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DREME Brand Standards Manual May 27th, 2007

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articulation community attributes essence

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elements versions minimum size clear zones color palette backgrounds grayscale support graphics typography address/text boxes

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articulation DREME is a company that sells a powder like mix that you put into water and drink before going to sleep. Customers have the choice between three different destination experiences: a tropical paradise. the snowy mountains, and an outdoor camping atmosphere. DREME is an exciting new mix that enables people to escape their daily routines and wake up feeling more refreshed and excited for the new day ahead.

co m m unit y This product is for people that have more of an eccentric mindset. Users tend to believe in more supernatural aspects such as horoscopes and feng shui. Look for this product in more alternative stores.

attributes The best qualities to describe this product are whimsical, recreational, relaxing, and exciting

essence DREME allows people to escape their daily routines to an exciting destination of their choice while they sleep.

G u i del i nes

Above is the company’s typographic logo. The company name of ‘DREME’ is only allowed to be displayed in this typeface and with this tracking. The tracking on the type is +150. When typing the company’s name in any document or text box, DREME is always to be capitalized.

Above is the moon part of the logo. The moon is able to stand alone to convey the company. The solo moon should only be used if the original logo is too overwhelming for the space it is in.

v ersions 10

The logo above is the main logo for the company DREME. This logo is the primary logo, and therefore should be the first choice when choosing a logo to put on an application. The logo shows the correct space for the clear zones, the correct color choices and the correct font. As this manual progresses, the logo use will be specifically provided so that the correct use will always be used.

9 ele m ents

1 5/8 in.

1 1/8 in.

This logo has very descriptive lines and the detail is very important, therefore a minimum size is required. The minimal allowable size for the logo must fit into a 1 5/8 by 1 1/8 inch square. Shown above is the minimum size requirement at actual size. When using either the solo moon or the typographic logo, reference the original logo at its minimum size requirement and use the elements from that logo.

11 m ini m u m si z e

Clear zones are the zones around the logo where no other type or image should intersect within the specified boundaries. The clear zone for the DREME logo is the distance around the center ‘E’ in the word DREME (shown above). Place this box around the image as shown below to make the clear zones for the logo. When making clear zones for the solo moon, start with the main logo to reference the ‘E’, and then take away the type to get the measurements for the clear zones.

clear z ones 12

Pantone 294 is used primarily for background colors. Pantone 294 C 100 M 58 Y 0 K 21 R 0 G 85 B 150

Pantone 430 is used primarily for the typographic logo. It is also the main color choice for the sun and moon rays. Pantone 430 C 5 M 0 Y 0 K 45 R 147 G 155 B 161

Pantone 5875 is used primarily for the color of the moon. Pantone 5875 C 0 M 0 Y 26 K 11 R 232 G 226 B 183

13 color palette

The DREME logo should be placed in a solid colored background, either plain white or pantone 294, if the background is not one of the specified colors listed on the color palette or if the background is complex. Above are correct ways to use the logo in case of a complex or wrong colored background. Be sure to consider clear zones when placing the box around the logo.

bac k grounds 14

Above is the logo if the only available colors were grayscale. If the logo is separated, the individual colors are to remain the same. This means that the DREME will remain gray and the moon will remain black with gray sun rays. Below is an example of how the logo should not look in grayscale.

15 gra y scale

The support graphics are the rays from the moon. The rays may stand alone as seen on the original logo and can act as a supporting element to an application or document. The rays can also be put together to form a complete circle, as shown below. This complete circle can then be used as a background pattern for applications. The pattern allows for the circular rays be either small or big.

support grap h ics 16

Two typefaces have been chosen for the company DREME, a serif and a sans serif. Goudy typeface is the primary serif typeface used. All documents, applications, etc., should always use the Goudy typeface in Old Style. When using the Goudy typeface for the typographic logo, the tracking, or the spacing between the letters, is +100. Helvetica is only to be used on legal documents, in a web application or if the Goudy typeface is unavailable on a computer.

17 t y pograp h y

924 Crosby Lane Louis, PA 14299 T: 555.987.6237 F: 555.987.6238

The box around the logo above shows the appropriate clear zones. When adding a text box, the text must align with the left edge of the moon as shown above. If there are two pieces of information, such as an address and then a phone number, separate the text boxes by using the standard clear zone measurement, the center “E�. When placing the logo on a document, whether it be stationary or an envelope, use the appropriate clear zones to align the logo on the left edge of the document.

address / te x t bo x es 18

A ppl i cat i ons

924 Crosby Lane Louis, PA 14299 T: 555.987.6237 F: 555.987.6238

924 Crosby Lane Louis, PA 14299 T: 555.987.6237 F: 555.987.6238

924 Crosby Lane Louis, PA 14299

Marilyn Winters Senior Sales Associate

T: 555.987.6237 F: 555.987.6238

Above is the stationery that is to be used for the DREME company. Follow the text box directions in order to achieve the look necessary for letterheads, envelopes and business cards. The font size should be size 12 on letterheads and envelopes, but size 10 on business cards. If available, the stationary, envelope or business card may be printed on the Pantone 294 color. If the background color is Pantone 294, the other colors should remain the same as above.

21 stationer y s y ste m







Above are possible versions of DREME coupons. Each coupon is directed towards a particular flavor, and as always, the colors correspond with the flavor being advertised. The offers on the coupons can vary. Typically each coupon for the flavors should remain constant, the coupons above are merely suggestions as to how different lengths of text can fir in the allowed space.

printed collateral 22

NEW FLAVORS: tropical paradise snowy mountain outdoor camping

The 5th element for the company is similar to the supporting graphics. The 5th element is the line quality of the rays. As shown in this web application, advertisement space can be very minimal and it is important to captivate the viewer quickly. The lines are very descriptive and organic and represent the image the company is trying to convey.

23 5 t h ele m ent

Shown above is how a notice for DREME would look. Notice that the original logo is used with the primary background color, Pantone 294. Unless you are advertising for a specific flavor, always use the Pantone 294 background color and the original logo with the colors shown here. Also notice that all the text is the Goudy, Old Style font.

signage 24

25 pac k aging




The package designs on the left page are for three flavors: tropical paradise, snowy mountains and outdoor camping. The box is the container for the individual packets which are shown on the page to the right. The design for individual packets are above. Notice that according to their prospective colors depends on which flavor they are, meaning, the packet colors correspond with both the packaging and flavor.

pac k aging 26

The DREME logo can be placed on any of our promotional items. These promotional items show how the logo can be placed and how the background pattern can be utilized. Notice that the background shapes on the pattern can vary in size depending on the item it is placed on.

27 pro m otional ite m s

pro m otional ite m s 28

colophon Samantha Tancosh Spring 2007 Art 353

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