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Philanthropy Report 2019 Giving at St Andrew’s College: Philanthropy, Volunteering and Community

From the St Andrew’s College Foundation Since the Foundation was established in 1991, the investment fund has continued to grow. Total assets at yearend were $11.1m in 2018 after a market correction, which then grew to $12.9m after a very successful 2019. With markets so volatile, our Trustees are continuously reviewing the investments portfolio ensuring appropriate diversification and balance between growth and income. Through the careful investment of funds, the Foundation is now an important part of the financial security of the College. The role of the Foundation is to oversee the management and financially invest the gifts and donations which are generously given from our community to the College. We are continually monitoring our investment strategy and our central focus is to protect the long-term sustainability and independence of St Andrew’s College.

I would like to thank those people who have generously given in 2019. Through giving to the Foundation, you are also contributing to covering the cost of scholarships as the capital growth of the fund is increasingly covering scholarships. This allows students who in other circumstances would not have the opportunity to attend St Andrew’s College and gain

an education which will prepare them for their future beyond school in a diverse society. If you would like to know more about becoming a donor to this crucial part of the College, please contact the College’s Director of Development, Miranda Newbury. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow Foundation Trustees for their wisdom in 2019 and to acknowledge those who have retired from the Foundation in 2019, they are Andrew Bascand, Simon Challies, Nick Letham and Margaret Turley. Thank you for your time and the advice you have given over the years.

Rodger Finlay Chairman St Andrew’s College Foundation

A Culture of Giving From the Rector Whether it is a driver to events, providing food at sports tournaments, assisting backstage with productions, managing or coaching teams. We could not provide all the activities we do without this amazing parental support. For this we are truly grateful.

Throughout 2019, St Andrew’s College once again received generous support from our community. A number of major donors assisted the Development Office in exceeding the $1 million fundraising target for the year. Our major donors were George Hight (towards the George Feilding Hight tuition scholarship); The Ben Gough Family Foundation (towards the Ben Gough Family Theatre); Warwick Rathgen (towards fees assistance scholarship); Old Collegians Association (towards the new Theatre foyer). Many other gifts were towards scholarship assistance, the new Theatre (seats and notes), and PTA raised $29,000 for the Theatre through the highly successful Curtain Raiser event.

I am very mindful that St Andrew’s College, as an independent school, is largely reliant upon payment of tuition fees to fund our operations. Our parents, often supported by grandparents or other family members, make considerable sacrifices to give their child a St Andrew’s College education. The tuition fees fund the ‘here and now’, the salaries of teachers, support staff, and specialist sports coaches and cultural tutors. The College operates as efficiently as possible to enable any annual surplus to be invested back into the College for future capital projects. All the new facilities the College has enjoyed over the last twelve years, including the new Preparatory School (Stewart Junior Centre and Pre-school), Gym 2, new boarding houses, Centennial Chapel, The Green Library and Innovation Centre, and the astro turf, outside recreation spaces, and landscaped grounds, have resulted from this sound financial management. I cannot overstate, however, the important contribution from generous people in our community.

Our extended community, the PTA, the Ladies Circle, and the St Andrew’s College Foundation continue to support St Andrew’s in many ways. Parents in 2019 also continued to support the College, particularly in the area of their children’s co-curricular involvement.

The students of today are the beneficiaries of the generosity of all those who have gone before, and it is important we continue to honour these contributions to encourage future philanthropists. Our collective responsibility is undeniable.

Critical to the success of our Philanthropic programme is our Development Team. 2019 saw the addition of two new members to this team. Miranda Newbury assumed the position as Director of Development in February 2019, and later in the year was joined by Mel Rissman as Development Co-ordinator. Kelsey Williams, already working in Development, took over the additional role as Alumni Co-ordinator. Miranda’s energy and initiative saw the successful launch of the Your Legacy, Our Future campaign, which has gathered considerable support particularly in the targeted areas of financial assistance and scholarships, the ‘StACfit’ Fitness Centre, and the Ben Gough Family Theatre. We have no doubt that future generations of St Andrew’s College students will benefit from the combined efforts of our fundraising team and generous donors. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to St Andrew’s College throughout 2019. Without your support the College would not have the confidence to continue to aim to be ‘at the leading edge of high performance educational practice, and to provide our young people with the roots and wings to flourish in an ever-changing world’.

Christine Leighton Rector

A Culture of Giving From the Director of Development last 103 years, which has created a wealth of history and connection to the College and has served us so well in building a culture of giving back.

It has been a really exciting year as a new member of the St Andrew’s College staff. I feel very fortunate to have had incredible support to help strategise and work creatively with my team and so many talented staff towards our new fundraising campaign, Your Legacy, Our Future. In June this year, the Board of Governors approved two ambitious building projects – a new Theatre Complex and Fitness Centre. These developments happen rarely in the lifetime of a school and have provided us the fantastic opportunity to gather support once again, and work with our whole College community. The Your Legacy, Our Future campaign is aimed at raising $4 million for the two new projects and the St Andrew’s College Foundation. We are fortunate that the College has built strong relationships with so many groups within our community over the

To celebrate and showcase what we have achieved together as a community, the Family Legacy Project was born, and five beautiful images of key projects were captured and located around the College campus at these sites – the Centennial Chapel, Turley Bridge, The Green Library and Innovation Centre, Spiro Science and Mathematics Centre, and the Stewart Junior Centre and Pre-school. These projects perfectly highlight what can be achieved when we work together. It has been heartening to see so many past and present families support our new campaign. I am always interested to find out why they feel compelled to leave a legacy to the College, and most express their wish to help provide a better opportunity for others not as fortunate, or to be able to honour their child or family through recognition on a plaque for a pursuit their child was passionate about. Many also wish to ensure that the College continues to provide the best quality facilities for students today and into the future. We would like to acknowledge and give thanks to the commitment of our Board of Governors, Foundation Board, our Rector Christine Leighton, past and present staff, PTA, Old Collegian Association, Ladies Circle, alumni, families, and friends of the College, who support the College in direction, volunteering, fundraising,

and friendships, and helping bring the new fundraising campaign Your Legacy, Our Future campaign to life. This year we also welcomed new members to The Strowan Club; Old Collegians, parents and friends who have gifted $10,000 or more to St Andrew’s College. Thank you to all who gave to the Annual Giving Appeal, together we raised just over $16,608, and special thanks to those who consistently give who are recognised through our True Blue Society (members who have donated five times or more). I acknowledge and thank my Development team, Kelsey Williams, Jacqui Anderson and Mel Rissman, for their energy, support, and desire to succeed to make a difference to our wonderful school. Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support to the College. The culture of philanthropy at St Andrew’s College is strong, and the ongoing support which so many of you give the College is truly amazing.

Miranda Newbury Director of Development

Your Legacy, Our Future The Your Legacy, Our Future fundraising campaign (2019–2023) aims to raise $4 million for the College’s new Fitness Centre, The Ben Gough Family Theatre, and the St Andrew’s College Foundation. Thanks to the generosity of our community, we have raised $1.1 million in our first year towards our goal. Many of the community groups featured in this Philanthropy Report have contributed to the Your Legacy, Our Future campaign through their fundraising.

New Fitness Centre update The Fitness Centre build project commenced in December 2019 and is expected to be completed in Term 3, 2020. The new state-of-the-art Fitness Centre will support our Athlete Development Programmes, individual and Scholarship athletes, multi-sport

athletes, swimmers, Physical Education classes, Te Waka groups, boarders, staff ,and any student wanting to improve their fitness and well-being. To make room for the new Ben Gough Family Theatre, we are relocating the existing Fitness Centre to above Gym 1.

Along with the construction of a brand new spacious (308m2) fully equipped Fitness Centre, we are strengthening Gym 1, and upgrading the changing room facilities.

The Ben Gough Family Theatre update We have received incredible support from our community for this new development. Particularly from families whose children take part in a wide variety of cultural pursuits at the College. In December, Ben Gough (OC 1991) and his wife Pen, from the Ben Gough Family Foundation, made a very generous donation towards the Theatre, which is now called the Ben Gough Family Theatre. This major gift in support of the Theatre complex has been a great start to the Your Legacy, Our Future campaign, and is also a significant show of support for the importance of cultural pursuits at St Andrew’s, and our new College values of Creativity and Inclusivity.

The support of the Old Collegians Association runs through so many of our campus developments, and we are excited that the Old Collegians Association have provided financial support for the Ben Gough Family Theatre by pledging $150,000 over the next few years. In honour of the funding, the foyer in the Theatre is named The St Andrew’s College Old Collegians Foyer.

Theatre is also a place where students can learn to participate in behind the scene roles, such as sound, music and lighting, costumes, make-up, set design, props, stage management, directing, and producing.

So many people in the St Andrew’s community visit the Theatre each year to watch our enthusiastic, talented students perform in top quality theatre and ballet productions, music performances, and dance revues. The

• new designated areas for changing and storage;

Features of the Theatre complex include: • larger stage and backstage areas; • enhanced sound and lighting;

• a larger entranceway and foyer with space for food facilities; • greater comfort and seating capacity for the audience.

Our community and our volunteers This Philanthropy Report thanks and acknowledges members of the St Andrew’s College community who gave to the College in 2019 through monetary donation, gifts-in-kind and volunteering. The following articles demonstrates the commitment of students, volunteers and donors who gave back to the College, help others outside of our community and are creating the success of Your Legacy, Our Future.

Community Projects In 2019, our Chapel and Community Service team have continued to be at the heart of our community giving and making us aware of the needs within our local, national, and international communities. The generosity of our young people and families associated with the College have continued to impact many lives. The students supported different charities and worked in various ways to raise money for this. Once again, the 40 Hour Famine was a highlight in the fundraising area and this year, although down on previous years, $11,273 was raised. The College responded to the tragic event mosque shootings on Friday 15 March and raised $9750, which was given to three families who lost loved ones in the attack.

At our annual ANZAC Service, $410.00 was given for the RSA. Through our mufti days in 2019, the Community Service Leaders raised $1808.50 for Hagar. In Term 3, the International Council Mufti Day raised $1985.50 for World Vision, and the Middle School Leaders raised money for Pillars, totalling $1763.50 The group of 12 students who went on the Service Trip to Cambodia in April raised $3041.60 for various charities we support in Cambodia. Through our Sunday evening chapel services, offerings raised a total of $7003.30. The money raised went to Hagar in Cambodia, Big Brother Big Sister Christchurch, City Mission, Pillars, Christian World Service, and the Salvation Army. At the Christmas Eve

Chapel Service, a total of $830 was raised through donations at the door and went to the Christchurch City Mission. We ended the year with the tradition of donating presents to the City Mission. Staff, students, and families generously donated a huge number of presents and put them round the Christmas tree in the Centennial Chapel. On Friday 14 December, these presents were collected by the City Mission in time for them to be distributed for Christmas. St Andrew’s College continues to show wonderful generosity through our chapel giving, mufti days, and community service initiatives.

Rev. Paul Morrow Chaplain

Events Committee and Class Parent Programme St Andrew’s College is extremely lucky to have some wonderful volunteers who come together to assist Alumni and Events Co-ordinator, Kelsey Williams, throughout the year. The Events Committee includes current and past parents, Old Collegians, and friends of the College. This group is called upon for all sorts of extra assistance around the College, including the annual Boarders’ Dinner, flax flower making for Year 13 leavers, coat check-in at College formals, and help behind the scenes at special fundraising and College community events. There

are no meetings for this group, and volunteers offer their help at times which suit them. The Class Parent programme has been successfully run in the Preparatory School for many years, and was introduced in 2018 into Year 9. The purpose of the programme is for each class to have a couple of parents who will organise social events during the year. This programme provides invaluable support and connections between teacher and parents. It also provides a wonderful way for

2019 Leavers’ Gift The leavers’ gift for 2019 was the outcome of the Year 13 student group working alongside the College to craft a fitting leavers’ gift. It was clear from the start that this year group wanted to leave a special gift for a very special place. A lot of ideas had been buzzing around when talk of the leavers’ gift started in late Term 2. It was always an open process, where anyone could present new ideas, or feedback on current ones, in order to reach a gift which best suited the year group. After a long period of brainstorming and discussion, a few ideas made the shortlist, which were shared with the year group for a vote. The option, which was the most popular amongst the year group, and ultimately the gift that was decided on, was the bench seat under the fantastic new waiting shelter which is already benefiting students daily. This opportunity has allowed the Class of ’19 to give back to the College both a piece of art and a physical object, which can benefit students and by which they can remember our year group in the years to come.

Rinay Chandra Year 13

new families to meet other parents. Meetings are held each term to help support this group, and a speaker from around the College is invited to keep them up to date with key areas. We are extremely appreciative of all these volunteers, and a big thank you goes out to our 2019 Events Committee team and Class Parents. If you are interested in being part of either of these groups, please email the Alumni and Events Co-ordinator, Kelsey Williams,

Preparatory School The St Andrew’s College community spirit starts in the Preparatory School, and a big thank you goes to our Class Parent volunteers who ‘gift’ their time to the school. This group of people play a significant role in welcoming new and returning families to the school at the start of the year. During the year, the connections continue as the volunteers organise fun events and evenings out. It is a fun way for everyone to get to know each other. We know these connections are valuable and they often lead to lifetime friendships.

We thank the PTA for their generous support. The children and staff are sincerely appreciative of the funding in 2019 which supported areas of need and special projects. One such project was the Year 5 Sustainability project. The children planted, watered, weeded, and grew beautiful produce which supported the ‘Garden to Table’ concept. Also, three Vex IQ Robots were purchased for the Robotics Club, which will allow Preparatory School students to compete for the first time in the VEX IQ regional competition in 2020. Additional financial support allowed the purchase of three portable netball posts and two couches for the Library. The Junior Department children enjoyed the PTA funded kitchen furniture during the year, which was used during Discovery Time. The furniture offered opportunities for the children to engage in imaginative and co-operative play. The staff also thank and appreciate the parent helpers who regularly supported the children during Discovery Time.

Jonathan Bierwirth Principal of Preparatory School

Old Collegians Association St Andrew’s College enjoys a culture of philanthropy, which is led by the generosity and support of the Old Collegians Association. The affection and loyalty of past students is a testimony to the great education and wonderful experiences that the Old Cols had as students. The Old Collegians Executive would like to acknowledge and thank the year

group leaders, who each year assist with the co-ordination and planning of our alumni reunions, ensuring their success. The Old Collegians Association supports the College in a variety of ways from providing scholarships and fees assistance, sponsorship of College events, to major gifts such as the donation to the Centenary Chapel.

This year, the Association is proud to confirm a new major donation to support the building of the new Ben Gough Family Theatre.

Jonathan Wells Old Collegians Association President

The Ladies Circle The St Andrew’s College Ladies Circle is in good heart, with numbers continuing to grow. Our focus is on sharing time and interest in the College to which we all have a connection. At our monthly meetings we have speakers covering a variety of interesting topics. Any money

we raise is used to benefit the College. We are currently saving to contribute to the new Ben Gough Family Theatre. We very much appreciate the time the Rector, Christine Leighton, and other staff members give to our meetings

to keep us up to date with what is happening in the College.

Elizabeth Peacock President

Cafeteria I would like to thank all the wonderful volunteers who give up their time to come and help with the preparation of food and helping to serve it during breaktime and lunchtime to the students. Our volunteers, including mothers, fathers, grandparents, and

aunties, all like that the cafeteria is a light-hearted place to work, and also the fact that they get to interact with the students.

who are gluten free or vegan. If you would like to volunteer in the cafeteria, please come in and see me. We are always looking for extra help.

Our menu covers a lot of healthy options and we now cater for people

Sharon McDonald

Pipe Band The St Andrew’s College Pipe Band contributes to many community events each year. The band was pleased to support the following events in 2019. • Hororata Highland Games; • Christchurch A&P Show; • 9/11 Fire Service Memorial Service; • ANZAC Day Parades at many various venues; • Rangi Ruru Girls’ School Founders’ Day. Pipers also played for various events and functions including weddings and funerals. The College also hosted a number of significant Pipe Band related events: • Royal New Zealand Pipe Band Association National Summer School; • South Island Solo Drumming Championships; • Labour Weekend Silver Chanter Solo Piping Championships. The Pipe Band is also extremely grateful for the significant financial support it received during 2019. The band relies heavily upon fundraising events to fund pipe band activities. Many volunteers contribute to the Parents and Supporters Committee. This group contribute significantly in fundraising which enabled each student to be subsidised for each trip away. This group was led by current parent Rainer Klebert. Major events for the group included an Arts Exhibition and Sale held in the foyer of the Centennial Chapel, and the Pipe Band Centenary Ceilidh. The band also acknowledge the financial support from the Air Rescue Services Trust. The band is proud of its ongoing contribution to the wider community and very grateful to supporters and contributors to the Pipe Band.

Richard Hawke Pipe Band Director

Cafeteria Manager


Spring Fling

The PTA enjoys supporting the College by running the Second-hand Uniform Shop, fundraising, and helping at College community functions and events.

The rowing community held a fantastic Spring Fling fundraiser event, where Gym 1 was transformed using planting and sculptures. A special thank you to all who were able to attend, those who supported the event by donating goods, and to those who were crucial to making the event happen. In particular Development and Events Co-ordinator Kelsey Williams; Custodian Mike Johnston; Marketing Communications Co-ordinator Anj Hawkins; Head of Communications Kay Shaw and the Communications team at the College, thank you for the work put in to get this event up and running. Thank you also to the very talented performers from the Jazz Band, the Highland dancers and flower girls for making the night so much more magical.

The PTA have helped with Secondary and Preparatory Schools Open Days and Information Evenings, hosted the Preparatory School Wine and Cheese function, and assisted at the Senior Formal with the coat and bag check. The main source of income for the PTA is through the Secondhand Uniform Shop. The shop is operated by a dedicated group of parent volunteers and members of the PTA, to whom we are immensely grateful for their time. In 2019 the Second-hand Uniform Shop made a profit of $24,500. The PTA also have an annual Christmas Cake fundraiser. In 2019 the funds raised from the selling of Christmas cakes was put towards equipment for the Middle School ‘Sports Café’, and included nerf balls, frisbees, and other sports equipment to keep the Middle School students busy at lunchtime. The profit from the sale of cakes in 2019 was $5300. In June 2019, the PTA organised and ran a fundraising event, Curtain Raiser. This was a hugely successful kick start event for the Theatre redevelopment. It was a wonderful evening of entertainment from students, with dancing, live music, and a supper. We wish to thank our incredibly generous families who donated items to be auctioned on the night, this ensured we raised over $29,000 for the Theatre. The evening was enjoyed by all and the PTA has had incredibly positive feedback from all who attended. PTA donations paid to St Andrew’s College in 2019 total over $52,000: • $3750 for netball hoops in the Stewart Junior Centre; • $1780 for ‘home play’ equipment for the Stewart Junior Centre; • $3500 for a new mobile cricket net for all Year 9–13 cricketers; • $2500 for new couches for the Preparatory School Library; • $4800 for four visualisers for the English Department; • $2160 for silks for the Gym which can be used by all groups hosting events; • $900 for ‘Garden to Table’ project for Preparatory School Sustainability Group; • $29,000 for the new Ben Gough Family Theatre; • $1839 for three VEX IQ Robotics kits; • $2000 for VEX competition kits and parts for Robotics competition teams. If you are interested in joining the PTA or volunteering in the Second-hand Uniform Shop please email

Lisa McAra-Young PTA President

A really special thank you to Dan Rutherford for his incredible indoor garden, to Jen Duncan of Bothy Events, who co-ordinated the magnificent sculptures and artists, and also to Clive Murden who was our MC, auctioneer, and lead singer for the night! Finally, a big thank you to the Spring Fling Committee of Justine Wyld, Kirsty Muir, Alex Rutherford, Kate Murden and Liesl Carrodus for their efforts over the past few months. Apart from having a great evening, the event raised approximately $15,000 to go towards equipment for the rowing team. As part of the pack down of the Spring Fling, our rowing community took nearly 1000 plants used to decorate Gym 1 and planted them at Kerrs Reach. This was a great way for our rowing team to give back to the community and to the environment where we spend so much time. Thank you to the Christchurch City Council Park Rangers for organising and being part of this planting.

Celebrating Co-curricular St Andrew’s College offers an extensive co-curricular programme offering over 50 different sports and cultural activities. College students benefit from these opportunities with well over 95 per cent of students involved in weekly co-curricular activities. The staff contribution to the programme is much appreciated and, in addition to this, the programme relies heavily on the support of parents and the wider College community. The College is fortunate to have many parent volunteers who give freely of their time to offer the best opportunities possible. Also, several sports receive generous donations and sponsorship which have contributed significantly to the cost of equipment, uniform, and travel to tournaments. Thank you to all who have contributed in 2019, and not only the ones highlighted in this report, as your support has been much appreciated.

Cricket and Rugby


The cricket and rugby teams at St Andrew’s College are very appreciative of the loyal support that they receive from sponsors. In 2019, cricket was once again shown that support by Perennial Sport & Turf, and rugby by Kooga, No.4 Bar and Restaurant, and Maugers Contracting.

St Andrew’s College is fortunate to have some very good support from business in terms of sponsorship and services. We would like to extend our thanks to Canterbury Teamwear, for their sponsorship support as our official sports uniform supplier, and to Canterbury Sports Wholesale, who supply sports equipment to the College and for their ongoing sponsorship of the College sports programme.

Along with these sponsors, the players would also like to thank their parents for the continued support that they show both on and off the field.

Sponsors for 2019: • • • • • • • • • • •

Build7 Commodore Hotel CoolTranz Ltd Francis Ward Ltd Gary Cockram Hyundai Giesen Wines Innes Fields Ltd Inventory Tech Ltd Kilravock Vineyards Ltd Kooga Miles Construction Ltd

Mike Johnston Head of Cricket and Rugby

• • • • • • • • • •

Maugers Contracting Multisport Surfaces Ltd No.4 Bar and Restaurant Riccarton Cleaning Supplies Ltd Richard Rose ROA Mining Company Ltd Selwyn Earthworks Ltd Shoe Clinic South Island Plastic Surgery Terrafirma Turf

In addition to strategic business partnerships, the College Sport and Co-curricular programme relies heavily on family and linked business support to offer the best opportunities possible to students and we thank you all for this support.

Mark Lane Director of Sport and Co-curricular Activities

Music and Drama Approximately 50 students are involved in each College production. A dedicated parent team always come in to support this with help for hair, make-up, props and costume supervision. The tasks range from learning how to create new hairstyles, as happened for Parade, to quick sewing fix-ups backstage and assisting with fast costume changes, and of course getting all costumes hung, and the cafeteria tidied after every performance. Special Mentions In 2019, we thanked Nicky Newman for many her years of service to

productions, often two a year over a long period of time. Nicky offers a great deal of support to the staff and students alike. So much so that she also led hair design for the 2018 and 2019 Middle School productions, despite not having a child in the show at the time. Thanks also to Karen Smith who has given significant hours to productions with sewing, costume fitting and support for the costume designer, as well as co-ordinating parent teams. Special mention goes to Kerry Megaw who does all the catering for the

Orchestra Camp and Southern Jam. The students and staff are hugely appreciative of the time and talent she gives to these events. Both the Drama and Music Departments are grateful for the enormous support of the parent community. Not only attending all events, but getting students to and from the numerous rehearsals and lessons, to ensure that the high standard of performance is maintained.

Ginnie Thorner Performing Arts Co-ordinator

Charity Golf Tournament On Friday 22 November 2019, St Andrew’s College hosted another Charity Golf Tournament, which was first held in 2018. Our founding sponsor, John Jones Steel, generously supported this event and it is with gratitude that we acknowledge Managing Director, Frank van Schaijik, for his ongoing support for this event. The concept for this tournament came from the idea to combine fundraising with charity and give an opportunity for a sporting team to learn about raising funds, not only for their own development but to support a local charity. This is following the lines of Philanthropy as a concept being taught at St Andrew’s College. The Chalky Carr Trust is very dear to the hearts of many at St Andrew’s College. Chalky Carr, who sadly lost his battle to cancer at the beginning of 2018, was a man of high integrity who chose to leave a legacy of what it was to give to others in need. Supporting this charity was a way to honour Chalky’s work and the legacy of the Chalky Carr Trust, which he established to raise money to help people who are also fighting cancer, and to meet needs in a practical way. More on the charity can be found through the following link:

The Charity Golf Tournament was jointly organised by Director of Development, Miranda Newbury, and Assistant Chaplain and Head of Girls’ Football, Jo Morrow, who engaged both St Andrew’s College and the local community businesses, to generously sponsor $1000 to play in the tournament. A special mention to Miles Construction and Armitage Williams who contributed at Level 1, paying $1500, and Colliers International who sponsored the Chalky Carr team. An auction was held at the post tournament function and featured key items donated for profit. The event was hosted at the spectacular venue Clearwater Golf Resort and we would like to give recognition to our special guests, professional golfer Sir Bob Charles ONZ KNZM CBE, former Board Chair Garry Moore, and Old Collegian Richie Mo’unga. The day would not be complete without hospitality, which was co-ordinated by a team of volunteers supported by Mikae Tuu’u and Hamish Hill. A special thanks also to Helliers, Wairau Wines, Bishopdale New World, Independent Liquor, and the St Andrew’s College Girls’ senior volleyball teams who contributed towards the hospitality on the day.

The tournament raised $27,000 in total. After costs, the event generated $6700 for development of St Andrew’s College girls’ volleyball, and they were able to raise $16,500 towards the work of Chalky Carr Trust.

Jo Morrow Charity Golf Tournament 2019 Event Manager

Basketball The Basketball programme at St Andrew’s College has gone from strength-to-strength in 2019. This was due to the hard work of our coaches, managers, students, and parents, augmented by the generosity and support of many philanthropic parties. 2019 saw the continuation of the 2018 initiation of the St Andrew’s College Basketball Fundraising Committee, which was formed specifically to support the programme in a multitude of ways. The committee was made up of Alastair Miles, Graeme Rhodes, Vicki Farrant, Michelle Patterson, Caroline Whittaker, Jacqueline Gilbert, Aled Jones and Ben Eves. The group met monthly to determine areas of need within the basketball programme. Some key achievements were the purchasing of a shooting machine for Gym 2 and subsidising tournament costs, and uniforms. Highlights from the fundraising programme including the ‘Hoop It Up’ dinner and auction, and a car raffle. • Gold Sponsor – Miles Construction Limited • Gold Sponsor – Oxford Edge • Canterbury Rams • Canterbury Rugby Union • Commodore Hotel • Hanmer Top 10 Motor Camp • Lone Star • Nick Leckie • Orangetheory Fitness • Quest Hotel • Resene • Wairau River Wines • Wheeler Motor Company This support is appreciated, and Basketball at St Andrew’s is looking forward to a strengthened programme and community in 2020.

Ben Eves Teacher in charge of Basketball

Tennis Tennis at St Andrew’s College continues to develop, which over the past years has helped us to gain both national titles as well as runner-up placings. This continued development has again in 2019 been helped by the sponsorship from Wilson Tennis (New Zealand). Wilson Tennis has continued to supply both equipment, including strings and balls as well as apparel for our players. Because of this supportive ongoing sponsorship, tennis at St Andrew’s College can continue to grow and develop, allowing our players to become stronger within the sport and gain more success.

Hamish Faulls Tennis Co-ordinator

Rowing St Andrew’s College rowing has a strong squad this season, with close to 60 rowers involved in the sport. The growth and success of rowing at St Andrew’s College would not be possible without the huge effort and commitment of our staff, coaches, managers, parent committee members, parent volunteers, supporters, and families. The purchase of our high-quality fleet has been made possible through parent committee led fundraising, with the most recent purchase being a new pair/ double scull. Julian Martel maintains all of our boats and rowing equipment, dedicating a large amount of time to make sure we have equipment of the highest quality. Julian’s time and effort is greatly appreciated by all involved in rowing at St Andrew’s. Justine Wyld, Dan and Alex Rutherford, and the Spring Fling Committee organised an amazing night of entertainment and fundraising at the Spring Fling event. Thank you very much for your time and commitment to creating such a wonderful night. Liesl Carrodus has organised the Oarsome O’fare fundraising event for St Andrew’s College over the past few years. This is a huge task to undertake

and involves many hours of work. Thank you Liesl for all of your time and effort in organising this event, which has been an integral part in the running of our programme and the purchasing of new plant. Mike Preston and Bayleys Real Estate have generously been the principal sponsor of the rowing team for a number of years, allowing us to purchase uniform and equipment. Thank you. Armstrong Prestige have generously provided us with a tow vehicle to be used throughout the season to tow our fleet to and from regattas. Sarah Corkery and Bartlett Electrical have generously provided their services free of charge when setting up our new kitchen facility in Twizel. This has been invaluable for our rowers and those who are volunteering in the kitchen. Sarah has also been integral in providing nutritious meals for our rowers, coaches, and staff when at regattas and camps. Andrew Smith and Mitre 10 Mega, Hornby and Papanui, have supplied us with hardware and equipment for the new kitchen unit, as well as sourcing the unit itself. This has been invaluable

for us and we thank you very much for your generosity towards the rowing programme. The new kitchen facility and concrete pads in Twizel would not have been possible without hours of volunteer work from our parent committee and in particular Mark Tavendale, Clive Murden, Andrew Rutledge, Matt Blyth and Dean Allison. Dean Allison sourced kitchen cabinets and plumbing supplies and spent many hours installing this for us using his building expertise. Without his contacts and generosity this simply wouldn’t have happened. We thank you all for going above and beyond and making this project happen. Overall our entire parent committee has been extremely committed and dedicated, putting in many hours behind the scenes to make this season happen. This does not go unnoticed and is extremely appreciated. Thank you to everyone involved.

Riley Gain Rowing Co-ordinator

Your gifts to St Andrew’s College Your Legacy, Our Future Campaign 2019

In 2019 the total gifts made to our St Andrew’s College Your Legacy, Our Future Campaign totalled $1,078,555.

How did you give In 2019?

The majority of those gifts were directed to the College Foundation (which includes the Endeavour and Endeavour Rugby Scholarship fund), Ben Gough Family Theatre and Centennial Chapel. Cash donations include Annual Giving, Year 13 Family Legacy Gift, and Bequests.


1 Year 13 Family



Legacy Appeal


2 Annual Giving 3 Bequest

5 6

The College is also thankful for the additional gifts and generosity directed towards the College’s many co-curricular activities in 2019 (not included in these graphs), and acknowledges all gifts and sponsorship supporting St Andrew’s College.

4 Step Into Our Future

5 Your Legacy Our Future

6 StAC Scholarship

Where did you direct your gifts in 2019?






1 StAC Scholarship


2 Endeavour



Scholarship Fund


3 Endeavour Scholarship - Rugby


1 3 2

4 Naming Rights 5 Theatre Seats 6 General Gift to Theatre

7 Note Gold for Theatre

8 Note Bronze for Theatre

9 New Theatre Ticket Levy 10 Plaque Bronze

for Fitness Centre 11 Centennial Chapel 12 Capital Development

- Rectors Discretion 13 Capital Development

- Sports and Cultural Centre

Philanthropy - the spirit of generosity at St Andrew’s College

The acknowledgements shown below gratefully recognise financial gifts made to St Andrew’s College between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2019.

Gifts to Your Legacy, Our Future: Anonymous (19)

The Holyoake Family

Mr A & Mrs J Rodgers

Janet Anderson

Ming Hong & Ying Wu

Anke & Bernd Rose

Nic & Kerry Baddeley

Mr J K Hyslop

Dr W & Mrs S Bailey

Seanne James & Ben James

St Andrew’s College Old Collegians Association

Mr Alistair A Black

Kenton-Smith Family

St Andrew’s College PTA

Kevin Black

Howard & Wendy Klein

St Andrew’s College Rugby

David Blackwell

Mr J Li & Mrs W Shi

Mr WS & Mrs KE Blade

Mr Li & Mrs Zhang

Coroner Tim Scott and Ms Kathriona Benvie

Mr JT & Mrs RM Blake

Hongwei Liu

Noeline & Ronald Boet

Andrew Lowden

Mr F H W & Mrs M J Burrows

Mr Hamish C MacMaster

P J & A J Calder

Richard Maxwell

Chandra Family

G H & J I McFadden

Dan & Belinda Charteris

Louis McFadden

Mr Gideon & Mrs Amie-Jane Couper

Mrs Wendy McPherson

Mr R Crispin

Mr H & Mrs L Molloy

Mr SM Crosbie

Dr A M & Dr T Moore

Mr G W Currie

Texas & Lynda Mundy

J R M Davidson

Alex J Murray Family

Ian Dewar

Mrs Miranda S A & Mr Craig R Newbury

Cody, Luke & Shey Doerner- Corson

Ed & Nicky Newman

Mr & Mrs Stewart Elms

Rudolf & Christiane Nordt

F B Fletcher

Mr D A Nottage

Fowler Homes Ashburton

Mao Ono

Mr R H French

M & S Oxley

Mrs P Gallagher

Louise & Ray Patchett

Euan Galloway

Mr G & Mrs D Percasky

Mr GWF Gardiner & Dr CZ Bourke

Mr E G Perry

The Ben Gough Family Foundation

Mr T H Pratt

Joshua and Xavier Guillemot-Rodgerson

Terry & Lei Prince

Mr Joel S Hewson

Clive & Vivecca Robinson

Mr R S & Mrs R A Hewson

Zak Robinson

Mr Warwick J Rathgen

Note: all cash donations are eligible for the 33% tax credit or rebate. *Deceased

D. Barry Shaw Prof I & Mrs M E Simmers The Smith Family Mr R M & Ms J Soulsby Kerrie, Hank and Simon Sproull Shane Summerfield Michelle Tait & Mark Revis Mrs Elizabeth Temple Mr P L P Thompson Sydney Thompson John Threlkeld C L & S A Tod Mr B W Tothill Crispin Vinnell & Hannah MacKintosh Mrs J A Waghorn Mr E P & Mrs R L Walker Ting Wang Mr Xiao Feng Wang & Mrs Jeong Seon Lee Graham & Val Wells John and Alison Westgarth Wilkie + Bruce Architects Mr AG & Mrs A Winnicott Andrew & Schira Withers Dr & Mrs Xiong David Yu & Jian Sun

Philanthropy - the spirit of generosity at St Andrew’s College

Thanking our Donors St Andrew’s College and the St Andrew’s College Foundation are strengthened through financial contributions and bequests, which help to maintain the high standard of independent education at St Andrew’s College. Through income earned on the St Andrew’s College Foundation invested endowment, funds are directed to areas of need at the Board of Governors’ request.

Strowan Club The St Andrew’s College and Foundation societies began in 2007 with the establishment of the Strowan Club for donors who have donated $10,000 or more to the College or Foundation. The following list includes all members who have given recently, or who based upon their cumulative giving, are now welcomed to the Strowan Club, Highland Club, Thompson Founders Circle and StAC Fellow.

Strowan Club Members Anonymous (14) Derrick Abbott

Mr Graham T, Mrs Leila M & Mr Craig H Dowling

Mr Colin* W Anderson & Family

Mr Peter R & Mrs Rana E Eggleton

Mr David A Anderson

Mr & Mrs Stewart Elms

Robert & Marion Anderson

Estate Gweneth Adair*

Stuart & Debbie Anderson

Ms Deb A Fahey

Mrs Alison Ballantyne

Rev Dr D W Featherston*

Tim Barnett

Jim Forrester*

Mr Bruce & Mrs Jane Bascand

Mr Stuart J V & Mrs Sue Fox

J Bigford

Dr Ivor S Francis*

Bosch Robert NZ Ltd

Mr Bruce J & Mrs Ailsa Fraser

Mr Mark & Dr Robin Bowman

Mr Rob Gendall*

David & Catherine Boyer

Keith* & Jennifer Gillanders

Millie Bremner

The Ben Gough Family Foundation

Mr A Paul & Mrs Joan* Brown

Dr H Scott Gray*

Rob R Bruce-Barron

Chris & Sarah Green & Family

Mr Chris D Burke

Andrew & Wendy Griffiths

Mr Simon D Burke

Mrs Joan Grumitt*

Burnett Valley Trust

Mr D Nigel Gualter & Ms Kristy O’Connor

The Burns Family Bede & Melanie Cammock-Elliott Canterbury Foundation Mr Simon & Mrs Tracey Challies Mr M G Cockram S J Collins* Family Trust Mr Gideon & Mrs Amie-Jane Couper John Crothall/In memory of E.Alan Crothall

Mr Rick Hallifax John* & Jan Hampton & Family David & Michelle Harrison J L Hay Charitable Trust Mr George F & Mrs Merrilyn E* Hight Mr Euan & Mrs Dawne* Hilson David & Christine Janett

Bridget & David Cushing

Mr David J Jarman & Ms Moira Farrell

Peter & Julianne Darling

Mr Stewart M Johns

Mr Don & Mrs Liz Davison

Peter Johnston* & Family

Mr Grant E & Mrs Jennifer Dickey

Brent & Vicky Jones

Note: all cash donations are eligible for the 33% tax credit or rebate. *Deceased

Earl* & Lani Hagaman

Professor Ron Jones

Mrs Shirley J Rudkin

Geoff & Mary Wells Family Trust

Mr Peter D Kennedy

The Scanlon Family

Mr Graham C & Mrs Val Wells

Mr Bill Kensington*

Mr D W G & Mrs P J Scott

J & V Wells

Jim* & Jen Livingstone

Mr Paul W Scott

Mr Kerry J Wells

Mace Engineering Ltd

Mr George & Mrs Kay Scrimshaw

Mr Michael C Wells

Mr Andrew & Mrs Joanne D Macgregor

Mr Allan D* & Mrs Cynthia* Shand

John & Alison Westgarth

Barry & Cheryl* Maister

Jun Wha Shin

Wilkie + Bruce Architects

Emeritus Prof. Athol W* & Mrs Ngaire J Mann

Mr Michael & Mrs Kate Sidey

Mr Alun T* & Mrs Miriam Wilkie

Sir Gil & Joy Simpson

Mr Peter* & Mrs Judy* Wilkinson

Mr Chris J & Mrs Jilly J Marshall

The Sinclair Family

Mr Phil & Mrs Linda Mauger

Dr Harsh P Singh & Mrs Anu Pratap

Mr Rick S Wilson & Ms Janine M Mayson

Steven & Jacqui McDonald

Mr Donald A Sloss

Paul & Jill Wright

Grant & Jenny McFadden

Robert & Jill Sloss

Dr & Mrs Xiong

Amelia McGoldrick Trust

Mr Murray G & Mrs Linda V Smith

Mr William J A & Mrs Carol E Young

Mr Kelvin R & Mrs Sally A McMillan

David A Solomon

LB Miller Charitable Trust

Mr Robert C* & Mrs Margaret Spark

W M. & H M Milliken

Mr R L B Spear

Mr Garry M Moore

Prof. Michael Spiro

Mr Gregory J Moore Texas & Lynda Mundy

St Andrew’s College Board of Governors

Andrew & Karen Munro

St Andrew’s College Ladies Circle

Mrs Beveley Murray Mr Ed & Mrs Nicky Newman

St Andrew’s College Old Collegians Association

Mr Dougal & Mrs Diane Norrie

St Andrew’s College PTA

Mr Michael G Norris & Ms Patricia R M Dart

St Andrew’s College Rugby Club

Mr Michael H (1972) & Mrs Linda J Nutt

Graeme & Ally Stevenson

Robin & Shirleen Oakley M & S Oxley

Mr Mark J Stewart & Ms Ainsley Walter

Michael & Michelle Patterson & family

Mr W John Strowger

Bryan & Susie Pearson

Dr Jurgen & Mrs Petra M* Suppan

Mr Richard* & Mrs Anne Peate

Mr J M & Mrs G Syme

Mrs Almut & Mr Richard Perrett

Bill & Dian Taylor

The Perry Family

Neil D Thomson

Mr Malcolm H J Petrie

Mr Peter A & Mrs Pip L Trumic

Mr Cameron C Pickering George & Lynda Pickering

Mr Murray A & Mrs Margaret H Turley

Mr Grahame & Mrs Glen Price

Mr William M & Mrs Pam* Turner

Mr Warwick J Rathgen

Mr John W & Mrs Josephine Ullrich

Mr Graham B & Mrs Lorna Robertson

Mr Peter F & Mrs Carlyn Ullrich

Mr Murray D Rose

Tony & Joyce Wallace & Family

Murray Rose & Richard Rose

Mr Noel A & Mrs Brigitte J Walton

Mr Roland Stead Mr Evan Stewart

Note: all cash donations are eligible for the 33% tax credit or rebate. *Deceased


1917 Society The 1917 Society is for those generous members of our community who have pledged a bequest to the College. We are privileged that they have chosen to endow part of their estate to St Andrew’s College upon their passing. For those who have shared their plans with us, we are glad to be able to thank them and welcome them as members of the 1917 Society.

Bequests Received between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2019 Estate Gweneth Adair

Your generosity is greatly appreciated For further information please contact Director of Development, Miranda Newbury P +64 3 940 2068  E  W

St Andrew’s College Charities Commission Registration #CC22462 St Andrew’s College Foundation Charities Commission Registration #CC25213

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