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Buckets & Bouquets Bouquets to the parks and gardening team at City of Greater Geelong for its forethought in planning mass bulbs in triangular patches at our neighbourhood park. It’s now an uplifting sight with fragrant jonquils and daffodils for us all to enjoy this winter. Park Lover And Pooch, Geelong West

Buckets to a hospital with a humongous set of steps or a very long ramp as the only access from the visitors’ car park. I used my Ventolin at the start but was huffing and puffing by the top. All those millions of dollars spent while missing a basic amenity. Only For The Young And Fit, Grovedale

Buckets to VicRoads for its extraordinarily bad sequencing of traffic lights for vehicles travelling north through Geelong via Moorabool Street. The Latrobe Terrace sequencing forced me onto this route but now it’s even worse. The constant stopping for red lights is bad for traffic flow, brakes, efficiency and commuters’ patience. Commuter, Torquay

78 Moorabool St, Geelong, 3220 Email: Fax: 5249 6799 Contributions must be less than 50 words and include the writer’s full name, address and phone number.

The State Government’s latest notion of a 100-person Citizens’ Jury to run things around Geelong (Indy, 15 July) raises concerns. The idea seems to circumvent democratic process, as these people, it seems, will be picked rather than elected. We already have unelected entities like Geelong G21 and Committee for Geelong tapping into government funds and lobbying governments without being mandated via the election process by the people of Geelong. Even more suspect is that Local Government Minister Natalie Hutchins was in Geelong recently consulting “stakeholders” like real estate agents, developers and G21 but no mention was made of the people of Geelong. Local ratepayers are the biggest stakeholders as the ones stumping up the money yet they don’t get a mention, as usual. Councillors previously sat on the boards of the above-named entities in conflict-of-interest, doling out funds to themselves and mates but the sacking of councillors has made no difference. My guess is that the minister has already picked the people she wants on the jury. If anyone is under consideration their names should be announced, along with their affiliations, and an election of who might sit on the jury held. I doubt the minister would announce something like this if she had already picked the jury members. The proper process should be for nothing to happen until the ratepayers are properly represented by a newly-elected council. Government by private coterie is not an option. Gary Oraniuk Geelong West

Compassion for cows In response to Melva Stott (Letters, 15 July), Animal Justice Party representative Andy Meddick would not have stated that milking cows was cruel. He would have explained that the dairy industry and factory farming in general was unacceptably cruel, with cows impregnated their whole lives to produce milk only to have their babies torn away from them at a day old and killed or sold off without even being fed. Then when their productive lives are over, these poor gentle creatures are slaughtered. Perhaps not all dairy farmers use these techniques but money is money and compassion falls by the wayside. Sandra Gangemi Bell Park

Glass of cruelty hard to swallow Melva Stott’s thoughts on cows and milking were wrong and outdated. First, cows are in a cruel cycle of being repeatedly artificially impregnated to produce milk for their calves, not for human consumption.This cycle happens over and over until the cow is spent and sent to slaughter. Second, cows are not “satisfied to get rid of the stuff” and do not line up “voluntarily”. The cow’s cycle sadly means they endure a life of painful mastitis, lameness, liver damage etcetera from being forced to do what nature did not intend. Andy Meddick did not drink Sarah Henderson’s glass of wasted pus and hormones because he is vegan and an animal rights activist doing the right humane thing by the animals, the planet and himself. As for Ms Henderson, she ordered the milk so she should have drunk the glass of cruelty herself. Julie Eadie Grovedale

Vale veal Melva Stott missed the point: the cruelty of dairy is that calves are taken from their mothers for veal. The mothers are known to wallow in pain as their terrified calves are taken. We glorify a baby elephant yet take these gor-

geous babies from their mothers to kill them. That is cruel. Jamie Overend Grovedale

Jobs in crisis, not climate Heather Cousland (Letters, 15 July) claimed we had a “climate emergency” and that 97 per cent of “climate scientists” agreed that climate change events were man-made as a result of burning fossil fuels. She also suggested that mangrove die-off and coral bleaching were attributable to man-made climate change. He claims were speculation unproven by science. James Cook University Professor Norm Duke has stated that mangrove die-off coinciding with Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching is a natural process that has happened before. High temperatures combined with extended dry seasons do great damage. Some mangroves recover but others don’t. The scale of the current impact necessitates a more thorough assessment to better understand both the cause and the wider repercussions. Ms Cousland also advocated replacing fossil fuel-generated electricity with renewables. The South Australia energy market has become volatile and extremely expensive for industries due to heavy investment in renewable energies, mainly wind and solar power. BHP Billiton and Arrium recently warned of shutdowns in the state due to high energy prices and unreliable base-load supply. State Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis has asked for mothballed fossil fuel power stations to be brought on line to bolster SA’s depleted energy supply, fearing an exodus of local businesses. Business SA policy director Anthony Penney stated that, without stability and price competitiveness, manufacturing would cease. Australia has jobs crises, not an imaginary climate change crisis. Ralph Huisman Belmont

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C02 now .0004, so what? Heather Cousland was concerned that atmospheric CO2 had reached 400 parts per million. So what? Plants die when CO2 is much less than 200ppm, so Earth was starved of it until recently. Thanks to the 400ppm, the planet is greening in places it hasn’t done for ages and harvests have never been higher. Ms Cousland was also worried by a fleeting rise in midsummer temperature. This was the spike in the strong El Niño, which possibly caused the reefbleaching she also mentioned. El Niño, and its reversal, La Niña, are part of a group of oceanic regulators, part of climate’s natural variability, unaffected by humans for thousands of years. They are not connected to CO2 rise. Radiosonde global temperature measurement shows little if any uptrend in the past 18 years. While warmth is flat, CO2 continues its rise. The claim of a “97 per cent consensus of climate scientists“ is a bad joke - just Google ‘The 97% consensus myth’. The 97 per cent has turned out to be .3 per cent. Renewables are incapable of replacing fossil fuel because they lack base-load capacity. Ms Cousland thinks governments aren’t doing enough for her cause but the Federal Government has issued around $13 billion worth of Renewable Energy Certificates for wind turbines. South Australia rushed into the fray with 40 per cent of its electricity generation from the wind but now can’t supply its consumers. What climate “emergency“ does Ms Cousland hope to solve by encouraging this shambles? Tim Saclier Leopold



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