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Glen Stephens Rarity Offers For 20 years, my ’Stamp Rarity Page’ has been a “must visit” place for many collectors and dealers, globally - Large clear photos, and lots of detail, and FIXED NETT PRICES. “Philatelic Porn” as one client jokingly described it as! No 20% “Buyer Fees” to add on top etc. All credit cards accepted - even Amex, and with NO insulting extra fees to you either! Each month I’ll add here, a couple of items from that page, for the possible interest of readers. Choice material, and special collection offers etc, from all over the globe. Material on that page often sells FAST - within hours of being listed up, and it changes often - weekly mostly, so do bookmark this page, and check often -

New Zealand 1909 1d Red ‘Universal’ Fresh **MUH** IMPERFORATE pair $A250 -

The Cowan paper, with WHITE original gum, and genuine **MUH**. Excellent margins and bright and fresh. SG 410a, £250=$A500 as HINGED! And MUH for pre WWI material is 300% extra generally from NZ, as it here, and in NZ is highly sought after thus. Show me another pair for sale globally, at ANY price. This collector liked this variety and indeed managed to obtain THREE different horizontal imperf pairs MUH of this stamp - so he also has SG 405a, £500=$A1,000, and the SIDEWAYS watermark SG 408b, Cat £350=$A700, if anyone is interested - also super attractive MUH - let me know and I’ll do a deal for you. As a trio of imperf pairs are probably UNIQUE! All this material has been in Canada for 60 years, and never been seen since on the market. About $US160 at $A250 - Stock 473KC

Aust. Pre-Dec coll on Lighthouse pages. Retail $1,250 just $A375! -

Handy lot on clean set of expensive German ‘Lighthouse’ pages 1927-1966. These would cost you over $100 to buy. And then Juzwin retail of the stamps is $A1,150 - lightly pencilled next to each set, for your easy checking. 1937/49 ‘Robes’ Thick AND scarce Thin paper sets 3 to £1, 1948 ‘Arms’ £2 Green, 1963 Navs to £1, and loads of other high retail stuff. Quite well filled Mint and used collection - many more pages shown here - to give a better overview. From 1927 Canberra, right to end of pre-decimal in late 1965. Lots of good sets - the key 1930s commems are superb used etc. Estate steal at just $US250 at $A375 Stock 939CK

1932 5/- CofA watermark John Ash Imprint Block - terrific looking *MUH* -

As you can see, very attractive perfect centred *MUH* on all stamps. ACSC 46c, Grey and Yellow Buff, with the constant variety on stamp 56 - ‘Open Mouth Kangaroo’. (Roo ears getting wet on same stamp, being misplaced into Bonaparte Gulf!) ACSC 46za, cat $22,000 as a MUH imprint block. Cat even as 4 x MUH singles ACSC 46c is $7,000 before adding double for the plate variety! If you visited the GPO in 1935, and were handed 100 PO sheets, and were invited to tear out the BEST looking Imprint block among them - it would be this one! IMPOSSIBLE to improve on looks. Amazing centering for ANY imprint block, as the LH units are mostly poor centred. Perfs and centering one NEVER sees in any Roo imprints, which as all know, ordinarily has the left unit centred well to side, due to layout of comb perforating head, which was not exactly the same size of the stamps. I keep *EVERY* Australian stamp in stock, 1913-1980, and in FIVE grades for each, from Spacefiller to Superb Used, to suit EVERY budget. I have EASILY the world’s largest stock of used Roos, normal and ‘OS’. Contact me re all your ‘wants’. Totally MUH Bi-Color stamps, after near a Century, are most unusual. Time payment arrangements ALWAYS fine for pricier pieces. A GEM looker at $18,000 under catalogue - $US2,600 at $A3,999 - Stock 642LJ

Order via: All Cards accepted with ZERO fee - even Amex! Bank Deposit fine, or Money Orders. PayPal is accepted in ANY major currency, saving you fees - contact me first. LayBys/Layaways always OK with me!

GLEN STEPHENS PO Box 4007, Castlecrag, NSW, 2068, Australia. - Phone 0409 399 888 e-mail me: -

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Stamps in the News - Globally! Scams stop the mail in South Korea

Reported at A deluge of strange international parcels have been flooding into South Korean post offices this month. According to reports, on one day alone, police received around 987 reports about the delivery of suspicious packages from abroad, mainly from Taiwan. Local government authorities have sent out an emergency alert to citizens, instructing them not to open parcels if the sender’s identity is unclear. They also advised people to report such packages to the police. Reports of strange international parcels started arriving from the city of Ulsan last month. The first report was from a welfare centre for the disabled, where a random package from Taiwan was delivered that day. Three people working at the facility were hospitalized after unpacking it, suffering dizziness and difficulty breathing. Police initially suspected that toxic gas from the parcel might have triggered such reactions. But no hazardous material could be found. In most other parcels, officials found cheap products like lip balm. Some even turned out to be empty. As more reports continue pouring in, police are investigating the possibility of a “brushing scam,” where online sellers send unordered products to indi-

viduals after acquiring their personal data illegally. Authorities have asked citizens to stay vigilant against suspicious packages from overseas. The public has been told to be on the lookout for packages that might have “CHUNGHWA POST” written on them. The Taipei Emassy in South Korea reported that such packages were initially sent from China, and after a stopover in Taiwan, they arrived in South Korea. Taiwan’s customs agency is also probing into the delivery route of the packages.

Smoke stops the mail in Canada Reported at

During the current wildfires across Canada, Canada Post has issued a number of red and yellow alerts including some covering parts of Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and Nova Scotia. “Today, deliveries across the province of Ontario could be impacted as smoke from wildfires has caused poor air quality,” the agency said on social media. The yellow delivery service alert means staff will do their best to deliver the mail, but it

Toronto during the smoke emergency 6 - Stamp News

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

may be delayed or interrupted. Other parts of Canada are in a red mail delivery service alert, which means delivery is suspended. The alerts generally relate to extremely poor air quality: “Delivery will resume when conditions are safe. The safety of our employees is our number-one priority,” Canada Post said on its website.

Heat doesn’t stop the mail in Turkey Reported at www-evrensel-net.

Record high temperatures since early July are threatening the health and lives of workers, especially those forced to work in unsafe conditions. Berran Özen Kırmızıgül (42), a postal worker from the state-owned Turkish Post (PTT), was hospitalised after she collapsed due to sunstroke while delivering mail in the western city of Izmir, one of the hottest provinces in Turkey. Kırmızıgül, who reportedly suffered a brain haemorrhage died shortly after. The temperature in Izmir on Monday was as high as 38 degrees Celsius. Experts say working outdoors in this heat, especially between 11 am and 3 pm, is dangerous for health. In particular, workers in agriculture, construction, mail delivery, shipyards, ports and cleaning can face the danger of sunstroke. An OHS expert said “Work should be stopped when the sensed temperature exceeds 41 Celsius degrees. Work between 37-41 Celsius degrees should

be organized accordingly, working hours should be shortened and rest periods should be increased.” After Kırmızıgül was taken to intensive care, the Haber-Sen union, of which she was a member, organized a protest in front of the Izmir Post Office Directorate. The union demanded the resignation of the PTT General Director and the Izmir Chief Director and filed a criminal complaint against them for violating the Occupational Safety Law. Kırmızıgül’s fate is a tragic example of the dire situation countless workers around the world confront. Last month, USPS letter carrier Eugene Gates Jr. died on the job in Dallas, on a day when the temperature reached 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit).

Counterfeit hit in the UK Reported at

Scores of people have been told that stamps, purchased from Post Office branches, are fraudulent. Royal Mail customers trying to swap old stamps bought from the Post Office for their new digital replacements have been told that their purchases are fakes. As of this week, old stamps issued by Royal Mail are no longer valid and using them means the recipient incurs a £1.10 surcharge. They have been replaced by new stamps with barcodes. Under Royal Mail’s Swap Out scheme, old stamps can be exchanged for their new replacements for free. But scores of customers have been told that their old stamps, purchased from Post Office branches, are fraudulent. Customers have also raised complaints over the new stamps with barcodes, claiming that they are being branded fraudulent even when they were bought from a Post Office. If Royal Mail flags a stamp as fraudulent, the recipient will receive a notice saying they need to pay a surcharge of Berran Özen Kırmızıgül and Union members protesting her death. Stamp News - 7

Stamps in the News - Globally!

£2.50 in order to receive their post. Organisers of the Dodson and Horrell Equine Championships posted more than 200 competitor packs out to their riders with new stamps purchased from a Post Office last month. But they were left humiliated when they started to receive phone calls from competitors asking why they had re-used stamps - a practice that is illegal in the UK. The competition’s general manager said: “We started getting phone calls from people saying, ‘We’ve had to pay £2.50’. People were phoning up asking if it was a scam, it was a mess.” “I’m gobsmacked. If you can’t buy stamps in a post office without them being counterfeit then where can you buy them?” She added that when she raised it with Royal Mail, they were “most unhelpful and quite rude”, telling her to take it up with the Post Office branch. Royal Mail announced in February last year that it was switching to stamps with barcodes as part of its modernisation drive and to improve security. However, the company has refused to say whether it was investigating issues with its new system. The chaos fuelled calls for Royal Mail to investigate and ensure customers are not left out of pocket by the new system. A Post Office spokesman said: “Post Office Ltd receives its stamps direct from Royal Mail’s secure printers and are shared with our experienced Post8 - Stamp News

masters and operators to sell in their Post Offices. “We take any allegation of fake stamps at our branches seriously and will always require a receipt as proof of purchase before we can investigate.” Note: Follow the lively Stampboards discussion at

Counterfeit hit in Australia

Reported at Faizan Khan told his two younger brothers he was going home to Pakistan to get married, when he left them with millions of fake postage stamps to package and send off. He never returned to Australia. In March 2021 six federal police officers stormed Shaheryer and Obaid Khan’s Melbourne apartment and recovered thirty-five boxes holding 2.4 million counterfeit stamps, worth an estimated $6 million on face value. The younger Khan brothers have each pleaded guilty to one commonwealth charge of possessing paper or articles resembling postage stamps, knowing they were not postage stamps. Faizan Khan, who remains in Pakistan, has not been charged. Shaheryer and Obaid Khan have admitted packaging up parcels of fraudulent stamps and posting them to three customers, who believed they were

Compiled by

Margo Campbell “minions” directed by Faizan and that they only agreed to package and send off the stamps because of his influence over them. Judge Gaynor will sentence the pair, who remain on bail, later this month.

Sri Lanka cuts its losses Reported at https://economynext. com

Shaheryer and Obaid Khan leave court. real, which caused Australia Post to lose $10,340, the court was told. Their older brother had started the business from their Brunswick apartment, before he returned to Pakistan in January 2021. He would purchase the fake stamps online through the Alibaba marketplace and have them delivered to the apartment. He then sold the counterfeits on websites including and Austral Pack. He continued to operate the business from Pakistan and told his brothers to package and post the stamps for him. The fraud came undone when Australia Post seized packages of the stamps in February 2021 and referred it to police. Judge Liz Gaynor described the offending as a “public attack” and “assault” on Australia’s postal system. The two brothers, who are on student visas in Australia, are facing up to five years in prison. Their lawyers claim they do not deserve to be jailed because they were

Sri Lanka plans to introduce new legislation aimed at modernising the postal department through a public-private partnership, though the service itself will not be privatised, the government has announced. The new Postal Act will replace Sri Lanka’s postal ordinance that dates back to the British colonial period. “I will bring in a new act that we have been working on. Eighty percent of the work is complete. It is expected to be presented to parliament,” he said. The state minister said that in 2022 the postal service’s revenue was 7,000 million rupees while expenditure was 14,000 million. In order to reform the postal service into a modern and profitable venture, he said that a joint public-private ownership of the postal department will be implemented.

Stamp News - 9

Stamps in the News - Globally! “This venture will cost 10 billion rupees,” he said. “We will obtain 9 billion from the private sector and one billion from the state. However, we are not planning to privatise the postal service. “There is a level of trust that is invested in the postal system. Our goal is to create a postal service by 2025 that no longer depends on the state treasury but retains that trust,” he said.

Kenya moves forward

Reported at The Kenyan government has reported on ventures to expand the Kenyan postal service (Posta) e-commerce and diversification. 500 Posta employees will become the first-line e-commerce ambassadors at the Post office within high-market density areas. “Posta will be equipped to build e-commerce capacity for traders and offer logistical services nationwide,” a government spokesperson noted. Also, the government has started to deliver medicine using postal services. “Posta is delivering medical-related supplies to medical facilities. This includes scaling up citizen access to essentials such as mosquito nets in collaboration with Kenya Medical Supplies Agency,” he said. Another initiative is the delivery of passports across the country. As part of digitalizing government services on E-citizen, Posta is working with the Department of Immigration to offer a one-stop service from ordering a passport to tacking last-mile delivery as a service. By December 2023, a postal address/code will be available on the E-Citizen portal in line with the Na10 - Stamp News

tional Addressing implementation plan and digitising postal services. The revitalization of the Postal Corporation of Kenya is one of the government’s key priorities. “This corporation was once literally the jewel in the government’s crown dozed off, ahead of the technological advances of the past few decades. It has been left behind in the critical revolution that is the engine of the new world order,” he said.

Israel to sell the farm Reported at

‘The Government of Israel, through the Government Companies Authority, hereby announces that it is considering selling, by way of private sale, 100% of the shares of Israel Postal Company.” So read the advertisement taken out in a recent Jerusalem Post, announcing the official sale of the entirety of Israel’s postal company and calling for bids. The decision to promote the privatization of 100% of the State of Israel’s holdings in the Israel Postal Company was first made in December of 2021. The firm has in recent months undergone a major reorganization and recovery plan, including workforce reduction, to save it from financial collapse. The Director of the Government Companies

Compiled by

Margo Campbell Rust never sleeps in Pakistan Reported at

Authority said: “The privatization of the mail is great news – for the economy, the Treasury, and much more for the general public, who will receive a more efficient, faster and higher-quality service.” It is argued the government stands to save hundreds of millions of shekels in regulation costs; the economy will have a new industry of eager companies hoping to make money; and the promotion of competition will likely result in a much higher quality of service as the mail companies work to outdo each other. Many Israelis are frustrated with the current service claiming that its efficiency is bogged down by the mutifaceted nature of its post offices which also act as car license distributors, credit card payment kiosks, banking, international money transfer facilities, SIM card vendors etc The inefficiency caused by post offices’ position as a catchall for both governmental and corporate transactions has resulted in a situation where appointments are necessary even just to send mail. With privatisation the regulatory responsibility now falls on the government, in exchange for its surrender of the problematic postal service. Hopefully, the government will recognize that responsibility, because unless the proper guidelines are put in place, there would be no guarantee that services will actually improve.

Mobile phone technology has almost rendered obsolete the public postal service, relegating to rust hundreds of letter boxes installed across the country. Initiated in 1880, under the British Raj, the Pakistan Post had installed scores of iron-made red letter boxes across multiples streets, highways and outside important public buildings for receiving civil and state mail, however in recent times the dated logistics of the service, accompanied by the gain in popularity of private postal services, has led to a sharp decline in the utilization of the letter boxes. “Our public postal service used to be very popular once as the system was efficient and the postman would diligently keep check on the delivery of mail but the few installations that are left have now become redundant,” regretted a retired school teacher. A total of 1350 letter boxes of the Pakistan Post are installed in Punjab, out of which 708 are in the urban setting and 642 are in rural areas but in recent

Stamp News - 11

Stamps in the News - Globally! times the majority of the postal installations have become rusty and obsolete largely due to poor maintenance. Even as the substandard maintenance of Pakistan Post’s letter boxes comes under public scrutiny, the service has not shied away from increasing its postal rates for letter deliveries.

Manx moon mission Reported at

Digital Manx stamps are to be sent to the Moon on a mission to discover how data centres work in space. Digital Isle of Man and space data storage company Lonestar are taking part in NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services programme. It aims to explore how data could be stored on the Moon and retrieved should a catastrophe take place on earth.

12 - Stamp News

A government spokeswoman said the initiative was using expertise in the island’s blockchain industry to “digitise exclusive stamps that will be posted to the Moon and back” via Lonestar’s lunar data centre. The government spokeswoman said the digital stamps, which each feature a different version of the triskelion flag, would be verified and tracked on the return trip to the Moon, and the trail would become part of a digital footprint. They would then be transmitted back to the Earth as part of the larger Artemis lunar exploration programme mission, she said. h

Lick long and prosper

Reported Rep. Adam Schiff is pushing for a U.S. Postal Service stamp aimed at honouring Leonard Nimoy,

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

the Army and his activism in his community,” Schiff said, calling him an “incredibly gifted individual” and a “dear friend.”

Egypt exposes the black hands Reported at

praising the “Star Trek” star as an “example of the American dream.” “Live long and prosper!” the California Democrat wrote in a recent letter to the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee. “This is a phrase that is part of our lexicon, as is the unforgettable character who first proclaimed those Nimoy, who originated the role of Spock on the intergalactic TV series and died in 2015 at 83. Citing Nimoy’s experience as the son of Ukrainian immigrants, Schiff said the late performer “serves as an example of the American dream.” “He gave back to his country with his years of service in

Egypt’s Post has issued a stamp for the world day against trafficking persons 2023 which comes on July 30 of each year. This stamp aims in spreading the importance of addressing human trafficking crime worldwide. National Postal Authority spokesman said that human trafficking crimes are among the most profitable organized crimes, and come in various forms with the aim of exploiting the most vulnerable of people. The stamp’s design is based on the idea of ‘black hands’ that represent human traffickers and those who deal with them. The stamp is also provided with an interactive code that enables find out more about the stamp’s significance.

Stamp News - 13

Printing Inks and Postage Stamps It is easy, when immersed in the pursuit of the next piece of the philatelic puzzle, to be carried away by the notion that the processes bringing these hallowed ‘squares’ into being are unique. They are not. Some processes may have seen some adaptations, but they are by and large all extensions of the printing industry. This month we’ll be taking a look at ink and how the science of printing inks applies itself to this fascinating pastime. Writing inks have been around since 2500 BCE in Egypt and China. The first writing inks used lampblack (literally a fine black soot that results from the incomplete combustion of carbon-based materials; typically, animal fats and oils) finely ground and mixed with a solution of glue/gum, formed into sticks and dried for storage. When a fresh batch of ink was needed ‘ink sticks’ were ground to a fine powder and mixed with water. These early carbon-inks were not permanent and were prone to abrasion, dampness, and flaking. Medieval scholars, faced with ancient texts literally disappearing from in front of their eyes, realised there was a need to develop a permanent ink. The solution was iron gall ink. The science and the story of how it came to be is an interesting one. It begins with the Ancients. They had been using an iron-tannin complex to dye papyrus and linen a dark purple black. Some centuries later, a Roman army commander and naturalist, Gaius Plinius Secundus 24-79 CE (also known by the less than imposing Pliny the Elder), is credited with designing an experiment to show the use of a fraudulent treatment in leather production. To discover the fraud he needed a test. Secundus discovered that by dripping a solution of iron salt onto a papyrus that had been soaked in tannin, the pale brown papyrus immediately turned black on contact with the iron salt. If the inferior treatment with iron salts (instead of the more expensive copper salts) were used in leather production there was now a simple test. However, it took many more centuries for this chemical reaction to be used deliberately to make ink. Binders, Oils, and Varnishes It was obvious to the early printers that ink derived from lampblack or iron-tannin complexes simply wasn’t suitable for printing. The iron gall inks, whilst they bonded indelibly to paper as a result of a chemical reaction they were too fluid to be used in printing. Gum Arabic was added as a binder to the earliest printing inks used 1840 QV Penny Black plate 6 (SG2) horiby the Chinese for zontal pair OG OH. OG state II, OH state woodblock printI. Cancelled with Maltese cross in black. ing. This not only (Source: Bill Barrell Ltd, with permission)

14 - Stamp News

1869 GB QV 6d dull violet (SG 107) on cover to Frankfurt – letter dated 6th März (March) 69. helped to immobilise the ink on the blocks but also served as a binder, ‘sticking’ the ink to the silk/paper. Gutenberg’s invention of the moveable-type printing press in 1440 not only revolutionised the spread of information, it revolutionised printing inks. Water based (aqueous) inks simply did not allow for the fine definition and detail of the ‘type’ used in the new presses. Ink needed to be thick to stay in the areas it was needed and to prevent bleeding into the ‘white’ areas. The thicker the ink the greater the potential for finer details in the finished print. Enter oil-based ink. To make the oil viscous (thick) enough it was boiled, and boiled, and literally set alight and burned. Linseed oil was the oil of choice although rape seed and hemp seed oils were also used. The resulting product was called Burnt Plate Oil or Typographic Varnish. Turpentine and rosin were added to the varnish which prevented ink from spreading and improved the drying times. Rosin is a product made by heating turpentine until all the volatile content has evaporated leaving a solid. When solid rosin is added to the heated linseed oil it liquefies becoming a solid again on cooling thus thickening the

1869 GB QV 6d dull violet (SG 107) on cover to Canada, cancelled Penzance 22 JU 69. As with the other 6d cover, mauveine likely as pigment used in the ink.

Ian Briggs a) 1935 GB KGV 2½d Silver Jubilee (blue) SG 456 b) 1935 GB KGV 2½d Silver Jubilee (Prussian blue) Source: Warwick & Warwick, with permission

varnish. Adding turpentine/rosin meant that the varnish required less ‘cooking’ and burning time which in turn means the ink was cheaper to produce. A siccative is an agent that promotes drying. Litharge, a naturally occurring oxide of lead known since the time of the Ancients, was added to the varnish (at about 10% by weight) by printers to accelerate the drying of the varnish and prevent smudging of the image. Litharge had been used for centuries by artists to dry their oil-based paints. Chemically, litharge promotes drying by accelerating the rate at which the varnish hardens by a process known as saponification. This is essentially the same process by which lye (sodium hydroxide) reacts with heated vegetable oils to make soap! The varnish hardens due to the formation of a metallic salt of a fatty acid (metallic, from the lead in the litharge; fatty acid from the linseed oil) – in chemistry these types of salts are called soaps. Gradually, naturally occurring lead-based siccatives were replaced by lead-free synthetic ones.

Thailand and India where the bug was endemic. Shellac was used as a binder and to improve the hardness of the ink. Pigments Printing inks get their colour from pigments. This is different to writing inks, they get their colour from dyes. The main difference between them is that dyes are soluble whereas pigments are insoluble and are suspended in a medium or binder (or varnish in this case.) The oldest pigment is black made from the charcoal of fires. Lampblack, literally the soot produced when burning oil in a lamp, was the first pigment used in printing and it was produced on an industrial scale by burning pitch resin. The black soot was collected on sheep-skin frames positioned around a burning cauldron. Carbon black came later and is made from burning gas or petroleum oil. When black was the colour finally settled on for the printing of the Penny Black the ink was initially sourced from the chemist Bartlett Hooper of London. It seems that black was the colour settled on for the penny stamps on the strength of advice Binders provided by the printers, Perkins Bacon & Petch to the CommisThe role of binders in printing inks is to literally bind the sioners of Stamps and Taxes in letters dated February and March ingredients of the ink together as one homogenous, or uniform, of 1840. They stated “…although we are willing to print in any suspension. Binders are also used to bind, or stick, the ink to practicable colour, we most strongly advise the penny stamp be the substrate – which is paper in the case of postage stamps. printed in black ink, as beyond all comparison superior to any Initially, resins were used for both purposes. As the understandother for steel plate engraving...” A legend was duly born. ing of ink chemistry improved, synthetic resins were designed The first modern synthetic pigment was Prussian blue. specifically not to attach to the pigments were added to help the Blue had been prized since Egyptian times, and Egyptian Blue ink stick to the paper. Shellac (now more commonly known as was synthesised as far back as 3250 BCE from heating a mix a type of finish used in nail salons) is a natural resin secreted by of quartz, sand, lime, and malachite. It was the colour and the female lac bug and, before synthetic versions were commonhighly prized – unfortunately the knowhow to make it got lost place, it used to be harvested by scraping it off tree branches in somehow in the Middle Ages, its use only rediscovered in the excavations of Pompeii. Artists and artisans got by using ground up lapis lazuli to make ultramarine. Ultramarine was the finest of blues but was terribly expensive. The paint maker Johann Diesbach was the first to make Prussian blue, and like all good things it came about by accident. The story goes that he was in the process of making a red cochineal dye, but he accidentally contaminated the mixture with dodgy potash contaminated with cattle blood that he’d bought from a chemist, Johann Dippel. The iron in the blood reacted with the potash and ferric sulDe La Rue ink recipe – September 1883 “special Violet” South Australia (Source: phate in the reaction to create iron ferrocyaMillennium Philatelic Auctions, with permission) nide – a beautiful and distinct blue. Dippel

Stamp News - 15

South Australia QV 1886 2s 6d ‘Long Tom’ Postage and Revenue SG 195a (Source: Pittwater Philatelic Service, with permission) a) 1892 GB QV 4½d green/red, mint (SG 206) b) used and soaked off a cover/piece – the green ink has ‘run’ leaving a yellow/green behind realising it was the adulterated potash that was the reason for the colour change, commercialised the colour under the name of Berlin

Blue and made a fortune. Prussian blue has of course been used as a postage stamp colour – it is one of my personal favourites. The most famous use is again, an error. When the 1935 KGV Jubilee commemoratives were issued by Great Britain on the 7th May, to celebrate 25 years of the reign of King George V, the highest value in the set of four stamps was the 2½d in ultramarine. The story behind how some of the stamps ended up being printed in Prussian blue is one of legend. The King, having approved the stamp design was asked if he preferred the 2½d to be printed in blue or Prussian blue. The King preferred blue. However, the printers Harrison & Son printed a batch in Prussian blue instead. Realising their error, they destroyed them all bar six sheets which were sent to the Post Office stores. The senior storeman was asked to keep a block of four of the erroneous stamps for the records and destroy the rest. Somehow, only two of the Prussian blue sheets were destroyed and the remaining four made their way into stock. Three of the four sheets were sent to the post office

a) and b) The pink ink of this 1964 Soviet Union stamp SG 3031, (issued as part of a set 5 issued to mark the centenary of the founding, by Karl Marx, of the International Workingmen’s Association, or “First International) reacts under UV light

16 - Stamp News

in Upper Edmonton, which in 1935 was a town in Middlesex, on the edge of north London (now part of Greater London.) The fourth sheet ended up at an unknown location. Only 480 Prussian blue 2½d Jubilee stamps therefore existed as issued stamps. The Edmonton sheets came to light when on 2nd June a collector Mr Stavridi sent his secretary to buy copies of the recently issued stamps from the post office at Upper Edmonton. On inspection, he realised that the purchased stamps were a different shade of blue and sped off to buy the rest. He was able to purchase 319 at face value. One month later they were selling for £40 each. The Prussian blue KGV Jubilee stamp commands a current SG catalogue value of £15,000 (mint not hinged, MNH), about $29,000 Australian as this goes to press. (Prices are £14,000 (used) and for the standard colour £8.00 (MNH) and £6.50 (used)). The next significant milestone in pigment production was the synthesis of mauveine in 1856 by William Henry Perkin (no relation to Perkins of Perkins Bacon, printers of the Penny Black.) And yes, you’ve guessed it, mauveine was discovered quite by chance. Perkin had been trying to synthesise quinine for the treatment of malaria when the unexpected happened. Perkin, then aged 18, was set a task by his professor at the Royal College of Chemistry, August Wilhelm von Hoffman, to synthesise quinine. In one of his attempts, Perkin reacted aniline with potassium dichromate causing an oxidation. The impurities reacted with un-reacted aniline and turned the result black. Disheartened that the synthesis had failed, Perkin washed out his glassware with alcohol and noticed that there was some purple residue in amongst the black mess. After perfecting the synthesis in his spare time, Perkin applied for a patent (still only 18) for what he originally called aniline purple. Later he changed this to Tyrian purple. It was soon renamed mauve (after the French for mallow flower, ‘la fleur de mauve’) and chemists referred to the pigment as mauveine. Purple textiles soon became hugely fashionable. The synthesis of mauveine, the first commercially successful organic dye, in 1856 and its subsequent industrial scale production laid the foundation for the now global, multi-billion dollar, synthetic dye/pigment industry and even the pharmaceutical industry. Mauveine was first used as a pigment in printing inks for postage stamps in 1867. There are two sources of original mauveine. That synthesised by Perkin, and another synthesised later by Heinrich Caro. Scientific analysis of Queen Victoria 6d lilac

Ian Briggs

a) to d) Hong Kong 1988 definitive issues on cover react under UV light to show security markings – Chinese characters denoting ‘Hong Kong’ in the centre surrounded by an oval border

stamps carried out by Dr Oliviera, and others in 2014, showed that use of Caro’s mauveine pigment was used in the De La Rue 1867 issue and Perkin’s pigment was used from 1868. The team compared one of the only remaining original Perkin’s mauveine samples (from the Science Museum, London) and a sample of the Caro synthesis (Deutsches Museum, Munich) to over 35 stamps of a purple/lilac colour from 1847-1901. Their results showed that mauveine was undoubtedly used as the pigment in the 6d ‘lilacs’ from 1867-1880. Other pigments used were found to be carminic acid (chochineal) in the printings of the 18811901 1d, the ‘Penny Lilac’, showing that De La Rue had found a way to use a mauveine substitute in printing the later, lower values. Thomas De La Rue & Co Knowledge of early ink chemistry enabled the pioneer stamp printers to experiment and develop ever better inks that were suitable to be used with the first printing processes. For cen-

turies, printers made their own inks. Formulas were guarded jealously, and their exact details were kept secret, known only to a few. In 1853 De La Rue landed its first stamp printing contract for the 1853 Inland Revenue receipt stamps. Then, in 1855 De La Rue won its first postage stamp contract to print the GB QV 4d carmine issue and soon they were awarded contracts to print postage stamps right across the British colonies globally. De La Rue continues to this day, although now they are focussed on banknote production and other securities. By using De La Rue as a case-study is possible to understand how postage stamp production, and specifically printing inks, developed during the early years of the industry. As early as 1844 De La Rue patented a process of “Applying Colour to the Surface of Paper and other Materials” demonstrating that the company was at the forefront of the emerging technology. Other patents, granted in 1854 and 1855, focused on printing roller technology and novel printing ink formulations. These serve to cement De La Rue’s status as a market leader, and was likely the reason for the firm getting in front of the decision makers at the Post Office.

a) and b) Australia 1997 Creatures of the Night mini-sheet (SG MS1719) reacts under UV light to reveal a spider’s web

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an image of one such recipe in this article. It dates from September 1883 and is for ‘Special Violet’ and is a specific formulation for South Australia. Note that the recipe uses Tyrian Purple. William Perkin first called his a) and b) GB 2001 from the set issued to comsynthetic purple Tyrian th memorate the 100 anniversary of the Nobel Prize, “Chemistry” (SG 2232), warming the ther- Purple in a direct nod mochromic ink with the palm of your hand reveals to the ancient purple that was harvested a sphere trapped within the honeycomb structure from several species of a) and b) Indonesia 1999 stamps from the EcophMurex snails. Howevila environmental care set (SG 2536-8) react er, mauveine was also referred to as ‘aniline purple’ and this is under UV revealing a pattern across the stamps and also included in the recipe. Clearly these two pigments cannot selvedge. both be mauveine, more research required… In the correspondence between De La Rue and South AusBy the 1860s De La Rue were supplying printing plates, tralia there can be found a direct correlation between orders for watermarked paper and printing inks to the governments of the inks, this recipe, and stamp production in the colony. There is colonies of New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia for a letter from Charles Todd the Postmaster of South Australia the purposes of printing postage stamps. In the case of South requesting De La Rue supply another batch of “12lbs superfine Australia, the correspondence between the Government, the Violet Fugitive printing ink, same as last (invoice dated Sept. Crown Agent, and De La Rue demonstrates that the firm were at 26/83) this ink is described as ‘Special Purple’ and on tins it is the heart of the decision-making process and integral to the sucmarked Special Violet.” This proves that this ink recipe was not cessful production of the colony’s stamps. De La Rue weren’t simply a marketing exercise, but the ink was actually used in the afraid of leveraging to expand their business and in one amusing production of South Australian stamps. exchange relating to new ink colours, the Government of the The recipe slip states that the colour is a September 1883 day wrote to the firm a reply along the lines of: “thank you for recipe and so the stamps that were produced using this colour the samples of the new colours, however as we already have must have been issued after 1883. The first stamps that were a plethora of colours in use, we don’t feel the need to increase printed by the Government Printing Branch in South Australia these at the present time.” using this colour are therefore the 1886 issued 2s 6d Long Tom From time to time De La Rue ‘ink recipes’ come onto the postage and revenue stamps. Exciting to be able to tie together open market. They make for fascinating reading. I have included a recipe for printing ink with direct colonial correspondence and the stamps it was produced with.

a) and b) Iceland 2009 mini-sheet issued to commemorate International Polar Year (SG MS1230) shows predicted changes in polar ice 2009-2100 when the thermochromic ink is warmed

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Ink Types Fugitive Ink – A fugitive ink is one that ‘runs’ or ‘lifts’ when water, or other solvent, is applied to the printed design. There are essentially two types of fugitive inks used in the production of postage stamps: singly fugitive and doubly fugitive. Their aim is to prevent the reuse of the stamp. Singly fugitive inks are designed to prevent the removal of cancellations and doubly fugitive inks prevent the removal of cancellations and will alter the stamp design if the stamp is attempted to be removed from the cover by soaking or steaming. An example of a singly fugitive ink was that used for the Penny Reds; prussiate of potash (potassium ferrocyanide) was added to the ink, destroying the stamp design if an attempt to chemically remove the obliteration was made. Fluorescent Ink – These inks contain pigments that absorb ultraviolet (UV) energy and re-emit this energy almost immediately within the visible spectrum. In other words, you can see

Ian Briggs Optically Variable Ink (OVI) – OVIs are designed to ‘change’ colour and provide a sophisticated security measure to banknotes, passports, securities, and postage stamps. OVIs reflect different wavelengths in ambient light depending on the angle of incidence of the light source to the surface being viewed. a) and b) the only use of photochromic ink I have found: NZ 2015 Being Sun Smart mini-sheet (SG Put another way, the colour MS3721). The large sun shade is printed white and yellow, when exposed to sunlight this changes appears to change dependto purple and green ing on the angle you look at it. They provide security Ireland 2019 stamp issued ‘A Stamp for Ireland’ (SG 2539) which features blue sky and lush green because if the document is scanned or photographed fields – and driving rain…. Up close, the rain is the resulting copy loses its actually micro-printed words made up of English and Gaelic everyday expressions for rain. This ex- ability to change colour in the regions where OVIs have ample has the traffic lights in the selvedge – note been used. OVIs achieve the 5th colour, metallic silver. their colour-shifting ability by the incorporation of optically variable pigments (OVP). These pigments are complex, high precision, multilayer interference filters and are made with a central aluminium reflector, dielectric layers of magnesium fluoride and an absorber (thin outer films of chromium.) Colours of OVP are determined by the thickness of the dielectric layers. them under UV light. These inks are used to ‘hide’ specific secu- To ensure OVP have strong colours, and abrupt colour shifts, rity features within the postage stamp design and/or to enhance they require complex and sophisticated vacuum deposition techthe collecting experience. nology and precision grinding to be manufactured effectively. Thermochromic Ink – These are temperature sensitive comThe catch, if there is one, is that they are very expensive when pounds. They change colour when temperature either increases compared to standard printing inks and for that reason are used or decreases. Developed in the 1970s the main types of thermoonly on high denomination postage stamps. Examples include, chromic compounds are based on either liquid crystals or leuco GB 1992 high value castles (SG 1611-14), and USA 2018 high dyes. Leuco dyes are dyes that can switch between two chemical value Statue of Freedom issue (Scott 5295-7.) forms and it is these systems that are used in thermochromic inks Printing inks are a diverse and fascinating subject and proprinted on stamps. In every instance I have come across in relavide many novel avenues for the stamp collector and significant tion to postage stamps, this ink type becomes transparent with an areas of study for the philatelist. Perhaps metallic inks are of increase in temperature, revealing a hidden design beneath. sufficient interest for a side-collection? Or maybe you prefer Photochromic Ink – As the name suggests, these inks react the hidden world of thermochromic inks? Whatever drives your to light. Photochromism is the reversible transformation of a passion, ink and postage stamps are inextricably linked and lots chemical, from one form to another, by the absorption of elecof fun. tromagnetic radiation. Each form has a different absorption spectra. In other words, these chemiFinland, like many use metallic cals undergo a change in colour when exposed to inks in Christmas designs. In light. This change is reversible. The most famil2019 they issued 2 self-adiar application of photochromism is in the design hesive stamps in celebration of transition glasses where the lenses darken in of the fashion designer Mert sunlight changing back to clear indoors. Otsamo (Michel 2662-3.) Metallic Ink – Most often these appear as Colours were added directly to silver or gold in colour but there are instances of silver metallic ink to achieve other colours being used. Whilst metallic ink may the vibrant metallic palette. be incorporated in a stamp design as a security measure, the majority of its use is to provide design enhancement.

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Postal Stationery Welcome to the postal stationery column for September 2023. Many collectors collect by theme, collecting, for example, stamps showing roses, trains, cats, mammals or birds. Postal stationery can be a wonderful addition to such a collection. In this month’s column I look a very small sample of the attractive postal stationery that can be found depicting birds, concentrating on the non-passerines, the non-perching birds. Not only the indicium (the printed stamp) but also the front and reverse of the envelope, postcard, aerogramme or other stationery can be illustrated with the chosen topic. For example, the aerogramme from South Africa shown in Figure 1 shows a collage of the colourful birds that can be found in the country including a bee-eater, kingfisher, roller, hoopoe, sunbird, weaver (and nest) and dove. Postal stationery can also be shown in both Thematic and Topical exhibits. Birds have been depicted on postal stationery since the nineteenth century. In Australia indicium showing the Black Swan and the Emu were used on postal stationery by Western Australia and New South Wales. Figure 2 shows an 1879 1d postal card issued by Western Australia. Most of the postal stationery issued by Western Australia depicted the swan although some later issues produced by the Commonwealth Stamp Printer in Melbourne depicted Queen Victoria. The 2d Emu stamped envelope shown in Figure 3 was issued by New South Wales in 1888. The Emu stamp design was one of a number released to mark the centenary of the establishment of the colony of New South Wales. Other large flightless birds, Figure 1 1985 South Africa Aerogramme Figure 2 1879 1d Western Australia postal card Figure 3 2d Emu Envelope New South Wales 1888. 20 - Stamp News

Ian McMahon ostriches and kiwis also feature prominently on postal stationery such as the 1964 aerogramme from South West Africa showing the ostrich in Figure 4 and the kiwi on a wrapper from New Zealand. Birds often appear in coats-of-arms such as is the case for the Andean Condor shown in the 2c 1889 postal card from Colombia used to Portugal shown in Figure 5. Pelagic seabirds such as the albatross feature frequently on the postal stationery of oceanic islands, for example, the Black-browed Albatross shown in the indicium on the 1984 19p aerogramme from Falkland Islands (Figure 6). Examples of other seabirds on postal stationery include the penguin shown on aerogramme from South Georgia (Figure 7) and the Atlantic Puffin shown on both the indicium and reverse of a postal card from Canada (Figure 8). The Fairy Tern, Blacknaped tern, Black Noddy (a type of tern) and White tailed tropicbird are shown on the reverse of a 1985 aerogramme from Palau (Figure 9). Continuing the bird theme, the aerogramme’s indicium shows a Palau fruit dove. Waterbirds appear frequently on postal stationery. Two examples are the Weka, a rail found in New Zealand, on a postal card (Figure 10) STO for Stampex 87 and Bean Goose on a 1976 Taiwan aerogramme (Figure 11). The Crowned Crane on the 1967 postal card shown on the 20c postal card from Uganda shown in Figure 12. Flamingos filter-feed on brine shrimp and blue-green algae as well as insect, mollusks and crustaceans,. Their bills are specially adapted to separate mud and silt from the food they eat, and are uniquely used upside-down. The GreatFigure 4 1964 Ostrich South West Africa aerogramme er Flamingo appears on a 1971 Figure 5 2c 1889 Postal Card Colombia with an Andean Condor in the Bahamas aerogramme (Figure Coat of Arms 13). Figure 14 shows a 1971 Figure 6 Black-browed Albatross on 1984 19p aerogramme from Falkaerogramme from Mauritania land Islands Stamp News - 21

Postal Stationery showing a Yellow-billed stork and a Sacred ibis. The Grey Heron is shown on a 1959 aerogramme from Czechoslovakia and the avocet on a1986 13 fr Avocet lettercard from Belgium. Birds of prey have appeared frequently on postal stationery issued by some middle eastern countries due to the popularity of falconry with the Sagar Falcon appearing on the aerogrammes of Dubai and Bahrain (Figure 15) and the Red Kite on an aerogramme from Libya. Hummingbirds include the smallest known birds and are specialised for feeding on flower nectar, but all species also consume small insects. They are known as hummingbirds because of the humming sound created by their beating wings, which flap at high frequencies audible to other birds and humans. Green-throated Carib is shown on a 1981 aerogramme from St Kitts (Figure 16). Kingfishers feature on the Papua New Guinea 1990 35t aerogramme with the Lesser Yellow-billed Kingfisher shown in the cachet on the left and the Dwarf Kingfisher in the indicium while the 1987 aerogramme shows the red and blue female electus parrot in the cachet and the very different green male in the indicium. The male and female are so different that for a period they were regarded as different species. The 1964 aerogramme from British Honduras depicts a Scarlet Macau. The Burma

Figure 7 Penguin on South Georgia Aerogramme Figure 8 Atlantic Puffin on the reverse of a Canada postal card Figure 9 Three Terns and a White tailed tropicbird on a 1985 Palau Aerogramme 22 - Stamp News

Ian McMahon 1964 aerogramme shows the Indian Roller (Figure 17) while a Pink Pigeon is shown a the 35c Mauritius 1965 aerogramme. Hoopoes are colourful birds found across Africa, Asia, and Europe, notable for their distinctive “crown” of feathers. Figure 18 shows a Hoopoe on a 1987 aerogramme from Gibraltar. Turacos are endemic to Africa and are medium-sized arboreal birds with prominent crests and long tails where they live in forests, woodland and savanna are noted for their bright and unusual colours. A Turaco is shown on the 1987 12.5 MT aerogramme from Mozambique shown in Figure 19. A variety of birds are illustrated on Mozambique aerogrammes in this period. Hornbills are characterised by a long, down-curved bill which often has a ‘casque’ (bony structure) on the upper part of the bill. Blyth’s Hornbill is shown on both the 1991 and 1992 40t and 45t aerogrammes from Papua New Guinea. Exhibitions Perth 2023 will be held on 2 - 5 November 2023 and is a full Australian National including a postal stationery class and the International Postal Stationery Challenge – a teambased competition between Australia, UK, New Zealand and other countries. This should mean that some great postal stationery exhibits will be on display. Plan now to attend! Figure 10 Weka on a New Zealand STO Postal Card Figure 11 Bean Goose on a 1976 Taiwan Aerogramme Figure 12 Crowned Crane on Uganda 1967 Postal Card Stamp News - 23

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Figure 13 Greater Flamingo on a 1971 Bahamas Aerogramme Figure 14 Yellow-billed stork and a Sacred Ibis on 1971 Mauritania Aerogramme Figure 15 Sagar Falcon on South Georgia Aerogramme Above left : Figure 16 Green-throated Carib on 1981 St Kitts aerogramme There will be two FIP international stamp exhibitions in 2024. The frst to be held 16-19 April 2024 will be EFIRO 2024 to be held in Bucharest, Romania. Contact Commissioner for details. Entries are now open. For details, email: The second to be held 15 - 19 August 2024 is PhilaKorea 2024 to be held in Seoul South Korea. Entries should open later this year. The National exhibition in 2024 will be Canberra Stampshow 2024 to be held 13-15 September 2024 at Thoroughbred Park (the Canberra racecourse). Canberra Stampshow 2024 will be a full National exhibition including the Postal Stationery Class. For further information email: or view the website at The exhibition’s theme is the 150th anniversary of the Universal postal Union. Hobart 2023 was a National one-frame exhibition held 19 – 21 May 2023 at Hobart. There were three postal stationery exhibits. Mark Diserio won a large 24 - Stamp News

gold medal for his exhibit Queensland 1d Letter Card and Reply Letter Card as well as a Gold medal for Australia - Post Office Letter Sheets 1961 to 1969. Allen Shatten won a Gold medal for Tasmania: Unframed Queen Victoria Postcards. The National oneframe exhibition in 2024 will be Toowoomba National One-Frame Exhibition to be held 11 - 13 October 2024. For further information please contact

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Figure 17 Burma 1964 Aerogramme Showing an Indian Roller Figure 18 Hoopoe on 1987 Gibraltar Aerogramme Figure 19 Turaco on 1987 Mozambique Aerogramme Figure 20 Proofs of Bands for Western Australia Postal Cards

August Issue of the Postal Stationery Collector (PSC) The August 2023 issue of the Postal Stationery Collector contained articles on Australian Commonwealth Lettercard Production Folding and Perforating Machines, The 4-Cent Plain Stamped-ToOrder Envelopes [of Australia], Part 6 of the series on the Australia 18-Cent Embossed prestamped envelopes, Colonial and Commonwealth of Australia Postal Stationery Packet Bands (Figure 20), Victoria Crown and Garter Flap Seals on the Envelopes of Victoria and Practical Philately Making Your Own Stationery Watermark Detector. It also announced the winners of the 2022 prizes for the best articles in the PSC: Best Article: Mark Diserio - Inseparable Jonathan Bear PSC February, May 2022; Runner up to the Best Article: Judith Kennett - Hungary Postcards used in Romania PSC May 2022; Best Short Article (up to 1 page): Peter Tozer - [Australia] 18c Die 8 PSC May 2022 and Runner-up Best Short Article: Dingle Smith - Book Review Analysis of Worldwide Wrappers by John Courtis PSC May 2022. Stamp News - 25

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mostly 11½ with error in perf 12 at top right corner in 2 directions. SG 268d. Used by indistinct cancel. Price $149 (NSW24) 9. PC Farm Cove, Sydney, British Man of War, Australia, used to Toulon, France, Bears 3 x ½d Green NSW Cancelled by Sydney Duplexes No.10 of JA 26 04 GC, Price $89 (APC681) 10. NSW 1898-99 6d Emerald-green perf 12 x 11½ SG 297fa watermark inverted, marginal block of 6 with part part marginal inscription, usual faint gum bends MUH, Cat £240 as hinged singles, Price $329 (NSW275) 11. NSW 1898-1907 6d Orange Centenary punctured ‘OS’ with ‘Starburst’ numeral 83 of Wellingrove, Rated ‘S’, Price $24.99 (NSW261) 12. NSW 1904 3d Postal Stationary Registered letter uprated by marginal vertical pair of 2d Cobalt Blue SG 315, to Hobart. Cancelled by clear strikes of Booligal NSW cds’s of AU 3 1904. Reverse bears transit 245 duplex of Hay NSW AU 5 1904 and Melbourne Registered cds 8.8.04 plus Hobart arrival cds of A 11 1904. Rare cancellations. Price $149 (NSW10)

New South Wales


1. NEW SOUTH WALES: 1854-59 (SG.98) 8d dull yellow-orange, complete margins (close at right & base), fragment of adjoining stamp evident at left, SYDNEY ‘AP/1860’ & ‘NSW’-in concentric ovals cancels, Cat. £1500. Price $1695 (NSW289) 2. New South Wales 1859 small cover Sydney – Auckland. Bears 4 margin 6d Grey Brown Diadem, error of watermark (8 instead of 6) SG 96a (cat. £110 off cover) Stamp has been removed and re-affixed with a hinge to easily display the wmk. Variety. Exceedingly scarce on cover. Cancelled by Sydney cds of OC 13 59, and with Auckland arrival cds on face of OC 28 1859. Neat clean cover, minor tear centre top has been neatly repaired internally with a hinge. Price $525 (NSW5) 3. NSW 1880 1d Salmon perf. 10, SG 208a. Mint Original Gum with massive diagonal plate scratch and two white voids either side of the Queen’s Crown. Striking error. Cat. £250 as normal. Price $395 (NSW23) 4. NSW 1885-86 5/- Lilac & green overprinted ‘POSTAGE’ in black perf 12 x 10 SG 238b, very slight gum wrinkling, few nibbled perfs at left, fresh Mint, Cat £800, Price $749 (NSW126) 5. 1885--86 (SG.240as) £1 lilac & claret perf.12, ‘POSTAGE’ overprint in black, with “Doubled Type 7 ‘SPECIMEN’ overprint”, usual rough perfs, part o.g an impressive variety. RPSV Cert (2020) Price $9,950 (NSW160) 6. NSW 1897 Jubilee 2½d Deep violet perf 12 SG 296b, upper right corner block of 4 with part marginal inscriptions, usual faint gum bends, some marginal perf separation MUH , Cat £140 as hinged singles, Price $199 (NSW272) 7. NSW 1888-89 watermark double lined 5/- 20/- Carrington SG 262, usual uneven perfs, lightly aged gum Mint, Cat £750, Price $849 (NSW87) 8. NSW 1891 12½d on 1/- red, Listed by SG as perf 12 x 11½, but

13. Queensland 1860-61 Chalon watermark small star, rough perf 1416 1d Carmine-rose SG 14, full original gum with light hinge remains Mint, Cat £110, Price $149 (Q227) 14. Queensland 1860-61 Chalon watermark small star, clean cut perf 14-16 6d Green SG 9, light concentric circles cancel, Fine used, Cat £90, Price $119 (Q231) 15. Queensland 1862-67 Chalon thick toned paper no watermark rough perf 13 2d Blue SG 24, perfs trimmed in places where the stamp has been cut from the sheet by PO clerk, almost full original gum with hinge remains Mint, Cat £85, Price $69 (Q235) 16. Queensland 1866-68 Postal fiscals watermark Crown over Q 1d Blue SG F9 with light, indistinct ‘Starburst’ numeral postal cancel, Cat £70, Price $89 (Q245) 17. Queensland 1868-78 watermark Crown over Q thick paper 2/- Bright blue SG 152, large part original gum with some hinge remainders Mint Cat £325, Price $379 (Q176) 18. Queensland 1868-78 watermark Crown over Q thick paper £1 Deep green SG 161, with some hinge remainders Mint Cat £325, Price $399 (Q179) 19. Queensland 1871-72 Postal fiscals with blue burele band 1d Mauve SG F24, pulled perf at left, some paper adhesions, hinge remains Mint, Cat £80, Price $79 (Q238) 20. Queensland 1871-72 Postal fiscals watermark Crown over Q 2/Blue SG F19, with light indistinct cds which appears to be postal, Cat £85, Price $99 (Q240) 21. Queensland 1871-72 Postal fiscals watermark Crown over Q 2/6d Brick red SG F20, lightly struck postal indistinct Sunburst duplex

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AUSTRALIAN STATES SALE SEPTEMBER 2023 cancel, Cat £250, Price $229 (Q241) 22. Queensland 1871-72 Postal fiscals watermark Crown over Q 5/Orange-brown SG F21, light ‘BRISBANE/8/SP 30/86/QUEENSLAND’ cds cancel, perfs somewhat uneven, some minor toning on reverse, Cat £250, Price $199 (Q242) 23. Queensland 1871-72 small Postal fiscal watermark large crown & Q 10/- Brown SG F22, indistinct cds which appears to be postal, missing perfs at upper right, Cat £500, Price $299 (Q161) 24. Queensland 1876 2d Deep Blue Chalon, SG 87. Fresh mint original gum example centred to top right. Cat. £80, price $97.50 (Q175) 25. Queensland 1879-81 2d Blue Die II SG 137c, full original gum Mint with some hinge remains, Cat £100, Price $139 (Q192) 26. Queensland 1879-81 6d Yellow-green SG 143, Mint no gum, Cat £190 as Mint, Price $139 (Q193) 27. Queensland 1879-81 1/- Deep violet SG 144, light hinge remains Mint, Cat £190, Price $269 (Q205) 28. Queensland 1882-95 High value Chalon thin paper 2/- Bright blue SG 152, light hinge remains Mint, Cat £300, Price $369 (Q251) 29. Queensland 1882-95 High value Chalon thick paper 2/- Bright blue SG 157, some minor gum toning, Mint with hinge remains, Cat £325, Price $279 (Q249) 30. Queensland 1882-95 thin paper 2/- Bright blue SG 152 full lightly hinged original gum Mint, Cat £300, Price $399 (Q185) 31. Queensland 1882-95 thin paper 2/- Bright blue SG 152 Mint no gum, Cat £300 as Mint, Price $179 (Q188) 32. Queensland 1882-95 thin paper 2/- Bright blue SG 152, horizontal pair with light indistinct cds, Cat £130, Price $179 (Q186) 33. Queensland 1882-95 thick paper 2/- Bright blue SG 157, Mint no gum, Cat £325 as Mint, Price $179 (Q202) 34. Queensland 1882-95 High value Chalon thick paper 2/6d Vermilion SG 158, large paper adhesion on gum Mint, Cat £60, Price $59 (Q256) 35. Queensland 1882-95 High value Chalon thick paper 2/6d Vermilion SG 158, Starburst cancel, rich colour, Cat £27, Price $39 (Q251) 36. Queensland 1882-95 thin paper 2/6d Vermilion SG 162, barred “GPO’ cancel, Nice used, Cat £45, Price $59 (Q187) 37. Queensland 1882-95 High value Chalon thin paper 2/6d Vermilion SG 162, light hinge remains Mint, Cat £90, Price $119 (Q255) 38. Queensland 1882-95 High value Chalon thick paper 10/- Brown SG 160, hinge remains Mint, Cat £130, Price $169 (Q263) 39. Queensland 1890 QV 2/- Red-brown SG 197, Fine used with light indistinct cds cancel, Cat £55, Price $79 (Q273) 40. Queensland 1890-95 coloured background ½d Green (5), 1d Vermilion (7 including pair with burele bands) & 2d Blue (3), SG 184207 range, unchecked for perfs etc, some minor faults Mint, minimum Cat £82, Price $89 (Q293)

41. Queensland 1895 thick paper perf 12 1/- Mauve SG 205, Mint with light hinge remains, Cat £45, Price $59 (Q189) 42. Queensland 1895-96 ½d Green with burele band perf 12½, 13 SG223-4, 4 distinct shades including Deep green, odd minor fault Mint, Cat £40, Price $49 (Q290) 43. Queensland 1895-96 ½d Green with burele band perf 12½, 13 & perf 12 issues SG 223 & 225, latter with small gum inclusion MUH, Cat £32 as Mint, Price $45 (Q289) 44. Queensland 1895-96 ½d Green with burele band perf 12 variety ‘Without burele band’ SG 225a in horizontal marginal pair with normal, central perfs re-enforced Mint, Cat £162, Price $199 (Q275) 45. Queensland 1895-96 ½d Green with burele band perf 12½, 13 block of 4 with perf alignment issue resulting in the lower pair being misplaced to the left, quite striking, MUH, Cat £40 as hinged singles, Price $79 (Q276) 46. Queensland 1897-1905 QV figures in 4 corners simplified selection 3d, 4d Black, 6d, 1/- & 2/-, odd minor fault, mainly Fine used, Price $89 (Q163) 47. Queensland 1897-1908 QV numbers in 4 corners watermark Crown over Q, 4d Yellow Die I SG 244, horizontal pair Mint with light hinge remains, Cat £26, Price $35 (Q282) 48. Queensland 1897-1908 QV numbers in 4 corners watermark Crown over Q, 5d Purple-brown SG 246, horizontal pair Mint with hinge remains, Cat £18, Price $24.99 (Q283) 49. Queensland 1897-1908 QV numbers in 4 corners watermark Crown over Q, 5d Dull brown SG 247, horizontal pair Mint with light hinge remains, Cat £20, Price $29 (Q284) 50. Queensland 1907-11 QV numbers in 4 corners watermark Crown over A perf 12½, 13, simplified set to 5d ex 4d Grey-black SG 286-95, extra shade of the ½d Mint, minimum Cat £60, Price $79 (Q285) 51. Queensland 1897-1911 figures in all corners simplified selection ½d, 2d, 3d, 4d Grey-black (7, with a nice range of shades) & 6d (2), mostly Fine used, Price $129 (Q65) 52. Queensland 1907-11 watermark Crown over A perf 12½, 13 4d Grey-black Die II SG 294a, horizontal marginal pair, some light gum wrinkles, lightly hinged Mint Cat £100, Price $129 (Q194) 53. Queensland 1907-11 watermark Crown over A High value Chalon 2/6d Dull orange SG 309a, light hinge remains Mint, Cat £80, Price $99 (Q252) 54. Queensland 1907-11 watermark Crown over A High value Chalon 5/- Rose SG 310, marginal example, light hinge remains Mint, Cat £80, Price $109 (Q261) 55. Queensland 1907-11 QV numbers in 4 corners watermark Crown over A perf 13 x 11 to 12½, 4d Grey-black Die I SG 305, vertical pair, the upper stamp being perf 13 x 11½, the lower perf 13 x 12, see note after SG 308 MUH, Cat £140 as hinged, Price $229 (Q287) 56. Queensland 1866-68 Postal Fiscals no watermark 20/- Rose SG F8,

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AUSTRALIAN STATES SALE SEPTEMBER 2023 with crisp corner cds type fiscal cancel, slightly uneven perfs, a lovely stamp, SG Cat £1200 for postal use, Price $199 (Q38) 57. Queensland 1871-72 Postal Fiscals watermark large crown & Q 1/- Green SG F18 with fiscal cancel partially cleaned and subsequently used postally with an almost full strike of ‘BRISBANE/L/FE 2/86/ QUEENSLAND’ cds, Price $69 (Q39) South Australia 58. South Australia 1856-58 Adelaide printing 2d Orange-red SG 7, four close to very close margins, Fine used, Cat £80, Price $109 (SA266) 59. South Australia 1856-58 Adelaide printing 2d Red SG 9, two shades, margins close to touching, Nice used, Cat £80, Price $89 (SA272) 60. South Australia 1858-59 First rouletted issue 2d Red & 6d Slateblue SG 15 & 17, Fine used, Cat £97, Price $129 (SA294) 61. South Australia 1858-59 First rouletted issue 6d Slate-blue SG 17, Nice used, Cat £75, Price $99 (SA276) 62. South Australia 1858-59 watermark large star first rouletted issue 2d Red SG 9, an attractive range of mainly paler shades including a pair (8), Fine used, Cat £176, Price $229 (SA330) 63. South Australia 1860-69 Second rouletted issue 6d Blue, the set of seven SG listed shades SG 28-33a, mostly Fine used, attractive group, Cat £149, Price $199 (SA286) 64. South Australia 1860-69 Second rouletted issue simplified set of 9 to 1/- Brown, includes both 10d on 9d Blue surcharge shades & 1/Yellow, mainly Fine used, Cat £240 minimum, Price $299 (SA293) 65. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 1d Bright yellow-green SG 19, with almost full original gum Mint, Cat £150, Price $229 (SA192) 66. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 1d Sage-green SG21, Fine used with light Adelaide cds, Price $69 (SA194) 67. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 1/- Lake-brown SG 42, fresh Mint with full original lightly hinged gum, Cat £250, Price $349 (SA202) 68. South Australia 1869 watermark large star rouletted 2d Orange-red SG 164 horizontal pair Fine used, Cat £54, Price $69 (SA544) 69. South Australia 1869 watermark large star rouletted 2d Orange-red SG 164, light ‘PORT ELLIOTT’ cds cancel Fine used, Cat £27, Price $35 (SA547) 70. South Australia 1868-79 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ 10d on 9d Yellow, blue surcharge SG 78, 4 different overprint types: ‘N almost vertical’, ‘T almost horizontal’‘TEN not curved’ & ‘First E higher than P’, Nice-fine used, Cat £200, Price $299 (SA301) 71. South Australia 1868-79 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ 1/- Brown, three distinct shades SG 80-83 group, Fine used, Cat £36 minimum, Price $49 (SA305) 72. South Australia 1868-79 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ simplified set of 8 1d to 2/-, 10d on 9d blue surcharge only, SG 62-87

group, mostly Fine used, Cat £129 minimum, Price $179 (SA307) 73. South Australia 1870-71 watermark large star perf 10 1/- Chestnut SG 98, Fine used, Cat £45, Price $59 (SA534) 74. South Australia 1870-71 watermark large star perf 10 1/- Chestnut SG 98 x 2 shades, some uneven perfs, Fine used, Cat £90, Price $79 (SA535) 75. S.A. 1870-71 (SG.91-93a) Large Star Perf.10 3d on 4d (in red) dull ultramarine (crease, even tone), 3d on 4d (in black) pale ultramarine, ultramarine (corner crease, ADELAIDE ‘AU14/71 FDI datestamp), plus the very scarce Prussian blue shade; all listed gibbons shades (4). Attractive group, Cat £1,200+. Price $1125 (SA189) 76. South Australia 1870-73 watermark large star perf 10 x 11½12½ or 11½-12½ x 10 10d on 9d Yellow, black surcharge SG 107, 5 different overprint types: ‘Dropped C’, ‘N almost vertical’, ‘T almost horizontal’ ‘TEN not curved’ & ‘First E higher than P’, Nice-fine used, Cat £325, Price $449 (SA313) 77. South Australia 1870-73 watermark large star perf 10 x 11½-12½ or 11½-12½ x 10 1d Deep green, 3d on 4d surcharge, 6d Prussian blue & 10d on 9d Yellow surcharge, SG 101,102,105 & 107, Fine used, Cat £164, Price $209 (SA315) 78. South Australia 1870-73 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ x 10 3d on 4d Surcharge SG 102, Fine used, Cat £80, Price $99 (SA537) 79. South Australia 1870-73 watermark large star perf 10 x 11½-12½ or 11½-12½ x 10 2/- Carmine SG 110, Fine used, Cat £65, Price $89 (SA314) 80. South Australia 1871 watermark V over Crown perf 10 2d Brick-red SG 166, Fine used, Cat £50, Price $69 (SA548) 81. South Australia 1871 watermark V over Crown perf 10 2d Brick-red SG 166, couple of nibbled perfs at top, Fine used with light barred cancel, Cat £50, Price $49 (SA549) 82. South Australia 1871 watermark V over Crown perf 10 4d Dull lilac SG 111, a ‘narrow’, Fine used example of this scarce stamp, slightly weak top right corner perf, Cat £325, Price $349 (SA317) 83. South Australia 1871 watermark V over Crown perf 10 4d Dull lilac SG 111, Fine used example of this scarce stamp, Cat £325, Price $429 (SA341) 84. South Australia 1876-85 watermark broad star perf 10 6d Bright blue overprinted ‘OS’ SG O14, two distinct shades Nice-fine used, Cat £40, Price $59 (SA551) 85. South Australia 1876-1900 watermark broad star perf 11½-12½ mixed small & large holes range with 3d on 4d surcharge, 4d Violet (4), 8d on 9d surcharge (5), 9d Purple (5), 1/- Brown (17) & 2/- Carmine (4) SG 112-34 range with many of the SG listed shades for each value present, a very attractive group with great potential for expansion, odd fault, mainly fine used, minimum Cat £193+, Price $279 (SA318) 86. South Australia 1876-1900 watermark broad star perf 11½-12½ 3d on 4d Surcharge SG 112, Fine used, Cat £40, Price $59 (SA538) 87. South Australia 1876-1900 watermark broad star perf 11½-12½ 1/-

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AUSTRALIAN STATES SALE SEPTEMBER 2023 Reddish lake-brown SG 126, ‘fluffy’ perfs, Mint, Cat £95, Price $139 (SA540) 88. South Australia 1876-1900 watermark broad star perf 11½-12½ mixed small & large holes, duplicated shade study of the 1/- value SG 125-131 range with all SG listed shades appearing to be represented, virtually all are Fine used, approx Cat £105, Price $149 (SA322) 89. Australia, SA 1892 small OHMS cover front bearing 2d Orange Queen Victoria cancelled by cds of Stockade, OC 20 92 to Lawyers in Adelaide. Also bears oval cachet in Violet “DOCUMENTS. O.S. / WITHOUT LETTER/LABOR CAMP” Also with interesting article re. The Stockade. Price $99 (APF147) 90. South Australia 1884 watermark Crown over SA 2d Orange-red rouletted, overprinted ‘REPRINT’, Mint hinged with gum Price $39 (SA11) 91. South Australia 1901-02 watermark Crown over SA perf 11½-12½ (large holes) 9d Claret SG 146, two shades Mint, Cat £40, Price $55 (SA319) 92. South Australia 1901-02 watermark Crown over SA (wide) perf 11½-12½ 1/- Dark brown, 1/- Dark reddish-brown & 1/- Red-brown (Aniline) SG 147-49, Fine used, Cat £73, Price $99 (SA328) Tasmania 93. Tasmania 1857-67 Chalon imperf wmk double lined numeral 1d Brick-red SG 27, margins close to touching, Mint no gum, Cat £475, Price $179 (T93) 94. Tasmania 1857-67 numeral watermark imperf Chalon 2d Green SG 31, four close margins, indistinct barred numeral cancel, fine used, Price $129 (T254) 95. Tasmania 1860-67 numeral watermark imperf Chalon 6d Dull slate grey SG 44, four good to close margins, 70% strike of second allocation ‘52’ barred numeral of Launceston, Price $149 (T256) 96. Tasmania 1860-67 numeral watermark imperf Chalon 6d Dull cobalt SG 47 (a very blue shade), three good to close margins, just touching at right, indistinct barred numeral cancel, Price $169 (T253) 97. Tasmania 1860-67 6d Slate-violet Chalon SG 48, indistinct second allocation BN cancel, 2 close margins, 2 just touching, Price $89 (T241) 98. Tasmania 1871-75 QV Sidefaces watermark ‘TAS’ perf 11½ 5/Mauve SG 149b, short perfs at top, hinge remains Mint, Cat £325, Price $299 (T337) 99. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘6’ of Bothwell, bold, watery but almost complete strike on 1857-67 2d Green imperf Chalon, close margins on three side, touching at left, Price $129 (T232) 100. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘52’ of Launceston, bold full strike on 3d Purple-brown sideface horizontal pair, deep, striking shade, Price $29 (T171) 101. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘87’ of Table Cape/ Wynyard, faint 80% strike on 1857-67 2d Green imperf Chalon, three close margins, touching at lower left, Price $129 (T174)

102. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘240’ of Berridale rated ‘RR’, light, almost full strike on 1d Red Sideface, Price $29 (T227) 103. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘25’ of Deloraine, good 70% strike on 1860-67 6dSlate violet imperf Chalon, margins close to touching, Price $79 (T191) 104. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘25’ of Deloraine, light 60% strike on 1863-71 perf 12 6d Slate-violet Chalon, Price $79 (T192) 105. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘39’ of Green Ponds/ Kempton, light 80% strike on 1863-71 perf 12 4d Blue Chalon, few slightly trimmed perfs at base, Price $69 (T195) 106. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘51’ of Latrobe, light 80% strike on 1860-67 6d Grey-blue imperf Chalon, four margins, close at right, Price $149 (T197) 107. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘53’ of Leven/Ulverstone, light 70% strike on 1863-71 perf 12 6d Reddish-mauve Chalon, Price $49 (T198) 108. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘68’ of Perth, light 80% strike on 1860-67 6d Slate violet imperf Chalon, three large to close margins, cut into at base, Price $79 (T201) 109. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘81’ of Sorell, light 70% strike on 1860-67 6d Dull slate grey imperf Chalon, three good to large margins, close at base, Price $129 (T202) 110. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘95’ of Westbury, faint 70% strike on 1860-67 6d Dull slate grey imperf Chalon, three good to large margins, touching at right, Price $99 (T203) 111. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘52’ of Launceston, nice strike on 1857-67 1d Brick-red imperf Chalon, large margins at top and base, close to touching at sides, Price $39 (T205) 112. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘52’ of Launceston, light strikes on 1857-67 1d Vermilion and 1d Carmine imperf Chalons, both with three close margins, Price $59 (T206) 113. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘52’ of Launceston, good strikes on two different shades of the 1857-67 4d Blue imperf Chalon, each with two-three margins, Price $49 (T209) 114. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘52’ of Launceston light partial strike on 1860-67 6d Dull slate-grey imperf Chalon, margins good to touching, area of discolouration at base, Price $79 (T216) 115. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘52’ of Launceston light partial strike on 1858 1/- Vermilion imperf Chalon, two good margins, touching at top & left, Price $129 (T217) 116. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘52’ of Launceston, light strikes on 1863-71 perf 12 1d Carmine Chalon x two shades, somewhat uneven perfs as usual, Price $49 (T219) 117. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘52’ of Launceston, good strike on 1863-71 perf 10 4d Blue Chalon, unusually good perfs,

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AUSTRALIAN STATES SALE SEPTEMBER 2023 Price $99 (T220) 118. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘52’ of Launceston, light strike on 1863-71 perf 10 4d Blue Chalon, one short perf at left, Price $69 (T221) 119. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘52’ of Launceston, bold almost complete strike on 1863-71 perf 12 4d Blue Chalon, somewhat uneven perfs as usual, Price $89 (T223) 120. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘52’ of Launceston, good strikes on 1863-71 perf 10 6d Grey-violet & 6d Reddish-mauve Chalons, usual uneven perfs, Price $89 (T224) 121. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘298’ of Formby rated ‘RR’, light but clear, almost full strike on 1d Red Sideface, Price $29 (T228) 122. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘287’ of Mt Zeehan/ Zeehan, two faint strikes on 1880 Stamp Duty 3d Platypus vertical pair, Price $29 (T230) 123. Tasmania 1857-67 1d Dull vermillion wmk double lined numerals SG 28, good margin at right, others close to touching, full hinged original gum, Cat £400, Price $249 (T98) 124. Tasmania 1858 1/- Vermilion Imperf. SG41 mng, with 4 clear margins. Cat 800 pounds. Price $649 (D13) 125. Tasmania 1871-75 QV Sidefaces watermark ‘TAS’ perf 11½ 5/Mauve SG 149b, two tiny gum tone spots, hinge remains Mint, Cat £325, Price $299 (T332) 126. Tasmania 1899-1901 Pictorials 2½d Indigo SG 232, couple of usual gum wrinkles, fresh MUH, Cat £26 as hinged, Price $39 (T339) 127. Tasmania 1899-1901 Pictorials perf 14 4d deep orange-buff (1900) punctured ‘OS’ sideways, ink mark on reverse, light indistinct cds cancel, unlisted in BW as the perf 14 London printing was issued prior to Federation, but not replaced until 1907. Price $39 (T340) 128. Tasmania 1903 ‘REVENUE’ overprint on 3d Chestnut platypus, surcharged ‘1d.’ Elsmore type c variety ‘1d.’ inverted, nibbled corner perf, Mint no gum, Elsmore Cat $60 for Mint, Price $24.99 (T341) 129. Tasmania 1900 2/6d St George & dragon overprinted ‘REVENUE’ with light, crisp ‘STAMP A(??)/1 OC/1900?/TASMANIA’ fiscal cds, most attractive stamp, Elsmore Cat $10, Price $14.99 (T338) 130. TASMANIA 1900 Set of 6 MINT LETTERCARDS, 2d Pictorial on pale blue stock with a different view on the reverse of each. Believed less than 300 sets produced, this is a nice clean set in fine condition, just a little toning around edges in places, all that I have ever seen have this. These are on eBay as single cards at $125 each, sets normally get a lot more. My price, as I bought them quite well just $595 the set! (MM25) Victoria 131. Victoria 1850 Half-length second state of the dies 1d Pale dull red-brown SG 5a, three good margins, cut into at right, indistinct

barred numeral cancel, Cat £450, Price $299 (V157) 132. Victoria 1854 1d Rose Half Length SG 23a. Superb 4 margin example of this scarce Melbourne printing, cancelled by light duplex. Expertised twice on reverse. Cat. £750, price $995 (V23) 133. Victoria 1856 Queen on throne 1d Yellow-green SG 40, three good to large margins, close to just touching at right, small portion of indistinct cancel Fine used, Cat £48, Price $59 (V851) 134. Victoria 1857 small cover bearing 6d Dull Orange Woodblock 4 margin example, tied by barred Numeral 4 of SANDHURST (renamed BENDIGO) and Red cds “Paid 5 SP 1857” to Essex, UK. Fine and attractive, flap torn on opening. Price $195 (BD515) 135. Victoria 1858 Queen on throne rouletted 5½-6½ 6d Bright blue SG 73, light indistinct cancel Fine used, Cat £20, Price $29 (V850A) 136. Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 1/- Blue on blue, three distinct shades, light fiscal cancels, Price $79 (V303) 137. Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 2/6d Orange perf 13 SG 226, with cleaned m/s fiscal cancel & partial postal cds added at left, Cat £325 as postally used, Elsmore Cat $80 for fiscally used, Price $99 (V848) 138. Victoria 1884-92 Stamp Duty 2/6d Yellow orange with unframed ‘MARYBOROUGH/B/AP12/85VICTORIA’ cds, Price $69 (V307) 139. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 1d Bistre, two distinct shades, both with postal cancels, Price $69 (V313) 140. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 6d Ultramarine perf 12½ SG 266 with light, indistinct barred numeral cancel, couple of nibbled perfs, Price $49 (V312) 141. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 1/- Blue on blue & 1/- Blue on yellow, both with bold postal cancels, couple of nibbled perfs, Price $69 (V311) 142. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 1/- Blue on yellow, simplified selection of three different shades all with postal cancels, one with some minor toning, Price $129 (V310) 143. Victoria 1895 Halfpenny Yellow/Orange wrapper used to London. Cancelled by Duplex 327 Tarnagulla JE 28 95. Fine and scarce, price $69 (V31) 144. Victoria 1895 ½d Yellow-Orange newspaper wrapper simply addressed to “Punch Melbourne” Cancelled by clean strike of Nagambie second 712 Duplex of AP 5 95. Clean and attractive, small tear at left does not detract. Price $59 (V67) 145. Victoria 1896-99 2/6d Yellow SG 344, crisp ‘T.P.O.’ duplex cancel, Nice used, Cat £24, Price $39 (V849) 146. Victoria 1905 1d Rose red SG 417, Double Perfs. Used by Melbourne machine cancel is well centred with full perfs. Complete row of double perfs. at top and also double perfs. along right side. Spectacular! Price $169 (V85) 147. Australia, Victoria 1906 1½d dull red-brown Queen Victoria with V over Crown watermark, perf. 12½ x 12, used on a taxed postcard

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AUSTRALIAN STATES SALE SEPTEMBER 2023 from Camberwell 7 JAN 1906 to The Hague, Netherlands. The postcard is a picture of The Royal Mint, Melbourne, the stamp and the card are fine. SG 386b. Price: $49 (V330) Western Australia 148. Western Australia 1854-55 4d Blue swan imperf, SG 3a, three good margins, just touching at right, Fine used, Cat £250, Price $279 (WA173) 149. Western Australia 1855 1/- Pale brown swan imperf SG 4c, just cut into at top, close at left, Fine used, Cat £325, Price $399 (WA172) 150. Western Australia 1860-64 2d Orange-vermilion swan imperf, SG 25, four good to just touching margins, Fine used, Cat £80, Price $119 (WA176) 151. Western Australia 1860-64 2d Orange-vermilion swan imperf, SG 25, three good to close margins, just touching at right, Fine used, Cat £80, Price $119 (WA177) 152. Western Australia 1861 perf 14 1d Rose swan SG 38, Nice used, Cat £65, Price $79 (WA180) 153. Western Australia 1861 perf 14 4d Vermilion swan SG 40, couple of nibbled perfs, Fine used, Cat £180, Price $249 (WA179) 154. Western Australia 1863-64 No watermark 6d Dull violet SG 51a, l uneven perfs but above average for this issue, Fine used, Cat £55, Price $59 (WA184) 155. Western Australia 1864-79 watermark Crown CC perf 12½ basic set of 6, 1d (both colours) to 1/- SG 52-61 group, Good–fine used, minimum Cat £68+, Price $89 (WA504) 156. Western Australia 1864-79 watermark Crown CC perf 12½ shades etc selection with 1d Bistre, 1d Yellow ochre (2 ea), 2d Yellow (3), 4d Carmine (2), 6d Violet, the 4 SG listed colours/shades & 1/- Green (2) SG 52-62 range, Nice – fine used, minimum Cat £146+, Price $199 (WA458) 157. WA 1872-1912 mounted used collection of Swans, all punctured ‘OS’ sideways, with 1d Red/pink (11), 2d Yellow (10), 3d Brown (17), 4d Brown (3), 6d Violet (2) & 1/- Green (faults), various perfs, watermarks etc, condition mostly fine, a fantastic basis for expansion, Price $299 (WA165) 158. Western Australia 1876-81 watermark Crown CC perf 14 2d Chrome-yellow SG 71, lightly hinged Mint, Cat £120, Price $149 (WA479) 159. Western Australia 1882-85 watermark Crown CA perf 12, 4d Carmine SG 84, Fine used, Cat £60, Price $75 (WA188) 160. Western Australia 1884 Surcharges perf 12 ½d on 1d Yellow-ochre SG 90, two distinct shades, Mint, Cat £34, Price $49 (WA480) 161. Western Australia 1885 Surcharges 1d on 3d Pale brown SG 91, light hinge remains Mint, Cat £90, Price $109 (WA506) 162. Western Australia 1885 Surcharges 1d on 3d Cinnamon SG 91a, Mint, Cat £85, Price $10 (WA460)

163. Western Australia 1888 watermark Crown CA perf 14 2d Grey SG 104, some light gum tones Mint, Cat £85, Price $69 (WA485) 164. Western Australia 1888 (SG.103var) 1d carmine-pink “Wmk Crown to the right of CA and reversed”, fine used. To be listed in future edition of Gibbons as SG.103y. Price $475 (WA532) 165. Western Australia 1893 Surcharges watermark Crown CA ‘ONE PENNY’ on 3d Pale brown SG 109, gum adhesion Mint, Cat £85, Price $69 (WA486) 166. Western Australia Postal fiscals 1893 ‘IR’ overprints in black 3d on 3d Lilac, unlisted in SG, ASC F11. Lightly hinged Mint, advertised retail $125, Price $99 (WA478) 167. Western Australia 1905 undivided back Sepia Picture Postcard of Barrack Street Perth incorrectly addressed to Niagara Falls. Bears Halfpenny Green and 1d Carmine Swans cat. from x 12 on cover, tied by cds of Town Hall Fremantle JU 30 06, and Niagara Falls arrival machine cancel, plus cds of AUG 6 1905 and similar return cds of the following day. No indication of its final resting place as it bears no sender’s address. Scarce and attractive. Price $179 (WA15) 168. Western Australia Postal fiscals 1897 watermark W Crown A 1d Dull purple SG F19, some hinge remains Mint, Cat £40, Price $59 (WA475) 169. Western Australia 1898 (Jul 29) use of 1893 green ‘Half-penny’ on 3d, 1895 red & green ‘Half-penny’ on 3d and 1885 green ‘IR’ on 1d ochre on local Fremantle cover (small tear). A very rare and unusual franking. Minor corner faults to base. Very attractive piece, price $2550 (WA533) 170. Western Australia 1898-97 watermark W Crown A 1/- Olive-green SG 116, four shades Fine used, Cat £28, Price $39 (WA510) 171. Western Australia 1898-1903 watermark W Crown A 2d Bright yellow SG 113, hinge remains Mint, Cat £38, Price $49 (WA487) 172. Western Australia Officials 1902 ‘Medical’ handstamp struck fairly faintly diagonally in violet on 2d Yellow (watermark indistinct), Good used with PERT GPO duplex cancel. These handstamps were used by the Health Department from early July 1902 until mid 1904 (refer Juhl page 62), and are scarce, Price $129 (WA531) 173. Western Australia 1902-11 watermark V over Crown perf 12½ x 12 set 1d to 2/6d ex the 4d, the 5d Bistre with some nibbled perfs, SG 117125 group, mostly Fine used, minimum Cat £150+, Price $129 (WA518) 174. Western Australia 1902-11 watermark V over Crown perf 12½ x 12 1d Carmine-rose watermark sideways & upright SG 117 & 117a, gum a little aged Mint, Cat £54, Price $49 (WA488) 175. Western Australia 1902-11 watermark V over Crown perf 12½ x 12 1d Carmine-rose watermark upright SG 117a, very lightly hinged Mint, Cat £25, Price $35 (WA489) 176. Western Australia 1902-11 watermark V over Crown perf 12½ x 12 9d Yellow-orange wmk upright SG 122a, Fine used, Cat £40, Price $49 (WA514)

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Australia 1915 Second Watermark 6d *Bright Blue* RARE shade -

Fresh bright, glowing, unused, in this incredibly scarce deep shade. SG 26a, £425=$A850. ACSC #18b, $A1,000. Have handled only 2 of these in 10 years. Most offered on amateur seller sites like DreamerBay are the totally normal far paler shade of course, as clueless sellers have nothing to compare it to, and of course decide *THEY* have the rare version. I see THIRTY of the regular shade, mint or used, to each of these, and cat should be WAY higher actually than the current double relativity for the TRUE Bright Blue shade. Should be retail QUADRUPLE this at least. Show me another on offer ANYWHERE! Tiny WWI Emergency print, on the KGV paper. Bought in a WW2 era collection, and had THREE ugly yellow thick hinges on reverse. Felt sure they were hiding a bad thin - and/or tear/crease etc, so soaked them off, and it is thankfully flat, and totally fault free, and clean as a whistle. Fresh and bright and very well centred for these, with great perfs too as you can see. My vigilance is YOUR gain! SG 26a £425=$A850. ACSC 18b, $A1,000. Usual retail $A700 for well centred hinged, and $4,000 for ‘MUH’ if the regummers ever got hold of this - $US230 at $A350 - Stock 264JB

Italy 1863 10c Brown Ochre, Victoria Emmanuel II attractive MLH. SG $7,500, for just $375 –

Italy’s Fifth rarest face different stamp. Fresh MLH condition, for 160 years old with original gum. Better than usual perfs and centering as you can see, and with usual minor issues for this great age, being a crease lower left, but very nice facial appearance. The large Crown watermark as usual shows a little on face on mint examples. SG 11, Cat £3,750= $A7,500. Was in a juicy 1898 SG Imperial album, and had been there for some time I’d suggest. Bought very well - a most attractive copy of a very rare European

QANTAS $2 Airbus A380 stamp, totally **IMPERFORATE** Block of 4 - just $A75 or $US49!: Australia Post a few years back, released just 750 x IMPERFORATE uncut press sheets of these $2 stamps. A FIRST from anywhere. Striking and varnished etc. All the $2 stamps depict the massive Qantas Airbus A380. Qantas staffers and aviation collectors keenly seek this sheet, as do the 1000s of pure “A380” theme collectors. Each press sheet was foil numbered in lower right margin, and also comes with a hand numbered PO ‘Certificate Of Guarantee’ that only 750 sheets in TOTAL were ever sold, including all left and right panes. 

Indeed there were only 375 left pane, and 375 x right pane ... both sheets of 12 are marked and numbered thus lower left. This is a Qantas Airbus A380 issue, and that is a red hot theme, even for non stamp collectors. Pilots and aviation fans buy them as this was a FIRST. And it is fully imperforate. It is an 100% OFFICIAL PO issue, and one of the very smallest issues in the Australia post war era. It was VERY limited, and has remained RED hot - just like the stamp border colour! Price per IMPERF mini sheet is from $A75 - full details here - with a LOT more photos of all the options and choices on these, even full uncut press sheets of 12 are available for just $A500 - QantasStamp - $US49 at $A75 - Stock 482YL

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philatelic news Australia Post celebrates FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Australia Post is celebrating the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ in Australia by releasing the first of its kind set of FIFA Women’s FIFA World Cup™ stamps and collectables. Australia Post Executive General Manager Retail, Brand and Marketing, Catriona Noble said with the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ coming to Australia for the first time, the whole nation will be cheering on the women’s national team, the Matildas as they take on the world’s best on home soil. “We cannot wait to see our women fight it out for the biggest prize in world football in our own backyards and we are honoured to feature our nation’s footballing heroes on our stamps to coincide with the commencement of the FIFA Women’s World Cup™,” she said. The event is taking place from 20 July to 20 August 2023 and is the first to be held in the Southern Hemisphere and the first to be hosted by two countries.

A record 32 nations are competing for the coveted trophy at venues across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. Featured on one of the new Australia Post stamps is Tazuni™, the Official Mascot of the FIFA Women’s World Cup™. Tazuni™ is an energetic, football loving penguin based on the species endemic to the region (Eudyptula minor) or little penguin. Capturing the spirit of an event that will go Beyond Greatness™, Tazuni’s name is a fusion of her home in the Tasman Sea and “unity” a key value of the event. The colourful branding elements of the stamp and cover are based on works by Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand artists. The release includes a Postal and Numismatic Cover (PNC) with an Australia Post envelope privy mark on the $1 coin which is exclusive to the cover. As a complementary collectable, the Royal Australian Mint has launched its exciting new coin collection that celebrates the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup™. Designed by Royal Australian Mint coin designers Lydia Ashe and Stevan Stojanovic, each coin features a unique illustration celebrating women’s football surrounded by the Australian and New Zealand patterns of the official look in detailed relief. The first coin is a $1 uncirculated coin with colour print. The second coin is a $1 half-ounce silver proof, while the third is a 0.5 gram gold frosted uncirculated coin. The new collection, which also includes stamps of the Matildas is on sale now at participating Post Offices, via mail order on 1800 331 794 and online while stocks last, for more information visit or

Matildas star, Elise Kellond Knight joined by members of FC Clifton Hill to help launch the FIFA Women’s World Cup Stamp

40 - Stamp News

Stamp News - 41

philatelic news The Coronation of King Charles III On 6 May 2023, at the age of 73, King Charles III became the oldest monarch to be crowned in British history. Prince Charles Philip Arthur George was born at Buckingham Palace on 14 November 1948 and became heir apparent (next in line to the throne) at the age of 3 in 1952. He was the first heir to see his mother crowned as Sovereign and went on to become the longest serving Prince of Wales. He was also the first heir to the throne to earn a university degree. He studied archaeology and anthropology in his first year at the University of Cambridge, switching to history for the remainder of his degree. He also spent a term at the University College of Wales at Aberystwyth (April to June 1969) learning Welsh. His Majesty obtained his RAF wings as Flight Lieutenant Wales in August 1971 and commanded HMS Bronington in 1976, while serving in the Royal Navy. As Prince of Wales, His Majesty became President or Patron of over 800 charities and initiatives including more than 20 charities that he established himself. Perhaps the most well-known of these is The Prince’s Trust which he started with his Navy severance pay of just over £7000 in 1976. The charity has now supported over one million young people. He has been a champion of environmental issues for over 50 years, first speaking publicly about his concerns on pollution and plastics and their impact on the natural world in 1970. 42 - Stamp News

His Majesty is an author and a keen painter; having had a watercolour displayed in the Royal Academy’s 1987 summer exhibition, after it was submitted anonymously. In 1975, His Majesty became a member of the Magic Circle, and has been a keen equestrian throughout his life, playing polo until 2005. Her Majesty the Queen Consort, Camilla Rosemary Shand, was born on 17 July 1947. The King and The Queen Consort married in a civil ceremony at the Guildhall in Windsor on 9 April 2005. Following her marriage to The King, The Queen Consort has become Patron or President of over 100 charities. King Charles III succeeded to the Throne on 8 September 2022 upon the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning British monarch. He was crowned on 6 May 2023 in Westminster Abbey, with The Queen Consort being crowned beside him. Westminster Abbey has been the setting for every Coronation since 1066, when William the Conqueror was crowned on Christmas Day. His Majesty was the 40th Sovereign to be crowned at Westminster Abbey. It was the first time since 1937 that the coro-

British monarch since George IV. Inaugurated by Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in 1902, the finale of Coronation Day has been a balcony appearance from the new monarch and other members of the Royal Family. “We now rededicate our lives to serving the people of the United Kingdom, the Realms and Commonwealth.” A Coronation message from His Majesty the King 8 May, 2023 nation included the crowning of a Queen Consort. Whilst the setting for the Coronation has remained unchanged for nearly 1000 years, the form of the Coronation ceremony has varied slightly through the ages. The contemporary form dates from 1902, when King Edward VII was crowned. The main events of the day included a procession from Buckingham Palace (aboard the Diamond Jubilee State Coach) to Westminster Abbey, the Coronation service itself, a procession back to Buckingham Palace, and an appearance by the King and Queen, with other members of the royal family, on the palace balcony for a flypast by the Royal Air Force. The King was crowned in St Edward’s Chair, made in 1300 for Edward I and used at every Coronation since that time. Equally steeped in history and tradition, the St. Edward’s Crown, made in 1661 for the Coronation of Charles II and used at every coronation since, was placed on the head of The King. It weighs about 2.2kg, and is made of solid gold. The King and Queen returned to Buckingham Palace in procession aboard The Gold State Coach, an enclosed eight-horse-drawn carriage used by the Royal Family on grand state occasions, such as coronations, royal weddings, and the jubilees of a monarch. It has been used at the coronation of every

74p The Diamond Jubilee State Coach is accompanied by the Sovereign’s Escort of the Household Cavalry in the King’s Procession as it leaves Buckingham Palace for the Coronation ceremony of King Charles III and Queen Camilla. PA Images / Alamy. 80p King Charles III is crowned with St Edward’s Crown during his Coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey. PA Images / Alamy. £1.09 The King and Queen are carried in the Gold State Coach, pulled by eight Windsor Greys, in the Coronation Procession as they return along Whitehall to Buckingham Palace, following their Coronation ceremony. PA Images / Alamy. £1.40 The King and Queen on the balcony of Buckingham Palace following the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla at Westminster Abbey. PA Images / Alamy. £3 S/S King Charles III on the balcony of Buckingham Palace following the Coronation. PA Images / Alamy. The background shows King Charles III with the Sword of State during his Coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey. PA Images / Alamy. Stamp News - 43

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Hello and welcome to another in my series. I am at the letter S and I decided again to do something different. I expect you may know plenty about the more common countries, especially British Commonwealth countries that start with the letter S, and many of the QV, George V and George VI stamps fol-

low designs and themes I have discussed a few times during this series. So something different, let’s look briefly at Swaziland. Let’s start at the end this time. Do you even recognize these stamps shown in Fig 1 Would you know they are from what was called Swaziland, the name of this country before Independence? This kingdom gained independence in 1968. although it was only in 2018 that it started to issue stamps inscribed “Eswatini”. The first stamps of this kingdom were overprinted stamps of the South African Republic (Transvaal) and were issued in 1889. Yes that was Swaziland. Swaziland became a protectorate of the South African Republic in 1894 and the stamps of the South African Republic were used. In 1902, Swaziland became a British protectorate following the Second Boer War and the stamps of the Transvaal Colony were used. From 1910, the stamps of the Union of South Africa were used. Stamps were Figure 1

46 - Stamp News

by Michael Dodd

issued for Swaziland again in 1933 and from then through to QE II with the regular British Commonwealth commemorative issues and some stunning QE II definitive issues through to the 1967 Protected State issues. Fig 2 shows a few examples. The Queen Elizabeth II issues from 1956

Figure 2

are my favourites ( SG 53 – SG 64). Just 12 values in the issue and these look lovely in any collection in my view. I have shown them all in Fig 3. What a wonderful way to learn about the cuture of a country – to see the stamps and read the topics presented. Michael can be contacted on cddstamps@ or visit him at his online store cddstamps - on the Hipstamp Marketplace Figure 3

Stamp News - 47

philatelic news E.M. HASLUCK MEDAL 2023 Citation The recipient of the E.M. Hasluck Medal and Anniversaries including venues for WA for 2023 is Ross Edwards. stamp clubs. Ross has been nominated by the Western Various displays have been shown by Ross Australia Study Group for his services to at National, State and Club levels. general philately and in particular, aspects of One of Ross’s favourite exhibits, the USA Western Australia. Black Jacks won an award at the Australasian His philatelic contribution in this respect Challenge. was the editing of monographs for the study Another display, Great Britain high deand listing of flaws on the surface printed nomination ‘Sea Horses’ always welcomed at stamps of Western Australia which involved club guest syllabus events. countless hours of personal research and The most requested display is the Cricket examination of thousands of stamps in great themed philatelic (Open-Class) exhibit which detail, a passion that he still continues with Ross has accumulated during his active playtoday. ing years, 1970 -80, for Western Australia, Ross is also involved with other Clubs and Australia, NSW (Captain) and World Cricket. Societies, he was and currently still is PresiRoss was awarded the WAPC State Judgdent of the Fremantle and Districts Philatelic ing Certificate in 2011. Society since 2010, also, a member of the for 2023. Philatelic Society of Western Australia as a hands-on Committee member including as a Past Vice President. Ross is a current Committee Member of the Western Australian Philatelic Council and his position is Vice President and the nominated Delegate for Fremantle Society. Ross has also organised many well attended and very much enjoyed functions Ross Edwards with Nicholas Hasluck such as Christmas 48 - Stamp News

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SWEDEN’S REVENUE STAMPS There is a very large group of stamps which were never designed, printed and issued with the collector in mind. I am of course referring to the myriad of revenue or fiscal stamps which were used by national and local government administrations to acknowledge payment of a whole range of fees on a variety of legal documents. Others have been used to collect taxes on the sale of products. Some nations have issued huge quantities of revenue stamps which were sometimes only valid for a specified year. That certainly was not the case in Sweden where the FACIT catalogue needs just eight pages to cover all of the national revenue stamps and this number also includes an introductory page. Swedish revenue stamps are not particularly popular with collectors and this is most probably due to the fact that they are pretty monotonous with just a few designs featuring varieties of Sweden’s Coat of Arms. Many of the stamps were in constant use for decades and there were numerous printings resulting in mostly watermark varieties and colour shades.

Figure 1

50 - Stamp News

Thus there is room for advanced philatelic studies and perhaps even finds of previously unknown varieties. Stamped paper has a long history in Sweden with the first ones being issued in 1661. The first separate stamps were the famous large-sized Charta Sigillata stamps first issued in 1811. They will not be discussed in this article. Instead this article is about Sweden’s more traditional adhesive revenue stamps. The first set of Swedish general documentary revenues (Fig. 1) was issued in 1880. They were used in connection with certificates, passports, government appointments and share certificates. The stamps are fairly large in size and they feature the Large Coat of Arms. The complete set has 27 values ranging from 10 öre to 500 kronor. Finding all 27 values is a challenge as some values are less common than others. The 500 kr top value is very rare. In 1895 a new type of documentary revenue stamps (Fig. 2) replaced the earlier issue. They are smaller in size but still feature the Large Coat

Figure 2

Christer Brunström of Arms. This set has 43 different values starting with 5 öre and ending with 25,000 kronor. This set was in use all the way from 1895 until replaced by a new and modernised design in 1968. It goes without saying that there were numerous printings. The stamps exist with or without watermarks and in a range of perforations. There are also shade varieties. This is the type of issue which lends itself to specialisation. Some values are still plentiful in used conditions while others are rarely met with. The 25,000 kr value is rare; after all it was an incredibly high value for which there must have been very limited use. In 1880 there was a second set of documentary stamps with a control label. The stamps were actually printed in pairs with one part (the smaller stamp) being affixed to the document or financial instrument with the second and larger stamp being retained by the authority for accounting purposes. These stamps are inscribed STÄMPEL No 1 and STÄMPEL No 2. The No 2 stamp was ungummed. These stamps also show the Large Coat of Arms.

Figure 3

These stamps were mostly used in connection with deeds or the sale of real estate or on the inventories of estates. The No. 2 stamp shown here (Fig. 3) was part of the set issued in 1907. It really is a beautifully engraved stamp. This 80 öre value is worth about $10 but a lot more with the No 1 part attached. The 1907 set had values all the way from 5 öre to 50,000 kronor. When these documentary stamps with control tabs were discontinued at the end of 1964, 75 different stamps had been released. In 1925 a 25-öre Mortgage Control Stamp (Fig. 4) was introduced. It was intended as a security measure on mortgage documents and deeds. Rather amazingly, the denomination of the stamp remained unchanged until it was discontinued at the end of 1964. This rather curious stamp depicts the Small Coat of Arms with the three crowns (which is also the name of Sweden’s national ice-hockey team). There were many printings of this stamp which exists

Figure 4

Stamp News - 51

SWEDEN’S REVENUE STAMPS both with and without watermark. The stamp can be found perforated 11, 12½ and 13¾ (or a combination of two different perforations). This particular stamp was heavily used and it is currently valued at less than a dollar. Finding the different watermark and perforation varieties could be an interesting project. The 1 Riksdaler Bill of Exchange stamp (Fig. 5) was issued in 1864. This classic stamp exists in three versions: imperforate, line perforated or perforated 9. It was used to pay stamp duty on bills of exchange. It is the only adhesive revenue with a denomination in riksdaler, the currency unit which preceded the krona (crown). “Daler” of course is the Swedish version of “dollar”. In 1887 Sweden introduced Consular Revenue Stamps featuring the Large Coat of Arms. The first three issues not only had the denomination in Swedish kronor but also in several foreign currencies including US dollars and Russian rubles. They were

Figure 5

52 - Stamp News

used by Swedish consulates abroad when issuing new passports or in connection with a range of other services. The stamp shown here (Fig. 6) was obviously used in the Serbian city of Belgrade. It lacks the foreign currencies (most probably due to constant fluctuations in the value of the various currencies) and it was part of a set of nine which was introduced in the early 1920s. The consular stamps were in use until 1950 and there were several printings resulting in the usual perforation varieties. These stamps are not known printed on watermarked paper. Swedish revenues could be a fun area to collect. The revenue stamps have been listed and valued in certain editions of the Swedish FACIT catalogue but they have also been listed in other specialised catalogues. In mint condition most Swedish revenues are uncommon. They were mostly used on large legal documents which don’t really fit on an album page.

Figure 6


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Postal History Soc of NZ: Auckland 1st Mon (except Jan). Ph: 09 5220311. Chapter meetings held Invercargill, Nelson, New Plymouth and Wellington. Pukekohe Stamp Club: Mtg 1st Sun. John Mounce, President 649-291-9381 Royal PS of NZ: Mtg 2nd Wed (ex Jan). Ph: 04 5899530; Email:; Website South Auckland PS: Mtg last Sat (except Dec), Papatoetoe, day time mtgs 3rd Fri (ex Dec and Jan). Ph: 09 2682245; Email: Southland PS: Mtg 1st Thurs (except Jan), 3rd Tue (daytime) (except Jan). Email: Taranaki PS: Mtg 1st Mon except Jan. Ph: 06 7546212; Email: murray-grimwood@ Tauranga & District Stamp Club: Mtg 2nd (except Jan) and 4th Mon (except Dec). Ph: 07 5765210; Email: Thames Valley PS: Mtg 1st Mon (except Jan). Ph: 07 8689190. Thematic Association of NZ: Ph: 04 2347218; Email: Timaru PS: Mtg 1st Wed. Ph: 03 6880343 Upper Hutt PS: Mtg 3rd Mon (except 2nd Mon Dec). Ph: 04 5284123; Email: teme. Waikato PS: Mtg 1st (except Jan) and 3rd Wed (except Jan and Dec). Email: Wakatipu PS: Ph: 03 4428865 Wanganui PS: Mtg 2nd Wed. Ph: 06 3427894; Email: Wellesley PS: Mtg 2nd and 4th Mon (ex public holidays). Ph: 9 8271240 Wellington PS: Mtg 4th Mon (except Dec); Ph: 042347218; Email: Whakatane PS: Mtg 2nd & 4th Thurs (except Jan) Ph: 07 3222054 or 07 3086193 Whangarei PS: Mtg 2nd Meeting: 2nd Tues (Ex.Jan) Ph 09 4348000; Email


QLD Philatelic Council, 18 Coolcrest St, Wynnum, Qld, 4178. Ph: 07 3396 0846 Fax: 07 3396 0842. Email: Web:

Arana Hills SC: Meeting 2nd Tues; 07 3851 0213; email: Bayside Afternoon SC: Meeting last Wed; Ph: 07 3206 6281. Bundaberg PS: Mtg 2nd Mon 7pm, The Family Centre, Kensington St (in the Show Grounds); Ph: 07 4152 2403 or 07 4151 3062 Caboolture & District SC: Mtg 3rd Sat. Ph: 07 5498 6504 Cairns SC: 4th Tues. 7.30pm Comm. Hall, 15 Kamerunga Rd., Stratford 07 4033 2211 Caloundra SC: Mtg. 4th Thurs. Catholic Church Hall, Edmund St. 1.30pm. Ph: 07 5494 7233 City Daytime SC: Mtg 2nd Thurs. Ph: 07 3206 6281 City of Brisbane PS: Mtg 3rd Thurs Brisbane German Club; Email:

Maryborough and Wide Bay PS: Mtg 1st Wed (ex. Jan). Salvation Army Youth 7 Comm.

Ph: 0439977133 Collectors Club Queensland: Mtg 2nd Sunday each month 9am to 1pm - RSL Hall, 58 Arnold St, Holland Park. Contact 0409 130 266 or Enoggera SC: Mtg 1st and 3rd Mon. Ph: 07 3264 4157 Gladstone and District PS: Mtg 2nd Wed (Ex. Jan) & 4th Wed (Ex.Dec). Maxine Brushe Building, Pengelly St, Gladstone. Ph. Sec: 07 4978 1155 Ian Rippingale, Gold Coast PS: Mtg 2nd Mon, 11.30am, Southport Community Centre, Lawson St, Southport. Ph: 07 5546 3801 Gympie SC: Mtg. 2nd Sun. Avenues, 37 Red Hill Rd. 1-3pm Ph 0428 722 528 email Hervey Bay Afternoon Club: Mtg 3rd Wed. Ph: 07 4124 1138 Ipswich SC: Mtg 1st Thurs (ex. Jan). Ph: 07 3282 2983 Junction Park SC: Mtg 1st Tues, 7.30pm, Annerley Baptist Hall, Lambton St. Contact: 07 3277 6724. PO Box 177, Annerley, 4103, Logan City SC: Meetings 2nd Thurs, 5.30pm, Gracehouse Church, 123 Paradise Rd, Slacks Creek. Tel: 0435 854 680 Mackay and District PS: Mtg 2nd Tues. Ph: 07 4942 5433;

07 3822 6987

54 - Stamp News

Hall. Bazaar St Maryborough. Ph: 07 41224708 (see also Hervey Bay) Nanango SC: Mtg 2nd Sat, 10:00am, Nanango RSL. Contact Ph: 07 3103 8938 or ema il: Philatelic Society of Qld: Mtg 4th Wed 7.30pm,18 Coolcrest St, Wynnum. Ph: 07 3245 5222 Queensland Study Group: Sunday bi-monthly 1.00pm meets QPS house. Contact Ph: 07 3396 0846 email: Redland Bay Coin and Stamp Club, 4th Thurs. Monthly. John Hardman 07 3206 9996 or Rockhampton SC: Mtg 1st Tues. Ph: 07 4926 3336. email: Sherwood Afternoon SC: Mtg 2nd Tues. Ph: 07 3372 6096 Southport Afternoon SC: Mtg 2nd Sat; Ph: 07 55630384 Southside PS: Mtg 3rd Tuesday & 3rd Wednesay (9am) Ph: 07 3848 2304 (ah) email: david. Sunshine Coast SC (formerly Nambour SC): Mtg 1st Wed, 1pm Red Cross Rms, Price St., Nambour 0456 788 932 Thematics Queensland: Mtg bi-monthly 9.30am. Ph: 07 3262 5605 email: j.crowsley@ Toowoomba SC: Mtg. 2nd Sat 12 noon, Toowoomba Indoor Bowls Hall, Annand St, Toowoomba Ph. 0427463381 John Martin Twin Towns SC: Mtg 1st Mon; Ph: 07 5535 3168 Waterloo Bay SC: Mtg. 1st Thurs. 1pm & 4th Mon. 7pm. Redlands Multi Sports Club, Birkdale Ph: 07 3206 0815

upcoming stamp & coin fairs & events new south wales


Sept 2 - (1st Sat) 9am to 4pm Orange Stamp Fair, Quinn’s Arcade, Summer St, Orange. Ph: Norm 02 63623754. Sept 2 - (1st Sat) Northside Stamp Fair. 1st Floor, Car park Building, Manly-Warringah Leagues Club, cnr Federal Parade/Pittwater Rd, Brookvale, NSW. Sept 2 - (1st Sat) Katoomba Stamp & Coin Fair, 9am - 4pm, Masonic Hall, Cnr Station & Civic Sts, Katoomba. Ph. 0417 802 754 Sept 2 - (1st Sat) Sutherland Shire Stamp & Coin Collectors Fair, Gymea Anglican Church Hall, 131 Gymea Bay Rd, Gymea. Sept 17 - (3rd Sun) Stamp & Coin Fair, 10am 3pm, Pioneers Hall, Cowper St, Wallsend. 8 Dealers. Ph : 4971 3483 Sept 24 - (4th Sun) Epping Stamp & Coin Fair, Community Hall, 9 Oxford St, Epping. 10am - 4pm. Free Entry, 6 Dealers, Buy/Sell.

Sept 3 - (1st Sun) Western Suburbs Stamp, Coin & Banknote Fair, Strathmore Bowling Club, 40 Loeman St, Strathmore. 8am-1.30pm. Enq: 0410 538 039. Sept 17 - (3rd Sun) Stamp, Card - Phone Card Fair, Clayton Senior Citizens Centre, 19 Mary St. Clayton. 8am-1.30pm. Dealers. Ph: 0410 538 039. Sept 24 - (last Sun ex Dec) Ringwood East Stamp Fair Senior Citizens Hall, 2-8 Laurence Grove, (behind the shops, off Railway Ave.) Ringwood East. 8am-1.30pm. Ph. 0410 538 039

queensland Sept 11 - (2nd Mon) Gold Coast PS Sale, Rm 1, Southport Comm. Centre, Lawson St, Southport. 11.30am - 2.30pm Brisbane Table Tennis Assoc Centre

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Gabriele’s Philatelic Service, Gabriele Woodbine, Suite 11/17 Gerrale Street, Cronulla, Ph: (02) 9544 3333 Fax: (02) 9247 8333 e-mail: Web:


The Stamp Place, Trafalgar on Collins, Shop 3, 110 Collins Street, HOBART TAS 7000, Ph: (03) 6224 3536 Fax: (03)6224-3536 e-mail: Web:


Max Stern & Company, 271 Collins St, Shop 8B, Melbourne VIC 3001, Ph: (03) 9654 6751 Fax: (03) 9650 7192 e-mail: Web:

Kevin Morgan Stamps & Coins, PO Box 1290, Upwey, Vic 3158 Tel: 0425 795 693 email kmorgan2@ Shields Stamps & Coins, 52 Burgundy St, Heidelberg, Vic 3084 Ph. 03 9459 5953 21st Century Auctions Suite 1, 1174 Burwood Hwy, Upper Ferntree Gully, Vic. 3156 tel. 0425 795 693

There are also about 4950 newsagencies in Australia, and most of the major stores carry a number of copies, alternatively you can arrange with your local newsagent to put one by for you each month. Stamp News - 55

Products & Services Directory dealers MONTHLY DISCOUNT SALES See ad elsewhere in this magazine www.21stCenturyAuctions. Tel: 0425 795 693

GLEN STEPHENS RARE STAMPS 4 The Tor Walk Castlecrag, Sydney, NSW, 2068, Australia. Australia’s most visited stamp dealer website:




Published quarterly by the ROYAL PHILATELIC SOCIETY OF NEW ZEALAND (INCORPORATED) PO Box 33435, Petone, Lower Hutt, 5046, NZ Annual subscription (posted) NZ$60.00 (airmail extra)

Uniting Church Hall, Murray Anderson Road, Rosebud. Visitors most welcome. Secretary: PO Box 14, McCRAE, 3938

month at 7.30pm. Venue: Maxine Brushe Building, Pengelly St, Gladstone. Postal: PO Box 1089, Gladstone, Qld, 4680. Ph: (07) 4978 1155.

STAMP COLLECTOR Wednesday each month at 7.30pm, Meets on the 2nd Wednesday each

Subscription correspondence and advertising enquiries should be addressed to the Business Manager, PO Box 33435, Petone, Lower Hutt, 5046, NZ

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(President, A. Melville-Brown) email: web:

AUSTRALIAN PS meets 3 rd Monday monthly. RSL Homes, 152 Canterbury Rd (cnr Keats St) Canterbury. All visitors most welcome. Contact: 51 Camperdown St, Brighton East, VIC, 3187.

Join the exciting Products & Services Directory! Single: 46mm x 24mm Double: 46mm x 50mm Triple: 46mm x 78mm Quad: 46mm x 102mm Larger spaces

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1000s of nett priced bargains and offers and specials. Philatelic journalist. ALL credit cards and methods of payments accepted - I even accept mint stamps in payment! Phone 0409 399 888. One of Australia’s biggest stamp buyers - see my buying page.

Cricket Philatelic Society

Kevin Morgan Stamps & Coins Australia & Territories currently valid postage required: 15c to 49c 40%, 50c & above 55% (15c & below not currently required) The above is for lots up to $500 face value, enhanced prices may be paid for larger quantities. Regret no longer require other countries unless in substantial quantities.

Always buying/selling collections, accumulations, mixed lots. We are a general dealership stocking a wide range of worldwide items plus albums, accessories, etc. Credit Cards accepted.

Tel: 0425 795 693 Email:

SAS/OCEANIA INVITES YOUR MEMBERSHIP Our award-winning quarterly journal, ‘The Informer’, contains regular, informative articles about Australia and States, New Zealand, PNG, and other Pacific countries by knowledgeable philatelic writers. Sample copy/ application form sent airmail for $US1.00. Mint US postage accepted. SAS/O Secretary, PO Box 24764,San Jose, CA 95154-4764, USA

56 - Stamp News

Great Britain 1839-1951 Andrew G Lajer Ltd T: +44 (0)1189 344151

The Old Post Office, Davis Way, Hurst, Berkshire,RG10 0TR, UK

societies & publications MALAYA, INDIA & RELATED AREAS Stamps, postal history & postal stationery Price list available Want lists a speciality

B.A. WALLACE PO Box 325, Portland VIC 3305



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PHILATELIC SOCIETY OF CANBERRA Inc. The society has a regular program of meetings, with displays, exchanges and discussion nights, and welcomes visitors to Canberra. It has a flourishing exchange branch, which circulates to small stamp clubs in the south region, as well as in the Canberra area. It publishes, quarterly, a newsletter and a research journal ‘Capital Philately’. Enquiries about membership or about separate subscriptions to the journal should be directed to: Secretary: Tony Luckhurst Ph: 02 6241 1963 e-mail: tony_luckhurst@


Join the AMERICAN TOPICAL ASSOCIATION! Many Benefits: 96-page TOPICAL TIME stamp journal containing articles and checklists, printed on slick coated paper, profusely illustrated. Membership Directory (150 pages) of 8,000 members listed under 700 topics and specialties, plus services. Biography service for 13,000 persons shown on stamps. Membership Information Board to answer your questions. Translation service. Handbooks of many topics. Much more...

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AMERICAN TOPICAL ASSOCIATION PO Box 8, Carterville, IL 62918-0008, USA PH: 1-618-985-5100 Fax: 1-618-085-5131 Visa and Mastercard welcome Largest and most visited Stamp Dealer website in the Southern Hemisphere. 250 different pages of stamp bargains and archives! $4,000 prize always on offer. Hundreds of new items added to our site each month. Add your email address to our “early bird” notice list, so when new material is added to the site, you get first choice! We also post out a printed copy of our monthly offers, for those who do not use the internet, this service is also free. Our printed, 36 paged price list is also available, just phone write or email today for a free copy today. The leading specialist dealers in Australasian stamps and the largest private dealer (non Auction) company in Australia.

AUSTRALIA a quarterly record of Research & information

ROYAL PHILATELIC SOCIETY OF VICTORIA INC. Search our website for full listing of stamps and Seven Seas albums and pages and other accessories. We look forward to serving you.

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PHILAS STAMP AUCTIONS 17 Brisbane St, Sydney 12:30pm Saturdays Second Saturday in March, July and November.

Viewing on preceding Saturday, Thursday and Friday illustrated catalogues posted free within Australia ($15 per annum posted overseas) Lots for sale welcome PO box 220 Darlinghurst NSW 1300 Long-established mail order dealer comprehensively covering British Isles, Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Australasia and Japan. Prompt courteous service and an extensive user-friendly website. Professional dealer in fine Stamps, Coins and other Collectables since 1963, based in Melbourne, Australia. The Southern Hemisphere’s only monthly philatelic magazine

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Stamp News - 57

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A couple of examples from our stocks -

We produce regular Postal Bid Sales featuring a varied assortment of Australian and British Commonwealth stamps, priced to suit all budgets - Lots are estimated from as $1 upwards. Our sales are run fairly in accordance with best industry practices.


Or View On-Line at NEW WEB-SITE – Visit

to view our stock of quality Australia and New Guinea stamps

Mastercard &Visa Accepted

PO Box 132, BURPENGARY Q 4505 Email: Phone: 0409 473 150 Fax: (07) 3102 8558 Mention you saw us in Stamp News!

Australia Key Pre-decimals, buying and selling We have good stocks of all Australia and Territories, please enquire for your needs, wants lists serviced. Please note, confirm all transactions, whether buying or selling by email or phone. All prices subject to requirements, stock availabiity and market fluctuations. We will normally buy at 60% of our selling price for fine undamaged well centred items.Full sheets are of interest for all pre-decimals, enhanced prices may be paid, Please offer. These are our selling prices for Mint Unhinged and Very Fine Used or Cancelled to Order. If no 2nd price is given the price is for Mint Unhinged.

6d Engraved Kookaburra ................ $145/$45 3d Kookaburra Mini-sheet ............ $170/$170 1/- Large Lyrebird .....................................$75 5/- Harbour Bridge From .............. $750/$245 Victoria Centenary set perf. 10.5 ..............$75 As above perf 11.5 ....................................$95 MacArthur set of 4 $90, set of 3 ...............$70 1/6d Hermes no watermark .....................$70 Anzac pair .................................................$60 Jubilee set of 4 $72,set of 3 ......................$67 Robes thick paper ...................................$115

Robes thin paper ....................................$150 AIF set of 4 ................................................$36 Arms set of 4 ..........................................$190 5/- Cattle White Paper ..............................$95 Navigators set of 6 ...................................$140 As above set of 8 ....................................$225

Tel: 0425 795 693 Email: Stamp News - 59

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Gift options for new subscribers In 2023 we are making these new subscription offers to make your subscription even more affordable: For each 12 months of your new subscription you may choose 1 of the following: 1) Five packets of 1000 Prinz folded stamp hinges 2) 10 different British Commonwealth mint unhinged minisheets 3) 10 different Papua New Guinea mint unhinged sets 4) 10 different Norfolk Is. mint unhinged sets 5) 10 different Nauru mint unhinged sets 6) 250 grams World stamps on paper mixture 7) 250 grams Australia stamps on paper mixture 8) 250 grams Ireland stamps on paper mixture 9) 250 grams South Africa stamps on paper mixture 10) 20 different Australia Decimal unaddressed First Day covers For a lifetime subscription you will receive all 10 gifts. In the event of your chosen gifts being unavailable, we reserve the right to substitute. Please circle the gifts required and return with your completed subscription form on the facing page together with and payment to: Stamp News Subscriptions, PO Box 1290, Upwey Vic. 3158 Australia. Email and telephone subscriptions always welcome. Gifts are for NEW hard copy subscribers only.

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List of Display Advertisers 21ST CENTURY AUCTIONS . 27, 45, 59 ABACUS AUCTIONS........................63 ACTS........................................44 BURSTAMP ................................. 59 GLEN STEPHENS .......................3, 39 IPDA ........................................13 JIMBO'S PHILATELIC SERVICE ...........62 LESKI AUCTIONS ............................ 2 PHOENIX AUCTIONS.......................64 RENNIKS .....................................49 RICHARD JUZWIN P/L ..................4, 5

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abacus m auctions Stamps & Postal History, Coins & Banknotes, Sportine Memorabilia & Collettables

Melbourne Australia & Worldwide Stamps, Postal History & Picture Postcards, 19 - 22 Sept 2023 Coins & Banknotes, Sporting Memorabilia & Collectables Auction

... and Andrew Johnston's KGV Heads Collection including ...

Single-Line Pert 'CA' Monogram

Single Watermark 'Thin Fraction'

Single-Line Pert 'Thin G'

Single-Line Pert 'JBC' Monogram

Contact us to receive email notifications of upcoming auctions, to request a complimentary catalogue, or for a confidential, obligation-free appraisal

abacus m auctions

29 Hardner Road Mount Waverley, Victoria, 3149


Post Office Box 296 Mount Waverley, Victoria, 3149


Phone: +61 3 8513 0595 Email: Web:

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A few items from Auction 100 our September Rarities Sale

3d Blue Imperf at Base

½d Single Line Mint

4d Lime-Yellow JBC Monogram

4½d Die II Mint

4d Cooke Plates Harrison One-Line

Ross Smith Vignette

‘SPECIMEN’ Overprint

1942 3½d KGVI Unique FDC

9d Blue Double Print

2/6d & 5/- ‘OS’ CTO

1905 KEVII Composite Die Proof

Samoa GRI ‘1 Shilling.’ on 1m

Imperf at base Only mint Example

5c Cook Missing Black

Phoenix Auctions Pty Ltd · Auction Rooms: Suite 2, Level 1, 441 Canterbury Rd, Surrey Hills, Vic. Postal Address: PO Box 458 Canterbury, Victoria. 3126. Australia. · ABN: 92 132 987 663 P: +61 3 8682 9876 · F: +61 3 8677 2858 · E: