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Donation praise By REBECCA BILLS A NEW upgraded breast -feeding and parents’ room at the Angliss Hospital has been made possible after a generous donation. Members of the Angliss Hospital Upper Ferntree Gully (UFTG) Auxiliary presented a cheque for $20,000 to the hospital at their AGM last week. UFTG Auxiliary secretary Di Mullins said it is quite exciting to be able to provide the hospital with improved facilities and services. “It really makes your role as a volunteer worthwhile as it gives you a sense of purpose with donations like this,” she said. Director of Nursing and Midwifery Jenny Dempster at the Angliss Hospital said the donation will enable the hospital to provide a space for parents, mothers and new babies with improved facilities. “What this money enables us to do is purchase more upto-date equipment to support women with breastfeeding difficulties and to be able to provide a more contemporary space that is light and bright and appropriately painted,” she said. UFTG Auxiliary president Maxine McPeake spoke on the eventful year the Auxiliary has had with a number of members leaving including the former president and secretary. “Whilst we thank all of our outgoing members and

Angliss Hospital Upper Ferntree Gully Auxiliary member Ella Gresik is acknowledged for her 20 years of contributions by Eastern Health chief executive Alan Lilly. 117750 Picture: REBECCA BILLS give thanks to their many women and new charts that Health Service of the Year,” years of service and dedica- come up that make best prac- he said. tion to our Auxiliary and the tice happen and be recorded “It was the first time hospital, we are now eagerly consistently throughout the Eastern Health has been the looking to the future,” she hospital,” she said. recipient of the title and it said. “It means that we can go shows to the community the A hospital representative around and be more time ef- confidence the government provided a demonstration of ficient with our care.” has in the services that we are how last year’s donation of Eastern Health chief ex- providing. $18,970 helped pay for a new ecutive Alan Lilly said he “It is the work that is done vital signs monitor for obstet- was grateful for the UFTG not only in the hospitals but rics. Auxiliary contributions to the in the communities that is “Because you have that hospital. done through the Auxiliaries “Last year Eastern Health that helps us become a better on-going need for change for picking up vital signs for the was named the Premier’s organisation.”

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Sign of mistrust GIVEN the many assurances from McDonald’s that it wanted its controversial Tecoma outlet to be ‘sensitive’ to the special environment, no-one involved in the VCAT hearing expected McDonald’s to push so hard for suburban-style corporate signage. There was even a push for a massive illuminated corporate logo pointing north to Sherbrooke Forest. One of the small mercies of the VCAT decision was to rein in these excesses, with the main Burwood Highway ‘blade sign’ capped at six metres. Those naïve enough to believe this limit would be observed were in for a rude shock. Careful measurements by concerned citizens recently revealed the sign to have cribbed an extra 25 per cent, stretching 7.5 metres. Everyone loves to put the boot into our council’s planning department but here their compliance officers deserve our plaudits for the way, on Wednesday 26 March they forced the builders to unceremoniously lop the sign until it conformed to VCAT requirements. The next time I read that McDonald’s wants to build a relationship with the local community, I’m afraid I’ll now take a cynical position. Karl Williams, Tecoma.

Labor must speak THE proposed disposal of Swinburne Lilydale including the University and TAFE is a terrible opportunity lost for future generations of students in the outer east. Does the Napthine Goverment have no concern for the future of our youth, how are they they going to access other education facilities without a car.

I spent many years going to Swinburne at Hawthorn after work some 30 years ago, it was not easy, today it would be hopeless with the large increase in traffic. Denis Napthine has just announced a $100million freebie to public transport users. If the state cannot afford to continue TAFE education in the outer east then it definitely cannot afford to give away $100 million to public transport users when the system is already overcrowded and unable to cope with the current usage. If elected, Labor needs to state quite clearly that it will compulsory acquire the site if it is sold off to a third party. Bruce Johnson, Silvan.

Curfew thanks I THINK the Yarra Ranges cat curfew is a fantastic idea. As a local resident I am sick of seeing and hearing stories of our amazing wildlife being destroyed by feral and domestic animals - it really is a serious problem and it’s not just feral animals. Many times I have had neighbours’ cats in my own garden chasing down our beautiful native birds. A lot of the shire of Yarra Ranges is a national park so to me it makes perfect sense that domestic cats should not be allowed to roam free within it. From what I can see those opposed say they were not informed of the council’s plans. I have been following this story for months. It has been in the newspapers and information has been online. I hope in time with the success of this program it perhaps spreads to neighboring shires as well. L. Cook, Upwey.


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