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30 STYLE ID: PEYOTE PARTY Dress code: printastic



Chicks with kickflips By Steven Visneau


The answer’s in their eyes. By Miguel Miranda


54 SWEET BABY Pastel



Black and White

57 CRAZY LINES Abstract Art

58 GENTLEMAN’S BEST Soft Tailoring



Minimalist Sportswear


Checks and Plaid



We hear even the Becks follow Michele Ouellet’s winey blog. By Viva Gonzalez



Haunting vocals over danceable darkstep beats characterize the School of Seven Bells’ Ghostory. And they were possibly influenced by, uh, David Archuleta? By Reena Mesias



With a live set involving shadow puppets, light shows, and artsy audio installations, understanding the Casiokids’ Norwegian lyrics in Aabenbaringen over Aaskammen is the least of our concerns. By Erika Garcia


Up-and-coming band Never The Strangers sing heavy on heartbreak, but behind the music, these fresh grads are all about laughter, milk tea, and dirty jokes. By Samantha Castro


From drum ‘n bass to string sections and gospel harmonies, Graffiti6’s new album has as many sounds as the duo has various Colours. By Rita Faire


Between recording new music, churning out an exclusive fanzine, and jumping up and head-thrashing at their nightly gigs, Los Campesinos! worry not about how they look the morning after. By Rita Faire


Despite his foolish games and child-like charms, Kyle Krone ain’t kidding around. For Those Who Think Young like him, Kyle is king of the playground. By Reena Mesias


Hopsin’s Knock Madness could warrant social quarantine, but it’s nothing the rapper isn’t used to; in fact, he’s proud to be an outsider. By Giano D. Dionisio



Despite bushwhacking it with the A-list, photographer Collin Stark is unfazed by his subjects’ flashy steez, capturing them as Stark as possible. By Rita Faire


She did miss prom night and skipped the cake and alcohol on her 21st birthday, but at least actress-turned-recentsurfer-chick Leven Rambin has gone through enough onscreen adventures to more than make up for it. By Viva Gonzalez


Stephen Amell is incredibly congenial, and not just about his genitals. Enough with the queer jokes, and just hang low with the Hung actor. By Raydon Reyes


With videographer Kellen Dengler around, a change in perspective can easily turn into a change in perception. By Giano D. Dionisio


Mr. Smartypants Nick Krause played against type (as a goofy dimwit) in Academy darling The Descendants. The shrewd 19-yearold is ready for his close up, and maybe a future video game adaptation. By Reena Mesias


With the ability to turn star DJs into superstars, talent managers Yoni Goldberg and Damon DeGraff are ready to celebrate celebrity success. By Rob LeDonne




Shaking off nerves, showing off curves, and performing vocal swerves in the upcoming local rendition of hit musical In the Heights, K-La Rivera is ready to move to Broadway. By Rita Faire



With Dazed & Confused as a starter, ravenous celebrity photographer Rankin serves The Hunger, a full course on fame and beauty. Warning: Contents are hot. By Kristine Dabbay


Some people want high school to be over but Awkward. star Ashley Rickards wishes it would never end. Not even reaching 20, she has no plans of aging any time soon. By Gino dela Paz


It’s perfect when wits and weirdness collide just like in Matthew Gray Gubler’s case. Besides solving cases in Criminal Minds, he lets his creativity run on overdrive when he directs and models on the side. By Liza Constantino




It’s not easy being the good guy, but the rewards are out of this world. Being Human’s resident fur ball Sam Huntington preaches about the importance of being earnest and the sense of sensibility. By Rita Faire

88 UNIVERSAL STATE OF AMERICA Any friend of photographer Bob Gruen is a friend of ours, so we wish. For one night only, Bob shares his backstage pass taking us to the sacred and scandalous lives behind rock & roll’s golden gods. By Kristine Dabbay


Very, very young Hollywood










As a DJ, creative director, and head designer at Mental, Mike Lavarez has assorted artifacts.

The Academy has spoken; actors, directors, writers, composers, et al have been crowned. The Oscars are a time-honored way to get noticed, though nowadays we prefer a bit of scandal. Take Ashley Rickards over here. Photographed by David Phelps, the Awkward. actress looks ready to pull a Janet Jackson Superbowl Flash. Busted! Who doesn’t love the fame game?


Our favorite actors’ cell phone numbers.


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ASHLEY RICKARDS: Photo by David Phelps (80)

MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER: Photo by Quang Le (84)


ur celebrity-obsessed world got STATUS curious with the lives of rising actors and those who photograph them. What does it take to enter, thrive, and survive the fame game? We want to know how famous or infamous do you have to be to get on TMZ? Like all aspiring young actresses, Ashley Rickards did the rounds of small acting roles for a few years. But it’s being the lead on MTV’s Awkward. that got her cred. Not only did her adorable awkwardness catch our eye for cover but also her quick wit that translates to the tube. It seems like young actors Matthew Gray Gubler and Sam Huntington are both destined for recognition. Sam started working for commercials at the age of 13 while Matthew was discovered as a model. Later on, he interned for Wes Anderson and is now a budding filmmaker and a constant subject of Terry Richardson. But these boys have bigger dreams. Maybe that’s why they both landed lead roles on hit shows—Matthew on Criminal Minds and Sam on Being Human. Of course we couldn’t leave out the photographers that capture the famous. Dazed & Confused founder and photographer John Rankin Waddell aka Rankin is almost as famous as Madonna, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, and Kate Moss, at least in the world of celebrity and fashion. While our other voyeur Bob Gruen has worked and is friends with icons such as Sid Vicious, John Lennon, and David Bowie. We’ll leave it up for you to decide if these rising actors and veteran shooters are playing the fame game well. One common thread runs through all their interviews though— fame is only a proof of their passions.


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contributors EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Rosario Herrera CREATIVE DIRECTOR Patrick L. Jamora ART DIRECTOR Patrick Diokno GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Nyael David, Paolo Geronimo ASSOCIATE EDITOR Kristine Dabbay FEATURES EDITOR Reena Mesias FASHION EDITOR Loris Peña FASHION ASSISTANT Zoe Laurente EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Giano D. Dionisio, Rita Faire


Though Raydon is usually more interested in the characters than the actors behind them, he gamely talked with Hung and New Girl player Stephen Amell (70) about his various parts (private and otherwise). Recently, Ray’s “attention span celebrates the 20-minute limit to short films,” making TV marathons an enjoyable occurrence, just as long as horrible Memoirs of a Geishatype adaptations aren’t involved, cue Ray’s eyeroll.

GINO DELA PAZ Few—including Gino—can say they’ve been given a pet name by Katy Perry. Though they don’t “get together on the weekends for tea or anything like that,” the nickname remains a random remembrance of a Kuala Lumpur celebrity encounter. Cover girl Ashley Rickards (80) didn’t necessarily bestow any quirky mementos, besides teen tales, and Awkward. anecdotes, of course.

SALES & MARKETING CONSULTANT Tina Herrera ACCOUNT MANAGER Dan Buenaventura JUNIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Patty Mendoza CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Liza Constantino, Gino de la Paz, Erika Garcia, Viva Gonzalez, Rob LeDonne, Raydon Reyes, Nante Santamaria CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS Scott Alario, Russell Baer, Jon Bergman, Jennifer Bigham, Shawn Brackbill, P.R. Brown, Stephen Busken, Edlene Cabral, Marina Chavez, The Cobrasnake, Jane Cohen, Fernando Colon, Marvin Conanan, Martin Cruz, Gerard Estadella, Borgy Gavina, Kenny Gryzmala, Monika H, Tinette Herrera, Justin Hollar, Carina Kramer, Tal Karusso, Quang Le, Jocelyn Lopez, Aljan Lorenzo, Roy Macam, Miguel Miranda, Joseph Pascual, Perou, David Phelps, Mara Reyes, Jaja Samaniego, Edward Shaw, Rob Shields, JP Singson, France Sison, Justin Taylor Smith, Suzette Tan, Adam Seth Teh, Lacey Terrell, Steven Visneau, Boo Umaly, The XOXO Kids INTERNS Samantha Castro, Alex Lopez, Jeruel Pingol



“I have always been keen to the model in fashion,” says NY-born-and-raised photographer Steven. “The trend of celebs taking that role has been disappointing,” he grins. He recently captured skater chic models (40) in the ice creammelting heat of Texas, where Steven now resides. For a summer getaway, he might just be “Rock lounging in the Cinque Terre.”



Filipino indie director Raymond is currently shooting his newest film, Kamera Obskura, for the local film festival this summer. In this issue, the prolific filmmaker talks about Manila Skies (22), which won the London Film Festival Best Drama. His dream adaptation would be to interpret the works of Kafka or Jorge Luis Borges, with a classical approach “Like Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness to Apocalypse Now, or Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? into Blade Runner.”

Meet STATUS pet Mordecai Ali Van Allen O’Shea

What’s your STATUS? tell us.

GENERAL INQUIRIES Read our digital version digital-magazine LIKE US Follow us STATUS is published by STATUS Media Group. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. - 13


MARCH 2012


MANDA ADOMAITIS believes that a girl doesn’t need to bare her body to feel like a bombshell; a pair of hands to cover her up would do just the trick. Redefining sexy with draped skirts, flowy tops, and loose pants in printed fabrics of hands and birds, she breaks the stereotype molded by the body-con dress. And even when she’s only in a simple white shift dress, she still makes heads turn.



iving on edge starts with simple indulgences such as JU$T ANOTHER RICH KID’s accessory collection Seven Deadly Sins. The only crime you can commit though is not giving in to this temptation. Its seven silver charms correspond to each deadly sin like the marijuana leaf, bunny, and upside down crucifix. Sometimes you got to practice what you don’t preach.


IKE’s Sportswear Spring collection is all about making each moment count. Celebrating the brand’s best sporting years, nostalgia kicks in with its collegiate styles such as the Cortez which innovates the running shoe with its flexible cushions. Lady Cortez’ deconstructed upper gives a woman’s foot a slim profile. Go for leather or lightweight nylon; these shoes set the bar higher for the Year of the Dragon.


IGHLAND goes nautical this spring with its latest collection. The American brand has taken horizontal stripes to another level by putting them on everything from tees and tanks to shorts. Mixing it up with a touch of color blocking, the brand upgrades the staple with bright reds, yellows, and blues—just perfect for summer. - 15




hen the sun gets too bright, you just got to wear BONLOOK shades. The brand’s latest offering of sunnies is as enviable as it is essential. From the Harry tortoise frames to their rounded Week-end at Bernie’s, master taking on different personalities with each pair you wear.


OMEFORBREAKFAST takes on the sportswear trend just in time for the 2012 Olympics with its latest collection. The brand steps out of the locker room looking fresh posttraining with drop-crotch pants, oversized biker vests, and mesh tops. The carefully constructed minimalist pieces look effortless; you won’t break a sweat to mix and match them together.


WARENESS & CONSCIOUSNESS head designer Christiane Gruber invites people to a different kind of toga party with her Spring/ Summer 2012 collection Let Loose. The brand’s signature handmade dyed and bleached pleated skirts, drape-fit tees, and drawstring dresses come in purple, blue and green. Obviously it takes you to Greece, but minus the plane fare.


ear your CIVIC DUTY on your sleeve, or in this new sneaker line’s case, on your feet. These shoes are made for walking, but are also made for the benefit of the environment by using Tyvek, the same material used in air mail envelopes that have a crumpled effect. The next time you say, “you’re so fly,” make sure you have the shoes for it.


rooklyn-based accessories designer LILLIAN CROWE goes medieval by putting more growl than glitz into her latest line of accessories. Featuring battle axes and castle tower pendants, spiked mace necklaces, and arrow head rings in silver, gold, and brass, the Dark Ages remain relevant with this new wave of Gothic fashion.

16 -


OUT WITH a bang M

elding three fashion decades (70s, 80s, and 90s) is what ANGELA BANG’s style is all about. Trippy 70s prints, irreverent 80s colorways including red and neon yellow, plus 90s grunge details like uneven hemlines create a collection that reflects this decade’s wonderful decadence.


ooking more like meteor fragments than actual metals, M.KIRANA mimics metals trapped in layers of rock. The collection, Encrusted, features extraterrestrial designs in darkened chrome, silver, and bronze rings, necklaces, and bracelets studded with specks of the same metal. Pair them with a streamlined LBD and some patent boots and your style will shoot towards and beyond the stratosphere.


ucy’s got us high, but not with diamonds. Look up and find LUCY JAY with a fancy flight of her featherweight scarves. Wrapped up in kaleidoscopic prints, her silky friends named Angela, Diane, and Hamish snare you with their geometric patterns and abstract prints. Just staring at these fabrics undulating in the wind can take you to cloud nine.


f you think you’ve seen the last of the Dementors, then you’re wrong. Manila-based label PROUDRACE brings another collection that sucks away light and color, but in a good way. Its Spring/ Summer 2012 collection showcases soft, flowy, and loose pieces from sheer cropped tops to off-shoulder sweaters and oversized blazers, all in black and grey. Villainy never looked this chic.

super trooper V

ANS rocks your multiple personality tendencies without changing your footwear. The canvas 106 Moc in gunmetal black can go from running at the beach to lounging in the resort. The suede honey mustard Escuela matches dyed slim cut chinos, graphic shirts, and crisp button-downs, so you can put your best foot forward any time of the day. - 17




tep out into the sun in THIERRY LASRY’s acetate specs. Handmade from France, these 80s-inspired frames are finished off with real lace, tortoise shell, and gold and silver leaf flakes layered with acetate to complete their retro-futuristic vibe. Get a taste of the rainbow with Annalynny frames made of vintage multi-colored acetate and bring the funky fashion era back to its color-popping glory.


ELFAR teams up with American Apparel to present the diffusion line called UNDER.T. Along with AA’s famous cotton jersey comes a collection of hoodies, layered leggings, capris, and the 08’ triple tank top in monotone colors. They’re good for the bedroom and of course, for some down time.


YLVIO GIARDINA’s latest creations melt like ice cream before your eyes. Sherbet-colored dresses play as the secret ingredient to the designer’s Spring/ Summer 2012 collection of mouth-watering fashion concoctions. Dresses are shaped and constructed as if they’re melting under the summer heat. Oh, how we’d love to get a taste of that.


f a friendship bracelet helps in measuring how tight friends are then at least be certain it is made by JESSICA ELLIOT. Straying from the typical woven embroidery threads, Jessica braids chains, metals, and pairs them with semi-precious new jade stones that put a spin to our old summer camp favorite.


ERONIMO’s Spring/Summer collection is reminiscent of warm sunny days and lemonade. Match a wardrobe full of cotton dresses, A-cut skirts, bandeau tops, and one-piece suits with a floppy hat and you can sit back, relax, and let the pastel colors of Geronimo’s dresses take you home.

18 -



an Francisco-based designer Saemee Youn creates whimsical accessories for her jewelry line SEREFINA. Inspired by bohemian lifestyle and Southeast Asian arts, Saemee carefully crafts her necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with the use of feathers, chains, and other vintage finds. Clad in long feather earrings, join the band of merry hippies just in time for Coachella.


ust when you think you’ve seen it all from Chuck Bass, here comes HOUSE OF PAPILLON with its own twist on the gentleman’s old wardrobe staple, the bowtie. The brand, since its establishment in 2011, has made bowties more accessible for both guys and girls by reworking it with fabrics like tweed, velvet, and suede. Even Blair would give Chuck a run for his money with a black and white silk polka-dotted number.

CALL OF NATURE Words by Kristine Dabbay, Rita Faire, Zoe Laurente, Reena Mesias, and Loris Peña


ough it out in the woods by sporting art collective SOCIETY27’s range of Native American-inspired apparel ranging from line art graphic tees to leather-canvas hybrid mid-high sneakers. Pair it with stonewashed jeans and rough-hewn leather bands and you’re ready for a night out of your teepee.


he ingredients for a RODEBJER look consist of a basic silhouette with a hint of androgyny. Maxi skirts come with a sexy slit. Top it off with a slouchy sweater in neutral colors accented with blue and yellow. Then finish it with a luxe bony woven knit blazer to make everyone around you salivate.


ll the girls in white dresses are off to the county fair all dressed in BLAISE KAVANAGH’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection. The designer gets the spring awakening with melon high-waisted wide-leg pants, A-line skirts, and floppy-rimmed hats worthy of an afternoon stroll down the park. Slip into a long slinky grey dress accented with a frilled neckline when the sun sets for that added glam during evening parties. - 19





hen Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home,” she probably didn’t mean a house party. Nevertheless, the guys of THE STUDIO seem to have taken her words in a new context. Call it your home for the night and throw a house party complete with its cushy throw pillows and dim lamplight settings. The home-inspired hangout takes the pageantry out of cocktails and puts them in a comfy setting. Just be careful not to make the mistake of trashing the place or you won’t just have mom to deal with after.






ocated along the coastline of Khao Lak, Thailand, CASA DE LA FLORA is an ecofriendly resort housing 36 contemporary cube villas complete with private pools, an Apple entertainment system, a garden, a terrace, and a view of the Thai coastline. Waited on hand and foot by an on-site ‘Dream Maker’ who caters to each


individual guest and a 24-hour staff that assures every whim is indulged—guests don’t have to worry about a thing. Enjoy the sea breeze and feel the serenity of Zen-inspired designs. A couple of days in this place and it’ll be very difficult to go back to civilization.

mixture of mid-century modern, K-Pop memorabilia, and raw industrial design, SUBSPACE COFFEE is a Korean-inspired hole-in-the-wall café that encourages anyone to sink in a chair and blend into installations decorating the space. Sip on one of their bizarre-flavored coffees (Sweet Purple Potato Latte) while staring at the chairs tied to the exposed pipes on the ceiling. Ask the barista if you could add one more doodle to the wall. When the mind boggles and the tummy grumbles, this is a place to disappear into.

BLEND AND SNAP SUBSPACE COFFEE adds a kick to your good morning friend with some funky flavors that will be sure to wake you up. 103 G/F Grand Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

20 -

AFFOGATO Ice cream served with a shot of espresso? Be still my caffeine junkie heart.

SWEET PURPLE POTATO LATTE Rich espresso, milk, and purple potato make for a sweet, salty, and sinful cup of joe.

PEANUT BUTTER LATTE A shot of espresso drowned in mile with a dollop of peanut butter makes for an unlikely dessert.

COFFEE JELLY This mixture of ice cream, espresso, chocolate, and jelly makes for a peppy take on a classic dessert.

Words by Samantha Castro and Rita Faire




Happy Shop, BERLIN Torstrasse 67 10119 Berlin, Germany Dime to drop: P870-P57,860 (€15-€750) Don’t leave without: A wildly colorful piece like a pastel pink jacket or a pastel pink pencil skirt.


taying true to its name, HAPPY SHOP delivers a unique set of quirky and charming products that can turn anyone’s mood into a sunny one. A playful, theatre-like space that one can spot from a distance with its loud black and white checkered storefront, the vibe inside is exactly how you might picture a “happy shop” would be. One will find that this shop is more than just fun and giggles. Aside from being wildly humorous, their men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories come from different parts of the world such as South America, Scandinavia, Paris, and Japan. There are racks of clothes and even mannequins suspended from above, displaying some of the best contemporary brands such as B Store, Kitsuné, The Inoue Brothers, and JC de Castelbajac. Offbeat jewelry and clothing mixed with their constantly changing open interior and displays invite people to explore something new every time they visit.

UNIS, NEW YORK UNIS, New York 226 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012 Dime to drop: P2,250-P15,750 ($50-$350) Don’t leave without: Their famous Gio pant, the slimmer version of a chino that keeps customers coming back.


Words by Samantha Castro and Zoe Laurente

NIS’ plain white and glass interior matches its clean white walls, wooden shelves, and white racks on which the clothes are neatly hung and arranged. Owner and head designer Eunice Lee opened the eponymous menswear clothing line and Manhattan boutique that carries a relaxed yet polished vibe. Build it and they will come, so the saying goes. And come the people do—by the hundreds. Aside from Unis’ own takes on slim-cut chino, shirting, knitwear, outerwear, and suiting, Unis also carries other labels of different commodities like shoes from Superga, cosmetics from Ursa Major, accessories from Billykirk, and even various magazines like Inventory, Monocle, and Apartmento. This store isn’t just a one-stop shop, expect to find yourself returning whenever you’re in town. Unis is something you’ll miss.



core some of the best vintage pieces at Closet Rich, an online store that sells anything but spiders. Thrift shop lovers can both shop and sell items from a pre-loved Rag & Bone top to a vintage Jean Paul Gaultier belt. Founder Elizabeth Kott personally

selects the items; anything that doesn’t make the cut gets donated on the seller’s behalf to the Dress for Success charity. That way, you either get some or give some. Win-win, right? - 21




HIMPAPAWID (MANILA SKIES) After winning the Palm d’Or in the 2000 Cannes Film Festival, filmmaker RAYMOND RED has graced major publications such as The Village Voice, Hollywood Reporter, and Cahiers du Cinema; as well as being a speaker in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Watch out for the Philippine digital cinema release of his London Film Festival Best Drama Film, Manila Skies.



continue to struggle to do the films that I truly believe in. But I am proudly a part of what a lot of people today are not even aware of—the early alternative and underground film movement that pioneered and paved the way for this “indie” phenomenon decades ago. Today I continue with my latest feature film Himpapawid (Manila Skies), the first Filipino feature shot on 4K ultra high-definition digital format. As we witness how technology changes the landscape for filmmaking, we also realize the next big hurdle for indie






ut Edward Burns some slack. Sidewalks of New York may sound like a Woody Allen film (ahem, Manhattan)—what with all its frustrated artists, May-December relationships, and tangled webs of big city romance—but at heart, the film is more of a blue collar look into

films, and that is to find a solid venue and ultimately find a significant audience. Despite being produced in 2009 and having won awards and done the rounds of international film festivals in 2010, this film still has to reach the most important audience it was made for. We hope to be able to release Himpapawid this year in true digital cinemas. We must now address the problems of film distribution and exhibition, and this can only be approached with concerted efforts from all sectors of Philippine cinema.

an often pseudo-intellectual world since the lead characters aren’t university professors, amateur philosophers, poets, or painters. Writer/director Burns heads the ensemble cast as Tommy, a failed writer turned TV producer. Finding himself homeless after a nasty breakup, Tommy turns to Annie (Heather Graham), a desperate housewife and realtor experiencing marital problems because Griffin (Stanley Tucci), her philandering husband, is shacking up with a 19-year old waitress, Ashley. Meanwhile, Ashley develops a puppy-dog relationship with Ben, a man reeling from his recent divorce from Maria, an argumentative teacher on a second date with Tommy. Sidewalks of New York steers away from capitalizing on the Big Apple’s tourist value. Rather, Burns’ down-to-earth dialogue and emotional candor becomes the true headliner.


almon fishing and Yemen aren’t keywords that jump from the marquee and into your heart but if Paul Torday’s The New York Times Bestseller Salmon Fishing in the Yemen overcame the adversity of its long title, then the film adaptation of that novel can do the same.


The story follows fisheries expert Fred Jones and an altruistic sheik in their quest to bring salmon fishing to the Yemen Highlands. At first, Jones is hesitant, knowing that the dry conditions of the country will make the task impossible, but he is forced to accept when the Prime Minister’s spokesperson raises the matter from scientific endeavor to diplomatic act of good will. Led by Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, and Kristin Scott-Thomas, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen balances off the sheer cheese of its swim upstream morals with fine form British humor. Writer Simon Beaufoy, hot off the heels of his 127 Hours success collaborates with Chocolat director Lasse Hallström to create a narrative that demonstrates the persistence of human will amidst the absurdities of its impulses.


JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME Mumblecore masters Jay and Mark Duplass show Jason Segel as a 30-something loser who’s searching for his destiny while on an errand for his mother (Susan Sarandon).

22 -

BUTTER A crazed housewife (Jennifer Garner) decides to compete in her husband’s (Ty Burrell) place in the cutthroat world of Iowa’s competitive buttercarving circuit.

JOHN CARTER Co-written by author Michael Chabon, this adaptation of sci-fi classic A Princess of Mars sees a former Confederate captain (Taylor Kitsch) caught in a war between the two cultures that inhabit Mars.

THE PIRATES! BAND OF MISFITS A less-than-successful pirate captain (Hugh Grant) brings his A-game to win the coveted Pirate of the Year award against bitter rivals Cutlass Liz (Salma Hayek) and Black Bellamy (Jeremy Piven).

21 JUMP STREET Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill team up to kick some youth crime ass as they revive the undercover police unit that jumpstarted Johnny Depp’s career.

Words by Rita Faire and Raymond Red





JOE GOLEM AND THE DROWNING CITY By Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden


pening 50 years after Lower Manhattan had been swallowed by thirty feet of water, Mike Mingola and Christopher Golden’s Joe Golem and the Drowning City takes place in a city of poverty, sewer rats, and scavengers looking to survive the hellhole that used to be the City that Never Sleeps. Among them is 14-year old Molly McHugh and her employer, the stage magician and medium Felix Orlov. Together, they navigate through the maze of squalor, communicate with the dearly departed, and help their grieving loved ones move on. Molly experiences her own tragedy when faceless men kidnap

Felix. She runs for her life, and on the way, crosses paths with a mysterious man and his amnesiac companion, Joe Golem. Almost in the same vein as Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series, Drowning City takes New York to a place filled with supernatural possibilities and gritty realities. Its genre-defying imagery and aesthetic border on steampunk while tackling the post-apocalyptic world. a place filled with supernatural possibilities and gritty realities

re a di n g grou p



evin Smith wears a size XXL shirt, considers flip-flops the only thing for his feet, and considers the possibility of a toupée in the near future. But trust us, the Academy Awardwinning producer, director, and writer has enough cred to be your life coach. His book Tough Sh*t: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good delivers just what the title promises—a few laughs to pass the day and guidance to help the average Joe succeed with little effort. His nuggets of wisdom include accepting Ferris Bueller as your personal

savior, acknowledging that being fat is not as fun as eating and admitting your flaws without actually caring about them. The New York Times hailed Tough Sh*t for “elevating the white-guy-doing-nothing prerogative from a lifestyle choice to a moral principle,” but its appeal is simpler than that. Smith’s unwitting bible to the unemployed, overweight, and uninclined masses accepts humanity’s need to get the most with the least effort—what’s more, it embraces it and cheers the reader with a resounding cry of, “Yes we can!”

Smith’s unwitting bible accepts humanity’s need to get the most with THE least effort



By Lauren Groff


idley Sorrel “Bit” Stone was the first child born into the utopia of the Arcadia House, an Upstate New York commune that strives to live off the land and stay away from the corruption of the world beyond their own. But good intentions aren’t enough to sustain a family, let alone an entire community. Sickness, starvation, and poverty plague the commune’s alternative lifestyle, and paradise crumbles underneath their feet, leaving Bit to fend for himself in the world beyond Arcadia. Lauren Groff’s Arcadia presents a dark study of the hippie lifestyle’s extreme side. From illusion to disillusion, we follow Bit watching his

mother driven into reclusion, his father attempting to carry the burdens of his family’s life choices, and the commune leader Handy slowly losing grip on the purity of the movement’s initial intent. Like Adam and Eve flung out of Eden, Bit and his family struggle to fit in the world they resent while trying to reconcile that their paradise has been lost forever. a dark study of the hippie lifestyle’s extreme side

Words by Rita Faire

FOOTNOTES Not completely certain about the underwater apocalypse? Play it safe and keep a X20 Universal Adult Life Jacket Vest with you at all times. Better safe than dead.

Take the beer bum experience to a classier level with the fruity dry NEW BELGIUM LE TERRIOR beer and sample platter of mild cheeses (not from a can). Thank us later.

The first rule of the great outdoors is bringing everything you need. With all the pockets in the 10.Deep Flectarn Camo Division Daypack, we doubt you’d leave anything behind. - 23






IDDEN NIKKI have been Found in the guise of a group consisting of a frontman who’s held all sorts of firearms (from a shotgun to an M-16), an aspiring chef, a guy with no vices (i.e. cigarettes, alcohol, drugs), and a girl who loves parties. Aaron Gonzales (guitars/vocals), Gilbert Asuque (drums), Jason Conanan (bass), and Denise Santos (keyboards) claim that they just really wanted to be witty with their band name and album title, as they explain how the band finally found their sound. Pop in Found while driving or bob your head to “Aminin Mo Naman” on the beach or while

surfing (Gilbert suggests a badass iPod for that, though). Just don’t be quick to judge that they’re a jazz band. Aaron says, “We actually don’t aspire to be a jazz band. We’re just heavily influenced.” In fact, they might as well have created a new genre: “Jazzified,” coins Denise. They’re as unpredictable as their music’s improvisations and swing rhythms. While they’re serious on cam and on airwaves, they’re actually quite kooky, like two of their songs off the album that tell you to “go quit your job.” They just want to enjoy life. Let’s drink to that.


Udbhav Gupta (keyboard) “Control” Spoek Mathambo Go watch the video right now, it’s amazing.

“A Rainbow in Curved Air” Terry Riley It sounds like it has no creator or origin, like it has always existed. “Chinese High” Gang Gang Dance It helps me remember how great they were at The Empty Bottle in Chicago during Pitchfork Festival. “Y.G.H.” Ricardo Villalobos I freelance as a web developer, and his music’s great for staring at lines upon lines of code on a black screen. “E2-E4” Manuel Göttsching It’s hypnotic.

24 -



“Room for Happiness” Kaskade feat. Skylar Grey It’s one of the best songs I’ve written that came out on his album Fire and Ice.

”Back In The Dancehalls” The Felice Brothers Josh Rawson’s best songwriting effort to date. It’s like a hip-hop song that name-drops Robitussin.

“Holocene” Bon Iver I have an orgasm every time he says, “I was not magnificent.” “Fast Lane” Bad Meets Evil I fell in love with this song at Em’s shows because the beat hits so hard. “It Will Rain” Bruno Mars This has sentimental value to me ‘coz we sang it together nearly every night on our European tour. “Moonlight Sonata” Beethoven I would love to light candles in a haunted mansion on a rainy day, play this classic song, and drown in the natural reverb of the ballroom.

Ian O’Neil (guitar)

“Ride Ride Ride” Vetiver This song really sounds like Harry Nilsson. I like that a lot. “Walk It Off” Lil Wayne My friend Scott from Virgin Forest spins it every week for me. I love it. “Saddle Up the Palomino” Neil Young Song off American Stars ‘n Bars that he wrote with Bobby Charles. Enough said. “Ambulance Blues” Neil Young This song sounds like Methadone.

To mark the centennial of late folk singer Woody Guthrie’s birth, George Kaiser Family Foundation has built a museum in his hometown in Oklahoma. Including notebooks, 500 pieces of artworks, and over 3,000 scraps of paper where he wrote lyrics, Guthrie’s archive will most likely inspire future Bob Dylans, Tom Paxtons, and Billy Braggs.

We all love the Troy-and-Abed tandem in NBC’s Community. And while we’re fired up for a fourth season renewal, we find it even more c-c-cool that Childish Gambino is collaborating with Danny Brown (whose XXX mixtape showed up on a lot of critics’ year-end lists) for a tour this month. Double trouble, that’s what we want.

Good SXSW news! Making the list of the past keynote speakers (Neil Young, Johnny Cash) this year is Bruce Springsteen. The Boss is back with a tour and new album, too.

Udbhav Gupta photo by Shawn Brackbill, Skylar Grey photo by P.R. Brown, Ian O’Neil photo by Scott Alario, Hidden Nikki photo by Paolo Geronimo Words by Reena Mesias



NOKIA LUMIA 800 • Features a 3.7-inch ClearBlack AMOLED PenTile capacitive touchscreen • Transfers and synchronizes data for Mac and Windows with Zune • Capable of internet pass-through via connecting to a host PC unit



• WiFi capable radio streams direct from internet radio stations, network storage units, and other connected devices • Delivers 30W RMS of digital sound via digital signal processing-tuned high efficiency class-D amplifiers • Available in black and white finishes SRP: P17,000

SYNCH OR SWIM Stay connected with gadgets that never lose contact.

Casio G-SHOCK GB-6900 • Its Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) connectivity displays incoming alerts from connected devices • Compatible with NEC Medias LTE N-04D and NEC Medias PP N-01D Android phones. • Carries a standard CR2032 button battery that will last up to two years SRP: P10,160

PARROT ZIK HEADPHONES • Buttonless and wireless headset utilizes natural gestures for easy manipulation • Synchronizes to external devices via Bluetooth • Comes with noise-canceling and Digital Signal Processing technology • Designed in collaboration with Philippe Starck

POLAROID SC1630 Smart Camera • Comes with a 16-megapixel CCD sensor with 3× optical zoom lens offering 36-108 mm • Control screen and image viewing display measures at 3.2 inches with 800×480 resolution • Powered by Android technology which enables immediate online photo sharing SRP: P13,150

SRP: TBA - 25

FAC E PA IN T Charm Travel Pro V3 makeup brush set P2,200

NARS Rated R Eyeshadow Duo in Caravaggio P1,600

Pinky Promise

Tweezerman Harajuku Lovers Designer Series Slant Tweezers P750

NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Carthage P1,475

It’s time to banish the black, burn the blue, and get flushed with Barbie’s signature color.

Smashbox In Bloom Cream Cheek Duo in Blushing/Peony P1,725

Essie® Nail Color in Bachelorette Bash P400

CARGO Blush in Amalfi P1,170

Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! Eau de Parfum P4,400

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Hot Pink P540

26 -

Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Woodstock P1,545

MAC Lipstick in Impassioned P1,100

Model photo by Fernando Colon

Maybelline Volum’ Express® One-By-One Waterproof Mascara P407



Start the day right with the CLEAN AND CLEAR® MORNING BURST® DETOXIFYING FACIAL CLEANSER. The Bursting Beads® release antioxidants cleaning your skin and leaving it looking fresh and healthy. P314


Feel good inside and out with ALBA HAWAIIAN FACIAL SCRUB WITH PINEAPPLE ENZYME. Hypo-allergenic and is made with 80% certified organic ingredients, it’s gentle on all skin types. P449


Wash off the blackheads with YES TO TOMATOES™ ACNE DAILY PORE SCRUB. It’s gentle for daily use, but strong enough to fight breakouts with its healthy serving of tomato and ground mango seed extracts. P449

DRUG QUEEN Get a beauty high with these drugstore finds.

Expert Advice


CETAPHIL® GENTLE SKIN CLEANSER,the go-to facial wash for everyone from 13 to 30, clears out pimples and imperfections without irritating or drying out skin. P269

Get results sans big spending with products containing Retinol, Vitamin C, Peptides, and Hyaluronic Acid.


Use THAYERS ALCOHOLFREE ROSE PETAL WITCH HAZEL TONER to complete your daily beauty regimen, and watch your skin bloom like a rose with its aloe vera and vitamin E. P450


Appear like royalty with BURT’S BEES RADIANCE DAY CRÈME WITH ROYAL JELLY that contains essential vitamins and minerals to nourish skin. It can also be used as a makeup base because of its quick absorbing formula. P900

b ea u t y b i t e Model photo by Rosario Herrera



ugar, spice, and everything nice await you when you walk inside the pastel-hued BENEFIT boutique. Carrying the eponymous beauty brand, the shop totes cosmetics, skincare products, and fragrances. Frequent visitors also flock to The Brow Bar to refine prized arches. Armed with a staff ready to wax, tweeze, and primp your brows, it also offers other services to keep you hair-free and looking pretty all over. Of course the store wouldn’t be without its prized loot that all have grown to love and treasure. There’s no better place in Manila to score the

brand’s bestselling products-like the Benetint lip and cheek stain, Dandelion brightening face powder, and Dr. Feelgood balm-than in its flagship store. But no matter how pretty painted faces may be, Benefit sticks to its mantra, “laughter is the best cosmetic, so grin and wear it.” G/F, Phase 2, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center Makati City, Philippines +63-2-729-8954 - 27

GO S E E They may not be the rich and famous, but they sure look and dress like them. Photographed by Fernando Colon and Rosario Herrera

Bright Dress Blocked Wedges

Bucket Bag

Fluid Maxi Skirt Leather Textures Camel Pants

Leather Sleeves

Galaxy Print Fur Jacket

Folded Denim

28 -

Ruffled Skirt

Ruched Pants

LBD with Piping

Oversized Sweater

Chiffon Top

Oversized Button-up Palazzo Pants

Pocket Square

Platform Mary Janes Paneled Tights Pleated Pants - 29



This is what happens when your LBD takes some LSD or gets thrown into a vat of molten Crayola. Get mad like a hatter in loony printed dresses.

Stylist Michelle da Silva dons a graffiti print dress.

By JP Singson Blond-haired girl spotted in Paris Fashion Week rocks her printed midi dress with metallic silver Prada creepers. An American in Paris spotted during Men’s Fashion Week wears a colorful party frock.

This lovely Asian girl opts for a Viktor & Rolf star-printed party dress.

Charmaine Palermo gets crazy with animal print.

30 -

Plaid never looked so chic, thanks to designer Henrik Vibskov.

Fashion editor of Wonderland magazine, Julia Sarr-Jamois goes floral.

Kickflip! Ollie! Grind! Round up the girls with cotton shirts, short shorts, sexy leggings, flashy sunnies, and mesh accessories. This is going to be one hell of a ride. Photographed by Steven Visneau Styled by Jennifer Bigham

mesh trucker hat by Vans black flip sunglasses by Vans t-shirt by The Shop chain bracelet by Jamie Trosper’s designs, stylist’s own

40 -

red sunglasses by Vans vintage swim tube top by Whiskey Vintage vegan leather jacket by Free People sweater leggings by Free People boots, model’s own black beetle ring by House of Harlow brass chain necklaces by Bella Noelle - 41

on Becca bracelets by Bella Noelle earrings by Bella Noelle t-shirt by Vans mesh striped shorts by Urban Outfitters black thigh-high socks by O.U. on Britney knit hat by Vans red sunglasses by Vans bronze necklace by Nordstrom mesh bracelet by House of Harlow graphic tunic by Urban Outfitters bronze metallic leggings by Nordstrom

sneakers by Vans shorts by Urban Outfitters net blouse by Urban Outfitters

42 -

black sunglasses by Vans green t-shirt by Vans brown leather chevron skirt by Haute Hippie bracelet by House of Harlow - 43

trucker hat by Vans flip sunglasses by Vans sweater vest by Free People neon graphic tank by Urban Outfitters plaid jeans by Vans chain bracelet by Jamie Trosper’s designs, stylist’s own

44 -

graphic t-shirt by Vans gold shorts by Haute Hippie red bangle by Bella Noelle gold necklace by House of Harlow sunglasses by Vans

Hair and Makeup Jocelyn Lopez Models Becca and Britney of Wallflower management Location The Shop, Oak Cliff, TX and Doublewide bar - 45

on Natasha dress by Anthony Ramirez floral headdress by Camille Juco on Aya top and skirt by Sassa Jimenez ring, stylist’s own bracelet from Firma floral headdress by Camille Juco on Mariane dress, stylist’s own ring from Firma floral headdress by Camille Juco

46 -

When light hits the whites and pinks, roses bloom with dresses and frills. Disheveled hair unveils blades of bones and blush of skin all the way down to fingers sheathed in gloves of sheer. Coquettish as they are, these muses keep everything clandestine but their own beauty. Photographed by Miguel Miranda Styled by Loris Pe単a - 47

floral headdress by Camille Juco

48 -

on Natasha dress by Francis Libiran bracelets from Firma floral headdress by Camille Juco on Marianne dress by Sassa Jimenez bracelets from Firma floral headdress by Camille Juco - 49

Makeup Tinette Herrera Hair Adam Seth Teh Assistant Stylist Zoe Laurente Models Mariane Marquez, Natasha Bautista, and Aya Abesamis on Mariane dress by Francis Libiran ring, stylist’s own floral headdress by Camille Juco on Aya dress by Anthony Ramirez ring, stylist’s own floral headdress by Camille Juco shoes, stylist’s own on Natasha dress by Aztec Barba rings, stylist’s own floral headdress by Camille Juco

50 -

on Natasha dress by Anthony Ramirez ring from Firma floral headdress by Camille Juco - 51

spring scene

This season’s trends are a sight to behold from the catwalk to the sidewalk. With neons, pastels, florals, and minimalist sportswear, there’s no clearer way to declare spring break. Class dismissed. Runway photos by Fernando Colon Product photos by Miguel Miranda

52 - - 53

baby sweet Penshoppe [P210] Debenhams [P7,550]

Accessorize [P2,400]

Oxygen [P599]

Topshop [P1,445]

54 -


Warehouse [P2,795]


Oxygen [P599]



Nine West [P5,950]

FLORAL Accessorize [P1,500]

Aldo [P455] Accessorize [P900] Topshop [P2,895]

Accessorize [P1,100]

Accessorize [P2,650]

Aldo [P4,895]



Aldo [P455]


Warehouse [P2,645]

femme florale - 55



Accessorize [P900]

SinĂŠquanone [P780]

Warehouse [P5,195]



Accessorize [P1,100]

Aldo [P4,895]

love noir Call It Spring [P1,755]

Aldo [P455]

Aldo [P455]

56 -

crazy lines


Debenhams [P2,550]


SinĂŠquanone [P1,250]



Nine West [P6,350]

Accessorize [P1,200]

Warehouse [P3,695]

Accessorize [P2,400]

Charles David [P3,107] - 57

gentleman’s best


Oxygen [P1,099]

Oxygen [P1,499]

Topman [P1,995]

Maine [P3,250]

Penshoppe [P1,999]

58 -




The Fifth Code [P3,200]


Boxfresh [P1,790]




Topman [P1,595]

Red Herring [P695]

Aldo [P1,495]

Ecko Unltd [P3,250]

glow sticks Call It Spring [P2,495]

Gola [P545]

Jansport [P1,690] - 59

Topman [P2,245]




Lonsdale [P1,495]


Vans [P4,698]

free spirit 60 -

Topman [P945]

Nike Sweet Classic Premlon [P2,995] Naked and Famous [P3,990]




Aldo [P1,095]

The Fifth Code [P3,200]



Penshoppe [P455]


Springfield [P5,950]

Quiksilver [P2,790]

St端ssy [P3,250]

Lonsdale [P2,199]

Vans Era LX [P4,498] - 61


It’s all in a day’s work for MICHELE OUELLET—modeling for European brand Scotch & Soda; being the new face of Uniqlo; battling her own win under her label, Lorenza Rosé; and documenting her style in her blog, Kissser. Meet the girl the fashion industry’s cheering and clinking about. By Viva Gonzalez Photos courtesy of Silent Models NY


odel/vintner Michele Ouellet divides her time between Napa Valley and New York, where she recently opened Libertine’s Spring/Summer 2012 show. Definitely a girl you’d love to be best friends with, her boyish rock ‘n roll-meets-Cali girl style is just one of the things that landed her on Nylon’s radar, naming her one of their “It Girls.” Naming supermodel Gisele as her own It girl, Michele raves, “I met her once and she was so cool.” It girl meets supermodel, the amount of cool must’ve been overflowing.


“I take my iPad, a huge cashmere scarf, my purple Nikes, black jeans, cut-off shorts, Rick Owens tank tops, Byredo Gypsy Water perfume, Bose headphones, Pevonia beauty products, and a bikini [when I travel]. Ready for pretty much anything!”


“Most people are surprised to hear that I am crazy about pop music. Beyoncé and Rihanna all day! I also dig Future Islands right now.”


“Drink what you like, no matter what. Wine is meant to be fun and enjoyed, so there is no need to get caught up in what you’re ‘supposed’ to like. In Napa, we drink wine with everything. I love drinking my Rosé with salty foods like French fries or even Chinese food.”


“My vintage motorcycle jacket has been worn nonstop for almost five years straight. I also love this super short red Prada dress. It’s really girly, which is fun and different for me.”

62 -


pocketful of secrets Alejandra Deheza of SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS talks about the D’s in her life: her DIY album Ghostory, David Lynch, dreams, and the constant association with David Archuleta. By Reena Mesias Photographed by Justin Hollar


sk Alejandra Deheza of School of Seven Bells to introduce their sound to a noob, and she won’t give a genre as an answer. “Our songs always remind me of a scene unfolding in the film.” Maybe that’s why critics compare their music to a dream. But really, it’s just “big pop music” for Alejandra and Benjamin Curtis. Alejandra says, “It’s very melodic. It pays a lot of attention to textures in the same way a room has many curves, conventions, and objects, and I think a song should be the same way.” Step inside their own beautiful chaos filled with ethereal tones and ambient electronic sounds that is their new album, Ghostory. You have been writing since third grade. What was the easiest song to write in Ghostory? “The Night,” which was obviously about a breakup… With this record, there’s a lot of stories and situations in my mind, in my past, that I was really direct in looking at for the first time. “The Night” was one of those songs I was wrestling with… It

was kind of like this crazy exorcism for me. The really interesting thing about it was, even though it was probably one of the hardest things I’ve had to face, it was also one of the easiest. It broke open, it busted through the door with my brain so I could write the rest of the record in the same way. Benjamin said your lyrics come from your lucid dreams. What’s the most recent dream you remember? I have a recurring theme in my dream [where] I’m like four different people, and I’m very aware that I’m all of them. And when I’m talking to another character in my dream, I feel like that person is a manifestation of me. The character could be an older man—it could be a kid—and I’m always curious about why, in my dream, I have chosen that shape. I’m always picking that character’s brain even though I know it is me, ‘coz I know that character is a part of me that I’m probably not aware of. It’s so cool because everything in your dream is you. Every line, every room is

some part of you so it’s kinda crazy to not explore it. If someone offered to be your producer, who’d you hope it would be and why? The people I would choose to be a producer would be people who don’t produce at all. [laughs] I would love to work with David Lynch. I know he’s a musician and I’m sure he also produces, but I just think he’s incredible… I love his process. I’d be so curious to see how he works side by side with another musician on the spot… It’s risky, but I think it’s also such a natural process for us. You guys got your name from a mythical pickpocket training academy in South America. If you could pick anyone’s pocket, whose would it be? Probably Nikola Tesla’s. I can’t imagine that someone like him doesn’t have some kind of OCD about what he needs to have with him all the time, whether it be like a spool of thread or some kind of stone. I found out that you and Benjamin like David Archuleta! [laughs] [laughs] That follows us everywhere! “Crush” was on the radio, and when we’re on tour, the radio is pretty much all we listen to. You can’t argue with a good song; a song that makes you think about it after you’ve heard it once or twice is pretty good. I stand by it. [laughs] Are there any other dirty secrets you have? Oh, no. We stand by our dirty little secrets. [laughs] - 63


Norwegian mood It’s easy to find yourself crowding in a CASIOKIDS show. But it’s easier to be entranced by the band’s theatrical flair. With the kind of emotive voltage they trigger, you would be in the mood to welcome drama in your life. By Erika Garcia


etil Kinden Endresen (vocals), Fredrik Øgreid Vogsborg (guitar), Omar Johnsen (keys), and Kjetil Bjøreid Aabø (bass) make electronic act Casiokids, a name derived from a Casio keyboard, which Ketil describes as “the instrument that plays all instruments.” Although their idiosyncratic, electronic music is compared to the ones of fellow Norwegian bands like The Whitest Boy Alive and Röyksopp, Casiokids are the

only ones that know how to dance to “Maconaise Night” (another possible band name option). Ketil says, “It’s a combination of the Macarena and the dance, for Whigfield’s “Saturday Night,” and a little “polonaise” thrown in.” Casiokids keep the audience digging the beat through performing digital and shadow puppet shows using animal costumes, visual projects, and sound installations.

“A good live performance should be unexpected, recognizable, and inspiring—allowing people to hold their wee until the performance is all done,” Ketil explains. It’s a formula that also makes sense when they hold their album launches in kindergarten classrooms, like for their recent album, Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen. We probably won’t fully understand their music (unless we learn to speak Norwegian), but Casiokids’ whole package is enough to make anyone shout “Encore!” twice or thrice. That’s an extra four to eight minutes, but that’s all right— the loo can wait.

STRANGER DANGER Parents always advise kids not to talk to strangers, but they didn’t mention anything about listening to them. Example: Filipino rock band NEVER THE STRANGERS prove to be dangerous, but it’s only because their music hits you to the core.

ith Never The Strangers’ 80s-influenced sound, it’s no wonder Anthony Libre (vocals and keys), PJ Laviña (drums), Francis Victa (bass), and JP del Mundo (guitars) stand out from the rest of the MySpace crowd. On Rico Blanco, their most prominent supporter, Anthony shares, “At first he was intimidating, but he’s fun. We see him as a mentor. He always told us that if we had a bad gig, we just have to forget it right away.” These boys who wrote the heavy-hitting lyrics of “Alive”

64 -

(They won’t take away our sanity/’Coz deep inside we know we’re stronger than that) are the same ones who are obsessed with milk tea, Katy Perry, Left 4 Dead, and comedy. Francis says, “Our manager told us our personalities don’t fit our music.” Who says you gotta be emo to be heartfelt? With Rico Blanco to guide them and a viral YouTube video

When James Mercer started Broken Bells with Danger Mouse, it didn’t mean it was all over for THE SHINS. After Wincing the Night Away, they make a stopover at the Port of Morrow. Take note: Whoever orders the LP in advance will also get the non-LP track “Pariah King.” You know what to do.

This is the weather report: Strange Clouds will hover over all continents throughout this month as B.O.B. prepares for his next adventure. Rain, hail, or shine, Lil Wayne, Jim Jonsin, Ryan Tedder, Waka Flocka Flame, and Dr. Luke got the Atlanta rapper’s back.

By Samantha Castro Photographed by Nyael David


Evolution is coming. German Grammy Award-winning electro DJ and producer PAUL VAN DYK makes sure of it with guest artists like Owl City and Dev. Making videos for all 16 tracks, Paul also states that the album demonstrates his evolution as an artist rather than a mirror of the trendy sounds on radio.

receiving 120,000 hits and counting, fame may be close to their reach. But PJ says, “We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves.” Besides, these boys want to finish college first before they let their fame sink in. To some, not taking advantage of it is a strange move. To us, it’s quite smart.

“Rico Blanco always told us that if we had a bad gig, we just have to forget it right away.”

Indie rock and folk virtuoso ANDREW BIRD commands you to take a rule and Break It Yourself. He does so with his highly anticipated follow up to 2009’s Noble Beast.




nyone who has listened to Graffiti6 knows the dilemma of how to recommend them. At first there’s excitement but when you get to it, you are at a loss for words. Are they pop? Are they soul? Are they psychedelia? Blanks turn into an eclectic list of references that range from Maroon 5 to Wham! In the end, there is no pigeonhole to force their music into. Music critics and enthusiasts alike have embraced psychedelicnorthern-soul-stroke-folk. But wait, they’re not just a band, at least not according to frontman Jamie Scott. “It’s more of a collaboration,” he says. Like an artistic commune, it isn’t just Jamie and DJ/ producer TommyD who make up Graffiti6. Jamie says, “Jimi Crayon has his own career outside of Graffiti6, but he definitely is the unofficial third member.” Jimi is the mastermind behind all of their visuals, from the instantly recognizable logo to music videos and their website. “Jimi has brought an element to the music that we wouldn’t have thought of doing without meeting him,” says Jamie. “It was just something that we found uncanny to find some guy who completely knows what we’re doing. He just greatly summed up our music.” Whether official or unofficial, Graffiti6 have mastered the delicate art of catchy from artwork to airwaves. Jamie admits, “I don’t know what

Jamie Scott and TommyD of GRAFFITI6 pointed to a page in a book, ran some words in it, and found the name of their band. Jamie says, “We decided to leave this to chance.” Lady Luck has been on their side since and has guided their instinct in writing their explosive first album, Colours. By Rita Faire Photographed by Marina Chavez

makes them catchy… If you could put a mathematical method to what makes a song catchy then it would be a direct thought, but I mean it’s just something that you manage to come up with that sticks in people’s heads.” The secret formula seems to be working. Rocking the stages of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Great American Music Hall, and the House of Blues; setting the mood for hit shows like MTV’s Teen Wolf, Grey’s Anatomy, and Covert Affairs; and invading the internet with their 1 Mic, 1 Song, 1 Take YouTube series; Jamie and TommyD are poised to be more ubiquitous. Graffiti6’s first full-length album, Colours, and their new EP, Free, proves the point. Colours alone carries a musical range from stringheavy arrangement—accompanied by trickling acoustic guitar and choir bells—to soulful electronica backed up by falsetto vocals and hints of gospel enthusiasm. Graffiti6’s new album can’t be any more varied, but who said that being many things is a bad thing? This isn’t the first time Graffiti6 have given us something to think about. Jamie gushes that “Colours pretty much crosses other genres, and it’s kinda punk. It has a real undertone of soul and blues to it, with a kind of retro feel. It might be something different, you know?”

WRITING ON THE WALL Don’t give Graffiti6 a can of spray paint because you know they won’t be able to resist. Their street scribbles would read:



kiss with a F I S T Take note: Ellen Campesinos! of indie rock band LOS CAMPESINOS! no longer wants to be asked anything about Wales, being Welsh, or the Welsh connection to sheep. They’re not Welsh, damn it! By Rita Faire Photographed by Jon Bergman


assist Ellen Campesinos! is a glass-half-full kind of person. After bandmate Gareth Campesinos! proclaimed himself a proud member of the ‘Ugliest Person in the Band Being the Lead Singer’ movement, she jumped in his defense, saying, “I am fairly certain we have all been as unattractive as each other at various times, at four in the morning after too much to drink, or seven in the morning after too little sleep.”

But as upbeat as they seem in person, their songs take on a different note—what with all the breakups, threats of self-harm, and murder-suicides that come into the lyrics. The upbeat, instrumental-ridden first track of Hello Sadness, “By Your Hand,” could lead you to think that it’s a cleverly veiled account of a rough night in the sack. But based on the band’s track record, it’s more of a post-breakup anthem that

indulges dreams of throwing someone out the window. Ellen confesses that the makings of an LC! song aren’t just the heart-on-a-sleeve lyrics. The true essence of their music is “Tom writing it, Gareth doing words for it, and us (Neil, Sparky Deathcap, Kim, and Jason Campesinos!) all playing along to it.” With no plans to stop playing music any time soon, Ellen says the rest of the year will be spent touring, putting out more copies of their fanzine, Heat Rash, while “generally being idiots in various locations around the globe.”

SECRET GARDEN KYLE KRONE spends 75% of his time with his young nephews, has an album named For Those Who Think Young, and admits to always be in a “Neverland hyper imagination mode.” Living young, wild, and free, I see? But unlike most young’uns, Kyle is not one to lose track of his destination. By Reena Mesias Photographed by Justin Taylor Smith


yle Krone knows how to get his musical career moving forward by looking back. Having had a good run of being the frontman of blues rock band, The Shys, he’s now ready to return to his original love, electro-driven British rock (think Joy Division and Depeche Mode). He says, “Inside me, there will always live that fondness for playing guitar

66 -

rock music and not overthinking things. If anything [from The Shys] remains, it’s the source of music, being alive and being a human that responds, reacts, and perceives life, imagines and dreams.” With a Mick Jaggeresque charisma and a songwriting ability compared to Julian Casablancas’, you already know where he’s heading—higher than that second star to the right.

“I’m not sure I’m a talented farmer… I’ll send you a package of fruits and vegetables, and you be the judge.” Like Kyle’s loyal listeners who are surprised with a new sound, we’re taken aback when we found out he’s busy tending to his vegetable garden in his backyard. “I’m not sure I’m a ‘talented’ farmer,” he says. “I’ll send you a package of fruits and vegetables, and you be the judge.” Kyle, please include a copy of your album, too. Thank you.

MIIKE SNOW self-produced Happy To You—and we wouldn’t want it any other way especially ‘coz it features the Swedish band’s signature sound of full orchestras, brass sections, and marching bands. For a sampler, stream the single, “Devil’s Work,” and hear how heaven sounds.

Yes, they both rule award shows with their absurd outfits, but Lady GaGa and NICKI MINAJ have another thing in common: alter egos. While Lady G has Jo Calderone, Nicki has Roman Zolanski, after whom she named her next album: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. Fine, Rebecca Black may have ruined Fridays, but Nicki Minaj is about to redeem it.

You can Start The Revolution Without Me since the KAISER CHIEFS released their fourth studio album only in North America at the moment. It includes five never-before released new tracks from 2011’s build-and-sell-yourown-Kaiser-Chiefs album, The Future is Medieval.

Cue the cameras, the red carpets, and the fainting fans! Korean pop sensation BIG BANG drops a new album after Daesung’s car accident hiatus. The “Big Show” goes on, alright.



SOCIE TY HOPSIN knows what it’s like to live on the outside, underground, in a different dimension. Now, the rapper invites everyone to experience this alien abode; enter Knock Madness. By Giano D. Dionisio


arcus Hopson, better known as Hopsin (or that freaky-ass rapper with the white contacts), has paste-ups of Optimus Prime, Spider-Man, Yoda, and Ben 10 in his room. Whether he likes it or not, the 26-year-old could himself be a poster boy for the oddballs of society. “Since I was little, I’ve been doing weird shit—it’s not weird in my world because it’s me,” he begins. “Dressing up as characters, I just used to fuck around. I was the class clown, I used to fart in class, I used to do whatever the hell I wanted to do. I just lived.”

PICK O’ THE FREAK Says Hopsin, “It’s hard to do something that’s completely brand new unless somebody else just comes out completely butt-ass naked, and never wears clothes.” Well, we’ve got a couple other ideas.

“ I don’t want to have this whole personality that’s fake, trying to be all fly. I’m just Marcus.” Marcus was a Special Ed kid, the one who would skate to school, the perenially bullied, the underdog, the pariah. He dropped out at 18, locked himself in the basement with a new microphone and audio mixing freeware FruityLoops, and got down to business, after his failed attempt at an acting career in between it all. Recognized for parodying mainstream hip-hop acts such as Tyler, the Creator and Drake, as well as his recent collabo on Tech N9ne’s All 6’s and 7’s, Hopsin is finally reaching a level he describes

MC DRAG Hit song: “Not Tuckin’ Around” Sample lyric: “Lookin’ fly in my Alaïa, booty bumpin’ with Mariah. Why ya tryna fight my fiyah? RuPaul, get off my mangina.”

as surreal. He credits his success to his uncompromised sense of self, saying, “Everyone does different shit. Some people like Skittles, some people like Reese’s Pieces, some people like Snapple, some people like Gatorade—we’re not all the same, so all you gotta do is be yourself… I try to show that in my music. I don’t want to have this whole personality that’s fake, trying to be all fly. I’m just Marcus.” In true Hopsin fashion (tracks recorded, mixed, produced by the man himself; music videos

MC COSPLAY Hit song: “Chibi Kawaii Desu” Sample lyric: “Dragon Ballers, they be shakin’. I walk in, I’m Limit Breakin’. N*ggas playin’—ComicCon. Caught ‘em all—Pokémon!”

shot, directed, and edited by himself, too), his latest album “is free and very conscious and wild and crazy. I shoved the whole entire world into this CD. It’s gonna be big. People won’t know what the fuck it is. Knock Madness, I don’t even know what that means! Knock fucking Madness, that’s just what it is.” Thankfully, none of the hype has gone to the man’s head, even conceding originality is difficult to come by nowadays. “You can turn a hat to the side and somebody’s done it

years ago. You can turn it all the way back and someone’s done it,” he considers. “But you can still be creative. Just because I may sound like somebody, or I dress a certain way and somebody else has done it, doesn’t mean I’m not creative.” Here’s to sticking to your guns, letting your freak flag fly, and shoving it up the status quo. Kids, don’t let the world outside your basement scare you, it’s time the rascals rampage.

MC BINARY Hit song: “01001000 01001001” Sample lyric: “01010011 01010101 01010000” - 67


Wild Target Growing up in a glorified national park would have driven anyone to the reservoir but celebrity photographer COLLIN STARK bucked up and dodged the bullets of popculture-cluelessness and crappy outdoor plumbing. This sharpshooter finally hit it right in Hollywood. By Rita Faire


he most exciting thing that’s happened to Collin Stark recently is building his new studio. He says, “That is my biggest news at the moment.” After growing up in the woods, shitting in an outhouse ‘til the age of 13, and having a warrant out for his arrest for too many parking tickets—there’s no way to go but up. Moving out of Northern California, Collin’s photography was more of a swordsand-sandals gladiator movie than a romcom. He describes his childhood in the Redwood with a laugh, “We only had an outside shower facing the woods. Still, that’s the best shower I have ever had.” He adds, “My parents still live in the same house.” Unexpected to hear from someone who’s shot Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, Ian Somerhalder, Kellan Lutz, Chanel Iman, and Aaron Paul. If anything, you’d expect Collin to be lounging out at a beach in Bali or rocking a ski-lounge in Switzerland. That would be cool if Collin was the kind of guy who got

caught up in Hollywood’s glare. But he’s not obsessed with fancy sets or flashy costumes. What Collin needs are “random simplicity, dynamic light, movement, and an intense connection with the subjects.” He often contemplates why his self-professed “college dropout or pirate” persona won’t go crazy over the VIPs who come into his studio. He says, “My family did have a TV, but only with two channels and a lot of white noise. I didn’t have any magazine subscriptions ‘til later in life… I get excited to work with talented people, but I don’t get starstruck.” The nerves don’t come from the talent he shoots but from the vision he’s trying to get across. “I always cross my fingers that my subjects like what I see in them,” says Collin. “There are multiple sides to everyone and I don’t like to limit myself to just one side.” The grunge portrait of Sara Paxton, for example, makes you forget that she played the sugary mermaid, Aquamarine. There was no theater

involved, no role to play. “With all my subjects… I just capture the day they are having,” he says. Nowadays, Collin is trying to keep himself busy as he snaps and works his way through a bucket list of dream subjects (at the top of which is director Quentin Tarantino). But for the future, he leaves enough to the imagination. He admits that there’s nothing to it but “shooting in the new studio, and being creative with other artists.” Just let him shoot or he’ll shoot you. It’s time for his pulp fictions to become a reality. After all, he says, “I get bored easily, but since I generally work with a new person everyday, photography gives me something different everyday.”

“I always cross my fingers that my subjects like what I see in them.” 68 -

OUTHOUSE INMATES Using primitive toilets is characterbuilding. Look at Collin and these characters. Christopher McCandless

Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer Nothing says call of nature like living in an abandoned bus in the middle of the Denali National Park and Preserve.


Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Every girl might have had a crush on him at one point or another, but that doesn’t change that Mr. Darcy didn’t have the luxury of proper plumbing.


Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain Ol’ Huck slept on doorsteps, wore fluttering rags, and “borrowed” boats to float down the Mississippi. Do you really think he could have gone into a proper gentleman’s bathroom?


THE NEXT Don’t let the blond locks and doe eyes fool you. LEVEN RAMBIN is in for the kill so try not to blink, you might miss her next move. by Viva Gonzalez Photographed by Stephen Busken Hair and Makeup by Carina Kramer


ew York City was my high school,” Leven Rambin exclaims about missing out on her whole prom experience. Moving to NYC at age 14 led to her first acting gig—a sixyear stint in the daytime soap All My Children—and semiregular (albeit controversial) appearances on The Post’s Page Six. She never had the “normal” teenage experience, but filming her star-making turn in the film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ hit novel The Hunger Games brought a little bit of her teen years back. “Being on set was like being at a summer camp!” says Leven. “The younger tributes and I became extremely close… They brought out my inner 13-year old girl.” The self-proclaimed New Yorker will be starring opposite Gerard Butler in Of Men and Mavericks, a biopic about legendary surfer Jay Moriarty (Jonny Weston). This Manhattan girl fell head over heels for the waves while filming—a new passion that also inspires adolescent giddiness in her. Leven admits, “Until Mavericks, I had never really cared for the ocean. I preferred the hustle and energy of the city… I had never surfed prior to being cast, and was nervous about my aptitude. Once I caught my first

“Being on set was like being at a summer camp!”

wave, I was hooked and have surfed nearly everyday for three to four hours at a time since then,” she says. Catching her on a break from the waves, Leven tells STATUS about the flip side of fan encounters, commuting in heels, and the sacrifices you have to make to be a fierce competitor.

stunt choreography and weapons for six weeks before shooting, and noticed my body changed dramatically. We were told to restrict carbs, sugar, salt, and alcohol during training and filming. The hardest part was not being able to enjoy birthday cake or liquor on my 21st birthday!

You grew up in Houston, Texas but you’re currently based in New York City. What’s the best and worst thing about living in NYC? The best thing about living in New York is the opportunity for culture and meeting every type of person. The worst part is the inner-city commuting. Cab fare sucks, and subways suck when you’re wearing a dress and heels trying to get to a party! I’ve spent many a day running frantically through the subway stations, and once I dropped my cell phone through a vent in the ground at Times Square.

You have played so many characters on TV. Which one is your favorite? I loved playing Heather West of Scoundrels. It was my first comedic role, and I was able to explore that side of myself in that character. She was the complete opposite of me, but I learned so much about myself and how to see things through a different perspective. I liked acting like a goofball!

In The Hunger Games, you play Glimmer who is an amazing warrior. I suppose you underwent extensive training and had to restructure your diet. What was the hardest thing to give up? I was excited about this aspect of the role. I love pushing my body physically, and [I] have discovered that I am quite a good fighter! I trained with

Tell us about the first time you ever got starstruck. I got starstruck meeting Rufus Wainwright. He’s my favorite musician, and I basically assaulted him at a party just for the chance to meet him. I told him how I got pneumonia watching his three-hour concert in Central Park in the freezing rain and loved every second of it. Luckily, he was super chill, and meeting him was awesome. - 69



TV actor STEPHEN AMELL’s got a lot to be thankful, especially to the sock-making industry. By Raydon L. Reyes Photographed by Lacey Terrell/HBO


hat people do to break into Hollywood. Some wait tables in LA until they get discovered by some random agent. Others attend all the parties and take up whatever gig they can get to move closer to the big scene. And then there are those who put socks on their privates and become an instant hit. These days, it’s working quite well for Stephen Amell. Then again, is it any surprise considering he caught TV junkies’ attention by joining HBO dramedy show Hung? Let’s just say his first ever sex scene as the sexually ambivalent hooker Jason involved a foot garment that wasn’t exactly on the right appendage. “The cock sock looked like a clown nose for your genitals,” Stephen says matter-of-factly. But he wasn’t so at ease with the whole thing at the beginning. There was an incident when the guy who was supposed to come with his robe didn’t show and he was left panicking in his birthday suit on the set. He soon discovered, though, that he was the only one

70 -

in the cast and crew who was all worried about the whole thing. So he got used to it. Throughout the show’s third season, Stephen became more and more comfortable with playing a hooker to Analeigh Tipton’s (of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11 fame) crazy aspiring pimp. “(The secret is to have) a sense of humor. Scenes like those are perfect moments for you not to take yourself seriously,” he shares. Recently, Stephen delved into the supernatural by playing a vengeful werewolf in The Vampire Diaries. That remains his favourite role to date. “That guy didn’t luck around. You always knew where you stood with Brady. He either liked you or shot you in the head when you weren’t ready,” he relates about his character. Stephen liked playing the villain so much that he’s hoping for more antagonistic roles in the future. For him, making a villain sympathetic to the audience is a challenge he’d like to take on. “I was a big wrestling fan growing up. When the “heel” in wrestling played his part perfectly, the fans

would eventually start to cheer for him. It’s the same for villians in movies. If you do it well, really well, the audience will start to see your side of the story.” Even though Hung aired its series finale last December, Stephen is using the momentum he gained to delve more into mainstream roles like The CW’s new superhero, Green Arrow. “It doesn’t feel like the New Year (has come) because I’m having so much fun shooting New Girl and Private Practice. Once I’m done with those two jobs I’ll need to take stock of what’s up.” Although Stephen says he will never do what his onscreen personas (read: gigolo) do on the shows, he doesn’t need to, anyway, because this man’s got talent. 2012 seems to be looking up for this “hung” star, pun definitely intended. “Football, my dog Louis and a long, productive day on set are the things that make me happy. Not necessarily in that order,” he says. “Moving to California and making it in this industry was the first and only thing on my bucket list. I’m still working on it.”

How Stephen Likes His Women: I need to know what a woman looks like first thing in the morning. That’s when you fall in love with somebody... So I’ve got to be into you the most, right when you open your eyes. I don’t care what your vocation is, so long as it’s something you enjoy doing.   Wear your hair up as much as possible, please.   You don’t have to like sports, but you need to understand how much I like them.   Could you please be adept at making chicken noodle soup?


“It’s okay to be inspired, but it’s not okay to imitate.”


Though he grew up in Colorado and went to university in Arizona, videographer KELLEN DENGLER embodies the hood and hustle of the Big Apple. By Giano D. Dionisio Photographed by Kenny Gryzmala


fter years of freelancing, producing spots for Nike, Levi’s, and Converse, Kellen Dengler now works as Creative Media Director for Game Seven Marketing, producing visually curb-biting sequences straight from the lens of a hood rat. “It’s really crazy how video has changed the way we see the world,” Kellen begins. Through his eyes, Kellen captures Jordans punching concrete stairways, Storm Trooper armies marching, Playboy bunnies popping bottles, and ringside ballers swiveling. Full of movement, the director’s montages are sealed with an acute sense for dope beats that jump with quick cuts. “There’s so much cool stuff out there, but also so much oversaturation

and redundancy. It’s okay to be inspired, but it’s not okay to imitate,” warns Kellen, urging young filmmakers to find their own points of view, guided by personal experiences. On the opposite spectrum to Kellen’s fast-stomping visual style is the up-close interaction with celebrated artists like Nas, Snoop Dogg, and Rick Ross. “I love seeing a side of people’s lives that you maybe wouldn’t normally get to see,” he says. “I’m most interested in getting that dayin-the-life point of view… what got them to that point, what makes them who they are, and why people care about them.” Sometimes, sights of streets instead of stars spell sublime situations.


To become part of an award-winning film, anticipate that the director’s hungry, walk in the audition room with a bag of Cheetos, and feed him some. Not kidding. It worked for NICK KRAUSE. By Reena Mesias Photographed by Russell Baer


“Science is the language that the universe speaks and we’re more fluent in it than ever.”

ick Krause played that slacker kid, Sid, in Alexander Payne’s The Descendants. In real life, he’s the opposite. Back to his childhood when he confronted the notion that most young actors today skip education, Nick attended college classes when he was ten—quite a genius, this one. Situated up the IQ ladder, he also wants to take the world with him. “I’ve always been fascinated by science and mathematics,” Nick says. “I want to find a way to inspire kids to learn as much as they can about the world about them, to show how beautifully things can fall into place from a scientific standpoint. Science is the language that the universe

speaks, and we’re more fluent in it than ever.” If that makes Nick intimidating, wait ‘til he says he can also play the guitar. “[I could be a rockstar who] looks like Slash but with less hair,” he says. He’s a video game geek who’s down to play the main character of Just Cause in case an adaptation would happen, but he’s gentleman enough to turn his gaming console off just to take his girlfriend to the awards show. How’s that for a full service? While Nick is relishing in the awards season rush, he’s also planning his strategy to stand out at his next audition. Nick naturally knows how to bring the show everywhere he goes. - 71



CHAMPAGNE AND SUPERNOVA They say those who can’t do teach, but that doesn’t apply to dGi Management’s DAMON DEGRAFF and YONI GOLDBERG. They may be handling DJs like The Misshapes and DJ Rashida, but they also know a thing or two about spinning a party to frenzy. By Rob LeDonne


ccording to Yoni Goldberg, being a talent manager is all about “helping artists translate their creativity into successful careers.” That’s what he and Damon DeGraff are doing with extremely impressive results. How else do you describe a management company that represents such famed DJs like Rev Run and Paul Sevigny, and counts Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West, and even President Barack Obama as fans? Born in Bermuda, Damon moved to the States to chase success. He started out as an intern at Cheeba Sound (then a subsidiary of Virgin Records). Recalls Damon: “At the time, they managed D’Angelo, Mark Ronson, Nikka Costa, and a few other artists. I quickly rose from interning to managing Mark.” Originally an editor at a consumer technology magazine, Yoni had similar humble beginnings. “It was a miserable job,” he remembers about his foray into publishing. “I called everyone I knew in New York trying to find a new job. I took the first offer I got. It was at a small artist management company. I thought

72 -

it would just be a job, but it became a career.” Yoni and Damon spent their days negotiating fat contracts, brushing shoulders with A-listers, and nurturing new talent. Yoni knows what he wants in a new client: “I look for an artist who understands that art alone does not lead to success. I want an artist who understands the market place, is prepared to work hard on all facets of his or her career, and can successfully cultivate relationships.” Equally important is working with someone who is attitude-free. “I can’t stand arrogance,” explains Damon, “especially if the artist can’t back it up. There is a huge difference between confidence and arrogance, and after years of working in this business, I’ve become adept at immediately differentiating the two.” Above all, the duo has to be inspired. “I’m inspired to work with all of our clients. I couldn’t manage someone whom I’m uninspired with,” explains Yoni. One of dGi’s newest clients is Kirill Was Here, the famed

nightlife photographer whose website boasts snapshots of Drake, Justin Bieber, and LeBron James. Says Yoni regarding Kirill: “His career is exciting and dynamic, so it’s been fun starting to work with him.” Both are psyched about dGi Management’s future. They are currently working on continuing their expansion outside the DJ world, signing various visual artists and filmmakers/ videographers. Their future is on the cusp and it won’t be long before their stars break through and become supernovas. And when that happens, party’s probably on them. Damon reveals, “We have a DJ collective by the name of Brown Sugar & Cocaine. Interpret the name as you like—we always like to be provocative.”


LOST IN TRANSITION K-La Rivera may look like sweet Little Miss Muffett but she can go spider on you in a flash. She says she can’t rap, but STATUS got her to drop a few beats from Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” and we instantly got why she’s a lead for the hit urban musical, In the Heights. By Rita Faire Photographed by Jaja Samaniego


-La Rivera knows all about putting herself out there. As a kid, she joined everything from beauty pageants to talent searches, all to get a shot at being a recording artist. Now, she takes a leap of faith, trading in the studio for the stage as she reprises her theatrical debut role as a lead in the Philippine presentation of the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical In the Heights. “It was really nerve-wracking,” K-La confesses. But not as scary as speaking Tagalog. Did you just learn Tagalog when you came to Manila? Yes… When I first arrived, I felt like an alien. I couldn’t understand a thing and I was thinking to myself, ‘Why did I come here? I just wanna go back home!’ But it got better as time went on. I really put in the effort to learn the language. I listened to others, watched soap

operas and movies, and that’s how I finally picked it up. You started as a recording artist and ended up as a theater actress. Was it difficult, moving from one to the other? In musical theater, there’s no take one, take two, and take three. You’re just there. I was so scared. At first I thought I couldn’t do it. I thought to myself that there was no way I could memorize all of those lines, learn all the songs, and still deliver the emotions. I really didn’t think I could pull it off. But in the end, I had no choice but to get over it, work hard, and be disciplined. If your mind is there, then everything else follows. What came most naturally to you when it came to being on stage? I think the reason why I was able to connect to it and my character, Nina, and portray it so naturally was because it was so close to me. So, I think that’s it. Nina made the stage feel like home. How did you find the role of Nina in In the Heights? Actually, it hits pretty close for me because she had to move very far away from her family and friends. I understand her

situation because I also had to move far away. I understand how she feels, feeling like a disappointment and a failure. I can relate to her. A lot of people see you as very nice and sweet, but what’s the most “street” thing you’ve done? When we were young, my cousins and I would play around in our block. I remember there was this one neighbor of ours and she wasn’t being very nice to us. Every time we would just cross up to her lawn, she would immediately yell at us to get out of her property. So one day we found some broken glass on the street. My brothers, cousins, and I put it behind our neighbor’s car. I don’t think it broke her tires and the others were so frustrated when it didn’t.

“I listened to others, watched soap operas and movies, and that’s how I finally picked it up.“ - 73


Photographer and Dazed & Confused founder RANKIN tops the ranks of the creative, the cool, and the clique-happy. What insiders call a dog-eat-dog world otherwise known as the fashion industry has become his territory. His artistic appetite runs deep into his gut, leading him to his latest venture and adventure: The Hunger and Hunger TV. By Kristine Dabbay

Carnivora n. pl. An order of flesh-eating mammals including the lion, tiger, wolf bear, seal, civets, minks, hyenas, raccoons, pandas, etc. Their teeth are large and sharp, suitable for cutting flesh, and their jaws are powerful.

74 -


Sky Ferreira - 75


“I really hate this idea that the new and the young are the only people who can create with meaning.”

Trip to Kachoda with Oxfam

76 -

The gods must be crazy. While John Rankin Waddell flashes his middle name and middle finger to Earth, the famished and the famous fight for his attention. On one side of the lens, there’s Queen Elizabeth smiling in front of England’s flag. At the other tip, Congo’s poverty shakes Rankin’s bubble. The world can be awful, that’s why he chooses the best parts and devour them all, may they be the breasts, legs, or a humanizing jawline. Nobody’s quite sure if this man even prays before he eats. Well, never mind the bollocks; he shoots his prey anyway. He says, “I don’t think I’m trying to appease my hunger. I think I’m reveling in it—celebrating that feeling of wanting to be creative and

communicate with other people through ideas, thoughts, and images… The best thing is it can be a lot of fun. You can have a really good laugh, as it doesn’t always have to be serious. The worst thing is when it does take itself too seriously or just up its arse, and can be damaging,” he says. He would know. He started Dazed with Jefferson Hack, a magazine that legitimizes the unconventional and captured cool Britannia and the 90s, producing portraits for its icons like Kate Moss, Madonna, and Björk. Ten years later, he published Another, and just recently biannual rag The Hunger and its digital platform showcasing behind the scenes videos, The Hunger TV.

Both nod to old and young talents alike including Rhys Ifans, Kelis, and Terence Stamp, confirming Picasso’s claim that “Youth has no age.” Rankin comments, “Didn’t Picasso say that so he could keep sleeping with young girls? I really hate this idea that the new and the young are the only people who can create with meaning. Maybe that’s what Picasso meant and he was actually very astute.” 20 years later since the birth of Dazed, Rankin recalls his youth, “I was naive, excitable, and horny!” Until now, his primal instincts galvanize our generation of evolving chromosomes, raging hormones, and fickle tics. Blessed are those whose lives are changed by the idols he makes.


Rhys Ifans

“I don’t think I am one of the beautiful people. That’s other people’s gig. But they are certainly nice to look at, even when they’re not that interesting to talk to.”

Stereotypically, the circle of life in the fashion industry often survives by protecting the circle you belong to; otherwise it’s just a popularity pyramid. Everybody grapples to be on top of the food chain. Unfortunately, the beautiful are usually favored. But Rankin spins the idea of beauty. Instead of symmetry, he prefers mystery. It’s Sky Ferreira fanged for a snog. It’s David Bowie gritting his teeth— all gums, not glammed. Despite Rankin’s madcap tactics, his high-gloss portraiture always balances grit and glitter. Finally I ask, “How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?” Rankin says, “I don’t think I am. That’s other people’s gig. But they are certainly nice to look at, even when they’re not that interesting to talk to.” Industry elitism got the best of him in ‘99 that he briefly fell out of love with fashion. He shares, “I dealt with it by getting away and doing other work that inspires me and pushes me.” Again, he shifts the standard, a quality that manifested way back in London College of Printing. He shares, “Funny enough… I loved school

and finished it and did quite well. In terms of college, I just failed the degree, because I didn’t see the point to it!” Having a reputation for being the enfant terrible of photography, his successors prove the claim wrong. His influence has produced the rise of the best creatives like then Dazed Fashion Director Nicola Formichetti who’s known as the Fashion Director of Vogue Hommes Japan and stylist to Lady Gaga. The STATUS team curated an exhibit for renowned photographer Perou who once worked with Rankin for Dazed. Perou tells me, “The last time I went to Rankin’s show, he was launching his new magazine The Hunger—I told him I was gonna retire because he can do everything. He’s a very special photographer. He has taken over the world that’s about to disappear.” Truly, Rankin celebrates the flesh. Tuulitastic, a photo book of his wife Tuuli, shows shaved pubes, embellished genitalia, and tons of body paint. Aware of his own mortality, Rankin exclaims: “I love what I do and I get paid for it. That makes me the luckiest man alive.” - 77


Erin O’ Connor

Milla Jovovich

78 -

Terence Stamp


Portia Freeman

Too much flash can’t kill you. In Rankin’s context, flash (aside from camera paraphernalia) is having the balls to promote your work to the widest audience possible. He doesn’t mind proliferating his photos, and he’s surely not bothered by “struggling artists” who are overly critical of his work. He advises, “Artists have always had to sell their work; there is no shame in it. You kind of owe it to the work to sell it, as it has to have a life of its own. So selfpromotion isn’t really about selling yourself but selling the ideas you create.” As if he hasn’t sold his ideas well enough. Publishing won’t be the same without his titles. Asking the obvious, “What does each of your magazines represent?” He replies, “That’s a massive

question, which I’d need at least a chapter to write… but the short answer is: they represent me growing up, especially Dazed and The Hunger. They are windows into my place in the world at the time they were made. Having published books like Rankin Jozi, Destroy, and Heidilicious—he sometimes feels guilty for succeeding too much. When you frequently collaborate with millionaire artists like Damien Hirst (Myths, Monsters, and Legends, 2011), perhaps you can’t avoid being centimental. But all’s unfair in beauty and currency; good thing that digital media has democratized their reign. Feel free to watch Rankin’s film The Lives of the Saints, and videos for Robyn, Marina and the Diamonds, and Nelly Furtado before SOPA locks their chains. He just won’t stop utilizing all means to reach his end. “I love it. It’s all

changing so fast, I love trying to keep up. As I said, I’m hungry. When I stop loving it, it will be time to hang up the camera. I doubt that will ever happen,” says Rankin. His addiction to the craft makes him envision the richest imagery in celebrity culture. His success isn’t borne out of sheer aggressiveness; you know how “career vultures are always on the lookout for which career to kill next. Rather, he’s a culture vulture in the childlike sense that he gorges on beauty and loves its view from the peak. He chirps, “As a kid, I really related to Asterix. He was so cunning and funny. I loved the idea of a magic potion and victory even when you’re against insurmountable odds.”

“Artists have always had to sell their work; there is no shame in it.” - 79


“Between being really opinionated, having foot-in-mouth syndrome, and being too blunt, I’ve walked myself into many an awkward situation.” 80 -


That awkward moment when you realize that high school or work is too much to bear, pop the second season of MTV’s Awkward. and let ASHLEY RICKARDS banish your premature thoughts on self-destruction. On the bright side, she’s handling her popularity quite well in real life. Cheerleaders and critics, it’s your cue to wave your pompoms and pens. By Gino dela Paz Photographed by David Phelps Images courtesy of MTV

there are people out there who are paying enough attention to me on Awkward. to notice something that I did not notice about myself, I’ll take that as a compliment,” says Ashley Rickards. Thanks to Google Alerts—her parents’ idea—the 19-year old actress gets a sense of what the world thinks of her in real time, not that she’s affected by any of it anyway. “I don’t care if people say I have red hands, whatever

that means.” It’s not the most disturbing thing she’s ever read about herself, just “the most random,” and it’s stuff she’s wise to laugh at. Clearly she has not seen the rising number of Tumblr blogs dedicated to Awkward. But more on that in a bit. By all accounts, the breakout MTV series was one of the best things that came out in 2011 and Ashley’s turn as 16-year old pariah Jenna Hamilton clearly had a lot to do with it. Though it’s apparent from the first few seconds of our conversation that the brunette is as self-possessed as her small-

screen alter ego is angsty, the Sarasota, Florida native cops to some similarities. “I sorta always have been sarcastic to my own benefit and to my own detriment,” she explains. “Between being really opinionated, having foot-inmouth syndrome, and being too blunt, I’ve walked myself into many an awkward situation.” Perhaps it’s this duality—witty and in control one minute, vulnerable and dejected the next—that has made the character an avatar for 21st century teenagers. Since finishing high school at the freakish age of 15 (with - 81


“Nikki Deloach, who plays my mom on the show, she never ages! A year ago she was playing a college student. I can only hope that I end up in the almost-vampire state that Nikki Deloach is in. That’s what I’m aiming for.”

82 -

honors, naturally), Ashley has been beefing up her demo reel with guest spots on Entourage, Ugly Betty and CSI:NY. Her most recent gig outside Awkward., on Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story, saw her picking up the pompoms as zombie cheerleader Chloe Stapleton. It was a fun (“I really mean terrifying”) homecoming of sorts. “As a kid I was very briefly on the cheer team—sorta déjà vu. American Horror Story was a really cool experience because Evan Peters, who plays Tate on the show, played my boyfriend back in the One Tree Hill days of my career.” (Trivia: She was Sam Walker, ex-foster daughter of Brooke Davis, from 2008 to 2009.) “So coming full circle on the Evan Peters saga, he ends up shooting me on camera. That’s a good boyfriend right there!” her one-two punch of looks and sass—part Rory Gilmore of Gilmore Girls, part Joan Girardi of Joan of Arcadia—makes accepting high school roles a no-brainer at this point in her would-be E! True Hollywood Story. On looking convincingly young as long as possible, she

shares a plan of involving a 32-year old coworker. “Know what, Nikki DeLoach, who plays my mom on the show, she never ages! A year ago she was playing a college student. I can only hope that I end up in the almost-vampire state that Nikki Deloach is in. That’s what I’m aiming for.” A smart move of the strikewhile-the-iron’s-hot variety, her upcoming movie project suggests that her acting chops are developing very nicely indeed. Set for a theatrical release sometime this year, Sassy Pants will feature our up-and-comer as Bethany Pruitt, “a home school graduate who is trying to break free from her overbearing mother.” On this bullet point: “It was a really fun shoot. I got to work with Anna Gunn, who’s very talented and amazing in the film, and Coley Sohn, who’s a great director.” And when talk comes to her co-star Haley Joel Osment—yes, that same Haley Joel Osment from The Sixth Sense— Ashley can only gush. “Like, oh my God he’s so good in this movie. He showed up Day 1 and was like, ‘What do you wanna do with my hair?’ And so they cut it in an Adam Lambert-style thing. And then he’s in the


wardrobe trailer and he says, ‘I don’t think these shorts are short enough’. He’s great! He’s like an actor’s actor and he’s been away too long.” The nods, shared across timezones and oceans, are a given. You can instantly tell Sassy Pants is not a mainstream movie from the trailer: the scribbled font, the jangly guitar music that kicks in half-way through and the fact that the “I see dead people” kid, now doughy and playing gay, is in denim cut-offs. Awkward. may wink charmingly at the coming-of-age canon that came before it—from Heathers and My So-Called Life to Juno and Easy A—but the show, in true post-ironic fashion, turns the genre on its head. For one, main mean girl Sadie Saxton (the brilliant Molly Tarlov) isn’t cast in the Regina George mold and, in fact, resembles a huskier Selma Blair. (This cheerleader is prone to tasting the bile-like flavor of anxiety just like everyone else.) And another, the romantic subplot— the Huffington Post calls it “the most lovable love-triangle on television”—isn’t patronizing and won’t make you want to projectile vomit onto your computer screens. So will Jenna

pick preppy-proper Jake or hot doofus Matty? Ashley prefers to remain Team Switzerland on this one: “We left the show in a really interesting place so that’s going to create a lot of changes.” That said, she has drafted a short wishlist for Awkward.’s sophomore season. “I want Jenna to ride a horse. Give me my two biggest passions in one—let me act and let me ride a horse at the same time!” She was a competitive rider when she was 13 and apart from the equine smell, she misses “grooming the horses and jumping.” Speaking of creative storytelling—fanfic fans rejoice!—Ashley has a few suggestions for potential crossover episodes. “I think it would be either Teen Wolf or Jersey Shore, because our cast is pretty pale to begin with and we could use a little fake tanner,” she imagines, roping in a couple of her home network’s draws. “But with Teen Wolf I’d also like to see Tyler Posey running around in wolf mode with a cast on his arm. That would be interesting!” And now about Awkward. online. The program may only be in its teething stages, but

“I don’t even know who I look like anymore. As long as it’s not Chris Farley then we’re good.” signs of burgeoning fandom are already there. Track #awkward, #mtv or any hashtag followed by the name of the show’s stars on Tumblr and you’ll see, after an eternal scroll-down, just how much kids adore Awkward. There are image macros that read “I love Jenna, but sometimes I think she likes being unhappy. I used to be the same way,” or “Jenna doesn’t deserve Jake or Matty.” There are also gifs with resonant quotes: “It was just another crap day in two thousand and suck” and “Sometimes being a teenager makes you want to die.” On top of that are more casual

musings such as “I think Ashley looks a lot like Leah Rimini. Every time I see her, I think of Leah. She could be her daughter or sister.” The last in particular comes as a total surprise to Miss Rickards. “I’d never gotten that, but someone compared me to, like, a half-Asian chick,” she says with endearing resignation. “I don’t even know who I look like anymore. As long as it’s not Chris Farley then we’re good.” See, people do pay attention to you, Ashley. I guess you’re doing something right. - 83


Driving Mr. Gubler Is Matthew Gray Gubler as kooky-crazy as the guy he portrays on TV? Well, yes—but not exactly. STATUS interviews the guy who’s made both criminals and audiences succumb to Gublernation. By Liza Constantino Illustrated by Suzette Tan 84 -


“I love the notion of a really self-centered diva. There’s something inherently comical about it to me.” As

far as Matthew Gray Gubler’s TV and mockumentary characters go, he is either brainyawkward, or cocky-narcissistic. Seven seasons of playing the lovable genius Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds (plus a few YouTube episodes of his The Unauthorized Documentary) urges one to wonder how Matthew Gray Gubler might be in real life. If behind the ultra nerdy façade, Dr. Reid is quite the toughie, the 32-year old that plays him exhibits a bit of determination and obsessive compulsion himself. “I like to do everything with a lot of love, and I sometimes worry that others don’t love things as much as I do,” he shares. With Matthew—“MGG”, “Goob” or “Goober” as names his internet fans like to call him—there’s always that bit of smart seriousness wrapped in the most winsome humor. Asked about his experience of playing Dr. Reid, he describes how insanely fast time has gone by. “It feels like we filmed the pilot last year, and now, to be done with that many episodes, it’s such an honor. Very few people have the luck of getting to play the same character for seven years of their lives.” Owning the character since he was just 25, he jokes about having a support group for people who’ve embodied the same persona for some time. It’d include him and the likes of David Schwimmer and Jerry Seinfeld—with whom he’d discuss “the good and the bad things about having a character for that long.” A film major-turned-runway and commercial model, former intern of Wes Anderson, and now, one of TV’s beloved geeks, the real Matthew Gray Gubler is an entirely grateful person, and totally unlike the douche he pretends to be on his webisodes. In fact, this little “sideline”

is really just a result of his genuine wit and oozing creative drive. “Those are my favorite things I made, and I would like to take all the credit for creating a character loosely based on some surreal experiences. You hear a lot of great stories in the entertainment industry, and I love the notion of a really self-centered diva. There’s something inherently comical about it to me.” There’s a reason it all feels like playtime for Matthew Gray Gubler, and that’s because he’s always excited at the prospect of novel projects. He’s put up a website full of his doodles and lent his voice to Alvin and the Chipmunks. He’s directed music videos for The Killers and Whirlwhind Heat, and a few episodes for Criminal Minds. Most recently, he was at this year’s Sundance Festival to help promote Excision—a dark comedy about a surgery-obsessed teenager—which he stars in with Traci Lords and the vicious AnnaLynne McCord. It’s a combination of that drive and natural humor that’s landed him so many projects in Hollywood, although it’s become clear to us after speaking to him that he’s also a bona fide overachiever (much like his TV character who, for the record, holds multiple PhDs). Still, Matthew’s been very modest in his explanation of how he’s gotten far. “I think [it’s been] a great deal of good luck and incredible good fortune. I don’t know what happened, but I was sort of studying film directing in New York, and one day on the way to school someone stopped me for a sort of street casting for a Kate Spade ad campaign.” One creed he does go by is “never saying no to any opportunity,” and thanks to this credo, we can all admire the outcome of that Kate Spade ad, his stints for Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, and most recently, an Aldo campaign with Lily Donaldson. In total incontrovertible proof that this geek is not Mr. Awkward at all. What he is, however, is a little bit off his rocker—not in the paranoid sense Dr. Reid is, but in the imaginative, Willie Wonka/Dr. Who kind of way. For one thing, he’s had, on a fan Tumblr page, pictures of himself being hauled out by some Mounties— captioned “Canadians still don’t like it when you make fun of Alan Thicke!” And in all his adorable, self-deprecating humor,

he tells of this little incident: “I randomly thought of the funniest idol of mine that I jokingly make fun of, and Alan Thicke came to mind. And—no joke—two days later I frickin’ ran into Alan Thicke. It was the ultimate Twitter payoff joke!” Another case in point. If Matthew had it his way, he says he’d love to see Reid “going to the Himalayas to hunt the abominable snowman.” Suggesting possible plot lines, “any way that we can take the show in a more cryptozoological world, I would be very happy with. Or anything with ghosts. But as you can probably imagine, they’re not very keen on a lot of my very outlandish ideas. I wish the show was kind of more surreal!” If all falls into place, that ghost bit will be something he gets to take on his next film project—conjured by the selfsame director as Excision—where he plays a childish man who moves back into his home and is haunted by Civil War ghosts. Matthew remarks, “I’ve never been more excited to play a part in his next movie. I’m very proud of Richard Bates, Jr. He’s 26—so talented and so unique, and his network has an amazing cult response.” Apart from his creative juices constantly on overdrive, Matthew Gray Gubler is—plainly and simply—thoroughly committed to his craft. “I’m so hands on with everything I do that it’s almost to my detriment.” He recounts how he literally hand-shipped some T-shirts he designed and sold online, and how he’s been “pedalto-the-metal working hard ten and a half months out of a year.” With his attention mostly on Criminal Minds, he says, “For me to do a good job playing that character, I have to dedicate a great deal of my mental capacity year after year.” The hardest part though, he admits, is having to deal with the dark subject matter. Since everything he does, he “tries to pour 150% of himself into,” he says “it can get incredibly painful.” Luckily, he’s quite at ease with Dr. Reid’s antics and crazy chatter. “I can very confidently rattle off a lot of information. I’ve always seen it that Spencer’s weakness is that he talks too much. And it comes very naturally for me. I’m a natural-born rambler.” Or so we’ve noticed. - 85


“Doing something I’ve already done seems like it would be a waste of time.”


The geeks have gone from outer rim to mainstream in. Why? Because most of the time, these characters keep their values in check. Take SAM HUNTINGTON as werewolf Josh in Being Human who judges not by the skin or by the fur. In real life, he’s also Mr. Good Will Huntington—he leads his pack. By Rita Faire

BLESSED ARE THE GEEKS “They are my people,” Sam tells his agent and manager about the potential audience for Being Human, Syfy’s American adaptation of the supernatural BBC hit. They want Sam to play Josh, a high-strung—possibly neurotic—male nurse who happens to be a werewolf. With his most recent credits include Superman Returns, Fanboys, and Dylan Dogg: Dead of Night, Sam should be breaking out of his comfort zone by the laws of Hollywood stereotyping. Instead, he meets Syfy’s offer with a warm embrace. Sam is the first lead to sign on to the new project. Syfy’s Being Human is going to be for the geeks, by the geeks. Don’t blame Hollywood for condemning genre projects like science fiction and fantasy as if they’re a curse. When Star Wars first came out in theaters,

86 -

it launched Mark Hamill beyond the stars and into another galaxy. Luke Skywalker jumped the Millennium Falcon into lightspeed and three films later; he was the biggest star on the Sunset Strip. Flash-forward to now, he is a well-respected voice actor known best for providing the gruff grunts of Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Fire Lord Ozai. Not bad, but not what you’d expect for an actor who led the Rebel Alliance against the Galactic Empire. Then you have guys like Sam who have made careers out of playing to the Comic-Con crowd. Being Human aside, most people remember him as Jimmy Olsen, ace reporter and ever-loyal sidekick to Brandon Routh’s Clark Kent in Superman Returns. The movie was met with mixed reviews and it’s generally acknowledged as one of the most polarizing Superman films ever made. Any other actor would have stayed away from genre work all together;

but Sam seems to be coping. “I wouldn’t call it ‘coping.’ To be honest… they are my people,” he stresses. “I encourage them to watch my work through a magnifying glass and hopefully by doing that, they’ll see how much I care.” “As an actor, you’re always looking to broaden your range and try new things,” he adds. His list comprises being a Star Wars fanatic who breaks into

George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch, and a crime-fighting zombie. “Doing something I’ve already done seems like it would be a waste of time.” So when the opportunity came for him to play Josh Levison in Being Human, there were no second thoughts.



Sam isn’t new to showing off a little skin when the role calls for it. These fellow onscreen geeks are on the same naked path on the silverscreen.


Leslie Chow showed us the meaning of cringe when he launched his butt-naked self out of a car trunk and into the faces of The Hangover’s Wolf Pack.

RISE OF THE CULT A vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost rent a house… It sounds like a line from a bad joke. But what’s the punchline? “The best part about the set up is that there is no punch line,” Sam enlightens me. “It’s in the eye of the beholder. Whenever we joke about it [on the show], the punchline is always different. But believe me when I say, it’s always dirty.” It’s actually the premise of the drama about three friends trying to live normal lives despite their supernatural conditions. Josh has the hardest time of all. As a werewolf, his furry problem only takes over once a month, giving

him a better chance at human interaction than his roommates Aidan McCollin, a 275-year old vampire trying to live ‘clean’ and stay off blood; and Sally Malik, a troubled spirit who can’t seem to cross to the other side. But what kind of drama would it be if Josh didn’t make things harder on himself? “Josh should just learn to live with his condition,” Sam advises his hardheaded alter ego. “Instead of fighting who he is and trying to find a ‘cure’ for his lycanthropy, he should focus on the life he has and the people or creatures who love him.” Offscreen, Sam is an ace at practicing what he preaches. Aside from spending every ounce of time he can with his wife and children, he also kicks back with cast-mates Sam Witwer

and Meaghan Rath. “A ‘geekfest’ doesn’t really scratch the surface of how out of control we are when the cameras aren’t rolling.” From onset pranks, inside jokes, and red carpet trolls, the trio’s onscreen friendship is just as strong without the cameras. “It’s amazing that we manage to get any work done. Luckily, our entire crew are just as vulgar and ridiculous as Sam, Meaghan, and I,” Sam says. But working with the same people months on end can take its toll, especially when you’re as obsessed with your work. He’s confessed to hallucinating his own reality show when Being Human is on hiatus. “It looks exactly like Being Human,” in that he and his cast-mates are best friends who hang out all the time. “Although, at the end, Sam, Meghan, and I would likely end up in a fountain. Probably not fighting but drunkenly splashing the people walking by.” When reality sets in and the “phantom work syndrome” has faded, Sam goes back to his original obsession—his family. “After work I generally just go home and climb into bed. Sometimes I’ll guzzle a glass of wine if it’s been a particularly long one, but usually, I just walk in the door, get immediately naked, and tuck in as close to my wife as humanly possible.”


How many times did Peter Bretter hang loose in Forgetting Sarah Marshall? We don’t know either because we were too stunned to count.


Old School’s Frank Ricard knows that only thing worse than getting drunk and streaking down your university is being busted for it by your wife.


Walking out naked into a crowd didn’t make Monty Python’s Life of Brian title character a Messiah—it just made him a very naughty boy. - 87


John Lennon Portrait - NYC, 1974

88 -


Many times it happened here—in New York City, a man walks in and stars align as he takes his chance to reach a thousand suns. Photographer BOB GRUEN shot the stars from Bowie to Zappa. His star-spangled career waves its flag—an image of John Lennon with the Statue of Liberty and a New York City shirt. Both represent America and its famed city, but more importantly, they confirm a universal state of freedom—an elation of the soul called rock & roll. Bob tours us to its golden age with his exhibit this March. By Kristine Dabbay - 89


Alice Cooper & Salvador Dali, Brain of A Popstar - NYC, 1973

John Lennon & Andy Warhol - Record Plant, NYC, 1972

Bob Dylan Live - Philadelphia, PA, 1974

Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant Portrait - NYC, 1974


he humdrum of New York City can be disrupted by the hums and strums of society, but a more riotous picture is when a famous person hits the streets and causes a scene. That’s when Bob Gruen comes in. Thing is, he’s just cool. As Greenday frontman Billie Joe Armstrong puts it, Bob won’t irritate the shit out of you. Bob agrees, “I don’t create elaborate fantasy photos like David LaChapelle, I try to capture the natural feelings of a person.” This honest look at celebrity earned him a career; but it also earned him friends. Old buddy Don Letts just directed his biopic Rock ‘N’ Roll Exposed, Debbie Harry wrote the foreword for his book Rock Seen, and Marc Jacobs dedicated an installation that commemorates Bob’s work in Bookmarc, his Bleecker Street boutique. New York City nested his creativity. That’s where he met John and Yoko at the Apollo Theater Benefit. He was a rare breed of photographer who didn’t try to get so

90 -

much from the couple. Instead, he gave them a copy of their pictures when others won’t. “I live in a nice neighborhood in the West Side of New York by the Hudson River. I’ve been walking around the neighborhood for 40 years and I’ve never taken the same picture,” says Bob. Now working on his autobiography, who knows what he’s bound to do next? Maybe he’ll release his videos of Larry Coryell or The New York Dolls from his Sony Portapack. The moral of the story: celebrity is nothing without liberty. He shares, “When John was being attacked by the US government and wanted him back in England, I suggested that we take a picture of the Statue of Liberty. Its meaning was for the United States to welcome John to America. After he won the case, particularly in the 80s when he died, people related to that picture because both John and the statue represent freedom, and I think that’s a very important feeling for many people.”

How did you start rock & roll photography? Since it was the 60s, it was the idea of turning on, tuning in, and dropping out. I was dropping out, living with a rock & roll band because I didn’t want to work for a company; and they got a record deal and they liked the pictures I’ve taken of them. They started to hire me to take pictures of other bands. Every time I get hired, I would meet more people and they would hire me to take pictures of more musicians, and it just kind of developed into a way of making money. What quality do you have that just clicked with the rock stars? I don’t impose my ego on them. I just photograph what the subjects want to do. It takes a lot of patience but I wait for them to look good. I don’t tell them to lift their leg high or turn sideways.


Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious Portrait San Antonio, TX, 1978

Keith Richards, Tina Turner, & David Bowie Backstage - The Ritz NYC, 1983

What’s rock & roll for you? Rock & roll is all about a hair cutter and an attitude.

Iggy Pop & Debbie Harry Backstage Toronto, Canada, 1977

Celebrities are usually privy to each other’s relationships. But how’s your relationship with them? For example, with John Lennon. He was a very good friend and I was very lucky to know him. He was very funny. It was a lot of fun to be with him and he likes having his photo taken. He’s a big fan of photography and he liked what he looked like. David Bowie is my friend but we don’t really see each other very much. He’s very intelligent and is a gentleman, quite an artist. He was interested in films and different media. So when he performs, he’s very theatrical. Joe Strummer, when he used to come to New York in the 80s, he used to sleep in my couch here. I got to be really good friends with Debbie Harry; unfortunately she never slept on my couch. [Laughs] Nowadays, I’m really friends with Green Day because they’re a really great band. They’ve got a real punk rock style similar to The Clash—it’s rock & roll with meaning. How about Andy Warhol? Andy, I only knew him at parties. He used to come to all the rock & roll events. I have pictures of him in an Alice Cooper party as well as when he was in The Clash dressing room backstage. He used to see The Clash a lot but he was a very quiet kind of guy… very shy. I went to visit Yoko Ono and I was in the elevator with Andy Warhol, and the elevator where Yoko lives is very slow so we were in the elevator for maybe five minutes and I was trying to chat him to talk to me ‘coz he made a painting of my Sid Vicious picture for an Australian magazine. I was telling him that I like his painting very much but all he said was ‘thank you’. [laughs] What’s it like to achieve a sort of celebrity status when you’ve always been behind the lens? I’ve been an observer of fame for most of my life. The little bit of notoriety I’ve been getting these days feels good. It’s quite a compliment that people know me because of my work. In Paris, somebody came up to me thanking me for living the life I

It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice. did and for me that was a very beautiful compliment. Which of your photos represent you best? I think John Lennon’s portrait with the Statue of Liberty and the New York City shirt. Another is Tina turner’s multiple image. It’s actually one photo that I took while a strobe light was flashing and it captures all the energy and excitement that is Tina Turner. Another favorite is the one with Debbie Harry in Coney Island where she just looks so hot, sexy, and available. How do you know you got the money shot? You don’t know it at that time, sometimes you feel it after. Every night seems pretty ordinary when you’re living it. It’s only five or ten years later that you look back and realize that it’s so special. Any favorite subject? Rolling Stones is the first band I saw in the theater and I’ve been a fan ever since. I think they’re the actual image of rock ‘n’ roll. You just can’t take a bad photo of Keith Richards because when he looks good, he looks really good and when he looks bad, he looks cool. How do you think fame changes people? It depends on the person but your life changes when you become famous. You have less opportunity to be private or to just be yourself like go outside when you come out the streets, people would come to you. That can be a bit annoying but some people change and it gets hard to contact them but most of the ones that I get to know are mostly grounded and real. It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.

David Bowie Live - MSG, NYC, 1974 - 91


e h t


Not even into their twenties (or even their teens) yet, and these young actors have already explored the moon, battled tributes to death, lived on cruise decks, and sipped tea with Johnny Depp. Down-to-earth and smarter than some yuppies we know, they still say the darndest things. By Giano D. Dionisio

Willow Shields

11 years old

Primrose Everdeen in The Hunger Games (2012)

What are the best and worst parts of “growing up”? The best part of growing up is cuddling up with my dog, Jude. He’s an Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix. The worst part is probably adults always telling you what to do. What are your favorite book-learned life lessons? One of my all time favorite authors is Roald Dahl… What I’ve learned from him is that adults can be a little strange and that kids can do amazing things. Also, nothing beats a bar of chocolate. What would be your Hunger Games special ability? I’m known to throw my hairbrush at my older brother, so I’d probably be an expert brush-thrower.

92 -


Debby Ryan

18 years old

Jessie in Jessie (2010-present)

Debby Ryan photo courtesy of AC Magazine; Willow Shields photo by Rob Shields; Gulliver McGrath photo by Edward Shaw; Daryl Sabara photo by Tal Karusso, grooming by Jane Cohen

What’s “Young Hollywood” like? Young Hollywood is pretty much a small town. Everyone knows anyone who knows someone who knows everyone. It’s just this shiny, glamorized, well-dressed small town with a billion secrets. How do you differentiate yourself? [At auditions, I’ve seen] these baby-adult, childhoodless kids that were so crazed on the prospect of fame, they threw away any potential for youth. That was scary to me, so I’ve always decided to never lose who I am—to be a kid first, and an artist second. What’s your girliest attribute? My nails are always painted. I love vintage lace and that large fabric flower print that your grandmother probably has on her sofa and/or luggage… I grew up as a nerdy tomboy hybrid, so I’m just recently dabbling in things like baking and knitting. Even at its most feminine, my fashion has an edge of toughness to it, which I like.

Daryl Sabara

19 years old

Edgar Rice Burroughs in John Carter (2012)

Any big plans for your last teenage year? I just drove to San Jose the other weekend (it’s about a six hour drive from where I live) to see The Black Keys perform. I can totally see more concerts and road trips in my future before I turn 20. How did you prepare for your upcoming role? My grandfather read the first three John Carter books to me when I was young; they were his favorite novels growing up. To prepare for the role, I reread the first three stories and researched anything and everything I could about Burroughs… He had red hair, too! What’s your take on adaptations? I love that so many films nowadays are based on a previous work. This just gives me motivation to write my own original ideas. You can maintain originality by drawing on your own life experience while adding a lot of creativity and imagination. 

Gulliver McGrath 13 years old

David Collins in Dark Shadows (2012) How did you prepare for your upcoming role? I learned an American accent and watched clips from the old show… In my opinion, Dark Shadows was the first soap opera rather than the first sci-fi, which takes a lot of weight off it. Who would write/direct your future biopic? Not to get sentimental, but I would call it “Just Another Actor.” I would like Patrick Ness to write it and Steven Spielberg to direct. What else have you been up to lately? Yesterday, I caught a fish and decided to become vegetarian. Again. - 93

NIGHTVISION Perouvian Wasteland Afterparty By Samsung @ robot by Andy Europa - 95


CANDY CANE by The Cobrasnake


by Marvin Conanan

96 -


Vice Chateau by The Cobrasnake

This is Circus by The XOXO Kids - 97


Supperclub’s 2nd Anniversary by The XOXO Kids

SF Dead meat by The Cobrasnake

98 -



by Borgy Gavina and France Sison

CJ NYE BLOWOUT by The Cobrasnake - 99

DIRECTORY BRANDS ACCESSORIZE Greenbelt 5, Makati City ALBA BOTANICA ALDO Greenbelt 5, Makati City ALDO ACCESSORIES Greenbelt 5, Makati City ANTHONY RAMIREZ AZTEC BARBA BENEFIT Greenbelt 5, Makati City BOXFRESH Urban Athletics, Greenbelt 3, Makati City BURT’S BEES Beauty Bar, Greenbelt 5, Makati City CALL IT SPRING Greenbelt 3, Makati City CAMILLE JUCO CARGO CETAPHIL Available in all department stores nation wide. CHARLES DAVID SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City CHARM CLEAN AND CLEAR Available in all department stores nation wide. DEBENHAMS Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City ESSIE THE FIFTH CODE FIRMA Greenbelt 3, Makati City FRANCIS LIBIRAN FREE PEOPLE GOLA Urban Athletics, Greenbelt 3, Makati City HAUTE HIPPIE

100 -

JANSPORT Urban Athletics, Greenbelt 3, Makati City HOUSE OF HARLOW LONSDALE Urban Athletics, Greenbelt 3, Makati City MAC MAINE Debenhams, Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City MAKE UP FOR EVER MARC BY MARC JACOBS Rustan’s Department Store, Makati City MAYBELLINE Available in all department stores nation wide. NAKED AND FAMOUS Debenhams, Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City NARS NIKE Urban Athletics, Greenbelt 3, Makati City NINE WEST SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City NORDSTROM NYX OXYGEN Glorietta 4, Makati City PENSHOPPE SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City QUIKSILVER Urban Athletics, Greenbelt 3, Makati City RED HERRING Debenhams, Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City ROCK SMITH Greyone Social, Greenbelt 5, Makati City SASSA JIMENEZ SINEQUANONE Greenbelt 5, Makati City SMASHBOX Beauty Bar, Greenbelt 5, Makati City SPERRY TOPSIDER SPRINGFIELD Greenbelt 3, Makati City STUSSY Greyone Social, Greenbelt 5, Makati City

THAYERS TOPMAN SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City TOPSHOP SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City TWEEZERMAN URBAN ATHLETICS Greenbelt 3, Makati City URBAN DECAY URBAN OUTFITTERS VANS Vans Concept Stores, SM Department stores, Robinsons Department Stores, Landmark Department Stores, Urban Athletics, Toby’s Sports, Olympic Village, Shoe Salon, American Rag, Sole Academy, Greyone Social WAREHOUSE SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City YES TO TOMATOES ARTISTS Scott Alario (Photographer) Russell Baer (Photographer) Jon Bergman (Photographer) Shawn Brackbill (Photographer) P.R. Brown (Photographer) Stephen Busken (Photographer) Marina Chavez (Photographer) The Cobrasnake (Photographer) Jane Cohen (Makeup) Fernando Colon (Photographer) Marvin Conanan (Photographer) Andy Europa (Photographer) Lourdes Fransisco (Hair and Makeup) Jing Monis Salon. 09178306515

Borgy Gavina (Photographer) Kenny Gryzmala (Photographer) Tinette Herrera (Makeup) Justin Hollar (Photographer) Quang Le (Photographer) Aljan Lorenzo (Videographer) Roy Macam (Photographer) Miguel Miranda (Photographer) Kiko Pedaza (Hair and Makeup) Jing Monis Salon. 09178306515 Perou (Photographer) David Phelps (Photographer) Mara Reyes (Stylist) Nikki Ruiz (photographer) Jaja Samaniego (Photographer) Edward Shaw (Photographer) Junie Sierra (Hair and Makeup) Jing Monis Salon. 09178306515 Rob Shields (Photographer) JP Singson (Photographer) France Sison (Photographer) Justin Taylor Smith (Photographer) Suzette Tan (Illustrator) Lacey Terrell (Photographer) Adam Seth Teh (Hair) Boo Umaly (Photographer) Steven Visneau (Photographer) The XOXO Kids (Photographer)

S TAT U S IN VA D E S Funky Lighters Notepads

A modern-day prophet told me to bring around a notebook because he saw so many ideas going around my head. He even asked me to keep one on the bedside table.

I have a collection of tiny, funny things. I’m a Leslie Cheung fan so what joy when my best friend gave me this.

Holiday 2011 Press Kit AND Campaign

This came from my first Philippine Fashion Week collection. I kept one as memento.


MIKE LAVAREZ will rest when he’s dead. This house DJ, creative director of the Visionary Photography Hub, and head designer of Mental knows that if you want to get ahead in life, then you better start hustling.

Cassette Tapes

I remember skipping lunch to save up for each one of these back in the day.

Holga & Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim Manual cameras with instant vignetting—there’s always an element of excitement and surprise when you have the films developed.

CDJ 3600

Whenever my friends feel like doing an impromptu party, I hook it up to the stereo and voila!

Statement Accessories

Many moons ago, I really liked dressing up and I kept a few pieces. This one’s a metallic garter necklace that looks like a piece of metal hardware when worn.

102 -

Readings from various classes at University of the Philippines

I know it’s a geeky thing to do, but you never know when you’ll need to brush up on your Art History.

Bag Collection

I like to keep things that keep things.

STATUS Magazine feat. Ashley Rickards  
STATUS Magazine feat. Ashley Rickards  

STATUS is busted for flashing. March 2012