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I HAVE been looking at the City of Casey travel registration and noticed that councillor Wayne Smith has spent more than $32,000 on travel over the period he has been a councillor. My question is what benefit have we the ratepayers recieved by all of this travel from 2002 untill now? I also recall Cr Aziz complianed about graffiti on the overpass rail bridge on the Cranbourne - Narre Warren Road in 2013, and I noticed in the travel documents that Cr Smith went on two trips to investigate graffiti. Has Cr Smith ever told Cr Aziz that he went on these trips back in 2004 and 2008? Cr Smith might be able to give Cr Aziz some advice on how to clean the graffiti off the overpass bridge. To all councillors, we voted you into council to be accountable and transparent with ratepayers’ funds, junkets not included. Rex Flannery, Narre Warren South.

Politically incorrect

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WHILST I agree that Casey Council’s method of dealing with public questions is completely out of order and should be presented to councilors unabridged, it seems to be a matter of democracy not ‘political correctness’. Political correctness is endemic throughout the Western world! To infer that it does not exist is not only ridiculous but can be extremely detrimental to oneself and organisations. One has to be very careful in regard to negative comments made in public, in written or spoken word. Religious intolerance is also a reality. We live in a country that is loosely described as Christian and in a great many instances apart from weddings, christenings, funerals, Xmas and Easter, a great many Australians seem to be apathetic where religion is concerned. This not the case in some European countries where loose immigration policies have resulted in large numbers of religious extremists who have no regard for the beliefs of the host countries and live in enclaves where their law takes president over that of their adopted country. Political correctness has been a significant factor in the problems that are fast becoming intolerable in Europe! Wake up Australia! Graham Edgar, Berwick.

Ugly tree change AS WAS agreed with the Casey Council at the meeting on 17 July 2012 regarding the street trees, in particular ones in Coowarra Way, Coolong Avenue, Boree Court and Theodore Terrace, it was agreed that a number of trees would be removed and property line clearance would be undertaken. I agree that much of this work has been done, although very few trees were removed. However, these large gums that remain (forest trees) were nice trees in the wrong place. The trimming of the trees has now left us with ugly misshapen trees, still dropping copious amounts of leaves and bark, tree roots breaking up footpaths and impossible nature strips on which to grow any grass on. I have one of these particular trees on my nature strip that I would like to have removed completely. I would be happy to level and replace the grass on the nature strip and plant a suitable tree at my own expense. I have written to Mr Griffin at Casey Council. I wonder what sort of reply I will get to my request. Not holding my breath. Val Stephensson, Berwick.

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Have you made any New Year’s resolutions for 2014? Kate Sunderland: Yes, leave the past behind, stay away from negative people, and move on to bigger and better things. Judie Hedrick: Yes, not to make a New Year’s resolutions.

The 10th anniversary concert of the U3A Choir in Berwick was a time for reflection. 106309 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

Say no to booze violence IN REGARD to alcohol fuelled violence, it is encouraging to note that there is a move afoot to close venues earlier. It is also encouraging to note that alcohol is not being displayed on the apparel of the Australian Test cricket team. Next it will be encouraging to see reduced advertising of alcohol at sporting venues in particular. Yes we can do something to reduce alcohol fuelled violence, we can lessen the advertising that is designed to encourage the use of alcohol. Yes, we can do it! Let’s save lives and reduce alcohol fuelled violence. Yes, we can do it! Ron Roberts, Cranbourne.

Begging for a shed THIS is a begging letter. This is the first time, I don’t know what else to do. It’s not for more, it’s for help to get a men’s shed up and running in Cranbourne.

Ray’s say

We have been butting heads with Casey Council for three years, getting nowhere. Please can these Rotary, Lions, Apex or any other organisation help? The council say we will build a new building. When, when, when? They have a building we can use until when, when when? But they say they are nothing to do with. The Apex building was for the community but that is under some committee that no one knows about, it can’t be used. I call on all men in Cranbourne to e-mail the council, tell them we want a men’s shed. If you haven’t got a computer, get your grandkids to do it for you. William Williams, Cranbourne West.

Stop and listen IT SEEMS again that Casey Council doesn’t listen to the ratepayers. On 12 December 2013 workers removed a concrete bus stop on Pound Road, Hampton Park, and replaced it with a glass bus stop. How long before the glass is all smashed? D. Gardner, Hampton Park.

News - Berwick - 09th January 2014