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FABLES OF DE LA FONTAINE Author: Jean De La Fontaine Illustrations: Dragana Jovčić Format: 21x31 cm Hardback: 111 pages Copies sold last year: 13 000

Jean De La Fontaine, the best fable writer of all times, brought to light in a new beautiful edition. All the best fables collected in one volume, accompanied by the illustrations of one of Serbia’s most distinguished artists. This book will introduce children to the world of classical fables...

Available in three different layouts 4

La Fontaine’s characters are birds, insects, wild and farm animals, but true heroes hidden behind these animals are humans, with all their flaws and virtues.


ALICE IN WONDERLAND Author: Lewis Carroll Illustrations: Dragana Jovčić Format: 21x29 cm Hardback: 120 pages


This novel was written over a hundred years ago. It is a tale without charming prince, dragons and witches but it has many wonders. The story tells us about Alice’s adventures in a strange and bizarre land, where she meets very unusual characters, such as the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, False Turtle and the Queen of Hearts. This is a book for all times which shows children that this world is not made only of things we see, but also of the things we dream of.


THE HUMPBACKED HORSE Illustrations: Ana Grigorjev Format: 20 x 27 cm Hardback: 62 pages


In a remote kingdom, there was a small quiet village. The old man who lived there had three sons. Two of them were quite bright, but the third was one of a kind‌


GOLDEN KEY Redacted by Gordana Maletic Based on original by Aleksej Tolstoj Illustrations: Ana Grigorjev Format: 20 x 27 cm Hardback: 64 pages

Alexei Tolstoy’s unforgettable heroes are back, now presented in a new light. That famous, mischievous puppet Buratino is here to remind us of his outlandish mischief and persistence to release an unusual puppet troupe from the clutches of cruel Karabas Barabas. Golden key, and their freedom is in his hands...



UNFORGETTABLE STORIES Author: Laza Lazić Illustrations: Jelena Račić Format: 21 x 29 cm Paperback: 16 pages Hardback: 160 pages

Beautiful books illustrated with a lot of fantastic images, conceived to present some of the most famous characters and works of the Serbian and world literature for children to the youngest readers. The children meet Alexander Dumas’ Four musketeers, The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain, and Caliph the Stork and The Talking Oak as well.


TITLES IN THIS SERIES: The Magic Jar The Prince and the Pauper The Tale of Caliph the Stork The Cinder-Boy The Four Musketeers The Talking Oak The Story of Nils Holgerson Flowers of Jungle Owl’s Mirror The Rare Beast


TALES OF 1001 NIGHTS Author: Vojin Ančić Illustrations: Voja Vasiljević Format: 21 x 29 cm Paperback: 16 pages Hardback: 160 pages


TITLES IN THIS SERIES: Scheherazade Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Aladdin and the Magic Lamp Hassan the Rope Maker The Ebony Horse

The Story of the Blind Man Baba Abdullah The Story of the Trader and the Genie The First Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman The Second Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman Ali Shar and Zumurrud

Famous Arab stories that beautiful and wise Scheherazade narrated during 1001 nights to delay her death. Stories are collected in these attractive and impressively illustrated 10 picture-books that are also integrated in a big book. Children will be acquainted with distinctive atmosphere of Arab tales and read about their famous heroes.


STORIES FROM THE FOREST Redacted by Gordana Maletić Illustrations: Ana Grigorjev Format: 21 x 29 cm Paperback: 16 pages Hardback: 160 pages


TITLES IN THIS SERIES: Billy-Goat Skinned Alive The Hedgehog and the Fox The Fox Lures the Rooster The Wedding of the Tom-Cat Bear the Vineyard Guardian The Dog and the Wolf The Ploughman and the Wolf The Hen Going to the Market The Wolf and the Fox The Donkey Invited to the Wedding

Charming and amusing illustrations of these illustrated books embellish the stories about adventures of those who inhabit the edge of the forest. These are the well-known characters from popular tales – the fox, the bear, the wolf and many others‌ As always, their encounters in tales finish with the victory of the weaker but wiser, so the children can learn that wisdom triumphs over force. Titles in series are available as an integrated book and also separately.


MEET THE FAMILY Author: Gordana Maletić Illustrations: Ana Grigorjev Format: 20x25 cm Paperback: 16 pages Hardback: 192 pages

Imagine a nice little neighborhood surrounded with trees and flowers… Imagine a nice little brick house with twelve neat apartments… Imagine their inhabitants that live together in peace and deal with everyday dilemmas and events… Nothing strange so far, right? But now let us introduce those inhabitants. They are funny and unusual and they make very amusing neighborhood. Every book with a separate story will make sure that you have a great time with your kids who will read them over and over again… All 12 stories are now integrated in a new big book.


TITLES IN THIS SERIES: 1. Meet the Cat Family 2. Meet the Bear Family 3. Meet the Fox Family 4. Meet the Rabbit Family

5. Meet the Dog Family 6. Meet the Hedgehog Family 7. Meet the Leopard Family 8. Meet the Wolf Family

9. Meet the Lion Family 10. Meet the Mouse Family 11. Meet the Squirrel Family 12. Meet the Elephant Family


DRAGANCE THE DRAGON AND HIS SEVEN AUNTS Author: Jelena Račić Illustrations: Jelena Račić Format: 21x31 cm Hardback: pages 64


која је смислила Драганчетовој баки Алефтини, ову књигу. тетке, четове Драган је су Наследиле има, и допуниле књигу својим искуств стеченим мукотрпним васпитањем сестрића Драгана. На врху једне високе планине, високе до незамисливе висине, даље од свих далеких крајева, . живела је једна породица змајева

Јутрос рано у једном гнезду јавио се дрхтај лак. Једној мајци важан дан, за све друге обичан.

Једно јаје пронашло је срећну звезду, родио се мали змај у мајчином топлом гнезду. Малом змају важан дан, за све друге обичан.

Добио је име Драган. Као што то увек бива, звали су га Драганче Лепотанче, не зато што је био леп него зато што су га сви у породици много волели. А нарочито су га волеле његове тетке.

This beautifully and richly illustrated book is the best guide to the upbringing of a young dragon. When a cruel knight in the shiny armour kidnaps his mother, Draganče is left to the care of his seven aunts! Fortunatelu, they have their grandmother’s books to help them... Don’t miss this amusing and unique story about little dragon Draganče and his aunts Maria, Laura Elena, Anastasia, Antionia, Sara, Teodora and Zina! You will discover how Draganče is being raised by his aunts and learn a lot about life, love and fun of this little dragon.


THE BOY AND THE SEA Author: Ljiljana Đukić Illustrations: Dragoljub Janjić Format: 21x29 cm Hardback: 64 pages

The boy reveals this unusual world in which everyone, including the bee and the sea, the flower and the Sun, will try to narrate him the most sincere and most beautiful story about life that is miracle of its own.


HEDGEHOG’S HOME SWEEET HOME Author: Branko Ćopić Illustrations: Dragoljub Janjić Format: 21x29 cm, hardback: 64 pages

The Hedgehog goes to the Fox’s house to have dinner with her, but refuses to spend the night there because he yearns to return to his home sweet home. Surprised by this unusual behavior, the Fox decides to follow him and see for herself what his home looks like... We bring you this story that melts the heart of every child – and every adult, in this wonderful illustrated edition...


TO FOX FOR A TREAT Author: Gordana Maletić Illustrations: Dragana Jovčić Format: 21x29,7 cm Paperback: 16 pages

TITLES IN THIS SERIES: Ox and Mouse Fox and Wolf Brotherhood Hedgehog’s Soldiers My House – My Freedom Fox and Lion The Rabbits Are Not the Greatest Cowards Lynx, Wolf and Man Fox and Tiger 24

Famous stories and fables bring us the life and adventures of the inhabitants of the forest and the domestic animals as well, attracted by the wilderness and purness of nature. These series will contain 10 titles. All 10 small books will be available as one book.

JOYFUL FABLES Author: Laza Lazić Illustrations: Miki Tomić Format: 21x29 cm Paperback: 16 pages

TITLES IN THIS SERIES: Turkey and the Owl Clever Mouse Miller and Nightingale Tiger and a Girl Prince and the Cobra Buffalo and Butterflies A Bowler Hat Rabbit Lifeguard Dog and Sled Dog Donkey’s Island Wild Horses and Rainbow

Folk tales tell us about a deep and eternal wisdom that is always confirmed and lasts through centuries and centuries. It does not matter whether the main characters are people or animals, our youngest readers will simply and clearly understand the bottom line of every story, who is the hero and who is the villain, who wins in the end, and who bitterly regrets for his actions.


FAVOURITE FAIRY TALES Author: Rada Ilić Illustrations : Siniša Banović Format: 21x29 cm Paperback: 16 pages


TITLES IN THIS SERIES: Bambi Red Riding Hood Hansel and Gretel Puss in Boots Tom Thumb Cinderella Peter Pan Alice in Wonderland Pinocchio The Ugly Duckling Snow White and Seven Dwarfs Sleeping Beauty

In these illustrated books, the youngest can read for the first time the most popular fairy tales of the world. These books charmingly and tenderly describe the adventures of Peter Pan, Cinderella, the Ugly Duckling and other characters that have became part of the world literary treasure long ago.

MERRY TALES Author: Gordana Maletić Illustrations: Nenad Gajić Format: 21x29 cm Paperback: 16 pages

TITLES IN THIS SERIES: The Girl and Prince Jovo Two Lazy Men Everything is Revealed in the End It Will Pass, Too

A Lie for Bet One for Me, the Rest for You The Flute

The themes of these illustrated books are taken from funny folk stories that always give children some kind of morale. The different life situations in which we find the main characters show us some clever and diligent young men, but laggards and all kind of charlatans as well.

The Girl and Prince Jovo

A Lie for a Bet

A version of the story that shows how fantasy can take someone far away from everyday life and cause a lot of disappointments...

A well known folk story about a little boy and the astute beardless miller. The boy won the bread as he narrated a more fantastic story than the miller.

Two Lazy Men The story about difficult life of two lazy men believing they have no luck, both completely unable to go and find any work.

Everything is Revealed in the End Popular folk story about a lazy young man who became charlatan and saved his life by pure luck.

It Will Pass, Too The adventures of a merchant who wants to get rich, but realizes that nothing in life lasts forever.

One for Me, the Rest for You A story from Orient, about a sultan who opulently rewarded a clever boy for outwitting the guard.

The Flute A story of a man going on a long journey and receiving a lot of requests from his neighbours, but no money for the things they want. Only a little boy gives him a nickel for a flute, so he’s the only one who gets what he wanted.


LEGENDS Author: Laza Lazić Illustrations: Askanio Popović Format: 21x29 cm Paperback: 16 pages

The greatest heroes of the world always attract us with their strength and courage, and their wise and noble actions. We singled some of them out, since we wanted to tell you the story of these legendary heroes, who made our world more beautiful, warmer and more exciting.

TITLES IN THIS SERIES: Ilja Muromec Gilgamesh King Arthur Alexander the Great Prince Marko

PEARL TALES Illustrations: Katarina Jocković Format: 21x29 cm Paperback:16 pages

TITLES IN THIS SERIES: Bald Head Girl Faster Than A Horse Magic Knife 28

Serbian national medieval storytelling is recognizable for its great and famous heroes, wise and brave princes, beautiful and witty princesses, seductive and cunning fairies... But you will also find some evil witches, monstrous beasts, cruel dragons, enchanted sovereign. Our Pearl Tales will introduce you to a part of that legendary inheritance and famous history, when the virtue and justice were inspiration for heroic deeds.

Three Eels Craft First and Then the Rest

ANCIENT FAIRY TALES Author: Vojin Ančić Illustrations: Aleksandar Babić Format: 21x29 cm Paperback: 16 pages TITLES IN THIS SERIES: Dragon and the Emperor’s Son The Pepper Child The Castle Between Earth and Sky Two Brothers – Stojša and Mladen Golden Apple and Nine Peacocks The Snake Groom

Everyone loves to read old folk stories about various monsters and dragons that steal princesses, and young heroes and princes that come to rescue them. This beautiful series represents the collection of those fairy tales where, after many adventures and temptations, the courage and goodness triumph....


TREASURY OF CHILDREN SONGS Author: Jovan Jovanović Zmaj Prepared by: Olivera Grbić Illustrations: Goran Grbić Format: 20x28cm Hardback: 86 pages

One of the most famous collections of poems for children’s done by favorite and one of the most important Serbian writers in general. Dozens of generations grew up with Treasury of Songs. Their childhood was enriched by the beauty of the joyful, gentle and encouraging verses. His poetry give the children wings of imagination, warmth, child and parental tenderness, reveal the way of dreams, and call for the game.


Сади дрво Где год нађеш згодно место, ти дрво посади! А дрво је благодарно Па ће да награди. Наградиће изобиљем Хлада, рода свога, Наградиће било тебе, Било брата твога.

Зима бежи

Зима бежи од пролећа, Зима бежи од пролећа, И од птица и од цвећа. И од птица и од цвећа; Гдеко јој се још и руга: – прија, не њој ветар Топли ”Ух, ала си била дуга!” А тај ветар још је вија. Зима бежи од пролећа, И од птица и од цвећа; Бежи зимо, бежи само, Ми те више не требамо!

Зима бежи, – а бежећи Шапуће нам збиљске речи: ”То ће ваше лето проћи, А ја ћу вам опет доћи!”

Зима бежи од пролећа, И од птица и од цвећа. А куда ће? – Шта нам стало, Нас је сунце огрејало!

Ево наших

Ево иду, као звани, Наши лањски укућани. Ево наших ласта мили’, Баш смо вас се зажелили. Ход’те, ход’те, птице вите, Да с’ од пута одморите!


Под нашим је кровом мирно, Нико у вас није дирно. Ми певамо и играмо, Ал’ се никад не свађамо; Живећемо у радости, – Добро дошли, наши гости!

Ход’те, ход’те, гости моји, Ваше старо гнездо стоји! Порушит га нисмо дали, Ми смо вам га сачували. Не идите другој страни, Ход’те к нама ко и лани.




Мали коњан

Ђиха, ђиха, четир’ ноге, Све четири круте! Ђиха, ђиха, ми идемо На далеке путе! Седло ми је одмараме, Узда од канапа, А бич ми је од очина Пребијена штапа.


Раго једна, баш си лена, Зар те није срам! Ал’ кaд нећеш ти да скачеш, Ја ћу цупкат сам.

Свет Ала ј’ леп Овај свет, Овде поток, Овде цвет; Тамо њива, Овде сад, Ено Сунце, Ево хлад! Тамо Дунав, Злата пун, Онде трава, Овде жбун. Славуј песмом Љуља луг, Ја га слушам И мој друг.


11 10

This wonderful poet of Serbian Romanticism, was able to decipher the secrets of children’s wishes and dreams, to draw pictures from children’s world and turn them into songs of joy of childhood.


BEAROLOGY Fantastic Book About Bears! Author: Miša Đurković Illustrations: Radivoj Bogičević Format: 22 x 25 cm Hardback: 116 pages


Слобода има своју цену. Овде код нас нема гужве, али чест ни хране. Зато једем о нема све што ми падне под шапе. У пролеће и лето буде и бобица, коре ња и алги.

Ја сам један прави меда планинар! На тим висинама има пуно свеже воде, која ми треба за пиће и купање. Реке се пуне обилним кишама и снегом који се топи, а воде наравно има и у бамбусу.

Због такв е своје пр ироде, ве Удружимо ћи део жи се вота пров кад трагам са осталима само одимо са кад треба о за хран ми. да рађамо ом. младе и

24 9


Amazing stories about bear species around the globe! This entertaining, beautifully illustrated and educative book will introduce children in the real bear world, revealing many facts we didn’t even know! Guess what animal will become your favorite after reading this book?


ANIMALS IN THEIR ENVIRONMENT Illustrations: Radivoj Bogičević Format: 21x29 cm Paperback: 16 pages Hardback: 160 pages

This new 10 titles edition will introduce children to the animal world. All books are illustrated with beautiful images of nature. This edition is dedicated entirely to the animals and the wild life from all over the world – from Arctic ice to the African jungles, from smallest insects to the biggest mammals of our planet… And they are all here – farm animals and the wild ones, those that are fast and the slower ones, ones that make us laugh and those that make us run for our lives… All 10 titles are also available in one book.


TITLES IN THIS SERIES: 1. Life on the Farm 2. Deep in the Forest 3. Life in the Meadows 4. In the Mountains 5. Warm Regions’ Animals

6. Polar Regions’ Animals 7. Life on the River 8. Man and His Pets 9. Animals of the Tropical Regions 10. Summer Kingdom, Winter Kingdom

FANTASTIC CREATURES Author: Olivera Grbić Illustrations: Goran Grbić Format: 21x28cm Hardback: 88 pages

Different and uncommon creatures have always drawn our attention. Monsters are scary beings for human kind and they look like they have come from another world, strange and unknown to us... Let this book introduce you to this world and do not be afraid to take a closer look – these creatures are magnificent!



majevi su bez sumnje najpoznatija mitska bića, jer ne postoji narod čija predanja ne vrve od ovih čudesnih stvorenja koja izazivaju silan strah kod ljudi. Drevno je verovanje da će onaj ko preživi susret sa zmajem živeti dugo i srećno! Zmajevi mogu biti raznih oblika i vrsta. Obično imaju izdužen vrat; snažno telo kao u krokodila, prekriveno krljušću, koja predstavlja neprobojan oklop; noge kao u reptila; dugačak rep, oštre kandže i krila. Neki zmajevi imaju i oštar rog na vrhu njuške. Jedno im je zajedničko: nezasiti su! Zmajevi mogu dostići dužinu do 14 metara i žive prosečno po 400 godina. Mnogi zmajevi imaju moć da bljuju vatru, što je njihovo bez sumnje najmoćnije oružje, jer plamenovi mogu imati domet i do 200 metara, pa mogu da sprže čitava sela jednim dahom! Žive u skrovitim pećinama, dubokim i prostranim, u brdima udaljenim od ljudskih naselja. Neke vrste žive i u dubokim planinskim jezerima i okeanima, pa ih nazivamo i morskim nemanima. Veruje se da u svojim pećinama zmajevi čuvaju neslućena blaga, riznice zlata i srebra i dragog kamenja, što su opljačkali iz zamkova koje su razorili. Druge drevne priče, međutim, kažu da oni samo čuvaju blaga zlih čarobnjaka i veštica koji su se s njima sprijateljili i udružili. Zmajevi žive usamljeničkim životom i nikad u pećini ne živi više od jednog zmaja. Hrane se uglavnom kravama i ovcama, odnoseći često čitava stada u svoje pećine, ali legenda kaže da najviše vole ljudsko meso, naročito mladih i lepih devojaka, koje otimaju i drže zatočene za svečane prilike. Zato su ih često vrli vitezovi progonili i ubijali, samo ako bi uspeli da priđu njihovim utrobama, koje, jedine, nisu prekrivene krljuštima. Veruje se da su zmajevi živeli širom naše planete! Ko još nije čuo za kineske zmijolike zmajeve, čudovište iz Loh Nesa, troglave arapske aždaje, ljubljanskog krilatog zmaja ili aždaju što se uvija na vrhu koplja svetog Georgija?

Zemlja feniksa

Kentaur prerije

Zemlja Minotaura



Šume Šume nimfi nimfi ii satira satira Planine giganta

Jezero Naga

Ostrvo vazdušnog duha

Šume Vampira

Sirenino more

Pećine patuljaka

Močvare Močvare Zombija Zombija

Zemlja orka

Put veštice

Ulaz u Had

Kanjoni trolova

Zemlja zmajeva

Ostrvo Pegaza

Poluostrvo vilenjaka

Zemlja vila


a vile se priča da žive u divnom carstvu i da je njihova vladarka veoma, veoma stara... Vile su najneobičnije čarobnice na svetu, postoje u pričama i predanjima svih kultura i naroda, a njihove moći su poznate širom

Ostrvo Baziliska

More levijatana

sveta. Ostrvo naga Oduvek su imale čarobne moći, a nije im strano ni proricanje budućnosti. Uz to su u stanju čak i da menjaju svoj fizički izgled... Ljudi obično zamišljaju vile samo kao lepe devojke, malog rasta, čak sasvim majušnog, kojima iz ramena izbijaju ljupka prozirna krila slična krilima leptira ili vilinog konjica! Istina, to jeste jedan od oblika koje vila može da poprimi. Takođe je veoma izvesno da se obično zamišljaju s njihovim čuvenim čarobnim štapićem iz kog neprestano vrcaju sitne varnice... I to je tačno! Ne razdvajaju se od njega! Jer bez njega ne bi mogle da izvedu nijednu svoju čaroliju, niti da prenose na druge svoje čarobne moći. Ali manje je poznato da neke vile vole da nose malene praporce prišivene za svoje haljine. Nežno zveckanje zvončića koje se nekad čuje u gluvoj noći siguran je znak da je neko jato vila u blizini... Kažu da tada, ako čovek brzo, vrlo brzo trepće... može čak i da ih vidi! A tako je teško videti vile! Obično se kriju od bića koja su drukčija od njih, naročito od znatiželjnih ljudi. Ima vila koje se, da bi se pritajile, pretvaraju u razne životinje, recimo, u slatke ptičice ili tanane košute. Vile vrlo rado lepršaju kroz olistale šume, igraju se u vodama brzih potoka i u krošnjama stoletnih stabala, ali im se više sviđa skupljanje bobica i ispijanje cvetnog nektara. Iznad svega uživaju u šumskim plodovima kao što su sitne jagode, mada ne beže ni od meda, koji uzimaju pravo iz košnica. Najradije piju rosu i bistru izvorsku vodu. Ima vila koje žive na usamljenim ostrvima, a to znamo iz priča koje su u brodski dnevnik zabeležili pomorci koji tvrde da su sreli Vilinsku kraljicu glavom, na dalekom ostrvu izgubljenom usred okeana! Kažu da je blistala kao da je sazdata od zlata, ali kada su se ljudi iskrcali na ostrvo, izgubio joj se svaki trag!




FUNNY CALE Author: Olivera Grbić Illustrations: Goran Grbić Format: 21x25 cm Hardback: 72 pages


Cale and Four Seasons

Cale on the Farm

Cale isn’t just a funny rabbit; he is also the hero of the book that will teach you many things you should know. Each chapter is dedicated to one season and after each chapter you can play by answering questions, counting and colouring. That way you can learn a lot but also play and have so much fun!

Cale got lost with his friend, Hrvoje the hamster. They are in a strange place – a farm. You can read, colour, answer questions and search for hidden clues on the pictures. This book is for preschool children and it can be used as a first encyclopedia of domestic animals.

Cale at School When Cale starts going to the school he is bored and unhappy. But later he realizes that school can be fun… This book will prepare children for many new and interesting things that await them at school.

Cale in the City The big city is strange and dangerous for Cale. There are many things he sees for the first time – streets, cars, buildings…. By reading about Cale’s adventures, children will learn important things about life in the city.


едног топлог, августовског јутра, док је цвркут птица одзвањао шумом, зека Цале је шетајући стазицом гунђао себи у браду: „Сви другари проводе распуст ван ове шуме, и крајње је време да и ја одем негде.“ A онда се запита: „Али где?“ Застао је на тренутак: „Сви моји рођаци су овде и виђам их сваки дан.“ Кренуо је даље, и не приметивши, занесен мислима, стигао је до краја шуме. Угледао је земљани пут

Бојанка Обој слику

и додај оно

што сматраш

да недостаје.

Лавиринт Помози Цалету да Скитала и кувар пронађе пут до а, избегавајући препреке на које наилази. ЦИЉ









FUN AND LEARNING! Author: Olivera Grbić Illustrations: Goran Grbić Format: 16x24 cm Hardback: 64 pages TITLES IN THIS SERIES: Math My Day Spelling Book Around Me

Designed for children from 5-7 years these activity books are both fun and useful! Children will learn about science and life, having fun and learning at the same time.


Math A guide through the basic mathematics, this book will show you how maths can be fun.

My Day With this book children will learn about numbers, colours, hours and days in week by drawing, counting and solving easy problems.

Spelling Book Learn alphabet by doing four things – reading, colouring, writing and counting.

Around Me This book will help children learn about traffic, nature, everyday life – everything that surrounds them!


MY FIRST LITTLE SPELLING-BOOK Author: Olivera Grbić Illustrations: Goran Grbić Format: 16x24 cm Hardback: 64 pages This spelling-book will introduce youngsters to the world of words and reading. Children will learn alphabet through fun and game, in four simple actions - colouring, reading, writing and counting.


MY FIRST ATLAS Author: Olivera Grbić Illustrations: Goran Grbić Format: 16x29 cm Hardback: 64 pages

This world atlas contains large, easy-toread maps that introduce youngsters to the world and its continents. Children begin exploring by learning about maps and how to read them, and then they begin their own continent-bycontinent tour. On each page, they will find several interesting facts concerning local regions, landmarks, people and their heritage, so this atlas will be a valuable help for children’s school reports and homework.


YOUNG EXPLORERS Author: Olivera Grbić Illustrations: Goran Grbić Format: 16x24 cm Hardback: 64 pages


TITLES IN THIS SERIES: Ecology Dinosaurs Universe Your body

These small and exciting manuals for young readers offer plenty of useful informations about the world we’re living in, and take us to the fascinating long-lost kingdom of the dinosaurs… Kids will enjoy discovering new facts about the things they already know and use and their parents will find these books an enormous help in answering children’s questions that never end…

Мали истраживачи

Допринесите и ви очувању наше лепе планете. Дово­ љно jе да подигнете отпадак са улице или научите више о животињама и биљкама у своjоj башти и по­ причате с другим људима о томе како се чува наш свет.


Због неконтрол исане сече дрв великој опасно ећа, прашуме сти. су у


Да ли сте зна ли да се сваке године открив које садрже нов ају биљке е драгоцене лек овите састојке ?

Многе тропс ке прашуме људи пале ра­ ди обрадивог земљишта. С временом земљиште ово пос PM је исц 4/27/11 12:03та рпљено и бес рисно. Ови ко­ м поступком уништавају шуме и живот се иње у њима, а дим из зап љених шума а­ загађује ваздух .

Ekologija.indd 39


Мали истраж




Прерада отпадака Прерада отпадак а као што су стаклен е флаше, конзерве се рециклажа. или папир назива У многим земљам а се постављају скупљају отпаци посебни контејн за даљу прераду. ери, у којима се Заш то? За прераду ових предмета исече се много мање дрвећа енергије, као и оста и уштеди се више лих сировина које су потребне за пра вљење нових.


4/27/11 12:02 PM

Ekologija.indd 36

4/27/11 12:03 PM


MOUSE MICA’S ADVENTURES Author: Jasna Ignjatović Format: 21x29 cm Paperback: 16 pages Let’s pack, people, we are going on a trip! We don’t really need cumbersome suitcases and colorful bags, all that we need to do is to choose favorite crayons and start colouring! Mouse Mica guarantees us excellent time and great fun. Besides, he is a world traveler; he already saw half the planet. He decided to share his experience with us now. We just need to follow him and paint!

TITLES IN THIS SERIES: In the Andes In Hawaii On the Great Wall of China On the Pyramids On the North Pole 46

In Africa In Australia In India In Mexico In Texas

FAVOURITE FAIRY TALES Author: Jasna Ignjatović Format: 21x29 cm Paperback: 16 pages Designed for the youngest ones, these beautiful colouring books with a short text introduce the characters and themes of the world’s most famous fairy tales to the children. The series includes some of the most beautiful and famous stories of all times.

TITLES IN THIS SERIES: Aladdin’s Magic Lamp The Musicians of Bremen Brave Little Tailor Hansel and Gretel The Tinder Box

Beauty and the Beast The Princess and the Pea Tom Thumb Sleeping Beauty The Magic Beans


JOBS AND DAYS Author: Jasna Ignjatović Format: 21x29 cm Paperback: 16 pages Accompanied with short texts, beautiful colouring books JOBS AND DAYS give children an opportunity to work on these images and thus acquire some essential information about their surroundings. Enjoy!

TITLES IN THIS SERIES: Let’s Go to the Circus What a Beautiful Day On Alex’s Birthday At the Market First Day in School


With Granny in the Kitchen Snowman and Children In the Children Theatre In a Warm Room Big Cleaning

ANIMAL WORLD Author: Dragana Malbašić Format: 29x20 cm Paperback: 16 pages The world of animals is the world of colorful creatures, playful movements and cheerful situations, perfect for a child’s hand to paint on it. On one side you’ll find our illustrations, agreeable and cheerful visions of favourite characters of the fauna, while the other side impatiently awaits the world of child’s imagination, and the hand to colour them...

TITLES IN THIS SERIES: Dinosaurs River Birds Polar World Sea and Ocean On the Country Savanna Jungle Forest Pets


WHAT THEY DO... Author: Ivan Balenović Illustrations: Marinko Lebović Format: 16x16 cm Cardboard: 24 pages Luxury binding

TITLES IN THIS SERIES: What Mommies Do What Granddads Do What Grannies Do What Daddies Do

With their lovely and tender verses and illustrations these attractive little books reveal to the children what can MOMMIES, DADDIES, GRANNIES and GRANDADS do, what jobs they can perform and what kind of engagements they have.


INTERESTING ANIMALS Edited by: Ivan Balenović Illustrations: Marinko Lebović Format: 16x16 cm Cardboard: 24 pages Luxury binding

TITLES IN THIS SERIES: Animal Craftsmen Animal Magic Animals in Pajamas Animals Best, Best...

In the world of animals some funny laws are in force. There are different and special rules that function regardless of humans, even of the generally accepted laws of out planet! We tried to collect and represent the animals in this unusual and hilariously interesting edition.


MY FAVORITE ANIMALS ON THE FARM Author: Radivoj Bogičević Illustrations: Radivoj Bogičević Format: 15x16 cm Cardboard: 24 pages Luxury binding Copies sold last year: 15 000 each title


TITLES IN THIS SERIES: My Favorite Animals on the Farm 1 My Favorite Animals on the Farm 2 My Favorite Animals from the Wild 1 My Favorite Animals from the Wild 2

Learn more about your favorite farm animals and pets! Take a look at their appearances, fur, feathers and skin; about how long their tails and beaks are; see their horns, mugs and ears, which these wonderful realistic illustrations will present you.


BABY BOOK Author: Gordana Maletić Illustrations: Ana Grigorjev Format: 21,5x27,5 cm Hardback: 80 pages

Our lovely new edition, designed to keep memories of your baby’s first years. This book is an illustrated picture album, so you can keep images of your baby in a safe and beautiful place surrounded by adorable baby elephants, giraffes and teddy bears. Keeping track of your family’s special moments has never been easier!

HOW TO GROW UP? Author: Miomir Tomić Illustrations: Miomir Tomić Format: 21x30 cm Hardback: 94 pages The book has beautiful and interesting illustrations which help and educate all readers. Here you will find answers to numerous questions and doubts that children have. How to eat, what to wear, what is polite and what is not and many other everyday questions are answered in this book.


MY FIRST PICTURE DICTIONARY Author: Radivoj Bogičević Illustrations: Radivoj Bogičević Format: 16x19,5 cm Cardboard: 36 pages Luxury binding

More than 300 ilustrated words from everyday life and the world around us. A fun and easy way to learn the members of family, colours, numbers, seasons, days of the week and months. All that and much more with classic hand-made illustrations.


MY FIRST ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY Author: Bogičević Radivoj Illustrations: Bogičević Radivoj Format: 21x29 cm Hardback: 139 pages

Beautiful illustrations will introduce a child into the world of English language. Furthermore, this is a fun option for the whole family – even for children who can’t yet read, since they can always look at the illustrations.


TESLA, SERBIAN GENIUS - LIGHT OF THE ENTIRE WORLD Authors: Gordana Maletić, Nebojša Đuranović Format: 24x31 cm Hardback: 110 pages This book tells the children that “the man who brought light to the world” had worked on most of his ideas during his childhood. The fact that Nikola Tesla constantly tried during his entire life to implement his boyhood dreams into his projects should encourage the children to believe in themselves, to be creative and never give up on their ideas.


TITLES IN THIS SERIES: GOLDEN RECIPES STEP BY STEP COOKBOOKS 40 cookbooks series 80 titles planned Format: 17 x 24 cm Paperback (stapled): 64 pages, full colour Inside pages: glossy kunstdruck 135gr Covers: glossy kunstdruck 200gr

Do not miss the chance to master your culinary skills with our remarkable step by step cookbooks.


Pizzas, focacccia bread and calzoni Pies and tarts Cakes for kids Cakes, tarts and doughnats Meat first courses Seafod Pasta Meat main dishes Salads Soups, creams and sauces Seafood main dishes Seafood Vegeterian cuisine Hot starters Cold starters Milk puddings and custards Cookies Grilled dishes Pastries Icecreams, sorbets and granitas Cocktails

Homemade breads Exotic cuisine Tartare and carpaccio Sweets from around the World Sandwiches Sauces Stuffed pastas Baked pastas or lasagnas Pancakes and Crepes Fried dishes Risotto and rice dishes Puddings and soufflĂŠs Microwave meals Single dishes Quick meals Chocolate Marmalades Muffins

Filete grgeča isecite na kockice.

Pripremite lisnato testo prema receptu.

Razvucite testo u pravougaonik pajte na njega nadev.

i si­

kalup Zavijte testo i stavite štrudlu u premazan puterom.

ćete Napravit e sos od čedra, koji poslužiti uz štrudlu.



testo da od­ U periodima kada ostavljate im kožu i stoji, skuvajte filete grgeča, skinite e kisele iseckajte ih na kockice. Sitno iseckajt krastavčiće i crni luk.

Prodinstajte crni luk na malo putera, tek da zažuti.

Penasti krem od belih špargli

10 belih špargli, 1 glavica crnog luka, 4 jajeta, 2,5 dl neutralne pavlake, 2 kašike pirinčano brašna, puter, majonez, 1 vezica origana, g so, biber.

Oljuštite crni luk i iseckajte ga. Prodinsta jte ga u velikom tiganju na malo putera. Očistite i obarite špargle, a potom ih dinstajte 2 minuta u tiganju sa crnim lukom.

dobijete pra­ Razvucite lisnato testo tako da Zatim nare­ vougaonik od oko 30x35 cm. iće, crni đajte filete grgeča, kisele krastavč i pobiberite. luk i seckani peršun. Posolite mu krajeve. zavorite i rolat u Zavijte testo

Obarite špargle u posoljenoj ključaloj vodi.

odozgo Stavite štrudlu u podmazan kalup, i stavite da je premažite ulupanim jajetom smanjite se peče 200°C; posle 15 minuta sata. temperaturu i pecite još četvrt sipajte Napravite sos od sira: zagrejte puter, odjednom) u njega brašno (celu količinu no dolivajte neprestano mešajući. Postepe proključa; neutralnu pavlaku i pustite da rastopi. se dodajte rendani sir i pustite da i biberom. Začinite alevom paprkom, solju e je uz poslužit i m peršuno štrudlu Ukrasite umak salsa verde i sos od sira.

500 g file­ Lisnato testo: vidi str. 4. Nadev:ića, 1 glavi­ ta grgeča, 100 g kiselih krastavč verde, veza ca crnog luka, 1 jaje, puter, salsaod sira: 50 g Sos biber. so, lista, peršunovog putera, 2,5 dl mekog brašna tip 500, 40 g 100 g čedra, neutralne pavlake, 2,5 dl mleka, aleva paprika, so, biber.

Štrudla sa grgečom u sosu od sira


Blendirajte špargle, crni luk, jaja, pavlaku i pirinčano brašno dok ne dobijete ujednačenu smesu. Posolite i pobiberite po ukusu.

Preručite smesu u kalup za kuglof, koji ste premazali puterom, i pecite oko 20 minuta u rerni na 180°C tako što ćete kalup za kuglof staviti u veću posudu sa vrelom vodom.

Ostavite penasti krem da se ohladi, izvadite ga iz kalupa i ukrasite svežim origanom i majonezom. Izblendirajte špargle sa crnim lukom, jajima, pavlakom i pirinčanim brašnom.


Sipajte smesu u kalup, koji ste premazali puterom. 58


SOLD Author: Marija Gojković Format: 13x20 cm Paperback: 157 pages The debut human trafficking novel inspired by true a story of a young girl from Belgrade who made a hard journey from Heaven to Hell of prostitution. As a sexual slave, she shares the fate of thousands women victims. Is there any way out of Hell?

THE HOUSE IN PUERTO Author: Gordana Ćirjanić Format: 13x20 cm Paperback: 452 pages

Laureate of Belgrade Annual Award 2003, and Zensko pero at 2000 The House in Puerto is epic novel with intricated stories from Portugal, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgrade and Madrid. Her masterfuly created characters make an authentic picture of 20th century. Gordana Cirjanic is laureate of numerous literary awards for her short stories collections, poems and novels.

SUBMISSIVELY GIVING UP Author: Sandra Petrušić Format: 13x20 cm Paperback: 208 pages The existential novel which explores fates of two gifted people, a successful architect and his wife the photographer. The author of award-winning novels and thousands of newspapers’ columns, attentive for details as well as for rarely spoken current social issues.


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