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15th APR 2012

Cannondale San Diego 60/105

15th APR 2012

Cannondale Saint Tropez 59/136/179

27th MAY 2012 Radmarathon Bad Kleinkirchheim 65/106 2nd JUN 2012

Cannondale Mont Ventoux 21/102/170

15th JUL 2012

Cannondale Los Angeles 42/80

15th JUL 2012

Cannondale Valberg Col de la Bonette 96/180

12th AUG 2012

Cannondale Philadelphia 31/72/108

19th AUG 2012

Cannondale Vail 50/120

14th OCT 2012

Cannondale Reno/Lake Tahoe 50/100

FALL 2012

Cannondale Miami 25/55/100

25th MAR 2012 St.Kitts - Nevis 2.5Mile

31st MAR 2012

Nevis 111-33.3-11.1

15th APR 2012

Mallorca 111-55.5

29th APR 2012

Cannes 111-55.5

3th JUN 2012

Salzkammergut 111-55.5

10th JUN 2012

Worms-Germany 111-33.3

17th JUN 2012

Deauville 111-33.3

15th JUL 2012

Lyon 111-55.5

15th JUL 2012

Kufstein 111-55.5

29th JUL 2012

Milton Keynes 111-33.3

5th AUG 2012

Estonia 111-11.1

25th AUG 2012

Minnesota 111

2nd SEP 2012

Monaco 111

23th SEP 2012

Madrid 111-33.3

30th SEP 2012

Split 111-55.5

14th OCT 2012

Rio de Janeiro 111-55.5

29th APR 2012


24th JUN 2102

Strasbourg 5/10

1st JUL 2012

Paris 5/10

OCT 2012 21th OCT 2012

Lyon Bordeaux 5/10

“ It is the pace of a short course event, with an extra hour of racing. It is seriously hard and I love it “ (Chris McCormack ITU & IronmanWorldchampion)

TriStar is an international triathlon event series held over various new distances. It was launched in September 2009 with TriStar200 Andalucía in Spain and has rapidly grown ever since. Several innovative formats recognized by the ITU offer a perfect complementary solution between Olympic and long-distance triathlons. TriStar is based on fun, environmental protection and social responsibility. Beginners are pleased by the possibility to join Relay teams; professionals can use TriStar as a preparation for long-distance races. Shorter swim and run distances enable shortened recovery times, giving athletes the possibility to participate in more races than before. Giving the possibility to race in teams of five brings the team spirit back to a sport that was for a long time perceived as individual.

Choose your favourite distance, ...and then divide it by 10 for the run and by 100 for the swim. For example, 1km of swimming, 100km of cycling and 10km of running add up to TriStar111.

1km SWIM 100km BIKE 10km RUN


The new TriStar® event series offers a wide range of triathlon events. The high quality events are designed for accessibility by triathletes and all other kinds of athletes who want to participate in races combining the world’s three most popular sports disciplines. The TriStar® event series is based on a simple and understandable concept, unlike many other triathlon race formats and are easily accessible for everyone with the desire to participate. Several innovative formats recognized by the ITU offer a perfect complementary solution between Olympic and long-distance triathlons. Fun, environmental protection and social responsibility are the three main aspects of all TriStar races.

31.MAR 2012


Come Tri the Caribbean! Come to Nevis and enjoy a week full of sports and fun with a StarMile open water swim, TriStar triathlons on various distances and a Charity Fun Run. Come and see paradise. Stop dreaming and start planning your trip to open your 2012 season!!!

Family fun: Crystal water: Weekly activites: Swim: Caribbean sea! Bike: easy Run: good mood!

Portocolom is known to be the first European destination for triathletes after a cold winter. Enjoy swimming in the bay of Portocolom, glench your teeth on the exciting and hard bike for the climb to Sant Salvador, and be sure to throw up your hands in the streets of this beautiful and traditional Mediterranean village when finishing the race. Summer starts early in Mallorca!!!

Bike challenge: Mediterranean flavour: Training week: Swim: Calm waters Bike: double climbing to Sant Salvador Run: A little hilly around the port


15.APR 2012

Fast forward into summer ...

29.APR 2012


A movie Triathlon! TriStar Cannes is one of the most striking and unique places in the Côte d’Azur. A triathlon movie in the city of the international festival. Enjoy a demanding bike course in one of the earliest races in Europe. Located on the Riviera, Cannes is very attractive for its cultural life and for its touristic side. Yes we Cannes!

Glamour: Kick-off of your triathlon season: Tourism and relax: Swim: Côte d’Azur is waiting for you Bike: Demanding profile! Run: Enjoy the city centre of Cannes

TriStar Salzkammergut in Attersee, in the region of Upper Austria, will be held in one of the most popular places in Austria on June 3, offering nature pure to its participants. Triathletes can enjoy a triathlon passing spectacular spots and experiencing beautiful views racing around the lake Attersee. The region offers several lakes with crystal clear water and excellents roads for cyclists to rise to 2,000 meters, and then fall back to the lake for some relax and tranquility. In addition to the natural environment, Attersee is very close to big cities like Salzburg or Linz, which makes it a perfect destination for the whole family (shopping, cultural tourism‌).

Nature spot: Family&Shopping: Relax: Swim: Crystal Clear lake waters! Bike: Back to the nature roots! Run: Two loops


3.JUN 2012

Come back to nature!

10.JUN 2012


Passion for Triathlon! TriStar111 Germany with its main focus on the bike split and the perfect in June is the ideal choice for beginners and experienced athletes who want to get ready for other big European triathlon races in summer.The 1k swim split in the calm waters of the raft harbour of Worms concludes with a smooth downstream swim in the Rhine River is followed by a 1 loop 100k bike ride through the beautiful Rheinhessen wine country. A 10k run with two times crossing the Nibelungen-bridge, a part through the history-charged Old Town of Worms and the finish at the Rhine river embankment completes this extraordinary race day.

Triathlon atmosphere: Landscapes: Historic monuments:

Swim: Rhine river Bike: Enjoy Rheinhessen wine country Run: 2 millennia of history of Worms

The 17 June will be an exceptional day for Normandy. The region will host its first international triathlon ever. Deauville will become part of the World Series and welcome participants of two TriStar events: TriStar111 Deauville and TriStar33.3 Deauville. The competition will start with a 1km swim departing from the famous Deauville Beach, followed by a 100km biking part, exploring the sights of the Côte Fleurie. The run course and the finish line are located in the heart of the town, well known for being one of the most glamorous seaside resorts of France.

Activities around triathlon: Resorts&Luxury hotels for kids and family: Shopping and wellness: Swim: Start on the beach Bike: Pays d‘Auge, 3 loops Run: Finish at Promenade on the planches


17.JUN 2012

The ‘Triathlon’ Day

15.JUL 2012


Taste the gastronomic triathlon The second-largest French city hosted the first TriStar race in the country. The race will feature a swim in the Saône, a selective cycling route in the Monts d’Or and running through the historical city centre. The popular triathlon format will come to the Grande Nation offering two races: TriStar111 and TriStar55.5 will both be held on the same circuit, with one loop for each discipline in the TriStar55.5 race, and two loops for the TriStar111 Lyon. Enjoy the gastronomic capital of Europe and the city of Light.

Gastronomy: Shopping: Historical and architectural landmarks: Swim: Warm water Bike: Gorgeous and picturesque villages Run: One of the most beautiful TriStar run courses www.tristarlyon.cozzm

Located right at the border with Germany in the east of Tyrol, known as one of the most popular touristic regions in Austria, Kufstein appears to be the perfect destination to host an international triathlon. A picturesque and astonishing landscape for cycling, the ideal infrastructure for a triathlon race in city of Kufstein and a well developed triathlon scene in the region- all this makes TriStar Kufstein a perfect spot for fun&triathlon week.

Historical city and natural surroundings: Holiday destination: Easy to reach: Swim: Hechtsee, a scenic swimming lake in the middle of the mountains. Bike: Fast flat section an a demanding ascent Run: Along the river!


15.JUL 2012

Discover Tyrol!

29.JUL 2012


Your TriStar closer to London The inaugural TriStar Milton Keynes will be held on the 29th July, just 10 days before the Olympic triathlon at London 2012. Milton Keynes is located only 80km from London and is a centrally located cosmopolitan city well connected by road, rail and air. Milton Keynes is centrally located in the south east of England, less than an hour‘s journey from London, and will be the first host city for a TriStar event in the UK.

Prelude to the Olympic triathlon: Music, cinema and culture: World Class Shopping and Sports spot: Swim: Easy swim in a lake! Bike: Winding country roads Run: think green! Emberton Park

The entire race is designed around the particular landscapes of the Pühajärve region with many lakes. The Baltic TriStar race entails 1km of swimming in the Pühajärve (which translates into Holy Lake in English), 100km of cycling in three loops through a magical south Estonian landscape passing by numerous lakes, and 10km of running featuring picturesque views of Pühajärve. Is a big Tri Festival weekend with 3 races and a StarRun charity event!!! One of the TriStar classics ;)

Nature destination: Adventure: Triathlon Festival: Swim: Warm Lake Pühajärv Bike: Magical landscape of the Southern Estonia Run: Challenging!


5.AUG 2012

The Estonian Triathlon Festival!

25.AUG 2012


European style Triathlon in the US! The fun format of the sport of triathlon, TriStar Minnesota, arrived this past August at the United States for the first time and offered more options than ever, for the most experienced athletes and for those who wanted to debut. Now, you could enjoy the game in 2012! The first TriStar111 was held on Saturday August 27 (1km-0.6mi swim in the lake, 100km62mi cycling without drafting, and then finish with 10km-6.2mi run), entirely taking place in a incredible natural are. Outdoor enthusiasts found a host of activities in almost 1000 acres of parkland and 35 miles of trail. Maple Grove’s park system also offers neighborhood and community parks with playgrounds, athletic fields and courts, and picnic areas.

Nature destination: Spectators entertainment: Natural area triathlon:

Swim: Calm water in Weaver Bike: Two laps with secenic views of the Maple Grove, Plymouth and Corcoran landscape Run: Two easy laps!

The Principality of Monaco host since 2010 a spectacular TriStar111 race. The Formula 1 of Triathlons has attracted more athletes than any other TriStar race so far and proves the interest in the unique race format. Hundreds of triathletes will entail 1km of swimming in the Mediterranean, 100km of cycling through the picturesque hinterland and 10km of running along the Formula 1 circuit. Many professional athletes will be there to step on the gas while more than 20 relays will enjoy the triple-effort conjointly. And take a look on every year start list: F1 drivers, celebrities...

Fashion: Glamour & Glitter: Summer life: Swim: Mediterranean style Bike: Nice classic bike roads, demanding and exciting! Run: Run in the real Formula1 course!


2.SEP 2012

The Formula 1 of Triathlon

23.SEP 2012


Fun race and new format...ÂĄolĂŠ! In July we enjoyed the first edition of the TriStar111 Madrid, an exciting drafting allowed triahtlon in the Casa de Campo, in the heart of the capital of Spain in a multilap circuit with drafting allowed. We are working on develop new surprises in 2012... New distances (TriStar33.3) and new formats (T5 TriStar Team: 5 athletes racing togheter). Enjoy Spain and one of the major European cities, in the city centre.

Cultural life: Gastronomy: Team up!:

Swim: Casa de Campo lake Bike: Drafting allowed! Run: Run in a flat and nice park

Bringing a new approach to Triathlon! We make an individual sport to a team sport! • Teams composed by 5 athletes • Professionals and amateurs (open to anyone, no separation of pros and age group athletes!) • Mass-start and team drafting race • Male and female teams • Team support cars • Limited number of teams

Feel the new spirit! The ideal race for all athletes who want to compete along their mates! The perfect challenge for your club! A new platform for brands to present themselves and their performance orientation Widely covered by media all over Europe and the world

T R I S TA R T 5

22.SEP 2012 Star Events Introduces a new innovative TEAM event for the sport of Triathlon in 2012 by creating TriStar T5 Team Madrid, on 22th September. The T5 Team Event will be held over the classic TriStar111 distance

30.SEP 2012


Race through History Split is a sport paradise in Croatia. The City located on the Eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea spreads over a peninsula and is one of the oldest Cities in the area with more than 1700 years of history. After 1km of swimming in the harbour, competitors will go on a 100km bike ride through Split’s scenic hinterland and typical Croatian villages. The 10km run will take athletes around beautiful spots in the historic center of Split and finally to the finish line located on Split’s strolling promenade just a stone’s throw away from the famous Roman Emperor Diocletian’s Palace.

History and Culture: Tourism: Bike landscapes: Swim: In the harbour Bike: Typical Croatian Countryside! Run: New flatter course!

A new concept in the organization of high-quality triathlon events is arriving to Brazil this year: The city of Rio de Janeiro will host a TriStar on October 14, 2012. The race course will be a real City Triathlon with a start from the beach in the bay of Guanabara. The stunning bike course will be on fully closed roads through the heart of the city and leading athletes along some of the most scenic spots in Rio, making them experience a mix of beautiful views on the sea, historic architecture and the modernity of the city. The run part will be held on a 5km loop along the sea. Rio, home of the 2016 Olympics and the FIFA World Cup in 2014, will host a TriStar111 and a TriStar55.5

Samba: Good Mood: Rhythm: Swim: Do you fancy Brazilian beaches? ;) Bike: Ride the city! Run: Run in the Samba paradise!


14. OCT 2012

Feel the Rhythm!

GranFondo World presents authentic Italian-inspired pure cycling events in San Diego, LA – Beverly Hills, Philadelphia, Vail, Reno and Miami in the USA, and also in Europe: St Tropez, Valberg Col de la Bonette and Mont Ventoux. GranFondos are long distance, mass-participation cycling events –not races– that are immensely popular in Italy. Participation is open to recreational and competitive amateur cyclists, and tens of thousands of riders of all abilities participate. Some cyclists enter for the challenge and satisfaction of making it to the finish line; others want to push themselves and their friends; and some ride to win! Regardless, every GranFondo World event is an unforgettable cycling experience! Now this exciting cycling tradition has come to America and is back to Europe with the most stunning destinations. This year GranFondo USA is growing world wide to GranFondo World, the high quality cycling events brand.

What you get ... ...Every participant in a GranFondo World event wears a timing chip. This ensures that cyclists complete the entire course, and allows the event to score athletes over the toughest climb and award King & Queen of the Mountains prizes in every age group. Just like in Italy, every GranFondo World event includes challenging routes, fantastic giveaways, a consumer expo, well-stocked aid stations, mobile tech support and a fun post-race party.


15.APR 2012


San Diego...California! The fifth annual GranFondo San Diego honors the Italian cycling phenomenon once again in the heart of historic downtown Little Italy. Join us for this special edition on Sunday, April 15, 2012. The original event in the GranFondo USA series, we invite your families, friends and cycle clubs to be part of this monumental celebration. Save the date and let’s ride 2012!

Anniversary: Fun Factor: Challenge:

The inaugural GranFondo Cannondale Saint Tropez launched from the Quai de Suffren in the beautiful summer resort in the Var. The peloton saw more than 1,000 participants who rode one of three scenic courses curving along the Massif des Maures and famous Cols du Grateloup and Notre Dame des Anges. On the 179kms GranFondo course, a trio of Belgium’s earned the first three spots with Bart Deurbroeck and David Motte finishing together (4:58:49), followed by Bart Van Damme (5:00:00).

The first French rider, Frédéric Lubach, finished fourth (5:02:19). After the finish line participants enjoyed a big Paella in the beautiful village of Gassin, one of the most beautiful villages of France.

Spot: Tourism: Scenic course:


15.APR 2012

Saint Tropez ...Stunning course!

27.MAY 2012


Bad Kleinkircheim ...Austrian Ride On 29 May 2011 more than 1,000 cyclists have ridden in the 3rd edition of the “Kaernten Radmarathon” passing the unique landscape of amongst others the nature park “Nockberge”. In the “Kaernten Radmarathon” 2012 edition the Start and finish is, as usual, in Bad Kleinkirchheim, and on 106 kilometers the cyclists will overcome in total 2,150 meters of altitude on the famous “Nockalm”- course. Riders will also race for the title of the “Nockalm King”. Alternatively, participants can ride the “two-lake” circuit with a distance of 65 km.

Atmoshpere: Side Events: Trainning weeks:

From its 1912 meters high, the Mont Ventoux dominates the landscape of the “Vaucluse”. Beaumes de Venis, located in the french departement “Haut Vaucluse”, will host a GranFondo race where the riders will climb the legendary “Géant de Provence”, the Mont Ventoux. Beaumes de Venise will be the host city of this GranFondo event in France. June 2nd, the popular series is offering three unique races: a demanding course of 170 km and 3500 meters of difference in altitude. A second course will be easier with “only” 102 km and 2300 m in altitude. Finally, a short ride of 21 km with the climb of the Mont Ventoux will be proposed. GranFondo Cannondale Valberg – Mont Ventoux is part of the GranFondo World cycling series.

The course features the climb of the dreaded „Géant de Provence“ Mont Ventoux (1910 m) by „la Voie Royale“ (Bédoin). It continues with the downhill on Malaucène and an other climb: the col de Veaux, St Léger du Ventoux, then goes back to the finish by the Ventouret from Sault to the Chalet Reynard (1 419m). Finally, bike down to Bédoin and la Madeleine will bring you back to col de la Chaine (472 m) and the marvellous „Dentelles de Montmirail“ until the finish in Beaumes de Venise.

Technical: Landscapes: Emotion:


2.JUN 2012

Mont Ventoux ...Are you ready?

15.JUL 2012


Los Angeles-Beverly Hills ...Let’s Ride Returning to Los Angeles after an inaugural launch on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, GranFondo Los Angeles finds a new home in the heart of the picturesque California countryside. Two routes bring riders across the most beautiful landscape California has to offer – from the rolling mountains of Santa Monica to the oceanside along the great Pacific Ocean – GranFondo Los Angeles presents a wonderfully challenging course. Proceeds from this event Support Operation Rebound and the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

GranFondo: 70 Miles MedioFondo: 40 Miles Timed KOM/QOM Climb Challenge: Scenic Course: Fun:

Ideally located between Nice and the Alps, Valberg hosts another event in the GranFondo series France where the athletes will climb the legendary mountain pass, Col de la Bonette. Valberg will be the host city of this new GranFondo event in France. July 15th, the popular series is offering two unique races: a demanding course of 190 km and 4000 meters of difference in altitude. A second course will be easier with “only” 95 km and 1700 m in altitude. GranFondo Cannondale Valberg – Col de la Bonette is part of the GranFondo World cycling series.



The event will take place during this year’s Tour de France and will become the biggest cycling event in Europe with the crossing of the Col de la Bonette. Both races will take the participants on a scenic bike ride in the Alps on the selective passes of Couillole, the Bonette and Cayolle. Timing will be established on the whole route and one special ranking on a specifically chosen breathtaking ascent. This will allow everyone to ride in a group while having the opportunity to participate in a classification.

Legendary course:


15.JUL 2012

Valberg-Col de la Bonette ...Legendary

12.AUG 2012


Philadelphia ...Let’s Ride Where will you be this summer? We hope your plans include meeting us in front of the iconic Philadelphia Museum of Art for the start of the third annual GranFondo Cannondale Philadelphia! Previous runner-up to Bicycling Magazine’s best bike cities, the downtown historic charm surrenders a stunning start to the Italian cycling phenomenon. The ride will again include a King and Queen of the Mountain timed climb approximately 50 kilometers into the ride on a course that includes a maximum of 7,000 feet of climbing. The climb is just shy of two kilometers with grades that vary between 9 and to 11 percent totaling 367 vertical feet.

GranFondo: 102 Miles MedioFondo: 57 Miles Timed KOM/QOM Climb Challenge: Scenic Course: History and Charm:

GranFondo Vail is the highest elevation ride in the US series. Match your fitness against the high Rocky Mountains while witnessing majestic mountain backdrops. Vail brings the perfect setting of mountain luxury and world class cycling to one pristine location. This 120 mile loop promises a bit of everything from a challenging KOM climb up State Bridge, to a Roubaix-style dirt section with a unique stretch to tackle on your road bike. Wanting to enjoy the greatness of cycling in Vail but gun shy for the 120 miles? Check out the 50 Mile MedioFondo, a fantastic alternative with the same breathtaking vistas and premier cycling experience.

GranFondo: 120 Miles MedioFondo: 50 Miles Timed KOM/QOM Climb Challenge: Demanding: Legendary Course:


19.AUG 2012

Vail ...the highest elevation ride in the US series

14.OCT 2012


Reno-Lake Tahoe ...Let’s Ride GranFondo USA makes its debut appearance in Reno Lake Tahoe this October. More than a thrilling recreational cycling ride, the Tour de Franz Octoberfest combines the best of cycling and festival you won’t want to miss. The only multi-day festival in the GranFondo USA series, prepare for cycling, culture, casinos, live entertainment, brews and interaction with top cycling related brands. Stay for the weekend – leave with a bounty of memories!

GranFondo: 100 Miles MedioFondo: 55 Miles QOM/KOM Timed Climb Fun: Scenic: Challenge:

After a popular launch in 2011, GranFondo Miami will return to the palm-tree lined terrain of Florida’s favorite hot spots. Ideal for individuals and groups of all abilities, GranFondo Miami offers an accesible course and a fun-filled day you won’t want to miss.

GranFondo: 100 Miles MedioFondo: 55 Miles

Fun: Challenge: Atmosphere:


FALL 2012

Miami ...Florida style!

A friendly experience, festive and participative created for urban and active women, in a high quality and women environment Version Femina, a print magazine of Lagardere Active, and Star Events joined forces to launch a new event series based on sport and social responsibility: the CHALLENGE Version Femina. This event series offers to a female audience and their families to run or walk either 5km or 10km for a good cause in several cities in France, all in a joyful and friendly atmosphere. Fun and solidarity are the motivations behind the CHALLENGE Version Femina series supporting breast cancer prevention and screening programs* as well as the association Les Femmes Version Femina. Les Femmes Version Femina is an association whose aim is to provide financial support, media and promotional support to women throughout France who act through their association. The National Federation of Women‘s Committees, founded in January 2000, is an association that works towards the prevention and detection of cancer. The Federation’s mission is to educate and raise awareness about prevention and screening of breast cancer. The spearhead of the Women Committee is to act early as screening can reduce mortality by 30 to 40%. With the collected donations, participants will help the National Federation of Women‘s Committees to further spread their slogan: We act with You so You stay healthy!

Races for all!!!

StarRun targets a wide range of runners and joggers. It’s for those who exercise regularly but do not wish to enter at competitive level. Main objectives here are pleasure and staying in shape. This brand format focuses on the Running community, but will mainly cater for a wider range of people who are exercising yet still want to take part in an event and reach a common goal by having fun doing so. The main objective is here to do some exercise and stay in shape.


...Action Running, these days, is more than just a competition sport. This is exactly what we intend to offer to our customers and the general public. Because of the distance, this format should be best as a team / relay experience among friends, businessmen and sports enthusiasts. This distance could also be used as an easy introduction and for practice. A new challenge in running for fun! Through two formats affordable racing: 5 and 10 km, we invite you to visit the most beautiful cities in France in a friendly and festive spirit.

Come and have fun without the pressure of the chronometer, for a walk with friends, mothers and daughters, colleagues... While you’re racing TriStar Nevis, this week you could also have a test for your competition, or to train, or just have fun with your family and friends running 5 km in Nevis. Charity race for Pink Lily cancer care Nevis

This series allows the association “Women Version Femina� to recover some of the inscriptions to continue its local action for women. Indeed, the association provides several purposes: Women 100%? Well, almost: we are still best surrounded by loved ones! Therefore, men sponsored by their wives, girlfriends, families are welcome on the start line. Anyway, they could support you as an spectator during you are running!!!


...only Women?

There is more to swimming than just doing lap after lap and turning round when you reach the other end of the pool. You can swim in places with no walls - open water. Lakes, oceans and rivers offer a far greater scope for change. Go to your local beach for today’s workout instead of more laps in the pool. Depending on the reasons you swim, you may find it more rewarding and quite simply just as efficient to stay in shape. Everybody can swim but very few take part in races. StarMile along with sponsors and media-partners will elaborate a swimming-event for friends and family alike, which of course, is fun for everybody.


StarMile focuses on Long Distance and Open Water Swimming. The “Mile” is a common name in sporting events and roughly a distance of 1,6 km. This is the perfect figure for a long distance open water competition. Main objective here is to capture a greater audience for Swimming sports in the general public.


The swim is across the channel between Nevis and St.Kitts in the beautiful setting of the Caribbean. The race start is at Oualie Beach on Nevis and the finish is at Cockleshell Bay on St.Kitts. The distance is 2.5miles (4km). This is an incredible experience.







helping hands that support you to make your TriStar come true. That’s 8.900 smiling volunteers in all our events,( 5.500 volunteers in our races in TriStar, 2.400 in Gran Fondo and 1000 in CVF races) that bring you to the finish line.

percent of athletes (average) in TriStar races being satisfied or very satisfied.

Nations have been represented in all TriStar races so far

the fastest ever 111 race. Accomplished by Maik Twelsiek (GER) in TRSTMN 2011.



percent of the athletes in TriStar races are international athletes. In Mallorca it’s more than 55%

made it only so far to win more than one TriStar race. Eimear Mullan (TriStar Mallorca 2011 and 2012), Olivier Marceau (TriStar Monaco 2010, TriStar Mallorca 2011, TriStar Nevis 2012) and Chris McCormack (TriStar Worms- Germany 2010, TriStar Nevis 2011).

Star Event has chosen specific Ambassadors as each one of them bring a different perspective to the sports of Triathlon and Cycling. An ambassador is a high ranking athlete who represents their specific sport. They are recognized by their performance and personality within their sport. They are athletes, who are assigned specific responsibilities and work to advise and assist their sport in a different area, through the representation in certain professions, activities and fields.


Chris McCormack

Ain-Alar Juhanson

J端rgen Stilgenbauer

Joel Jameson

Olivier Marceau

Marcus Ornellas

Rodolphe von Berg Jr

Andi Fuchs

Till Schramm

Coralie Lemaire

Adeline Rausis


Jan Ulrich

Mark Renshaw

Peter Luttenberger

Paco Wrolich

Geoffroy Lequatre


Lucas Di Grassi

Paul Belmondo

Alexander Wurz


Me e t o u r AM B A S S A D O R S

As an athlete, you have to take care of your body every day. As a triathlete you enjoy swimming in clear waters, pedaling through natural landscapes and breathing fresh air while running. That’s why Star Events are committed to environmental protection in collaboration with the association. Take care about nature as much as you care about your body.

Respectful races for both your Health and your Environment....for years to come.



Star Travel division offering accommodation packages to the full range of TriStar, GranFondo and StarRun events. Athletes, participants and the accompanying person can now benefit with special deals at the destinations related but not limited to: accommodation in preselected hotels, private apartments and villas all in walking distance from the start and finish line, insider information for training facilities, cozy restaurants, and attractive sites worth-while seeing. The main objective of Star Travel and its partners will be to deliver tailored travel and hasslefree solutions from an experienced team that understands the unique requirements such as round-trip transportation to a comfortable accommodation, secure bike storage, an early breakfast on race day, hints for an easy reach of the training facilities and much more.

Diethlete or Triathlete ?

photogrphy by martin steinthaler | tinefoto .com

photogrphy by martin steinthaler | tinefoto .com

Star Events Catalog 2012  

This is the official Star Events Catalog 2012, where you could find out all about the sport events that are focused on fun, social responsib...

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