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Art for all

The community centre held the exhibition on Friday 5 April.

Mr Handa has taught art for people with disabilities at NPCC for almost seven years.

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Closure slammed

A petition has been launched to stop the State Government’s level-crossing closure in Dandenong South by an opposition MP.

As part of the free Pakenham line plans, Progress St level-crossing will be permanently closed, diverting traffic down Fowler Road and onto South Gippsland Highway.

The intersection will be upgraded and signalised to accommodate “increased traffic and heavy vehicle movements,” at South Gippsland Highway.

Member for South Eastern Metropolitan region MP Ann-Marie Hermans has launched her petition, sitting at 310 signatures so far, closing on 20 September 2024.

“We need people to stop and look at the decision they’re making and make sensible decision with our hard-earned money taxes, and this is not a sensible decision,” she said.

The petition is in support of surrounding heavy-transport businesses who have advocated against the State Government’s levelcrossing closure on Progress St, and raised safety concerns over its design plan, including AusPost.

Australia Post spokesperson said, “The safety and security of our people is the highest priority for Australia Post. We have raised our safety and operational efficiency concerns directly with the LXRP and have requested additional details regarding safety assessments.

“Our focus remains on working with the LXRP to mitigate our concerns.

“The Dandenong Letter Centre processes the vast majority of all letters sent within Victoria, along with some small parcels. “

The spokesperson has confirmed they haven’t heard back from the LXRP regarding their safety concerns.

A Victorian Government spokesperson, however, says Fowler Rd solution will be safe.

“The Level Crossing Removal Project has been engaging with businesses in the area over the past 18 months - and they have listened to their concerns and made changes to the design at Progress Street including adding additional parking, upgrades to Fowler Street and ensuring accessibility for oversized vehicles.“

Andrew Hamer, managing director of Pak-


No entry or exit fees

No stamp duty Simplified sale process

Various village amenities included Peaceful semi-rural setting with an established, like minded communitity

aflex located next to the level-crossing, is one of the first to fight against this “bad solution” which he believes to be a “lousy solution for a political headline.”

“They can build the bridge, but you can’t close Progress St and that’s what the petition is about.

“We’ve tried to speak with the government sensiblyaboutit,we’vehadthelobbyist,there’s no appetite for change is what one said.”

Despite a report from the National Safety Regulator – discovered under Freedom of information (FOI) – that the crossing has negligible risks, the State Government remains committed to“remove the dangerous and congested” level-crossing.

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Stud Road speed reduction underway Residents plead for hub co-design Fight for historic home continues PAGE 19 Dandenong celebrate top win
benallatouristpark.com.au | 115 Sydney Rd, Benalla VIC 3672 | 03 5760 2000 OPEN DAY: SATURDAY 20 APRIL 2024 , 9AM - 2PM
*Site fees apply. 12682099-SM15-24
Acclaimed artistToshi Handa joined forces with the Noble Park Community Centre (NPCC) to deliver an artistic project aiming for inclusivity. Toshi Handa stands proudly in front of his students artwork which he helped to workshop. 398488 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

Springvale boy in alleged Melboure crime spree

Police have arrested and charged five children as part of Operation Trinity after a string of alleged offending and an extended follow through Melbourne Wednesday morning 3 April.

It is believed the children, including one Springvale child, travelled in an alleged stolen Nissan X-Trail, and attended a convenience store in High Street, Armadale about 10.40pm on 2 April.

Some of the children allegedly stole the store attendant’s car keys before stealing his MG wagon parked outside the store.

The remaining children fled in the Nissan X-Trail.

It’s further alleged the five attempted a robbery a short time later at a convenience store on Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East about 11.20pm.

It’s believed the stolen MG was dumped and the Nissan X-Trail, which had allegedly been stolen from a Mooroolbark residential driveway on 29 March, 2024 with the keys inside, was followed across a number of suburbs including Carlton, Blackburn and the CBD with the assistance of AirWing and multiple police units.

It was immobilised using stop sticks on Mount Alexander Road, Ascot Vale about 12.40am.

Two 15-year-old children, a 16-year-old child and two 17-year-old children were arrested in Kerr Street Fitzroy.

A 17-year-old Sunbury child sustained a minor injury to his hand and was conveyed to hospital for treatment.

He has been charged by summons with two counts of theft of motor vehicle, two counts of attempted burglary and robbery. He is due to appear at a court at a later date.

A 16-year-old Springvale child has been charged with two counts of theft of motor vehicle, dangerous driving whilst pursued by police, two counts of attempted burglary and robbery. He has been remanded to appear at a court later today.

The remaining children, a 17-yearold boy from Flemington, a 15-year-old boy from Oakleigh South and a 15-yearold child from Botanic Ridge have been charged with two counts of theft of motor vehicle, two counts of attempted burglary and robbery.They are expected to appear at a court at a later date.

Investigations are continuing into the location of the stolen MG wagon.

As a result of this intense focus, police have made over 1,400 arrests relating to burglaries and car thefts – with the overwhelming majority of these offenders’ children. A further 2300 night shift arrests have also been made for other criminal offending due to the strong police presence as part of Operation Trinity.

Anyone with information or CCTV can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

Hub debate

A group of concerned residents staged a protest at a council meeting for the Dandenong Community Hub co-design plans to continue.

The council meeting on Monday 25 March saw residents sit at the gallery with signs that read “We want a genuine co-design like Keysborough South” and children held signs of“We want a playground please.”

In a council meeting on 11 April 2023, a single-story design was chosen for the Dandenong Hub and a co-design process was decided by the council to “finalise the concept design.”

As reported previously by Star Journal, the hub will be home to a kindergarten, childcare, maternal and child health, community activity rooms and cafe.

Outdoors there will be a community outdoor space, community garden and childcare playground as well as a large retained tree.

The single-storey option was overwhelmingly supported by community feedback.

However, the two-session co-design process that followed had left residents with more questions than answers.

Dandenong Community Association spokesperson Silvia Mastrogiovanni said the Council didn’t commit to any further co-designs fearing lack of community input in the design.

“We left the final workshop with many unanswered questions including the amount of parking spaces required and the amount of land available for the hub building and playground.

“Two co-design workshops was not enough for that, we got halfway through. So, rather than wasting ratepayers money with writing another Council report, let’s get on with more co-design sessions and finish the job properly with genuine community input“ she said.

Thegrouphadmadesuggestionsduringthe two co-design which they’re sceptical would be implemented leading them to demand for a “real” co-design.

“Since the second co-design workshop we have had a chance to study the design and have found features of the design that weren’t explained to us on the night like the existence of internal stairways and a terraced paved steps where were told a playground and garden area was going to be,” Ms Mastrogiovanni said.

Another “critical design issue left hanging” was the need for a single storey entrance rather than two entrances for “intergenerational” purposes.

“Residents attending the workshop were told that the issue would be fixed but as that has been a long standing request of the Dandenong Community Association they want to

see for sure.”

According to a Council spokesperson, council is waiting on a report which may determine further consultations with the community.

“Council is awaiting a report from the Community Engagement consultants and the architect on the implications of the co-design process and proposed changes.

“On receipt of the report, Council will be able to determine the appropriate next steps. This may include further community consultation, a procurement process to commission detailed design or other actions.

“Questions about the precise size of elements and entrances are technical questions that would be resolved in the detailed design process, undertaken by architects.

“The question of how many car parking spaces are required depends on the use of the facility (and times of patronage) and also demand for and supply of car parking spaces in the precinct around the Hub site.The question of car parking spaces cannot be resolved while there are still several unresolved variables.

“Given we have not undertaken the detailed design, it is too early to say when Council may consider approval to proceed to construction.”

According to Ms Mastrogiovanni, residents are concerned the playground space would be compromised due to the terraced paved steps and won’t address the lack of playgrounds in that part of Dandenong.

“This lack of playgrounds and green space in general will become more noticeable as the amount of apartments and townhouses increases in the residential streets around the market,” Ms Mastrogiovanni said.

Looking back at history

Casey and Cardinia history enthusiasts are encouraged to come along to the Casey Cardinia Heritage Festival to hear from some of the community’s most passionate and knowledgeable local historians for a walk down memory lane.

Guided by the National Trust of Australia’s 2024 festival theme ‘connections’, the free event is running from 10am to 2pm on Sunday 21 April at the Berwick Senior Citizens Centre.

Delivered by Connected Libraries and Myli and supported by the City of Casey, the event will also feature various information stalls from local historical community groups, book sales, live music and entertainment throughout the day.

A Devonshire tea will also be available for purchase for $2.50, with attendees encouraged to explore nearby shops and restaurants in BerwickVillage for lunch.

Casey Council administrators chair Noelene Duff PSM said the heritage festival will be the perfect opportunity to discover the stories behind the natural heritage, native flora and fauna and historical buildings which can be found all throughout Casey and the surrounding region.

“Make sure to come along, have a chat with the historians in attendance and you never know, you just might learn something new

about the community you live in,” she said. Connected Libraries chief executive Beth Luppino said they are excited to hear the room buzzing with discussions about the past.

“Connected Libraries and Myli are proud to partner to celebrate the rich local history of Casey and Cardinia at the heritage festival,” she said.

Connected Libraries local history librarian Kate Davis said the festival will showcase the dedication of local historical societies and groups to the preservation of the local history of Casey and Cardinia.

“It’s a chance for community members to learn about the past of this region, whilst connecting with the people who know that history best,” she said.

Myli local history and genealogy literacy librarian Charlotte Milkins from said it is fitting that this year the theme of the National Trust’s Heritage Festival is ‘connections’.

“This is a collaborative event between Myli, Connected Libraries and the passionate local history groups to help promote historical experiences across our area, through individual and community stories,” she said.

“There are so many unique stories to tell about the Casey-Cardinia area, and at the Casey-Cardinia Heritage Festival we hope to share some of those stories with you all.”

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Picture: ON FILE Dandenong Community Association and residents protested at a council meeting. Picture: SUPPLIED

Don’t close the crossing

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Ms Hermans says the government’s persistence to go ahead with the level-crossing closure is a mere political stunt.

“The only people impacted by the level crossing are the people begging the government to keep it because it’s not about a level crossing removal, it’s about a road closure.

“This level crossing needs to stay because it’s safer, it’s important for the businesses, they’re already being whacked with land tax, payroll tax, work cover premium rate and now they have this issue where the diversion will cost them more time, more money.

“It’s literally just a campaign issue where the government just wants to be able to say we’ve removed the level crossings and, in this case, this is a level crossing that can save over $80 million by not removing it and leaving it until we have the infrastructure on the roads (bypass extension).”

The Dandenong Bypass extension is another alternative the businesses opt for as well as an overpass rail rather than a full closure, cutting them out from an easy route down for trucks, A and B Doubles, onto the Princess Highway, considered safe for everyone.

However, according to a level-crossing spokesperson, “other options” were explored including the rail and road under rail design but weren’t “feasible due to the risk of flooding” from the nearby Eumemmerring Creek.

“Following detailed engineering assessments and site investigations, the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) has determined a road closure as the best option to remove the Progress Street level crossing.

are the law into themselves and they’re not held accountable,” Ms Hermans said.

Few business owners including Mr Hamer had met with Ms Gabrielle as previously reported by Star Journal along with LXRP representatives, but they weren’t convinced their pleas were heard.

Meanwhile, works are underway to get the job done by 2025.

Despite the desperate attempts of consultations, discussions, emails with the LXRP, Dandenong MP Gabrielle Williams, City of Greater Dandenong Council, Department of Transport and many more, there has been no real outcome to satisfy the concerned business’s needs.

City of Greater Dandenong Council executive director, City Futures, Sanjay Manivasagasivam said Council engineers provided their inputs on the design development which “LXRP is considering.”

“We’ve yet to receive the final design for Fowler Road. The final design is approved

“Other design solutions would have required extensive compulsory acquisition of nearby businesses and significant disruption to the rail network.”

through the State’s Project and not Council.

“A request for a community update has been expressed by Council, and we eagerly await further updates on this critical project for the Greater Dandenong community.”

A 756-signature petition tabled in the Parliament by MP Gabrielle Williams appeared to make little impact on then Minister for Transport Infrastructure Jacinta Allan on Thursday 22 June 2023, as six days later, the contract was awarded to Fulton Hogan Construction.

“One of the problems we have is when Labor seats are very safe, they don’t see the need to go and advocate for the people or do the right thing, they don’t have to, they

“Site establishment is continuing on the project, including installing temporary fencing, road barriers and site access points and carrying out service relocation works,” LXRP spokesperson said.

“Piling works on the western site of Progress Street have started, to build the foundations of the new road bridge.”

“The design includes a pedestrian footpath on the new road bridge, allowing for any connections along Fowler Street in the future.”

The project is part of the free Pakenham line, a $28 billion investment in road and rail infrastructure in Melbourne’s southeast, “creating better and safer connections right around the wider region.”

Free Kinder: Enrol for 2024

Free Kinder is available for three and four-year-old children in Victoria at participating services.

Free Kinder is available in sessional (standalone) and long day care (childcare) settings, saving families up to $2,500 each year, per child.

At kindergarten, your child will:

• learn language, literacy and numeracy skills through play, art, music and dance

• learn to express themself and make friends in a safe and caring environment

• build skills and confidence before primary school. Contact your preferred kinder service or local council to learn about how to enrol for 2024. Visit: vic.gov.au/kinder

dandenong.starcommunity.com.au Tuesday, 9 April, 2024 | STAR JOURNAL 3
12660961-AV15-24 NEWS
The heavy transport vehicles will be diverted down a narrow Fowler Rd. 376364 Andrew Hamer from Pakaflex and Colin Smith from JDN Monocrane. 376364 Pictures: STEWART CHAMBERS

Company targeted again


Aw Bell was the site of another pro-Palestine protest for the second time in less than a month.

The group of pro-Palestine protesters gathered on Tuesday 2 April to demand an end to an alleged production supply to Israel, despite the company’s previous rejection of such claims to Star Journal.

However, Aw Bell is picked for its Lockheed Martin F-35 joint fighter program part production.

Amanda from Free Palestine Dandenong, who also organised multiple protests in the City of Greater Dandenong, said the protests will continue.

“Australia is a signatory of the Arms Trade Treaty since 2013. By their own laws – companies such as AW Bell that make their business dealing in parts that will become weapons and may end up in known combat zones where international laws are being broken, is totally illegal.

“That’s why we’re here today - and that’s why we’ll be back. If our government isn’t willing enough to uphold the right laws, then we the people have to take up the charge,” she said.

The family business supplies parts for Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter jets, one of the most highly advanced and sophisticated fighter jets in the world.

“AW Bell has been a provider of componentry for the Joint Strike Fighter program, which commenced in 2001 and involves over a dozen nations,” Aw Bell spokesperson had told Star Journal previously.

“AW Bell is not a supplier to Israel.”

Planned burns set to ramp up as conditions ease

With fire restrictions easing in some parts of the State, and calm autumn conditions, hundreds of private, agricultural and planned burns are expected to take place in the coming weeks.

While current conditions are ideal for burning, weather patterns may cause smoke to linger over parts of the state overnight and through to early morning.

FFMVic Chief Fire Officer Chris Hardman said it was crucial fire agencies took advantage of favourable conditions when they presented.

“Planned burning on public land is one of the tools FFMVic uses to keep Victoria safer from bushfires,” Mr Hardman said.

“While we burn to the conditions not the calendar, autumn generally gives our crews more opportunities to conduct planned burns as the weather is more stable and fire behaviour is manageable and generally predictable.

“With the current favourable weather and forest conditions, we are dedicating all available resources to deliver planned burning.

“Reducing fine fuels such as grass, leaves, bark, shrubs and fallen branches means fires are less intense and slower to spread, making it more likely that firefighters can keep bushfires small and contained before they pose a risk to communities.

“Smoke can be a result of private resident or agricultural burns, chimney smoke or planned burns. We work closely with and use information from the Environment Pro-

tection Authority (EPA) and Bureau of Meteorology to keep the smoke impact from planned burns as low as practically possible and inform the community while delivering the program.

“Victorians can also sign up for planned burn notifications to prepare for any impact on their health or activities.”

CFA Chief Officer Jason Heffernan is urging Victorians to research and understand permit requirements before conducting private burn-offs.

“While the Fire Danger Period has ended in a few areas, it remains in place across the majority of Victoria.

“It’s your responsibility to know what restrictions are in place so if you’re in doubt, you can find out what you can and can’t do during a Fire Danger Period by referring to

the Can I or Can’t I? page of the CFA website.

“We have seen a number of private burns escape over recent weeks so if you do intend to conduct a planned burn you will need to apply for a permit and ensure that all burning activities comply with the permit prescriptions and requirements”

Victoria’s Chief Environmental Scientist Professor Mark Patrick Taylor said EPA understands smoke from any source, including planned burns and private burn-offs can cause health concerns.

“Be prepared by watching for FFMVic planned burn notifications and by checking the air quality for your area through our EPA’s AirWatch air monitoring system,” Professor Taylor said.

“Your nose is also an excellent smoke detector. If you can smell smoke, take the nec-

essary precautions to protect your health.”

For the latest information about when and where planned burns are happening near you, visit https://plannedburns.ffm. vic.gov.au/ .

Detailed information about current air quality throughout Victoria can be found on EPA’s website.

If you see or smell smoke outside, you should reduce your exposure to smoke by staying indoors and closing your windows and doors – but only if it’s safe to do so. Tips for looking after your health when there is smoke can be found on EPA’s ‘Smoke and your health’ webpage - www.epa.vic.gov.au/ for-community/environmental-information/air-quality/smoke/smoke-your-health.

Keep your burn off safe and legal:

· Check fire restrictions in your area and always register your burn at www.firepermits.vic.gov.au or by calling 1800 668 511

· Check and monitor weather conditions –particularly wind

· To avoid unnecessary calls to emergency services, notify your neighbours beforehand

· Leave a three-metre fire break, free from flammable materials around the burn

· Have sufficient equipment and water to stop the fire spreading

· Never leave a burn-off unattended – stay for its entire duration

· If your burn-off gets out of control, call ‘000’ immediately.

4 STAR JOURNAL | Tuesday, 9 April, 2024 dandenong.starcommunity.com.au
Picture: CLAIRE COWTON, CFA South manufacturing company Amanda from the Free Palestine Dandenong movement. Pictures: SUPPLIED Hundreds gathered in front of Aw Bell. Councillor Rhonda Garad was also at the protest. Protesters at AW Bell. Protesters gathered at AW Bell for a second time.

Creating artistic inclusivity

In a collaborative move, a Japanese artist and the Noble Park Community Centre partnered to deliver an artistic project aiming for inclusivity.

The community centre held its exhibition on Friday 5 April spearheaded by acclaimed Toshi Handa, who has taught art for people with disabilities in NPCC for almost seven years.

“I believe that people with a disability have capabilities in some cases that are very unique and unlike anything that other people can do.”

Having mild attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Mr Handa is dedicated to support creative exploration, social inclusivity and widened his focus to teach individuals with disabilities.

Evident through this Artism Project, his students work was on display for the community to absorb and admire.

“My focus has shifted to creating a platform for future generations by providing children an opportunity to explore their inherent creativity,” he said.

As he attempts to bridge the gap between people with disabilities and society through his artwork, he is also greatly influenced by his students’ artistic talents and their unique perspective of the world.

He has brought a wealth of experience from across the world having studied at Osaka Designers College, exhibitions in Switzerland, Japan and now Australia.

He has published several children’s picture books including “Onegai Nanmaider” from Iwasaki Shoten Publishing and “Secret Bug’s Land” by East Press.

dandenong.starcommunity.com.au Tuesday, 9 April, 2024 | STAR JOURNAL 5 12664199-AP15-24 NEWS
Toshi Handa with the all ability students. 398488 Pictures: STEWART CHAMBERS The exhibition was a success. 398488 The Noble Park Community Centre held the exhibition. 398488

Speed reduction underway

Dandenong residents have finally received a minor win after Stud Road’s speed is set to be reduced after years of battle and a toddler’s life lost in a “preventable” death in 2023.

The City of Greater Dandenong Council has welcomed the upcoming change to the posted speed limit from 80km/h to 60km/h.

The Department of Transport and Planning will undertake works this week to introduce the new speed on the stretch of Stud Rd between Heatherton Rd and Cheam St.

The reduction from 80km/h will encourage safer driving conditions and provide motorists with more time to react in dangerous situations.


100 years ago

8 April 2024

Mr H. L. Leber’s large new picture theatre at Dandenong is to be opened on Tuesday night next, and in a manner worthy of the occasion, as Mr Leber has generously donated the whole proceeds of the opening night to the Dandenong District Hospital Building Fund. Knowing this, the people of Dandenong have an opportunity of making it a grand opening night and showing their practical sympathy with the district hospital movement by filling the immense Boomerang Picture Palais on Tuesday next. The star picture is to be Jackie Coogan in “Oliver Twist”, with a fine orchestra adding to the enjoyment of the evening. The price of tickets is 2/6, and special reserved seats 5/-.

50 years ago

9 April 1974


A section of the Mulgrave Freeway between Jackson’s and Stud Roads will be open to the public tomorrow. The Minister for Transport, Mr Meagher announced this last week during a tour of inspection. In a brief speech, Mr Meagher said the freeway was basically designed to by-pass the heavily congested area of Dandenong. Mr Meagher pointed out that if people suffered through freeway development they must be compensated.

20 years ago

12 April 2004

Offences down

The region’s public transport network is on track to report a significant drop in crime, says Narre Warren North MP Luke Donnellan. Compared to the corresponding time last year, interim Victoria Police figures show a 12.9 per cent fall across the state. “Rail stations are safer, property damage is down, robbery reduced and police have clamped down on vehicle thefts from station car parks. There is still much to be done, but Victorian families can be reassured the public transport system is becoming safer.”

Greater Dandenong Mayor, Cr Lana Formoso said she welcomed the reduced speed limit as an interim measure, while Council would continue to advocate for safer road conditions.

“Following the tragic death of a child on this stretch of road last year, Council continues to push for a more permanent safety solution.

“We have been calling for a safer pedestrian crossing and traffic lights at the intersection of Stud Rd and McFees Rd for many years.We implore the State Government to fund this project as a matter of urgency. We are sincerely hoping to hear the project is funded

in the Victorian Government’s budget to be handed down in May.”

A signalised pedestrian crossing was “shovel-ready” since 2019 but delayed due to lack of funds.

The State Government still hasn’t set a timeframe for the project.

The mayor was left traumatised as one of the first at the scene of the toddler’s accident on Stud Rd in December last year.

As reported previously by Star Journal, the boy had been standing with his father in a bike lane in front of Dandenong Stadium as they set to cross the six-lane, 80km/h road just after

noon on Sunday 17 December.

Cr Formoso said, “The reduction in the speed limit is welcome, but it doesn’t provide a safe crossing for pedestrians, cyclists or bus commuters.We need a safe option for people to cross this road.”

She said the loss of a young life last December deeply affected the Greater Dandenong community.

Weather permitting, works will take place to replace the speed limit signs onTuesday 9 April.

During this time there will be lane closures on Stud Rd and a reduced speed limit of 40km/h.

Compiled by Dandenong and District Historical Society

8 April 2019

True history of the Apex Gang written It was not so long ago that “the Apex Gang” loomed large. The terrifying spates of carjacking, home invasions and smash-and-grab burglaries, the Moomba Festival riots all seemed to point to a group that started with two teenage brothers in Apex Street Dande-

nong in 2012. Author and lawyer Dr Brian Williams examines the group and the public reaction in his book Melbourne Under Siege? The moral panic behind the Apex Gang and Youth Crime. The group wasn’t so much a typical organised gang. If a gang existed, it was a “small cohort of offenders” – a Facebook network that peaked at possibly 200 members, Dr Williams argues. They didn’t ter-

rorise their neighbours, but travelled to richer suburbs, kicking down doors, grabbing the keys to cars and leaving a trail of traumatised victims. The South Sudanese community was identified with the crimes, even though the group’s offenders were a mix of backgrounds. As a disturbing consequence, the “vast” majority of law-abiding South Sudanese Australians became targets. There’s a long history of youth gangs in Australia, such as the postcode groups like Dandenong 3175 and the Sharpies, said Dr Williams. “Youth crime has been going as long as we have had youths.”

6 STAR JOURNAL | Tuesday, 9 April, 2024 dandenong.starcommunity.com.au NEWS
Police including Major Collisions investigator were at the scene in December 2023. 380241 Pictures: GARY SISSONSEmergency services with the Ford ute that stopped at the crash scene on Stud Road Dandenong North in 2023. 380241 Compiled by Dandenong & District Historical Society A book in 2019 looked back at the infamous Apex Gang - said to originate in Apex Street, Dandenong. Apex Street, Dandenong. 151674

Heritage fight continues

Residents in the City of Casey are concerned the heritage listed Captain Doveton house may end up in developer hands.

The 24 Doveton Avenue in Eumemmerring is still up for sale for a maximum of $850,000.

The Doveton Eumemmerring Township Association (DETA) chairperson Stefan Koomen said they will keep their advocacy going after City of Casey Council declined purchasing the house.

“They said they know the house is important and it’s one of only two properties in that whole area that has significance, but it’s not something they’re exploring at this time.

“They didn’t rule it out completely.”

According to the property agent, Kai Xia, there has been no close offer to satisfy the current owner’s $850,000 mark.

“We’ve been approached by developers interested. Its’ really up to the price so it doesn’t matter who the owner sells it to,” Mr Xia said.

Mr Koomen said that’s of a concern for the community and has planned a meeting to discuss and make plans on their next course of action as they desperately try to avoid the Captain Doveton house slip in private hands.

“Council should find out the value of the property, seek to buy it and rent it out. If a homeowner and investor can buy a house and make money out of it, why can’t council do the same?

“I want to show there are more residents than just me, that are supportive to maintain the Captain Doveton house,” Mr Koomen said.

“As long as the house is there we’ll keep pushing council.”

As reported previously by Star Journal on 26 March, City of Casey Manager Planning and Building Tania Asper had said the property is protected and doesn’t require council to acquire the land.

“The property located at 24 Doveton Avenue in Eumemmerring (Doveton Height) is currently protected by a Heritage Overlay in the Casey Planning Scheme. Council has no plan to acquire the property.

“The current Casey Planning Scheme includes Clause 15.03 Heritage, Clause 21.07 Built Environment and Clause 43.01 Heritage Overlay.

“These controls recognise the heritage significance of the property, ensures that the building cannot be demolished without permission and discourages any inappropriate demolition and/or development to occur on

the land.”

The group had also approached Bruce MP Julian Hill who said he “fully support” their campaign to save the house.

“Captain Doveton’s house is the only remaining Victorian-era property of its time and has a direct link to Doveton’s name and history.

“A property of such historical significance should not be lost and I urge Council to reconsider their position.

“For years, Doveton and the older most established areas of Casey were too often overlooked in favour of shovelling money into Cranbourne and newer areas, especially under

the former Council which was sacked for corruption.

“The Doveton Eumemmerring Township Association should be congratulated for their community campaign on this local issue which I fully support.“

The spacious 960m vintage Captain Doveton house is named after Captain John and Margaret Doveton who bought the house in 1894, lived almost a decade before the house was sold in August 1903.

Despite their short stay in the town, in 1954 the area was named after Captain John Doveton.

dandenong.starcommunity.com.au Tuesday, 9 April, 2024 | STAR JOURNAL 7 Lyndale Secondary College | 14 Halton Rd, Dandenong North VIC 3175 | (03) 9795 2366 | www.lyndale.vic.edu.au At Lyndale Secondary College, our mission is to inspire and equip the next generation with the skills and knowledge essential for thriving in an ever-changing world. LSC School Median of 29 CLASS OF 2023 VCE RESULTS College DUX: Ciya Joseph – 95.55 ATAR 6.6% over ATAR 90 23% over ATAR 80 46% over ATAR 70 2025 YEAR 7, SEAL & SCHOLARSHIP ENROLMENTS NOW OPEN Visit www.lyndale.vic.edu.au Call 9795 2366 for a School Tour 12672448-FC15-24 NEWS
DETA chairperson Stefan Koomen in front of the Captain Doveton house. 396485 Picture: GARY SISSONS

Almost 50 years of service

CFA volunteer, former brigade captain and Casey Group Officer Shane Keen has been honoured by the City of Casey with the title of Casey Citizen of the Year for 2024, after more than 47 years of devout service across Casey’s CFA brigades.

Announced at a gala celebration event at Bunjil Place on Friday 22 March, the Casey Community Award winner was “humbled” to receive the accolade, marking a very proud moment for Shane who is otherwise quick to laugh about his “senior’s moments.”

“There were some very good candidates, and the finalists were all terrific, so I was very humbled to accept the award,” Shane said.

“It means a lot to me. I grew up in this area, so to see it grow so much and be part of that growth has been great.”

Shane’s decades-long run with the CFA got its start in 1977, after a desire to become more involved with his community saw him join the Hampton Park Brigade.

“I wanted to give something back to the community. I wasn’t the type of person to join footy or cricket, so I thought I would give the CFA a go,” he said.

While Shane has since done the rounds throughout various local brigades, including five years at Narre Warren and three and a half years at Narre Warren North where he served as captain, the “comradery” and “community” that first inspired him to join at Hampton Park continues to live on for Shane, who believes “community is at the centre of all we do at the CFA.”

Quick to climb the volunteer ladder, Shane has taken turns occupying various positions across the organisation, from captain to Casey Group Officer.

In his role as the Group Officer, Shane works tofacilitateinformationsharingandemergency

response development between the 13 brigades within the City of Casey, and assisting with their training and operational needs.

In an unceasing quest to give his all to his volunteer work, Shane is also a representative of the City of Casey Municipal Fire Management Working Group and the Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee.

When asked why he has always sought to climb the CFA ladder, Shane humbly shared that he thinks it is because he is a “leader.”

“I believe I always have something good to offer,” he said, though hesitantly.

“And I’m a good listener. I listen to people’s needs and make sure they are met.”

As well as cultivating a rich investment in local fire safety and in his community as a whole, Shane’s time in the CFA has also helped him

grow at a more personal level, immersing him in career development opportunities that have allowed him to develop in his career outside the CFA, working for a private fire companyVenetia Pty Ltd that looks after defence force bases.

“The CFA has given me the qualifications to be able to accept this job, which I’ve been at for nine years.”

But surely the most important of these personal experiences was getting to meet his wife and fellow volunteer, Sharyn, whose family has a combined effort of around 500 years with the CFA.

Together they have raised a son and daughter who, now adults themselves, have adopted their parents’ love for the organisation.

“We like to go for drives through the country and get away when we can.

“We’re not big explorers, we just like to have a break, read a good book, put our feet up and have some nice conversations.”

And for Shane, these getaways, much like his Citizen of theYear award, are more than deserved.

“I believe I’ve put so much into the community over this time.

“During the Black Saturday fires, which impacted Casey so heavily, I spent nearly two weeks mostly away from my family.

“And serving in these leadership roles and as the Group Officer, there have been times when I’ve given up birthday parties or family functions to get to an emergency.

“But all of that has accumulated in this award, so it has been well worth it.

“This is my time.”


Dedicated support

In an era where mental health challenges are increasingly recognised and acknowledged, the importance of dedicated support cannot be overstated. Organisations like Seachange, with their unwavering commitment to providing tailored assistance to individuals grappling with complex mental health conditions, are beacons of hope in our communities.

At the heart of Seachange’s ethos lies a profound understanding that each client’s journey is unique. Their approach is not about fitting clients into preconceived moulds but rather about finding the perfect match between client and support worker. This personalised approach ensures that clients receive the support they need in a manner that resonates with them, fostering trust and comfort along the way.

What truly sets Seachange apart is their dedication to building genuine connections with their clients. It’s not merely a professional obligation for them; it’s a deeply personal commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of those they serve. Through one-onone support, Seachange fosters an environment where clients feel safe and empowered to open up about their struggles, knowing they are met with empathy and understanding.

The passion and dedication of Seachange’s support workers shine through in their approach to their roles. Armed with extensive experience in mental health and guided by principles of patience, understanding, and non-judgmental acceptance, they create a nurturing space where clients can thrive. It’s evident that for Seachange, this isn’t just a job—it’s a calling to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

The impact of Seachange’s work extends far beyond the realm of mental health support. By fostering independence and empowerment in their clients, they contribute to building stronger, more resilient communities. Their belief

in treating every individual as equals underscores their commitment to inclusivity and respect for diversity.

In a world where mental health stigma still lingers, organisations like Seachange serve as beacons of hope and compassion. They remind us that with empathy, understanding, and dedication, we can create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Seachange’s unwavering commitment to empowering lives through compassionate support is a testament to the transformative power of human connection.

· Seachange Care Support Services, Suite 429, Waterman Narre Warren, Level 2, 66 Victor Crescent, Narre Warren.

· info@seachangecare.com.au

8 STAR JOURNAL | Tuesday, 9 April, 2024 dandenong.starcommunity.com.au Are you looking for an Ndis Registered provider? Look no further Seachange Care Support Services Narre Warren NDIS Support Service Provider www.seachangecare.com.au info@seachangecare.com.au 0450 599 488 0461 380 966 At Sea Change Support Narre Warren, our vision and goal is to enable people living with psycho-social disabilities to achieve their goals and lead an independent life. 12672274-MP11-24
· 0450 599 488 and 0461 380 966 Seachange Care Support Services stands as a beacon of hope and assistance. NEWS
Shane Keen. 398104


Top support

What matters to our participants, matters to Support Embrace Connect. Our support services revolve around the needs of our participants.

We offer a personalised support process according to your NDIS goals in your NDIS plan: including individualised support and team connections.

Social Outings, Art, Cooking, Special Events, Gardening, Team Building Exercises and More.

Support Embrace Connect is situated at 5-6/10 Princes Highway, Beaconsfield, telephone 0484 679 364.


Using proper ‘language’

As our society progresses into a more inclusive and welcoming environment, it is important that we make a conscious effort to ensure the language we use towards others is appropriate. Rather than relating to concepts such as profanities, this is in reference to the way we address or describe people with disabilities.

Like fashion crazes, music styles and interior design trends, language tends to change and update with time. New words and phrases are introduced into our vocabularies to reflect the times we live in.

Terms like ‘handicapped,’ ‘physically challenged’ and ‘wheelchair-bound’ are heading away from being the accepted way to refer to people who have a disability, while the use of phrases like‘suffering from’ or ‘afflicted with’ are generally deemed offensive in today’s language.

Avoid the use of words and phrases such as crippled, a victim of, unfortunate, suffering from, incapacitated or worse, words that have evolved from historically medical terms to become hurtful slurs. Using the word ‘normal’ is also, depending on context, one that should generally be avoided when referring to people with a disability.

Using proper terminology is empowering, while outdated terminology is hurtful and offensive.

Instead of defining someone by an impairment or disability they may have, try to first recognise that they are a person above all else. They are not disabled, they have a disability - in the same way that someone is not brown hair, but rather they have brown hair. Instead of saying ‘a blind person’ or ‘a quadriplegic’, perhaps consider rephrasing to ‘a person who is blind or has a vision impairment, or ‘a person that has quadriplegia.’ Similarly, this concept also applies to

When referring to someone with a disability, start your sentence with ‘a person...’ so as to not define them by their disability.

medical conditions such as asthma and cancer - instead of ‘she suffers from asthma,’ instead use ‘she has asthma.’ Rather than ‘a cancer patient,’ use ‘a person with cancer.’

It is in this way that we are not defining someone by any disability that they may have, but rather recognising that it is simply a feature of who they are.

One of the best ways to address or refer to people with a disability is to start with ‘a person,’ as you are affirming their humanity first and foremost. You can then go on to say ‘...that uses a wheelchair,’ ‘...with a hearing impairment,’ or whatever their disability may be.

Language and terminology will continually evolve, as do all other aspects of our society, and is something that we all have a duty to remain aware of. It is important to take note of the terms that the person with the disability uses to describe or refer to themselves, and then use those terms accordingly. It all comes down to each person’s own preference and we should respect everyone’s preferred way of self-identification.

Supporting the community, Embracing life and connecting with those that matter most.

• Supporting participants with empathy

• Transport to appointments

• Community access e.g. coffee shop, grocery shopping, local parks and gardens

• Booking and reminders for appointments

• Support to build relationships with family and friends through goals

• Teaching life skills

• Liasing with other support workers and support agencies

• Assisting clients with Government agency contact and applications

dandenong.starcommunity.com.au Tuesday, 9 April, 2024 | STAR JOURNAL 9 www.Supportembraceconnect.com.au 12681890-AI15-24
Picture: ISTOCK Support Embrace Connect offers personalised support.

Big crowd for Eid festival

The City of Greater Dandenong saw its first Eid chand raat festival over the weekend.

Organised by small business owner Mannat’s Collection, Galsum Foladi held their annual event in Dandenong this time on Saturday 6 April.

“The event was a great success, everyone was able to attend and enjoy the beautiful culture that we share here in the South East.”

A record breaker, more than 1000 people were attracted to the festival at the Gloria Pyke Netball Complex as one of the first kick-start Eid festivities organised in the South East so far.

An attendee, Shakeela Naz commented, “I really enjoyed this event, there were so many beautiful dresses on discounted price, really worth it, great job.”

The well received event attracted people from as far as Geelong, CBD and further Eastern suburbs.

Those who attended were treated to a variety of dresses, kids wear, traditional Pakistani jewellery, Afghan dresses, to mouth-watering food, chaat, chai, biryani and so much more were there to choose from.

To accommodate such a large crowd, Ms Foladi had prepared months before the big day.

“This year’s event was different from the past four years’ chand raat event.

“Every year the community request for a

bigger space for this festival, especially last year we had people waiting outside the building just to enter,” Ms Foladi said.

Last year, the Hallam location saw more than 500 people attend including South Metropolitan MP Lee Tarlamis and Narre Warren North MP Belinda Wilson as reported by Star Journal.

The City of Greater Dandenong mayor, Lana Formoso and deputy mayor Richard Lim also attended to show their support.

In her speech, the mayor expressed her gratitude for the cultural experience.

Like many girls, she too got her henna done on the night in the lead up to Eid, which is expected to be onWednesday 10 April, according to the new moon sighting.

The event was a chance to bring together the community and to celebrate culturally diverse women, who all run their own businesses in the community.

Inspired by the mayor, Ms Foladi said the $2 entry fee was raised for Monash Children’s Hospital.

“The Australian community have always supported us so this was our chance to give back to the community and towards a great cause.”

Eid marks the end of the month of Ramadan where Muslims across the globe fast from sunrise to sunset.

Another chand raat will be held by Ms Foladi in Clyde North at the Clyde Public Hall on Tuesday 9 April, a night before Eid.

10 STAR JOURNAL | Tuesday, 9 April, 2024 dandenong.starcommunity.com.au NEWS
Organiser Galsum Foladi (left) with her daughter. 399327 Pictures: STEWART CHAMBERS Women browse through jewellery and dress options for their Eid. 399327 Henna designs were a popular feature. 399327 Lalita and Prashant from Manka Creations had their second year with Mannat’s Collection chand raat event. 399327 A family effort, stallholders Mubeen and Mueez also helped out. 399327 Jenny with her daughter Jacqueline get their shopping done. 399327 Esra with with her mother Zainab. 399327
dandenong.starcommunity.com.au Tuesday, 9 April, 2024 | STAR JOURNAL 11 from an outlet near you It'sFREE SCAN TO FIND YOUROUTLET starcommunity.com.au/find-my-newspaper 12665965-FC07-24 NEWS
Mayor Lana,deputy mayor Lim and event organiser Galsum Foladi from Mannat’s Collection. 399859 Picture: SAHAR FOLADI Residents from Area Specialist Rapid attended with their family members. 399840 Picture: SAHAR FOLADI Ashlee from Sugar Bliss Sweet Treats at the chand raat event. 399327 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS Ample of beautiful traditional Pakistani,Afghan and Indian dresses were availble to choose from. 399327 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS Very happy after she applied henna. 399840 Picture: SAHAR FOLADI CGD mayor,Lana Formoso enjoyed her black tea whilst she had henna on her hand. 399840 Picture: SAHAR FOLADI Face painting for kids. 399327 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS A display of metal bangles as women look on. 399859


Discover Dandenong Creek Festival

Lots of fun, free activities to celebrate Dandenong Creek. Featuring a Welcome to Country by Traditional Custodians, roving performers, craft activities, a plant giveaway, wildlife show and display, fishing activities, a free sausage sizzle and coffee, airbrush tattoos, open mic stage and more. Bring your own reusable water bottle to refill at the event.

· Thursday 11 April, 11am-2pm at Tirhatuan Park, 4 Kriegel Way, Dandenong North. Parking via the entrance at 114 Somerset Drive. Free event.

Play Football Hub.

Football Australia is bringing a free clinic to Dandenong City Soccer Club for girls aged 4-11 years. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the field, join us for an hour to revel in the joy of football.

- Saturday 13 April 10.30am-11.30am at 2 Baden Powell Drive, Endeavour Hills. To register go to greaterdandenong.vic.gov.au/greater-dandenong-council/events/football-australia-playfootball-hub

· Details: Dani Muretic, 0411 421 008 or girlstd@dcsc.football

Noble Park reunion

Reunion for over-65s who have lived or worked in Noble Park.

· Saturday 13 April at Club Noble, 46/56 Moodemere Street, Noble Park. Details: Dawn Vernon, rwdlvernon@bigpond.com

Urban harvest

Springvale Urban Harvest is a free monthly swap event of excess homegrown produce and gardening extras. Also swap seeds, seedlings, cuttings, gardening tips, recipes, coffee grounds, worm juice and gardening literature. Meet likeminded growers in the area.

· Saturday 13 April 1pm-3pm at Springvale Community Hub, 5 Hillcrest Grove, Springvale. Free event.

Clothes swap

Join us for a community clothes swap at the Springvale Community Hub. Contribute up to 10 items of clothing, shoes and/or accessories. All items must be clean, in good condition and ready to display on the day.

· Saturday 13 April, 1pm-3pm at Springvale Community Hub, 5 Hillcrest Grove, Springvale. Free event.

Talk and Walk: Dandenong Park

Join City of Greater Dandenong’s cultural heritage team on a walk to learn the story of the magnificent trees in Dandenong Park. The walk will take approximately one hour, at a steady pace with time to ask questions and enjoy the park. A delicious afternoon tea will be provided. Please note that there is an incline on this walk.

· Thursday 18 April, 1.30pm-4pm starting and concluding at Heritage Hill, 66 McCrae Street, Dandenong. Free event. Bookings required at greaterdandenong.vic.gov.au/greater-dandenong-council/events/talk-and-walk-dandenong-park-and-heritage-hill-gardens


A Tra$hy Dreamland

Exhibition on display until Saturday 8 June at Walker Street Gallery and Arts Centre, cnr Walker and Robinson streets, Dandenong.

Trees: A Canopy Extraordinaire

An exhibition that celebrates, reflects and recognises the significance of trees in the local landscape over time and the timber industry that grew the local community. It marks 80 years since community forest planting began at Greaves Reserve, Dandenong in 1944. Features artwork, local historical society collections and the council’s civic and cultural heritage collection.

· Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 10am2pm until 19 July at Benga, Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens, 66 McCrae St, Dandenong. Free event.

Senior activities

Keysborough & District Multicultural Senior Citizens Inc is an over 55s club with bingo on first, second and fourth Tuesday of the month ($3 entry and $1.50 per bingo book),live concerts with professional entertainers on third and fifth Tuesday of the month, line dancing on Wednesdays ($3 entry), Thursday ballroom dancing lessons (12.30pm-1pm) and ballroom dancing (1pm3pm, $3 entry). Entertainers include Marcia Rae (16 April) and Rob Foenander (30 April).

· 1pm-3pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at the Rowley Allan Reserve 352 Cheltenham Road Keysborough. Tea and coffee provided. Membership for remainder of F/Y 23/24 until 31 May is $5. Details: Julie, 0428 561 694.

Friends of Red

· third Tuesday of the month, 10.30am at the Hallam Community Learning Centre, 56 Kays Avenue Hallam. Details: Robert Read, 0455 566 570.

Awareness Meditation

Meditation brings stillness, harmonises body & soul & connects to meaning.

· Mondays (during school term), 2.30pm–3.30pm followed by a cuppa at The Open Door, 110 Ann Street, Dandenong; suggested gold-coin donation. Details: 9791 8664 or Theopendoor@ssjg.org.au

Adult Exercise

Improve fitness and energy levels for good health and wellbeing at this adult exercise group class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is a self-paced, gentle aerobics class suitable for all levels.

· Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9.30am at Jan Wilson Community Centre, Halton Road, Noble Park North; $5 per session. No registrations required. Details: 8571 1436 or communityfacilities@cgd.vic.gov.au

Fun for retirees

New members from Dandenong North and Noble Park are sought by the Waverley Gardens Combined Probus Club. In addition to other activities, club members also meet for coffee & listen to a guest speaker.

· last Tuesday of the month 9.45am-noon at Southern Community Centre, 27 Rupert Dr, Mulgrave (near Police Rd). Details: Don, 9560 6046.

Meditation and positive thinking

Learn how to make your mind your best friend through open-eyed meditation. Led by Bhavani Padmanabhan, these free sessions are open to all. Presented by Bakhtar Community Organisation and The Brahma Kumaris Organisation.

· Saturdays 2pm at 23-47 Gunns Road,Hallam. Registrations: 9703 2555 or 0403 551 596.

Weekly badminton

Adults welcome (Mondays 7pm-9pm) and ladies and retired (Wednesdays 12pm-2.30pm).

· Hallam Badminton Club, Frawley Road Recreation Reserve; $5.

Yoga Classes

For all ages, experience and abilities. Mats and other equipment available. No Booking required.

· Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9.30am-10.30am at Noble Park Community Centre, Memorial Drive, Noble Park; $5 per class or $40 for 10 classes. Details: programs@nobleparkcc.org. au or 9547 5801

Mindfulness meditation

Held weekly for people to learn the basic skills of concentration. Meditation may benefit people with spiritual and mental health support.

· Thursdays, 2.30pm-3pm at Dandenong Hospital’s Sacred Space, 135 David Street, Dandenong. Free, no bookings required. Details: Chuentat Kang, 0405 421 706 or chuentat@ hotmail.com

The human race is one

In the face of global challenges marked by religious conflicts and land disputes, coupled with the heartbreaking struggles of farmers who seek fair prices for their produce, the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji give us a deep understanding of how to stay hopeful and robust through the idea of Miri Piri.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the holy scripture of the Sikh religion, emphasises the values of compassion, justice, and equality.

One of the most essential concepts of the Sikh religion is Miri-Piri, which means balancing spiritual and temporal power.

The world can use these lessons as a lighthouse to hold on to hope.

The Miri reminds people of their duties to promote justice and well-being in society.

It shows how important it is to fight against injustice and for everyone’s rights, regardless of race or religion.

At the same time, the Piri aspect of Miri-Piri stresses the importance of being spiritually and morally strong during hard times.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji says that the human race is one, transcending the boundaries


of religion and land.

Guru Sahib Ji emphasises the oneness of the divine and the equality of all individuals, regardless of their background.

When there are religious disagreements, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, through Miri-Piri, urges us to understand, accept, and value different points of view and teaches us to use our inner powers of faith, meditation, and ethical living to get through rough waters with grace and calmness.

It shows that genuine faith is finding what brings us all together: our humanity.

Amidst the global challenges, the suffering of farmers resonates deeply with the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Food is a physiological need of human be-

ings, and without farmers, there will be no Agriculture is considered one of the most honest trades.

The Guru Sahib Ji underscores the importance of honest labour, fair trade, and compassion for those engaged in the agricultural

Only when one’s belly is full and body is healthy can the person contribute to the uplifting of society.

As farmers protest worldwide for righteous prices for their produce, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s teachings encourage us to recognise their labour’s inherent dignity and value.

In challenging times, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji guides individuals to maintain an unwavering faith in the divine.

It urges believers to look beyond differences, embrace unity, and work towards creating a world that reflects the values of compassion, justice, and equality.

By internalising these teachings, individuals can confront the challenges of the current situation with strength and hope, thereby nurturing constructive transformation in pursuit of a more promising tomorrow.

12 STAR JOURNAL | Tuesday, 9 April, 2024 dandenong.starcommunity.com.au
Jaswinder Singh looks at fair pricing for farm produce. Cross Hallam Friends of the Red Cross invites you for a chat or a cupper. We are a very friendly group of people, who like to chat and help people in the community. By raising funds to assist people in the community who need assistance.

Vital upgrade

The newly refurbished Hampton Park Community House was officially opened on Thursday 28 March, following a $972,884 upgrade.

City of Casey chair of administrators Noelene Duff PSM and chief executive officer Glenn Patterson were joined by Narre Warren South MP Gary Maas, Hampton Park Community House honorary treasurer Bruce McBain, community house staff, and local community groups who use the facilities to celebrate the project’s completion.

Located on Stuart Avenue, Hampton Park Community House was established to support individuals of all ages and backgrounds to belong, be and become, and to support the local community to lead active and full lives through information, education, service provision, and advocacy.

Refurbishment works included the renovation of amenities, the relocation of a community space, the reconfiguration of the reception area, office, and classroom, the installation of

an airlock at the front entrance, and minor landscaping.

Ms Duff said the important refurbishment works at Hampton Park Community House would improve functionality at the facility.

“The works will also increase capacity at the site, allowing more people to attend its many programs, such as computer training, Tai Chi, English as a Second Language classes, occasional childcare and after-school care, and three and four-year-old kindergarten,” she said.

Ms Duff said the project was made possible thanks to a $938,884 grant from the State Government through the Growing Suburbs Fund, with Council funding the remaining $34,000.

“The Growing Suburbs Fund grant is a vital source of funding for the City of Casey and other growth councils, helping to provide much-needed local infrastructure for our communities,” she said.

Thieves use stolen cards

Police have released images of a man and a woman who they believe may be able to assist with their enquiries.

jumper, a black t-shirt and grey tracksuit pants.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential crime report at www. crimestoppersvic.com.au

Or, read the full digital edition as it appears in print now! Read the latest Autumn Edition of your favourite family magazine Autumn Edition magazine Read it now Scan the QR CODE Pick up a printed copy of Casey Cardinia Kids Today Magazine from outlets everywhere. OR VISIT: caseycardiniakids.com.au/digital-editions 12676619-ET13-24 Police are appealing for public assistance to identify two thieves who used a stolen credit card to purchase items in Dandenong. Police have been told an unknown man and woman stole the credit card from a parked car on Fugosia Street, Doveton between 7pm on Thursday 21 and 9am on Friday, 22 December. Officers believe the stolen cards were then used to purchase items at multiple petrol stations in the Dandenong and Dandenong South areas overnight on December 22. Police have released images of a man and a woman who they believe may be able to assist with their enquiries. The woman is perceived to be Caucasian in appearance, in her early 20s and is of slim build. She was wearing an orange hooded jumper and black leggings. The man is also perceived to be Caucasian in appearance, and is of slim build with brown hair and a moustache. He was wearing an orange hooded
Hampton Park Community House Executive Officer Kate Madden, Hampton Park Community House Honorary Treasurer Bruce McBain, Member for Narre Warren South Gary Maas, City of Casey Chair of Administrators Noelene Duff PSM and Hampton Park Community House Secretary Diane Leak. Picture: SUPPLIED

Doors sadly shut

An “industry leader” cabinetry and joinery company in Dandenong South has been shut down after entering voluntary administration.

The manufacturer, MadeCo made the initial move on 18 March and the business shutdown two days later which impacted over 30 MadeCo staff members.

On Sunday 24 March the company made a public announcement of their voluntary administration on Facebook and apologised to their stakeholders.

“At MadeCo we’ve weathered many storms but unfortunately some waves hit harder than others. The challenges brought on by the pandemic were tough enough and the recent downturn in the residential cabinetry market coupled with the closure of two major account clients has made our journey even more arduous.

“We made the difficult decision to seek voluntary administration.

“Due to the company’s financial position Langdon Grant has closed the business effective 20 March.

“The news is shocking to us, and it still doesn’t feel entirely real.

“We want to take this moment to express our sincere apologies to all our suppliers, customers, and our incredible team. We were hopeful we could navigate through voluntary administration and continue the other side.

“We appreciate your patience during this challenging time and thankful to those that have offered their kindness and support.

“We’ve cherished every moment of serving you and saying goodbye is truly heart-wrenching.”

Langdon Grant’s director Paul Langdon, a chartered accountant, liquidator, trustee in bankruptcy, held the first creditors meeting on Wednesday 27 March as appointed


Mr Langdon was unable to disclose how much the company owes in staff entitlements.

“At the moment the company is in administration because of their financial difficulties.

“When the company does go into liquidation which I would expect on 17 April we would go through the financial affairs prior to administration and consider the insolvent trading at that stage.

“I’d say the director would have some significant financial liabilities through this process and once this is finished.

“The insolvency process is very difficult for everybody, the stakeholders, employees, suppliers and customers.

“We’re just trying to do the best we can for everybody.”

Established in 2006 by cabinetmaker Gary Slade, MadeCo strove to “streamline the work-

flow for cabinetmakers, freeing up valuable time” and provided a better work-life balance.

According to the new figures from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) some 967 companies entered administration in February up by 40 per cent in the same month last year.

“During Covid the numbers dropped but that’s because the Commonwealth introduced changes in legislation to pause and allow people to restructure and get through what we had in lockdown especially in Victoria,” Mr Langdon said.

“Now we see the numbers get back to what it was pre-Covid.

“There was that natural lag that people had difficulty and now are facing those challenges.

“There’s also been an increase in pressure from the Australian Taxation Office.”

Mr Langdon advises companies to have a good accountant and bookkeeping team and always remain up to date with their financial affairs to make better informed business decisions.

“A lot of times businesses could have their own unique circumstance of what led them to insolvency but when people do have financial difficulties sometime, they try to trade out of it versus trying to plan and restructure.

“I do see business who trade on longer than they should, at an earlier stage they should’ve spoken to their accountant, looked at where they were and tried to get out of it rather than putting their head into the sand and going for a bit longer.

“Because going a bit longer is at a disadvantage for employees, suppliers, customers so that’s the common thing.”

The construction industry has the highest number of insolvencies reported (28 per cent) according to ASIC’s report published in December 2023 followed by the accommodation and food services industry (15 per cent).

Big boost

A global manufacturer of eco-friendly roofing materials is set to open a facility in Dandenong South this year. Indonesian manufacturer Impack Pratama is set to create 31 jobs over the next four years in producing its Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) at the “state-of-the-art” hub. FRP is regarded as an eco-friendly solution to traditional roofing materials with lower carbon production and energy efficiencies.

“We look forward to contributing to Victoria by establishing a new state-ofthe-art building materials facility, meeting the demands of local construction companies by providing them with highquality, locally manufactured roofing materials,” Impack Pratama chief executive Haryanto Tjiptodihardjo said.

Impack Pratama manufactures cutting-edge glass, metal, plastic and composite products used in the construction of industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Economic Growth Minister Tim Pallas announced the State Government’s support for the new facility on 8 April. He said the Impack Pratama hub would help cut costs for local builders, reducing the need to transport FRP from interstate. Currently about 40 per cent of FRP is sourced outside Victoria.

“Securing Impack Pratama’s expansion into Victoria’s manufacturing supply chain provides a much-needed boost for our local construction industry,” Mr Pallas said.

“The new facility in Dandenong South will not only manufacture a more environmentally sustainable solution to construction projects but also help our local builders to cut costs by reducing their reliance on importing materials.”

Dandenong MP Gabrielle Williams also welcomed the boost to local manufacturing and jobs.

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Gary Slade was director and owner of MadeCo before going into voluntary administration. Picture: MADECO WESBITE

Time to check the alarms

The weekend marked the end of daylight saving and Victorian firefighters were reminding everyone to test their smoke alarms after concerning new data revealed 14 people died in preventable house fires last year.

Discarded smoking materials, lighters and matches were the most frequent cause of the fires, resulting in five incidents and seven deaths.

Of the victims, five were female (36 per cent) and nine were male (64 per cent). There were 11 single fatality incidents and one incident that resulted in the deaths of three people.

CFA and Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) urged Victorians to make it a priority to check your smoke alarms.

CFA Chief Officer Jason Heffernan said it’s essential that families are conducting monthly testing of their smoke alarms to keep their loved ones safe.

“The number of fatalities in the last year is very alarming and devastating to know they could have been prevented,” CO Heffernan said.

“In the past 10 years, CFA has responded to more than 13,000 residential fires that have seen more than 330 casualties.

“The best way to keep your family safe is to install interconnected smoke alarms, so that when any alarm activates, all smoke alarms will sound, allowing you to evacuate early.

“We recommend the use of smoke alarms powered by a 10-year lithium battery to ensure their longevity.”

Fire Rescue Victoria Deputy Commissioner Community Safety Joshua Fischer said every fire fatality was a tragedy.

“This heartbreaking data reveals that in the past year, 14 people’s lives were tragically cut short in incidents that could have been prevented,” Deputy Commissioner Fischer said.

“The best way to protect yourself and your family from fire is by installing smoke alarms

in all bedrooms, living areas, hallways and garages and to test that they are working.

“When you sleep you lose your sense of smell, and smoke will put you into a deeper sleep, rendering you unconscious.

“Only a working smoke alarm will wake you up and give you time to escape.”

When checking, installing, or replacing your smoke alarms, CFA and FRV recommend:

· Only working smoke alarms save lives.

· Choose smoke alarms powered by a 10-year lithium battery.

· Smoke alarms should be installed in every bedroom, living area, hallway and garage.

· Smoke alarms should be installed on the ceiling at least 30cm from the wall, or installed on the wall at least 30cm from the ceiling to avoid dead air space.

· Smoke alarms should be interconnected, so that when any alarm activates, all smoke alarms will sound.

· Smoke alarms should be tested monthly by pressing the test button on the alarm and waiting for the test alarm to sound.

· Smoke alarms should be cleaned with a vac-

uum cleaner or dusted at least once a year to remove particles that will affect smoke alarm performance.

· Replaceable batteries in a smoke alarm need to be changed yearly.

· Smoke alarms, including those attached to mains power, should be replaced every 10 years.

· To check your smoke alarm, press ‘test’ and wait for the beeping sound, then each month continue to test, vacuum, and dust your alarm to remove any particles that may affect its performance.

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‘Hungry’ Bulls ready to go

A disappointing season that saw Noble Park fail to qualify for finals in the Eastern Football Netball League and not defend its 2022 premiership has been the catalyst for a “comprehensive” preseason at Pat Wright Senior Oval according to coach Steve Hughes.

The Bulls began 2023 strongly in spite of losing captain and club favourite Kyle Martin on the eve of round one to a knee injury, but struggled to kick winning scores as the season continued, finishing a shock seventh-place.

But Hughes’ side used that dissatisfaction to its advantage this summer as it prepares to correct the record and return to contention once more, with the “hungry” players driving the intensity and setting the bar on the track.

“You can do all the planning you want from a coaching perspective with camps, planning meetings, running programs and all that, but if the players aren’t engaged and enthusiastic about it, then it’s a bit of a hard slog,” Hughes said.

“We’ve got a group that are there early and doing extras every session and never complaining about the work we assign for them.

“You play footy to play in successful teams and coach in successful teams and I think we’re all in it together in that sense.

“We’re keen to make our mark this year and fight back from a disappointing last year, but we still think we’ve got a list that’s capable of being there at the pointy end.”

The Bulls have welcomed some younger talent to the club in the form of former Berwick Springs utility Tom Nelson and young ruckman LeviYoung, while speedy 18-year-old Tom Bower has turned heads in the midfield during the practice games.

2023 Sir Gilbert Chandler Medal winner

Jackson Sketcher, Chris Horton-Milne and Lachlan McDonnell will still form the nucleus

of an excellent midfield that saluted on the biggest stage in 2022, with the typical robust defence that conceded less points than anyone in 2023 to provide the bedrock for the Bulls’ game style once again.

Martin, meanwhile, is not expected to return until mid-season, as he works his way back from a torn ACL.

It will be momentous occasion for the nine-time Noble Park best-and-fairest winner,

whose presence on the training track has already provided a boost.

“You could almost call him, at AFL-level you call them generational players, and at local level Kyle is probably one of those,” Hughes said.

“I think a good result would be round six, but we’d live with (round) nine or 10 if that’s the case as well.

“He’s tracking really well and he’s not far off

full training, which is obviously really exciting.”

Key-position pillars in Jack Francis, Ryan Morrison and Jake Gains all departed the club in the offseason, while Jackson Casey returned to Bonbeach after an excellent year in blue and gold.

Round for the Bulls begins on Saturday when they head to Doncaster East to face the Lions.

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Noble Park coach Steve Hughes is excited for another season at the helm, beginning on Saturday. 354793 Picture: ROB CAREW

Thunder sanctioned

National Premier League (NPL) Victoria club Dandenong Thunder has been put on notice by Football Victoria (FV) after breaching the conditions of the 2024 NPL Victoria Men’s License in last month’s controversial clash against the Oakleigh Cannons.

The round five fixture was abandoned in the second half due to crowd violence with the Cannons leading 2-0 at the time.

The two clubs were determined to have “brought the game into disrepute” through the actions of supporters and failed to provide a “safe football environment”, according to FV.

Both Thunder and the Cannons’ Senior Men’s and U23 sides will have a suspended three-point deduction hanging over their heads until the end of the 2025 season, to be enacted should the club(s) be found guilty of any spectator or Grievance Disciplinary and Tribunal (GDT) related offenses in the 2024 or 2025 football seasons, as determined by FV.

In addition, both received a $7500 fine and are required to have an increased security presence at home games, and two away ground marshals, while any Home and Away or Cup matches between the two clubs for the remainder of the 2024 season will be played behind closed doors.

Police responded to reports of fighting at the game but did not make any arrests on the night.

One Oakleigh player was suspended for two matches for their involvement in the incident, which has been served.

FV’s investigation found four individuals that were deemed “central” to the incident, with sanctions on those individuals yet to be determined at time of publication.

FV Chief Executive Chris Pehlivanis said the sanctions reflected the seriousness of the incident, and that passion for the sport is “never

an excuse” for anti-social behaviour.

“The strength of our game is its diversity andpassion,whichwealllovetoseeondisplay across our state each weekend,” Pehlivanis said.

“These acts tarnish our game’s reputation and limit our potential.

“There is no place in our game for threatening, aggressive or violent behaviour, whether that be directed by or toward players, spectators, coaches or match officials.”

FV said it will continue to work with both

clubs until the end of the 2025 season to ensure they can provide a “safe, inclusive and respectful game day atmosphere” at senior Men’s NPL fixtures, and is conducting an “extensive review” of minimum security standards across all Men’s andWomen’s leagues.

The match was replayed with no spectators in attendance on Monday 1 April, finishing in a 1-1 draw.

Dandenong Thunder confirmed it has accepted the sanctions but chose not to comment on the matter.

Giannakopoulos saves City as Thunder fall

A miracle strike from Tom Giannakopoulos helped Dandenong City salvage a point at the death in a Friday night thriller against Green Gully in National Premier League (NPL) Victoria action at the Frank Holohan Soccer Complex.

Trailing 0-1 with six-and-a-half of the seven minutes of stoppage time already played, Jack Webster launched a long ball deep into City’s attacking half, where Kenny Athiu’s deft touch layed the ball at the feet of Giannakopoulos.

Giannakopoulos took a pair of touches to steadyhimselfbeforefiringfromtheedgeofthe penalty area and finding the top left corner to level proceedings.

It’s a second goal in as many weeks for Giannakopoulos,whofoundthebackofthenetin City’s last league contest against Moreland City.

Dandenong had trailed for almost the entirety of the contest, having conceded the 8th minute.

Jackson Lino was outmuscled by Adolph Koudakpo in pursuit of a threaded ball down the Green Gully sideline, whose pass across John Hall’s goal found a streaming Mohamed Adam.

With Hall out of position, Adam made no mistake with the tap-in to give the visitors an early advantage.

City’s cross-town rivals, Dandenong Thunder’s four-game undefeated run was broken on Saturday night, with Adam Piddick’s side falling 1-2 to South Melbourne at home.

Aidan Edwards and Deri Corfe combined on the edge of the penalty area to open the scoring for the home side, with Corfe stepping around a defender and taking his chance in a one-on-one with the South Melbourne goalkeeper to give his side an early 1-0 lead.

Dandenong took the lead into the break but lost it early in the second half after conceding a penalty.

Daniel Alessi brought down striker Harrison Sawyer in the 46th minute, who made no

mistake from the resulting spot-kick.

The visitors then took the advantage in the 80th minute, with Thunder unable to clear the ball after a cross.

Pierce Clark cleared the first cross from the right-hand side with a towering punch, where a South Melbourne midfielder was waiting on the opposite flank.

Mersim Memeti mistimed his diving header to clear the second cross, resulting in the ball dropping in a cluster of legs and feet, where South Melbourne’s Ross Archibald was the first to make contact, poking the ball home with his right boot.

2-1inthevisitors’favourwashowthescoreline stayed for the remainder of the contest as Thunder dropped critical points at home.

Earlier in the week, Thunder was again unable to hold on to a first-half lead against Oakleigh in a replay of last month’s abandoned fixture, after a stunning freekick from Corfe gave the visitors the early lead.

Fouled roughly 30 yards from goal in the 33rd minute, Corfe took the responsibility of striking the dead ball and hit it perfectly, dodging the wall to the right and finding the side netting in an early contender for goal of the season.

Incredible Forsyth wins Ryder

Dandenong Cricket Club captain Brett Forsyth has further solidified his status as one of the all-time greats ofVictorian Premier Cricket by claiming a second Jack Ryder Medal on Friday night as the competition’s best player for the 2023/24 season.

Forsyth joins an illustrious group of now-six players to have won the award multiple times, such as Warren Ayres and Keith Stackpole, having also won the award back in 2018/19.

The Panthers legend finished second in the home-and-away season for total runs scored, having hit 781 runs at an average of 78, with four centuries and one half-century.

He began the year with consecutive unbeaten hundreds, against Casey South Melbourne (135) and Prahran (113), then repeated the feat late in the season with 137 and 122 in rounds 16 and 17 respectively.

While back in round 10, he hit his 10,000th run in the competition in aT20 contest at home against Richmond.

He finished the vote count with 27 votes, two ahead of Footscray’s Dylan Brasher on 25 and four clear of FitzroyDoncaster’s Sean McNicholl on 23.

In addition to his individual accolade, Forsyth was also selected in the Men’s Premier Firsts Team of the Season for the third occasion, the first since back-to-back selections in 2017/18 and 2018/19, but for the first time as captain.

With close mate and former opening partner Tom Donnell choosing to step away from playing this season, Forsyth was tasked with carrying an additional load at the top of the order as the club blooded new talent in Donnell’s first season as coach.

He fulfilled the role brilliantly by leading the Panthers back to finals contention after a down 2022/23 season.

Joining him in the Team of the Season is batting prodigy and Panthers teammate Dhanusha Gamage, who was selected as the 12th man.

The advantage only lasted a handful of minutes, however, as the Cannons acted quickly to square the ledger.

Pierce Clark made a brilliant save diving low to his right from a long Oakleigh shot, but the rebound fell perfectly for Cannons striker Joe Guest, who made no mistake on the follow.

Thunder held their own under a weight of pressure from the home side, which took double the shots that Dandenong did, with Clark showing his class through a number of saves that diffused any pressure.

Thunder is counting the cost of the result on the injury front, however, losing both midfielder, Gavin De Niese and striker, Jordan Smylie, to injury during the contest.

Smylie injured his hand in an aerial contest late in the first half, while De Niese was carried off the pitch in second-half injury time on a stretcher.

It’s a cruel blow for the experienced midfielder, who was in-line to represent the Sri Lankan national team.

Ninth-placed Thunder head to Port Melbourne on Satruday to tackle Piddick’s former club, Port Melbourne, while sixth-placed City travels to Hume to tackle second-placed Hume City.

Gamage hit 516 runs at 57 in his debut season at the top level of Premier Cricket, beginning his career at First XI level with hundreds in his first two innings, including sharing in a 237run partnership with Forsyth on debut when they chased Prahran’s total of 256 at home.

18 STAR JOURNAL | Tuesday, 9 April, 2024 dandenong.starcommunity.com.au
Tom Giannakopoulos was the hero for Dandenong City with a last-minute equaliser on Friday night. Picture: SUPPLIED
Football Victoria has sanctions both Dandenong Thunder and Oakleigh Cannons over last month’s controversial fixture. Picture: SUPPLIED Brett Forsyth claimed a second Jack Ryder Medal on Friday night. 365478 Picture: ROB CAREW

Eagles downed as Doves, Falcons make winning start

Cranbourne got its first look at a post-Marc Holt/Kirk Dickson forward line on Saturday in a 16.17 113 to 9.5 59 loss to Cheltenham.

In a rematch of last year’s Southern Football Netball League (SFNL) grand final thriller, it was what has changed for each club across the offseason which proved decisive in the result.

Cheltenham ex-AFL recruit Jack Lonie showed his class, kicking three goals and adding energy to an already stacked line-up, while Cranbourne’s attack looked bare.

Coming up against the reigning premiers and 2024 premiership flag front runners was a challenge exacerbated by the absences of champion defenders Brandon and Glenn Osborne.

Having been unable to welcome in notable experience in the offseason, it was up to the youth to hold fast.

Tyler Finn ran hard, Ethan Campbell was opportunistic, Brad Frater showed forward craft, and creative halfback Andrew Green has clearly taken another step forward.

That quartet was among six teenagers representing Cranbourne, alongside Ky Williams and Tyson Barry.

Despite the margin ultimately getting away from Cranbourne late, there were positive signs to gain from the early season litmus test.

Having made a name for himself on the wing, Nick Darbyshire had presence and worked hard often playing as the deepest forward.

Fellow winger Ryan Jones was another who spent time deep in the forwardline, alongside Matt Alister.

There was a glimpse of the forward 50 pressure Cranbourne will hope becomes customary in 2024 during the first quarter.

Finn was one of several who transitioned well and was able to put the ball to forwards’ advantage.

At times, there was a dose of patience, though.

Cheltenham kicked the first two of the game in a perilous start before Cranbourne responded and got themselves into the contest.

The Eagles were again playing catch-up in the second quarter after Cheltenham looked to be getting away.

The margin stayed at just 16 points at the main break despite the Rosellas sustaining momentum for a significant period.

Darbyshire dribbled home the crucial first goal of the third before Cheltenham came hard.

The undermanned defence withstood several waves from Cheltenham, with Cranbourne still within four goals at three-quarter-time despite struggling for territory.

The dam wall bust in the fourth, with three goals in stoppage time helping the Rosellas put on a sizeable buffer.

In Division 2, Endeavour Hills, Hampton

Park and Doveton all started their seasons with a win.

Endeavour Hills upset Highett 8.2 50 to 5.18 48, defending staunchly in a goalless last quarter as the visitors pressed hard at Barry Simon Reserve.

Forward Jye King and winger Tanner Stanton were named best for a Hampton Park side which easily accounted for St Kilda City 18.8 116 to 8.10 58.

For Doveton, Sam Muirhead kicked six in a side containing former AFL-listed and 2019 Doves premiership player Deakyn Smith.

The Doves won 14.7 91 to 4.6 30 in their first official match on Robinson Reserve since 2022.

Dandenong outrun Rebels

Exciting ball movement propelled Dandenong to its first Coates Talent League win in 2024 on Sunday.

The Stingrays went down narrowly in each of the first two rounds despite playing with flair and a strong spread of contributors putting their names forward.

In a 17.15 115 to 13.4 82 win, Dandenong had the front-running for the majority of the day but was unable to put the Greater Western Victoria (GWV) Rebels away at Mars Stadium until midway through the last term.

The ‘Rays led from the start of the game, kicking the first two off the back of a productive start to Vic Country boys Harvey Langford and Cooper Hynes, and St Kilda father-son prospect Elwood Peckett.

Despite hemming the Rebels in for a large part of the first quarter, it was four goals apiece at the first break as the Rebels were opportunistic in their few forays forward.

The Rays got away from the Rebels on multiple occasions but the home side remained within touching distance despite struggling to generate any momentum amid the visitors’ class and hard work.

Narre North Foxes junior Noah Mraz and Berwick’s Kane Hurst were crucial in repressing GWV’s forward 50 entries when they won it out of the middle.

That pair stood tallest when GWV got out to a game-high 10-point lead and briefly got a run-on, with Mraz’s aerial presence and Hurst combining his toughness and intercepting in his finest game at the level.

When the Stingrays ran the ball out of defensive 50, Dandenong had the legs to look searing and worked hard for each other.

Uncontested marks were a feature when the Stingrays were at their best, with Pat Bloink one who linked up well with a forwards group led by 19-year-old Endeavour Hills junior Jacob Grant, who slotted three goals.

The lead stretched to 25 points late in the third quarter to finally apply the scoreboard pressure which threatened all day, before the Rebels slotted two in the two minutes either side of the last break to get back into it.

But Grant, who was a presence all day, kicked two of his three goals in the last quarter to help the ‘Rays pull away for good, while Harry Doughton also popped up for a sizzler from 50.

Others to perform included Tom Sullivan, who was potent off half-forward and laid six tackles and athletic ruck Jordan Doherty who cleanly gathered 21 disposals.

Hynes spent time late as the deepest forward and got on top, generating three scoring shots to show a different element to his game, complementing his 32 touches and seven tackles.

The Stingrays boys are not in action again until Sunday 5 May, but several players will play in the Vic Country trial match this weekend, while Langford and Mraz will play in an AFL Academy match this weekend.

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The Stingrays had reason to celebrate on Sunday. Picture: BLACK BOOT PHOTOGRAPHY
Ryan Jones was an important experienced piece for a young Eagles lineup in round one. 297195 Picture: ROB CAREW Deakyn Smith in action for the Doves. 399551 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS Endeavour Hills coach Matt Peake guided his side to a first-up win. 399552 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS
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