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April’s here! If it weren’t for the heat, this would easily qualify as the best month of the year. Holidays, idling away, hill stations, mangoes and best of all, movies – with April, it is literally the season for everything! After 3, there aren’t any Tamil releases with big stars for April. The reasons are several, and known to all. But that does not mean the scenario is even remotely dull in Tamilnadu. Interesting ¿OPVDUHEHLQJPDGHDQGLQIDFW the entire industry is smiling after striking gold when the National Awards were announced recently. Telugu has some awesome releases that fans simply can’t wait to watch. Racha, Dammu, Gabbar Singh‌ that’s how summer rolls, baby! Our April issue is all about celebrating some of the most fascinating tinsel towners in south India. Southscope wishes you a super summer. Read on and enjoy! Aruna R Krishnan

Managing Editor

Southscope magazine April 2012  
Southscope magazine April 2012  

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