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17 July 2017


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Electric truck is historic road transport first


Bailey leaping his way towards AFL dream

Open in the spirit of ghost discovery By Casey Neill

Bridget Flood in the Drum Theatre stairwell. 169967 Picture: GARY SISSONS

Does Dandenong’s Drum Theatre have a ghost? Rumour has it that the spirit of former Dandenong Town Hall caretaker Edward Potter can he heard walking the corridors at night, checking that the doors are locked. “People hear children laughing and playing late at night,” City of Greater Dandenong community programs officer Bridget Flood said. “Technicians feel a cold chill on the stage and a feeling like they should be going home. You never feel like you’re alone here in the Drum Theatre.” Visitors can make up their own mind during a night-time tour at the Lonsdale Street landmark on Saturday 29 July as part of Open House Melbourne. The program is marking 10 years of opening Melbourne’s historic buildings to the public by making 200 buildings available for viewing. Greater Dandenong is participating for the first time. The Drum Theatre will also be open for tours and lectures during the day on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 July, as will the Heritage Hill precinct and the Dandenong Civic Centre. The Drum Theatre started life as the Dandenong Town Hall in 1890 and has a varied history, from hosting court hearings to town dances and armed forces enlistment. Visit for bookings and more information.

n “It scared the living daylights out of me,” says eyewitness...

Bank in lockdown By Casey Neill A Dandenong North man was just meters away as a bank bandit produced a note telling staff that he had a weapon and wanted cash. “It scared the living daylights out of me,” Peter said. The incident happened at the Commonwealth Bank on McCrae and Walker streets about 2.30pm on Thursday 13 July and as the Journal went to print on Friday police were still investigating and searching for the man responsible. Peter, who did not want his surname published, told the Journal he was “standing five feet

from the guy” in the bank doing some business for his children when the incident happened. “All of a sudden there was an almighty crash and bang and the security screen came down,” he said. “The bank went into lockdown straight away. “I couldn’t get out and people couldn’t get in. “Then a squad of police arrived, probably about 20 of them, including an elite squad from the city that happened to be working in Noble Park. “I was a bit weak in the knees when I left.” That was about 4.15pm, after providing statements to police.

The bank was unusually quiet when Peter entered. “There were only about three people in the queue and they only had two tellers working,” he said. “About a minute or two later another guy came in and stood behind me. “I didn’t take much notice of him. “He had a bit of a coughing attack and he moved to the side. “I thought ‘I hope he didn’t cough all his germs on me’. “He came back into the queue and that was fine.”

They were both being served when Peter heard the teller say something to the man about ID. “The next thing, crash, bang, down came the security thing,” he said. “He sprinted past. By Jove, he went like the wind. “He went past me, didn’t touch me, but he just went very close to me and took off out the front door before they actually locked it down. “So much for doing a small banking errand during the day.” Call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 with any information.


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Dandenong Journal Star - 17th July 2017  
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