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Tuesday 1st October Girls’ Brigade: Explorers Age 3-5 from 6pm-6.45pm; Ages 5-7 6.45 - 7.45pm both in Glenfield Hall. Juniors 6.45-8.30pm and Seniors 7.30-9pm both in Andrews Hall. Tuesday 1 October Prayer & Bible Study in Warren Room. Prayer for the congregation 7.30pm – 8pm 8-8.15pm: Break with tea and coffee. 8:15pm-9:15pm Bible Study st

Wed 2nd October Morning Mens’ Fellowship 10.30-12.30pm meet in the Warren Room. All men welcome. st

Wed 2nd October COFFEE WITH KIDS 9.30am-11.30am– (1


3rd Wednesday mornings each month) All welcome. This Wed is the 1st Morning. Why not tell others and invite them along… If you enjoy baking and would like to join our team to bake some scones or buns 3 or 4 times a year, please contact Sonya. A simple way to serve others….

Wed 2nd October PW (Presbyterian Women) Afternoon Group 3pm. Meet in the Warren Room.A great group of women.

Thur 3rd Oct. Alive to GOD ‘The Meaning of LIFE Course’ see middle section of this sheet…This is the last week to join this present course and we would love you to come. Friday 4th Oct Boys’ Brigade Anchor Boys (P1-P4) 6.30-7.30pm Glenfield Hall Junior Section (P5-P7) 6.30-8pm. Andrews Hall Company Section (Year 8 –Upper 6th) 8pm Andrews Hall.

Contact numbers for Church Staff: Rev. Alvin Little 91883533: Rev. Maurice Sloan 91453288: Sonya Anderson Deaconess 42758126: Peter Martin Youth and Children’s Co-Ordinator 07801651850. Church Web site Church Office open Thursday 10am – 12noon 91888011. If we can help you please feel free to contact us.

Reach out and speak to the people around you. Let the love of Jesus flow through you into the lives of the people you sit beside.

Shore Street Presbyterian Church family Sunday 29th September 2013

‘Welcome’… We so love having you here. We long for GOD to speak and work quietly but quite powerfully in your life to-day…That would be amazing!! 9.45am: Early Service - Rev Alvin Little Taking care of each other in this church family… 59 ‘one another’s' in the New Testament. 10.50 - 11.20am Sunday Morning Breakfast for Young people Year 11+ in Attic – Great to hang out, mix and chat. 11.00am: Morning Service - Rev. Alvin Little

To-day we are serving tea after this service. We would love you to take a moment and stay for a chat so that we are mixing and building friendships. We just need one or two more volunteers to serve tea/juice so that we have 4 teams per month. If you would like to join this team please speak to Alvin or Elaine Dempsey-Green. 7pm SST @ Seven Evening Service with Rev. Alvin Little. Informal Communion as we gather around the Cross to worship our Saviour and God. Looking to Jesus and leaning on the Cross.Come, feed and be strengthened in faith at the Cross. 7pm – 8.30pm Y-Fi – Young people Year 8 – Upper 6th in the Attic. Making fruitful disciples – you are so welcome.

Coming up in here in Shore Street (SST)… Monday 30th Sept – 7:45pm in the Warren Room Freezer Ministry Food Hygiene Training: for all current volunteers & anyone wishing to become a volunteer - (Contacts: Chrissie & Julie). Monday 30th Sept 10:30pm - 11pm Praying over the town of Donaghadee … for everyone @ the Lighthouse - love you to come. Tues 1st October 7am - 8am EARLY MORNING PRAYER in the attic for Youth & Children’s Ministry in SST – come and go as you wish. Contact Peter Martin for more details. Wanting to see GOD move in young lives. We’ve had such an encouraging start! Tuesday 1st October 10am – Ladies Banner Group – Great group for Christian friendship and encouragement. Meet in Glenfield Hall.

HOME GROUPS here in SST…. A place where followers of Jesus meet to build authentic relationships where they can know and be known, love and be loved, care and be cared for…. as they study the Bible together, pray and praise God together, look out beyond the group to the whole church family , this town , this nation and the nations… to be part of the ministry and mission of SST. If you would like to know more about Home groups and are interested in maybe joining one then we would love you to speak to Gordon Semple, Alvin or any of our 5 Home Group leaders…

A new 3 week CAP Money course will begin on Wednesday 2 October. This course will be held in Home Sweet Home, 14 High Street, Donaghadee and will begin each Wednesday evening at 8.00pm. This course is for anyone who would like to manage their money better and have better control over it. Everyone is very welcome. If you would like to know more, or if you would like an invitation to give to someone else. Please ask Frank /Joy Beattie, (Tel 91462375) or Donna Carter. This CAP Course is a simple money management course and is great for churched and unchurched people to come to… It would be great to come to yourself or to invite friends from work etc… We are running the course in Home Sweet Home so that unchurched people might feel more comfortable to come.

‘Alive to GOD’..

The Meaning of LIFE Course What an amazing opportunity to explore the Meaning of Life with others in a relaxed and ‘safe’ atmosphere Isn’t it amazing that Gay Byrne is running this series called the Meaning of Life on RTE and asking questions like… Why am I here? Is there a God? Why do bad things happen? What happens when we die? Those are the very questions we are asking in

‘Alive to God’, The Meaning of Life Course… Treat it as a 3 week Course…. It is a wonderful place for you to come to… for you to invite friends and work colleagues to… It’s designed to be non churchy… relaxed… non threatening.You do not have to speak out if you don’t want to. You can ask any question you wish or you can listen to others as they ask questions…

This is the FIRST NIGHT Thursday 3RD OCTOBER at 8pm in the Glenfield Hall…. There are lots of invites on the hallway tables… Why not take some for family, friends or work colleagues….

WHY don’t YOU give it a go… this time?? Indoor Bowls in Andrews Hall – Open night for all ages Year 8 – 80 years+. We are holding a series of Open nights just to allow people to get a taste of bowls. Come on any of the nights and see if you like it. Thursday 3rd Oct and Saturday 5th Oct @ 7.30pm. Why not give it a try??