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2016 Adult Poetry Contest

Set Sail with Poetry Stark County District Library’s

17th Annual Poetry Contest

We would like to thank all participants for their hard work and the 81 poems we received this year.

Final Judging was done by a committee of community volunteers. Thank you for volunteering your time to read poems. Your hard work is very much appreciated.

Table of Contents Introduction ............................................................. 1 Award Winners ......................................................... 2 Poetry ...................................................................... 3-41 Index of Entries ........................................................ 42-44

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest

Award Winners

Carrie Tangenberg [Hawk Side] ........................................... 27 Cynthia McFadden [Immoderation] ...................................... 20 Emily Cavalier [Between The Pages Of A Book] .................. 12 Kara Fallucco [Chemotherapy] ............................................. 13 Lindsey Van Peeren [Reflections] ........................................ 26 Lori Noebe [Harmony of Conflict].......................................... 21 Mary Margaret Hanninger [Covered in Dirt] ......................... 24 Michael Rhoads [Stubbornness] .......................................... 16 Seth Evin Thomas [Big Lee Was a Catcher] ........................ 15 Will Adamczyk [Dry] ............................................................... 6

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest Money By: Danie Hampton Money it does not make the world go round; but it does make the trip a whole lot better. See, ‘cause riches are like butterflies. Ever go on a butterfly chase? You chase it round and round till you tire out exhausted, and settle down. Then it lands on your shoulder. Then it doesn’t matter how much you got. It’s what you do with what you got, and not how you got it. Money is the bottom line. It’s 4 a protection, 10% here and 15% there, cause you don’t spend it all in one place; then there you are 6ft. under; can’t count your cash. Stiff and cold.

Dying in Vietnam By: Glenda Derwacter Oh no…the bullet just hit I’m dying and it hurts Who is going to take care of my family? My sweet wife and beautiful kids I know they will get $10,000 But a dollar bill is not warm And will not hold you through the night Jimmy’s only two years old Who will teach him to play ball And help him climb trees? Jennie is three months old Who will be there when she falls And skins those pretty knees? My wonderful wife Jan Who will hold her Through dark and lonely nights? Oh God, why me? I have so much to live for! Oh no, its all over

NOTHING ELSE By: Will Adamczyk Nothing else will do-Nothing else but you Pour your truth into my soul until there is no room No room for empty promises, no room for darks’ disguise No room for poison errors-shot from the bow of lies Fill me up with a perfect love-that can only come from you Fill me up so I’m convinced that nothing else will do Fill me up with nothing else, nothing else but you You let me try to fill my soul with all that I could see But the more I tried, the more I felt an empty misery And you knew my stubborn nature buried deep in this Mountain of pride-would never admit Enough is enough, until I was ready to die There were holes in my soul draining everything out Until there was nothing but a soul filled with doubt How could this happen? Why couldn’t I see? That my eyes were focused-only on me And you allowed it to happen, but you worked it for good And let me come to the conclusionThe only one that I could That there’s nothing that’ll do-nothing else but you So pour your truth into my soul until there is no room Lord, Fill me up with nothing else-nothing else but you.

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest IN YOUR PRESENCE

By: Alicia Hopkins

Hi-Tech Worship By: Luisa Kay Reyes

Alone in your presence Hands moving, feet moving freely No musical knowledge or even a beat Alone in your presence I fall into your arms, I rest, and then you take my hand. The dance floor Is nothing hardcore I take each step, as you guide me My spins are miracles in the making. As I spin, I feel your joy Like a rushing wind. In your presence I am loved and accepted My deepest fears are not there I know I am okay I am safe Alone in your presence I paint pictures with my hands As you move my hands I begin to see beauty An artistic expression of your creation As you move my feet It's like ballet, And its definitely not me. I have been unable to walk in the natural But in your presence I can dance the night away. I can dance, as I have never danced before. Alone in your presence Is where I long to be

Technology is it, so they say Wi-Fi and websites and apps are the way Paper is out and computers are in While electric guitars, will free us from sin. The loud jarring music in Church In the name of Hi-Tech, puts us all in a lurch For Sopranos and pianos and hymns Are considered historical whims. Alas! It was all, a thing of the past As reverence yields, to having a blast And the sweetness of soul and goodness of heart In rock concert worship do part. With the sting of the screen on my phone Stabbing my eyes with a pain that’s unknown My spirit and body feel drained As the beat and the bass in the song are ingrained. Longing once more to feel pure I search out of doors for the cure So I sit and lie down in the grass To learn, I no longer feel crass. With the rays of the sun on my arms Nature around me enlaces her charms As I reach for a bird with my palm My innermost being feels calm. I smile as a squirrel scampers by Then gaze at the tranquil blue sky And the flowers beside me restore My spirit with kindness once more.

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest

Mussels By: Barry Carter The night time sky a trawler with it's net the moon, catching ghosts, unable to locate an echo of my future as it faded away. We threw our net into the waters below, I wonder if the sea aches for a heart, it could sigh with the yawning winds, on this my last trip for a final haul of mussels. Spirits mistake water for glass, they pour sand demanding, form, mass, a frame for an hourglass. I am but a grain of sand blown into the eyes of time, resigned to heaven's tides until they reach the shore. Our hoard of mussels tastes the drumming rain, my scarecrow heart is warning of future terrain as he yearns to explore the waters of the sun to find an hourglass filled with suns.

FAITH By: Will Adamczyk Faith is like a baby bird-blind and open wide In the nest and waiting on provision from on high Hoping, but not certain, but certain of the hope That waiting for a certain time will lead to certain growth But waiting takes forever when you want a thing so bad And the more you wait the longer it takes For something you hoped you’d have And while you wait, you wonder how long you’ll have to wait And you wonder if the waiting will only make you late Late for where you should have been if it didn’t take so much time To get what you’ve been waiting for and what you hoped you’d find But when the wait is over and the time at last arrives The nourishment that has mattered Was from what’s been received inside Inside, while you’re waiting, til everything was used up And all that’s left is hunger and an empty cup Leaving you to wonder when it will be filled And if it isn’t right away, if it ever will

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest DRY By: Will Adamczyk Hangin’ out to dry-hanging out I try To find my rhythm and my place But I’m barely getting by Hangin’ out-I’m dry-this riverbed is still Waiting for the overflow from the reservoir to fill When will this ground see water? When will this heat subside? I never thought that I could feel so much dying deep inside I asked for you to change my heart and rearrange my life So you turned my darkness inside out and burned it with your light I feel my soul is squinting and crying out for shade It’s longing to find shelter or a less intrusive way To burn away this anger-this doubt and crippling fear So all that’s left is quiet, still and sure and clear But I hear the desert whisper you are the way, the truth, the life So I will wait here in this riverbed-hangin’ out to dry

Remember When By: Shellie Palmer I still remember when the world was easy to live with no care in the world that nothing could ever happen. I remember when that first crush made me happy and giddy I could fly. Remembering a simpler time when TV shows would make me laugh and cry. Then came those teenage years and I was always asking why. Nothing ever went my way. My moods were like night and day. Remembering to learn to drive and my parents would always say just be safe. Worried and afraid I’d always say I’ll be okay. Now these days life is still a happy place regardless of the ups and downs. I’ll always remember the reason I’m here to be a voice for the unheard. I’m here for a reason. God has made it clear. He sent his son to show me the way. I’ll always know to speak his words from day to day. © copyright, 2016

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest Your Grace By: Unity Faith Boyd Through your Grace we are saved Through your Son our sins are wiped away Your love is all we need To live our life truly free We need no other in our life To take away all of our strife All we need to do Is look to you, And our hearts will no longer feel Heavy and confused Our minds will also be clear And we will truly see What you have in store for us, To be washed in your love, and grace And to glorify your name.

Friends (thoughts brought on by the weather and moving back to my home town) By: D.K. Serdinak My friends, with our eyes

The Conversation BY: Sharifa Louis It’s time to say goodbye Why? Because we have gone around in circles for far too long We have dreamed and shared dreams But they’re never going to come to past Why? Because we were never meant to be Love is not enough You are not available I am not available Mentally, emotionally, and relationally Why? Because we have tried to make it work Sacrificing time, feelings and character For years we have been just when we can But, now it’s time to say goodbye Why? Why you ask? Because I’m tired I deserve more I finally know my worth Why? ………………………………….. (No reply. Walks away)

bright and smiling and laughingremembering us swimming with no worries. My friend(s) thought enough to call in the middle of her day. (So thoughtful!) Images of sleeping bags and puppies; ways that it should be.

Double Acrostic By David Scholl We worked side by side not Only in cold, but in silence also Requesting the next tool, the only words spoke Devoting all attention to the broken gearbox Sharing both physical and emotional hardship Fixing not only machinery, but each other Actions became synchronized and over time I could feel you not reading, but answering my thoughts Losing you, I miss most those silent conversations

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest God Looks Down When I Look Up By: Chandra G Taylor Look up when your heart is down and hear the sound of GOD’s tears through the rain that falls HE weeps with you Look up when you are weary and you can see GOD’s smile through the rays of sunlight they supply laughter HE warms you heart, your soul Look up when you are grieving, heavy with your sorrow, see GOD’s comfort fluffy clouds of support They wrap you in HIS arms of warmth Look Up And See GOD….

OHIO WEATHER MADE THEM STRONGER by Seth Evin Thomas Ohio weather makes one stronger. Take our aviators here no longer; Who awed at Zeus' wonderment, Saw their way from under it, And soared on towards some sunny yonder. From the winged bike the Wright Bros. conjured To Armstrong and his lunar honors, We stand to recite our state fundament: Ohio weather made them stronger. Californians love to squander Sunlit days lived at a saunter. But since Heaven affirms our firmament, Thick and gray as damp dryer lint, I know if off go my son or daughter, Ohio weather made them stronger.

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest A Diary Entry from Medusa: June 5th, 2014 By: Emily S. Cavalier I couldn’t sleep again last night. The chorus of hundreds of snakes hissing in your ear isn’t as sleep inducing as one would think. Not to mention how they slither and wriggle around. I think I need to download more mp3s of snake charmers.

Here, some troublesome news: there is a rumor going about that this Perseus guy having to slay me to get his kingdom back. Can’t a gorgon have some rest? I don’t think anything will come of it.

I sold another statue on ebay. It is surprising, the market for life-like warriors with terror stricken faces. I am glad someone likes them. At first I thought they were quaint but now my house is more of a warehouse. There is no room to breathe.

I phoned Delphi just to be on the safe side. She said something about …a new mirror app … a phone called shield … sleeping… and a Mustang with wings of birds. I should have known better than to ask her. She never gives a straight answer.

I have to remember to leave the Jason statue on the front step. It wouldn’t be good to accidently meet the UPS-man again. Postal workers don’t sell as well as the heroes.

Well I have to go, One of my sisters is calling. I promised to watch a movie with her – something about a queen with powers to turn things into ice It sounds good; I hear it is totally relatable. ttyl

Support Our Troops By: Ronald Bush In a moments notice you were there because you truley care. For you are our courageous soldiers who bore the weight of freedom on your shoulders. You are the strenght of our nation and if you were a house you would be the foundation

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest The Reality of Keeping it Real By: Lindsay Van Peeren Sound of the alarm going, off Putting all my makeup, on Point is to look so, good Morning to the busy, road Rage when I'm running behind It, all I feel a little hungry, Eyes are getting kind of heavy, Lifting cause I do it all, Knowing, that it'll all be cool, As, a, cucumber I add some taste, Testing everyone that I know, It, all will be a pass or fail, Safe, to, say that my standards are high, Five is when the day is over, Thinking, about getting some sleep, Tight, on, time each and every day, Breaking out the rum and coke, Uhhh... cola? I'm not really sure, Thing, is, I, can't hear over this high pitch Sound of the alarm going off,

Jesus to Us By: Unity Faith Boyd

True Mirth By: Luisa Kay Reyes With political figures who flaunt Some values they inwardly taunt And bosses who simply don’t care A bit how their workers do fare . . . It is easy to read all the news Noting that Darwin has lit quite a fuse Competition being set on its course To survive through the bruteness of force. Its disturbing to know where to find A break from this difficult bind Surely goodness is not just a myth Made up by a talented smith. Then I stumble upon a small kitten With whom I’m immediately smitten Full of hunger and covered with fleas He cares for his weak sibling’s needs. I meet some fine teachers of voice Who teach out of joy and by choice Most freely imparting their skills The art of Bel Canto is instilled.

Through all the stress and turmoil. All we have to do is call out to Thee. Our Abba Father, Jehovah—Rophe, Jehovah—Jireh, Jehovah—Shalom, and Jehovah—Shammah. So many things you are to us. You fill us, soothe us, carry us, provide for us, Heal us, and give us great peace. And all we have to do is lay it all at your feet.

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My friends who go out of their way To greet me and simply say “Hey!” Remind me of how I must be To those who just walk on one knee. To be kind is to break from the mold Of those who just always seek gold For though money is not without worth Being good is the source of true mirth.

2016 Adult Poetry Contest Indigenous, These Tribes Quitclaim My Heart by Carrie Tangenberg Indigenous, these tribes quitclaim my heart With proud, defiant, beatific grace. Horizons bend each sun’s kiss o’er Time’s arc, Bipedal corporality, and space. Through whorls and moulds, great fevers ebb and flow. Barbarity imbibes from sunken fog, Then spews forth brackish wash consumed below My benefiting knees of water- log. This shell, alone, one cave-dark, useless hold— No longer bearing briefest love within— With bellicose slip-stones and spacious cold, Yields up to worlds, stars, galaxies and then, Her loveless, lifeless vessel, spent of breath, ’Ports ribbon-woven, bog-bound leagues of death. Character Flaw(?) By: D.K. Serdinak One thing: This lady does not always remember birthdays, a revelation: Ah, ha, I can avoid the saccharin of overly sweetness, if accused of such, for I found a flaw. Are there birthday monitors? (Will they call, but of course not.) My mother would remind me, but she is not here- so I will try again. Is it learned dependency! People tell me their birthdays- should I laugh? Okay, I condescend to my inner adult awareness, I will try again to remember, this is serious….how old is so-and-so? (Is this a test?) How do they look? Sometimes I think it’s hilarious- I apologizeIt should be simple. Page 11

2016 Adult Poetry Contest

Between the Pages of a Book By: Emily S. Cavalier

Laying it Down By: Unity Faith Boyd

Dear John, the slip of paper said found between pages 132 and 133 of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. The note made as little sense as the Jabberwocky poem found on the page next to it I can’t do this anymore … I don’t see you in the way you see me… The just friends was as familiar to me as the mome raths creatures. Maybe by jumping ahead fifty pages plus five then Humpty Dumpty can explain the meaning like he did with the Jabberwocky, though can one really believe him. He hardly knows what he is saying, just the fact the words of his mouth sound nice. Does any creature of Wonderland ever know what they are saying? It seems like it is only nonsense to make the world topsy-turvy. Interesting she decided to put the note here. Oh, how it has driven a Vorpal blade into the heart! Maybe I, too, like Alice, will wake realizing it was just a dream and she will be next to me. We will laugh at the silliness that is found between pages of a book.

I lay it all at your feet Lord The stress and burden from my life I do not want to cry anymore Lord, Because my eyes are tired. Without you I am lost and confused But with you I have peace I love all you do for me, And look forward to it day to day.

Flutterby By: Cheryl Voiklis I wonder why the butterfly Is not called the flutterby? For it doesn’t look like an ugly annoying fly And it doesn’t have a THING to do with butter OR bread! So when you see a beautiful painting on wings flittering in the sky above your heads!! Think-there goes a Flutterby- instead!! To: Isabella and Ari Ara and Will Dayveon and Xavier

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest Heading West: A Syllabic Poem By: Carrie Tangenberg We thunder, at 80 miles per hour in mid-afternoon, bleary dryness. We thrust like a spear past the pale brown and green earth in our speed. We lunge for the Rockies not yet in sight, but soon. The windshield is spattered, sloppy smudges of bug paint. I drive, covering the innards of Indiana and Illinois-flat, plain, but peopled, carred, mostly by suburbs of Chicago. Along I-80 West, it’s a family quest to arrive in time for my brother’s graduation.

Chemotherapy By Kara Fallucco

We head further west past trucks, 18-wheeled and dirty, dusty for miles. Farms, with cows of every kind and a few horses, claim the crust. Thick green hills in Iowa, down-cut by blue streams, the vastness of Nebraska, with trees--it does have trees; I had forgotten--and the chase of the shallow Platte along 80 West...Rows of chain sprinklers, each section like a stock, petrified on the shoulders of a steel post, rusty from years in rippling fields. The mountains are still the edge of haze. We’re slowing, 35 into Boulder, stop and go. We lumber through one of the straighter, flatter streets we’ll see here, in Jeep traffic. The smog begins its plumb, developing new curves: Falls in a line--fine, sun-drenched rain in downtown Boulder

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Chemo killed all my Hope, leaving me to Eagerly beg for my death. Mercy eluded me. My creator Objected To my death. I Habitually resided in hospital rooms Eventually my body was Racked with Anemia and Poison Yet I lived, and now it seems like a nightmare.


A Better Place By: Shellie Palmer All the edges the curves the uneven path has led to this, a place I’ll never forget. Times were dark so lost I crawled into a hole beneath the sheets to one day God speaking to me. I never knew that he held the key. There was happiness beneath this skin I’m living in. I remember the day as it is still fresh in my memory. His love let me back to him. I’m in a better place because of him. I teach his words the disciples who followed him. My heart over flows with joy and no longer hide from a world of pain. My dark is now light and will forever be. Darkness is only a distant memory. All the light shines in me. Thank you Lord for saving me. © copyright, 2016

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest BIG LEE WAS A CATCHER By: Seth Evin Thomas Big Lee was a catcher For the county baseball club. His fans, they packed the stands, The roofs, the alleys and the pubs.

When Big Lee cussed, his captors say, All hands abandon ship. Bridges fall, the tank wheels stall, Our pickelhaubes go limp. When Big Lee cussed, The trenches clear, and, Golly gee whereby, Medics cover gunners’ ears And planes drop from the sky.

Big Lee strode like a demigod, And played the games as such. The matter was, the batters felt He simply cussed too much. When Big Lee cussed , the batters say, His breath could light cigars. The clouds get singed, The sun is dimmed, The air’s as dead as Mars. When Big Lee cussed, His wrath wax hot, and, Golly gee whereby, Preachers cover sailors’ ears And birds drop from the sky.

Big Lee was a hero In the victory day parade. He rode throughout Times Square In an Army motorcade. Big Lee died years later, And many a tear was shed, But since he wrote his own obit Now journalism’s dead.

Big Lee joined the doughboys, And sailed for certain death. The draft board stamped him 1-A, But his language go 4-F Big Lee soon was captured By Kaiser Wilhem’s nation. Tho’ woe to those in Prussian clothes Who tried to interrogate him.

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest Stubbornness By: Michael Rhoads I stubbornly refuse to stop giving away food While I stand before a Christless multitude Starving for the Bread of Life Filled with pride, hate envy and strife I stubbornly refuse to let the enemy advance while you won’t step out in faith and take a chance… faith is what you need for you Christ did bleed… I stubbornly refuse to stop Preaching good news While your ‘church’ elders Sit and falsely accuse


Stubborn I am? Yes, guilty as charged But my stubborness cause my heart to enlarge But yours warps your mind as your idols do bind Your soul to the devil I will fear no evil

New inspiration For His creation The Lord has raised up A chosen generation New expectation Increased motivation Obedient followers Throughout the nations The Lord has given us Sweet dreams New release New increase Moving forward With His peace The Lord has given us Sweet dreams New songs Being outpoured Everything is Being restored The Lord has given us Sweet dreams

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest


IceWing By: Jackie Wishop Icewing, my dragon of the sky, Come to me, so we may fly. Let us go out quiet place, So I may look into your eyes, and feel your face. Your eyes intrigue me because of what I see, I see everything including your love for me. We will wrap our wings around each other nice and tight, I kiss you softly so you know you have won me without a fight. For my love for you is unconditional, Our love for each other is nowhere near fictional. Looking at you is so enticing, I love you, My Icewing.

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest Grammie By: Nathalina Schloneger Winifred Alma Whittier Lowell born September 13.1916 died July 31.2015 at 98 years an incredible daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother always ready to give lots of love amazing baker & cook: beef stew & biscuits, blueberry cobbler, cornbread, donuts, pies & white bread awesome at writing letters and sending packages to grandchildren creator of gingerbread men, Raggedy Ann, sock monkeys, stuffed lions daily telephone conversations with friends painter of the tops of wind chimes and wooden birds with wings to guard the garden crocheting knitting afghans, mittens, scarves, sweaters, tops onto kitchen towels, vests quilting sewing, mending super soft spoken, never a harsh, loud or mean word Randolph summertime memories Amtrak trains rumble behind the house auctions, yard sales with Grandpa August blueberries Basketville with Grace Bethany UCC VBS chilly mornings coffee ice cream before bed floating bridge garage sales Grammie's wooden rocking chair, Grandpa's La-Z-Boy recliner Grandpa's workshop where cradles, hope chests, mantle clocks, recipe boxes and tables were created handmade items for sale at the Silk Purse & Sow's Ear boutique in Bethel long drives from Ohio to Vermont maple syrup neighbors oil lamps porches wrapped around the house reading Rock of Ages Granite Quarry, Graniteville VT stacking red cones, wooden spools sugar on snow swimming at the outdoor public pool The Old Man Of the Mountain in Franconia Notch NH (which collapsed May 3, 2003) visiting relatives walking uptown to the library and Ben Franklin woodburning stove Nathalina Schloneger, eldest granddaughter Page 18

2016 Adult Poetry Contest Relationships By: Bob Scott What does a relationship mean to me? It's more than just a bit of slap and tickle, Or the availability of the horizontal rumba. That is just an added bonus to the whole. A relationship is a friendship writ large, but more than that. It is the pairing of two lives, two souls. Being able to share each other's experiences together. Mutual support when times are troubled, A sharing of burdens, and a sharing of joy. Someone to touch, and hug, and have that returned. The ability to talk freely about anything and nothing. Shared responsibilities, and shared comfort. Someone to snuggle with, or watch movies with. Freedom to be yourself, and enjoy just who your partner is. Someone to laugh with, someone to live with, Someone to cry with, someone to try with. To try, and succeed, and than each could alone. Two heads, and two hearts, are better than one. A mutual defense pact, someone to stand with, To protect, and be protected, and thrive together. Having a person you can talk with, Or someone who's quiet company is a comfort. A helping hand, one for yourself, the other for your partner. Someone to happily rest your gaze on, To hold hands with, to cuddle with. A meeting of minds as much as a meeting of hearts. A pairing of souls, and of bodies, And ultimately, someone to share love with.

She’s my fence against the evening By: Kenneth W. Kramek she’s my fence against the evening my sword against the stars cape pulled round her shoulders she faces the bitter cold a statue to my ignorance a monument to my soul her lonesomest echoes of the rhyme could be heard lyrics bold, still unbroken maturing grace unspoken fiercely shrieking every word

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A Deputy Wife’s Prayer By Mindy Ousley A silent tear falls, Down my soft cheek. This life’s certainly not for, The needy or weak. I knew it’d be tough, They all told me so. But he was perfectly mine, A love I’d never let go. But the night’s are so quiet, The world is so still. I miss his embrace, I know I always will. There’s a void when he’s gone, And it’s hard to explain, The fear that creeps in, And causes such pain. Until he comes home, My heart will not rest. I worry and pray, And try not to be stressed. I try hard to be strong, And stand proud by his side. I don’t want him to know, The fearful tears that I’ve cried. His promise to me, At the end of each night. Is that he’ll always come home safe, When the morning breaks bright. But for now I’m alone, And the hours tick by. I lay my weary head down, And let out a deep sigh. “Lord please keep him safe,” I pray up above. “For I’m a Deputy’s Wife, You called me to give him my love. So please dry my tears Lord, And bring me some peace. I know you’ll always protect him, And that protection won’t cease.” A silent tear falls, Down my soft cheek. This life’s certainly not for, The needy or weak.

2016 Adult Poetry Contest Sweet Revenge By: Jackie Wishop My dear don’t lie to me, I know the truth, now I see. I know you hid it quite well, While I was complaced in hell. Trusting you against my will, My suffering must have given you a thrill. Understanding you, Is beyond me, But, remember my dear, now I see. You wanted what is mine, Thought everything would be fine. Now my dear feel the pain which is me, Because now I know, now I see.


Immoderation by Cynthia McFadden Brag, promulgate, glamorize. Fib, fabricate, fictionalize. Exalt, glorify, lionize. Protest, grumble, criticize. Evangelize, moralize, proselytize. Politicize, polarize, fragmentize. Concede, confess, apologize. Opine, lecture, expertize. Reunite, reminisce, romanticize Grieve, lament, memorialize. Like. Comment. Share.

Ask Him To Save By: Marc Wayne Wiseman Yes, it is hard to fight the devil and keep him at bay, But to battle one’s self is harder I say, For a battle so epic no weapon by man can be made, But all who have won it have knelt down and prayed, So kneel down before Christ and ask Him to save, Then nothing will stop you, not even the grave.

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest Avowed in Full By: Duane Dodson A retreat from your spirit would render me weak With an atrophy’s clutch on my soul. It would dampen my passion and leave me oblique, Lacking purpose or aim or control. My dysfunction would hide--but to some it would reek Like a mouse rotting dead in its hole. I have ached, in this newness, for that which I crave. I am starved for the food of our time. And I count on the memories (those I could save) To supplant my mundane with sublime. All my soul rides the crest of a thundering wave In the wake of a love in its prime. If my weakness has led me away from your side, It has not placed me out of your reach. By our spirit I’m led--‘twixt its wings I still ride-And I’m open to what it would teach. But I pray for the day when it won’t be denied And our love washes up on the beach. So I write to assure you I cannot forget... That I would not withdraw from our place. I have pain, I have sadness--but never regret-None of us would I seek to erase; And I dream of me tight in the weave of our net With your spirit held fast to my face.

Harmony of Conflict By: Lori Noebe Nourish Positivity Starve Negativity Uncover Happiness Relinquish Sadness Create Opportunities Ignore Misfortunes Encourage Faith Discourage Skepticism Satisfy Something Regret Nothing Appreciate Imperfections Disregard Perfections Love Peace Hate War Possess Hope Surrender Fear

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest Admonishment By: Danie Hampton I live in an age with attitudes on a rampage. Women are misled, children are abused. Taxes are sky high and a day don’t go by without someone getting killed. We live in a time when throughout the land there is crime. You have international scandal, down to petty vandal. They ruin a good man’s name and lay-workers off their job, and to put a cap on it, the world is run by snobs. I live in an era, when nothin’ is fairer than capital punishment. Homeless people in the streets, and cons out to beat senior citizens out of their live savings; and teenagers misbehavin’. Look! In 1914 optimism was possible; however, since the devil has been kicked out of heaven, things have not been the same. Is it any wonder why the hunter has not been captured by game? I live in a place where lack of love and hate’s the case. Ginuwine romance is a thing of the past. Seems all anyone wants is a thrill that won’t last. We live on the land; and religion’s gotten out of hand. Gotta have a creed 4 this and a creed 4 that. Homosexuality is not where it’s at. They’re in together with the mob trying to satisfy their every need. Is anybody gonna be saved? Will you take heed? I admonish you my brother, my sister, my child. Do you find it hard to smile? That is one side of the coin of life. God’s Word says: Here I am making a new heaven and a new earth… And in them righteousness is to dwell… and my servants Shall have the abundance of peace to their exquisite delight!

Daddy is Coming by Nakia Anthony Daddy is coming is a whimsical sound When a consistent sleep pattern for a three month old can't be found Oh what I would have given to hear Daddy is coming in my childhood years The kids never tire of hearing this adage Never a rant, moan, or ravage Daddy is coming is what I just heard Now look at daddy plunge as swiftly as a Barraband bird.

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest Love By: Valentina Ranaldi-Adams Love is not a ceremony reminiscent of a play. Love is not a ring worn on a finger. Love is not a present given on an occasion. Love is not a statement of “I’ll do anything”. Love is all our moments that have been and will be.

If you weren’t a mere young lass By: Kenneth W. Kramek if you weren’t mere young lass and if you weren’t growing old so fast you could understand our duress but you’ll be back again, on time we know cuz you’re the unfailing one, and so you go your light is fading, yet this hour so we must wait cuz ours is not the power to make you stay and ours is not the glory of the day we are the nite folk, creatures of fate and so we wait.

E-Prescritions by Dr. Seuss (not really) By: Kellyann Wiles When you’re sick with the Snock, You head off to the Doc. You wait nineteen hours by the Phizlburn clock. Then finally, in rollerskates grouchy Doc Zok, And he uses his flooberscope to look up your pizock. He snoops through your goops until, Low and behold! You have Hickhockles virus and a rather bad cold! “I prescribe Zootziphermax-4000 cerfuncles, For you and your mother and all your great uncles. You must take it all and begin right away. I’ll send it by ipad to your local Targét.” And if this would work as you’d like and it should, All would be fine and your bads would turn good. But down at the Pharmacy things are amuck, And your quick e-prescription just got soundly e-stuck. Old Whifferpifhiffer PharmPH-D, Climbed two thousand miles up a Buffabaughm tree. With his sassglasses on he could finally see Your script in the bill of a Sifferzonzee. Page 23

Back at the store if you desire, Your script will be hung on a doondiffle wire. The wire takes all of those papers you see, And drops them off with Suzie Cruppee. Suzie takes scripts from the doondiffle wire, And uses her blast-taster to set them on fire.

The ashes are gathered by Burt Hooper Von Rapsule And then poured into each time-release capsule. The cost of this process is nine million red gems. The insurance may cover, But you must contact them. In the meantime enjoy e-health care. It’s not quick, fun or accurate, But it’s what’s what’s there.

2016 Adult Poetry Contest COVERED IN DIRT By: Mary Margaret Hanninger

I Must Miss You Again By: Duane Dodson

When you come home from work, and you look at your house, And then you glance over and notice your spouse, You get a strange feeling, you actually hurt, For you notice that both are just covered in dirt. You get out the dust rag, you sweep with your broom, You gather the cob webs from out of the room, You’re tired, you’re weary, you’re barely alert, No matter, your house is still covered in dirt. You clean out the closet, and under the sink, Then wash all the clothes so the laundry won’t stink, You look at your children, all bubbly and pert, They don’t care that the house is all covered in dirt. You now scrub the bathroom, the toilet, the showers, Incessantly cleaning for hours and hours, Feeling defeated, still in your old shirt, Oh why is this house always covered in dirt? There are crumbs in the kitchen, the cupboards are sticky, The stove’s full of grease and it feels rather icky, So where has your life gone, where’s the dessert? There is only this house, and it’s covered in dirt. You have finally died, now you’re resting in peace, The house is all shiny, the cleaning has ceased, But you’re noticing something, could life be this curt? You are deep in the ground, and yes, covered in dirt.

I must miss you again as the stars light my way Through the loneliest paths of the night, As my quest for your spirit at dusk of each day Leaves me wistful, in mind of the plight Of the heartsick explorer who bears love’s delay While his fantasies beg to take flight. I am he. He who eyes through the lens of his mind A relentless review of the past-Like some invalid creature all kept and confined To his hospital bed and his cast With his dreams as his only companion-- the kind Whose intensity fades much too fast. Thought that orb that illumes us who labor below Offers warming relief in the main, I have places inside where its heat does not go-Places arid and barren and plain. You must radiate heat to melt fast through my snow; You must water my roots with your rain. Yes, I move as I should and arrange my affairs As society shows us we must, And I’m clothed in the garb that civility wears… That we’ve all been conditioned to trust; But my fabric is threadbare and easily tears …And it blows off my shoulders like dust. I must miss you again as the stars disappear In the earliest blush of the dawn, Like the you of my dreams ever lingering near For my yearnings to fasten upon… Till I open my eyes on my pain and my fear And discover my dream--and you--gone.

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest Sara By: D.K. Serdinak (about one of my dogs from years ago, as she pawed her blanket into a circular, diveted bed, this requiring much work apparently, rearranging, using her paws to do so, then she abandoned the thing as follows) Sara, a nest she makes, a blanket warm around her- I move- she leaves her blanket to come sit with me, for her happiness today is just to be with me. Stories of Black Beauty and my friends still bring good feelings and smiles. Clear-eyed and clear-thinking.

Empty Spot By: Kathryn M. Tyman I had my childhood with you both. I had my teenage years with you both. I had my adult years with you both. It was God’s will to take you both But the empty spot in my heart will remain empty until I see you both again then the empty spot will be filled again. my love for both of you will remain It was hard to accept the both of you being taken away- such a short time apart something I had to accept in a hard way. But I know you both are watching over me day and night. Until it’s my turn to leave my loved one’s behind and they will have a empty spot to fill!

Clear skies today brought these thoughts my way. Being Mentally Ill By: Mary Kathleen Zeitz What was I put on Earth to do? What was my purpose? I believe it was to help the mentally ill, by me being mentally ill! That was my purpose! If I die knowing that without any compensation And that I am liked for who I am, I guess I will be at peace. At least I hope so!

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest Dawn By: Chris M. Singh

Let me be the one to fawn over you By: Kenneth W. Kramek

Broken thoughts of years that lie Squinted eyes that made me cry Tell me of the time I spent searching just for what love meant. Those that saw the way we were convinced themselves our love was sure, but how was time supposed to know that fate’s indifferent winds could blow. Through things that happened uncontrolled all strings of thought that soon grew old; secrets locked within the past can dimly and forever last.

let me be the one to fawn over you give you praise that’s overdue deep inside you’ll like the view who among us can wear that glow who professes to know who alone can carry the show the fact is the act let the bullshit walk- I’ll still talk the smartest thing that you can do I’ll be the one to fawn over you

In the cavern called the mind burns a light that leads the blind to feelings that remain beyond these sheltered seasons of the dawn.

Reflections By: Lindsay Van Peeren Beneath the watchful, brilliant sky Her golden brown ringlets catch the sun’s gaze. “You’ll always be my little girl” her dad utters, As if she’d somehow forget that phrase. “Push me higher, higher, Daddy!” Her words punch through the wind, And as he stares up in her eyes, His memories force an undeniable grin. A cry, a touch, a gentle kiss upon the newborn's cheek, His world forever entwined in something, that could not even speak. “You may be mine, but for a time,” he whispers “and there will come a day, when another man, who’ll grab your hand, and ask me to give you away.” The organ belts out the Bridal Chorus, as the aisle beckons them so. He reflects, saddened by his epiphany, that his life’s work was to let her go.

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest Freedoms Reign BY: Chris M. Singh

Hawk Side by Carrie Tangenberg Along the highway fence, a hawk posts--tall, keen and poised, as stoic as a feral kitten princess-knowing more, careening inside for hot morsels of mice and sparrows. Too many deer fully empty, ahead. Stuffed with glass, colliding stiff, hollowed-out doe and buck parts await the crows, and the hawks. Ravenous hawks wrench food from life elsewhere. Full hawks fleck brown and white. Russet brown and white-stained-russet lines blur— feather edges, straw bones, red shoulders, tails, secret coverts, cheeks smeared, blood talons, beaks dripping. Blip of a truck, fleck of a bird, the huntress crowns the rot of wooden fence posts (leaving carcasses for cars and crows), low on a highway hill. Sharpeyed, one passed on the right— passenger side, hawk side.

Never be certain a new year will come Remember a deaf man is usually dumb Time passes quickly; do you see the fog clear When you remember what became of this year Feelings of emptiness may over-ride Selfishness often connects with false pride Was fulfillment of wants your major rule The game of competing can barter your soul Was your love honest or did it conform To current provisions of your social norm You notice that time shows mistakes you have made The truth deep within you will serve as your aide Your purpose in life should never be feared Just alter your course toward freedom be steered The meaning of freedom may force you to think Ask why there are oceans plus water to drink You capture the firefly while in the dark You speculate light watching it spark The rainbow that comes in a variant hue Reflects a raw knowledge for us to review Feelings of thankfulness may cause us to see Time will provide for a true harmony When souls are unlocked and there is true peace of mind The essence of love can prevail in mankind.

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest HOW DID I SURVIVE? By: Mary Margaret Hanninger I never wore a helmet when I rode my bike each day, I drank right from the hose and then continued with my play. Cars never had a booster chair, I sat right on the seat, Mom never checked the labels when she called me in to eat. Forget about a cell phone if my homework wasn’t brought, I had to take the heat and then accept that I’d been caught. Our TV had three stations, their numbers 3-5-8, Could not rewind my favorite show if I was running late. I played with puzzles, read my books, learned to swim and dive, No video game, what a shame, how did I survive? I always used good manners, said please and thanks a lot, Never hurt another, and swear words I used not. I played outside till it got dark with friends from down the street, Never being frightened of a stranger I might meet. But the good old days didn’t challenge me much, I might not want them back. Everything now is smart and fast, There is so much that I lack.

IDIOCRACY By: Mary Weckbacher-Robeck I long to live amidst democracy, Far from any foul theocracy. In old, we broke from autocracy, Then to spare us from mobocracy, We dabbled some with technocracy. We realized it was hypocrisy To bring back more aristocracy. Mired in goo that is bureaucracy, Again we're headed for plutocracy. Let's embrace our idiocracy!

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest Poverty By: Luisa Kay Reyes THE INVENTION OF WALES by Seth Evin Thomas When the building stopped at Babel, The newly Welsh burst into song. They set their sails for Cardiff, Wales And shouted back: "So Llongchrymffwyllgylgoch 2016

Although inconvenient and not quite a curse Its effects make one long for a plentiful purse As wonderful dreams that could fill one with joy Become the hapless victims of hunger’s ploy. For even those who possess a bold physique With the faint but strong pain in their stomach grow weak And the desire to dream in one’s slumber Are replaced by want, then rendered asunder. Facing labor without opportunity Fulfilling one’s dreams without impunity Seems neglectful and nearly impossible But the sole means to vanquish the obstacle . . . possible.

Locking the Exit In response to Matthew Minicucci’s poem “On Anger” By: Lindsay Miraglia I want to take a match, watch the blue consume the orange because the blue burns brighter. Fingernails are claws to stop your thoughts from seeping through your mouth. I feel wrong. Not like I’m making a mistake, but as if I am the mistake. I’m the light that won’t stop flickering, because everyone keeps forgetting to change the bulb. Every day, I hear a pounding, but it’s not in my head, and it’s certainly not at the door. I hear it but I don’t know where it comes from. It tells me not to leave, not to become, because the world outside squishes bumblebees crawling onto the pistil of a lily that’s broken off its stem and fallen onto the sidewalk. My eyes hold the only water around, but I keep them in a drought. Droughts can’t last forever—the rain always comes. The world outside calls to me, but the pounding is louder.

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THE ERA OF SACREDNESS By: Ebele Efobi Coming out of a shell to hold the world with open palms is not for the selfish or the weakling. Hidden is the self that does not look upon the true image in the mirror during morning rushes to get pretty, pretty quickly. Facial malfunctions aim to free not to enclose the spirit of a sacred child. Disappointment from human flaws seem unchangeable in human eyes. Limitation springs up in unlimited areas, unsettling the calm sea, caging the spirited child in the era of sacredness.

2016 Adult Poetry Contest INTO YOUR BREATH By: Mark Savchenko Flickered pulses seen by your retina Into your brain Depressed A plan Digital Digital Pulses of Light seen by your retinas Into your brain Tired, Forgetfull, Ahlziemers A plan Self breast exam No self brain exam Cell phone radiation Eating your brain Laptop radiation Eating your brain A plan Hungry Crank up your microwave Destroys nutrition Suicidal Close windows in car Five ipods Bouncing radiation around Into your brain

Approaching Maturity By: Irene R. Marquart We gather to chitchat, exchange family photos And update each other, for how long who knows? We begin a discussion of serious topics. Surgery and illness soon correlate, Politics becomes too hot to handle. Culture and arts scarcely to rate— To good old days they don’t hold a candle! Worse subject of all is the nation’s fate, A wheel of misfortune, this earthly rundle. We go on to recall with viewpoints myopic Old arguments, insults, even comments uncouth. Regressing to teen age we show little growth. With every word we parry and thrust, like Venom-filled snakes poised to strike. Disastrous momentum toward rancorous rage— Have we not come of age?

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest ODE TO THE FALLEN Remembrance Nine-Eleven By: Mark Savchenko By: Valentina Ranaldi-Adams You’ve fallen Into technologies magic web Two heartland youths, Drawn deep into its seductiveness we rode the adventure train that day. Your gaze directed To its glass surface Our destination, Not your fellow humans the dual towers that merged with the sky. Your consciousness goes down the information highway Will you recall your siblings embrace An elevator ride, Or your mother’s face our trek up the fabricated peaks of that Some future date Mount Everest. You realize a gift has been traded Humanity has morphed into mechanicalness Our simple escapade, This unfeeling matrix a sweet souvenir for years to come. Has stolen A precious thing We possessed only a memory, Our humanity that terrorists would mar. Your silence Speaks volumes Not so, We are not for so many others! In the palm of your hand We are here All around you Each other. Not Just Some By: Marc Wayne Wiseman When short in stature he could not see, He ran ahead and climbed a tree. When Jesus saw him in the tree, He said Zacchaeus, hasten come down I must sup with thee. The crowd they murmured in disgust For a tax collector you could not trust Zacchaeus proclaimed, Lord anything I wrongly hold, To them I will repay four fold. Jesus said from the house of Abraham Zacchaeus came, And he upholds the honor of that name. To save man I have come To give all a choice NOT just some. Page 31

2016 Adult Poetry Contest “SURRENDER DOROTHY” By: Mark Savchenko X’s in the sky Aluminum and barium filled plumes Blocking the sun Sudden sneezing Sinuses gone wild Unexplained naseau Aching joints Cloud seeding Criss crossing planes Exhaust like spray foam insulation

DAD (June 18, 2000) By: Mary Weckbacher-Robeck The man who shepherds us on the path Through the jungle of morals, work and math, Has paid his dues to country and God, Now spoils his grandkids and spares the rod. A small town boy who went off to war, A load of vain leaders in the rifle he bore. In the Bulge, he experienced God's pure grace, And suffered a wound in a posterior place. A stalwart husband, through sickness and health, Knows family and friends are the ultimate wealth. Rich in the history of his Germanic tribe, He laments the loss of namesakes inscribed. From this child's eyes, he was bigger than life, Speaking his mind, not buckling with strife. Echoing the values his parents instilled, Through years of love, our hearts have been filled.

Terraforming Chemtrailing

Eternal Love By: Kathryn M. Tyman

“Experimental program” since 1997

Once we met a long time ago We were attracted to each other so. We both been around; all over town. We lost our feelings for everyone else. Just you and me and no one else. We’ve loved each other, for 7 years now. I could never hide my true feelings. I only need to know that you love me only and no one else. Trusting each other; while were apart makes our love stronger in our hearts. you are my world and no one else! You make me glow in my heart. I love you so and always will there will never be another for me you make me shine all the time!

Existance denied ‘till now Breathe deep your destruction Look up to the sky Then down to your early grave And the death of the planet Thank you chemtrails I didn’t really want to live a long healthy life

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest

The Rose and the Wall By: Cheryl Voiklis Fragile is the wild rose So easily frosted by the cold in her bed of leaves at night

Derailment By: Lindsay Miraglia

No tender loving care is given to the rose whose vines run in no particular direction – no wrong way no right

A train car tips over, the way I imagine it would look to tip a cow.

Despite this flower’s vulnerabilities Regardless of the cold band of Winter’s might- It rises from the ground each Spring branching out in directions unknown The sun is a friend warming the pathways that it finds- The rain keeping company and caressing buds of velvet and winding green vines Forever it seems there is nothing to cling toNothing to reach and climb towards the warmth of the sun and brilliant stars at night Out of nowhere it seemed- The rose reached out and felt the hardness of a lone brown stone wall Vining up it’s rough texture and the solidness of it all Thorns stuck into the rocks Feeling safe the rose tenaciously made it’s way up to cling and reach for the light. The wall didn’t seem to mind the thorns at all and appreciated this new companion who covered him with her leaves and enveloped him with her smell. The buds almost tickled as they crept along It seems that the wild rose and the sturdy brown stone wall were destined to become as one – Season after Season To: Andreas Voiklis Summer of 1992

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Maybe I should stop running, stand straight, let golden auras dowse my face. That left turn should’ve been a “turn around and go home,” because I don’t know directions when lights go out and lines blur. Even the stars hid in a tease. I slipped rushing through snow, but I didn’t imprint an angel, and maybe I should have. But really, I didn’t lock the door, didn’t make any kind of “don’t go” attempt because I wanted to be the one to go, to tuck myself in among the stars and forget the days.

2016 Adult Poetry Contest

Stop Domestic Violence By: Ronald Bush Let’s talk about it not shout about it. Let’s use kind words not insulting words that hurt. Should a misunderstanding lead to mistreatment? Let us replace hitting and shoving with hugging and loving. And let peace be our friend and a promise to care for one another until the end.

Gods Grace Is No Small Thing By - Marc Wayne Wiseman With just four words, He brought forth his light And placed the stars within the night. God’s grace is no small thing. He made the earth, filled it with life Created man, gave him a wife. God’s grace is no small thing. He sent a flood upon the earth And entrusted Noah with it’s rebirth.

Unknown Soldier By - Chris M. Singh It was during the war That’s all I know Which one I cannot say When men had died and left their dreams so long and far away He left looking for total truth A falsehood intervened A massed confusion reigned From life he was not weened

God’s grace is no small thing. An army Pharaoh did assemble And caused that Israelites to fear and tremble. A wall of fire the Lord between them placed And through the parted sea they raced. God’s grace is no small thing. When their mightiest warrior he would face David a stone within his sling did place, And with that stone that he let fly, He stuck Goliah and caused him to die.

As death looked grimly in his face His eyes could not believe That cold and silent bayonettes could easily conceive a death, a crumbling cobblestone of paths indefinite allowing joyous freedom songs never to be met

God’s grace is no small thing. And to think Christ went to Calvary Where on the cross He died for me. Truly God’s grace is no small thing.

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest The Cravin' BY: Duane Dodson Once upon a midnight boring, while her husband lay a-snoring Quite fatigued from rugged work-a-day, as many husbands are; While he slumbered very cozy, chubby cheeks all warm and rosy, In the middle of his doze, he was awakened by her jar... And a smack upon his forehead did accompany that jar, As she shouted, "Chocolate bar!" "But there's ice cream in the kitchen! Also cookies! Quit your pitchin' Fits! I know your tummy's itchin', but I don't feel up to par! I'll bring chocolate home tomorrow." Then she sighed in vivid sorrow, Said, "I guess the store's too far. Okay. I guess the store's too far. Like your love for me is just too weak...I guess the store's too far. You don't love me. Chocolate bar." Then the argument had ended. He thought, "This thing won't be mended Till I get this fool her splendid chocolate. Women!! They're bizarre!! All the week I'm workin', slavin', takin' garbage out…behavin'-Then she gets some stupid cravin', and I lose my R&R! For some silly piece of chocolate I must lose my R&R!” She just mumbled, "Chocolate bar." So her husband learned his lesson. Now he knows you don't be messin' With a woman who's obsessin'--if you want to be her star. Skip the poetry and flowers. Don’t waste precious days and hours Using all your meager powers writing lyrics for guitar... No, she doesn't want your body or sweet songs from your guitar. Just give woman chocolate bar.

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest Generations By: Danie Hampton Why is somebody taken from somebody else; just to make it 4 themselves? Hey man! My name is Jess, I’m not in that mess. You know what I need is a place of peace and quiet. Why you may ask…cause in my mind there’s a riot. That’s the expression of oppression that is what’s being done to you! Some have a lot; other’s have not. You wanna know how they get what they got? When they settle down, so as not to be confound by way of those on the rebound, listen carefully to the sound. It’s afternoon, there tears from that one; seems no one cares; 4 what is fair. Now its jubilee, there I’ll be, with the most finesse, happy are the blessed. Yo, you know once upon a while, you touch upon an isle that is really worth your while. With a whale of a tell 2 tell. Hey man! What you selling, I’m not telling. What I will do is sail with a snail, the one who wore it well, in every little thing, will tell. Hey man! Where did you get that? From under my hat! Naw, it’s something you kept 4 a rainy day, could say it fell from the sky. Why do people die? Some are really trying, I am not lying. They do not want to die. Want to know the reason why? Heaven holds a place for those who pray. You could live 4 ever in paradise, while here on earth. Amen that is his bizz. I got mine and I am not concerned. What’s the buzz, that’s who he was, and is dead; He did not take notice of the books he read. You know the mystery of this generation is that, “one ought to read to achieve”. Living is not make believe. Ever heard it said, whatever the mind can conceive, the body can achieve; and this, one can believe. No unbeliever cause it’s misleading. Damn, will we ever be even? I am a writer not a fighter; a worker not a tear jerker. Of the mirror of my mind, it is one of the kind! Sunshine! “I believe” long and strong, there is nothing goin on in my zone, there is nothing wrong, with what’s goin on. You see, in every generation, thru out the nation, there are patients on medication. They are the patients of the saints, for those who say “I can’t”. Theirs’ is not a mystery that be; 4 the whole world to see star gazing, so amazing. It’s Jehovah that I’m praising.

With The Sun By: Heather Harms With the sun She rises And recommits her will She will Look on the bright side, hold her tongue, help her neighbor, put others before herself, Be creative, loving, efficient, funny, smart, sexy, wise, humble She will Pray While her good intentions tumble, Crumble, Are worn away By the light of day

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest SWEET LOVE By Malai Evans Once upon a time On newlywed street I gave you my heart Our love was complete

Then we moved to A larger place Expecting our first child Decorating her space

You worked down the road At the insurance place I taught fifth grade We talked face to face

We were connected Love was protected In your eyes Peace was reflected

That was the first year After we said I do I admired and felt Very close to you

Then came the kids First a girl then a boy Our lives were filled With playpens of joy

Through the school years Our sweet long song Lost its beat, the CD Got scratched and Tossed in the backseat With the cookie crumbs Now it is about time To rediscover our love Written just for two Tried and True

Back to the place of Face to face Misunderstandings Dismissed, distractions Erased Listen to the music playing Hear what our hearts are saying We have sweet love

ASK and I’LL give the nations By: Michael Rhoads You’re not totally healed? Get over it and get back to the field! A VIRGIN WHO IS WATCHFUL and WISE, for your obedience MY SON, SHE IS YOUR Prize Satan says, ‘Come drink of the wine I have mixed, foolishness, pride and laziness… Sleep two more hours if you please, let your harvest go to strangers - the Father’s wealth to his enemies...At the same time, Yeshua with wisdom does sigh and cry, JOIN US FOR THE HARVEST! THE FIELDS ARE SO RIPE... PICK THE NATIONS THEY ARE YOURS MY SON YOU ASKED AND RECEIVED (PSALM 2) - O WHAT FUN!!!!!!!!

Page 37

2016 Adult Poetry Contest Tribute to Nannie – Eva Mae Johnson by Malai Evans (her granddaughter) Eva Mae with eyes of blue You showed great strength In everything you set your hands to do The oldest of twelve born in Tennessee You were a second mother to many Your lemon pound cake was second to none Your garden always bloomed beneath the radiant sun A wife to Herman, a mother of three You worked as a nurse tirelessly You refused to go with the status quo You took a stand so everyone would know That you did not hesitate to get in a fight Especially when you knew what you said was right You read many books and did crosswords everyday Your mind stayed sharp and you did not hesitate to say What was on your mind You grew up in a time were Black people were oppressed Everyone knew your father Emory Jackson wouldn’t take no mess He refused to step off the sidewalk to the curb He made respect not a noun but a verb He demanded it and it was given even by Those whose discrimination was their livin’ Now you are in heaven where your rest is complete You can smell all the blossoms from a glorious seat We thank the Lord Jesus that he escorted you in He has washed us all clean from the stain of sin

Off and On By: Ronald Bush Some player take plays off. Some workers take days off. Some people wake up and the light stays off. I like players that play on. I like workers that stay on. Some people wake up and the light stays on.

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest

The Making Of Me By Shara’e Priester How do expect others to love you and accept you for who you are? when YOU don't even know who you are. Imagine going through life hiding in the shadows of the people who came before you. Trying to live up to the expectations of other people when it's crushing you blow by blow when you fail and it’s hard to stand from the weight on your shoulders. When you’re drowning in misery and despair and no one notices the screams and the cries of the disappearing girl. How are you supposed to maintain in a world filled with constant cruelty and negativity.. Does anyone See her suffering, Does anyone Hear her cries, Does Anyone Care?…. How do you keep from hitting the ground when no one knows that you are falling… When you can no longer stand the weight of the world the only thing left to do is KNEEL… Who would have thought, the only thing that was keeping you afloat was the very thing that you lost a long time ago.. FAITH……. Faith is the whisper of beautiful music in your ear that has captured your mind and your heart. Faith is the seeing the face of the children who taught you how to love the world again. Faith is falling but getting up to fight again and again until you conquer the world. Faith is knowing who you are…… So Who Am I?

Cat's Fur By: Mary Weckbacher-Robeck Nov. 2 1999 Fluffy, Light, Silky White, Caress my fingertips. Stands on End When 'Round the Bend, An intruder rips. Flying Clumps, Noisy Bumps, Snarls roll 'round and 'round. Swipes and Misses, Parting Hisses, Bathing-corner bound.

Irises By: Valentina Ranaldi-Adams Nobel ladies dance in frilly, pastel petticoats. A subtle breeze disperses their luscious scent. The gentle rain adorns them with crystal beads. Unseen soldiers protect them with elongated, green swords.

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest Not a Choice By: Lori Noebe It was not a choice you would have made but you heard a voice that would not fade.

The last order was said and the end was in sight freedom laid just ahead soon you'd be alright.

Off to combat you went to keep your country free going where you were sent to lands you'd yet to see.

Home you were bound with nothing more to give going where peace is found and nothing to forgive.

With God at your side and a strength anew you served with pride for the red, white and blue.

Back home you arrived on a wing and prayer knowing you'd be revived just by breathing its air.

The war had begun the enemies to kill with the use of your gun you showed them your skill.

Yet it seemed to be a foreign land where Vietnam was a dirty word with those who took the stand that Vietnam was simply absurd.

As the days wore on you wrestled for sanity knowing you were a pawn in this game of inhumanity.

So silently you became as you quietly died inside digesting the shame of what you had to hide.

Many times you wanted out of this game called war that left you with a doubt what was all this for?

Death became your ticket out and like a thief it came taking away all doubt that no one was to blame.

Bubble By: Emily S. Cavalier If I floated on a gentle breeze, showing the world in a rainbow reflection, lazily getting lower and lower, then bursting out of nowhere, microscopic parts shattering in every single direction, and I, as a bubble, ceased to exist, would that hurt? Page 40


Growing Season by: Karen Dhyanchand The little ones among us search for our eye contact They look for our outstretched palms They yearn to ask us unlimited questions They need our laps to sit in What do we offer them in return? I hope it will always be shining, patient eyes a helping hand a listening ear a story shared in a rocking chair The little ones among us need to move to pretend to fall to cry What do we offer them in return? I hope it will always be a space to dance and wiggle plenty of free time to imagine possibilities patience to try again permission to feel Like perennials, peeking out from underneath spring snow, children emerge slowly We cannot control the weather But we can choose to bear witness to care to tend.

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2016 Adult Poetry Contest

________ E________

________ A ________

Efobi, Ebele ...............................29

Adamczyk, Will ................... 3; 5; 6

Evans, Malai .................. 16; 37; 38

Anthony, Nakia .......................... 22

________ B ________

________ F ________

Boyd, Unity Faith............. 7; 10; 12

Fallucco, Kara ...........................13

Bush, Ronald .................. 9; 34; 38

Fox, Jane...................................20

________ C ________

________ H _______

Carter, Barry ............................... 5

Hampton, Danie............... 3; 22; 36

Cavalier, Emily ................ 9; 12; 40

Hanninger, Mary Margaret ... 24; 28 Harms, Heather .........................36 Hopkins, Alicia .............................4

________ D ________ Derwacter, Glenda ...................... 3

________ K _______

Dhyanchand, Karen .................. 41 Dodson, Duane ............. 21; 24; 35

Kramek, Kenneth ........... 19; 23; 26

Page 42

2016 Adult Poetry Contest

_________ P ________ Palmer, Shellie ...................... 6; 14

________ L ________

Peters, Denise ..................... 14; 41 Logan, Randy .......................... 17

Priester, Shara’e ........................ 39

Louis, Sharifa .............................. 7

_________ R ________

________ M ________

Ranaldi-Adams, Valentina . 23; 31; 39

Marquart, Irene ......................... 30

Reyes, Luisa Kay .............. 4; 10; 29

McFadden, Cynthia ................... 20

Rhoads, Michael.................... 16; 37

Miraglia, Lindsay ................. 29; 33

_________ S ________ ________ N ________

Savchenko, Mark ............. 30; 31; 32 Schloneger, Nathalina .................18

Noebe, Lori ......................... 21; 40

Scholl, David .................................7 Scott, Bob ....................................19 Serdinak, D.K. ................... 7; 11; 25

________ O ________

Singh, Chris ..................... 26; 27; 34

Ousley, Mindy ........................... 19

Page 43

2016 Adult Poetry Contest

________ T ________ Tangenberg, Carrie .......... 11; 13; 27 Taylor, Chandra G. ........................ 8 Thomas, Seth Evin………8; 15; 29 Tyman, Kathlyn ................... 25; 32

________ V ________ Van Peeren, Lindsay……………….. 10; 26 Voiklis, Cheryl………………..12; 33

________ W ________ Weckbacher-Robeck, Mary ....... 28; 32; 39 Wiles, Kellyann…………………...23 Wiseman, Marc ......................... 20; 31; 34 Wishop, Jackie ................................ 17; 20

________ Z ________ Zeitz, Mary Kathleen .............................25

Page 44


Stark County District Library Annual Poetry Contest Booklet Adults  

This is the Stark County District Library Annual Poetry Contest Booklet, containing poems from adults.

Stark County District Library Annual Poetry Contest Booklet Adults  

This is the Stark County District Library Annual Poetry Contest Booklet, containing poems from adults.