St Andrew's College Philanthropy Report 2016–2017

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Philanthropy Report 2016–2017 Giving at St Andrew’s College: Philanthropy, Volunteering and Community

From the St Andrew’s College Foundation The St Andrew’s College Foundation continues to successfully fulfil its role of overseeing the management and prudent investment of endowment and donor funds. This function protects and underwrites the objectives of an independent St Andrew’s College.

As a recent example, we are currently engaged with the Board in a process of funding a large number of scholarships to now be named Foundation Scholarships.

The investment performance of Foundation assets has been well ahead of all relevant market benchmarks. We congratulate our external manager on this ongoing achievement. Our investment assets are broadly diversified and regularly scrutinised.

Finally, I must sincerely thank all donors, past and present. Without your kindness and charity, St Andrew’s would not have a Foundation and could not support the exceptional students who call College ‘home’.

I assumed the role of Foundation Chair in late 2015 and would like to extend the College’s thanks to an outstanding group of Trustees. Their skills are drawn from a broad spectrum of industries and professions. We continue to work closely with the College Board to ensure that we fully understand the dynamic needs of a thriving College.

Rodger Finlay Acting Chairman, St Andrew’s College Foundation

A culture of giving From the Director of Development

The past two years have been a real celebration of the spirit of the St Andrew’s College community, with many people involved in a variety of ways. Our Centenary Gala Weekend was a tremendous success due to the enormous number who attended the weekend and to all who assisted in the mammoth organisation of it. This is a perfect opportunity for me to once again thank everyone who put their hand up to assist with the organisation of the Centenary. Eight events over three days, a film, a history book, further events throughout the year, and merchandise was a large undertaking, with years of planning involved. The success of the Centenary Gala Weekend depended on the level of support and assistance we were extended. I would like to thank the many volunteers involved and make a special mention of those who formed the committees who planned for many months prior to the Centenary Gala Weekend; the Centenary Committee, Fête Committee, Boarders’ Breakfast Committee and the Old Collegians’ Concert Committee. The dedication from you all to attend numerous meetings and spend many hours of your time to plan and implement the success of your events was greatly appreciated. I felt very privileged to work alongside staff (past and present), current parents, students and Old Collegians. It gave me new appreciation of the love and dedication that people have for St Andrew’s College. A very special thank you also to those who contributed funds to the Centenary Gala Weekend. To our Centenary Partners, Konica Minolta and Caxton, and to the many Centenary sponsors who supported individual events or publications listed below: The Light Site, Wairau River Wines, Harcourts, The Crossing, Montreux Furniture, Emirates, Armitage Williams Construction, House of Travel Merivale, Forsyth Barr, Rawlinsons, Oakley’s Premium Fresh Vegetables Ltd, Powell Fenwick and White Audio. In addition to the Centenary, 2016 and 2017 saw the opening of new buildings and special features around our campus. The

official Dedication of the Centennial Chapel took place in October 2016, with hundreds in attendance and many more watching the live stream. This was a very special day for us all. We are grateful to the many generous donors who assisted to fund this magnificent building. We received major gift donations from Old Collegians and current families, alongside our many ‘brick’ donors who are recognised on the donor boards in the foyer of the Centennial Chapel. One year later, in October 2017, we celebrated the official opening of the Turley Bridge which now connects the Centennial Chapel with St Andrew’s College. We would like to thank the Turley Family, from Temuka, for their generous contribution to the bridge which has a significant purpose and is a stunning feature of our campus. In close proximity to the Turley Bridge, is our new contemporary sculpture called ‘The Cross He Never Knew’, designed and created by Old Collegian, Angus Muir (OC 2006), and generously donated by his family for the Centenary Year. Thank you to the Muir family for such a generous gift and to Angus for this stunning work of art. We are very grateful for the way in which people have supported the Step Into Our Future campaign and assisted us in our goals of building the Centennial Chapel, growing our St Andrew’s College Foundation and contributing to the development of our sports and cultural facilities. The culture of philanthropy at St Andrew’s is strong, and the ongoing support that so many of you give to the College is amazing. It allows us to go from strength to strength with our campus, resources, and ultimately the education and opportunities for our students. The generosity of the many donors who have contributed to the Step Into Our Future campaign to date, has encouraged us to continue this campaign and I invite you to step in a new direction with us in 2018. Our focus will now include the Theatre redevelopment, alongside our existing focus to grow the St Andrew’s College Foundation, and our ongoing Buy a Brick campaign. There are still opportunities to purchase one of the salvaged bricks from

the Memorial Chapel, which now feature in the external wall of the Centennial Chapel facing Normans Road. We have had our second Brick Donor Plaque installed in the foyer of the Centennial Chapel and will continue to add the names of our newest ‘brick’ donors. By purchasing a ‘brick’ you could have your name, your family’s name or your child’s name added to the plaque. Generous support was shown toward our Centenary over the last two years, so we are thrilled that people were still able to support our Annual Giving Appeal and our Year 13 Parent Initiative. The funds from these appeals were distributed across many areas, with the majority choosing to donate to Rector’s Discretion or the Centennial Chapel, which continues to need funds. The Year 13 Parent Initiative is led by Chris Janett (current parent, PTA member and Board of Governors member), Kelsey Williams (Development Co-ordinator), and a team of parent volunteers who are committed to telephoning each family of the Year 13 students and offering them an opportunity to leave a gift to the College in honour of their child’s time at St Andrew’s. I would like to thank Chris and her team for their dedicated support with this initiative, and to all those making and receiving the phone calls. Your feedback and support is greatly appreciated. The Alumni and Development Team welcomed a new staff member in September 2017, Dhara Barot. Dhara joined us from World Vision where she has worked for the past eight years. Dhara’s role at World Vision was as the Partnerships Manager and she joins us in the role of Development Manager. This now brings our team to five, including myself (Clare Wilkinson), Kate Baker, Kelsey Williams and Jacqui Anderson. We would all like to thank you for your ongoing support and generosity, and for being a part of this very special time with us.

Clare Wilkinson Director of Development

Step Into Our Future The Step Into Our Future campaign has been a huge success, gaining support from many areas of our community. As a result of the support we have received from Old Collegians, current and past parents, students, staff and Ladies Circle members since the inception of the campaign in 2013, we have decided to continue Step Into Our Future. We now invite our community to step in a new direction with us, as we plan for the redevelopment of our Theatre complex and continue to grow our St Andrew’s College Foundation. We are so proud of the achievements of the last few years which are evident around our campus and celebrated in this publication. Thank you to everyone who has supported the Step Into Our Future fundraising campaign, which has raised over $7 million to date.

Centennial Chapel Update It is incredibly exciting for St Andrew’s College to have the new Centennial Chapel open. It is at the heart of the College community – a place of worship, celebration, inspiration and gathering. The Centennial Chapel replaces the St Andrew’s College Memorial Chapel which was extensively damaged in the earthquakes of 2011, and sadly led to it being decommissioned and deconstructed in 2013. The Memorial Chapel was built to honour the 61 Old Collegians and staff who died in WWII and was a deeply revered and significant College landmark. After extensive discussion at Board level, it was determined that repairing the Memorial Chapel would not meet the needs of the present-day College community. Gradually it was concluded that the best approach was to be brave and start afresh, with an architectural competition determined to be the best way forward. After a lot of research, a very clear brief was written calling for expressions of interest. Of the 22 responses, only six were shortlisted. A significant part of the architectural brief was to incorporate elements of the Memorial Chapel in the new building. The design submitted by Patrick Clifford of Architectus included the old, but in a unique way, with the original features completely dismantled and then reconstructed in a way he hoped would still resonate with the College community. His design was chosen and time has proven it to be a masterful choice. People get so excited about

seeing the old familiar features, such as doors, even though they are in quite different locations. Patrick integrated these features in such a creative and seamless way, it never looks as though they were just add-ons. Once the design of the Centennial Chapel was settled, the College Development Office went into fundraising mode. Linking the fundraising to the past through the Buy a Brick campaign, which was founded on fundraising methods used for the Memorial Chapel, the Development team worked tirelessly to raise money from the College community. Prior to the opening of the Memorial Chapel in 1955, tickets representing bricks cost approximately sixpence and were purchased by College students. Sixty years later, one thousand original bricks from the Memorial Chapel were carefully salvaged and then incorporated into the Memorial Wall of the Centennial Chapel. Bricks now cost $3000 each and have been purchased by current families and old Collegians, many of whom had previously purchased tickets in support of the Memorial Chapel. The salvaged bricks add an arresting textural element to the Chapel exterior wall facing Normans Road. All brick donors are acknowledged on plaques in the foyer of the Centennial Chapel. The College was fortunate to receive major donations to the Centennial Chapel, in addition to the Buy a Brick campaign. The school community is grateful for the generous support

received from Old Collegians and present families of St Andrew’s College to fund such a significant building project. Plaques are situated discreetly in relevant areas of the Chapel and its adjacent grounds to recognise these major gifts, which ranged from $50,000 to $500,000. The generosity of the brick and major donors enabled us to open the doors of this magnificent facility and celebrate the Dedication

Step Into Our Future

Our fundraising campaign

of the Centennial Chapel on Tuesday 25 October 2016, leading into our very special Centenary Year. Many events during the St Andrew’s College Centenary Gala Weekend celebrations in March 2017 were held in this glorious, memory-filled and inspiring place. Linking the College’s past to its future, the community has had its heart restored and lifted.

Scholarships The Endeavour Scholarship We thank all donors to the Endeavour Scholarship Fund, which was created to provide a scholarship for an education at St Andrew’s College for a young man or woman with proven financial need, demonstrating strong academic and co-curricular merit, and potential. We are very excited to be able to begin the process of selection in 2018. We now have over $200,000 in the Endeavour Scholarship Fund. We still welcome donations and hope to grow this fund to enable us to offer a full 100% scholarship. Very special thanks go to our founding donor, Jay Scanlon, for initiating the Endeavour Scholarship through a matching gift challenge in 2015. Jay pledged to match all gifts to the value of $100,000 donated to the fund in 2015. The full $100,000 was raised and then matched by Jay.

Our community and our volunteers This Philanthropy Report thanks and acknowledges members of the St Andrew’s College community who gave to the College in 2016 and 2017 through monetary donation, gifts-in-kind and volunteering. The following articles demonstrates the commitment of students, volunteers and donors who gave back to the College, help others outside of our community and are creating the success of Step Into Our Future.

Community Projects 2016 marked the beginning of our centennial celebrations and the opening of our new Centennial Chapel. This building is at the heart of our community, and the generosity of our community made this possible. Our Chapel and Community Service team have continued to be at the heart of our community giving, and making us aware of the needs within our local, national and international communities. The generosity of our young people and families associated with the College have continued to impact many lives.

February. The College responded with a fundraising Mufti Day and showed their compassion and generosity raising $9777.30 for the relief effort.

Megafauna, $1759 for Camp Quality, $3700 for World Vision, and $9000 for the Carr Foundation. Our two Year 12 Service trips to Cambodia involved 32 students raising between $200–$300 each to give to the various charities and support groups we interact with. Just over $7000 was given to the Village, Partnership Cambodia, the Slum School, Hagar Cambodia and the orphanage we support.

Through our chapel services in 2016, we raised $6885. The money went to Big Brothers Big Sisters in Cambodia, Hagar in Cambodia, Big Brothers Big Sisters Christchurch, City Mission, and Christian World Service.

Over the two-year period, the students supported different charities and worked in various ways to raise money. The 40 Hour Famine was a highlight in the fundraising area and in 2016 we raised $17,575. In 2017 we raised our greatest total ever of $22,930 and was a credit to the Community Service Leaders who went above and beyond the 40 Hour Famine sponsorship method of raising funds by creating a special Mufti Day to get them beyond their goal of $20,000. In 2016 we watched in horror, as Tropical Cyclone Winston, with winds of up to 325kmh hit our neighbour Fiji in

During 2017 we raised $10,770, with the money going to Hagar in Cambodia, Big Brothers Big Sisters Christchurch, City Mission, Slum School Charity in Cambodia, and Christian World Service. A special mention should be made of the money raised for Christchurch City Mission at our Centenary Chapel Service and Christmas Eve service, $3387 and $930 respectively. Other causes which money was raised for in 2016 included Ronald McDonald House, $401.20 by the Middle School, Christchurch Diabetes Youth, $1408.60 by the Prefects and $1934 for LifePods, by the Middle School students. Through our Mufti Days in 2017 we raised $2200 for the Heart Foundation, $1327 for

Both years ended with the tradition of donating presents to the City Mission. Staff and students generously donated these presents and put them around the Christmas tree in Strowan House until the week before Christmas, when we took the presents to the City Mission in time for them to distribute for Christmas. The students and community of St Andrew’s College continue to show how important philanthropy is within our culture.

Paul Morrow Chaplain

2016–2017 Leavers’ Gifts It is tradition for the Year 13 students who are leaving St Andrew’s College to present a special gift to the College. In 2016, with the students finishing just before the 100th year of the College, they wanted a gift which was both traditional and could be used in the future, and so decided on a sword for use in the Haggis Ceremony on Founders’ Day. After much research, the students chose an 18th century Scottish Highland Infantry Officer’s sword, a sword used in such conflicts as the Battle of Waterloo. This sword is a rare and historic version of swords used around that time and features the St Andrew’s Cross on the hilt, which gives it a special significance to the College. The sword was first brought out and used at the Leavers’ Dinner and then again at the wonderful Gala Dinner during the Gala Weekend. When not

Events Committee The Events Committee is a wonderful group of volunteers who help behind the scenes ensuring that evenings such as the Boarders’ Dinners and Parent– Teacher Interviews run seamlessly, and everybody attending can relax and have a wonderful time. Everyone is welcome on this Committee – current or past parents, Old Collegians and friends of the College. If you would like to get more involved with the College, but only have limited time, then this is a great team to join. There are no meetings and volunteers offer their help at the events which suit them. Since Sally Dowson resigned as the Chairperson of this committee, Kelsey Williams and Jane Gower are giving part-time support to the role, however, we are still looking for someone to head this wonderful team of volunteers. If you are interested in joining or leading this fantastic group, please contact Events Committee Convenor, Kelsey Williams on

As it was their gift to the College, the Leavers had the seat transported to Horncastle Arena, for the Leavers’ Dinner. It was a great opportunity to view the seat, for all those who generously donated to this lovely gift, and those receiving it.

in use, the sword is kept in a display box with a plaque to acknowledge this wonderful gift. In 2017, the students having celebrated and been part of the very busy Centenary Year, decided that it would be nice to leave a gift for the College which gave people a place to sit, take a breath, reflect, and look around. They had a Penrose Timber seat designed and made in New Zealand by Fel. Group. To give the seat a special significance for St Andrew’s and the Centenary Year, the students added a copy of the centennial thistle shaped in cast aluminium and attached to the seat.

This beautiful timber and cast aluminium framed seat has now come to its home and sits under a tree facing towards Strowan House and the Angus Muir sculpture, which gives people time to reflect and look at the beautiful landscaping of the College.

Preparatory School

Dedication of the Centennial Chapel

The St Andrew’s community spirit starts in the Preparatory School and a big thank you goes to our Class Parent volunteers. This group of people play a significant role in welcoming new and returning families to the Preparatory School at the start of the year.

On Monday 24 October 2016, the rigging for the six-camera outside broadcast of the Dedication of the Centennial Chapel was set up. At 7.00am on Tuesday 25 October 2016, the countdown to ‘on air’ or in this case ‘live stream’ started. This countdown was in fact started months before, when two Old Collegians told me that they were suggesting that their employer should give away up to $40,000 worth of goods and services, and I smiled.

During the year, the connections continue as the volunteers organise fun events and evenings out. It is a fun way for everyone to get to know each other. We know that these connections are valuable and they often last well after the children have left the College.

Jonathan Bierwirth Preparatory School Principal

I smiled, because the employer was in fact OSB or Outside Broadcasting Ltd, a company based in Auckland who own a number of enormous stateof-the-art vehicles and equipment, worth $15 million each and otherwise known as ‘OB units’ or ‘HD trucks’, they are the enormous broadcast trucks you see at major events and concerts around New Zealand. Marc Williamson (OC 2006) is Supervising Guarantee Engineer at OSB, Rupert McKee (OC 2011) and Blake Morgan (OC 2013) are Technical Unit Riggers and Patrick Duncan (OC 1999) is an Audio Engineer contracted to the company. When this ex-St Andrew’s College team fronted the OSB General Manager Andrew McNaughton about doing a more or less free outside broadcast of the Dedication of the Centennial Chapel at St Andrew’s College, he very generously agreed. Steve Hartley (OC 2001), who worked with OSB while employed with Sky TV as a Sound Engineer also joined the team, as did Tim Murdoch (OC 2004), who is the current Technical and Studio Manager with Whitebait Media. We were also joined by James Carter (OC 2004(, Morgan Jones (OC 2011), Mitchell Vincent (OC 2016), James Murray (OC 2015), Robert Henderson (OC 2004), Peter Hammond (OC 2002) and our very own David Jensen (OC 1997). These wonderful Old Collegians gave our Years 9 and 10 Media Academy students the guidance to not only use this state-of-the-art equipment, but also the confidence to manage most of the hands-on work needed for the production, and the chance for us to produce a professional live stream production of this very special event.

Simon Williams HOD Media Studies

Honorary Old Collegian – Val Wells Val Wells has had a long connection with St Andrew’s College, marrying an Old Collegian, the sister-in-law of an Old Collegian and having three sons and four grandsons educated here. Since 1975, we have been fortunate to have her as the dedicated florist of the beautiful flower arrangements for both the chapel services and the annual Prizegivings. The photo to the left shows the stunning arrangement which she created for the Dedication of the Centennial Chapel. The Ladies Circle, of which Val has been a member of since 1975, donated the wooden pedestal now used in the Centennial Chapel for these beautiful arrangements. To celebrate the long and close connection with the school, and for all that she has done and continues to do here, St Andrew’s College has now made Val an Honorary Old Collegian.

Old Collegians’ Association As we move into our second century, we start with the biggest leavers group to become St Andrew’s College Old Collegians, 200 approximately. It was a special night to attend and present their Old Collegians badges. When it comes to philanthropy Old Collegians are the means to spread the word, make the connections and reunite with the College. This especially applies to the younger members, as their

communication through social media is second to none. The Old Collegians’ philanthropic support comes in many forms, from donations, to assisting with student travel and scholarships, to running reunions and providing volunteers at events. We provide the College with leadership, guidance, mentoring, and professional advice. It is important to

keep your contact email addresses up to date and stay connected through social media. With our new website coming online the database can specifically target groups within the College family in an email out or media post thereby giving us a much more specific contact for news.

Mark Mulholland Old Collegians Association President

The Ladies Circle The St Andrew’s College Ladies Circle was formed in 1959 by Mrs Stewart, the then Rector’s wife. It welcomes all women who have or have had an affiliation with the College as parents, grandparents or staff. The current membership is 83 and meetings are held on the last Friday afternoon of every month in the Centennial Chapel. This new

meeting venue, after gatherings in previous places including the Cricket Pavilion and the Preparatory School staffroom, has been warmly welcomed by our members who enjoy a varied programme of speakers from all walks of life, as well as a fundraising function.

our membership. Last year, to commemorate the Centenary, we gifted a further $1500 to the Buy a Brick campaign. We were also pleased to present the Music Department with a cheque for $1000 to assist with the purchase of musical equipment.

A committee of 12 makes a personal contact each month to all members. Our goal this year is to increase

Jill Irving

The Band also provided pipers for various events including fundraisers, weddings and funerals.

to subsidise student travel was greatly appreciated by all members of the Band. In 2016, Tracey Mathewson led this group with help from the following people for major events, Amanda Lawson (St Andrew’s College Annual Ceilidh), Arts Exhibition and sale (Gillian MacKay and Jen Duncan) and James MacKay (Wine Sale). In 2017, Rainer Klebert led the group with major events including an Arts Exhibition held in the foyer of the Centennial Chapel, and a Wine Sale fundraiser.


Pipe Band The St Andrew’s College Pipe Band contributes to many community events each year. The Band was pleased to support the following events in 2016 and 2017. • • • • • • • • •

Hororata Highland Games; Christchurch A&P Show; Bishopdale Community Fair; 9/11 Fire Service Memorial Service; ANZAC Day Parades at many various venues; St Georges Hospital – Cancer Centre Opening; Rangi Ruru Girls’ School Founders’ Day; America’s Cup Victory Parade; Rugby League World Cup Match (New Zealand vs Scotland).

The College hosted a number of significant Pipe Band related events including the Royal New Zealand Pipe Band Association National Summer School, Pipe Band Masters Workshop, South Island Solo Drumming Championships and the Labour Weekend National Solo Piping Championships. The Band is extremely grateful for the significant financial support it received during 2016 and 2017. The Band relies heavily upon fundraising events to fund Pipe Band activities. Many volunteers contribute to the Parents and Supporters Committee. Their grants in 2016 of $20,000 and in 2017 of $15,000

The Band is proud of its ongoing contribution to the wider community and very grateful to supporters and contributors to the Pipe Band.

Richard Hawke Pipe Band Director


Black & Bling Ball

The PTA enjoys supporting the College – both with fundraising and St Andrew’s College community events. We have helped with Secondary and Preparatory Schools’ Open Days and Information Evenings, hosting the Wine and Cheese Function for the Preparatory School, doing coat checks at Senior Formals and assisting at the Centenary Fête.

The biennial Black & Bling Ball is a highlight on the College social calendar and the 2016 ball certainly lived up to its reputation. This year, the ball was jointly organised by the hockey and rowing communities.

In 2016, the PTA held a successful community event ‘Breakfast at Strowan’ for Preparatory School families, hosted by St Andrew’s College prefects and Rector, Mrs Leighton, where parents and students had the opportunity to quiz Year 13s on what it is like to be in the Senior College, and learn more about the Centennial celebrations. The PTA ran successful fundraisers over the last two years selling Christmas cakes and raised $12,000 in 2016 and $6900 in 2017. The PTA’s main source of income is from the Second-hand Uniform Shop, operated by a team of dedicated parent volunteers, to whom we are very grateful. The profits are donated back into the College to benefit all students. In 2016, we donated $2000, which helped towards producing a video documentary in respect of the Old Collegians who lost their lives in World War II. In 2017, $13,430 was donated $3300 to the Music Department, $1500 for monitoring equipment for the Strowan Stream project, $8000 towards two 3D-printers and materials, and $630 towards publishing the ‘Lights in the Night’ children’s book created by Year 10 students.

Our thanks go to the hard-working organising committee and the hockey and rowing families, who once again produced a hugely successful and enjoyable evening. While it is too difficult to list all the contributors, we would like to acknowledge the sponsors and all those who so generously donated items for auction on the evening. Hockey, rowing and the College shared the funds raised.

Ball Committee

The purchase of a mobile eftpos terminal for use in the Second-hand Uniform Shop has proven its value and convenience for the St Andrew’s College community. To show support to the wider St Andrew’s community groups, the PTA also makes the EFTPOS terminal available to other College groups and events. If you are interested in joining the PTA, volunteering in the Second-hand Uniform Shop or inquiring about the EFTPOS terminal please email the PTA on

Anastassia McIntyre President

Year 13 Parent Task Force For the past few years, a Parent Task Force has supported the Step Into Our Future campaign. Throughout 2016–2017 during Terms 2 and, 3 a number of volunteer parents met for several information and support meetings with staff from the Development Office. Volunteers then contacted a group of Year 13 families inviting them to make a monetary donation to St Andrew’s College in honour of their child’s time at the College. Participation was emphasised and the College is hugely grateful for all the donations we continue to receive from our many wonderful families. We appreciate the time our professional volunteers have spent supporting this initiative and thank them for their commitment to our campaign. Special thanks to Kelsey Williams, Development Office, for her outstanding organisation and dedication to this project, and to Clare Wilkinson, Kate Baker and Jacqui Anderson for their continued support.

Chris Janett, Kelsey Williams and the Year 13 Parent Task Force

Cafeteria We have seen a few changes in the last two years as to the type of food the students want to purchase. It is all leading the way to more healthy eating. We mean to change with the ways of eating habits that are unfolding, and to prepare and sell to the students more of the less sugar and salt rich foods. As always, parent help is very essential to the running of the Cafeteria, it is a good way to meet other parents and we always have a laugh. Without the parent help, the food would be more expensive for the staff and the students. In 2016, the Cafeteria donated $10,000 to the College for the purchase of the lectern in the Centennial Chapel.

Sharon McDonald Cafeteria Manager

Style at StAC 2017 saw the return of the much-anticipated Style at StAC. The event is a fundraiser and this year the football community at St Andrew’s College worked together to plan and host the evening and showcase seasonal and high-end fashion. The models were chosen from Years 1–13 and accompanied by four nominated members of staff.

Thank you to the staff and parents who gave their time to make the event possible and to the following sponsors for their generous donations:

The evening was hosted by Year 13 prefects, Samantha Kirkness and Samuel Paterson, who were both dressed in the latest fashion generously provided by Trelise Cooper and Sergios.

Bright Red Styling

New Zealand Football

Browne Family

Clearwater Resort

Salon E

Interiors by Lume

Stephanie Rumble, a current St Andrew’s College parent and the mastermind behind this event, worked with teams of volunteers to present a very polished evening. As a fashion stylist, Stephanie presented work from her own business model ‘Bright Red Styling’ with the audience treated to first-hand style tips and ideas for the current and coming season.


Mantra Hotels

Canterbury Property Investments

Dr Aspect – Clinical Skincare

John Jones Steel

The Mediterranean Food Co.

The evening also included events from our senior Hip Hop and Highland dancers, the Ballet Academy, and our very own and much-loved Barbershop Quartet. This part of the evening is always well received and a showcase for the genuine talent amongst students and staff. A very successful auction was also held (organised in pristine manner by Miranda Newbury) and led by Phil McGoldrick, which, provided the opportunity to raise funds for the St Andrew’s College Football Development programme. The Style at StAC event raised $17,000.00.

Wilkie + Bruce Architects

Stephen & Liz Collins

Nicola Quinn Beauty

Canterbury Rams

Corporate Wellness Solutions

Canterbury Dragons

Magnitude Coffee & Roastery Innovate Interiors Robin Pierre

Bealey Speights Ale House Browns SuperValue – Redcliffs

Celebrating Co-curricular The College offers an extensive Co-curricular Programme with over 50 different sports and cultural activities. College students benefit from these opportunities with well over 95% of students involved in weekly co-curricular activities. The staff contribution to the programme is much appreciated, and in addition to this, the programme relies heavily on the support of parents and the wider College community. The College is fortunate to have many parent volunteers who give freely of their time to offer the best opportunities possible. In addition to this many sports receive generous donations and sponsorship that have contributed significantly to the cost of equipment, uniform, and travel to tournaments. Thank you to all who have contributed in 2016 and 2017, and not only the ones highlighted in this report, as your support has been much appreciated.

Suppliers The College is very fortunate to be aligned with some excellent businesses that support the College in such a positive way in terms of sponsorship and excellent service. We would like to extend our thanks to Canterbury Teamwear Apparel for their sponsorship support as our official sports uniform supplier. Canterbury Sports Wholesale supply sports equipment to the College and their ongoing sponsorship support of the College sports programme is much appreciated. We are very appreciative of Riccarton Shoe Clinic who have provided footwear for our athletes, rugby and netball players. Many thanks also to the Athletes Foot who have provided sports equipment for the Preparatory and Secondary Schools. In addition to strategic business partnerships the College co-curricular programme relies heavily on family and linked business support to offer the best opportunities possible to students.

Denley Jones Head of Co-curricular

Cricket and Rugby The cricket and rugby teams and staff involved with these teams at St Andrew’s College are very appreciative of the loyal support they get from sponsors. Perennial Turf has once again loyally supported St Andrew’s College cricket in 2016 and 2017, while rugby had the support of Winnie Bagoes, Kooga, Lone Star, No.4 Bar and Restaurant, Maugers Contracting and FWL Contracting. We would also like to thank Miles Construction for their sponsorship in 2017. The Rugby Club is also grateful for the financial support, mentoring and opportunities that the Thistle Club gives to the students involved in the sport. We would also like to thank the parents for their support of our players both on and off the field. Sponsors for 2017: • • • • • • • • • • •

Akaroa Salmon; Brent Findlay Mortgage Advisor; Build7; ECL Group; Elmwood Trading Co.; Francis Ward Ltd.; Gary Cockram Hyundai; Kilravock Vineyards Ltd.; Kooga; Lone Star; Miles Construction Ltd.;

Mike Johnston Head of Cricket and Rugby

• • • • • • • • • •

Maugers Contracting; Multisport Surfaces Ltd.; No.4 Bar and Restaurant; Riccarton Cleaning Supplies Ltd.; Richard Rose; ROA Mining Company Ltd; Shoe Clinic; Southside Electrical Ltd.; Terrafirma Turf; Winnie Bagoes.



The St Andrew’s College rowing team has enjoyed significant success over the last two seasons. In the 2016 season the team of 50 students were crowned the Best South Island School at the South Island Secondary Schools’ Rowing Championships, winning the Bell Trophy for the first time. The 2017 team was the largest ever, with over 60 students competing. The team successfully defended their status as Best South Island School once again winning the Bell Trophy. Of significance was the historic first time win of the prestigious Maadi Cup at the New Zealand School Rowing Championships. The Boys’ Senior rowing eight appeared for just the third time in the Maadi Cup final and led from start to finish. The win was helped by the fact that the senior boys four had won the Springbok Shield in dominant fashion the previous day. It was just the second time that St Andrew’s has won the Springbok Shield, the last time being in 1983. The students’ ongoing success would not have been made possible without the dedication and tremendous support of the staff, coaches, managers, parent committee members, parent supporters and families.

We would like to acknowledge the support we receive from Andy and Sue Innes of Just Hockey. Their expertise and guidance is invaluable.

The fleet of St Andrew’s rowing boats and equipment are of the highest quality. This has been made possible through carefully planned purchase goals, a rigorous maintenance programme and ongoing fundraising activities led by our parent rowing committee. In addition to recent purchases from Hudson Boat Works in Canada, the rowing committee has successfully fundraised for two additional Hudson fours for our senior boys and senior girls. The ongoing maintenance has been managed by Julian Martel, who has generously volunteered his time to ensure all our boats and coaching equipment remain in perfect working order. The work of Julian is greatly appreciated by the rowers and coaches, who very much enjoy his involvement in the team. Bayleys Real Estate has generously agreed to be the principal sponsor of the rowing team and has done so for the last three years. The rowing club would like to thank Bayleys for the jackets and bags, and remaining sponsorship funds which have assisted in the purchase of new fours.

Hamish Bell Rowing Co-ordinator

We would also like to thank Mervyn and Lelia Evans who have been instrumental in running the biennial Black & Bling Ball, which provides valuable funding for hockey. They also give their time to help run the hockey parent committee.

Leanne Power Sports Co-ordinator

Tennis The St Andrew’s College Mixed (co-ed) tennis team, which has won a record seventh National Secondary Schools’ Mixed Team title, has been proudly supported over its time by Wilson Tennis (New Zealand) which amongst other support, supply balls and strings for the team which allows us to practise and play with the best equipment. For the past two years, Plexipave New Zealand, who build and paint tennis courts all over the country, have sponsored us with apparel. Both these sponsors are ongoing and the tennis team looks to have many more successful years.

Hamish Faulls Tennis Co-ordinator

Your gifts to St Andrew’s College Step Into Our Future Campaign 2016-2017

In 2016–2017 the total gifts made to the St Andrew’s College Step Into Our Future Fundraising Campaign, totalled $2.67 million.

How did you give in 2016/2017? 1


3 4

1 Year 13 Parent

The majority of those gifts were directed to the new Centennial Chapel, followed by the St Andrew’s College Foundation (which includes the Endeavour Scholarship and Endeavour Rugby Scholarship funds).

Appeal for STEP

2 Annual Giving 3 STEP Bequest 4 Step into Our Future

The College is also thankful for the additional gifts and generosity directed toward the College’s many co-curricular activities in 2016 and 2017 (not included in these graphs) and acknowledges all gifts and sponsorship supporting St Andrew’s College.

Where did you direct your gifts in 2016/2017? 1 Chapel

8 9

2 Other Capital Development

3 Rector’s Discretion 4 Sports and Cultural Facilities


5 Endeavour Scholarship Fund

1 6 5

6 Endeavour Rugby Scholarship Fund

7 St Andrew’s College

4 3 2


8 Gymnasium AV Equipment Special Project

9 Streetscape Special Project

Philanthropy - the spirit of generosity at St Andrew’s College

Step Into Our Future Our fundraising campaign

Step Into Our Future is the fundraising campaign for St Andrew’s College which has run from 2013 to 2017. Campaign funds have been raised for the Centennial Chapel, the Sports and Cultural Centre and the St Andrew’s College Foundation, to ensure that the College is best placed to meet the next century.

Gifts to Step Into Our Future: Anonymous (33) Adam Family Denis & Dorothy Adams & Family Mr G R Adams Mr Bryan N & Mrs Carol Aitken Mr R B & Mrs R Allan Murray Allison Doug & Anne Anderson & Family Janet Anderson Mr Roger W K Anderson Mrs Andrea P & Mr Vernon J Bailey Mr G M Bain & Mrs S M Ballantyne Dr Adrian Balasingam & Dr Sarah Metcalf Mr David J & Mrs Janine M Ballinger Barbara Lee Design

John & Jenny Barr

Brian Dowling

Steve Bayley & Joanna Mackle

Mr David & Mrs Margaret Duckworth

Mrs Margaret* & Mr Alan Beanland

Dumergue Family

Mr Grenville A Bell*

Early Family

Ms Catherine E Bibbey & Mr Jeremy C Evison

Mrs Marjorie Eathorne

The Bierwirth Family

Jonny & Nikki Everest

Dr S A Bisset

Mr F B & Mrs B M Fletcher

Mr Alistair A Black

Mr M G J & Mrs S Forrester

Kevin Black

Rev W D & Mrs M Francis

David Blackwell

Mr Bruce J & Mrs Ailsa Fraser

Mark & Cara Blyth

Mr R H French

Mrs Lisa M & Mr Michael O Brown

Jack W H Fulton

Mr Martin D & Mrs Nancy Brown

Euan Galloway

Mr J R Bruce

Mr Jonathan P & Mrs Sarah Gardiner

Mr F H W & Mrs M J Burrows

Brian & Margaret Gardner

Roland Burrows

J R Gardner

Mr T F Burrows

Mr G D & Mrs C Gemmell

Mr R G Cairns

Giles Steel Family

Mr Warren H Campion

Dr A John D Gillies & Mrs Jenny Gillies

Ms Joan Cardno

Mr Alan K K Gin

Mr Peter J & Mrs Helen J Chamberlain

Gordon Family

Mr J W & Mrs A C Chapman

Mr A G & Mrs A Grant

R A & A L Clark & Family

Rev. Doug Grierson

Mr Gregory J Clarke

Mrs Ngaire A Griffiths*

Alister Derek Collins

Guillemot-Mene Family

Miss Bridie K Connell

Mr Rodger J & Mrs Diana Hadley

Cynthia & Terry Currie

Mr William J & Mrs Susan L Hall

Mr Christopher J Dale

Mr Robert W & Mrs Lisa Hall

The Del Rey Family

Mr Alan Hampton & Family

Mr Peter R & Mrs Alison Dennis

Mr Philip R & Mrs Victoria J Hampton

Mr Nicholas Denton

Hansen Family (1929–1983)

Mr I A & Mrs C M Dewar

Ms Caroline M Harrington

Mr J L Doak

Michael, Delwyn & Brendan Harris

Note: all cash donations are eligible for the 33% tax credit or rebate. *Deceased

Mrs Clare Elliott

Philanthropy - the spirit of generosity at St Andrew’s College

Sir David Hay*

Mrs Christine & Mr Gavin Leighton

Mrs Miranda S A & Mr Craig R Newbury

Mr Joel S Hewson

Loader Haveron Family

Mr Stanley F Newman*

Mr Ross S & Mrs Rochelle A Hewson

Mr Robert & Mrs Betty Long

Mr J D & Mrs H N Nicholls

Mr S J & Mrs J M Higgs

Mr Andrew N Lowden

Rick & Janet Nicholls

Mr Edwin R & Mrs Helen E Hignett

Mr Zhong Ma & Mrs Nan Li

Mr William E L & Mrs Bronwyn Oakley

H A & J R Hill

Mr Colin D & Mrs I D MacDonald

Mark & Felicity Odlin

Guy Hilson

Dr Michelle Mace & Dr Hamish Cochrane

Dr William D & Mrs Christine Olds

The Holyoake Family

Mrs M Mann*

Mr Peter H Olds

The Hope Family

Guy & Andrea Martin

The Oughton Family

Mrs L J Howe

Roger Marwick & Linda Bain

Willie Palmer & Susan Rowe

Mr G Huang & Mrs W Lin

Mr B N & Mrs F Mason

Ms Judith Parrott

Mr Ronald H Hughes*

Dr G S Mawson

Mr R & Mrs L Patchett

Barrie Hunt family

Mr T H & Mrs J McElrea

Rev Robert M Paterson

Brian Hunt (1962) & Family

Mr Iain V McGowan

Mr M A Patterson

Mr Roger J & Mrs Sandra A Hurnard

Mr J C & Mrs S McIntosh

Mr E G Perry

Mr J K Hyslop

Mr R R & Mrs J A McIntosh

Mr Sothea Pich & Mrs Thavin Somnang

John & Jill Irving & family

Mrs Sarah & Mr James G McIntosh

Mr Bruce W & Mrs Stephanie Pyott

Mr D W & Mrs W Irwin

John McLachlan Family

Mrs Pat Quickenden

Mr Philip R Jack

Mrs Myra McNeil

Mr A S & Mrs F Rae

Chris & Amanda Jeffries (Gus)

Mr Murray & Mrs Judith McNicholl

Mr P K Rainey

Johns Family

McPhail Family

Mrs Patricia A & Mr Thomas R B Rainey

Johnston & Greene Family

Allister & Suzy McPherson

The Rance Family

Mrs Karen & Mr Richard Justice

Mrs Wendy McPherson

Mr A K & Mrs M Rhodes

Mr Joseph Keeney

Mellish-Temple Family

Mr Arthur & Mrs Joyce Rodgers

Ms Fiona A Kelly

Mr Bryson Mirfin

Mr C M Rodgers

Kenton-Smith Family

Dr A M & Dr T Moore

Mr Sean K & Mrs Tammy L Rossiter

The Kilpatrick Family

Barbara & Grant Moore

A N (Lex) Russell

Mrs Alison P King

Morgan Family

Mr Graeme P & Mrs Anne B Sanders

Kotzikas Family

Peter & Cate Morrison

Derek* & Ian Satterthwaite

Andrew Kyle

Mr Mark W D & Mrs Barbara A Mulholland

Mrs Michelle A & Mr John M Scott

Lake Family

Mr Texas A & Mrs Lynda M Mundy

Coroner T Scott & Ms K Benvie

Allan & Stella Lambie

Mr K R & Mrs N Murray

The Sharpe Family

Mr J R & Mrs C Lawson

The Murtagh Family

Mr D B Shaw

Mr Shane A & Mrs Leonie R Le Compte

John & Jan Neale

Mr A P & Mrs D Sheppard

The acknowledgements shown below gratefully recognise financial gifts made to St Andrew’s College between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2017.

Chris & Ruth Sheppard

Mrs Dianne M & Mr Alan D Voyce

Sherborne Family

Walker Family

Shoe Clinic

Hamish & Angus Wallace

Ms Donna M Silvester

Tim Walsh

Graeme & Fay Sim

Mr Xiao Feng Wang & Mrs Jeong Seon Lee

Mrs Virginia A M & Mr Kevin J Simcock

Mr C A Watson

Prof Ian & Mrs Marion E Simmers

Mr Graham & Mrs Adele Wells

John & Judy Sinclair

David West (1986)

Mr A G & Mrs L Skinner

Mr David E Wethey

Dr Olivia C Smart & Mr Kris P Currie

Whata Whanau

Mr Trevor Smart

Mr Stewart C H Whitehead

Mr Richard & Mrs Elizabeth Smith

Hugh Wilson

Mrs Catherine H Spark & Mr Chris Smith

Mr Jonathan R C Wilson

Mrs Janet Spark

The Wissel Family (1992–2029)

Mr Robert C & Mrs Margaret Spark

Rev Sandra K Wright-Taylor

Mr R M Hank & Mrs K J Sproull

Mr Donald I & Mrs Jan A Wyllie

Carly Stewart & Dave Prangell

Dr Babukutty Yohannan & Dr Laly Samuel

Mrs N Stewart

Beom-Suk (Joseph) Yoon

Mrs Kath M Sullivan The Supyk Family Brian & Judy Symes Paul & Ruth Taggart Mr Ross Tanner Mr Peter R Taylor* Mr Jack Taylor Mrs Elizabeth Temple The Village Church Parish Council Mr J C & Mrs J Thompson Mr P & Mrs W Timbs Mr Brent M & Mrs Tracey Tiney C L & S A Tod Roger & Gail Turner on behalf of their families Mr Francis R & Mrs Rosemary A Twiss

Note: all cash donations are eligible for the 33% tax credit or rebate. *Deceased

Philanthropy - the spirit of generosity at St Andrew’s College

Thanking our Donors St Andrew’s College and the St Andrew’s College Foundation are strengthened through financial contributions and bequests, which help to maintain the high standard of independent education at St Andrew’s College. Through income earned on the St Andrew’s College Foundation invested endowment, funds are directed to areas of need at the Board of Governors’ request.

The St Andrew’s College and Foundation societies began in 2007 with the establishment of the Strowan Club for donors who have donated $10,000 or more to the College or Foundation. The following list includes all members who have given recently, or who based upon their cumulative giving, are now welcomed to the Strowan Club, or as a Cornerstone member, or to the Founders’ Circle.

Strowan Club Members Anonymous (13) Derrick Abbott Mr Colin* W Anderson & Family

Mr David A Anderson

Dr Ivor S Francis*

Robert & Marion Anderson

Mr Rob Gendall*

Stuart & Debbie Anderson

Keith & Jennifer Gillanders

Mrs Alison Ballantyne

Dr H Scott Gray

Mr Bruce & Mrs Jane Bascand

Chris & Sarah Green & Family

Bosch Robert NZ Ltd.

Andrew & Wendy Griffiths

Mr Mark & Dr Robin Bowman

Mrs Joan Grumitt*

David & Catherine Boyer

Mr D Nigel Gualter & Ms Kristy O’Connor

Millie Bremner

Earl* & Lani Hagaman

Mr A Paul & Mrs Joan* Brown

Mr Rick Hallifax

Rob R Bruce-Barron

John* & Jan Hampton & Family

Mr Chris D Burke

David & Michelle Harrison

Mr Simon D Burke

J L Hay Charitable Trust

Burnett Valley Trust

Mr George F & Mrs Merrilyn E* Hight

The Burns Family

Mr Euan & Mrs Dawne Hilson

Bede & Melanie Cammock-Elliott

David & Christine Janett

Canterbury Foundation

Mr David J Jarman & Ms Moira Farrell

Mr Simon & Mrs Tracey Challies

Mr Stewart M Johns

S J Collins Family Trust

Peter Johnston* & Family

Mr Gideon & Mrs Amie-Jane Couper

Brent & Vicky Jones

John Crothall/In memory of E Alan Crothall

Professor Ron Jones

Bridget & David Cushing

Mr Bill Kensington*

Peter & Julianne Darling

Ladies’ Circle

Mr Don & Mrs Liz Davison

Jim* & Jen Livingstone

Mr Grant E & Mrs Jennifer Dickey

Mace Engineering Ltd.

Mr Graham T, Mrs Leila M & Mr Craig H Dowling

Mr Andrew & Mrs Joanne D Macgregor

Mr Peter R & Mrs Rana E Eggleton

Mr Peter D Kennedy

Barry & Cheryl* Maister

Mr & Mrs Stewart Elms

Emeritus Prof. Athol W* & Mrs Ngaire J Mann

Ms Deb A Fahey

Mr Chris J & Mrs Jilly J Marshall

Rev Dr D W Featherston

Mr Phil & Mrs Linda Mauger

Jim Forrester*

Steven & Jacqui McDonald

Mr Stuart J V & Mrs Sue Fox

Amelia McGoldrick Trust

Mr Kelvin R & Mrs Sally A McMillan

Dr Harsh P Singh & Mrs Anu Pratap

LB Miller Charitable Trust

Mr Donald A Sloss

Mr Rick S Wilson & Ms Janine M Mayson

WM & HM Milliken

Robert & Jill Sloss

Paul & Jill Wright

Mr Gregory J Moore

Mr Murray G & Mrs Linda V Smith

Mr William J A & Mrs Carol E Young

Andrew & Karen Munro

David A Solomon

Mrs Beveley Murray

Prof. Michael Spiro

Mr Ed & Mrs Nicky Newman

St Andrew’s College Old Collegians Association

Mr Dougal & Mrs Diane Norrie Mr Michael G Norris & Ms Patricia R M Dart

Mr Roland Stead

Mr Michael H (1972) & Mrs Linda J Nutt

Mr Evan Stewart

Robin & Shirleen Oakley

Mr Mark J Stewart & Ms Ainsley Walter

Mr Martin R & Mrs Susan P Oxley

Mr W John Strowger

Michael & Michelle Patterson & family

Dr Jurgen & Mrs Petra M* Suppan

Bryan & Susie Pearson

Mr John & Mrs Glenys Syme

Mr Richard* & Mrs Anne Peate

Bill & Dian Taylor

Mrs Almut & Mr Richard Perrett

Neil D Thomson

The Perry Family

Mr Peter A & Mrs Pip L Trumic

Mr Malcolm H J Petrie

Mr Murray A & Mrs Margaret H Turley

Mr Cameron C Pickering

Mr William M & Mrs Pam Turner

George & Lynda Pickering

Mr John W & Mrs Josephine Ullrich

Mr Grahame & Mrs Glen Price

Mr Peter F & Mrs Carlyn Ullrich

Mr Graham B & Mrs Lorna Robertson

Tony & Joyce Wallace & Family

Mr Murray D Rose

Mr Noel A & Mrs Brigitte J Walton

Murray Rose & Richard Rose

Geoff & Mary Wells Family Trust

Mrs Shirley J Rudkin

Mr Graham C & Mrs Val Wells

The Scanlon Family

J & V Wells

Mr D W G & Mrs P J Scott

Mr Kerry J Wells

Mr Paul W Scott

Mr Michael C Wells

Mr George & Mrs Kay Scrimshaw

John & Alison Westgarth

Mr Allan D* & Mrs Cynthia* Shand

Wilkie + Bruce Architects

Jun Wha Shin

Mr Alun T* & Mrs Miriam Wilkie

Mr Michael & Mrs Kate Sidey

Mr Peter* & Mrs Judy* Wilkinson

Graeme & Ally Stevenson

Sir Gil & Joy Simpson

Note: all cash donations are eligible for the 33% tax credit or rebate. *Deceased


1917 Society The 1917 Society is for those generous members of our community who have pledged a bequest to the College. We are privileged that they have chosen to endow part of their estate to St Andrew’s College upon their passing. For those who have shared their plans with us, we are glad to be able to thank them and welcome them as members of the 1917 Society.

Bequests Received between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2017 Margaret May Blackwell

Your generosity is greatly appreciated For further information please contact Director of Development, Clare Wilkinson P +64 3 940 2068  E  W

St Andrew’s College Charities Commission Registration #CC22462 St Andrew’s College Foundation Charities Commission Registration #CC25213