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Deck patent a new Deck Rail system replacing Cable Rail


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About Traditional Cable Rail

Patent Deck Rail system

Comparison between Wedge Lock 3000 and Cable rail

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About Us 

Deck is one of the leading companies manufacturing pre-engineered railing systems for decks and stairs in California.

We are a family owned company in San Francisco Bay Area for more than 50 years.

We design, fabricate and install our own deck railing, stairs, Gates, Hand rails, Canopies and more.

About Traditional Cable Rail 

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In San Jose, People use the Cable rail which is oldest form of deck railing system, used to guard in the deck to prevent people falling off from the Decks. Though it provides safely, it has many problems while using it. Invisible, Sleek, sagging of cable, visible fasteners, hard to maintenance and rusting over the period of time.

Patent Deck Rail system With 50 years of experience in this industry, we have patent a New Deck rail system named as “Wedge Lock 3000”  This Deck rail gives a Contemporary stylish look and it is a superior quality deck rail system when compared to the Cable rail.  It is durable, economical and Eco- friendly as it is made of Aluminum. 

Comparison between Wedge Lock 3000 and Cable rail Wedge Lock 3000

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No sag or Droop of rods Fewer and stronger horizontals Better end posts No Bowed end posts Better corners and stair transitions

Traditional Cable Rail

    

Sag, lose tension and drop of Cable Twice the Number of Horizontals Visible fasteners Bowed end posts by tension Messy corners and weird stair transition

Contact Us 

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Deck rail com patent a new deck rail system replacing cable rail