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W E D O W H AT W E W A N T By Tamma Hicks, STEAM Magazine

SHOWS: 5/3 Two Bros BBQ, San Antonio TX

5/22 Anderson Mills Tavern, Austin TX SOCIAL: This month we partnered with ReverbNation to introduce you to another great Indie band. For May’s opportunity we had more than 6,000 submissions and after listening to snip-bits, checking and rechecking artist for hours and hours… Black Water from Temple Texas grabbed our attention! When we begin these opportunities we don’t always know what it is that we’re looking for, so when we clicked play Black Water’s gritty-soulful-funky-rock it didn’t just grab us it literally had us dancing in the office! STEAM Tell me about the band and how you got together. BRANDY Black Water is the brainchild of bassist Bo Parsons. He formed a Frankenstein with us, by searching out the parts he liked most from various bands in Central Texas to get what he was looking for in Black Water. Brandon (Doyle) was in Second to Last and is a phenom-

enal guitar player. He is the newest member of the group. I was the lead vocalist for rock band Hangar 24. DAVE Brandon (Lockabey, drums) and Bo have been in a number of bands together over the last 10 years which makes our rhythm section so solid. I’m best known as the front man of KriticKill, a metal band. That is the only other group I’ve been in and was with them for 15 years. STEAM What groups are your influences? DAVE For influences, I think we all agree on the typicalnormal groups like James Taylor, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Cheech & Chong. Personally, Black Water is taking me back to my roots of Americana and rock. STEAM Wait, Cheech & Chong is not your typical musical influence. DAVE While growing up in Tennessee and my parents would let me play their albums all the time and Cheech & Chong was one of those; they had some good music.

STEAM What genre does Black Water fall under and who writes your music? BRANDY We’re all in the consensus that Southern Rock is the best way to describe us. We really treat this group as a democracy, so no one person has a say over what we do. We’re all seasoned musicians and we learn from each other. Our motto is, “We do what we want!” And it’s true! STEAM Are you planning any road trips this summer? BRANDY We’ve been together for a little over a year now and things are really starting to happen, so I can’t say we have a specific tour planned but we will be traveling more for shows. We’d love to get come down to Corpus Christi and the Valley! Black Water has recently released their first EP, Black Water, with both live and studio recordings! You can purchase a copy at shows or contact them through Facebook and ReverbNation. They are working on digital distribution so stay tuned!





STEAM Magazine South Texas Entertainment Art Music volume 3 issue 2 May 2014  

STEAM Magazine - South Texas Entertainment Art Music volume 3 issue 2 - May 2014. STEAM Magazine - South Texas Entertainment Art Music - May...

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