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You will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Here’s to all the great memories shared by SCA cheerleaders of times gone by. May the fun times they shared and the St. Cecilia spirit they encouraged, continue to inspire generations of SCAarabs.

Principal Sister Anne Catherine, O.P. Vice Principal of Students Andres Montana Vice Principal of Academics Sister Julia Marie, O.P. Director of Admissions Betty Bader Director of Athletics Bryan Picklesimer

Principal Sister Anne Catherine, O.P. with students at the annual Fall Combo. She is pictured here with seniors (from left) Virginia Conners , Adela Appleby, Jessie Gallivan, Madison Baird, and director of student activities, Margaret Strobel Pyburn ’93,

Dear Friends,

Did you follow the coverage of Pope Francis’ visit to the United States this past September? It is hard to find anyone, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, who was not moved in some way by the Holy Father’s visit, even if he was just driving by and waving from his Fiat! My personal favorite was the commentator for CNN who was covering the Pope’s evening arrival in Philadephia. As he drove past her post, she shrieked in excitement while all the cameramen scattered from their places to say hello. Then she proceeded to give an eloquent and impromptu testimony about how she had returned to the practice of her Catholic faith due to the example of Pope Francis. Isn’t it amazing to see the power of one good person? As you receive this issue of Harpstrings, Pope Francis’ call for a Jubilee Year of Mercy has begun, and it is a call worth paying attention to. We live in a world increasingly plagued by violence, anger, and anxiety. We need only look to the daily news to confirm this fact. But if we are honest, we see this tendency not only in the world around us but also within ourselves. How often have we reacted in anger or with coldness when we are caught in traffic on the way to an important meeting, when our children don’t appreciate us, or when we have a hard time forgiving a wrong done to us? Throughout this year, Pope Francis is asking for a renewed attention to the virtue of mercy, the virtue that allows us to reach out with compassion to the suffering or lacking in another and take it on as our own. As the Pope said, “Dear brothers and sisters, I have often

thought of how the Church may render more clear her mission to be a witness to mercy; and we have to make this journey. It is a journey which begins with spiritual conversion. Therefore, I have decided to announce an Extraordinary Jubilee which has at its center the mercy of God. It will be a Holy Year of Mercy. We want to live in the light of the word of the Lord: ‘Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful’ (cf. Lk 6:36).” This year is a great time to go out of ourselves and look to the needs of others, especially through the practice of the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Instruction of the young is, of course, one of the great spiritual works of mercy, and in this issue you will see the ways in which our faculty and staff truly equip our students to excel, not only academically but also through fostering the development of virtue and strong character. Whether they teach the girls to take delight in the created world around them, to pause and listen to others over a shared cup of tea, or simply witness in their own lives to a desire for deeper friendship with God, our teachers are some of St. Cecilia’s greatest assets. We can never fully measure the impact of a few good people. In this Year of Mercy, may each of us know the loving gaze of our merciful Savior and be drawn closer to Him in reconciliation and love. With prayers for you and your families,

Sister Anne Catherine, O.P. Principal

Director of Alumnae Relations Bridget Nolan Thomas ’05 Director of Communications Alexza Clark Director of Advancement Sister Catherine Marie, O.P. Director of Development Deb Fay Harpstrings Staff Alexza Clark, Editor Michael Ann Zinser ’88, Graphic Designer Photographers: Alexza Clark, Susan Beavin George ’08, Amie Pike, Sr. Helen Marie, O.P. ’76, Sr. Mary Christopher, O.P. ’73, Rebecca Horton ’73, Rich Kalonick, and Uchida Photography. Front: Photo by Rich Kalonick. History teacher and alumna Sara Brunette Strobel ’01 with Molly Dortch ’17 (left) and Kennedy Palmer ’18 (right). Back: The class of 2015 gathers for a celebratory picture after winning the 2015 spirit week competition.


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FA I T H ' S J O U R N E Y

A Sacred Journey Three stories of Pilgrimage


of Dr. Collins’ senior English class surely remember memorizing the Prologue to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. But the concept of pilgrimage is not something relegated to Chaucerian medieval England. Rather, the idea of life as a pilgrimage—a journey with an underlying holy purpose—is an apt metaphor found repeatedly throughout the Christian theological and spiritual tradition. St. Thomas Aquinas, for example, adopts the Latin term viator (“wayfarer” in English) to describe the human person on earth as one who is returning to her heavenly homeland. Even in our strategic plan, one of our goals in relation to student travel is to incorporate, when appropriate, visits to important Catholic shrines or churches so that our students can experience purposeful elements of pilgrimage in their own travel. In the past six months, several members of the St. Cecilia community have had the opportunity to participate in pilgrimages, one along the ancient Camino de Santiago to Compostela and two others to important sites of Marian devotion in Europe. Their experiences remind us that, as Christians, we journey towards a home that is not in this world. As Pope Francis prays, “God our Father, be with us on our pilgrim journey of faith. Give us the grace and courage to step forward in faith and hope on the road ahead.”


Math teacher Sarah Robinson walking the Camino de Santiago across Spain this summer.

1. Sarah Robinson, math faculty and

learning specialist, Camino de Santiago, France and Spain

This summer, SCA math teacher and learning specialist Sarah Robinson embarked on the historic Camino de Santiago across Spain. While there are many routes for this pilgrimage, they all lead to Santiago’s Cathedral, that holds the remains of the apostle St. James the Greater. Robinson traveled The French Way beginning from St. Jean in Franc, a journey of approximately 500 miles that takes about a month to complete.


Why did you decide to go on a pilgrimage?

A: I decided to walk the Camino during a conversation with a good friend of mine, and we actually decided to do it together. Unfortunately, in the end she was not able to join me so I went on my own. I’ve noticed that at times in my life I tend to neglect my faith life when I feel I have so many other tasks and respon-

sibilities that are able to be “completed” and make me feel productive. I placed too much value in that productivity and last year felt a growing gap between myself and God because I wasn’t putting as much effort into my relationship with Him. I have also prayed about my vocation, and decided that this would be a “sink or swim” experience where I could finally make a definitive choice. For both of these reasons, the choice to go was easy, and I felt like I was telling God, “I’m all in.”.


What was the biggest lesson you learned on your pilgrimage?

A: I had two lessons right away that defined the experience for me. The first was how to accept help and gifts from others, and the other was how to accept the fact that, when I didn’t have what someone needed, I couldn’t help them. I’ve always had a hard time accepting gifts and help because of a very big “I can do it myself, thanks” stubbornness about me. But during my month of walking I conSTCECILIA.EDU

FA I T H ' S J O U R N E Y stantly had to ask for help from those around me and take what they offered. There was a “pay it forward” unspoken agreement among pilgrims, so I accepted water, food, bandaids, sunscreen, and athletic tape just as often as I handed them out. I also had to put my faith in the fact that when I came across someone in need, I wasn’t necessarily the person who could help. I literally had everything in a backpack, and if it wasn’t in my backpack, I couldn’t give it. I had to move on, and allow the next person to help.

Q: What was the biggest challenge of your pilgrimage?

A: The biggest challenge was, in the end, the biggest grace. All along I had to deal with expectations not being met, in particular with meeting people. I met amazing people as well as some I’d prefer not to see again, but everyone I met always seemed to have a purpose for me. I had a vision that everyone doing the Camino was spiritual, but found that many other pilgrims were doing it as a physical challenge. While that wouldn’t be a problem for me, some of these people were also anti-Catholic and/or anti-religion, and as they walked with me so they would express their frustrations. One pair of Australian men even made it their mission to convince me there was no God. While this was initially disappointing for me, I noticed that it forced me to defend the Catholic faith down to the smallest detail and explain the reasons behind the Church’s teachings, something I’ve never had to do before since most of my life I’ve been surrounded by like-minded Catholics. In the end, what I at first was afraid would challenge my faith ended up strengthening it, and strengthening my confidence to speak up about it.

Q: What insights did you glean from the pilgrimage about yourself?

A: You don’t have to agree with someone to listen to them and learn from them, and sometimes the person I have the least in common with can teach me the most. I also know that my faith life needs continual attention, not just sporadic bursts out of fear when I feel my connection with God fade. After coming back home, I got more involved in my church, Christ the King, and am helping with their High School Youth Group.

Q: Is there anything about your time at

SCA that helped you on your pilgrimage?

A: Knowing that I had the support and prayers from my SCA coworkers, friends, and students was huge for me. I have a very hard STCECILIA.EDU

Molly Humphreys ’13 pictured here at Medjugorje, Bosnia. time asking people to pray for me, which isn’t surprising since it is a form of asking for help and gifts! Their generosity with their thoughts and prayers, their genuine concern as I left, and their curiosity to hear about my trip when I got back made the experience all the more meaningful.




Medjugorje, Bosnia


Alumna Molly Humphreys is studying at the University of San Diego and is currently studying abroad with a program called Semester at Sea. She is sailing around the world through Europe, North Africa, Central America, and South America and will return to San Diego, California before Christmas-time this year. As part of her Semester at Sea, Humphreys visited Medjugorje, Bosnia, which is where it is believed that our Blessed Mother appeared to 6 children in 1981. Although not yet recognized by the Church, Medjugorje is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in the world.

Q: Why did you decide to go on a pilgrimage? A: Our itinerary changed last minute from Istanbul, Turkey to Dubrovnik, Croatia. When this happened I immediately learned about a day pilgrimage to Medjugorje. I thought that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore my faith more deeply and spend time in prayer with others. By going on this pilgrimage to Medjugorje, I was able to learn more about Catholic history that was new to me,

while also participating in time of silence and prayer with others. I really think the last minute change of itinerary was a blessing because it allowed me to go on this pilgrimage.


What was the biggest lesson you learned on your pilgrimage?

A: The message of Medjugorje is one of peace. That is what Mary told the children multiple times when she appeared to them. On the pilgrimage I learned how universal the Catholic Church really is. There were so many pilgrims from all over the world that came there to be in a holy and prayerful place.

Q: What was the biggest challenge of your pilgrimage?

A: I think the most difficult part was to understand what happened there and to recognize how holy and incredible a place Medjugorje actually is. It is a much different feeling being there than being in Vatican City in St. Peter's Basilica. Obviously the Vatican is also amazing, but many of the people in Rome are simply tourists and not pilgrims. But the reverence and prayer of Medjugorje was a spiritual experience for me.

Q: What insights did you glean from the pilgrimage about yourself?

A: I was able to really appreciate my faith and how much it really means to me. This semester is the first time in my entire life where I have not been at a Catholic institution, and it continued on page 7



A Spot


of Tea

Sister Scholastica

English department chair Sister Scholastica O.P. finds a new way to connect with her students—over tea. Enjoying a cup of tea with her fellow sisters, self-described introvert Sister Scholastica had a great idea. “I thought to myself, the simple act of making a pot of tea brings out the essential elements of a relationship—communication, sharing, service to the other, and making people feel welcome. That is what we are all about: making human connections,” said Sister Scholastica. And so began her quest to find enough tea sets so that she and her students could connect over tea. “My style is not to go out into the hallway and talk to each student. I am more of a one-on-one person. I find it awkward to say, ‘Hey, wanna talk?’ But to invite someone to


tea, that sounded pretty reasonable to me,” she thought. With the help of the alumnae director, Sister Scholastica reached out on Facebook to request tea sets. Several alumnae responded, including Constance “Connie” Overbey Luttrell ’61, who offered dozens of fine bone china tea cups and saucers in beautiful colors and patterns. Soon Sister Scholastica was sharing the lost art of drinking tea with her students. Although she herself much prefers coffee, Sister Scholastica has learned a lot about the ritual of preparing and sharing tea. For starters, tea takes a long time. “You cannot simply chug a cup of hot tea,” she observes.

Alumna "Connie" Overbey Luttrell drops by Sister Scholastica's class.

“Serving tea is constantly teaching me to be still, to be present to the person in front of me, and to let the Lord into that relationship,” Sister Scholastica explains. There is also an elegance to drinking tea that the students enjoy. Sister notes how the girls love to choose their pretty tea cup and saucer and decide if they are feeling in the mood for a full-bodied black tea or a delicate herbal infusion. The ritual of preparing tea provides an occasion in which the girls get to know one another and Sister Scholastica gets to know her students. “It is part of a person’s dignity to take time, to just ‘be’, and students don’t always learn


E X P LO R E B E YO N D this art when I’m just standing in front of a classroom teaching,” said Sister Scholastica. “Preparing tea for my students demonstrates a reverence for them. It says to them, ‘You are worth my time.'”

Q: Why did you decide to go on a pilgrimage?

A: I wanted to go to Lourdes because I knew it to be a place of healing, and because I love the Blessed Mother very much. I wanted to be cured of the muscular dystrophy from which I suffer, but I was also looking for a ‘resurrection experience’ after some difficult events in my past.

Pope Francis has commented and written extensively about his desire to build a “culture of encounter” on an individual level, and a spot of tea with Sister Scholastica seems to be doing just that—one sip at a time.

Q: What

was the biggest lesson you learned on your pilgrimage?

“The girls talk about the books they like, their plans for the future and these things are fun, but what I am interested in is how they are doing,” Sister explains. “We have amazing girls. You can see their gifts in the classroom, but they are even more evident when talking to them one on one. Outside of class they are themselves, and they are just happy to have someone make time for them,” she continued. For someone who considers herself an introvert, Sister Scholastica’s quiet and intentional efforts to connect with her students are working. And those connections are what have the power to change people’s lives, one cup of tea at a time.

Vice Principal of Students Andres Montana and his wife Shannon during his pilgrimage to Lourdes, France. continued from page 5

is easily noticeable. I am truly proud of being Catholic and to be on a pilgrimage where so many others feel the same way is extremely humbling. The message of peace was very strong and, honestly, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace when I sat down in front of the statue of Our Lady at the top of Apparition Hill.

Q: Is there anything about your time at SCA that helped you on your pilgrimage?

To the St. Cecilia Tea Party Class SCA’s color is red And we know violets are blue, For Sister Scholastica and her class These Tea Party items I give to you. May each student have fun Learning social skills so polite, So when they are on their own For many they will cause delight. It is a pleasure to help With tea materials to share, So glad I am able to give To my Alma Mater, for which I care! — Constance “Connie” Overbey Luttrell ’61


A: My time at SCA, along with St. Matthew School and my own family, shaped me into the young woman I am today. The values and morals I have learned there have been enhanced at the University of San Diego and have enabled me to go confidently in this world and be proud of my Catholic faith. SCA prides itself on teaching young women to be confident and without that foundation and the support of my own parents, I would not have been able to go to college halfway across the country and spend a semester sailing around the world.

3. Andres Montana, vice-principal of students, Lourdes, France

Reflections with Vice-Principal of Students Andres Montana, on his recent participation in the Annual International Order of Malta Pilgrimage to Lourdes, France.

A: I learned that the Blessed Mother is more real and more loving than we can even imagine. My experience was deeply prayerful, and odd though it may sound, I felt as if she chose me to be hers, forever. As a mother takes her child into her arms in the very first moment after birth, I felt she did the same with me. This gave me an assurance that cannot be put into words.

Q: What was the biggest challenge of your pilgrimage? A: On the plane ride I had a middle ‘economy size’ seat between my wife and a corpulent, jolly priest with severe asthma. He coughed and hacked for many hours on the plane ride (there and back) and was even more persistent in his apologies. It felt as if I shared the same seat with him, especially when we were eating. The whole thing makes my wife and me smile and express sympathy for this poor priest who seemed to suffer more from the feeling he was making us suffer than from the discomfort of the tiny seats and his asthma.

Q: What insights did you glean from the pilgrimage about yourself?

A: I realized that I am more weak and sinful than I thought, yet Jesus loves me all the same. He loves me and each of us in a deeply personal way. He knows the very depths of our soul, and He is WITH us, closely, all the time.

Q: Is there anything about your time at SCA that helped you on your pilgrimage? A: To know that all the girls and the sisters and faculty and staff were praying for me on the day I went into the baths at Lourdes was a huge consolation to me. Also, while I’ve been at St. Cecilia, Jesus has taught me how to pray, and knowing how to pray a little prepared me for the gift of prayer I received in Lourdes.


Liberal Arts:

Seeking Truth Seeking Truth Seeking Truth



Seeking Truth and Acquiring Virtue By Sister Julia Marie, O.P. Vice Principal of Academics

During 8th grade interviews we ask the parents of prospective students, “What do you hope for your daughter in four years?” This question makes most parents’ eyes water as they discuss their deepest desires for their daughter. As we consider our partnership with families we also ask ourselves, “What do we promise each SCA student and her parents?” To answer this question, we draw from sources that are both timeless and time-tested. Hearkening back to the days of classical antiquity, a liberal arts education was considered essential for anyone active in civic life in a free society. The terms “liberal education” and “free society” arise out of the classic notion that we must first rule ourselves before ruling others: True freedom demands that the powers of a person’s being (intellect, will, and passions) be fully integrated by the exercise of virtue and in line with the reality of truth.

With a fitting emphasis on seeking the truth and acquiring virtue, the Dominican tradition at St. Cecilia Academy considers God as the focal point of all study. This approach illuminates all disciplines with a light that gives intrinsic value and purpose to study. To this end, our liberal arts curriculum is naturally aligned with the truth of God found in creation and in Revelation, approaches that never contradict one another since they flow from the same source – Truth Himself. Moreover, as our students master the content of the various disciplines, they also develop skills of logical reasoning and clarity in speaking, writing, and problem solving. They learn to ask "why" and to consider how the study of all that is true, good, and beautiful translates into a life of happiness and virtue.

From St. Cecilia Academy’s perennial emphasis on the fine arts to our modern day Veritas Connection French exchange program to our First Tech Challenge robotics team, every facet of the St. Cecilia liberal arts experience has the ultimate end in mind, which is the pursuit of wisdom for its own sake. This pursuit is both noble and relevant, since such preparation will also prepare our graduates for the multiple careers they will encounter amid constantly evolving challenges of 21st century life. Ever ancient and ever new, our philosophy of education aims at ultimately freeing the St. Cecilia student to discover why God made her and what she is meant to do with her life. As we promise all families, "St. Cecilia Academy ennobles young women, equips them to excel, and inspires them to lead lives of integrity." 8 | HARPSTRINGS

French teacher Carole Begley with French exchange student Osmane Butruille.

French student Osmane Butruille attended SCA from January through May 2015 as part of our Veritas Connection exchange program with Lycée de La Sauque, a boarding school near Bordeaux, France with connections to Dominican friars. Butruille is the third exchange student SCA has hosted since the start of the program in 2013. As part of the exchange, SCA students travel to France during the month of June under the leadership of the World Languages and Cultures department chair, Carole Vermillion Begley, and History department chair, Sarah Nunan Marvel ’03. At an end-of-the year assembly inducting high-achieving students into language honor societies, Butruille had these kind words to share with her St. Cecilia friends:

Osmane Butruille

IN HER OWN WORDS Osmane Butruille (above) I would like to thank all of you for your warm welcome to St. Cecilia. My first day at St. Cecilia was for me unbelievable! I couldn't believe that I was in a school where you can hug your teachers, where you can finish school before 10 p.m., and the best, a school without boys, that is very nice! I am so happy to have had the opportunity to meet wonderful students and teachers. Here, I have learned so much while making friends. When I return to France, thanks to all of you, I will be proud to give English lessons to my sisters and not the other way around, like it was just three months ago!

French teacher Carole Begley, Lizzie Rohricht ’17, Vickie Chargualaf ’16, French and history teacher Sarah Nunan Marvel ’03, Karla Hernandez ’17, Sissy Gaston ’17, Molly Dortch ’17, and Cecilia Green ’17 on their trip to France this summer.




Louisa Bateman Science Faculty

Six S C A st ude n t s p u r s u e s umme r STE M wor k in p rogra m s a c ross t he co untry Students (left to right) Lizzie Kimbrough ’17, Suzanne Eastwood ’16, Katie Corkum ’17, Audrey Luck ’17, Natalie Newsom ’18, and Elise Driver ’17. Kimbrough attended a six-week medical career exploration program at Meharry Medical College in Nashville. Eastwood expanded her astrophysics research in Chile. Luck spent her summer at The University of Texas taking an Introduction to Medicine course. Newsom attended an atmospheric science camp at Jackson State University in Mississippi. And Driver participated in two STEM programs this summer- an Engineering program for academically gifted high school girls at The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and an engineering systems program at The University of Tennessee.


Margaret Duggan Miller College Counselor

MATH HON OR S PR OJE C T Meredith Miller English Faculty

Bridget Nolan Thomas ’05 Corinne Baroni ’18 and Katie Corkum ’17 preparing for a robotics competition next semester. They, along with several other students, make up the new SCA Robotics Team spearheaded by physics teacher Ashley George.

Pre-Calculus Honors students present their final math projects. The assignment included finding math in everyday situations. Their creative work included finding the algorithms in Facebook, math in sports, solar panel technology, and the math used in robotics surgery.

Director of Alumnae Relations

There are also three new Sisters joining the faculty this year: Sister Elena

Marie, O.P., Sister Mary Eileen, O.P., and Sister Bernadette, O.P. ’85.

2 01 5 N ATI O N AL MERIT SCH OLAR SHIP SE M IFIN A LISTS Three SCA seniors have qualified as 2015 National Merit Scholarship semifinalists. Seniors Suzanne Eastwood, Diane Lee, and Natalie Zimberg were named to this honor, which allows them to continue in the competition for National Merit Scholarships worth nearly $32 million. The nationwide pool of semifinalists, representing approximately 1.25 percent of test takers, includes the highest-scoring entrants from each state. About 90 percent of the semifinalists are expected to attain finalist standing, and more than half of the finalists will win a National Merit Scholarship, earning the Merit Scholar title. SUZANNE EASTWOOD





In addition, senior Erin Whitney was named a National Merit Commended Student, placing among the top four percent of more than 1.5 million students who entered the 2015 competition.



21st Century Towards a stewardship of creation




You are called to care for creation not only as responsible citizens, but also as followers of Christ.

— Pope Francis

By Charles Martinez III, M.S., Science Department Chair

In helping our students aim for a coherent understanding of the natural world in which they live, the Science Department curriculum offers a unique alignment of its courses that matches the development of the sciences.

Unique Sequence

The rationale of Physics first allows freshmen to experience knowledge and establish scientific habits that will enable them to succeed in Chemistry as sophomores and Biology as juniors. Another feature of this approach takes advantage of the fact that Algebra I is often studied in the first year of high school, allowing students to grow familiar in their studies of both science and math through horizontal alignment. Thanks to a grant, Physics lab exercises regularly use Vernier observational sensors that allow for precise measurements and hands-on experiences to help foster natural wonder and excitement about the physical world. Sophomores in Chemistry study the structures and functions of ionic compounds while conducting experiments with various chemicals, using procedures they develop on their own, and carefully analyzing and critiquing data with the sensors to arrive at conclusions regarding the true nature of each substance tested. This logically-ordered curriculum leads to a study of biology in the junior year. Students in their junior year are able to draw upon their knowledge of physics and chemistry in understanding studies of cells, organisms, and ecosystems more deeply. In true Dominican fashion, this particular sequence of courses and the skills acquired by our students through the core courses of Physics, Biology, and Chemistry enables St. Cecilia girls to grow towards the Order’s motto: contemplare et contemplata aliis tradere (to contemplate and to give to others the fruits of contemplation). Expressing a desire to continue exploring the created world, 71% of current seniors are enrolled in at least one of our five elective science courses. Particularly popular are the Advanced Placement

Students in AP Chemistry work together performing an acid-base titration. options in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, as well as the project-based course in Environmental Science. Students enrolled in Environmental Science learn about sustainability and good stewardship while cultivating a school garden filled with various fruit and vegetable species. Groups of students are observing, planning, and working in the garden, investigating the propagation of various fruits, gaining insight into the composting process, and learning how to best care for the garden harvest without having a negative impact through the use of fencing, pesticides, or poisons.

In the spirit of Laudato si’

Recently, the efforts of students working in the St. Cecilia Academy garden-lab have been inspired with new energy by the encyclical Laudato si’, released from Pope Francis last summer. The title of this letter to the faithful is drawn from the first line where the Holy Father writes, “Praise be to you, my Lord,” recalling the words of St. Francis of Assisi on the care of our common home. The timely release of the papal document

and the strong interest among students in caring for the environment provides rich learning opportunities for the practical care of creation. The encyclical encourages dialogue regarding the use of our planet and its resources. In the science classroom, Laudato si’ has presented an opportunity for discussion about how our faith calls us to a lifestyle of stewardship; a responsibility unique to us in our own creation by God. Although the environmental issues raised in the encyclical seem bleak, Pope Francis also reminds us to not lose hope or fall into despair, but instead to make better decisions, reach out to others in friendship, and develop new habits of good stewardship. Study of Laudato si’ will continue to permeate our science curriculum beyond the “facts” of science into a consideration of implications from a Catholic perspective. This type of critique, which is already common practice in our department, will allow students to develop their own method for integrating a Catholic worldview into their own potential solutions for problems that directly affect their daily lives.

(Left) Physics and Environmental Studies teacher Ashley George helps senior Adela Appleby in the Environmental Studies garden.



Finding Beauty

By Cathie Stamps Fine Arts Department Chair

Alive to Beauty and Art Alive to Beauty and Art



In honor of our patroness St. Cecilia, the fine arts program strives to embody St. Cecilia’s love for beauty and for God. Furthermore, the philosophy of the different artistic areas stresses the idea that self-discipline is a positive and necessary foundation for success in the arts. Beginning with the freshman year, all freshmen are required to take Visual and Performing Arts, otherwise known as VAP. On a rotating basis the students attend speech/drama, art, and dance. The course is an overview of the fine arts. By the end of the school year the students have gained an appreciation of the diversity within the arts and often discover hidden talents they did not know they possessed. The year culminates with an event called Arts Parts, a celebration of class accomplishments. The freshmen perform dances, monologues, and one act plays they have written. Their art work is displayed in a gallery setting. Students in choir or chamber ensemble also perform during the evening. After the freshman year, most students opt to take additional classes in the arts. They develop skills to critique individual work, as well as the works of fellow students and of the great artists. Applying new techniques to hands-on projects, the students become dedicated to the excellence that the fine arts demand.

Two major productions are produced each year, including a musical every fall. The Forensics Team competes in regional and national tournaments. The Dance Company presents a recital each spring. Visual artists show their work in various competitions, such as the Scholastic Art Awards. Choir members audition for Mid-state and Allstate competitions. Chamber Ensemble performs at various local events. At St. Cecilia all of the arts perform at various school events such as St. Cecilia Day Fine Arts Presentation, the Christmas show, Grandparents’ Day and the aforementioned Arts Parts. These events and others allow the students to share their talents with an audience and to receive accolades for their dedication and diligent work.

As the SCA artists hurry to complete a portfolio for Studio Art AP, to learn the final harmonies for a choral competition, to perfect ensemble performances for play production, to rally together for a final forensics rehearsal before a competition, to tighten the formations for a dance performance or to perfect chamber ensemble charts, St. Cecilia remains arts remain a flourishing inspiration in modern times.


Chaz Wolcott (currently on tour with Newsies; past - Cats) and Abigail Gatlin (touring with Beauty and the Beast; a Rockette), friends and colleagues of dance teacher Leigh Anne Ervin (far right) taught a vocal master class for SCA students earlier this year and shared their arts career experience.

2015 NASHVILLE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL THEATRE AWARDS FOR SCA'S 2014-15 PRODUCTION OF ANNIE First Place Best Props First Place Best Costumes All Star Cast Sara Johnson ’15 Rose Simpson ’17

All Star Crew Lucy Scherrer ’15 Taylor Roach ’17

Best Female Soloist Zoe Dongas ’17 Standout Ensemble Actress Mary Hailey Derrick ’16

NOMINATIONS Best Choreography Best Comedic Actress Cameron Sheppard ’17

Best Featured Female Dancer Grace Roushdi ’16

LE GE N DA RY JA ZZ PE R FOR M E R BE E GIE A DAI R PL AYS SOU LFU L R E N D IT ION OF SC A A LM A M ATE R Legendary pianist and recording artist Beegie Adair was invited to share her music industry experience with the SCA Chamber Ensemble and surprised students with a jazz rendition of St. Cecilia Academy’s alma mater, “We Love You, St. Cecilia.” To watch Beegie Adair perform SCA’s alma mater, go to: stcecilia. edu/fineartsmedia



the sound of music

Mary Hailey Derrick ’16 as “Maria” with the “Von Trapp children”. From left, Frank Perazzini (MBA), Rose Simpson ’17, Jonah Pelton (Hume Fogg), Jaden Limbaugh ’18, and Grace Roushdi ’16. Bottom row, left to right, Emerson Greer (SMS) and Clare Sheppard (SHS).

Mary Hailey Derrick ’16


Jackson Dougherty (FRHS) and Grace Roushdi ’16.

Ava Durelli ’19, Catie Bringle ’19, Zoe Dongas ’17, Corrine Wehby ’17, Francis Horn, Ky Majors ’16, and Savannah Evans ’19.


Scarab Nation Scarab Nation Scarab Nation


Scarab Nation Spirit

By Bryan Picklesimer Director of Athletics

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." This proverb perfectly embodies and describes the spirit of the SCArab Nation. Our teams have come together and bonded as cohesive units and that focus has allowed our athletes to not only excel on the field, court, course, and track, but to become better students, friends, and women in the process.

This past spring, the SCArab Nation enjoyed strong athletic success. The tennis team had a great showing at the Regional Championships where sophomore Holly McClure advanced to the State Meet, finishing third. Sophomore Adreanna Parlette and junior Diane Lee both qualified for the State Track meet. Lee set a new school record in the triple jump while Parlette set a new school record by qualifying for 5 different events: pentathlon, high jump, long jump, 100m, 200m. Both athletes performed very well; Lee placed 5th in the triple jump and Parlette placed 5th in the pentathlon, 5th in the 200, 3rd in the 100, 2nd in the high jump, and 2nd in the long jump. The lacrosse team qualified for the state competition as well after an impressive season. Leading the team were Allison Hassett ’15 and Cecilia Moore ’15 each of whom reached the 100 career goal mark. Hassett was also named to the All-Region Team and represented SCA in the Tennessee High School All-Star Game. The rowing team finished the spring season with the Mid-South Scholastic Championships where St. Cecilia brought home gold medals in the Women’s Varsity 4+ and the Women’s 2nd Varsity 4+. The team continues to experience strong performances across the region.

Adreanna Parlette '17

Diane Lee '16

Cecilia Moore '15


During the fall sports season, the SCArab Nation fan support was especially strong. We packed the stands for a family cook out during Senior Night for the soccer team and filled every seat in the gym during our volleyball Senior Night. Even a rainy morning could not keep people away at the 17th annual SCA Golf Classic. With so many of our families and members of our community involved, it was a great way to support the athletics program. We are off to a great start for the year and with so much to come, we look forward to seeing you on the track, court, course, and field supporting the SCArab Nation.

Neva Duckworth ’16, Aine McGinn ’16, Abby Tarquinio ’17, Madeline Quinby ’17, Virginia Cheij ’17, Katherine Frensley ’17, and Grace Laster ’18.




Allison Hassett '15

Holly McClure '17

We invite you to join us, Saturday December 12, 2015 at 12 p.m. in the St. Cecilia Academy Dining Hall to honor our Hall of Fame inductees.


Sarah “Missy” Crafton Roberson ’76 Volleyball Team of 1989 Catherine Stuart Vrettos ’98 Kristen Burns Walker ’09 Teresa Marchetti, Coach

SAVE THE DATE: SCA AT HLET ICS HA LL OF FA M E The SCA Athletics Hall of Fame was created to recognize the extraordinary athletes, coaches, teams, and contributors whose dedication to the mission of SCA Athletics serves as a model for SCA students to emulate. For more information and to R.S.V.P., please visit o r contact Bridget Nolan Thomas ’05 at or 615.279.3885.



Fully Alive

By Andres Montana Vice Principal of Students

Graduation 2015 Graduation 2015 Graduation



Our approach to campus life at St. Cecilia is instep with our mission promise to ennoble, equip, and inspire young women. Ultimately, the life of our campus is Christ in the heart of each girl. Whether she is engaged in club activities, athletics, or service, we begin to see “growth in virtue,” which is an arduous and joyful endeavor. A St. Cecilia girl gives of herself and finds joy in doing so. Her work is both difficult and rewarding, and when our students dive into this endeavor, the result is greater self-knowledge, humility, and gratitude. These characteristics are most clearly visible in our graduates whose truth, beauty and goodness shines through in their words and charity. A St. Cecilia girl is encouraged to search deep within to discover who she truly is, willing to embrace the truth in humility and with a desire to respond in gratitude, making of her life a gift. This entire process is worked out in what, at times, seems very ordinary – meetings, practices, community service, or an event designed purely for fun. The healthy combination of work and play stirs the hearts of our girls and makes our campus fully alive.


Rachel Moss

Moss was a four-year member of the Principal's List, earning all A's every quarter at SCA. She was also an AP Scholar, vice-president of the Mu Alpha Theta math honor society, secretary of National Honor Society, a four-year member of the St. Cecilia Dance Company, and was selected to the school's Student Ambassador Board. Moss enrolled at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business.

SALUTATORIAN Salutatorian Virginia Green

Green received the Colonna Club Literary Award as the school's most outstanding English student, earned the academic medal for outstanding performance in AP English Literature and AP French, and was a National Merit Commended Student. She was also a fouryear member of the Principal's List and a member of National Honor Society. Virginia is currently attending the University of Dallas.

ST. CECILIA GIRL St. Cecilia Girl

Cecilia Moore (left)

Moore was a four-year member of the Principal's List, treasurer of the National Honor Society, a member of the Mu Alpha Theta math honorary society, and received the school's top Scholar-Athlete Award as a junior. She served as vice-president of the Student Ambassador Board, and four-year-member and captain of both the varsity basketball and varsity lacrosse teams. Moore enrolled at Butler University in Indianapolis this fall.





St. Cecilia Academy graduated its 154th class this past spring. The day began with a traditional baccalaureate Mass with the Most Reverend Bishop David R. Choby of the Diocese of Nashville. His mother, Rita Burns Choby is a 1938 graduate of St. Cecilia Academy. Mother Ann Marie, O.P., Prioress General of the Saint Cecilia Congregation,


awarded the diplomas at the graduation ceremony. The 60 members of the class of 2015 have enrolled in 39 different colleges and universities in 20 states and the District of Columbia, including, the University of Notre Dame, Carnegie Mellon University, Vanderbilt Uni-

versity, the University of Illinois, Grinnell College, the University of Maryland, Georgia Institute of Technology, Spelman College, and St. Olaf College. They are pursuing college programs in fields as diverse as computer science, pre-medicine, architecture, business, dance, and theatre production technology.


G R A D U AT I O N 2 0 1 5

Hannah Garey ’15

Naomi Runder ’15 with with family.

Rachel Moss ’15 and Maggie MacCurdy ’15


Shannon Heflin ’15 with parents Martin and Eileen Heflin.

Kathleen Burns ’15 with her sister Sarah Margaret ’19, and parents Robert and Jennifer Burns

Emily Humphreys ’15 with her family.


G R A D U AT I O N 2 0 1 5

Catherine Heller ’15, Virginia Green ’15, and Mary Landis Gaston ’15

Sara Arms ’15 and Chandler Bailey ’15

Lucy Scherrer ’15 with Mother Ann Marie O.P., Prioress General

Fatu Dukuly ’15


Mothers and daughters from left to right, Alicia Marchesi ’82 and Claire Johnson ’15, Ann Collier ’86 and Maggie Collier ’15, Leigh Anne Demere ’83 and Ruth Anne Demere ’15, and Meg Neeley ’83 and Emily Neeley ’15.


Brannan Davis ’15



A Special Place By Deb Fay Director of Development More than 80% of our students take on leadership positions while at SCA in 20 organizations or clubs – from Book Club to Choir, Sodality to Dance Company, Robotics to French Club. More than 60% participate in one of 12 team sports. Additionally, all students give back in community service projects. But it doesn’t end at graduation. Lifelong friendships made at St. Cecilia that continue the mission and spreads the good news of SCA.


INDUCTED TO THE SCA LEGACY SOCIETY Susie Schultheiss, a member of the math faculty at St. Cecilia, was honored at the 2015 Evening of Excellence for the plans she has made in her will to benefit St. Cecilia Academy.

This past year, I quickly realized just how special St. Cecilia Academy is and discovered the dedication and generosity of our alumnae, parents, grandparents, past parents and grandparents, and friends. My job, and the goal of the Advancement Office is to insure the school has the resources necessary to carry out all programs and to maintain a tuition level that is reasonable and affordable. Since tuition only covers 85% of regular operating expenses, annual fundraising is vitally important in providing much needed supplemental revenue. The Annual Fund and Rose Gala help to fund essential operating expenses for the academy, providing the tools and resources we need for the academic and spiritual development of every young woman at St. Cecilia. These funds help provide educational technology for faculty and students; continued exceptional instruction for all students at all levels; a quality library collection of relevant and current books and online resources; professional development and competitive faculty salaries; and an outstanding curriculum strong in the arts, science, math, technology, and the liberal arts. This year SCA has awarded $680,000 in tuition assistance to 36% of the student body. Our tuition assistance program provides qualified families with need-based aid, families who otherwise would be unable to afford the total cost of tuition. SCA has 26 endowed scholarship funds that provide approximately 11% of the awarded amount.

March 12, 2016 The Hutton Hotel Honoring

Mr. Francis Horn beloved teacher, coach, and friend


Rose Gala 2016

DO YOU HAV E A GR E AT M R . HOR N STORY ? If so, we want to hear from you. In preparation for the 2016 Rose Gala honoring Mr. Francis Horn, we are asking all alumnae and friends to share their stories with us. To submit your story, please go to, or contact the alumnae office at 615.297.3885. For information about the Rose Gala, including how to purchase tickets, go to

The young women of St. Cecilia Academy benefit every day from your generosity. Be involved. Whether you come to morning Mass, athletic and/or fine arts events, volunteer at the Gala, help plan your class reunion, attend the Mom’s Retreat or participate in Dominican Dads, we depend on your involvement in the life and success of St. Cecilia Academy.




Annual Report 2014-15

We accomplish all that you see on these pages because of your faithful gifts of time, financial support, and prayers. Your confidence sustains us in ways you cannot imagine. The students of St. Cecilia Academy benefit directly from your generosity. The sisters, faculty, and staff are deeply grateful to the following individuals and organizations that support our mission. Gifts included on these pages were received between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.

Thank you for partnering with us as we prepare young women to meet the challenges of modern life, to contribute in a positive way to the society in which they live, and to extend to students of all faiths the principles of Christian life in the Roman Catholic tradition. 1860 CLUB 2 Anonymous Mrs. James W. Carell* Mr. & Mrs. Emanuel J. Eads


Mr. & Mrs. David H. Brown The Coakley Family Mr. & Mrs. William T. Delay Mr. Gary C. Klein Eileen & Thomas McGinn Dr. Gregg Tarquinio & Dr. Louise Mawn WTC Foundation

DOMINICAN CROSS CLUB 2 Anonymous Margaret & John Barker Mr. John Baroni Robert & Jennifer Burns The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Robert & Kathy Dortch Mr. & Mrs. Russell Fuller Mr. & Mrs. C. Henry Geny James & Michelle Hallock InfoWorks, Inc. Heather & Kris Kemp Dr. Daphne Pitts & Mr. Greg Pitts


5 Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. William F. Alexander, III Ms. Jill C. Bader Mr. Walter T. Bates Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Bohren Mr. & Mrs. David H. Brown


John E. Burns Roberta Muldoon & Breck Collins Cracker Barrel Foundation The DeRoche Family Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Forrest, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Scott Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. Marbut G. Gaston, Jr. Kevin & Kristin Harney Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Hiller, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. W. Gerard Huiskamp Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Kane, The Kane Family Advised Fund of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Mr. & Mrs. David L. Lassiter Dr. & Mrs. Donald Lee Mr. & Mrs. Scott F. Leftwich Mr. & Mrs. Calvin P. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth S. Luton Mr. & Mrs. Wayne W. Lyle Dr. & Mrs. Joe M. MacCurdy, Jr. Gretchen Webber & E. Dirk Maxwell Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Nacarato Mary Bailey Neal The Pat & Neil O'Brien Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. James P. Regnier Ellen Brown Schenk Craig & Brenda Smith Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Smith Suntrust Foundation Mike & Mitzi Terry Carter & Laurie Todd Mike & Beth Ussery Frances Anne Varallo W. Gerard & Colleen A. Huiskamp Foundation Ms. Eleanor D. Whitworth

Mr. & Mrs. Mark G. Wisniewski


2 Anonymous Mr. Kenneth Albritton Jerry & Desiree' Appleby Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Augustine, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bachman The Family of Jill Bader Mr. & Mrs. Brett Beavers Drs. Melanie & James Bishop Matt & Lacey Bulow Mr. & Mrs. Jay Callis Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Cianciolo Brian & Pamela Clark Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Collins Mrs. Dale Corsa Carroll & Dell Crosslin Mrs. Anne Herbert Daniel Brent & Maria Dongas Dr. Calvin R. Dyer Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Exton Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Fay Bob & Carty Hassett Mrs. Dawn M. Hayes Mr. & Mrs. Javier Hernandez Mr. Francis Horn Gene & Tracey Humphreys Ms. Peggy Hunt Mr. & Mrs. Granberry Jackson, III Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lee Mr. & Mrs. William T. Lewis Michael & Teresa Marchetti Mr. & Mrs. James McClain Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC Mr. & Mrs. J. Tucker Morse Rosann & Bill Nunnelly Steve & Donna Roach

Peggy Lampley Robeson Veronica Strobel-Seigenthaler Mr. Edward S. Temple Mr. & Mrs. William Terry Mr. & Mrs. Jason Truss Mrs. Janet Bellamy Warfield Krissi & Brent Watkins Mr. & Mrs. John Williams Mrs. Betty O. Williamson


9 Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. James D. Abernathy, Jr. The John Albamont Family Beverly D. Ammarell Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Grimes Baird Catherine Haid Baltz Ms. Heather Baroni Allison & Frank Bass Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bogard Joe & Lori Bowman Mr. & Mrs. Mark Brewer Edward & Wyeth Burgess Katie & Joe Cain Mr. & Mrs. Jay Castillo Dr. & Mrs. John Cate Mrs. Margaret Chance Laura Sanders Christy Laurie Harris Cian Mr. & Mrs. James E. Clyde Allen & Julie Cragon Randy & Bek Davis Nina Margaret Freeman Chip & Susanne Frensley Joe & Traci Gallivan Mr. Kelly E. Gatewood Joan & Van Gilmore


Annual Report 2014-15 Mr. & Mrs. John A. Grannis, III Lisa Fridrich Grayson Mr. & Mrs. Steven C. Hall Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Herndon Mr. & Mrs. R. John Hoff Margaret S. Holzmer Mrs. Betsy Smith Hunt The Hunt Family Foundation of Nashville, TN, Inc. Mr. Peter King & Mrs. Mary McCarthy-King Jeff & Mariam Kohl Mr. & Mrs. Vincent LoCicero Kelly Heinrich McBrayer Dr. & Mrs. Ryan D. Mire Mr. & Mrs. David M. Monette John & Kate Mosley Katherine Fitzgerald Murphy Catherine Beasley O'Bryan Mr. & Mrs. John J. O'Connor Mark & Bobbie O'Neill Mr. & Mrs. Fred Pancoast Perk Products & Chemical Co., Inc. Andra & Scott Perkerson Cris & Tina Perryman Mark & Mary Peters Rosemary & Wayne Plorin Michelle Polston Rosalinda Sbuttoni Raher Jeff & Eileen Ricker Ridgeview Foundation Dr. Edward A. Roach Dr. Clifford F. Roberson Randy & Rowena Segui Dr. Christopher & Mrs. Janie Sizemore Ms. Janis M. Snow Ramona Schnupp Steltemeier Peter & Laura Strianse Bolin Kane Stumb Lauren & Rob Tanner Glynn, Fatima & Evie Taylor Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Thompson Bob & Susan Tuke Dawn Ann Murphy Tynes The Wahl Family Veronica & Jerry Wauford Ms. Debbie Waugh Mr. & Mrs. Vincent E. Wehby, Jr. Christina Madden White


Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Wilson Juanita Wilson Kay & Randall Wyatt


19 Anonymous Maureen Abbey Joy Bramblett Adams Vernon Adcock Mrs. Norma Petre Allen Mary Prue Alley Mrs. Holland Cochrane Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Victor L. Arms Mrs. Freeda Bartlett Sharon M. Baskette Carole Barrett Batson Ron & Carole Begley William & Patsy Belcher Christine Ricafort Bertani Mr. & Mrs. Philip Betbeze Marie Daugherty Bishop Mrs. Gwyne Bohren Mr. & Mrs. Christopher L. Bolt Peter & Mary Bream Stephen & Patricia Brink Elizabeth Durst Brown Martha Bryant Mrs. Katie Camarata Burish Barbara Holzemer Burke Nancy Holzmer Calderon Dr. & Mrs. Richard M. Caprioli Ms. Cheryl Carpenter Mr. & Mrs. Billy Carter Tarama & Tonya Carver Dr. Judith Houke Cassetty Mr. & Mrs. John Cate Ms. Megan Caughron Mr. & Mrs. Rich Chandonnet Holly Holzapfel Chase Jennifer Cheij Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Christeson Christian Brothers High School Ms. Pam Christy Dr. Alexza Clark & Mr. Joshua Clark Teddie Clark Rick & Mimi Clarke Mary Ann & Joe Claxton Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Cole Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Collier

Mary Rose & Jon Conlin Diane & Patrick Connolly Rod & Sharon Connor Cornelia Coode Mr. & Mrs. William Coombs Joseph & Gloria Cote Mrs. Ginny Cox Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. Craighead Mr. & Mrs. N. Jacob Crawford Laura Creekmore & Ashby Barnes The family of Juliana Crowe Beth Brush Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. Chris Czarka Mary Ann Daugherty Ms. K. Brannan Davis Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Davis Rev. Mr. Ronald & Dr. Karen Deal Rob & Allison DeHart Mr. & Mrs. Michael Demere Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Denning Ms. Karen E. Dew Ms. Abigail G. Dillon Mr. & Mrs. W. Edward Dillon Dr. & Mrs. Elia Dimitri Diocese of St. Cloud Sunny & Harold Donnelly Mr. & Mrs. William A. Dortch, Sr. Dr. & Mrs. William L. Downey Spruell & Elaine Driver Jeff & Jan Duckworth Mamye Duffey Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Duffey Mr. & Mrs. Yousuff E. Dukuly Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence S. Eastwood, Jr. The Eleven Associates Lindsay Hailey Elliott Sue Ann Simpson Enneis Mr. & Mrs. Mark Erdman Ms. Leigh Anne Ervin Dr. & Mrs. John H. Exton Emily Eyre The Farris Family Mr. & Mrs. William E. Ferris Mr. Edward L. Fike Mr. & Mrs. John D. Fitzgerald, Jr. Sam & Judy Francescon Lucy Freeman George & Karen Furlong Mr. & Mrs. Andre V. Gaccetta

Dr. G. Edward Gaffney Mr. & Mrs. James F. Gallivan Roland & Barbara Gasparski Amanda Robertson Gaston Ms. Ashley E. George Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. George Mr. & Mrs. Carl Gerhold Mrs. Gail Gibson-Milliron & Mr. Bill Milliron Ms. Amanda Elizabeth Gilmore Cissa Flanigen Glenn Paul & Leslie Goebel Mrs. Mary Ann Goodrum Mr. & Mrs. John L. Gorham Miss Emma R. Graham Grainger Matching Charitable Gifts Program Nick & Stephanie Greco Jimmy & Karyn Green Ms. Michelle Green Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Gronefeld Mr. & Mrs. James Hailey Ms. Toni Wilk Hall Tamara L. Hanserd Mary Ann Green Harris Ms. Kathleen Hartmann Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hayes Nancy Peterson Hearn Martin & Eileen Heflin Geralyn & David Heller Suzanne Meifert Hester Mrs. Joyce A. Hicks Mr. & Mrs. John F. Higgins, II Mrs. Lisa Higgins Mr. & Mrs. Gustave C. Hinueber Mrs. Lolo Donnelly Hobbs Mr. & Mrs. John Hoenigman Heather & Graham Honeycutt Laura Cullum Hood Mr. & Mrs. Rick Hoover Cara Lise Hudson The Hummel Family Mrs. C. M. Hunt Insurance Planning Services, Inc. Bridget Jack Meredith Jack Rob & Susan Jack Mrs. Nora B. Jimenez-Contreras James & Sylvia Johnson


Mr. Thomas H. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Jones Cathy Jordan Ms. Virginia M. Kane Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth T. Keller Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Keller Leonora Kellman Brian A. Kendall & Deanna T. Kendall Pam & Allen Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Allen Kennedy Kentucky Oil Gathering LLC Gerald D. Keogh Mr. Kevin Kile Ms. Robin Kimbrough Ms. Alexandra M. Koehn Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Kuyper Mrs. Barbara Smith Labriola Mrs. Suzanne Lafond Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Leersnyder Mr. & Mrs. Gregory C. Link Mr. William R. Link Ron & Tisha Longo Mr. & Mrs. Al Luttrell Molly Alexander Mahoney Miss Kymaira G. Majors Mr. & Mrs. William G. Manda Mrs. Terry McCaffrey Marston Mr. Charles Martinez & Dr. Erin Martinez Mrs. Sarah Nunan Marvel Dr. & Mrs. Michael S. Matthews Ms. Cayce McAlister Mr. & Mrs. Guilbert McCarthy Rosalie & Tom McClard Dr. & Mrs. Robert T. McClure Ms. Shannon McCullough Elly C. McLain Peggy Lehman McLinden Ms. Margaret F. McMurray Ms. Nancy Melley Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Meyer Brad & Gina Miller Sylvia Kanwischer Miller Mr. & Mrs. Allen A. Mitchell Nancy Schuler Moeller Mr. & Mrs. Andres Montana Mrs. Trudy True Mook Chris & Melanie Moran Mrs. Dorothy Morcillo


Patricia W. Morel Al & Mary Moss Mr. & Mrs. Roger J. Muehe Deidre Muhammad Colleen Murray Ms. Marilyn Murray Mr. & Mrs. Tim Neeley Mr. & Mrs. Long Nguyen Mrs. Monica Lewis Nimmo Ms. Stephanie Nolan Tom & Vickie Norris Mr. & Mrs. Raymond L. Oakes, III Richard & Mary Ann O'Neill Mr. & Mrs. Edward Pearson Perkins Oil & Gas Inc. Amy & John Pflum Mr. Bryan A. Picklesimer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Pike Karen Clarke Pirkle Mr. & Mrs. Pat Pound Mrs. John Prominski Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. Pyburn Mr. & Mrs. Willard Raddant Mr. & Mrs. Michael Turner Rast Sara Graf Remke Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Richardson Mrs. Nora Ridolfi Mrs. Claire Miller Robbins Ms. Sarah Robinson Jacquie Rohricht Mark & Summer Rohricht Raymond & Donna Rolin Mrs. Ewa Rollins Ms. Beverly Rothfuss Mr. & Mrs. Anthony H. Roushdi Mr. & Mrs. Pete Rowlett Miss Micaela Rucker Karen Trauernicht Sadler Mrs. Nonie Carden Sanders Yaza Sarieh & The Sarieh Family Mrs. B. V. Rama Sastry Mrs. Therese Howell Schafluetzel Judy Shanks Schenk Veronica Schrenger Susan J. Schultheiss Katherine Schuster-Luck Mrs. Mary Del Frank Scobey Mr. & Mrs. Ivan K. Sears

Annual Report 2014-15

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Sears Mrs. Dawn Seidenschwarz Shafer Insurance Agency, Inc. Mrs. Denise Lounsbery Sharp Mr. & Mrs. Knowles H. Shaw, IV Ms. Sarah Shea Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Sheehan Mr. & Mrs. S. Jay Sheppard Ms. Angela Siefker Donna & Mohammed Sika Mr. & Mrs. Frank Simpson Miss Rose M. Simpson Carl & Glenda Smith Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Smith Mr. & Mrs. James L. Smith Mrs. Evelyn Petrucelli Spencer Rebecca Brackman Sprouse Mary Lou Spurlock Mr. & Mrs. Steve Stamps Mr. John B. Stephens, Sr. Mrs. Jean McCaffrey Stout Carrie & Daniel Strobel Mr. & Mrs. Morgan Strobel Mr. & Mrs. David M. Suchanick Mrs. Theresa Bell Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. W. Laurence Sullivan, Jr. Sandra McMillin Sutterlin Ms. Eliza Tarwater JoAnn Beavin Thombs Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Thompson Mr. Paul L. Thompson Ron & Mary Thompson Ms. Ragan M. Todd Mrs. Doris Treiss Ms. Kathleen Urciuoli Mrs. Paige Reynolds Vick Catherine Stuart Vrettos Mr. & Mrs. Kevin G. Wahl Mr. & Mrs. Donald Wake Mrs. Beth Hailey Walker Lindsey Conlin Walsh Mrs. Suzanne Sevier Walters Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Watkins, III Tim & Mary Brugh Weber Diana Weisman Margaret Sutherland Wellborn Mrs. Jenny Holditch Wesson Mrs. Shirley Kortuem Westfall Tina Hostettler Whitley

Kathy & Russell Whitney Miss Madison E. Williams Tony & Dana Wirth Mrs. Sara Wizniuk Terri Woodmore Woods Institute Patricia Woods Lisa Wyatt Ellen McDonald Yandell Mr. & Mrs. Andy Zimberg Becky Alderson Zimmerman


Restricted gifts allow our supporters to designate a particular purpose, activity or area of interest that is special to them. 3 Anonymous Mr. John Baroni The family of Kathleen Smith Barry Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bogard Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Bohren Peter & Mary Bream Stephen & Patricia Brink Matt & Lacey Bulow Robert & Jennifer Burns Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Cain Dr. & Mrs. Richard M. Caprioli Holly Holzapfel Chase Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Collins The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Randy & Bek Davis Robert & Kathy Dortch Mr. & Mrs. Russell Fuller Mr. & Mrs. Scott Gallagher Dr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Gautsch Ms. Donna Gerstner Kevin & Kristin Harney Mr. Francis Horn The Hummel Family Mrs. Pily Buenahora Jenkins Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Keller Knights of Columbus Council 544 Dr. & Mrs. Donald Lee Mr. & Mrs. Scott F. Leftwich Mr. & Mrs. Calvin P. Lewis Mark & Bobbie O'Neill


Annual Report 2014-15 Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Page Mark & Mary Peters Mr. & Mrs. Scott R. Phillips Ms. Jacquie Rohricht Noah & Christy Rosen Mr. & Mrs. George A. Rowlett Mike & Mitzi Terry Mr. G. Austin Triggs, Jr. & Dr. Elizabeth Triggs Mr. & Mrs. Jason Truss Ms. Kathleen Urciuoli Mike & Beth Ussery Ms. Annie Waugh Terri Woodmore

Special thanks for contributions made in honor of and in memory of loved ones and friends. Tribute gifts to St. Cecilia Academy are a special remembrance to those who have enriched our lives. Those honored are remembered in the daily prayers of the Dominican Sisters and the students at St. Cecilia Academy. Honored during the past year are:


Mrs. Suzanne Lafond

Sister Helen Marie Glaser, O.P. Mrs. Claire Miller Robbins Sarah Tuke Groth Bob & Susan Tuke Nancy Sanders Peterson Hearn Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Graham Mr. & Mrs. Tom Harrington Mr. & Mrs. William R. Hearn Mr. & Mrs. B. Frederick Horne Mr. David K. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Mark Whaley Sister Catherine Marie, O.P. Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Jacobs, Sr. Chenoa Jacobs Catherine Stuart Vrettos Jennie Todd Jones The Pat & Neil O'Brien Family Foundation Carter & Laurie Todd Colleen Kemp Anonymous Logan Kemp Anonymous

Susan Sastry Armstrong Mrs. B. V. Rama Sastry

Jennifer Nutkis Mr. & Mrs. Guilbert McCarthy

Betty Bader Mr. & Mrs. David L. Lassiter

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Adria Kimbrough Ms. Robin Kimbrough

Corrine M. Baroni Class of 2018 Mr. John Baroni

Debbie Lassiter Mr. Walter T. Bates

Caroline Carter Bass Allison & Frank Bass

Katherine Trabue Murphy Mr. & Mrs. John D. Fitzgerald, Jr.

Emily Beavers Mr. & Mrs. Brett Beavers

Taylor Roach Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Meyer

Neily Todd Boyd The Pat & Neil O'Brien Family Foundation Carter & Laurie Todd


Kathleen Dyer Abbey Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Duffey

Sister Anne Catherine, O.P. Dr. G. Edward Gaffney

Amy Alexander Insurance Planning Services, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond L. Oakes, III Mr. & Mrs. Ivan K. Sears Shafer Insurance Agency, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. W. Laurence Sullivan, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Donald Wake

Madeline Clark Philip & Janie Clark

Frank A. Bauman Mr. & Mrs. James D. Abernathy, Jr.

Maggie Collier, Class of 2015 Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Collier

Jim Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Scott Gallagher

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Cote Mr. & Mrs. Terry Sears

Lisa Elcan Bruner Mrs. Donna Beazley Drinkwine

Natalie DeRoche 2 Anonymous

Gerald T. Carden Francis Horn Mr. & Mrs. John G. Wall

Anne C. Brunette Dr. & Mrs. Elia Dimitri Kate Bulow Matt & Lacey Bulow

Maemie Donnelly Sunny & Harold Donnelly The Wes Ely Family


Cecil D. Chance Ms. Sean M. McCracken

Margaret B. & William G. Cole Mr. Chase Cole Mr. William G. Cole, III Mrs. Connie Cole Goodbread Mildred Sharp Coode Ms. Pam Christy Dody Davis Mr. & Mrs. James D. Abernathy, Jr. The Eleven Associates Mr. & Mrs. Allen A. Mitchell Catherine Beasley O'Bryan Mr. & Mrs. John G. Wall WTC Foundation John R. Duke, Jr. Jodie Beneke Debbie Wallace Craig William A. & Mary Jo Dortch Mrs. Sheila F. Duke Mrs. Susan Gracey Gracey Mr. & Mrs. Allen A. Mitchell Penny Templeton Richardson WTC Foundation Emmett Gallagher, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Scott Gallagher Jill Deitschmann Gustafson Mr. Timothy Pierce & Ms. Amy Seigenthaler Pierce Martha Anne Haltom Anonymous Jodie Beneke Mrs. Susan Gracey Gracey Penny Templeton Richardson Mr. & Mrs. John G. Wall Billy Ray Hearn Mr. & Mrs. David Alfrey Ms. Phyllis R. Alper Ayers Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Brian Babiak Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Balser Mrs. Lady Appleby Bird Mr. & Mrs. Dennis C. Bottorff Mr. & Mrs. Terry Brennan Ms. Patsy A. Bruce Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cain Camilla Dietz Bergeron, Ltd. Ms. Bonnie B. Campbell Mr. Fred Cassetty Mr. Dean F. Chase Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert L. Chilton Mr. Chase Cole Mr. & Mrs. Tom F. Cone Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cook Mr. & Mrs. Richard Courtney Debbie Wallace Craig Mrs. Martha Sanders Davenport Ms. Caroline A. Davis Dian Graves Owen Foundation Mrs. Ann Dobbs Mr. & Mrs. Harold B. Dunn Mrs. Diane Peterson Edwards Mr. Robert Erzin

Ferragamo USA Inc & Subsidiaries Mr. & Mrs. Lee Gaddis Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Galante Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Gibson Mr. Ron Gobbell & Ms. Janet Kurtz Ms. Theresa Godchaux Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Graham Drs. Dante J. & Karen Graves Ms. Sarah M. Guthrie Ms. Shirley M. Harvey Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Hays Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hitt Mr. & Mrs. David Hobbs Ms. Maude Robinson Hopkins Mr. & Mrs. John Huff Mr. & Mrs. Clay T. Jackson Mr. John T. Johnson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Kaiser Mr. Larry J. Larkin The Leah Rose Residence for Senior Citizens Ms. Sherri Parker Lee Ms. Cathy A. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. James D. Lewis Lipman Bros. Inc. Little Portion, Inc. Ms. Freida Maisel Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Massie Ms. Susan W. Mathis Ms. Carol L. McCoy Mr. & Mrs. Martin F. McNamara, III Mr. David K. Morgan Muriel F. Siebert Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Donald D. Napier Neal & Harwell, PLC Rosann & Bill Nunnelly Ms. Nan Nelson Parrish Mr. David Penson The Honorable Muriel Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Samuels Ms. Billye Proctor Shaw Mr. & Mrs. John R. Simoneaux Mr. & Mrs. Luke Simons Ms. Jettie P. Swygert Frances Anne Varallo Ms. Anne Lee Verville Mr. & Mrs. Lewis F. Wood, Jr. Shirley Kelly Johnson Mrs. Evelyn Petrucelli Spencer Lisa Pendergrass Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Duffey Jenny Jordan Mr. & Mrs. Alan Beaty Sarah Case Kurek Ms. Beverly Rothfuss Augusta McMurry Mr. & Mrs. John Hoenigman Vincent McMurry Mr. & Mrs. John Hoenigman Jeanne G. Miller


Annual Report 2014-15 Molly M. Miller

Ms. Sarah Shea

Jean Spelta Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Martin S. Richardson

Betty K. Wootten Frances Anne Varallo

Joseph P. Sbuttoni Rosalinda Sbuttoni Raher


Henry J. Schmitt Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Semenick Sue Ann Mannion Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Mark Brewer Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Christeson Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Christeson Christian Brothers High School Cornelia Coode Mr. & Mrs. William Coombs Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Denning Ms. Karen E. Dew Mrs. Lisa Higgins Peggy Hunt Ms. Virginia M. Kane Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth T. Keller Ms. Margaret F. McMurray Mr. & Mrs. Allen A. Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Edward Pearson Frances Anne Varallo Julia Quest Smith Anonymous Rose Mary Brown Snyder Mr. & Mrs. Michael Turner Rast Edna Stephens Mr. John B. Stephens, Sr. Barbara Stephens Sullivan Mr. John B. Stephens, Sr. Andrea Truden Dr. Judith Houke Cassetty Frances Varallo Frances Anne Varallo

July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015

Class of 1932 Estate of Mary Friel Brown Class of 1937 Norma Petre Allen Class of 1943 Peggy Lehman McLinden Class of 1948 Paulette Clark Whitworth Class of 1949 Martha Nell Long Bryant Class of 1951 Jean Drennan Dortch Nancy Peterson Hearn Class of 1952 Ramona Schnupp Steltemeier Class of 1953 Barbara Smith Labriola Class of 1954 Emily Sanders Davis Class of 1955 Shirley Kortuem Westfall Class of 1957 Carole Barrett Batson Rosemary Barrett Byers Laura Sanders Christy Martha Sanders Davenport Carmen Otto Morrissey Veronica Strobel-Seigenthaler

Mary Shea Vaughn Charles & Mimi Vaughn

Class of 1958 Mary Ammon McMurry Hoenigman Therese Howell Schafluetzel Veronica Burns Wauford

Sue Philbin Walsh Beth Brush Cunningham

Class of 1959 Judith Houke Cassetty

Megan Whaley

Class of 1960


Holly Cochrane Anderson Anne Herbert Daniel Clair Petre Ivanov Pat Weisiger Morel Monica Lewis Nimmo Peggy Lampley Robeson Ellen Brown Schenk Judy Shanks Schenk Bolin Kane Stumb Suzy Sevier Walters Class of 1961 Catherine Haid Baltz Peggy Kelly Hiller Connie Overbey Luttrell Class of 1962 Carroll Brunner Crosslin Connie Cole Goodbread Class of 1963 Barb Holzemer Burke Mary Ann Roberts Claxton Pam Hathcock deZevallos Toni Wilk Hall Frances Anne Varallo Class of 1964 Lady Appleby Bird Mary Ann Green Harris Evelyn Petrucelli Spencer Theresa Bell Sullivan Sandra McMillin Sutterlin Class of 1965 Debbie Wallace Craig Claudia Bickley Davis Alice Strobel Eadler Judy Winter Gupton Gretchen Keras Hart Kathy Hartmann Maggie Lee Holtman Phyllis Taylor Kemp Peggy Gorham Krozely Candace Winsett Ledbetter Rita J. Lenahan Glorian Ditenhafer McGuire Ellen Coode McWhirter Cathy Braden Morse Linda Overbey Parker Mickey Sutherland Pennington

Rosie Sbuttoni Raher Alison Ames Rheaume Ginny Terry Shrader Virginia Baltz Singer Nancy Catignani Smith Cindy Adams Somerville Bailey White Class of 1966 Mary Prue Polk Alley Marilyn Murray Beckye Brackman Sprouse Jean McCaffrey Stout Stephanie Amos Wegner Patricia D. Woods Class of 1967 Joy Bramblett Adams Anne Wall Christeson Ellen Butler Fernandez Jane Grannis Nonie Carden Sanders Mary Lou Kaiser Spurlock Class of 1968 Sharon McMahon Baskette Mary Lee Whitehead Jackson Mary Leyden Bevington Johnson Terry McCaffrey Marston Jo Ann Beavin Thombs Class of 1969 Beverly Deal Ammarell Peggy Andrews Sue Ann Simpson Enneis Pamela Morrissey Kennedy Karen Trauernicht Sadler Denise Volz Class of 1970 Monica Werrbach Aebersold Diane Adams Allison Sharon Coode Connor Cornelia E. Coode Cissa Flanigen Glenn Lolo Donnelly Hobbs Cathy Jordan Colleen Murray Rosann Bond Nunnelly Class of 1971


Annual Report 2014-15 Barbie Wheeler Baker Jodie Beneke Candy Cain Mary Jo Luster Dortch Donna Beazley Drinkwine Sheila Davis Duke Rhea Elcan Forte Ann M. Giuli Susan Gracey Michele Koch Keith Claudia Volz Kornmeyer Amy Scruggs McKelvey Elly Connors McLain Molly M. Miller Mary Himmelberg Price Kay Van Echop Quinn Penny Templeton Richardson Carol Crutcher Roop Mary Jane Staed Smith Kitty Beavin Steffenhagen Tina Hostettler Whitley Barbra Haltom Young Class of 1972 Anne Love Brunette Nancy Holzmer Calderon Class of 1973 Marie Daugherty Bishop Catherine Beasley O'Bryan Diane Peterson Edwards Karen Clarke Pirkle Class of 1974 Jeanne Dortch Rast Mary Del Frank Scobey Susan Andrews Thompson Janet Bellamy Warfield Class of 1975 Katy Holt Anderson Cayce McAlister Jenny Holditch Wesson Class of 1976 Kathleen Smith Barry Laurie P. Bouchard Lisa Greene Caldwell Suzanne Meifert Hester Dale Baird Mitchell Nancy Schuler Moeller Mary Bailey Neal Class of 1977 Maureen Abbey Andrea Birch Ferguson Mary Ruth Peffen Geny Peggy Hunt Daphne Brady Pitts Claire Miller Robbins Norma Trauernicht Volz Class of 1978 Mary Barrett Brewer Julie Dortch Cragon Lisa Fridrich Grayson Missy Yokom Koehn Denise Lounsbery Sharp


Rebecca L. Zimmerman

Class of 1979 Emily Eyre Laura Cullum Hood Gina Morrissey Miller Sylvia Kanwischer Miller Denise Dobbs Richards Allison Burns Sheehan Margaret Derrick Simpson Dawn Ann Murphy Tynes Class of 1980 Kathy Davis Abernathy Denise Donnelly Beaty Kathryn Carell Brown Katherine Higgins DeLay Jessie Kelley Durham Trudy T. Mook Ellen McDonald Yandell Class of 1981 Jane Giuli Baird Mary Kurtz Bream Beth Seigenthaler Courtney Traci Garner Gallivan Marye Walker Lewis Sarah Shea Class of 1982 Beth Brush Cunningham Palmer Cherry Duffey Kate Kirkpatrick Mosley Mary Holzmer Peters Kathy Fox Whitney Class of 1983 Cathy Cook Krumm Lee Anne Chance Demere Molly Alexander Mahoney Sean M. McCracken Meg Hailey Neeley Sara Graf Remke Class of 1984 Amy Seigenthaler Pierce Class of 1985 Rae Lee Rolin Anglin Elizabeth Durst Brown Pamela G. Christy Cara Hudson Betsy Smith Hunt Kelly Heinrich McBrayer Rosemary Walsh Plorin Kelly Brand Schoenholz Ashley Gorham Thompson Class of 1986 Ann Adams Collier Pily Buenahora Jenkins Margaret Goodrum Kennedy Nancy Melley Beth Hailey Walker Margaret Sutherland Wellborn Class of 1987 Christine Ricafort Bertani Class of 1988

Nicole X. Suozzi Christina Madden White Michael Ann Zinser


Class of 1993 Stefanie Lance Hertvik Margaret Strobel Pyburn

In 2014-2015, 113 students received a total of $680,413 in tuition assistance. The average award was approximately $6,000. Endowment gifts for tuition assistance provide a permanent source of financial aid to St. Cecilia students. St. Cecilia Academy is grateful to the following alumnae, parents & friends who have generously established or contributed to endowed & annual scholarship funds, to help ensure that all young women can access & benefit from a St. Cecilia Academy education.

Class of 1996 Amanda Robertson Gaston

Alma Wehby Memorial Scholarship Estate of Elizabeth Wehby

Class of 1997 Danielle White Herndon

Alumnae Association Scholarship Anonymous Mrs. Monica Werrbach Aebersold Ms. Peggy Andrews Rae Lee & Matt Anglin Mr. & Mrs. Alan Beaty Ms. Jessica E. Bowman Mrs. Rosemary Barrett Byers Mary Ann & Joe Claxton Claudia Bickley Davis Emily Sanders Davis Jessie Kelley Durham Ellen B. Fernandez Mrs. Morgan Leigh Garner Ms. Jennifer R. Geny Jane Grannis Stefanie Lance Hertvik Lauren Eden Lavin Ms. Sean M. McCracken Ms. Molly E. McGrew Mr. Timothy Pierce & Ms. Amy Seigenthaler Ms. Rachael S. Porter Peggy Lampley Robeson Richard & Carol (Crutcher) Roop SCA Class of 2005 Mrs. Kelly Brand Schoenholz Mrs. Bridget Nolan Thomas Frances Anne Varallo Catherine Stuart Vrettos Mrs. Stephanie Amos Wegner Caroline & Brad Young

Class of 1991 Missy Parkhurst Bolt Laurie Harris Cian Dawn Curtis Hayes Class of 1992 Pam Kennedy Katherine Fitzgerald Murphy Kristine Pancoast Watkins Caroline Ragsdale Young

Class of 1998 Lindsay Divine Elliott Donna Castelli Garay Catherine Stuart Vrettos Class of 2000 Rachel Battan Augustine Katie Camarata Burish Lauren Eden Lavin Class of 2001 Jill C. Bader Lauren A. Brooks Merrill Moore Lennon Sara Brunette Strobel Lindsey Conlin Walsh Class of 2002 Heather Yopp Honeycutt Class of 2003 Sarah Nunan Marvel Class of 2005 Jessica E. Bowman Morgan Leigh Garner Jennifer R. Geny Molly E. McGrew Rachael S. Porter Bridget Nolan Thomas Class of 2007 Meredith C. Jack Class of 2008 Susan Beavin George Class of 2009 Alexandra M. Koehn Ragan M. Todd Class of 2011 Bridget A. Jack Class of 2014 Eliza Tarwater Class of 2015 Abigail G. Dillon

Anne Eidell Wall Endowed Scholarship Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Christeson Mr. & Mrs. John G. Wall Aurelia Varallo Mariani Scholarship Nashville Catholic Business Women's League Unum Bentley/deZavallos Scholarship Mr. & Mrs. Edward P. deZevallos


Chip Dobbs Memorial Scholarship Mr. & Mrs. Norman Jerre Richards, Jr. Class of 1971 Scholarship Mrs. Barbie Wheeler Baker Jodie Beneke Candy Cain William A. & Mary Jo Dortch Mrs. Donna Beazley Drinkwine Mrs. Sheila F. Duke Bill Forte & Rhea Elcan Forte Ms. Ann M. Giuli Mrs. Susan Gracey Mickey Koch Keith Claudia Volz Kornmeyer Mrs. Amy Scruggs McKelvey Molly M. Miller Mrs. Mary Himmelberg Price Kay Van Echop Quinn Penny Templeton Richardson Richard & Carol (Crutcher) Roop Mrs. Mary Jane Staed Smith Mrs. Kitty Beavin Steffenhagen Mrs. Everett E. Templeton Mr. & Ms. Michael L. Todd Ms. Denise M. Volz Tina Hostettler Whitley Barbra & Jay Young Class of 1976 Scholarship The family of Kathleen Smith Barry Lisa Greene Caldwell Mr. & Mrs. Rick Hoover Class of 2011 Scholarship Mr. & Mrs. R. Lee Grubbs, Jr. Dr. Henry Schmitt Scholarship Lt. Col. Henry J. Goodrum Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Semenick Janelle Warrick Scholarship Diocese of Nashville Lisa Elcan Bruner Memorial Award Bill Forte & Rhea Elcan Forte Mary Friel Brown Scholarship Estate of Mary Friel Brown William T. Coakley Memorial Scholarship The Coakley Family WTC Foundation

SCA ANNUAL TUITION ASSISTANCE GIFTS 6 Anonymous Ms. Jill C. Bader Mr. Walter T. Bates Mr. & Mrs. Mark Brewer Mrs. James W. Carell* Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Christeson Christian Brothers High School Mary Ann & Joe Claxton

The Coakley Family The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Cornelia Coode Mr. & Mrs. William Coombs Mrs. Anne Herbert Daniel Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Denning Ms. Karen E. Dew Diocese of St. Cloud Mr. & Mrs. Emanuel J. Eads Dr. Andrea Birch Ferguson Mr. & Mrs. Russell Fuller Ms. Kathleen Hartmann Mrs. Lisa Higgins Ms. Peggy Hunt Insurance Planning Services, Inc. Ms. Virginia M. Kane Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth T. Keller Mr. Gary C. Klein Mr. & Mrs. David L. Lassiter Mr. & Mrs. Wayne W. Lyle Margaret M. Bost Trust Ms. Shannon McCullough Ms. Margaret F. McMurray Mr. & Mrs. Allen A. Mitchell John & Kate Mosley Mr. & Mrs. Edward Pearson Dr. Daphne Pitts & Mr. Greg Pitts Peggy Lampley Robeson Judy Shanks Schenk Ellen Brown Schenk Shafer Insurance Agency, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. W. Laurence Sullivan, Jr. SunTrust Foundation Mr. Edward S. Temple Mike & Mitzi Terry Frances Anne Varallo Mrs. Suzanne Sevier Walters Ms. Eleanor D. Whitworth WTC Foundation


We also express gratitude and acknowledge the following individuals that have made a gift to our Fine Arts Capital Campaign. These gifts were received between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015. Although we are still in a quiet phase of the campaign, we welcome gifts at any level at this time. 2 Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. David Alfrey Ms. Phyllis R. Alper Ayers Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Brian Babiak Dr. Carolyn Baker & Mr. Clark Baker Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Balser

Annual Report 2014-15

Mr. & Mrs. Philip N. Barbee The family of Kathleen Smith Barry Mrs. Lady Appleby Bird Mr. & Mrs. Dennis C. Bottorff Mr. & Mrs. Terry Brennan Ms. Patsy A. Bruce Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cain Camilla Dietz Bergeron, Ltd. Ms. Bonnie B. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Fred Cassetty Mr. Dean F. Chase Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert L. Chilton Philip & Janie Clark Mr. Chase Cole Mr. William G. Cole, III Mr. & Mrs. Tom F. Cone Mary Rose & Jon Conlin Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cook Mr. & Mrs. Richard Courtney Debbie Wallace Craig Mrs. Martha Sanders Davenport Ms. Caroline A. Davis Claudia Bickley Davis Emily Sanders Davis Dian Graves Owen Foundation Mrs. Ann Dobbs Mr. David D. Dortch Robert & Kathy Dortch Mr. & Mrs. Harold B. Dunn Alice Strobel Eadler Mrs. Diane Peterson Edwards Mr. Robert Erzin Ferragamo USA Inc & Subsidiaries Mr. & Mrs. Bob Forster Mr. & Mrs. Lee Gaddis Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Galante Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Gardner Mrs. Margaret L. Garesche Mr. & Mrs. C. Henry Geny Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Gibson Mr. Ron Gobbell & Ms. Janet Kurtz Ms. Theresa Godchaux Mrs. Connie Cole Goodbread Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Graham Drs. Dante J. & Karen Graves Judy Winter Gupton Ms. Sarah M. Guthrie Kevin & Kristin Harney Mr. & Mrs. Tom Harrington Gretchen Keras Hart Ms. Shirley M. Harvey Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Hays Mr. & Mrs. William R. Hearn Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hitt Mr. & Mrs. David Hobbs Mrs. Maggie Lee Holtman Ms. Maude Robinson Hopkins Mr. & Mrs. B. Frederick Horne Mr. & Mrs. John Huff Mr. & Mrs. Clay T. Jackson Mr. John T. Johnson, Jr.

Mary Leyden Bevington Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Kaiser Heather & Kris Kemp Phyllis Taylor Kemp Miss Barbara Kletschka Claudia Volz Kornmeyer Mrs. Peggy Gorham Krozely Mr. Larry J. Larkin The Leah Rose Residence for Senior Citizens Candace Winsett Ledbetter Ms. Sherri Parker Lee Ms Rita J. Lenahan Ms. Cathy A. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. James D. Lewis Lipman Bros. Inc. Little Portion, Inc. Ms. Freida Maisel Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Massie Ms. Susan W. Mathis Ms. Carol L. McCoy Glorian Ditenhafer McGuire Mr. & Mrs. Martin F. McNamara, III Mrs. Ellen Coode McWhirter Dr. Aurelia M. Montgomery Mr. David K. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. James G. Morrissey Muriel F. Siebert Foundation Nancy M. & Victor S. Johnson, Jr. Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Donald D. Napier Neal & Harwell, PLC Rosann & Bill Nunnelly Linda Overbey Parker Ms. Nan Nelson Parrish Dr. Margaret Sutherland Pennington Mr. David Penson Rosalinda Sbuttoni Raher Joan & Ben R. Rechter Mrs. Alison Ames Rheaume The Honorable Muriel Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Samuels Ms. Billye Proctor Shaw Mr. & Mrs. R. Patrick Shepherd Mrs. Ginny Terry Shrader Mr. & Mrs. John R. Simoneaux Mr. & Mrs. Luke Simons Virginia Baltz Singer Nancy Catignani Smith Cindy Adams Somerville Ms. Jettie P. Swygert Frances Anne Varallo Charles & Mimi Vaughn Ms. Anne-Lee Verville Ms. Denise M. Volz Steve & Norma Volz Mrs. Rita P. Volz Mrs. Colleen Conway Welch Mr. & Mrs. Mark Whaley Ms. Bailey White Mr. & Mrs. Lewis F. Wood, Jr.

Please note that every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in the reporting of this data and the donor’s wishes with regard to recognition. If you believe there is an error, please contact Kim Hoover at 615.279.3885. If corrections are necessary, we will confirm and reprint them in the next issue of HarpStrings. Thank you for your generosity to St. Cecilia Academy.




Lifelong Lessons

2 01 5 O u tstan din g Alu mn ae o f t he Yea r

Debbie Wallace Craig

By Bridget Nolan Thomas ’05 Director of Alumnae Relations

Deb b ie Wa lla ce C ra ig ’ 65

St. Cecilia has played a huge part in my family and in the way I was raised. I was Dominican taught from kindergarten to 12th grade, attending St. Henry, where my mother is a first grade teacher, and graduating from St. Cecilia in 2005. My paternal grandmother, Ann Thoni Nolan ’46, was raised by the sisters and although she passed away before I was born, her love of SCA is echoed at nearly every family function. These stories of my grandmother encouraged my cousins and me to attend St. Cecilia.

Debbie Wallace Craig ’65 reminisces about her time as a student at the annual alumnae luncheon. She was recognized as the 2015 Outstanding Alumna of the Year. Along with her successful business career, Debbie has given her time and energy to many philanthropic projects in the community and to her alma mater. In 2013, Debbie received the Seton Award from St. Thomas Hospital given to those who “devote their lives to social ministry and volunteering.” She is a loyal friend to her alma mater and is a member of the Dominican Campus Legacy Society.

I wasn’t The St. Cecilia Girl; I wasn’t the A+ student who got into every college in which I applied. I struggled academically and was thrilled when I passed Algebra. I was terrible at dance and almost broke out into hives when it came time for me to ask a date to Winter Formal. But I loved St. Cecilia. I remember my patient Algebra teacher coming in every morning at 6:45 a.m. to do everything he could to help me understand better. And although there was nothing anyone could do about my two left feet, I excelled onstage and in English and journalism classes.

Jill Bader

Ji l l Ba der ’ 01

SCA is where I met lifelong friends; friends who were in my wedding and I in theirs. Friends I can bump into running errands and pick up right where we left off ten years ago. St. Cecilia gave me the courage to live and practice my faith. St. Cecilia taught me life lessons, and although at 17 I had no clue I was learning them, I see the impact of those lessons today. In my new role as full-time Director of Alumnae, my goal is to build relationships with all alumnae and educate our current students in understanding how they can be active alumnae. I believe that our alumnae want to see what current students are doing and vice versa. I want to engage all of our alumnae. I want our alumnae to be proud of their alma mater! We have several new events planned this year because your reunion shouldn’t just be a weekend event; you should celebrate being a SCA girl all year round! We are planning a morning speaker series geared towards working professionals, where you can grab a cup of coffee and listen to new, fresh business approaches before you head to work. We will have an active and engaging social media presence. We will have Mass every first Wednesday, with fellowship afterward. Be on the lookout for invitations coming your way. It’s an exciting time to be a SCArab!

Jill Bader ’01 pictured here with her parents, Chuck and Betty Bader at the 2015 Alumnae Luncheon. Jill is a Republican strategist currently serving as Director of Strategic Partnerships for Hollywoodbased Strategic Perception, a top national political advertising firm. She was recognized at the annual alumnae luncheon as the first Outstanding Young Alumna of the Year.



Simply St. Cecilia t-shirt

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After graduating from St. Cecilia Academy, Missy Alston Kane ’73 was a member of the 1984 U.S. Olympic team in track and field, and a bronze medalist at the 1983 Pan Am Games and Olympic Sports Festival. She has been named SEC Cross-Country Coach of the Year, and was inducted into the Knoxville Sports Hall of Fame in 1996 and the Lady Vol Hall of Fame in 2005. Currently, Kane is health promotions coordinator for Covenant Health, a comprehensive multi-hospital health system headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. She was a television anchor/reporter for eight years, and has been a track and field commentator for NBC Sports, ESPN, and Fox Sports Network. She has been profiled in Runner’s World magazine and hosts her own weekday fitness show, “Missy Kane Fit and Fun,” on East Tennessee Public Television. Kane will be inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame during the organization’s 50th anniversary celebration to be held in June 2016 in Nashville.




From left to right, Gail Caudle ’60, Ann Guepe Harris ’63, Mary Ann Roberts Claxton ’63, and Peggy Lampley Roberson ‘60

2015 Alumnae Luncheon

From left to right, Peggy Black Chance, Elizabeth Demere ’13, Lee Anne Chance Demere ’83, and Lindsay Chance ‘87

The Class of 1990: Christi Royer, Stephanie Hurst Sutton, Debra-Jeanne Hay Uchida, Holly Harris, Angela Cooper Plasko, Jill Sappenfield Golczynski, and Kristi Hill Dunlap.


Emily Warren ’13 and Bridget Simpson ‘12

The class of 1985.



The Sound of Music Alumnae Past Cast Party

CONTINUING THE LEGACY Welcome, Class of 2019 daughters of alumnae!

Sydney A. Baird

Ava P. Durelli

Savannah T. Evans

Lily E. Huseby

Molly B. Lyons

Mary Catherine Pyburn

Daughter of Jane Giuli Baird ’81

Daughter of Ellen Bush Durelli ’81

Principal Sister Anne Catherine O.P. with Mike and Rita Figlio, and Mia Figlio Miller ’87 who starred as “Maria” in 1984.

Daughter of Marie Stewart ’98

Daughter of Nichole Wood Huseby ’91

Librarian Cheryl Carpenter with daughter Christy Collier Carey ’95, and Sonia Fernandez Le Blanc ’95. From back (left to right): Aime Shelide Mayer ’02, Preston Crook, Michael MacDonald, Schuyler Moore Lucio ’03, Victoria Richards ’01, Patrick Simpson (MBA), Francis Horn, Jordan Moore Vaughn ’01, and Cathie Correa Stamps.

Daughter of Melissa Lee Lyons ’85

Emma Ramming

Daughter of Sarah Wieck ’88

Daughter of Margaret Strobel Pyburn ’93

Selene Rowan

Daughter of Lisa Wyatt ’86

Mary Margaret Warren

Daughter of Laura Gregory Warren ’88 STCECILIA.EDU



The class of 1965 celebrating their 50th reunion.

Reunion Time:

SCA friends gather together

The class of 1990 celebrating their 25th reunion.


The class of 1995 celebrating their 20th reunion.



Class Notes

The class of 2005 celebrating their 10th reunion.

1 BIRT HS 1. Andrew Martin, son of Sara Brunette Strobel '01 and Morgan Strobel, born June 19, 2015. 2. Ivie Murphy Hoffmann '04 and her husband, Chaz, welcomed Clara Mae into the world on June 17, 2014. 3. Laura Diroff Yankee ’98 and husband, Jon, welcomed their third child. Jane Emily Tipton Yankee at 8:46 p.m. on July 6, 2015. She was 7 pounds, 12 ounces and 19 inches long. The class of 1985 celebrating their 30th reunion.

2 WE D D IN GS 1. Elizabeth Grady Marchetti '07 and Gary Michael Schimmer, Jr. were married on Saturday, April 18, 2015 at the Cathedral of the Incarnation with the Reverend Joe McMahon officiating. Liz is the daughter of Mary Davis Marchetti '75. Joining Liz on her special







day was her maid of honor, Kate Keene '04. After a wedding trip to Costa Rica, the couple is residing in Nashville. Liz graduated from the University of Alabama and is employed by Vaco as a Projects Coordinator. 2. Ashley Herrmann ’07 married Jeffrey Ham at St. Henry Catholic Church in Nashville on April 25, 2015. Jeffrey is from Charlotte, NC and attended UNC-Wilmington. Ashley and Jeffery met in medical school and graduated two weeks after the wedding. They have recently begun residency together in Johnson City, TN; she is in pediatrics and he is in family medicine. 3. Erin Silas '09 and Logan Garrett were married on June 19, 2015. Erin's SCA classmates, Anne Clair Hamilton, Kristen Burns Walker, Elizabeth Oman Jasarevski and Jessica Volz served as bridesmaids. 4. Julianna Franks '11 married Luke Cole on April 11, 2015 at St. Andrew Lutheran Church in Franklin, TN. Julianna is studying to be a pharmacist at Belmont University, set to graduate in 2019. The couple lives in Franklin.

A LU M N A E N OTE S 1. Jamie Pope ’75, M.S., R.D., LDN, has published a new book, "Nutrition for a Changing World." The book represents an accumulation of over three years of research, and was developed for non-nutrition majors in introductory nutrition courses, like the ones Jamie teaches for more than 400 Vanderbilt undergraduate students each year. Jamie has been a faculty member in the School of Nursing for more than 15 years and has expanded the nutrition courses offered at VUSN during that time. 2. Marye Walker Lewis ’81 has been named the CFO of the Nashville Symphony. 3. Rosemary Plorin ‘85, president of Lovell Communications Inc., was recognized as a 34 | HARPSTRINGS

9 3 2015 Nashville Business Journal Women of Influence Winner. 4. Actress Karen Pittman ’88 was featured in The New York Times this July in an article titled, “At the Top of Her Game.” 5. Caroline McNair ’07 worked this summer at an orphanage/school outside of Nairobi, Kenya. She recently returned to Nashville to complete her Master's degree in Psychology at Lipscomb University. 6. Elizabeth Henard ’11 recently graduated Cum Laude from Samford University as a member of Omicron Delta Kappa (leadership honor society), Gamma Sigma Alpha (Greek academic honor society), and Phi Mu Fraternity. She is now pursuing a Masters of Education at Lipscomb University, while teaching at Westminster School for Young Children. 7. Alex Brink ’11 graduated Summa Cum Laude from Furman University this past May and will be attending Wake Forest University to pursue a Masters of Science in accounting. She has accepted a full-time position with Ernst & Young in Greenville, SC after graduation next fall.

10 8. Catie Brown '11 is starting at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to begin a 4-year Psychology PhD program, focusing on neuroscience and emotion. Catie graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2014. 9. Betsy Lane ’12 was chosen to represent the state of Tennessee in the 2015 National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. Participants are selected by a state society or embassy based on their leadership, academic achievements, and interest in social, civic, community, and world affairs. 10. Kristen Fox ’15 and Rosemary McGrady ’15 received a special blessing at the Cathedral of Incarnation as they prepared to go to Haiti to begin their year-long mission work teaching English. STCECILIA.EDU


In Memoriam


DOROTHY SHARP DAUE '38, sister of Evelyn B. Sharp '39, Mildred Sharp Coode '42, Frances Sharp Luster '42, Peggy Sharp Shelton '44


DIANE CASHA JENKINS '68, sister of Suzi Casha Putnam '69 and Amanda L. Casha ’71





SUE ANN MANNION SIMPSON '46, sister of Mary Frances Mannion Johnson '48 and mother of Sue Ann Simpson Anneis '69 and Margaret Mary Simpson Dunning ’73






May the souls of our faithful departed alumnae, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Forever in our prayers, we remember each alumna as pictured in her high school class composite.


To view recent memorial notices of our alumnae’s family members and friends of St. Cecilia Academy, please visit

Feb. 18, 2016, 7 p.m. A Mother-Daughter Concert with Audrey Assad


a Send birth and wedding announcements alumnae notes and photos to: NOTE: Photos taken with phones can’t be used. For best results, image size should be high resolution of 300dpi and (at least) 4x6 inches.



ST. CECILIA ACADEMY 4210 Harding Pike Nashville, TN 37205 STCECILIA.EDU



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