St Andrew's College Philanthropy Report 2022

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Philanthropy Report 2022

Giving at St Andrew’s College: Philanthropy, Volunteering and Community

From the St Andrew’s College Foundation

world. Therefore, we recognise the responsibility that we have to ensure that those of you who have entrusted us with your donations know that we are indeed looking to the horizon. We remain very confident that the College is in very good hands and students remain the centre of our focus.

students who, in other circumstances, would not have the opportunity to attend St Andrew’s College and gain an education which will prepare them for their future beyond school in a diverse society.

It is my pleasure on behalf of the Foundation Trustees to update you on the performance of the Foundation and to reiterate the importance of our role in protecting the long-term sustainability and independence of St Andrew’s College.

The St Andrew’s College Foundation continues to successfully fulfil its role of overseeing the management and prudent investment of endowment and donor funds. This function protects and underwrites the objectives of an independent St Andrew’s College.

A friend recently reminded me of something that Sir Tipene O’Regan said: “Look to the horizon, when everyone else is looking at the waves lapping at their feet” and never has this seemed more apt. The challenges of the past couple of years followed by the current economic outlook often tempts us to focus on the immediate problems. However, our role as trustees for the Foundation is primarily about the future and what our children’s children will need to navigate their

In terms of the reality of dealing with the current market conditions, 2022 was an extremely difficult year in which global share markets and all fixed interest markets declined by an average of 13.4 per cent. This was the sixth time since 1926 in which all markets declined concurrently. The cause was rooted in the global inflationary pressures resulting in large increases in interest rates, coupled with ongoing disruptions from COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine. Since balance date the world markets have started to adapt to these influences and recover some of the lost value.

A valuation of the Foundation portfolio as at 28 February 2023 showed a 4.5 per cent increase of $581k to $13.44m (from the year end valuation of $12.85m).

On behalf of the College and St Andrew’s College Foundation I would like to record our sincere and heartfelt thanks to all the individual people, families, and businesses that have supported our philanthropic aims during 2022. To all that have given, your gift no matter how big or small makes a real difference to St Andrew’s College and our current and future students.

Through giving to the Foundation, you are contributing to the cost of scholarships and general long-term well-being of the College. This allows

While it is the role of the College’s Development Department to facilitate the fundraising of funds for the Foundation (as well as for the building projects), the Foundation Board plan to work closely with the Development Department to assist with and support donors.

If you would like to know more about becoming a donor to this crucial part of the College, please contact the St Andrew’s College’s Development Office, on +64 3 940 2021.

I assumed the role of Foundation Chair in 2022 and I would like to extend the College’s thanks to an outstanding group of Trustees. Their skills are drawn from a broad spectrum of industries and professions. This year my fellow Foundation Trustees, Matthew Lancaster and Richard Smith, were joined by three new Trustees, Mark Mulholland, Gordon MacLeod and Tom Stanley. It is our collective aim to continue to grow the Foundation and the Development Office, and Foundation Trustee’s welcome any queries in this regard.

A Culture of Giving From the Rector

their dollars can truly make a difference. Education is top priority for many of these philanthropists with 30,000 foundations focusing at least some of their resource on this sector. Education is seen as the key to individual opportunity and the engine of national prosperity. Philanthropists see an imperative to address economic and social inequality, driven by a sense of moral obligation and social responsibility.

In a challenging year when many were adversely affected by COVID-19, there continued to be strong support for the work of the Development Office. We are grateful to those who found themselves in a position to support our Development goals which included donations to the Gough Family Theatre and Performing Arts Centre. Members of our community, students, parents, and Old Collegians also continued to volunteer their time as sideline supporters, committee members, event organisers, or by making donations to fundraising events.

Generosity of spirit was also evident in the work of the students particularly those in the Community Service team. Various fundraising events supported worthy causes and the Year 13 Leavers’ Gift contributed funds to build a new trophy cabinet to grace the entrance foyer into the new Performing Arts Centre.

Across the world, philanthropists generously contribute to making the world a better place by choosing to support causes where they believe

To this end the St Andrew’s College Foundation annually supports the College Scholarship Programme with $415,000 per year to offset the cost of significantly reduced fees for scholarship students. Many prominent alumni have been the beneficiaries of this generosity.

Once again in 2022 St Andrew’s partnered with the Australasian charity So They Can. Three per cent of the donations made to the College were directed to So They Can with an impressive $28,716 making a tangible difference to life in this Tanzanian village.

I am very mindful that St Andrew’s College, as an independent school, is largely reliant upon payment of tuition fees to fund our operations. Our parents, often supported by grandparents or other family members, make considerable sacrifices to give their child a St Andrew’s College education. The tuition fees fund the ‘here and now’, including the salaries of teachers, support staff and specialist sports coaches, and cultural tutors. The College operates as efficiently as possible to enable any annual surplus to be invested back into the College

for future capital projects. All the new facilities the College has enjoyed over the last twelve years including the new Preparatory School (Stewart Junior Centre and Pre-school), Gym 2, new boarding houses, The Centennial Chapel, The Green Library and Innovation Centre, AstroTurf, outside recreation spaces and landscaped grounds, StACFit Fitness Centre, and in 2022 commencement of the Performing Arts Centre have resulted from this sound financial management.

Part way through the year Miranda Newbury left her position as Director of Development. Her good work over the previous three years left her staff, Development Co-ordinator, Mel Rissman and Alumni and Community Relations Co-ordinator, Lisa Clark, well positioned to continue their roles to the benefit of the College. I thank them for their tireless work in alumni and community engagement.

My sincere thanks to all who have contributed to St Andrew’s College throughout 2022. You are all part of this extensive community who, when working together, can achieve great things.

He waka eke noa.

A Culture of Giving From the Development Department

It is amazing to think that we are entering the final phase of our Your Legacy, Our Future campaign which began in 2019. In 2022, despite the significant interruptions with COVID-19 our community raised $648,221. The overall total raised, over a four-year time period, from the Your Legacy, Our Future and other campaigns is $3.2 million.

Our Annual Giving Appeal raised $52,297 which was directed towards the Performing Arts Centre including the Gough Family Theatre. Many families took the opportunity to support this appeal by donating a theatre seat with a family name plaque. 128 seats have been sold from the 266 seats available – please see

The Sponsorship Programme also supported a number of activities with $98,500 directed to various sports around the College. Thank you to generous family and business sponsors. Please see ThankingOurSponsors

The College welcomed seven new donors to our donor societies:

• four to the Strowan Club $10,000–$25,000;

• one to the Highland Society $25,000– $100,000;

• one to the Thompson Founders’ Society $100,000–$500,000;

• one to St Andrew’s College Fellow Society $500,000 and above. These gifts can be given as a one-off donation or a gift over time.

The Sponsorship Support Programme

We are delighted to report that in 2022, a total of $98,500 was raised from the Sponsorship programme, with the funds raised directed to various sports and cultural activities at St Andrew’s College.

Many existing sponsors have continued their support of this successful programme since it was launched in 2020, alongside new parents and connected businesses, who supported it for the first time in 2022. The Sponsorship programme is an excellent way for sponsors to target their giving to specific sports and cultural initiatives at St Andrew’s College. This support gives the College an extra edge, drives a culture of excellence, and helps students to achieve at their best. The Development Office has a key role in the connections between sponsors of this programme and the College.

There are three tier levels of sponsorship on the Sponsorship Support programme, with sponsors able to be recognised or remain anonymous.

Gold Sponsor $10,000

Silver Sponsor $5000

Bronze Sponsor $2000

Sponsors who agree to be recognised are acknowledged on the Thanking our Sponsors page under Giving at StAC on the College website. Businesses can display their company logo and a link to their business website, while detailing the sport or cultural activity or event they are sponsoring.

We would like to thank all the families and businesses who have supported the Sponsorship Support programme in many different areas and activities.

It is heartening to realise that these four donor societies have raised a total of $12,651,707 in the last 15 years.

We continue to focus on our fundraising goal and know that the next 18 months are crucial to the success of Your Legacy, Our Future campaign. This year will see the completion of the Performing Arts Centre and we ask those families in our community who can, to get behind the last phase of our campaign.

List of supporters – ThankingOurSponsors

Our Community and our Volunteers

This Philanthropy Report thanks and acknowledges members of the St Andrew’s College community who gave to the College in 2022 through monetary donation, gifts-in-kind, and volunteering. The following articles demonstrate the commitment of students, volunteers, and donors who give back to the College, help others outside of our community, and who are creating the success of Your Legacy, Our Future.

2022 Leavers’ Gift

The Leavers’ Gift for 2022 will be a fabulous and much needed new installation situated in the Gym 1 foyer, which will be completed upon construction of the Performing Arts Centre in 2023.

The Year 13 students noticed that there were a lot of stunning trophies that, if returned during the year, had no place to be displayed but were instead put away until the following Prizegiving. These trophies have so much history and are visually beautiful, so the Year 13 students wanted a safe place where they could be admired and enjoyed by all the students, not just seen from afar at the Prizegiving. There were several old cabinets that housed some trophies in Gym 1, but they were not fit for purpose and were removed with the commencement of the building of the Performing Arts Centre.

With the help of Project Director, David Evans and Tony Hoare of Wilkie + Bruce Architects, we now have provisional drawings for the cabinets, which will be situated in the entrance foyer, where there is plenty of space to stop and admire.

The matt black aluminium ‘shells’ of the cabinets will make a nice foil to the timber veneered dado and acoustic ceiling panels. The trophies will stand on glass shelving, and they will also be discreetly lit internally

Volunteers and Class Parent Programme

St Andrew’s College is lucky to have some wonderful volunteers who come together to assist the College throughout the year.

Volunteers include current and past parents, staff, Old Collegians, and friends of the College, who serve on a range of volunteer groups – the PTA, Cafeteria team, Old Collegians Association, and Ladies Circle. Volunteers can be called upon for extra assistance around the College, from the annual Boarders’ Dinner and College community events, to assisting with coat check-in at College formals, and working behind the scenes at productions. There are no meetings for this group, and volunteers offer their help at times which suit them.

The Class Parent programme has been successfully run in the Preparatory School for many years. Each class in the Preparatory School has a couple of parent volunteers who organise social events during the year for students and their families. The programme provides invaluable support and connections

between teachers and parents, and is a wonderful way for new families to meet other parents. Meetings for the Preparatory School volunteers are hosted by Preparatory School Receptionist, Kelsey Williams.

The Year 9 Class Parent programme was introduced in 2018. It is hosted by Development Co-ordinator, Mel Rissman, who organises a speaker each term from key areas around the Secondary School. In 2022, the Year 9 parent group enjoyed hearing from Head of Middle School Mikae Tuu’u, Rector Christine Leighton and Head of Well-being Kerry Larby, which gave them a valuable insight into what is happening on campus. Several fun activities were organised by the Year 9 parent volunteers in 2022, including student and family outings, and parent-only catch ups.

We are extremely grateful to all the volunteers who supported the College in various ways in 2022.

Community Projects

The Community Service team for 2022 worked brilliantly on many projects and in their facilitation with students who wanted to complete community service hours throughout the year. In conjunction with Presbyterian Schools throughout New Zealand the team raised awareness of the Tonga relief fund through making and distributing Easter chocolate crosses to every student in the College. $944 was raised in the process.

In Term 2 our focus was the World Vision’s 40-hour famine. We had high hopes after raising over $26,000 last year, but for whatever reason we raised just $9000. Giving at Sunday chapel services has changed markedly due to our increasingly cashless society, despite this $415 was raised for the City Mission at the Term 3 Senior College Chapel Service. Numerous food donations were also made and delivered in boxes to the City Mission food store.

Qtopia’s theme day raised $798 and the charity theme day, in conjunction with Ms Jo Bigford-Fleming’s head shave, raised over $4000 for the Breast Cancer Foundation and New Zealand Paralympics. The Senior Council committed to raising awareness and funds for Pillars through the Formal’s ticket fee – $5740 was raised at this occasion. The So They Can charity continued to be a major focus for our community service initiatives this year and $28,716 was given.

The following is the monetary contributions that the students have made as part of some of the Community Service projects undertaken. There were others which involved working at the Fundamentals Pre-School, reading, and writing help in the Preparatory School, donating goods such as clothes, stationery, and food items.

Monies donated:

• World Central Kitchen (Ukraine) $985;

• 13IMO tutor group raised $230 for World Central Kitchen (Ukraine);

• Chalky Carr Trust $500;

• St John $324.50;

• FarmStrong $695;

• Christchurch City Mision $600;

• Women’s Refuge $400;

• Lifeline $1200;

• Chomondeley Children’s Charity $280;

• 12PTU tutor group raised $340 for St John.

To end the year, St Andrew’s College community gave gifts generously towards the Christchurch City Mission Christmas Appeal. Hundreds of gifts were received through the chapel, and a beautiful letter of thanks from the Christchurch City Mission acknowledged the impact this had on the families who received these gifts.

The support staff at St Andrew’s donated $859.47 in lieu of Secret Santa.

• City Mission – $480;

• So They Can – $379.47.

At our Christmas Eve Chapel Service, a donation box was set up at the entrance of the Chapel and $405.10 was gifted and passed on to the Christchurch City Mission.

Rev. Paul Morrow Chaplain

Preparatory School

The St Andrew’s College community spirit starts in the Preparatory School. This was never more evident than the first half of 2022 as we continued to negotiate our way through the far-reaching impact of COVID-19. I acknowledge our parent body for their incredible support and encouragement during this time. This support was not just limited to the acknowledgement of the teachers, and the school generally, but also for the enthusiastic recommendation of our learning environment to friends and colleagues. As a result, interest in the school remained at a very high level with waitlists at all year levels.

Although, at various times, COVID-19 impacted on parent involvement in the school, the Junior Department was grateful for parent help to support some events that were not restricted. These included Beach Education during Term 1, Term 4 swimming lessons, and a very special day at Willowbank. The Year 3 Inquiry included a field trip to Charlesworth Wetland Reserve in Ferrymead during Term 3. This outing was extremely well supported by parent help. In addition, our parent community supported the Junior Department annual Christmas collection for the City Mission, by placing generous supplies of food and other essentials under our Christmas tree. We would like to thank Super Shuttle for sending a driver to collect these items and then delivering them to the City Mission on our behalf.

Once again, the PTA was generous with monetary support. In 2021, the PTA gave generously to the new turf canopy, named ‘The Cloud’, and the facility was completed during 2022. Last year, the association paid for four adjustable and portable basketball hoops, $8000.

Again, sincere thanks to Mike Greer and his family for generously funding ski uniforms and jackets for staff and students attending the ISSA Ski Races, Canterbury Primary Schools’ Ski Races, and other competitions during the season. The Greer family also funded the cost for a staff member to travel to a ski event in Queenstown.

Once again, our Melanoma Awareness Week, with the ‘Get Spotted’ theme day, was wonderfully supported with $1200 of donations across the Preparatory School.

Clearly, our school community gave generously during 2022. Sincere thanks for this wonderful support.

Pipe Band

The St Andrew’s College Pipe Band contributes to many community events each year. The band was pleased to support the following community events in 2022.

• ANZAC Day – pipers at various services;

• Retirement Village recitals;

• Rangi Ruru Girls’ School Founders’ Day Assembly;

• Oarsome O’Fare Rowing.

Pipers also played for various events and functions including reunions, weddings, and funerals.

St Andrew’s College hosted and sponsored several significant Pipe Band related events.

• Labour Weekend Silver Chanter New Zealand Solo Piping Championships;

• Solo Piping local competitions (three);

• Solo Pipe Band Drumming competitions;

• The Strowan Gathering.

The Pipe Band is also extremely grateful for the significant financial support it received during 2022. The bands rely heavily upon fundraising events to fund Pipe Band activities. Many volunteers contribute to the Parents and Supporters Committee led by Mrs Renee Brook. This group contribute significantly to fundraising which enabled each band member to be subsidised for competition trips away. A significant fundraiser was co-hosting the Black and Bling Ball. Many parents volunteered and contributed in many ways. The major sponsor for this event was Christchurch Orthodontics Ltd.

The band is proud of its ongoing contribution to the wider community and very grateful to supporters and contributors to the Pipe Band.

The PTA continues to support the College by managing the Second-hand Uniform Shop, fundraising, and helping at College community functions and events.

2022 was again a year where events were limited, and cancellation and postponements were commonplace. The PTA continued to support requested events when they were eventually held, and we appreciate all the PTA members, associates, and partners who changed plans regularly to accommodate changes in dates and times of College events, along with staying compliant with requests for changes in protocols.

The main source of income for the PTA, to redistribute to the College, continued to be through the Second-hand Uniform Shop. The shop is operated by a dedicated group of parent volunteers and members of the PTA, to whom we are immensely grateful for their time and commitment.

The PTA, again this year provided the annual Christmas cake fundraiser which was well supported by the College community. In 2022 the $5500 raised through selling Christmas cakes was dedicated to providing support equipment to sports teams.

Due to post COVID-19 concerns and restrictions in 2022 the PTA did not host, or support host, a large-scale fundraising event for the College as has been the case in previous years. This is something which we will look to host again when restrictions are removed.

PTA donations made to St Andrews College in 2022 totalled over $53,764.

• $15,000 College wide live streaming project;

• $10,773 Performing Arts Department – New Theatre contribution;

• $7966 Preparatory School – Basketball hoops;

• $7300 Sports Department – AirTime hoops;

• $4385 Music Department – Choir performance uniforms;

• $3800 Sports Department – Hockey goal;

• $3616 Speciality Department – Sewing machine;

• $550 Highland Games – Bouncy castle;

• $207 Sports Department – 25 StAC KeepCups;

• $167 School Department – Complete Outdoor tents.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the PTA, supporting at events the PTA is involved with, or able to volunteer help to the Second-hand Uniform Shop, please email


The St Andrew’s College Cafeteria has always been in a unique position of welcoming volunteers to help with food preparation for all on campus.

Our wonderful volunteers who give up their valuable time consist of mothers, fathers, grandparents, and aunties. Everyone, staff included, enjoy the friendly interaction with each other, while preparing and serving food to our ever-hungry students.

Without our volunteers the cafeteria could not keep the prices to a minimum, and still make a small profit each year. The profits are passed on to different areas of the College, where all students benefit. This year we are looking at contributing to the new Performing Arts Centre.

Previously our resources have contributed towards the beautiful lectern in the Centennial Chapel. The Preparatory School and Senior College has also benefited from some all-weather umbrellas, which are protecting our students from sun and rain, just to name a few of our donations.

We have been in the temporary Cafeteria situated in the Senior College building for just over a year and it has served us well. We are looking forward to moving into our new Cafeteria and would like to share our new space with many more wonderful volunteers in the future.


The Ladies’ Circle

The fellowship that exists for women who have a past and present connection to the College through the Ladies Circle is one of the treasures of the College community.

We have members who are assisting with tuition fees, childcare, and all manner of financial support so that students we know and care about are able to receive all the benefits of a St Andrew’s College education. This philanthropy happens without fuss or publicity but is vital for many, and no doubt much appreciated.

It was pleasing in 2022 to ‘spread the love’ as we gave a donation of $250 along with boxes of small practical household goods to the charity Birthright Canterbury, who

Old Collegians Association

The Old Collegians Association continues to support the culture of philanthropy at St Andrew’s College. At recent reunions and events, Old Collegian spirit and loyalty has been obvious, and this is further evidenced by continuing alumni generosity.

On behalf of the Old Collegians, the Old Collegians Association supports the College and its students in various ways. Amongst other support, the Association has given grants to students for co-curricular activities, organised reunion events for past students, and has provided support at College events.

The Association Executive extends its thanks to everyone who is involved with the success of the alumni events and reunions, including year group leaders and College staff.

Finally, I give my thanks to the members of the Executive for their continued support and generosity.

work to strengthen and enrich the lives of children in families led by one person, support the families to participate in the community, and for the children to grow up to be good citizens.

Since the Circle began one of our main aims has been to support the Pipe Band, so we were delighted to be able to give $1500 to the St Andrew’s College Pipe Band. We also donated $100 to the Canterbury Caledonian Society, who very kindly allow us to use their facilities each year for our mid-winter lunch.

Alison Ballantyne Ladies’ Circle President

Celebrating Co-curricular

St Andrew’s College offers an extensive co-curricular programme, with over 50 different sports and cultural activities. College students benefit from these opportunities with well over 95 per cent of students involved in weekly co-curricular activities. The staff contribution to the programme is much appreciated and, in addition to this, the programme relies heavily on the support of parents and the wider College community. The College is fortunate to have many parent volunteers who give freely of their time to offer the best opportunities possible. Also, several sporting codes receive generous donations and sponsorship which have contributed significantly to the cost of equipment, uniform, and travel to tournaments. Thank you to all who have contributed in 2022, and not only the ones highlighted in this report, as your support has been much appreciated.


The Basketball programme at St Andrew’s College continues to grow both in enrolment, engagement, and stature in 2022. The huge range of on and off-court support that our players enjoy would not be possible without several key stakeholders behind the scenes. A huge thank you to our kaiako, ākonga, and whānau, as well as the incredible support shown by the philanthropic parties listed below:

• Gold Sponsor – Oxford Edge;

• Silver Sponsor – ROA Mining Company Ltd.;

• Bronze Sponsor – Ellesmere Transport, Miles Construction Ltd.

We would also like to extend our gratitude for their support to:

• The Commodore Airport Hotel;

• Lone Star;

• Wairau River Wines;

• Coffee Culture Merivale;

• Canterbury Teamwear.

The St Andrew’s Basketball Fundraising Committee – made up of Graeme Rhodes, Michelle Patterson, Caroline Whittaker, Brydon Heller, Bevan Seddon, Nigel Buchanan, Liz Righton, Fleur Truscott and Ben Eves – worked exceptionally hard for the benefit of our competitive Basketball programme. This includes organising the iPhone auction, subsidising tournament costs, providing financial support to our athletes selected to represent New Zealand, and covering the cost of physiotherapy for our rangatahi.

With the ongoing support of our key sponsors/stakeholders, we are looking forward to St Andrew’s College basketball continuing to represent our kura admirably in 2023.

Ben Eves

Cricket and Rugby

Each year, cricket and rugby at St Andrew’s College receives loyal support from sponsors, which provides our teams with a valuable edge, while helping our players to achieve their best on the field.

In 2022, cricket was once again supported by Perennial Turf and Riccarton Cleaning Supplies, and were grateful benefactors of the St Andrew’s College Old Collegians Association Golf Tournament, with the amount raised of $3500 kindly donated to the sport.

The incredible support shown by the 2022 sponsors listed below has helped St Andrew’s students, supported by our teams of coaches, managers, and parents, to have another successful season. A big thank you from us all.

• Gold Sponsors – 1 x Anonymous, PAK’nSAVE Riccarton;

• Bronze Sponsors – Apollo Projects, Dominator Doors, Elmwood Trading Company, Gary Cockram Ltd., Kooga, Maugers Contracting, Miles Construction Ltd., Multisport Surfaces Ltd., No.4 Bar, Ranch Galloways, Riccarton Cleaning Supplies Ltd., ROA Mining Company Ltd., Terra Firma Turf, The Millfield Group.

Along with these sponsors for 2022:

• Balance Physiotherapy;

• Elmwood Pharmacy;



The Hockey programme at St Andrew’s College continues to grow and receives loyal support from sponsors and parent volunteers, while helping our players to achieve their best on the turf.

2022 was a successful season with 16 players being selected to play for Canterbury U18 teams.

The incredible support shown by the 2022 sponsors listed below provided the Girls’ 2nd XI hockey team with new dresses.

• Bronze Sponsor –Montreux Furniture

Without our teams of coaches, managers, students, and parents, as well as the support shown by our sponsors, we wouldn’t have had such a successful season.


Netball at St Andrew’s College has seen significant growth in recent years. We have 22 teams competing each Saturday at Hagley Park, as well as several social teams who participate on a Wednesday. Our Netball programme is grateful to have the support of many parents who give their time as managers, umpires, scorers, and first aiders. Their support allows our teams to have a positive netball experience and supports the development of our players.

We would also like to thank Marianne Delaney-Hoshek, Tactix Head Coach and St Andrew’s parent, who gave her time to help at one of our Senior A trainings prior to them attending the national championships and was guest speaker at our annual Prizegiving.


St Andrew’s College rowing has a great squad this season with over 80 rowers competing in regattas throughout Term 1 and another 59 enrolled in our Year 9 Learn To Row programme. The growth and success of rowing at St Andrew’s College would not be possible without the huge effort and commitment of our staff, coaches, managers, parent committee, parent volunteers, supporters, and families.

Staff – Liam Smith, Georgia Boyes, Hamish Bell and Evert Van Florenstein have been a huge support to our team. They spend weeks of their holidays and weekends supporting the squad through pastoral care at regattas and camps.

Julian Martel maintains all our boats and rowing equipment, dedicating almost endless time to making sure we have equipment of the highest quality. Julian’s time and effort is greatly appreciated by all involved in rowing at St Andrew’s College.

Rowing is a massive logistics exercise, relying heavily on parent volunteer effort. This is co-ordinated by our parent committee, wonderfully chaired by Sarah Gamble, and including Craig Lewis, Jo de Joux, Dietlind Todhunter, Craig Burrowes, Tim Day, Matt Butterfield, Catherine Forsey and Anna Galvan. The entire committee has been extremely dedicated, putting in many hours behind the scenes to make this season happen. This does not go unnoticed. Thank you.

Past and present members of the parent committee have worked hard over the past four years to build a sponsorship programme that strongly supports our rowing club, raising over $300,000. This fundraising during this time has bought the club four coxed eights, three coxed fours, two pairs and a single.

A huge thank you to our sponsors:

• Gold Sponsors – Lewis Bradford Consulting Engineers, Alvarium Wealth, New World Northwood;

• Silver Sponsors – Mitre 10 Mega Hornby and Papanui, Kamo Marsh Landscape Architects, New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty Christchurch;

• Bronze Sponsor – Viden Group Consulting Engineers Ltd.

Thank you to our kitchen committee, Catherine Forsey (Food Ordering and Menus), Debbie Baxter (Boat Park logistics), Elle White (Recovery Packs), Kylie Kamo (Finances and Parent Tent) and Jen Hill (Parent Tent). This group have committed hundreds of hours to organising our kitchen, meals, and running a team of volunteers who feed our large squad at our camps and regattas. We are so fortunate to be so well catered for and it is most appreciated.

Thank you to Sami Chesterton who has worked closely with Cardrona Distillery in Wanaka throughout the season to put together some fantastic fundraising opportunities for our club. Cardrona

Distillery has multigenerational Old Collegian links to St Andrew’s College, and we are grateful for their generous support.

Thank you to Tim Day who organised our pub quiz fundraiser. Not only was this a great night it secured funding for the club.

A special mention must go to the Whites, Hills, and Kamo families for their hard work around organising the parent tent logistics. The Todhunter Family have been very generous donating meat for club BBQ events.

Elise and Mike Greer of Mike Greer Homes have recently made a very generous donation of an ex-fleet Ford Ranger Ute. This will be of great value to the club as a towing vehicle.

Angus Meats have provided us with great deals that have helped us fuel our team with top quality protein. Our club is so fortunate to have the support of all these people and all the parents that volunteer their time to help the club. Your generosity is extremely appreciated by all involved in St Andrew’s rowing and allows us to run a fantastic programme that benefits all St Andrew’s rowers.


In 2022, touch was grateful to receive $2000 from the Old Collegians Association. This payment was invaluable, providing vital assistance in helping us get our full-strength mixed squad to the New Zealand Secondary School nationals in Rotorua.


We are grateful to all the local businesses who deliver such great support in terms of services and sponsorship to St Andrew’s College.

Our grateful thanks goes to Canterbury Teamwear, once again our official sports uniform supplier, who provide excellent service to the College, and also sponsored several of our teams.

Thank you to Canterbury Wholesale, another great partner, who supplies sports equipment to the College and supports the sports community through their ongoing sponsorship.

Our Preparatory School and Secondary School sports programmes benefit from gifted sports gear thanks to Athlete’s Foot’s excellent Athlete’s Foot School Rewards Programme. We are grateful for their ongoing support.

Lone Star once again generously gifted vouchers, which were much appreciated during the difficult times caused by COVID-19 and enabled us to acknowledge people who have gone beyond their call of duty in the sports community.

In addition to the businesses above, the Sport and Co-curricular programme would also like to acknowledge the families and other businesses that support our students to be the best they possibly can. Without their support we would not be able to do what we do.

Your gifts to St Andrew’s College Your Legacy, Our Future Campaign 2022

In 2022, the total gifts made to our St Andrew’s College Your Legacy, Our Future Campaign totalled $648,221.

The majority of those gifts were directed to the College Foundation (which includes the Endeavour and Endeavour Rugby Scholarship fund, and St Andrew’s College), Gough Family Theatre and Centennial Chapel.

The College is also thankful for the additional generosity towards the College’s many co-curricular activities in 2022, through our Sponsorship Programme (not included in these graphs).

How did you give in 2022?

Where did you direct your gifts in 2022?

1 Your Legacy, Our Future 2 StAC Scholarship 3 Step Into Our Future 4 Annual Giving 2 1 1 Naming Rights 2 Theatre Seats 3 General Gift to Theatre 4 Note Gold for Theatre 5 New Theatre Ticket Levy 6 Plaque Bronze for Fitness Centre 7 Endeavour Rugby Scholarship Fund 2 3 4 5 3 4 6 7 8 10 9 11 13 12 8 Centennial Chapel 9 Rector’s Discretion 10 Chaplain’s Discretion
Pipe Band Gift
StAC Scholarship
Endeavour Scholarship Fund 1

Philanthropy - the spirit of generosity at St Andrew’s College

The acknowledgements shown below gratefully recognise financial gifts made to St Andrew’s College between 1 January 2022 and 31 December 2022.

Gifts to Your Legacy, Our Future:

A Anonymous (15)

Alexander Allan

Allardyce Family

Jan and James Anderson

Robert and Marion Anderson

Anthony Family

B Jonathan and Therese Bierwirth

Burnett Valley Trust

C Alistair Cameron

Casey Family

Hanxi (Cicy) Chen

Xu Chen and Lu Lei

Cynthia and Terry Currie

E Professor Lewis and Mrs Sharon Evans

F Bella Fantham

Mr Stuart J V and Mrs Sue Fox

G Brett and Sarah Gamble

Gilbert Family

Gorton Family

The Ben Gough Family Foundation

Greene/Johnston Family

H C B B Harris

Georgia Harvey

Henley Family

Higgs Family

Guy Hilson (1987)

Howard Family

Howell Family

Mr J K Hyslop

J Ying Hua Jiang

K Prof. Miles Kennedy

L Lagias Family

Mr Andrew N Lowden

Gordon MacLeod and Family

M Garry and Tanya Moore

Mori Family

N New Era Technology Ltd.

O The O’Byrne Family

M and S Oxley

P Grahame and Glen Price

R Graham (1949) and Greg (1973) Reynolds

Jack Rule

Lucy Rule

S Jack H G Satterthwaite

Coroner Tim Scott

Airlie Seay

Ron Sherlock

Leslie (Buddy) Shirley

Short Family

Simcock Family

John Sinclair and Family

Song Family

St Andrew’s College 1st XI 2021

Gillette Cup Regional Winners

St Andrew’s College Ladies’ Circle

St Andrew’s College PTA 2021

St Andrew’s College Rugby Club

Carly Stewart and Dave Prangell

T Mark and Jacqui Taggart

John and Jan Thompson

Murray and Margaret Turley

U Untila Family

V Warren Vette

Pip Voller

W Graeme Wall and Shelley Singer

Jianping Wang and Yu Zhao

Kevin Wang and Tyler Wang

David West (1986)

John and Alison Westgarth

Note: all cash donations are eligible for the 33% tax credit or rebate.


Thanking our Donors

St Andrew’s College and the St Andrew’s College Foundation are strengthened through financial contributions and bequests, which help to maintain the high standard of independent education at St Andrew’s College. Through income earned on the St Andrew’s College Foundation invested endowment, funds are directed to areas of need at the Board of Governors’ request.

Strowan Club

The St Andrew’s College donor societies began in 2007 with the establishment of Strowan Club, as a means of thanking our Old Collegians, parents, and friends who have gifted $10,000 or more to St Andrew’s College.

The following list includes all members who have given recently, or who based upon their cumulative giving, are now welcomed to the Strowan Club, Highland Club, Thompson Founders Circle, and StAC Fellow.

Strowan Club Members

A Anonymous (16)

Derrick Abbott

Mr Colin* W Anderson and Family

Mr David A Anderson

Robert and Marion Anderson

Stuart and Debbie Anderson

B Mrs Alison Ballantyne

Tim Barnett

Mr Bruce and Mrs Jane Bascand

Jonathan and Therese Bierwirth

Jo Bigford and Wayne Fleming

Bosch Robert NZ Ltd.

Mr Mark and Dr Robin Bowman

David and Catherine Boyer

Millie Bremner

Mr A Paul and Mrs Joan* Brown

Rob R Bruce-Barron

Mr Chris D Burke

Mr Simon D Burke

Burnett Valley Trust

The Burns Family

C Bede and Melanie Cammock-Elliott

Canterbury Foundation

Mr Simon and Mrs Tracey Challies

Mr M G Cockram

S J Collins* Family Trust

Mr Gideon and Mrs Amie-Jane Couper

John Crothall / In memory of E. Alan Crothall

Bridget and David Cushing

D Peter and Julianne Darling

Mr Don and Mrs Liz Davison

Mr Grant E and Mrs Jennifer Dickey

Mr Graham T, Mrs Leila M and Mr Craig H Dowling

E Mr Peter R and Mrs Rana E Eggleton

Mr and Mrs Stewart Elms

F Ms Deb A Fahey

Rev. Dr D W Featherston*

Brent and Elizabeth Fleming

Beverley and Jim* Forrester

Mr Stuart J V and Mrs Sue Fox

Dr Ivor S Francis*

Mr Bruce J and Mrs Ailsa Fraser

G Mr Rob Gendall*

Keith* and Jennifer Gillanders

Ben and Pen Gough

The Ben Gough Family Foundation

Note: all cash donations are eligible for the 33% tax credit or rebate.


Mr A J Grant and Prof M H Chang and Family

Dr H Scott Gray*

Chris and Sarah Green and Family

Andrew and Wendy Griffiths

Mrs Joan Grumitt*

Mr D Nigel Gualter and Ms Kristy O’Connor

H Earl* and Lani Hagaman

Mr Rick Hallifax

John* and Jan Hampton and Family

David and Michelle Harrison

J L Hay Charitable Trust

Mr George F and Mrs Merrilyn E* Hight

Mr Euan and Mrs Dawne* Hilson

J David and Christine Janett

Mr David J Jarman and Ms Moira Farrell

Malcolm and Hayley Johns

Mr Stewart M Johns

Peter Johnston* and Family

Brent and Vicky Jones

Prof. Ron Jones

K Mr Peter D Kennedy

Mr Bill Kensington*

L Christine and Gavin Leighton

Jim* and Jen Livingstone

Richard Luisetti

M Mace Engineering Ltd.

Mr Andrew and Mrs Joanne D Macgregor

Barry and Cheryl* Maister

Emeritus Prof. Athol W* and Mrs Ngaire J Mann

Mr Chris J* and Mrs Jilly J Marshall

Mr Phil and Mrs Linda Mauger

Steven and Jacqui McDonald

Grant and Jenny McFadden

Amelia McGoldrick Trust

Mr Kelvin R and Mrs Sally A McMillan

LB Miller Charitable Trust

W M and H M Milliken

Mr Garry M Moore

Mr Gregory J Moore

Rev. Paul and Jo Morrow

Mark and Barb Mulholland

Texas and Lynda Mundy

Andrew and Karen Munro

Mrs Beveley Murray

N Miranda and Craig Newbury

Mr Ed and Mrs Nicky Newman

Mr Dougal* and Mrs Diane Norrie

Mr Michael G Norris and Ms Patricia R M Dart

Mr Michael H (1972) and Mrs Linda J Nutt

O Robin and Shirleen Oakley

M and S Oxley

P Michael and Michelle Patterson and Family

Bryan and Susie Pearson

Mr Richard* and Mrs Anne Peate

Mrs Almut and Mr Richard Perrett

The Perry Family

Mr Malcolm H J Petrie

Mr Cameron C Pickering

George* and Lynda Pickering

Mr Grahame* and Mrs Glen Price

The Pugh Family

R Mr Warwick J Rathgen*

Graham (1949) and Greg (1973) Reynolds

Mr Graham B and Mrs Lorna Robertson

Mr Murray D Rose

Murray Rose and Richard Rose

Mrs Shirley J Rudkin

S Gina (Gough) Satterthwaite: Fife Foundation

The Scanlon Family

Mr D W G and Mrs P J Scott

Mr Paul W Scott

Mr George and Mrs Kay* Scrimshaw

Mr Allan D* and Mrs Cynthia* Shand

Ron Sherlock

Jun Wha Shin

Mr Michael and Mrs Kate Sidey

Sir Gil and Joy Simpson

John Sinclair and Family

Dr Harsh P Singh and Mrs Anu Pratap

Mr Donald A Sloss

Robert* and Jill Sloss

Mr Murray G and Mrs Linda V Smith

David A Solomon

Mr Robert C* and Mrs Margaret Spark

Mr R L B Spear

Prof. Michael Spiro

St Andrew’s College

Board of Governors

St Andrew’s College Ladies’ Circle

St Andrew’s College

Old Collegians Association

St Andrew’s College PTA

St Andrew’s College Rugby Club

Mr Roland Stead*

Graeme and Ally Stevenson

Mr Evan Stewart

Mr Mark J Stewart and Ms Ainsley Walter

Todd Stewart

Mr W John Strowger

Dr Jurgen and Mrs Petra M* Suppan

Mr J M and Mrs G Syme

T Bill and Dian Taylor

Neil D Thomson

Mr Peter A and Mrs Pip L Trumic

Mr Murray A and Mrs Margaret H Turley

Mr William M and Mrs Pam* Turner

U Mr John W and Mrs Josephine Ullrich

Mr Peter F* and Mrs Carlyn Ullrich

W Tony and Joyce Wallace and Family

Mr Noel A and Mrs Brigitte J Walton

Jianping Wang and Yu Zhao

Geoff and Mary Wells Family Trust

Mr Graham C and Mrs Val Wells

J and V Wells

Mr Kerry J Wells

Mr Michael C Wells

John and Alison Westgarth

Mr Alun T* and Mrs Miriam Wilkie

Wilkie + Bruce Architects

Mr Peter* and Mrs Judy* Wilkinson

Mr Rick S Wilson and Ms Janine M Mayson

Paul and Jill Wright

X Dr and Mrs Xiong

Y Mr William J A and Mrs Carol E Young

Note: all cash donations are eligible for the 33% tax credit or rebate.


Your generosity is greatly appreciated For further information please contact the Development office. P +64 3 940 2000 E W St Andrew’s College Charities Commission Registration #CC22462 St Andrew’s College Foundation Charities Commission Registration #CC25213

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