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For the friends of the Independent Cat Society, a no-kill cat shelter

Spring 2015 #145

Special Thanks!

ICS was privileged to be able to receive not just one but TWO special gifts recently. First of all, we would like to thank the second grade at Yost Elementary School in Porter! Every year, the Yost second grade teachers, Mrs. Heather Dunkle, Mrs. Jade Navarre, Miss Amanda Scully, along with student teacher Miss Barbara Hunt, get their students together for a lesson on charity and helping others. The students learn how to make candy that they then sell to all of the other students and teachers in the school. Once they have their proceeds counted, they learn about several local charities in the local area, and vote on which one they want to donate their hard-earned money toward. And this year, their choice was ICS! We cannot be happier and more proud to be the recipients of these second graders’ generosity.

As a special extra treat, volunteers Roberta Jocius and Staci Trekles even got a chance to visit Yost and speak to the 65 members of the second grade class. They enjoyed a great time getting to know the students, telling them all about ICS, and The amazing second grade at Yost Elementary introducing them to Chan, a beautiful Siamese kitten who was more than happy to oblige a warm welcome and some playtime with the students and their teachers. In fact, little Chan is probably still telling his new forever family about his exciting school adventure! We wish to give special thanks to the folks at Yost Elementary, and we hope to visit there again sometime soon. Second, we would like to thank Purina for their generous donation of 20,000 cans of Friskies® food for our shelter kitties. Yes, you read that right – 20,000! ICS was lucky enough to participate in and win a social media contest on YouTube and Facebook, joining four other lucky shelters across the country who were able to win big for the cats in their care. Our volunteers worked hard on delivery day to make sure all of those cases of food were put away and secured, and our cats are truly thankful. This donation will help us provide for cats in need for many months yet to come.

Our intepid volunteers hard at work!

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Your 2015 ICS Sweetheart is...


That’s right, Georgie was the big winner in our Sweetheart Contest this year – no pun intended of course! Georgie might be the most pleasantly plump fellow in this year’s contest, but all of our kitties were truly the winners. Through the efforts of our amazing volunteers who took the lead as Sweetheart team leaders, we were able to raise almost $7000 to help with food, litter, and medical costs for our ICS cats! We want to take some time to thank all who helped with this awesome effort, especially during our March 7 Sweetheart Day event. Great fun was had by all, including the cats themselves!

The 2015 Sweetheart Winner, “King” Georgie

The annual Sweetheart Contest is one of our favorite events at ICS, because it not only helps us raise funds to support our shelter residents, but also puts some of our kitties’ best faces forward. That’s right – so far, three of our nine sweethearts have now found their forever homes! Abby, Donut, and Snowball are all happily settled with their new families, and for that, we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Want to know more about helping with events like the Sweetheart Contest, and all sorts of volunteering that you can do with ICS? Look no further than our website: You can even fill out an online volunteer form while you’re there. We hope to see you around the shelter or at an event near you very soon!

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Spring 2015 ICS Mewsletter  

The Spring 2015 edition of the quarterly Newsletter, published by the Independent Cat Society of Westville, Indiana.

Spring 2015 ICS Mewsletter  

The Spring 2015 edition of the quarterly Newsletter, published by the Independent Cat Society of Westville, Indiana.