellness Center Coordinator – Audrey Rodriguez

Site Technology Manager – Jason Wesley


Stephanie Baren

Meghan Clem

Jane Crayton

Jennifer Kearney

Amanda Lazinski

Julie Mildrew

Wendy Mulvihill

Annie Phan-Luong

Chris Rottach

Donna Upton (Finance Council, Ex Oficio)

Karen Finnigan (PGO Co-President, Ex Oficio)

Whitney Tioleco (PGO Co-President, Ex Oficio)

Tom Leeman (Senior Business Manager, Ex Oficio)

Tom Waszak (Principal, Ex Oficio)

Fr. Philip Smith (Pastor, Ex Oficio)


Administrative Leadership Team Liaison – Nicole Bader

Special Events Coordinator – Erin Palacios

Co-President – Karen Finnigan

Co-President – Whitney Tioleco

Co-Vice President – Regina Gancar

Co-Vice President – Casi Kwon

Secretary – Katherine Pokrywa

Treasurer – Rosalee Hormuth

Community & Teacher Relations Co-Coordinator – Tiffany Cervenak

Community & Teacher Relations Co- Coordinator – Gina Winters

Room Parent Coordinator – Karna Sadayasu

Ambassador Co-Coordinator – Colby Gray

Ambassador Co-Coordinator – Kristen Bemis

Volunteer Coordinator – Michelle Sukut

MME Co-Chair – Karen Finnigan

MME Co-Chair – Whitney Tioleco

Spirit Wear Coordinator – Lauren Myers

Welcome Day Co-Chair – Danielle Babbington

Welcome Day Co-Chair – Megan Flores

Lost and Found/Uniform Exchange Co-Coordinator – Kathy Cutchins

Lost and Found/Uniform Exchange Co-Coordinator – Daniella Reagan

Family Movie Night Co-Chair – Heidi Buffington

Family Movie Night Co-Chair – Ali Oliviera

Box Tops Coordinator – Regina Marquis

First Grade Donut Coordinator – Anne Hedges

PGO Closet Co-Coordinator – Liz Briseno

PGO Closet Co-Coordinator – Wendy Joy

Our Leadership Team: Ms. Bader, Mrs. Hamm, Mrs. Vachon and Mr. Waszak
Just some of our amazing PGO Volunteers


St. Edward Parish School completed the WASC accreditation process during the 21-22 school year. Completing a WASC accreditation is no small feat. The process takes 18 months to conduct an in-depth self-evaluation as part of the six-year accreditation process. In February 2022, the school welcomed the visiting committee from the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) for a three-day visit. The visit was a tremendous success.

We are proud of the sentiments and summary of the WASC visiting committee:

“The Visiting Committee observed a tremendous sense of dedication and community among the faculty, staff, students, parents, and pastor at St. Edward Parish School. The school is deeply rooted in Catholic faith and traditions and keeps this focus at the heart of all they do. The richness of the school’s Catholic Identity and strong sense of community, combined with the high level of student achievement, make St. Edward Parish School a sought-after experience for families seeking high-quality Catholic education.

The faculty and staff are dedicated to the education of the whole child, and this is evidenced by the many opportunities for leadership as well as the available curricular and non-curricular offerings. The students and parents display genuine affection and admiration for the entire faculty and staff. God bless St. Edward Parish School in their journey.”

What is the purpose of WASC?

The Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC) is a world-renowned accrediting association. WASC is a voluntary dual-purpose process for schools to demonstrate that they provide high-quality learning and model continual self-improvement.

All of the hard work of the accreditation process was successful as St. Edward Parish School was recommended for a six-year cleared accreditation. Thank you to all who dedicated their time to ensure a successful WASC accreditation.

ANNUAL REPORT 2021–2022 5

2022: by the


Total Enrollment: 801 students

60 % of St. Edward graduates enter into the honors program in 9th grade

Average student-to-instructor ratio: (Preschool - 4th Grade)


76 % of St. Edward alumni that have a 3.5 GPA or higher in high school

11 % of students receive financial aid

63 % of students participate in after-school sports at St. Edward

Academic Decathlon Champions: 12 x State Academic Decathlon Champions: 8 x

OC Diocese

61 % of instructional staff have been here at least 5 years

35 % of instructional staff have been here at least 10 years

60 % of instructional staff have a Master’s degree or above

93 % of staff attended Catholic school

ANNUAL REPORT 2021–2022 7

Thank you to the following parents who volunteered to be a room parent during the 21-22 school year. Room parents play a vital role in the classroom, working closely with the teachers to communicate and organize parent participation for a range of classroom activities. These parents provide effective and timely communication with families outside of academic communication from teachers.


Our school thrives because of our loving and supportive community. The sense of community at St. Edward Parish School is one of our endearing strengths and it has led to our school to be such a powerful experience for so many. We believe that students learn and grow best in a loving and supportive community.

We structure our community events to be occasions that involve no fundraising. Our fundraising events are limited to two events each year in order to streamline and limit the number of times we ask our parents to donate or contribute financially.

We look forward to offering more community events during the 22-23 school year as most COVID restrictions have been lifted. Be sure to check our school calendar for opportunities to get involved in the Monarch Community.


Room Parent Coordinator: Karna Sadayasu

Megan Allen

Liz Antonine

Kristen Bemis

Taylor Le Bon

Cristina Bonfiglio

Brittney Brickweg

Carol Brummel

Anouska Bryson

Tiffany Cervenak

Kristen Christians

Ashley Coulter

Annette DeCicco

Tiffany Del Canto

Andrea Demma

Alison Edgcomb

Gianna Fass

Katie Fields

Karen Finnigan

Mychela Fippinger

Lindley Fraley

Jenny Gahagan

Tracy Gardea

Chelsea Guerrero

Kelley Houston


The mission of the St. Edward PGO is to support the school’s strategic goals by promoting fellowship among families, faculty, and staff. In the spirit of service to others, the all-volunteer PGO seeks to continue St. Edward Parish School’s mission by organizing programs and events throughout the year that engage and strengthen the entire Monarch community.

PGO welcomes and encourages attendance at monthly meetings so that parents can keep up on happenings at St. Edward Parish School, hear about upcoming events, and volunteer for committees.

Karen Howell

Kimberly Kenney

Carrie Kitcher

Nicole Lanfranco

Shawna Lynch

Rhonda McWilliam

Annie Micco

Heather Mitchell

Heidi Nicoll

Laureen O’Connell

Danielle Pagano

Annie Phan

Whitney Pratt

Theresa Prouty

Kelly Quinones

Steffi Smith

Bailey Van Tassel

Jennifer Tchang

Whitney Tioleco

Erin Warner

Beth Wilkinson



After beginning in the 18-19 school year, the Monarch Community Coffee program returned in the 21-22 school year. The monthly coffee events give parents a casual social opportunity to chat with other parents and administrators on a monthly basis while enjoying coffee and light breakfast fare. A special thank you to Coffee Importers (located in the Dana Point Harbor) for providing the coffee for the program.

The 22-23 Monarch Community Coffee events take place on the first Friday of the month, immediately following the all school Masses.

INAUGURAL STED FAMILY CAMPOUT A night under the stars on the school field

A new tradition was started during the 21-22 school year: the first-ever STED Family Campout. The Western-themed festivities took place on Saturday, May 20th. The highlyanticipated event began at 5 p.m. when families arrived to school to set up their tents. Children rushed on to the field with camp gear in hand to pick a prime location to set up

their tent for the evening. The event included activities such as a crafts, games, campfire entertainment, a live musician, dinner from Bad to the Bone BBQ, and more! Later in the evening, families roasted marshmallows to make s’mores. The campout concluded on Sunday morning with donuts and much-needed coffee for the adults.

ANNUAL REPORT 2021–2022 9
All in attendance can’t wait to make the STED Family Campout an annual tradition. Be sure to look for the opportunity to participate in the second annual event in the MME 2023 online auction.



The foundation of St. Edward the Confessor school is the Catholic faith. It is taught in the classroom, modeled on the playground and reinforced at home. But this faith and love of God is most present during our all-school Friday Masses. A long-standing tradition since the very early days of our school, each Friday the students, staff and families gather for 8:15 AM Mass dressed in their formal uniforms ready to reflect on the week, give praise to God for their blessings, learn about God’s word and celebrate their Catholic faith as a community.

Anyone who has attended the weekly Friday Masses knows it is about so much more than just going to church. There are traditions interwoven into the Monarch culture. As they prepare to receive their First Communion, second graders take turns each week bringing up the gifts. Each week, a different grade level is in charge of planning the Mass - from delivering the readings, to reading the special inventions, to altar serving. The Cherub and Choristers fill the church with their heavenly voices. Parents fill in the pews with children many times joining them to celebrate the Eucharist.

“As the proud mother of five St. Edward graduates, the all-school Masses have always meant the world to me and to my family,” says Sblenda Van Eenenaam, second grade Instructional Aide, St. Edward

alumni parent and eucharistic minister.

“These weekly Masses are always joyful and faith- filled! It is where we witness and learn the basics of prayer and grow in our personal relationship with Christ, as a school family. I am forever grateful for this gift!”

One of the most treasured traditions is the Prayer Partner program. Starting in fourth grade, students are paired with a kindergartner. They keep their same prayer partner for four years until the younger one is in third grade and the oldest is in seventh grade. They meet regularly, attending Mass together at least once a month and collaborating on various faith-based activities. Not only do these students grow in faith together, but the young student has a role model and the older student learns about patience, compassion and the important example he or she must set as a mentor.

The eighth graders have a unique partnership with the TYKE program. In addition to attending Mass together and having regular meet-ups all year long, they also collaborate on one big Makerspace project at the end of the year. Previous projects have included building carnival games and creating race cars letting the younger and older children collaborate their creative ideas with skilled execution. “The friendships that develop through our Prayer Partner activities enrich not only the TYKEs but the eighth graders as well,” says Stacy Risbrough, TYKE instructor. “Both partners gain confidence, patience and empathy while enjoying fun activities like our prayer retreat, fundraising for Pennies from Heaven, a special year-end event, and of course, celebrating Mass together every Friday.”

Lord, I need You, oh, I need You Every hour, I need You
My one defense, my righteousness Oh God, how I need You
“As the proud mother of five St. Edward graduates, the all-school Masses have always meant the world to me and to my family.”
Sblenda Van Eenenaam, second grade Instructional Aide


Our St. Edward Monarchs don’t just learn about the Catholic faith in the classroom or by attending Mass. They put the message of the Gospel and the values of compassion and gratitude into action through a variety of service programs throughout the year. Each year, third grade students take a pilgrimage to Mission Basilica in San Juan Capistrano and its outreach program, Serra’s Pantry. After the three-mile walk from school to the Basilica and the pantry, they learn about Serra’s Pantry mission, the needs of the hungry in South Orange County, and how they can make an impact to serve the less fortunate. For instance, they learn that the three most needed items locally include peanut butter, jelly, and cereal as families can stretch these items into multiple meals.

Inspired by these lessons, each year the third grade coordinates a Feed the Hungry Food Drive in November to benefit Serra’s Pantry. Based on their learnings, they develop a pantry wish list and ask students to bring in at least one or more items to help support those in need. Each year, nearly 100 percent of the school participates in this important project. St. Edward Parish School’s food drive is the largest drive that supports Serra’s Pantry.

We are proud of our school’s efforts!

In December 2021, the partnership with Serra’s Pantry continued into the holiday season as the school hosted a Toy Drive for families with children between the ages of six to 14 years old. Several of our Upper School students spent the afternoon organizing and wrapping 586 toys donated by our generous families. These students also handwrote and designed more than 65 cards to military families. Through these acts of selflessness, our Monarchs provided a Christmas to so many who may not have had one.

Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine you did for me.
- Matthew 24:40
ANNUAL REPORT 2021–2022 11


The St. Edward Parish School Athletic Department is thriving with Monarch athletes! The department has had substantial growth over the recent years. Monarchs participate in the Parochial Athletic League (PAL), which provides students an opportunity for friendly competition in sports with other schools within the boundaries of the Diocese of Orange.

During the 2021-2022 school year, more than 500 students or two-thirds of Monarchs participated in an after-school sport during the three seasons. Those participants formed approximately 25 teams that competed against other South Orange County parochial schools.

The largest sports team at St. Edward is the Track & Field program. In spring 2022, 175 Monarchs ranging from first grade through eighth grade participated. St. Edward athletes also participated in the inaugural PAL Swim Meet at Santa Margarita Catholic High School.

Also, sand volleyball was started at Doheny State Beach with three girls’ teams.

Thank you to all our athletes, coaches, and team parents for their hard work and dedication! You all made our 21-22 athletic program a success.



Congratulations to the 2022 Academic Decathlon Team for their exceptional performance at the Diocese of Orange Academic Decathlon. Although the team initially finished second overall in the March competition, after further review of the scores, in May it was determined that a calculation error had occurred and our St. Edward team upheld their long-standing first place Diocesan title.

The team competed at the highest level and displayed incredible spirit and class leading up to and during the competition. There were several other victories, including:

First Place in the Logic Competition

Second Place in the Super Quiz

Placed in the top three in six of eight individual academic events.

The team’s preparation begins over the summer by practicing logic puzzles. In September, the team begins to study academic content areas for individual competition

and for Super Quiz. During the months leading up to the competition, they study each week, including Sunday practice sessions with family potlucks where students, parents and even alumni have a friendly logic puzzle competition. The Academic Decathlon program requires tremendous effort, commitment, perseverance, and grit. The Decathlon team represented St. Edward Parish School with poise, confidence. Due to the rigor, dedication and parent support, the St. Edward’s Academic Decathlon team has earned 12 Diocese of Orange titles and eight state national titles.

Academic Decathlon Competition Individual Results

Hunter H. | 1st Place Religion

Grace G. | 2nd Place Fine Arts

Reid G. | 2nd Place Math

Bridget C. | 1st Place English

Miles B. | 2nd Place Social Studies

Peter G. | 1st Place Current Events

2022 Academic Decathlon Team

Varsity Team: Jack B., Miles B., Bridget C., Grace G., Peter G., Reid G., Mackenzie H, Hunter H., Nate V., Daniel W.

JV Team: Leah A., Gianna C., Curran C., Quinn E., Everett F., Gabe G., Mary Jane H., Declan H., Emma P., Mercer P., Alex S., Haley V.

Logic Coaches:

Mr. Brady, Mr. Crafts, Mr. Hennessey, assisted by: Mr. Hedges, Mr. Person and Mr. Wadman

Individual and Super Quiz Coaches:

Mr. and Mrs. Baren, Mrs. Brady, Mrs. Crafts, Mrs. Ekizian, Mr. and Mrs. Giraldin, Mr. and Mrs. Gray, Mr. Gwin, Mrs. Hughes and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Viscount

Academic Decathlon Coordinator: Mrs. Stacie Rios

A special thank you to the team coaches. Their commitment to excellence sets the tone for the Decathletes.
ANNUAL REPORT 2021–2022 13

Promotes Community & Raises Money for a Specific Project

Dedicated Purpose


our School Exist Monarch Annual Fund
akes our School Exceptional
Monarch Main Event
Annual Giving MAKING A DIFFERENCE Tuition Operating Expenses
Facility Costs Utilities Classroom Supplies Faculty & Staff Salaries and Benefits Every Year Expenses Not Covered by Tuition
Immediate Needs Funds
to Use at
Project-Specific Funds Adults Only Every Gift Makes an Impact
Donations Used in Same Fiscal Year Goal: 100% Parent Participation 802 Students Who Benefit From Annual Fund Supplements


Prayer for Blessing of Grandparents

Lord God almighty, bless our grandparents with long lives, happiness, and health. May they remain constant in your love and be living signs of your presence to their children and grandchildren. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


On Friday, April 29, 2022, we welcomed more than 650 special guests to our school for our annual Grandparents & Special Friends Day. We were thrilled to host our special guests on campus after missing them for two years.

It was a morning full of activities that began with a beautiful Mass presided by Fr. Philip Smith. St. Edward the Confessor Catholic Church was seated to capacity as everyone worshiped together. Fr. Philip directed his homily about the importance of grandparents in our Catholic faith: “Grandparents are cherished members of our family. They bring gifts of wisdom, experience, and love and share with us their life of faith.”

Following Mass, all guests proceeded to campus where they enjoyed a light breakfast in the school gym. They then toured the campus, visited the classrooms, met the teachers, took photos, and shopped at the book fair.

Many of the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and special friends traveled great distances to be present for the event. The campus was bursting with energy and excitement. It was a wonderful day! We look forward to welcoming everyone again on Friday, January 27, 2023

ANNUAL REPORT 2021–2022 15















Class of 2027



1. IMMEDIATE IMPACT - The Annual Fund is St. Edward Parish School’s top fundraising priority. Your gift goes to work immediately because your Annual Fund contribution directly benefits students, faculty and programs in the current school year.

2. PARTICIPATION - Participation, at any giving level, in the Annual Fund is a vote of confidence in our school, our faculty, and our educational mission. Your participation encourages others to join you in supporting the school.

3. EFFECTIVE FUNDRAISING - Gift wrap. Magazine drives. Bake sales. Although these traditional fundraisers can be successful for schools, they also can be stressful for families, an administrative challenge for school leaders, taxing on parent volunteers, and ultimately an ineffective way to fundraise. Often times, the return on investment for a third party fundraising program is only 40 percent! The return on investment with Monarch Annual Fund donations is nearly 100 percent.

4. TRADITION - Alumni, parents, past parents, grandparents, and friends have given and continue to give to St. Edward Parish School. Every dollar greatly benefits every facet of the school.

Thank you!


TOGETHER . GROW TOGETHER. Your Impact During 1981 Minutes


$72,900 72% $199 $5,571 $26,842 3rd Grade




The 5th Annual Monarch Giving Day will take place on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. Monarch Giving Day is our school community’s 33-hour and 59 second fundraising drive to support our Annual Fund. This high-energy, 33-hour fundraising event is our one-day effort to raise money for programs and projects that are critical to our school. Our entire Monarch community is encouraged to participate during Monarch Giving Day by donating online.

Monarch Giving Day 2022 will include in-person activities in addition to traditional online giving. The Monarch Giving Day headquarters will be located in the Monarch Quad for the duration of the 1981-minute fundraising event. It will be a hub of activity and fellowship! Although our Monarch Giving Night of BBQ and Bingo on November 15, is currently sold out, there are still ways you can participate while supporting the school. Please visit the link below to learn more!


ANNUAL REPORT 2021–2022 17

What a Night

Monarch Main Event returned with an in-person event on April 2, 2022, with a sell-out crowd. The 400+ guests enjoyed a new event format at the Inn at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano. The guests represented all segments of the Monarch community, including preschool – eighth grade parents, teachers, staff, and friends of our school. Attendees enjoyed “a dinner stroll” under the market lights and olive trees while enjoying live music. The highlight of the evening was when the Kelly Rae Band took center stage. The dance floor was packed as guests danced the night away!

The 2022 theme, “Back to our Roots” was intentionally kept simple. However in choosing a simple theme, it spoke so loudly. The Monarch Community is back! During the early days of COVID, we dreamed of an event such as MME 2022… the ability to mingle and enjoy fellowship with our community in a celebratory manner.

While guests enjoyed the evening’s festivities, we also gathered to raise funds for our school. We fundraised for two important school initiatives: “Fund-An-Item” to support campus-wide technology enhancements and “Fund-A-Program” to launch a new robust Makerspace curriculum pilot. Our fundraising efforts exceeded expectations by raising $164,196 for our school. The success of our fundraising ensures that each classroom is a technology-enriched learning space that allows students to better connect, collaborate, and participate strengthen the overall learning experience.

Monarch Main Event does not happen without an amazing group of parent volunteers. Thank you to Mrs. Karen Finnigan and Mrs. Whitney Tioleco for their leadership, along with the entire MME 2022 Committee.

What is Monarch Main Event?

Monarch Main Event is one of St. Edward Parish School’s most well-known and beloved fundraisers. Each year, MME fundraises for a specific program or project for the school. Over the years, some of the programs that have benefitted from the annual gala include campus-wide technology upgrades, a facilities maintenance cart, an on-field athletic score board, campus security upgrades, the purchase of a ceramics kiln, and playground shade awnings. Since 2014, MME has raised more than $1.2 million for St. Edward Parish School. On average, the proceeds of the event net $152,000.


MME 2022 Committee:

Event Chairs: Karen Finnigan and Whitney Tioleco

Silent Auction Database Coordinator: Danielle Babbington

Silent Auction Committee: Liz Briseno, Wendy Joy, Allison Musetich

Gift Gathering Class Participation Coordinator: Tish Manganello

Silent Auction Basket Photographer: Regina Gancar

Post-Event Auction Coordinator: Rhonda McWilliam

Graphic Designer: Heather Bandura

St. Edward Event Coordinator: Erin Palacios

St. Edward Director of Advancement: Lauren Bordages

MME 2022 Sponsors & Underwriters:

Olive Tree Sponsors: The Preis Family and The Stein Family

Branch Sponsor: The Assad Family | Iacocca Family Foundation

Roots Sponsors: The Barnea & Frost Families and The Flores Family

Signature Cocktail Underwriter: The Sukut Family

Dinner Stroll Music Underwriter: The Mulvihill Family

Bid Paddle Underwriter: Sukut Dental | The Neppl Family

Auctioneer Underwriter: The Mateo Family

End of Evening Favors: The Pearson Family and The Song Family

ANNUAL REPORT 2021–2022 19

MME Fund a Need Donors


The Preis Family

$1,000 - $1,500



The Buffington Family

The Finn Family

The Giraldin Family

The Hansen Family

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Morrow

The Pratt Family

Fr. Joseph Squillacioti

The Stein Family

Deacon Mike and Rosy Stock

The Tetzloff Family

The Walsh Family

$500 - $999



Joseph and Andrea Demma

Kevin and Carissa Green Family

Mr. and Mrs. Rich Holt

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Smith

The Allan Family

The Bemis Family

The Bordages Family

The Cook Family

The Farr Family

The Fippinger Family

The Phan-Luong Family

The Pierce Family

The Prouty Family

The Rohe Family

The Stucke Family

The Vartanian Family

The VerBurg Family

$250 - $499



The Adkins Family

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Babbington

Ms. Nicole Bader

Mr. and Mrs. John Bench

The Bryan Family

The DiNino Family

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Finnigan

The Flores Family

The Gardea Family

The Maish Family

The Miles Family

Maria and Michael Montello

The Risborough Family

The Shepherd Family

The Shick Family

The Shore Family

The Sutton Family

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Varela

$150 - $249

The Bayati Family

The Bonanno Family

The Briscoe Family

The Gerryts Family

The Gleeson Family


The Hagstrom Family

The Isaacs Family

The Leer Family

The MacLeod Family

Mr. and Mrs. Robert McWilliam

The Manganello Family

The Martinho Family

The Mateo Family

The Nelligan Family

The Neppl Family

The Peate Family

The Riley Family

The Rottach Family

The Sanchez Family

The Schramm Family

The Snee Family

The Song Family

The Tinnelly Family

The Vachon Family

The Van Tassel Family

$48 - $149

The Abreu Family

Brent and Jessica Avery


Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Bertola

The Bruno Family


The Chambers Family

The Del Canto Family

The Delehanty Family

The Deller Family

The Dominguez Family

The Evers Family

The Fields Family

The Fukunaga Family

The Gancar Family

The Glover Family

Amy and Jaime Gonzalez

The Harding Family

The Hernandez Family

The Holder Family

The Hormuth Family

The Houston Family

The Hunt Family

The Jeffries Family

The Kitcher Family

The Le Bon Family

The Lebsack Family

The Miller Family

Wendy and Mike Mulvihill

The Olson Family

The Ora Family

The Pagano Family

The Palacios Family

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Paulson

The Pearson Family

The Perrizo Family

The Pina Family

The Pokrywa Family

The Raabe Family

Heather and Bill Raney

Eddie and Shelly Rollins

The Rush Family

Ms. Christina Sandoval

The Smith Family

The Stone Family

The Test Family

Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Tioleco

The Traquair Family

The Williams Family


The Won Family

MME 2022 Auction Contributors:

Thank you to the following businesses and families who supported the 2022 Monarch Main Event auction by donating items or services valued at $250 or more. We are grateful for your support!

6100 Bread

Aaron Kosins, MD

Amazing Lash Studio

AR Workshop

Assad Family

Ballpark Pizza San Clemente

Bandura Family

Baren Family

Bear Coast Coffee

Briscoe Family

Browne’s Flowers

Buie Stoddard Group

Captain Dave’s Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari

Classic Kids Photography

Club Literacy

Coast Gallery

Coffee Importers

Craft House

Crafts Family

Culinary Kids

Mr. George Derby

El Adobe

Elevate The Box

Five Vines Wine Bar

Fizz & Bubbles | Whitney Tiocelo

Gahagan Family

Girl in the Curl Surf Shop


Gray Family

Grit Cycle Monarch Beach

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream

Hanna’s Restaurant & Bar

Heat Culinary - Laguna Niguel

Hobie Surf Shop

In-N-Out Burger Inn at the Mission

Joy Family

JSerra Catholic High School

Kearney Family

KG Beach Camp

L*Space x Lindsay Albanese Collection

Lauren Ford Photography

M Aesthetics - Dr. Munoz

M3 Office | The McCarthy Family

Maison Cafe + Market

Marquis Family

McWilliam Family

Miller Family

Miranda Frye

Miyako Sushi Restaurant

Montage Laguna Beach

Nocito Family

Nothing Bundt Cakes

OC Design

Olenik Family

Orange County Soccer Club

Paulson Family

Pelican | The Antoine Family

PGO of St. Edward Parish School

Piazza Family Wines

Faculty & Staff Ticket Sponsors

Anonymous (3)

The Ambrosio Family

The Avery Family

The Barnea Family

The Bemis Family

The Bordages Family

The Brickweg Family

The Capek Family

The Chambers Family

The Cowley Family

The Darnell Family

The Demma Family

The Drescher Family

The Early Family

The Espineira Family

The Everett Family

The Fermelia Family

The Finnigan Family

The Gahagan Family

The Gavin Family

The Giraldin Family

The Green Family

The Hagstrom Family

The Hansen Family

The Jeffries Family

The Joy Family

The Kuttler Family

The Kwon Family

The LeMond Family

The Leer Family

The Lynch Family

The Manganello Family

The Marman Family

The MacLeod Family

Picnic Grazing Co

PJ Salvage

Pratt Family

Project Social

Prouty Family

Re.hy.drate Wellness Clinic

Saddleback Lanes

San Juan Hills Golf Club

Santa Margarita Catholic High School

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The Ora Family

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The Peate Family

The Piazza Family

The Pokrywa Family

The Pratt Family

The Raabe Family

The Rickert Family

The Rohe Family

The Rottach Family

The Rush Family

The Saber Family

The Sateri Family

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As St. Edward Parish School’s most important ongoing fundraising priority, the Monarch Fund generates necessary funds for many critical areas. We are grateful to the many individuals, families and corporations for their annual giving contributions during the July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022 fiscal year. We recognize the generous donors listed below and thank them for making Catholic education a philanthropic priority.

Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list of donors. In the event you should notice an error or omission, please accept our apologies and notify our Advancement Office at advancement@stedschool.org.

Established to honor St. Edward Parish School’s founding year, the 1981 Fr. Knight Circle recognizes donors who have made a leadership gift of $1,981 or more to the Monarch Annual Fund.

Donors are recognized in the annual report of donors, invited to leadership events, and thanked for their commitment to supporting St. Edward Parish School’s annual needs.

*** Indicates inaugural Monarch Annual Fund donor and all subsequent years for a total of seven years.

** Indicates five years of consecutive giving to the Monarch Annual Fund.

* Indicates three years of consecutive giving to the Monarch Annual Fund.

Circle of Gold ($10,000 - $20,000)


Hernan and Andrea Capdevila ***

St. Edward Circle ($5,000 - $9,999)


Ms. Laura Mateo

The Mateo Family

The Preis Family **

Fr. Knight Circle ($1,981 - $4,999)

Brent and Jessica Avery **

The Cervenak Family *


The Sadayasu Family ***

Mr. and Mrs. Stanton

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tetzloff *

The Viscount Family **

Circle of Faith ($1,500 - $1,980)

The Buffington Family ***

Mr. Segundo Mateo

Circle of Knowledge ($1,000 - $1,499)

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Armstrong *

The Bennett Family

Christopher and Patricia DiNino

The Finn Family **

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Finnigan *

Ms. Elizabeth Frost

Manny and Jessica Garcia **


Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Hansen *

Mr. and Mrs. Rich Holt

The Marquis Family **

Mr. and Mrs. Dan McKenzie *

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Mulvey *

The Nisenson Family

The Pratt Family *

Mr. and Mrs. Tonsich *

The Vartanian Family

Circle of Service ($500 - $999)

The Abreu Family

The Ambrosio Family

Mr. and Mrs. Antoine

Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Everett *

Michael and Nicole Finn **

Mr. Robert Franz and Family

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Flores **

Greg and Jana Giraldin **

Kevin and Carissa Green Family

Mr. and Mrs. Gryziewicz *

The Han Family

Justin and Mayumi Kuttler *

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Luong *

Mr. and Mrs. Martinho

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Piazza

The Platter Family

The Rottach Family **

Alex and Sheila Sanchez/In Memory

Grandfather Homayoun Bayati **


The Walsh Family **

The Whalen Family

Circle of Hope ($250 - $499)

The Aase Family **

The Ailey Family

Mr. and Mrs. Arredondo

The Bandura Family **


The Bemis Family **

Mr. and Mrs. John Bench *

The Bodner Family

Mr. and Mrs. Bonanno

The Bradley Family


The Briscoe Family

The Bordages Family ***

The Brodrick Family *

The Bruno Family **

The Caulfield Family **

Ms. Cindy Celotto **

The Darnell Family **

The Dearborn Family ***

Mr. and Mrs. Derek Early *

The Farr Family

The Ferraro Family

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Fippinger *

Mr. and Mrs. Val Fukunaga

Mr. and Mrs. Padraig Gavin *

Mr. and Mrs. Hendrik Gerryts *

Mr. and Mrs. Marco Guerrero *

The Hagstrom Family *

The Haldorsen Family

The Holmes Family **


The Isaacs Family

The Kearney Family *


The Lebsack Family

The Londe Family

The McConnell Family


The Mercurio Family

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Miles *

Patrick and Jennifer Morrissey *

The Murphy Family

In Memory of Alexander Nagy **

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Nelligan *

The Palda Family **

The Pratt Family

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Prouty +

The Reddy Family

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Reuter +

Steven and Rebecca Reyes **

Scott and Kristi Rittichier **

The Saint Family **

The Stein Family

The Sydor Family

The Weiss Family

Circle of Love ($100 - $249)

Ms. Nicole Bader **

Dr. and Mrs. Tom Bakman *

The Barnea Family

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Bauccio *

Mr. and Mrs. Anton Bolliger *

The Brabek Family

Ms. Gloria Bridges

Kirk and Michelle Brummer **

Anouska and Trevor Bryson *

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bucci *

The Button Family


The Cook Family **

Ms. Jennifer Cooper *


Mr. and Mrs. David D’Amour

The Cates Danesh Family

The Dark Family

Mr. and Mrs. Derick Deller *

Mr. and Mrs. Matt deMontesquiou *

The Dominguez Family

Mrs. Tedda Duhey **


The Faas Family

Steve and Lindley Fraley *

The Garner Family

The Giles Family

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Glover

Amy and Jaime Gonzalez **

The Hedges Family *


Ms. Carol Hoffman

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Houston *

The Howell Family

Mr. and Mrs. Jennings

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Joy *

The Michael Kenney Family *

Mr. and Mrs. Zak Kingsland

The Kirland Family **

The Kitcher Family +**

Dr. and Mrs. Jason Kwon *

Ms. Linda Latto

Mr. and Mrs. Charles LeBon *

The Lehman Family


The Lezama Family *

The LoCascio Family **

The Lynch Family

The Manning Family

The Matchett Family

Mr. and Mrs. John Matuz **

The McCusker Family

The McGarvin Family

Ms. Juanita Mesa

Kenneth & Baoyu Michael ***

Wendy & Mike Mulvihill ***

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Musetich

The Nguyen Family

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nicoll *

The Olson Family

Jean and Dave Owens *

The Palacios Family

The Paredes Family

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pearson *

Mr. and Mrs. Daven Pierce *

Katherine and Keith Pokrywa **

Heather & Bill Raney **

The Riley Family

The Rollolazo Family

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rosen


Mr. and Mrs. James Scarcelli *

The Schramm Family

The Scott Family

Gregory and Myla Shields *

The Smith Family

The Stucke Family

In Honor Of: Audrey & Kaitlyn Tantiprasut *

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Test *


The Vachon Family **

The Van Tassel Family

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Varela *

The VerBurg Family

The Viczorek Family **

Grant and Catherine Wadman **

Kyle and Erin Warner **

The Weagley Family

Monarch Circle ($1 - $99)

The Allen Family

The Angel Family

The Asis Family **

The Assad Family *

Ms. Suzanne Becerra

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Berlin *

Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Bertola **

Lee and Cathy Bognar *

Miss Brooke Bordages ’25

Mr. Owen Bordages ’23 *

Mrs. Donna Boucher ***

Mr. and Mrs. Breaux

The Briseno Family *

The Buist-Grosso Family

The Bunnin Family


Emma Capek ‘30

Savannah Capek ‘26

ANNUAL REPORT 2021–2022 21


Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hormuth *

The Ibarra Family

The Ignosci Family *

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Kim *

Madeline Capek ‘24

The Capek Family

The Chollet-Guibert Family


The Curran Family

The Cyronek Family

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Del Canto *

Joseph and Andrea Demma **

Mr. George Derby


Mr. and Mrs. Domingo-Olmstead

The Drescher Family

The Edgcomb Family

The Evers Family **

The Farnell Family

Bill and Kristyn Fazzalaro

Stephanie and Tony Fermelia **


The Fields Family

Ms. Nicole Foster *

Ms. Kristin Gabriel *

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Gahagan *

Drs. Sarah Mathias and Bobby Ghandehari *

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Green

The Griffin Family *

Taylor and Evan Guerrero

The Hartstein Family

Mr. and Mrs. Christian Hernandez *

The Hesley Family

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hoesli *

Grandparent Giving

The Kirimis Family

Ms. Jane Kirland

The Koenig Family

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Kosor


Wendy and Carlos Leon **


Mrs. Caren Liuzzi *

The MacLeod Family

Mr. and Mrs. Maish

The Malone Family

The Manganello Family

Mrs. and Mr. Mitch Marken *

Mr. and Mrs. John Marman *

Dr. and Mrs. Robert McCarron *

Mr. and Mrs. Joe McDonagh

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McDonald *

Mr. and Mrs. Robert McWilliam *

Mr. and Mrs. John Tanner Meston *

In Memory of Barbara-Rose Miller *

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Morrow *

The Mosich Family

The Muniz Family *

Ms. Rosalia Navarro

Ms. Cristin O’Connor *

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Olenik *

Ms. Jacalyn Page

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Patten

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Paulson **

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Person *

We recognize the following grandparents of St. Edward students and/or alumni who have generously given to the Monarch Annual Fund. Our gratitude goes to the many grandparents who have supported St. Edward and its students with their gifts.

Grand Monarch Giving

Ms. Gloria Bridges

Mr. George Derby

The Finn Family

Mr. Robert Franz & Family

Ms. Elizabeth Frost


Ms. Jane Kirland

Mr. Segundo Mateo

Ms. Laura Mateo

The McGarvin Family

Ms. Juanita Mesa

Jean and Dave Owens

Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Anonymous

Ms. Katherine Pinkerton

In Memory of Nonnie Pringle *

The Pugliese Family **

The Quinones Family

The Raabe Family

The Readler Family

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Robles **

Mrs. Audrey Rodriguez & Family **

Eddie & Shelly Rollins *

Saso High School Prep

The Severino Family **

The Shamash Family

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Shepherd *

The Shore Family *

The Signorile Family

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Smith *

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Smith *

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Snee *

The Stark Family

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Stone *

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Taft *

The Tait Family

The Tankersley Family **

The Tchang Family

Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Tioleco *

Ms. Karran Toffelmeir

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Townsend *

The Tysler Family Anonymous

Mr. Thomas Waszak *

Garrett and Karen Waters **

Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Wells *

Dr. and Mrs. Scott Williams *

Mr. and Mrs. Won


Faculty & Staff Giving

The dedicated service and generosity of the St. Edward Parish School faculty, staff and administration reaches well beyond the classroom. Thank you to the following faculty and staff who contributed to the Monarch Annual Fund.

21-22 Faculty & Staff Donors

Ms. Nicole Bader

Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Bertola

The Bordages Family

Mrs. Donna Boucher

Kirk and Michelle Brummer

The Capek Family

Ms. Cindy Celotto

Mrs. Tedda Duhey


Ms. Kristin Gabriel

The Hedges Family

The Ibarra Family

The Ignosci Family



Mrs. Caren Liuzzi

Matching Gift Programs

The Marquis Family


Mr. and Mrs. Craig Morrow

Ms. Cristin O’Connor

The Olson Family

The Palacios Family

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Paulson

The Pugliese Family

Many of our donors participate in Matching Gift Programs through their employers. Their participation further enhances their already generous donations to St. Edward Parish School. Thank you to the following companies for supporting matching gifts to our school.

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Robles

Mrs. Audrey Rodriguez & Family

Eddie & Shelly Rollins

The Vachon Family

Grant and Catherine Wadman

Kyle and Erin Warner

Mr. Thomas Waszak

ANNUAL REPORT 2021–2022 23

St. Edward the Confessor Catholic School

Statement of Financial Position June 30, 2022 Assets Operating reserve $1,911,325 Future capital expenditure reserve 1,494,021 Other assets 132,296 Property and equipment (net) 2,123,890 Total Assets $5,661,532 Liabilities and Fund Balance Accounts payable and accrued expenses $ 260,611 Deferred revenue 705,479 Restricted funds 587,173 Fund balance 4,108,269 Total Liabilities $5,661,532 and Fund Balance Assets June 30, 2022 Liabilities and Fund Balance June 30, 2022 26% 11% 34% 12% 38% 73% 2% 4% Future capital expenditure reserve Restricted Funds Operating reserve Accounts payable and accrued expenses Property and equipment (net) Fund balance Other assets Deferred revenue


Cash Outflows


Budgeted Cash Inflows

Budgeted Cash Outflows

100% Tuition, registration and fees 82% Salaries and benefits 7% Instructional supplies 8% Facility costs 2% Addition to capital reserve 2% Fundraising Income (net) 1% Capital expenditures Cash Inflows Tuition, registration and fees $7,364,757 Fundraising income (net) 151,020 Other income 360,645 Total Cash Inflows $7,876,422
Tuition, registration and fees $7,645,300 Total Cash Inflows $7,645,300
Salaries and benefits $5,805,665 Instructional supplies 577,707 Facility costs 587,297 Capital expenditures 330,580 Addition to capital reserve 575,173 Total Cash Outflows $7,876,422
Salaries and benefits $6,280,300 Instructional supplies 536,200 Facility costs 613,800 Capital expenditures 76,000 Addition to capital reserve 139,000 Total Cash Outflows $7,645,300
For the Year Ended June 30, 2022
For the Year Ended June 30, 2023 Budget is for the upcoming fiscal year June 30, 2023 5% Other income 93% Tuition, registration and fees 74% Salaries and benefits 7% Instructional supplies 8% Facility costs 4% Capital expenditures 7% Addition to capital reserve ANNUAL REPORT 2021–2022 25

Flashback Fiesta

What a radical celebration!

St. Edward Parish School celebrated its 40th anniversary with a flashback to its founding year of 1981! The school field was transformed into a one-day throwback family carnival, appropriately named Flashback Fiesta. It was by far the school’s largest event ever with 1,500 people in attendance. Flashback Fiesta featured live music from Yachty by Nature, carnival games, throwback arcade, food trucks, beer & wine garden, and even a college football and baseball playoff viewing area. It was a wonderful day celebrating 40 years of the Monarch Community.

While Flashback Fiesta was not designed to be a fundraising event, its huge success contributed to there being a surplus of funds. A total of $8,000 was directed to our Monarch Tuition Assistance program.


The event would not have been possible without the amazing planning committee and countless day-of volunteer adults and students.

Thank you to our Flashback Fiesta Planning Committee:

Heather Bandura

Lauren Bordages

Angela Bench

Kelly Drescher

Lindley Fraley

Jen Kearney

Carrie Kitcher

Ashley McCormick

Heather Mitchell

Erin Palacios

Katherine Pokrywa

Erin Warner

Many families and businesses sponsored Flashback Fiesta. Thank you to the following sponsors and underwriters.

Totally Radical Sponsor:

Santa Margarita Catholic High School

Far Out Sponsor: JSerra Catholic High School

So Awesome Sponsor:

The Bauccio Family

The Bench Family

The Scott Family | Scott & McCauley Insurance Agency

Event Underwriters:

Wine & Beer Garden Underwriter: Jungle of Smiles

College GameDay Underwriter: Reel Time

Signs & Banners Underwriter: The Marquis Family

Event Security Underwriter: The DiNino Family

Game Booth Underwriters: The Alexander Family, The Barnea Family, The Green Family, The Joy Family, Laguna Niguel Dry Cleaning & Ladera Ranch Dry Cleaning, The LoCascio Family, The Mulvey Family, The Mulvihill Family, The Neppl Family | Sukut Dental, The Sukut Family

Game Prize Underwriters: The Aase Family, The Latini Family, The Marquis Family, The VerBurg Family

ANNUAL REPORT 2021–2022 27


Congratulations to the Class of 2022! Following two school years altered by COVID-19, this class enjoyed all of the traditional graduation events: Washington DC trip, Graduation Dance, Baccalaureate Mass, Awards Night, and the commencement ceremony at full capacity!

On June 1, 2022 the class of 65 students gathered for their Baccalaureate Mass followed by the commencement ceremony at St. Edward the Confessor Catholic Church. Families and friends gathered to witness the Monarchs graduate. Principal Tom Waszak spoke of the resilience of the Class of 2022, specifically the impact of the pandemic on the students and their education journey. Mr. Waszak then welcomed Valedictorian Peter Gray to address his classmates. In his speech, Peter applauded the Class of 2022 for the qualities they displayed as Monarchs. Peter spoke of the different lessons they learned from preschool through eighth grade. Although the lessons seemed simple at the time, they were the foundation of their path in achieving their God-given potential, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

We wish the Class of 2022 a fond farewell. As new alumni of St. Edward, we know they will leave their mark on the world as confident and compassionate young men and women. We look forward to celebrating life’s achievements with them.

“And now we embark on a new journey, leaving our home at St. Edward to figure out how we can bring Jesus to others.

We have a great opportunity in front of us. No matter if we choose to pursue holiness through athletics, art, academics, student government, or one of the other many options that high school will present, we can be examples of Jesus to all those we meet.”


Class of 2022 Award Winners

Valedictorian | Peter Gray: Recognizes the graduating student who demonstrated excellence in the most challenging academic courses offered by St. Edward the Confessor Parish School and is graduating with the highest scholastic GPA.

Salutatorian | James Palda: Recognizes the graduating student(s) with the second highest cumulative academic GPA. This is calculated on the nine trimesters in Upper School attended at St. Edward the Confessor Parish School.

Notre Dame Club of Orange County Award

Mackenzie Hennessey: Recognizes one graduating student who is continuing in their Catholic education in high school and has been recognized for being selfless and giving to others in the model of Christ.

Respect Life Award | Marisa Lanfranco: The St Edward the Confessor Respect Life Ministry honors one eighth grade student for their outstanding essay on the theme “being the voice of the voiceless.” The selected student has put into words their commitment to living their Catholic faith during high school and beyond. Santa

St. Edward the Confessor Award | Peter Gray: This recipient is selected by his or her peers through a vote as the 8th grade student who lives their faith and is actively involved in all aspects of our St. Edward Community. He or she is the personification of the good qualities that we believe a St. Edward student should possess.

Class of 2022 - Their Journey Continues

Catholic High School
22 J Serra Catholic High School 27 Mater
Catholic High Schools 50
Dana Hills 7 San Juan Hills 3 Laguna Hills 1 San Clemente 1 Orange County School of the Arts 1 Local Public High Schools 13 students Other Schools 4 students The Togethership 1 Other
St. Xavier High School
Christian High School
1 Charlotte
Out of State Schools ANNUAL REPORT 2021–2022 29


Congratulations to St. Edward Alumna Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bork ’18 on earning the Santa Margarita Catholic High School Caritas Christi Award. The award goes to the student who embodies and best exemplifies the school charism of Caritas Christi, which means “the love of Christ.”

The Caritas Christi Award is one of the most profound traditions at Santa Margarita Catholic High School. It was founded in 1998 by a former physics teacher who believed that it’s not about what you do at the end of the day. Rather, it’s about who you are as a person.

Elaine Galvez, Health Seminar and Social Studies teacher said of Lizzy, “I will miss hearing her voice during Mass and her words in passing, yet I also know it is time for her to spread her wings and continue being an inspiration to those she encounters; it is her true nature.”

The Caritas Christi award is one of SMCHS’ highest honors bestowed among seniors. The recipient sits on stage with the Valedictorian and Salutatorian at the graduation ceremony. In addition to receiving a plaque, Lizzy received $3,000 towards her college tuition and $2,000 to designate to the Catholic/Christian charity of her choice.

Lizzy is now a freshman at Chapman University where she will continue to share the love of Christ.


Our school is now at the age where we are experiencing a wonderful evolution - Legacy Families! A Legacy Family is one in which multiple generations have received or are currently receiving a St. Edward Parish School education.

Nothing demonstrates the sense of community more than the pride of alumni who return to St. Edward Parish School, bringing their children as students so they can have the experiences of a Monarch education.

St. Edward Alumni - Legacy Families

Michelle (Ahumada) Brown ‘89

Nicole (Derby) Bader ‘93

Melissa (Naylon) Blower ‘93

Matthew Brabeck ‘88

Natalie (Watson) Carpenter ‘97

Meghan (Schinderle) Clem ‘97

Nicole (Delehanty) Delehanty ‘01

Gianna (Gipe) Faas ‘02

Jenna (Carollo) Farr ‘00

Elizabeth (Naylon) Jeffries ‘95

Jennifer (Green) Kearney ‘89

Sarah (Rosen) Kirland ‘89

Thomas Koenig ‘00

Anthony Luppi ‘00

Nicole (Cramer) Parker ‘88

Dicey (McGraw) Perrine ‘03

Rebecca (Mildrew) Raabe ‘98

Ursula (Luna) Reynosa ‘90

Taryn (Villasenor) Rice ‘01

Shannon Villasenor ‘99

Are you part of a Legacy Family?

We want to celebrate you and your family! Contact us at advancement@stedschool.org if we missed your name on the Legacy Family list.

Lizzy Bork ‘18


What year did you graduate from St. Edward Parish School?

I graduated in 2002 and attended the school Kindergarten through eighth grade.

Where did you go to high school after St. Edward?

After graduation, I followed my two older siblings and attended Mater Dei High School for the first two years. However, I ended up transferring to Santa Margarita where I rounded out my final two years and graduated as an Eagle.

Why did you choose St. Edward Parish School for your family?

I was one of four kids and all of my siblings attended St. Edward Parish School. My parents were very active at the school as well. The school was a second home for me while growing up. St. Edward is the root of some of my fondest childhood memories. When my husband and I decided to buy our home in south Orange County, there was no question that we would enroll our children at St. Edward. We want to provide them with the same academic excellence and faith-based community for their education.

What is your favorite memory from being a student at St. Edward?

It’s hard to pinpoint one memory to declare as my favorite. I would have to say it comes down to being ASB class president, the annual Field Day, the Fiesta, any and all field trips, and winning some parochial athletic championships. One of the most memorable was the school’s recreation of the eighth grade DC trip since we were unable to go on the trip because 9/11 happened that year.

What is your favorite part of being a parent at St. Edward?

Experiencing St. Edward as a student and now as a parent feels surreal and is truly remarkable. The school has done an excellent job at preserving a lot of those special traditions (i.e. prayer partners, field day, Christmas pageant, etc.) that I carry with fondness. It’s exciting to see the events/ traditions that have been elevated, such as the TYKE Olympics, Monarch Main Event, and the Sapphire lunch program. Volunteering for special events has also quickly become a favorite part in my experience as a parent. I really enjoy all of the opportunities the school provides us with to be part of the memories made on and off campus.

What has been your family’s favorite school event?

With my oldest in TYKE this year and joining the school as a parent during Covid, most of the school events have either been sequestered to preschool, altered or sometimes even cancelled. That being said, at this point, the throwback Flashback Fiesta has been my favorite. With my parents spearheading the efforts year over year, the Fiesta was fundamental to our family dynamic and being able to attend the Flashback rendition made it all that much sweeter.

What is the most meaningful to you at St. Edward?

Hands down, the community. Being surrounded by parents and faculty who, at their core, embody the same values as you, are innately supportive, committed to Christ and the development of our children while being passionate about philanthropy is truly nonpareil and inevitably conveys a parental peace.

LEGACY MONARCHS | The Faas Family » » » » » » » ANNUAL REPORT 2021–2022 31

We said goodbye to two longtime St. Edward faculty members at the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

Mrs. Vicki Tritz | School Librarian

Mrs. Tritz and her family were members of the St. Edward school community for nearly 20 years. Vicki began working at the school in 2011 as the school librarian. Vicki was instrumental in starting the Battle of the Books program at St. Edward Parish School. The St. Edward Battle of the Books program is one of the strongest in the Diocese of Orange. The annual book fair at St. Edward was always an incredible success with Vicki organizing the event. We are incredibly grateful for the many contributions that Vicki made to our students, colleagues and school.

Mrs. Tedda Duhey | Upper School Learning Support Coordinator

Mrs. Tedda Duhey was a dedicated staff member since 2012. Our upper school program thrived because of Tedda’s dedication to the students. She was a tremendous asset for eight years. We wish Tedda the best of luck in her new adventure in the state of Tennessee.


Congratulations to the following faculty and staff members who celebrated a milestone anniversary year at the end of the 2201-2022 school year:

15 Years of Service

Melissa Arrey

Ashleigh Vachon

10 Years of Service

Melissa Kirby

Sblenda Van Eenenaam

Kathryn Linares

5 Years of Service

Lauren Bordages

Christina Heal

Lisa Ledyard

Christina Schuetz

We love celebrating our St. Edward faculty and staff members. Several years ago, a new position called Teacher & Community Relations Coordinator was added to the PGO board. The position is responsible for making our teachers and staff feel loved and appreciated throughout the school year. Once per month, the coordinators choose different perks and surprises for the faculty and staff.


September 2021: Back to School Lunch provided by Paradise Bakery

October 2021: Halloween Coffee Cart

November 2021: Julian Apple Pies

December 2021: Christmas Gift Wrapping (they bring their gifts, we provide the wrapping!)

January 2022: Sunset Shack Acai Bowls and Smoothies

February 2022: Sweet Treat from FKN Bakery

March 2022: St. Patty’s Day Treat

April 2022: Individual Herb Plant

May 2022: Lunch provided by The Lime Food Truck

June 2022: Lunch provided The Burnt Food Truck



St. Edward Parish School welcomed our new School Counselor Mrs. Jamie Harding in the 2021-2022 school year. Mrs. Harding has worked in Catholic education since 2010 and understands the unique challenges of students kindergarten through eighth grade.

Today’s youth are faced with new and different challenges than the generation before them. Students of the 21st-century are tackling greater incidences of bullying, academic pressure, family changes, issues with the use of social media, and a more difficult social landscape. St. Edward recognized the societal change and Mrs. Harding implemented a developmentallyappropriate counseling program focused on social-emotional learning. The new program includes opportunities for individual counseling, small group counseling, and parent education. Students are taught lifelong skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, empathy, stress management, and communication.

Mrs. Harding, (who earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Arizona; Master of Education in Counseling from Loyola Marymount University; and Master of Education in Leadership from California State University Fullerton) is committed to providing quality counseling services at St. Edward Parish School as a vital dimension of a Catholic school education.

ANNUAL REPORT 2021–2022 33
Mrs JamieHarding


Ava 2019 | Jack 2022

How many years total was your family at St. Edward? 12 years

Why did you choose Catholic education for your family?

For us, being Catholic is more than just going to Mass every Sunday. It is about your values and how your faith impacts the choices you make in your daily life. We wanted our children to grow up in a community surrounded by others who hold these same values. We wanted them to be taught by teachers who exemplify our Catholic values: kindness, compassion, justice and the love of Christ.

Why did you choose St. Edward Parish School? We chose St. Edward Parish School because it reminded me of the traditional Catholic school that I attended as a child. It takes a village to raise children and we wanted a school where the teachers treated each child as their own, where we knew every face at the carpool line and where

the Christian values we instilled at home were being continually reinforced in the classroom and on the playground. We also wanted a well-rounded education where our children loved to learn.

What activities were your kids/and your family involved in at St. Edward?

One of our favorite St. Edward activities was participating in the Academic Decathlon with our son Jack. This program is successful each year because of the countless hours these families dedicate to our children. From the family potlucks, to Sunday logic practices, the academic decathlon program taught our entire family about the importance of hard work, sacrifice, grit and team work. In addition to decathlon, Jack participated as a student ambassador and on student council. Ava was an altar server and loved all the school dances and the various events – from the talent show to fiesta – where she made memories with her friends.


What was the most memorable school moment(s) for your family? Feel free to list more than one.

We had so many memorable school moments over our 12 years. When we asked Ava & Jack, they both said their eighth grade Washington, DC trip. Whether getting stuck in a downpour in Williamsburg, or participating in a sweat-filled dance party on a boat in the Potomac, they both made unforgettable memories with their StEd friends before they headed their separate ways after graduation.

What was your family’s favorite school event?

Hands down, the Fiesta! Our family would spend the whole weekend there enjoying friends, food and rides. Not only did we come away with one too many desserts from the cake walk, a goldfish or two, and brightly colored stuffed animals, but we more importantly made lifelong memories.

What was your family’s favorite school tradition?

We had so many special traditions at St. Edward! Some of our favorites include the seventh and eighth grade dances, Christmas pageants, Stations of the Cross, Immigration Day, the overnight stay on the Pilgrim ship, In-N-Out day, Walk Through the American Revolution and beach days for the last day of school.

What is most meaningful to you at St. Edward?

Our Friday school Masses! I loved attending Mass with Ava and Jack. Even as they grew older and sat with their friends, I love watching the little children and witnessing their love of Christ. I still tear up when I hear the song “Lord I Need You” –I will always recall the kids singing that acapella after communion.

Anything else you would like to add?

We are so thankful for our time at St. Edward and we know that it provided the educational and faith foundation for our children as they continue in high school, college and beyond. To all the new families at St. Edward, enjoy every minute at this special school. Volunteer in the classroom, go on field trips, attend school events. Embrace every moment – never again will your children be at one school for as long as they will be a St. Edward Monarch!

2022 Sunset Families

Each year we recognize the families who end their journey at St. Edward Parish School with their youngest child graduating from the school. We said farewell to 26 families from the Class of 2022. Many of the families spent more than 12 years together spanning multiple children at St. Edward.

The Sunset Parents were invited to a breakfast on May 24, 2022 to celebrate the completion of their journey as Monarch parents. It was a beautiful morning full of stories from their time at the school.

The Alvarez Family

The Bandura Family

The Becerra Family

The Collins Family

The Corral Family

The Fazzalaro Family

The Greene Family

The Haggard Family

The Hoesli Family

The Latini Family

The LoCascio Family

The Marquis Family

The McEligot Family

The Meissner Family

The Nguyen Family

The Pagel Family

The Razo Family

The Reagan Family

The Rigoni Family

The Rush Family

The Singh Family

The Smith Family

The Treister Family

The Tysler Family

The Walsh Family

The Zacharias Family

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