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Written by MKA-RC-lover

We all know that DKNY store no longer exists on Stardoll and it won’t probably come back. Our favorite store closed in Spring-Summer 2010. However, you could learn some very useful facts about the history of the DKNY store on Stardoll. So, let’s start with the 1st DKNY collection. Back in August-September 2007, the store made its first appearance. As you might all have noticed, the clothes of the 1st colelction are the most famous and rare and the collection itself the most successful. Taking into consideration the fact that Stardoll members in 2007 were not as many as they are today, very few ‘still active’ members own 1st collection clothes by buying them straight from the shop. You could still find users who have 1st collection clothes, but most of them are collectors and won’t be willing to sell them or if they are, the prices they will be selling them for will be probably extravagant! Among the rarest clothes from the 1st DKNY collection is DKNY Hearts Blouse which you can see below:

It’s very uncommon to find someone who has this blouse. Most members who own it, justifiably don’t want to sell it as it’s one not to say the most rare and wanted item from the collection.

The first day, the DKNY store was released, the Start Page looked like this:

All members who have been on Stardoll for lots of years must remember how the Stardoll firstly looked. If you also notice, there were only 10,637,871 members then and now there are more than 190,000,000. I found three pictures of the DKNY 1st collection store. In the first, you can see the second floor and in the two others, you can see the first floor but there are different clothes in each floor.

1st Floor

2nd Floor

(Different than the other)

3rd Floor

The 2nd DKNY collection was released in November 2007 and some of the clothes are equally rare and famous as the ones from the 1st collection. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any pictures of the store. However, we know which clothes were included in the collection. The 2nd collection clothes as known as ‘Holiday DKNY’, as the real life ones were designed and released in 2007 exclusively for the holiday period. Below you can see the DKNY Holiday Dress-Up game :

In the following pictures, you can see the Stardoll versions as well as the real life ones:

And below, you can see the rest pieces from the collection:

DKNY Lip Print Scarf

DKNY Lip Print Ruffle Dress

DKNY Lip Blouse

DKNY Logo Kiss Satchel

DKNY Black Sequin Dress

DKNY Paisely Print Dress

DKNY Embellished Coat

DKNY Dip Dye V-Neck Dress

DKNY Metallic Satchel

DKNY Bow Clutch

DKNY Logo Beret

DKNY Paisely Print Scarf

DKNY Shearling Cocktail Coat

DKNY Black and Gold Mary Jane

The 3rd DKNY collection was released on Stardoll in spring 2008. The clothes are mostly in orange, grey and black colours. The collection is devided into 3 parts. Below you can see the clothes of the 1st part.

The 2nd part of the spring 2008 collection is more vivid and bright. The clothes are mainly in pink colours. The specific collection is rare enough but not as rare as the 1st and 2nd collections of course!

Below you can see the store:

In the picture above, you can see the 2nd part of the collection as well as the 3d part. In particular, the second part is on the left and the third part on the left.

The 4th DKNY collection was released on Stardoll in summer 2008. The colours used in this collection are light green, mostly brown and blue and less pink. This collection is not as rare and uncommon. Some clothes are very nicelooking though. The clothes cost 5 to 10sd (which is the most expensive). As you understand, the prices are way cheaper than the ones today. On this and the next page you can see pictures of the store:

1st Floor

2nd Floor

DKNY Loose Stripe Tank

DKNY Strapless Stripe Maxi

DKNY Fish Print Cardigan

DKNY Fish Hem Skirt

DKNY Tube Cargo Jumpsuit

DKNY Grand Print Belted Tunic DKNY Print Spaghetti Strap Jumper

DKNY Marina Grand Large Canvas Tote

DKNY Summer Shorts

DKNY Cotton Tank Top

DKNY Marina Grand Print Shorts DKNY Marina Grand Canvas Tote

DKNY Print Blouse

DKNY Obi Sash Belt

DKNY Cropped Trouser w/Cuffed Hem

DKNY Stripe Sheath Dress

It’s not a collection but it’s worh mentioning this Super Stardoll offer for the new 2009 year. Stardoll offered to ALL members, Superstars & non-Superstars 1 totally FREE DKNY dress if they logged into their Stardoll account the January 1st 2009. This was one of the best Stardoll offers, since you didn’t have to spend any Stardollars to get it (in comparison to the Stardoll offers today).

5η Συλλογή

The 5th collection was released in spring 2009. Even though the colours of some clothes were nice enough, most members were disappointed by this collection. As a result, the clothes although old, they are not rare. Except for that, you can see them in the Starbazaar very often. On the next pages you can see pictures of the store as well as the clothes from the collection.

1st Floor

2nd Floor

So here we are, the 6th and last DKNY collection of Stardoll... The collection was released in November 2009. Some pieces are nice, however the collection didn’t impress the members again. Most pieces were sold on the sale period on Stardoll. Below you can see a few pictures:

1ος Όροφος

2ος Όροφος

The end of the DKNY Stardoll store. The picture you see above, appeared on the Start page in April and the prices of the clothes were really low. A few days later the store closed. The clothes from the last 2 collections (Spring-Summer & Fall-Winter 2009) are available on the Starbazaar. I hope you liked my wotk, thanks for your time!



DKNY History  

This is the DKNY History on Stardoll. Hope you liked it! MKA-RC-lover

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