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Producer: 563URGXFWLRQV Music: V Harikrishna

Upendra’s stunning new look in his upcoming movie, Topiwala has become the talk of Sandalwood. Topiwala presents Uppi in a new avatar, which is now being imitated by his contemporaries. Talking of innovation and creativity, Uppi is always in the forefront, and with Topiwala, this maverick actor-director has started yet another trend. Much of the credit for styling Uppi in the role of a ‘hunk’ goes to MG Srinivas (RJ Srini), the director. As an RJ, Srini was extremely popular for his witty dialogues. He also directed a movie titled Simply Kail Awesome, which won several awards. Now, he has joined hands with Uppi to present a Hollywood-style movie. Though Srini developed the original storyline, Uppi has

re-written the story and screenplay. “It has an interesting story. I cannot reveal much. But be assured that this full-length commercial fare will be a cracker of a movie, with elements of comedy and satire. People will love it,â€? asserts Uppi, who is deeply involved in the project. Srini has roped in Bhavana for the female lead UROHRSSRVLWH8SSLÂł,WZLOOEHDVW\OLVKÂżOP guaranteed. I am sure that Topiwala will usher in DQHZVW\OHLQWKHLQGXVWU\DVIDUDVÂżOPPDNLQJ LVFRQFHUQHG,DPVDWLVÂżHGZLWKWKHRXWFRPH so far,â€? declares Srini. In a few instances, Uppi reminds us of the character he played in the

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