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It’s not just the paint choice that provides the home with colour. As a well-known artist in Geelong, Justine’s home also doubles an art gallery of sorts. More than 50 metres of track line the walls of the hallway and living areas, with more than 50 of her paintings on display. Although she admittedly came from an “artsy-fartsy” family, Justine only took up painting in 2012 after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. “My whole world crashed. I went from a well-paying corporate job to having nothing and solely relying on another human being. “I was losing control of my life. “My neurologist said to me that I needed to find a hobby and I always wanted to learn how to paint.“Butit took me about four months to walk through an art studio door. I’d drive there every week and go, ‘nope, I can’t go inside,’ because my anxiety was horrific. “I was driving home in tears in every week and one day I just thought, ‘what are you doing? Just go inside’. “I did it and I took to it like a duck to water.” It wasn’t long before she entered her first art show – the Drysdale Rotary Art Show in April 2012 – and sold her first painting.

The Marshall artist chats to ASH BOLT about why life is too short to be beige.

Justine AT HOME WITH Justine Martin’s colourful home doubles as an art gallery.



■ Justine with illustrations for a new children’s book Pictures: Ivan Kemp


For Justine Martin, the word that best describes her home is ‘colourful’. Her house in Marshall is immediately recognisable from its purple exterior, and her love of colour is obvious inside. Most rooms have a splash of colour, whether it be on a wall or a door, with Justine favouring bright colours, such as pink and turquoise. “Life’s too short to be beige,” she said. “A lot of people are living in homes that are purely for resale, but that’s not me. “I love it here and I have no intention of selling any time soon, so I’m going to paint it the way I want it. “That’s what makes it feel like a home to me.”

Over the following years, she picked up about 40 awards for her art at shows across the state and exhibited her works in galleries.

“I had three primary cancers at once, plus another blood condition on top of that.”


■ More

“They gave me an envelope, with an invoice in it and written on the invoice was ‘Dear Justine, never ever lose sight of the goals and dreams’. Which was really nice. “It was one of my girlfriends that had bought it and she gave it back to me and made me promise to never sell it.

“It’s a bit narcissistic having your own face above your desk, but that’s why it’s there.”

However Justine hasn’t let her medical issues hold her Alongback.with her successful career as an artist and a teacher, she is also a published author, an award-winning resilience coach and soon-tobe children’s book author. “I’ve written and illustrated a children’s book, which is coming out on July 15, it’s called ‘Same Same but Different’ and it’s all about equality,” she said. happy place is her studio. A little inspiration art work art

“The day I got the keys for it was the day I found out I could have cancer,” Justine said. “In 2016 I was diagnosed with livedo reticularis – I was going purple. “They sent me off to the rheumatologist, who said that it wasn’t lupus or rheumatoid arthritis that was causing it and that it was probably lymphoma.

When she first bought the home, the studio was a four-car garage, which she split in half and filled with all of her art supplies.

“I ended up with decreased lung capacity and inflammation in all my internal organs – very similar to what people are experiencing now with COVID – and that caused inflammation in my joints, which was why I couldn’t hold a paintbrush and a pen. “Things that would normally take me couple of hours to do, would take me five days to do because I just couldn’t hold the pen long enough to do it. “And then a couple of months later I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and small lymphocytic lymphoma.”

Justine said she doesn’t think of her home has having rooms – she calls them zones instead – and the office is her least favourite. She’s much more likely to be found in her studio.“The studio’s probably my most favourite [zone] because that’s my happy place,” she said. “Just getting in there and creating stuff and getting my hands dirty, that’s what I love.”

“That was in the August at the same time as I got the keys to the house. “I got sent to a dermatologist to confirm it and had a skin check and a biopsy on this tiny mole on my leg. “They range me the next day and it turned out I had melanoma, which was totally unrelated.


Continuedonpage6 >>> ■ Justine’s

Along with her own work, the studio is where she hosts her art classes. One of her most popular classes is fingerpainting, which she took up herself after being diagnosed with three different cancers between 2016 and 2017. “I lost the ability to hold paintbrush and a pen with the cancers,” Justine said. “It was tough as an artist, but I kept getting tagged in a whole heap of posts on social media about Iris Scott, who’s an artist overseas who finger paints in oils. “I thought, ‘oh, I wonder if I can do that with acrylic paint’ and so I tried and painted a frog. “It was a great feeling, I was like, ‘yes, I can still create art!’ “That’s where it all came from – everyone I showed thought it was really cool and was shocked I could do that with my fingers. “And I thought I’d better start teaching and showing other people how to do it – because that’s what it’s all about, helping other people.”

■ Justine’s

The cancer diagnoses came not long after Justine bought her home.

One of her award-winning works, which took out the first-time exhibitor award at the Zonta Conviction, Commitment and Courage Exhibition in 2016, has pride of place in her home, sitting above her desk in her home office. The self-portrait has special meaning to Justine.“Iasked everyone on Facebook to describe me in one word, and they came up with 119 words about me,” she said. “Those words are included in the hair, as well as the symptoms of MS. “That one won four exhibitions that year but when I went to pick it up, it had been bought.

From page 5 “I sent the book off to 31 publishers and got five contracts back, but none of them would let me use my artwork in anything else. “I thought, ‘that’s not going to work, why don’t we just start a publishing house of our own?’“It’s gone from there and we’ve got three books coming out this year.” ‘Same Same but Different’ features Justine’s dachshund Pansy and grandkids and promotes equality.“Iwanted to [write the book] to leave it for my grandkids and I’m big on equality,” Justine said.“Equality should be normal, but there’s still things like racism around. “So this is all about teaching my grandkids about equality … and I have some other ideas in mind for books about disability and chronic illness and other things like that.”

“I think society as a whole, we tend to focus on the negative too much rather than the positive. But it is so much easier being positive and that’s how I get through each and every day. “I remember when I was diagnosed with MS that the doctor told me I wouldn’t work again and he had no clue how wrong he would be.” ■ Justine’s eye-catching, colourful art. for a new children’s book ■ Justine’s home is filled with her art Justine Martin with Jenni Strauch in her workshop The workshop, Justine’s favourite room


Justine said it was a need to prove people wrong that kept her going with all her creative adventures.“Mymum always used to say to my brother and I that there’s no such word as can’t and I think that was the foundation for a lot of my life,” she said. “If you believe that you can’t do something, you won’t, but if you believe that you can, you will.“You look at a child that’s learning how to walk, no one tells them they can’t do it. They try and try and try until they do it. Yet, as adults, when someone says to you, ‘oh, you can’t do that’, we believe them. “That’s a false belief. “I get told all the time that I need to slow down, that I’m doing too much, but I know what I’m capable of, I know what I can do, I know where I’m going in life. So please don’t tell me what I can’t do.

■ Illustrations

■ Stylist: Bree Leech. Artwork: Untitled by Hayden Jackson, via Studio Gallery. Dulux colours used: Accent wall - Dulux Finnegan; wall and ceiling – Dulux Tranquil Retreat. Products: Dulux Wash & Wear (walls and ceiling).

Dulux’s Restore palette – one of three colour palettes from the 2022 Dulux Colour Forecast – is made up of the rich, soothing colours of Dulux New Penny, Hog Bristle Half, Black Caviar and Natural Flora (amongst others), which evoke a feeling of comfort and warmth, often much-needed to combat the winter blues that can accompany a seasonal change.Dulux colour and communications manager Andrea Lucena-Orr says that the Restore palette is perfect for a winter makeover as the colours will be easy to use in most spaces due to their natural appeal. “Dulux Natural Flora and Hog Bristle Half have a warmth that will create a comforting and restful space, perfect for bedrooms. The deeper colours of Dulux Ferry, Finnegan and Oboe D’Amore are well suited as accents for communal areas, like the living room or entry, to help liven up these high-traffic spaces," she says.“To add a scheme, the more muted, neutral colours of Dulux Rice Crop, Stowe White, Opononi Double, Tranquil Retreat and Winter Terrace will be incredibly popular across all interiors this season as they sit back and shouldn’t create a sense of feeling overwhelmed."Toshowcase these idyllic hues in the home environment, Dulux colour forecaster and stylist Bree Leech undertook a multi-room makeover in a renovated '80s brick home, integrating colours from the Restore palette. “We chose to make over three rooms –a toddler’s bedroom and two entry areas – showing the versatility of the palette to energise different interior spaces,” Leech says. One room in two ways, the toddler’s room was completely reinvigorated with the option of New Penny or Natural Flora as the feature colour, paired with Hog Bristle Half, a warm white to help soften the space. “Both accent colours add interest and make the bedroom more inspiring for a young child but are also colours that they can keep as they grow,” Leech says. With the two entries, the intention was to make both spaces feel more inviting, sophisticated and memorable for the homeowners as well as first time or returning guests.“Using the gorgeous Dulux Ferry on the ceiling in the main entry and Finnegan as an accent in the secondary, we paired each with striking art and handmade ceramics to give both rooms more character." According to Lucena-Orr, due to the naturality of these hues, there will be many colours that resonate with both first-time decorators and long-time colour lovers. “My advice is to just have a go! Not much can go wrong using this gorgeous, soothing and relaxed palette. Whether you’re transforming a bedroom, living space or hallway/entry, it’s amazing how a change in colour gives you a whole new perspective on the space,” Lucena-Orr says.

Create winter warmth

Inviting warmth and a particular energy into your home can be a crucial first step to successfully transitioning to indoor living and entertaining during the winter months. To help you get there, why not integrate the latest colour trends to establish a welcoming, yet intimate atmosphere for all to enjoy.

■ Stylist: Bree Leech. Artwork: The Poster Club Print, ‘Monday’ by Anna Johansson via RJ Living. Dulux colours used: Wall- Dulux Tranquil Retreat. Products: Dulux Wash & Wear (walls and ceiling).


■ Dulux Winter Forecast 2022. Stylist: Bree Leech. Artwork: The Poster Club Print, ‘Bauhaus Beige’ by Julia Hallström Hjort. Dulux colours used: Wall (top & ceiling)- Dulux Hog Bristle® Half; wall (bottom)- Dulux Natural Flora; table - Dulux Natural Flora. Products: Dulux Wash & Wear (walls and ceiling); Dulux Duramax (table). Pictures: Lisa Cohen


With a long and proud history of building homes of award-winning excellence and making homeownership possible for Australian families, Dennis Family Homes has cemented its reputation as a builder of choice in the Geelong region for over two decades. A family building homes for families, with an emphasis on quality and affordability, and consistently ranked amongst the largest volume builders operating in the region, Dennis Family Homes currently has more than 100 designs to chooseDennisfrom.Family Homes Geelong sales manager David Doak has been with the company for over 20 years and has witnessed significant growth in the Geelong region during this time. “At present, we build an average of 150 to 200 homes every year for families throughout the greater Geelong region. It has been exciting to see the evolution of our floor plans and designs to suit the needs of today’s family,” David says. Dennis Family Homes is excited to be showcasing two impressive designs from its Inspirations Series within Geelong’s newest display village at Coridale estate in Lara. On display are the Heathcote 314 Boulevard and Olinda 264 Verve; with both homes cleverly designed to maximise space and light, and feature all the contemporary fittings and fixtures for optimal family living. “We look forward to opening more displays in the region over the next 12 months and further contributing to our largest display presence outside of metropolitan Melbourne,” DavidDennissays. Family Homes is proud of the connections it has made locally and has always demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting the Geelong community. “We employ locally-based staff at our Geelong office and utilise nearby trades for our entire construction program, along with sourcing building materials locally wherever possible. Our displays are built by the same teams who build our customers’ homes, ensuring our customers receive the same quality home they see at our display locations,” David says. Currently on offer to customers when they pay $7990, is up to $40,000* in upgrades, allowing customers the perfect opportunity to personalise their new home. With a wide range of upgrades available across kitchen, living and flooring selections, these options are sure to provide customers with the perfect level of opulence and luxury throughout their new Whetherhome.youhave land titling, are interested in exploring house and land packages, or are simply looking to build a new home or investment, Dennis Family Homes is ready to start you on your journey. about Dennis Family Homes, display centre locations or current offers, visit contact us on 1800 336 647. who pay $7990 under this offer will receive up to $40,000 worth

For further information


of specified upgrades to their new Inspirations Series (Double Storey) Dennis Family Home. Visit for full terms and conditions. For specific pricing or details relating to items included within this promotion please refer to a Dennis Family Homes Sales Consultant. Specified upgrades available only. Subject to availability. Items not supplied by Dennis Family Homes include landscaping, decking and fencing, or items subject to additional cost including concrete paths, facade render, window furnishings and light fittings. Dennis Family Homes Pty ltd [ABN 83 056 254 249) © 2020 Builder License Number CDB-U 49195 [VIC) and 173511C (NSW) ● Building family homes ■ Visit Dennis Family Homes’ newest display village at Coridale estate in Lara to get a glimpse of what’s on offer. Pictures: Supplied ■ On display are the Heathcote 314 Boulevard and Olinda 264 Verve homes – both maximising space and light, and featuring contemporary fittings and fixtures. ■ Dennis Family Homes has always demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting the Geelong community. GC HOMES | DENNIS FAMILY HOMES




■ Visit the Livingetc showroom in Belmont to inspire and invoke ideas for the design of your own home. Pictures: Supplied

● Live

■ Some of the brands stocked at the showroom include GlobeWest, Molmic, Moran, Harbro, Ethnicraft, Hermon Hermon Lighting, The Rug Collection, Tribe, Casey Burrill Art, The Baker Collection, Bonnie and Neil, Citta, Mulberi, Marmoset Found and Indigo Love.

As a business dedicated to creating a space where customers can bring their living areas to life, Livingetc offers high quality products and interior design services to Geelong and surrounding areas. While the business itself has operated for over 20 years, Livingetc has been owned by Melissa Andrew since 2020. “Taking on the business during COVID was a considerable risk, but this proved to be a monumental period of growth beyond anything I could have imagined – it really gave me a huge feeling of gratefulness for the trust our customers put in our products at such an unknown time,” Melissa explains. “Carrying out renovations in the store, within four weeks of handover, was also a fantastic achievement, and I’m so thrilled with how the showroom looks now. “Lastly, building a strong, passionate and reliable team has also been a great achievement – having trust in my staff as we all strive for the same goal is Followingamazing.”acareerin visual merchandising, retail management and customer service, Melissa completed her studies in interior design in 2011. After a few years of working as a freelancer, Melissa landed a job at Livingetc, where the owner shortly expressed her desire to retire soon and offered Melissa the opportunity to take over the business. “First and foremost, I am extremely passionate about design. I love seeing our ideas and spaces come to life and I thoroughly enjoy the entire process, from meeting new clients to sourcing new suppliers to ensure our showroom is kept updated,” Melissa says. “I am also driven by the success of Livingetc. Being involved with significant growth over the past couple of years is a testament to the fact that we are headed in the right direction.” Livingetc’s large showroom in Belmont is home to designer furniture, lighting, artwork and homewares, styled and arranged to help clients visualise their own styles and personal touches within their very own homes. Customers can visit the showroom to get ideas and inspiration for their own design dreams, and can be guided by Livingetc’s expert team in interior design consultation sessions.“Wehave a brilliant team of designers and stylists. I love that people can bring in their house plans or show me through their homes, which allows us to use our experience and knowledge to create the perfect space for our clients,” Melissa says. Livingetc is located at 98A High Street, Belmont. For more information, visit www. or phone (03) 5241 2664. exceptionally

■ Aside from always receiving new products and taking on new suppliers, Livingetc consistently has great interior projects coming to life.





Preparing for pregnancy can be a rollercoaster ride of emotions and a seemingly endless list of to-dos. That’s why Epworth Maternity has created the ultimate pre-pregnancy checklist –an easy, evidence-based roadmap to set you up for Epworthsuccess.

Before the bump –planning for pregnancy

■ For more tips and trusted advice on preparing for pregnancy, scan the QR code to download ‘Before the Bump’ – a helpful booklet developed by Epworth Maternity midwives and health professionals.

Women The older you get, the harder it is to get pregnant naturally. Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have and they age as you do. The chances of falling pregnant are highest for women under 35, but every woman’s journey is different. It’s important to consider that by the age of 40, a woman’s chance of getting pregnant drops around five per cent each month. Talk to your GP about age-related fertility options, such as assisted reproductive treatments like IVF (in-vitro fertilisation). Men Men’s fertility plays a big role in conception too. The quality of a man’s sperm starts to decrease around 40 to 45 years of age, reducing the chance of conceiving and having a healthy baby. Male infertility may also be due to other issues and your GP can advise you on options for testing if you need it. ●

■ It’s a great idea to speak with your GP even before you start trying to conceive. Picture: Supplied ■ It’s important to consider both men’s and women’s fertility when trying to conceive. Picture: Supplied


Maternity experts have put together their top tips on staying positive during pregnancy setbacks, expose fertility myths and suggest when you should seek help if falling pregnant is taking longer than you expected.Ifyou’re thinking about having a baby, a visit to your trusted general practitioner (GP) is an important first step. How does age affect fertility? If you are over 35 and finding it difficult to conceive, it can be overwhelming and put a strain on your relationship. Your GP can refer you to fertility specialists and support services to help you and your partner during this challenging time. Knowing when to seek additional support is important. For women under 35 who haven’t conceived after 12 months of trying, you may want to investigate possible causes with your GP. For women over 35, it’s recommended that you seek medical advice after six months of trying to conceive.

13WINTER 2022 GEELONG COAST HOME&LIFESTYLE The momentslife’splaceperfectfor Epworth Geelong Maternity Epworth Geelong | call 03 5271 8322 Enter from Pigdons Rd, Waurn Ponds (next to Deakin University) _06221_GEEPI20PI207062 Our expert obstetricians and midwives are here to care for you and your baby, for every precious moment and milestone. Scan me to learn more about Epworth Maternity 12556990-NG27-22

15WINTER 2022 GEELONG COAST HOME&LIFESTYLE Visit our showroom: 100 Balliang St, South Geelong | | 5221 5533 | @braxwt Fling open your doors and step outside... your best summer awaits! Brax awnings provide shade, reduce glare and can completely transform the look of your outdoor area. Enjoy every moment of summer for years to come. Celebrating80YearsinGeelong CRAFTED WITH EXPERIENCE Your best summer awaits 12554893-ET27-22

16 GEELONG COAST HOME&LIFESTYLE WINTER 2022 186MM WIDE X 60MM DEEP WHO STOCKS A RANGE OF PLUMBING FIXTURES? 1 WASHINGCARPENTRYMACHINES 2 REMOVALISTS 3 PAINTING 4 CARPET CLEANING 5 to RENOVATING &10 STEPS WASHING MACHINES Collector looking for front & top loading automatics, 40 years & older. Brands like Frigidaire, Bendix, Wilkins Servis, Inglis, Simpson & Pope Norge. Leon 0409 637 712 WANTED 12539390-SG12-22 LC CARPENTRY & Maintenance Services &CARPENTERODDJOBSPECIALIST Any job big or small, don’t hesitate to call! Lloyd Kennedy 0402 632 039 | 12556792-JC28-22 Please phone us now on 0478 088 244 and let us make your moving experience smooth! We are a Family Business and love helping people move to the next stage of their life's journey. We have trucks that will fit your move. Whether you need to move locally or further afield we are here to help you. We also offer a packing service and an unpacking service. Our services come with full insurance and the best number of staff to facilitate your move! Bellarine Removals.......the smooth movers smooth removals by family owned business - Let us move you! 12526428-CG51-21 Call the KINGS Carpet Cleaning team today! PROFESSIONAL CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY STEAM CLEANING & RESTORATION 0479 057 12556837-JW28-22 Carpet & Upholstery Steam Cleaning Carpet Shampooing Odour ServicesRemoval Flea Treatment Carpet CarpetCleaningStain Removal Carpet Repair Carpet Stretching • Interior & Exterior Repaints • Weatherboard House Specialist • Geelong & Surrounding Area • No Obligation Free Quote • Prompt & Reliable Service • Fully Insured0427 246 837 Quality painting & workmanship guaranteed Give your home a beautiful new look! 12511033-HC39-21 G h b f l Painting & Decorating Services Pty Ltd Paintworx

17WINTER 2022 GEELONG COAST HOME&LIFESTYLE ELECTRICAL 6 POWER ANTENNASCEILINGLEDPENDANTLIGHTINGPOINTSLIGHTSSTRIPLIGHTSFANS TV APPLIANCESMOKESECURITYTELEPHONEDATACAMERASDETECTORSINSTALLS LED LIGHTING LOTSELECTRICALSAFETYSWITCHBOARDUPGRADESUPGRADESSWITCHESSAFETYCHECKSMORE! 0431 043 MountAHDELECTRICALSERVICESDuneed AHD ELECTRICAL SERVICES DESIGN | NEW INSTALLS | RENOVATIONS | UPGRADES | MAINTENANCE Services we provide but aren’t limited to:24/7 EMERGENCY CALL OUT REC 32834 12557046-DL28-22 FLOOR SANDING & POLISHING 7 12556895-NG28-22 Call Ryan Walker CONCRETE COATINGS 8 GEELONG CONCRETE COATINGS ◆ Driveway Rejuvenation ◆ Exposed Aggregate Drives made new ◆ Plain Epoxy or Flake Finish Garages ◆ High Pressure Washing M: 0433 249 998 W: BEFORE AFTER 12556884-SN28-22 STONE BENCH TOPS 9 12526615-BL51-21 The experts in reconstituted Quartz, Granite, Marble 5278 4000 BLINDS & CURTAINS 10 We Provide following services: • Roller Blinds • Roman Blinds • Venetian Blinds • Plantation Shutters • Blackout Curtains • Sheer Curtains Contact Details: • 1300 162 223 12557116-NG28-22 DECORATING your home

Now is the time to plant lavender in your garden.


Fertilisers and plant foods are often specialised to certain plants, so it would be useful to know what kind of varieties you are planting. Alternatively, cow or chicken manure is an effective general fertiliser, but must be mixed in well with soil to avoid burning plants. Depending on the varieties you have in your garden, you should be wary of pests such as caterpillars, rats and aphids. As the weather continues to get colder, be sure that your plants still receive plenty of water and sun. Adding in some pea straw, sugar cane mulch or hay around the base of your garden will ensure that a lot of warmth and moisture is retained too. Following these basic steps should put your garden in good stead for the season ahead. Happy planting! your enthusiasm

With autumn a distant memory and the winter chill embracing us for now, it’s a good time to start introducing a variety of winter additions to the garden. If you’re stuck for ideas about what to plant at this time of year, read on to find out the best winter plant varieties and how to help them thrive.


● Herb

Flowers Though you may want to stay rugged up inside during the winter, if your garden needs a bit of colour, consider planting a few of these flowers. Alyssum, pansies, dianthus, lobelia, snapdragon, stock, cornflower, geranium, primula, nemesia, polyanthus, cineraria, lavender, sweet pea, violas, begonias and perennialGrevilleas,petunias.which are native Australian flowering shrubs, are also a good option to plant in winter as they are a hardy plant that can survive many unfavourable conditions. Herbs Whether you need to spice up a winter casserole, add more flavour to your soup or bedazzle your roast, these herbs will do well in your garden this winter with the right care and attention.Parsley, basil, oregano, coriander, dill, sage and mint are all great choices, as well as the classic winter combination of rosemary and thyme. Vegetables There’s not many things that are better than a delicious home cooked winter meal, but the fact that you could have that meal not only home cooked but homegrown will make it all the more Considersatisfying.planting leafy vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, rocket, spinach and bok choy, or root vegetables including beetroot, garlic, onion, parsnip and radish. Other veggies you shouldn’t overlook include rhubarb, brussel sprouts, and climbing varieties such as peas, broad beans and snow peas. Preparation is key One of the most crucial steps in maintaining a healthy garden is to ensure the garden bed is set up with good soil: mulch, compost and fertilisers provide much-needed nutrients to growingEnsureplants.that all weeds and other debris are removed, and ensure a good quality soil is used to provide the right vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for your plants. Your local nursery or hardware shop is likely to have a few different options of organic garden soil.

■ Veggies such as cabbage and brussel sprouts are great to plant and harvest in winter. Pictures: iStock ■ Winter is an ideal time to grow herbs such as basil.


The second attempt at Sandown Racecourse was a weekend race meet, commencing on a Friday. However, back luck once again befell the team, with a crash in practice putting the car out for the weekend. Homestyle Aged Care is delighted to be able to share in Ray’s passion. Ray holds out hope for a drive day later in the year, where he says there will be a few surprises for each of the passengers – but Ray is keeping tight-lipped about the white knuckle adventures ahead!


Cafe El Nido boasts a gourmet menu of Asian fusion using the best local produce for a great take on modern Australian flavours that will tantalise your tastebuds. They are fully licensed and are open seven days a week. Mr Archer Wine Bar prides itself on offering a wide selection of quality local and Australian wines available by the glass and bottle. It’s a great place to meet friends, unwind and enjoy some fantastic wine and food. Don’t miss Town and Country Pizza & Pasta restaurant. They offer a traditional pizza and pasta menu with recipes passed down the generations, ensuring there is heart and soul in craving amazing Thai food? You can’t go past Thai@Dunes Restaurant, specialising in genuine, quality and delicious Thai cuisine. All your daily convenience shopping is also covered at The Dunes Village. Woolworths, Bakers Delight, BWS and Pharmacy 4 Less, all open seven days a week. The Dunes Village offers lots of free, convenient parking so you can also access its wide selection of services, including The Quay Family Healthcare; F45 Training; Republika Salon, the perfect place to treat your hair; Charms Spa, where you can pamper yourself; TechHeadz, where you can have all your tech repairs and supply needs sorted; and Soapbar Launderette, where you can tackle your laundry.

The Dunes Village Shopping Centre is located at 222 Fischer Street, Torquay. For more information, visit www.

A one stop shopping village

■ Homestyle Aged Care’s Clarendon Grange resident Ray Beckerley is crew chief for the sponsored Holden VH Commodore race car driven by Graeme Meer. Pictures: Supplied ■ Contact Homestyle Aged Care today to visit the grounds and see for yourself.

Alldilihiil ChSh lf ■ Dine, shop and experience The Dunes Village in Torquay North. Picture: Supplied

At Homestyle, residents are encouraged to live their best Homestylelives.

Dine, shop and experience The Dunes Village at Torquay North today. The Dunes Village has an amazing selection of delicious restaurants, cafes and even a wine bar!

For more information about Homestyle Aged Care, visit

■ With plenty of capable staff and team members on site, you’ll feel right at home with Homestyle.


Live your best life at Homestyle

Aged Care Clarendon Grange resident Ray Beckerley is crew chief for the Homestyle-sponsored Holden VH Commodore race car driven by Graeme Meer. Ray, a well known car enthusiast and Clarendon Grange identity, approached Homestyle to see if it would be interested in sponsoring the car. Homestyle was delighted to be able to sponsor the car, especially given Ray’s involvement – his passion is something that the business wanted to encourage and support. Thus, the Homestyle Race Car was born. While the season last year was interrupted due to COVID-19 restrictions, Ray has kept Homestyle in the loop regarding race results. Ray attempted to host a drive day to allow some Homestyle residents and team members the chance to experience speeds of up to 280 km/h. However, the driver, Graeme, unfortunately had to postpone the event due to COVID-19 isolation requirements.


Established over 30 years ago in 1988, Graham Jones Design has since built an unwavering reputation for quality in both design and service for its clients. Graham – the founder of the studio –started out designing homes in Mornington with immediate success. This quickly saw a growing portfolio extend along the Mornington Peninsula and across to the Bellarine and Geelong due to the team’s embedded understanding of coastal living and its architecture.Thelongevity and resilience of the company since then comes as a direct result of timeless core values and a fundamental principle to ‘design for life’ – that is, design for a lifestyle that will last a lifetime. Designing for life is not about a one-sizefits-all solution, nor does it rely on everchanging design trends – the role of the team at Graham Jones Design is to understand how you live and what you personally need to make a space functional for you and your family. Their homes are not only eye-catching on face value, but they’re designed at a deeper level around the bespoke lifestyle of each client with careful consideration for how they will use the building every day in conjunction with the Thoughsite.Graham retired many years ago, this approach to design remains unchanged and is driven by director Jarrett Drake, design manager Jake Wilson, and their highly experienced and talented team. Jarrett and Jake share the strong belief that designing for life also means crafting something that will physically stand the test of time. That involves thinking about the current needs of the occupants, but also future proofing the forever home and instilling spaces that can change and adapt with the needs of a growing or shrinking family. They suggest that it all starts with a robust design briefing process, where the team sits down with clients to discuss in depth how the house will be used both now and for years to come. The pursuit of longevity stretches to the exterior of the home too, where the team at Graham Jones Design insist on employing strong, enduring materials and techniques in innovative ways to ensure each home is lowmaintenance and will age gracefully as time goes by.

■ The Graham Jones Design team hold strong to the belief that designing for life also means crafting something that will physically stand the test of time.

■ A commitment to the mantra to ‘design for life’ has seen Graham Jones Design recognised with over 100 industry awards for excellence.

For more information, visit www. or phone 0477 394 864. ● Designs for life


A commitment to their mantra to ‘design for life’, coupled with the innate experience and relatability of the team, an approach that always puts the client first, and a dedication to delivering projects within realistic timeframes and budgets, has seen Graham Jones Design recognised with over 100 industry awards of excellence, including the prestigious Design Matters (formerly Building Designers Association of Victoria) ‘Design of the Year’.

It’s the clear passion for stunning and functional beachfront homes, lifestyle and rural properties and even commercial developments that sees clients continually coming back to embark on a journey of quality design and to help bring their dreams to life.


■ When designing a home, the Graham Jones Design team thinks about the current needs of the occupants, but also future proofing the forever home and instilling spaces that can change and adapt with the needs of a growing or shrinking family. Pictures: Supplied


AVJennings will soon be launching the final apartment building at its award winning Waterline Place community. The Merchant apartments, set to be the grandest building at Waterline Place, offers 130 apartments, with previous apartment buildings and luxury townhomes at the popular community already sold out. Designed to appeal to a range of buyers, a selection of one, two and spacious threebedroom apartments will be available. Also on offer will be a collection of exclusive Sky Homes. These coveted and oversized residences, located on the upper levels of the building, will offer unparalleled sweeping views of the bay and Melbourne’s CBD. Merchant’s crowning glory will be a rooftop terrace offering multiple gathering and seating zones, a communal garden and a play space, designed to keep children busy while adults relax and take in the stunning water and city skylineResidentsoutlook.will also enjoy access to boutique retail on the ground floor, plus shared public spaces featuring local artists. Being the last residential building of its height to be built within the City of Hobsons Bay, the Merchant apartments offer the last chance to secure a new apartment offering such expansive and sweeping views to the bay, CBD andWaterlinebeyond.


A grand place to call home

■ Waterline Place is located in one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets – Williamstown.


■ Once the Merchant apartments at Waterline Place are complete, the community will be home to approximately 520Pictures:residences.Supplied

Place is located in one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets, Williamstown –a stunning bayside suburb with a rich maritime history. Only 12 kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD, Merchant residents will be a short walk from Williamstown railway station, swimming beaches, yacht clubs, schools, village style shopping and vibrant waterfront restaurants andWithcafes.the vision to be a ‘village within a village’ quickly coming to life, Waterline Place is now an established and thriving community. Once complete, it will be home to approximately 520 residences, all brought together by a series of active and pedestrian friendly streets and laneways. Renowned developer AVJennings, now celebrating its 90th year of creating communities, will commence construction shortly. Works are expected to be completed in midMore2024.information can be found at

Tell me about the FabrianoInAcquarello and how you got selected to exhibit? The Australian Watercolour Muster called for works from watercolourists from around Australia. They are part of the FabrianoInAcquarello network. It happens in May and June each year. The Australian Muster calls for contributions from watercolour artists and the one I did called ‘Tidewater’ was nominated last year as one of the 30 best that they pick out of many entries. They nominate them to go to Italy for the Fabriono, the Italian exhibit. The past couple of years they have done that physically but this year it’s had to be digital because with COVID and all the turbulence in Europe, they couldn’t send them over physically this year because they have had a backlog in getting the last two years’ paintings back to Australia. They didn’t want to compound the issue so they are doing it digitally this year. That must be a proud moment for you? The year before I put a painting in the Australian exhibition and it was a finalist but it didn’t go on through this process, but it’s the first time I have had one nominated for Italy so that’s quite exciting. I’ve had the good fortune to go over to Italy painting for a few weeks on a couple of occasions so I’m hoping to do that again, possibly next year.

Barwon Heads artist Alison Fincher was chosen to exhibit at the prestigious FabrianoInAcquarello in Italy. She speaks with JUSTIN FLYNN about her journey from a farm in the north of the state to being a renowned artist.

Alison Fincher

Alison Picture:FincherIvanKemp



What are some local places that are inspiring as a painter? I often ride my bike around Barwon Heads, and if you go along Carr Street, there’s a couple of places that you can walk through to the river, for example, at the end of Geelong Road. Often you get amazing light effects because we get some fabulous skies in Barwon Heads which are really great for watercolour painting.Sometimes, depending on the time of day, and the nature of the weather, you get amazing light off the water.


I was born in a place called Boort near Kerang. Most people don’t know where Boort is. I lived in country Victoria until I was midway through secondary school and a couple of years up in Mildura, but I’ve had a lifetime association with the Bellarine because my mother’s family are from the Western District so we always came down here for holidays. I’ve been coming down here on and off for a lot of my life because my parents have a house here. Were you artistic as a child? I always liked painting and drawing as a child. That came from a more academic family and my father was a skilled amateur photographer, but it was more as a hobby. When I finished school I studied design and wanted to do something more arty so I did more painting and drawing, but it’s been intermittent as life came along and then a professional career. In more recent years, probably in the last 10 years, I’ve been able to get back into it and in the last few years I’m pretty much full time which is quite exciting. When did you realise you were good at this? I don’t know whether I’ve realised I’m any good to be honest. You’re always evolving. I guess I could always draw otherwise I would never have undertaken studies in the arts or design field. It’s like anything, the more you do, the more you realise you don’t know and the more there is to learn. Apart from the Italian exhibition, what’s on the radar for you? The Bellarine Arts Trail hasn’t been on for the last two years, but I will be participating in that this year. It’s such a nice event that people can go to to look at all different sorts of work. It’s great having it all available on one day because it makes it worth coming down to the Bellarine to have a look.

■ Alison Picture:FincherIvanKemp

Tell me where you grew up?

I would have loved to be over there this year, but next year hopefully.

The last two years there’s been a thing called Geelong Design Week and last year they approached the Arts Council to see if they would like to do an open studios trail and I participated in that but we only had eight or 10 people.There were a few more this year and most of the feedback from the people who participated was that they think it is a good idea to continue to be involved with that. Do you have to be in a certain mood to work? I personally have to have a piece of space, so when I’m hysterically running from one place to another and have a busy week, I can’t just say ‘well I have half an hour and I’ll just pop in and do some more on that painting’. You have to have an off space and say ‘I’m just going to do this’. Different things work depending on which mood I’m in. It works quite well for me to have a canvas going and some watercolours as well, because I can move between the two. The thing about watercolour is you have to wait for it to dry. If you keep on loading stuff on it, it gets muddy so if you put a layer down you really need to let that dry before you put some more on. Before you became a full-time artist, what did you do? Lots. I was originally an interior designer and then I was director of an architectural practice for a long time and I was also involved in administration with the Victorian Arts Council and then in more recent years I moved into being in charge of university buildings, director of facilities and services for universities and left that and went into my own consultancy, and over the last few years I’ve moved into doing this full time. Do artists view the world differently to other people? I think everyone sees things through their own filter and you see that with the choices that people make. Sometimes I think ‘why did you choose that one to buy?’ but people will often choose something that means more to them for a particular reason and not just purely for the aesthetics. So with a sunflower painting, somebody might look at that and think it’s a lovely picture because they have family in Ukraine so it will have an additional meaning. What do you like doing away from your art? I enjoy skiing. I also sing in the Brunswick Women’s Choir and have been for 14 years. It rehearses every week so I do need to go up for those and the director of that choir also lives on the Bellarine now. She moved down to St Leonards a couple of years ago. What’s the future hold for you? I’m looking forward to getting into portraiture a bit more. I haven’t really done a lot of portraiture painting. I started doing some in lockdown. A lot of your paintings seem to be outdoorsy. Why is that? I find certain landscapes really moving. I think that makes me want to record it in some way. I go up to Falls Creek every year and it’s so beautiful up there. Every single year when I’m standing at the top of the summit and it’s a beautiful day I get my phone out and take photos. It’s ridiculous because I take 100 photos every year, but I can’t help it. It’s so amazingly beautiful and it’s a bit like that down here. The light across the mouth of the river here just this side of the bridge … at certain times of day or certain kinds of weather you get a shaft of light coming through an amazing sky, you just can’t help but stop and do something aboutPaintingit. water is a challenge. You keep on doing it and doing it to try and capture that. It’s often about the light and where the light is. What you want to reflect in the painting is that light and energy and creating a painting isn’t copying a photo or a scene, it’s taking that and manipulating it to convey that to the viewer, and often you have to exaggerate things and diminish others in order to get that across.

How do we learn more about you? Go to ●


Carrying on dad’s legacy

Over the following year Ron entered the vehicle in the first Geelong Speed Trials in 1956, but found it was becoming uncompetitive. “As best as I can tell, dad last ran it in 1957, but it was becoming uncompetitive,” he said. “It had come third in 1955 in the Victorian Hill Climb Championships, which was really something considering it was third behind a couple of little Cooper rear-engine, motorbike engine race cars … even today those little rear-engine cars with motorbike engines are the ones that win.”

Inside Bill Redpath’s East Geelong garage is an Oldsmobile Special which has earnt its place in the Geelong racing history books. ASH BOLT reports.

■ Bill Redpath with his Oldsmobile Special.



There’s a little piece of Geelong racing history tucked away in Bill Redpath’s East Geelong garage. Sitting on the back of a custom-built trailer is an Oldsmobile Special built by Bill’s father Ron to compete in hill climb racing events, as well as the first Geelong Speed Trails in 1956. “Dad had been an aircraft mechanic during the [second world] war, when he came back home he was interested in all things mechanical,” Bill said. “Hill climb racing was very big right after the war – right across Australia, and in fact in the UK as well.“Itwas a racing style that you could get into relatively cheaply and most people just took their normal road cars. “You would run up maybe a kilometre course, and then you could drive home again, so it was popular. And you were the only one on the track so you could drive as hard as you’d like. “So dad decided he’d get involved in hill climb racing and chalked out the chassis on his father’s garage floor and then set about making it.” Ron started work on the vehicle in the early 1950s, and it originally used a side-valve Ford motor.“That was the motor of the time – everybody who built specials used side-valve Ford engines,” BillItsaid.used Lancia Lambda running gear, Bill said, with sliding pillar front suspension “like a big motorbike telescopic fork”, real axle and gear box, with steering controlled by a rack and pinion box from a 2.5 litre RM Riley. Ron raced it competitively for the first time in March 1952 at the Rob Roy Hill Climb and had some success over the following years, getting close to setting records at events across Victoria and South “DuringAustralia.1954,dad decided it needed to go faster,” Bill said. “He’d finished building various different sidevalve Ford motors to try to make it go faster, but then he heard about this imported crate engine in Melbourne.“Alotof hot rod people now buy crate engines, but back in the mid-50s they were something special so he jumped at it. “At that time he changed the gearbox to a Jaguar“Hegearbox.had it road registered which really only meant that it had some headlights, taillights and an exhaust system, because back then if you could drive it to the police station they basically just gave you a set of number plates.” Bill said Ron regularly drove the special around Geelong and often caught fascinated looks. “He drove it a fair bit. He also enjoyed playing golf so he used to go down to the Barwon Heads Golf Club with the golf clubs in it,” he said. “It was pretty well known around Geelong.”

To make it more competitive, Ron decided to change the rear suspension to a de Dion suspension with inboard brakes, “with the logic being that it lightens the unsprung weight and if you hit a bump you don’t have this big solid rear axle jumping up and down in what is really quite a light car”.However Ron never finished the project and never raced the car again. “Dad just lost interest. I think it was probably because I was born and my sister had been born and there was more important things to spend money on than going racing,” Bill said. “He’d had his fun in it and [it had] been very competitive, but it sat around a million pieces – if you could pull it apart, he’d pulled it apart. “He didn’t want to do anything with it because it wasn’t competitive anymore and he was against me touching “Unfortunatelyit. he passed away very suddenly in 1985 and I thought, ‘oh, now there’s no one to stopAme’.”mechanical engineer himself, Bill spent the next 10 years restoring the vehicle to its former glory.“It was a long process because there were a number of bits missing and there was no internet in 1985,” he said. “I was writing letters or finding someone in Australia that dealt with someone in America, for everything that I needed. “But I got it back to the way dad had it when he raced it. “Dad had kept almost everything but it was in 1000 pieces. He kept them all in different boxes, and certainly not marked, because he knew where they“Iwere.was lucky that my cousin helped him build it and I was able to ask him along the way if things looked“Theright.only thing that wasn’t in bits was the engine, but it had got water in it so I had to do that up anyway.“Iputthe solid back axle back in because I’m not out to win races, I’m just in it for a bit of fun. “It was interesting how it all came together. I remember I needed a radiator and when I went to a school reunion, I ran into a fellow I had been quite friendly with. He had just bought a radiator shop in Geelong, so I took the car in and some photos and asked him to build me a radiator. “I also had another friend who I worked with at the State Electricity Commission who was an upholsterer by trade and he did the seats for me. “And then there was the fuel tank, I had seen one at a swap meet years before I’d even started on the car and I bought it for $5. It turned out it was the exact same type that dad had used. “I got pretty lucky putting it all together.”



Bill was able to complete the restoration in time for the 1996 Geelong Speed Trails – 40 years after his father had competed at the same event. “It went alright, I did a 14-something,” he said. Up until the pandemic Bill raced the vehicle at hill climbs around the state and said he was hopeful to get on the road with car this year. He said getting to Rob Roy again and the Geelong Revival Motoring Festival – the successor to the speed trials – in November was his dream. “It’s pretty cool because there wouldn’t be too many cars left that were there at those first speed trials in 1956,” Bill said. ●


The premium Estuary Mk2 community located in the Bellarine gateway suburb of Leopold is proving hugely popular, with the up-market project already 50 per cent sold, while its latest release is expected to be swiftly subscribed.Sitedoff Ash Road, the new Estuary features a large open-space reserve, an exciting new playground and more of the quality urban design and amenity that sold out Villawood Properties’ initial Estuary years ahead of schedule.The200-lot Estuary is a stone’s throw from the beautiful Lake Connewarre where residents can walk, canoe, bird watch, wander amongst seagrass meadows, or take the kids cycling along riverine trails. Retail amenities on Ash Road are just a short stroll away, with the extensive Gateway Plaza just a few minutes’ drive. Estuary buyers to date include many second-generation Leopold residents keen to secure a foothold in their hometown, with its familiar neighbourhood and ready access to the Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast beaches and Geelong’s many attributes. Estuary is one of the last remaining greenfield offerings in the Leopold and Bellarine Peninsula area. With premium land in the Geelong region now hot property, it is a rareTheopportunity.Villawood brand distinctly marks this location from other competitors with numerous different-sized lots, landscaping with sculptural art and lush foliage, extensive open space, a playground, large established trees and walkways linking other areas, as well as nearby shops. For more information, visit estuary/


■ At the gateway to the Bellarine Peninsula, Leopold and the Estuary community is the ideal place to settle.

■ The Estuary in Leopold is only a stone’s throw from the beautiful Lake Connewarre. Pictures: Supplied

■ Villawood’s top-line Estuary homes are a rare opportunity to purchase, and one of the last remaining offers in the Leopold and Bellarine Peninsula area.

Welcome to the Estuary

■ With facilities both in the community and a short drive away, you will be all set at Villawood’s Estuary estate.

31WINTER 2022 GEELONG COAST HOME&LIFESTYLE Take away is available and with online ordering you can skip the queue! Visit: OPENING HOURS: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 7am-2:30pm, Wednesday: 7am-Noon (Coffee window takeaway only, toasties, breaky burgers & smoothies) Saturday: 8am-2:30pm, Sunday: 8am-2pm ALL DAY BREAKFAST & LUNCH Find us @ 43 King Street, Queenscliff, 3225 queenscliff_generalstore 12557148-NG28-22 &Dining Leisure Indoor Rock Climbing Bouldering & Training Outdoor Programs Fun and Fitness Group Sessions Cafe & Gear Shop ROCKTheROCKThe Since 2001 The ROCK Adventure Centre River End (Rear 403) Pakington St Newtown Geelong PH: 5221 3101 12557111-AI28-22 FULLY LICENSED CAFE 24 GILBERT ST, BOWLZ.TORQUAY@GMAIL.COMTORQUAY0352614395 ACAI ~ SMOOTHIE BOWLS ~ SALADS ~ SOUPS 12555649-HC28-22 ICONIC IN OCEAN GROVE WE’RE MORE THAN JUST HOT CHICKS! 5&6, 63-A The Terrace, Ocean Grove | Ph: 5255 1566 12557225-DL28-22 FAMOUS CHIPS & GRAVY AWARD WINNING GREATGLUTENBURGERSFREE 8am-4pm 7 days a week Breakfast and Lunch served all day. (03) 5250 1911 | Gateway Plaza Leopold | Ollie’s Cafe Bar OPENING HOURS: licensedFully 12555788-DL28-22 AvailableDelivery viaVenueAvailableHire 202228001-DL28-22


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