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AREASPECIALIST Ten ways to prepare your home for a Spring sale… As the old saying goes “First impressions last” and this statement could not be more true, when you’re presenting your property for sale. The more appealing you’re home presents, the best possibility of receiving the best outcome. A clean, tidy, well-maintained home is crucial when showcasing your home on the market to potential buyers. • Clutter - Is one major “No-No” when showcasing your home, you should try to clear all the items that do not need to be there, or are taking up space for no reason. • Clean - Focus on a good thorough clean, inside and outside of your home, as this will make the home feel and look more liveable. For example: Windows inside and out, window ledges, top of the doors/skirting, top of fan blades, gutters and even polishing your appliances really helps. • Smells - We all don’t like going into places where the aroma does not agree with our sense of smell. Try to not to cook anything that creates a strong lasting smell on the day or night before. Also as a tip, the exhaust fan filter over your cook top may need a clean, as it could hold some of the smells from previous cooking. • Repaint - Homes that have outdated or dull coloured walls may need a quick touch up, to refresh the look of the home. A tip is to paint the areas a neutral tone to make the rooms look larger and cleaner. • Lighting - Lighting is a big “YES” when showcasing your home. Lighting in the home creates a bigger and inviting visual space. So open all window coverings to let in the natural light and turn on all the lights in the home. • Fix - One of the main things to look for while preparing your home is to fix leaking faucets, loose door knobs, loose shower head and even make sure the front door locks work correctly. • Staging- staging the entire home, or just partial staging has been proven to play a big part in achieving a premium price. It is best to consult your agent to give you further advice on this, as it’s something that gets tailored to the homes target market and your budget. • Gardening - work on sprucing up the gardens by cutting the grass, light weeding and landscaping, trimming of the trees and perhaps add few interior plants as well for the extra life inside the home. • Make the house easily accessible - Nowadays many people work 6 days a week, be prepared and flexible with open for inspection times as you don’t want to miss out on the key buyers, after all the effort you made in presenting the home. • Choose the right agent for yourself and for your home. Over the next 2 weeks we will be conducting an initiative called, “What’s the new value of your home”

How do you participate? Contact me directly on 0435 921 730 or alternatively you can e-mail me at We will then schedule your home to be appraised. Confidentiality will be adhered to for each property we appraise. Whether you want to sell or stay… I would love to meet you.

Kind Regards, Laura Voinea 0435 921 730 “Greater City Dandenong is not just my area…It’s my home” AREASPECIALIST.COM.AU

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