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S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



OFF ROAD APRIL 2021 - VOL 39, NO. 7




Parking Precious and Other Off Road Tales coming soon!

60 | SCFTA Flat Track

08 | Sherri's Turn 10 | Dirtbits

Intelligent Active Suspension available now for SXS

16 | Devil's Canyon

A successful partnership between the BLM and an off road club

22 | Bike Shop

Round 2 of the 2021 SCFTA season in Perris CA

64 | CTA Grand Prix ZR Promo group racing in Mexicali B.C.

72 | AMA District 38 King of the Desert Desert racing in Plaster City CA presented by Roadrunner MC

Vintage racing is the way to go

24 | The Endangered Off Roader San Diego Off Road Coalition News

26 | Last Chance Canyon

San Diego Jeep Club joins forces with JeepnGypsy and Jeep Daddy

30 | Oceano Dunes No matter what you've heard or read, the fight isn't over!

32 | Off Road Kids

These kids will bring a smile to your face!

52 | Blast from the Past Remembering the 1993 Nevada 400

80 | Slash X Duel in the Desert

46 | 4x4 Coach

MORE Racing at Slash X Ranch in Barstow CA

Don't be a fool, stop for fuel!

56 | Saguaro UTV Fun Fest Exploring Arizona with UTV Off Road Adventures

88 | Optima Batteries King of the Hammers, Part 2 More coverage of this famous event by writer/photographer Michael Maher

96 | Dr. DeForest's Off Road Health Tips Medicare for all? Let's take a look.

97-98 | Classifieds

Free off road photo classifieds


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COVER Featuring racers at

the MORE Racing Slash X Duel in the Desert, February 20, 2021 in Barstow CA (Top) Keith Smith and McArthur Motorsports finished fourth Class 6100. (Bottom) Mario Ledezma finished 16th in Class 5/1600 Photos by RNR Photos


Joey Smith finished seventh Class 11 at the MORE Racing Slash X Duel in the Desert. Photo by RNR Photos

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s that funny yet?" I asked the guy-inthe-garage late one evening. I had a deadline looming and needed to pump out a Sherri's Turn column. He looked at me with that look. The one that made me wonder if I hadn't let enough time pass to broach this subject, let alone imply that it actually could be funny. I remembered back to that awful day when he was backing the motorhome into the driveway. I could still see the entire wall above the garage door pushing in with the pressure of the moving motorhome against it. I went speechless as I imagined that portion of the house caving in. Finally I screamed "STOP! STOP!" He trusts me. Implicitly. You see, there is his problem. I hate, with a capital H, giving him directions when it comes to 8

driving, moving or parking motorhomes or trailers. He says it's my fault and though I want to convince myself it's his, it's just possible he could be right. I know what my hand signals mean. He does not. I know what I'm saying even when he can't hear me. He does not. I'm sure that day I gave him the signal to stop, to let him know he was close to the house, he was fully in the driveway and not sticking out on the street, he needed to stop. I know I gave him that signal. He does not know that I gave him that signal. That's why he kept backing up. At first I thought maybe he just wanted to get a little closer to the house than I thought he should be. Then when he actually made contact with the house I realized we had different ideas on what is close enough. Then when he continued to back up after making contact with the house and I saw the wood flex I knew that we were Not Communicating! Once I made that abundantly clear with my screaming, he took a split second to express his opinion, then he put the motorhome in drive and slowly pulled forward. I held my breath as the wood over the garage door flexed gently back to the place where it belonged and thankfully stayed intact. I don't remember how long we went without speaking after that incident. And

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

although I had asked him before starting on that long ago column if it was funny, I'm not sure I ever heard him agree that yes it now was funny. But I wrote about it anyway. That was 20 years ago and I'm happy to report that we now have overcome all the communication problems when it comes to moving the RVs. Our new arrangement suits us both just fine. He does it all alone and I stay in the house or however far away I can get from him while he's doing it. Over the years the RV parking and driving stories as well as stories about communicating in general, or should I say miscommunicating, have given us plenty of material to fill this monthly column and I'm told, there are people everywhere who relate. I don't mind telling you it makes my day when I run into people at off road events or through emails who tell me that Sherri's Turn is their favorite column in the magazine. The stories of life and conflict with a twist of humor, focusing on the family, friends and sport we all love have proven to be popular with many readers. For 20 years we've had this idea to put together a volume of our favorite Sherri's Turn columns and it looks like we're finally making that happen.

What you see here is the working cover, we may tweak it a bit, or we may leave it just as it is, for a book that holds about 140 pages of commentary on family and the off road life. It's a group project and we'd love to have readers get involved. We'll need volunteers willing to read a free advance e-copy of the book in exchange for agreeing to post a review on Amazon when the book is launched. We're also looking for people who'd like to help write the introduction. If you're willing to email us a sentence or two (or a paragraph or two) of your thoughts on Sherri's Turn that would be most helpful. Those who contribute to the introduction will receive a printed copy of the book when it's complete later this spring. In the meantime, we have our most difficult work ahead.

And that is the guy-in-the-garage and I proofing, editing and agreeing on what goes in the book and what doesn't. "This isn't how this happened," he told me about one of the early chapters. "I'm sure it happened that way," I told him. "Do you actually remember this happening?" "Well, no, but I wrote that 20 years ago, how would I remember?" "Then I don't think you wrote it right," he insisted. "I wouldn't have written soemthing that wasn't true ," I was equally insistent. His look told me he wasn't convinced. My look told him, it will be a miracle if we actually complete this project. But hey, that will just be one more story to tell in a future column. E Email ssormag@ gmail.com or text 760-336-1512 to be a part of the project

APRIL 2021 | VOL. 39 • NO. 7

SINCE 1982

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Dirtbits 2021 All Terrain Concepts UTV Legends Championship Postponed


est In The Desert has announced that the 2021 All Terrain Concepts UTV Legends Championship scheduled for March 25-28, 2021 in Laughlin, Nevada has been rescheduled to September 9-12, 2021. The event has been rescheduled due to updated COVID-19 policies recently implemented by the State of Nevada and Clark County. While the announcement is extremely disappointing for racers, teams, fans and Best In The Desert staff, the organization looks forward to holding the event come September. Racers who are registered for the 2021 All Terrain Concepts UTV Legends Championship will automatically be granted entry to the rescheduled event on September 9-12, 2021, or can choose to have their entry fee reimbursed. “Dealing with COVID-19 has certainly been challenging over the last year with the many new hurdles thrown at Best In the Desert. Unfortunately, a new one appeared out of nowhere for the All Terrain Concepts UTV Legends Championship,” commented Best In The Desert CEO Daryl Folks. “We regret having to make this untimely announcement and we apologize to the racers, their support crews, sponsors, media, the town of Laughlin, and our staff, along with all of our volunteers for the disappointment and any inconvenience 10

this may create. Best In the Desert will now refocus all of its efforts and attention to our next two events, the upcoming Jimco Racing Silver State 300 and Rocky Mountain ATV/MC World Hare and Hound Championship Presented by GPR.” Best In The Desert Race Operations Mgr. Jeff Phillips added, “We have been working closely with the Laughlin Tourism Commission and Laughlin Chamber of Commerce to get our event approved, and all of us are, quite naturally, disappointed to have to make this announcement. The permit process required by the State of Nevada and Clark County has become a bit of a moving target. We were under the impression our permit was being approved. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this causes our racers, sponsors, and fans of Best In The Desert. We will be back in September with the All Terrain Concepts UTV Legends Championship event and we promise to make it even bigger and better.” Questions can be directed to Best In The Desert through contact methods found here: www.bitd.com/contact/. The 2021 All Terrain Concepts UTV Legends Championship will be open to motorcycles, quads, and UTVs and run on a 17-mile race course in Laughlin, Nevada rescheduled for September 9-12, 2021.

Intelligent Active Suspension Systems for Side-by-Sides uspension Direct, Inc, (SDi)


announces the launch of SDi E-CLIK, intelligent active suspension systems for Sideby-Sides (SxS). The E-CLIK system is the first to bring intelligent, active suspension to the aftermarket. It incorporates proprietary technology and tuning to deliver the perfect ride and control across

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

any terrain. Whether it’s Desert, Dunes, or Trails, nothing stands in your way It is Suspension Without Compromise. “Suspension has always been about trade-offs,” said Dan Worley, owner of SDi. “If you make an improvement in one area, you lose something in another. With E-CLIK, that problem has been solved.”

SDi E-CLIK Systems Overview

Originally released for Jeep JLs & JKs in October of 2020, E-CLIK is the first and only full proportional active suspension system for Jeep owners. Now, SDi aims to bring this technology to SxS suspension, retrofitting existing Walker Evans and FOX shocks, allowing it to be installed on the best SxS, the one you already own.

E-CLIK PRO for SxS ($2,599)

- 12 independent sensors calculate vehicle movements and driver inputs, sending messages to the SDi ECU 250 times per second, which automatically adjusts compression circuits on each shock, independently, based on real-time terrain and driving conditions. This is the fastest adjustment time in the industry. - Patent-pending E-valve proportional valves (Walker Evans), or Live Valves (Fox) provide near-instant data-led setting changes. - Includes in-cab Touch Screen Controller with three modes to adjust base shock settings. • Cloud – Excels in slower trail riding and rock crawling giving a soft, comfortable ride without sacrificing body control • Dune - Shines in extreme transitions. The ECU senses G-Outs and


www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



DIRTBITS continued

stiffens the front, then the rear at the perfect time making bottom outs a thing of the past. • Race – For when you need to crank things up a notch for high-speed action. More reactive to terrain and driver input for precise handling and control. • Your SxS setup is as unique as you – E-CLIK allows you to independently adjust front and rear shock stiffness, and rear load compensation. - Our patent pending PRO menu also allows you to adjust the way the system reacts to every driving condition • Pitch Sensitivity • Roll Sensitivity 12

• Turn Sensitivity • Throttle Sensitivity • Brake Sensitivity - E-CLIK is the only intelligent aftermarket suspension system designed to be retrofitted onto FOX and Walker Evans shocks. - Requires installation and a shock revalve at SDi or a trained authorized center SDi E-CLIK systems will be available for installation at SDi or an authorized SDi dealer Spring 2021. Learn more at www. eclikshocks.com

The Best Vehicle Tie-Down Straps On The Planet


he quick hit: Don’t risk securing your hot rod, UTV, or other expensive toys with cheap, garbage vehicle tie-down straps. Get the RHINO USA Vehicle Ratchet Tie-Down Straps Kit and the peace of mind knowing the car, truck, or UTV you love is safe and secure while traveling.

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

It’s amazing how much time and money people will invest into building the perfect hot rod, custom show car, or custom desert toys like sand rails and UTV’s. Hours and hours of time researching, finding or building custom parts, picking the perfect accessories, and then finding the perfect trailer to tow it with. Between the tow vehicle, trailer, and toy you’re investing anywhere from $50K to well over $150,000 – yet some folks inevitably cut corners on the most important part of the equation – the ratchet straps. We see it all the time – people on the side of the road, vehicles damaged, other vehicles pulled over with damage, etc. all because the owner wanted to save $15 and bought cheaply made garbage tie-down


straps. Luckily, there’s an American-owned, father/son business right here in the USA that makes the best vehicle ratchet straps on the planet, and they are revolutionizing transport and recovery equipment. I’m talking about Rhino USA. Each week here at UTVUnderground we load up and tow something heavy and valuable. Last week it was a brand new 2021 Polaris RZR Pro XP Ultimate, and this week we’re hauling it with a brand new $91,000 Ram 1500 TRX. The LAST thing we need is a vehicle tie-down or ratchet failure. We’ve been testing the Rhino USA Vehicle Tie Down Straps for the past few months and we’re here to tell you this is the best 2” ratchet strap and axle strap tie-down kit on the market, period. The Rhino USA Vehicle Ratchet Tie Down Kit comes with four premium 2” x 8’ ratchet tie-downs with padded

“T” handles, and coated chromoly S-hooks rated for an incredible 11,128 pounds each! The kit also includes four 2” x 38” padded axle straps with metal D rings for extra ruggedness. This all fits nicely in the supplied Rhino USA bag to keep everything neat and clean when not in use, perfect for stuffing behind the back seat of your truck or in the bed compartments. When you pick up the Rhino USA Ratchet Tie Downs you immediately FEEL the quality. The straps feel much thicker than most straps, and the PolyBlend Webbing looks indestructible. The ratchets glide easily when you extend them and there is a nice piece of industrial velcro to hold the excess strap and keep it from flapping around or needing to be loop tied. Rhino really dove





DIRTBITS continued in deep on all the little things most cheap straps are missing too. The included axle straps make it easy to attach your vehicle without the fear of scratching anything. And the rubberized S-hooks feature a locking mechanism that’s super helpful. We’ve been using our kits for months now and they are showing no signs of wear. And that’s after taking several UTV’s on cross-country trips through the rain and snow. Our only two minor gripes are that we’d like to see the Axle straps come in a few color options, (the green is rad but we’re an all-black camp) and the supplied storage bag for the kit might not survive living in the bed of our trucks for too long. But those are pretty minor dings. It’s not like we’re in a fashion contest for machine transport, and we have room in the cab for the kit. If you are towing any vehicle of value, or just want to be SAFE with what you’re towing, don’t buy cheap straps from Harbor Freight. Buy American and buy Rhino USA with confidence. They have a 100% money-back guarantee. You can pick them up directly at rhinousainc.com or any major online reseller.

motorcycle racers in the world. Past winners include renowned desert legends Dan Smith, Chris Crandall, and Garth Sweetland among many others. The 2021 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC World Hare and Hound Championship Presented by GPR, open to motorcycles only, will be run point-to-point on a 110+-mile course. And while racers will have their skills fiercely tested, pit crews will have easy access to pits as they chase their rider during the race. The event will see Pro, Expert, Amateurs, Family, Ironman, Women’s, and Youth Motorcycle Classes. “We’ve been working on this one for quite a while,” stated Best In The Desert co-owner Daryl Folks. “This is going to be very special. The desert around Tonopah is a mixture of decomposed granite, shale, and gravel and has a solid base to it. The trails are some of the most flowing and technical that I’ve ever ridden and make for an ideal race course to test everyone’s skills and abilities. The winner of this race will have earned it.” The event has been in the development phase for three years with the course and location meticulously planned. Tonopah, Nevada was selected due to its geographically central location est In The Desert fans, racers, and in the western United States and the fact staff are looking forward to this that it provided a neutral race site where coming May with no rider has home-field tremendous excitement and advantage. To top it off, just a taste of nostalgia. A the area hasn’t been Best In The Desert staple, used for motorcycle the World Hare and Hound competition in over 15 Championship has been years, and as a result, revived in the 2021 schedule. conditions are ideal for Originally billed as “One an old-school hare-andMan, One Machine, One hound type race. Desert, One Way,” the 2021 The event is event will be sponsored by expected to draw a large, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC talented pool of off-road and presented by GPR, and racers ready to compete, is scheduled for May 21-23, not only to be crowned 2021 in Tonopah, Nevada. as a World Champion but Best In The Desert also to compete for some founder Casey Folks first Dan Smith, Overall significant prize money. organized the World Hare and Winner of the Inaugural A guaranteed purse of Hound Championship in 1984, World Hare and Hound $6,000, in addition to Best and it quickly became one of Championship in 1984 In The Desert’s normal the premier events in off-road pro payback, will be desert racing. It was known

The Race That Started It All: Best In The Desert Revives the World Hare and Hound Championship


as an event that tested the best desert 14

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

awarded to Pro class winners, including a $1,000 bonus to the top Woman Expert. Best In The Desert is also very excited to announce that representatives from The Kurt Caselli Foundation will be on hand at the event. The Kurt Caselli Foundation is noted for the tremendous work they are doing on behalf of rider safety. They will be offering their Moto First Aid Kits on site for a small donation.

ASA Celebrates 20 Years Of Fighting For Your Right To Ride! o celebrate the American Sand


Association's (ASA) 20th Anniversary of protecting your right to ride at the ISDRA and other recreation areas around the USA, the staff and Board members have put together this video, which highlights the history, successes, and personalities of the ASA. Please help us share this video with your friends, family, and duning community! Here is the direct link to YouTube: https://youtu.be/PmXMqLVuXxI

In case anyone needs a reminder, here is a highlight of just some of the SUCCESSES of the ASA: • 40,000 acres reopened at the ISDRA! • Dune fees have stayed the same throughout the last decade. • Our work has served as a responsible model for keeping riding areas open nationwide. THANK YOU To These ASA 20th Anniversary Video Sponsors! Gilmore's OffRoad – www.facebook. com/Gilmoreoffroad/ Assault Industries –www.assaultind.com Buggy Whip Inc. – www.buggywhip. com Proline Wraps –www.prolinewraps.com To this day, our mission of "Unite, Inform, and Mobilize" has been at the

forefront of our efforts to keep the ISDRA, along with other sand dune locations around the USA, open to all riders from all walks of life. We continue to see families from all over the world enjoy the Glamis dunes, and we'll continue to do our part in keeping these dunes open for our current generations of riders, along with generations thereafter. You can expect us to be around for the next 20 years, and well beyond that! The bottom line is this: we couldn't do what we do without your support. Please consider a donation to our Action Fund: www. americansandassociation.org/ donate You will directly help us continue to take land use challenges head on! E

www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Devils Canyon A successful partnership between the BLM and an off road club

16 16

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- APRIL APRIL 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com S&S www.ssorm.com

By Bo Neece and Mark Davenport, Tierra Del Sol Four Wheel Drive Club www.tds4x4.com




n the 1800’s there was a canyon east of Jacumba CA, (now located off of the 8 freeway) called Devils Canyon. The canyon ran from the Yuha Desert up to Mountain Springs. In the early to mid-1800’s, this route was discovered and developed by the U.S Army as a mule trail to travel to and from the Port of San Diego. Over the years, the trail was further developed into a toll road for stage coaches, freight wagons and finally a main thoroughfare for automobiles. In the early

1900’s a better route was constructed for automobiles and the old trail was promptly forgotten and fell into a state of serious disrepair. Fast forward to 2006. A couple of wheelers, Vern Britain and Steve Unwin, decided to explore and see if the old trail could be reopened to off road travel, but mother nature had taken its toll on her. Thanks to erosion, flash floods and landslides, the trail was all but impassable. For over three months they toiled, moving

rocks and trimming brush to make the trail accessible. Make no mistake, Steve and Vern did make the trail passable but only to the very experienced, well prepared and with very well built rigs. They had all of that and more but even so, on their first run the group suffered body damage all around; several bent and broken tie rods, an exploded wheel hub and a broken stub shaft. An extreme rock crawling trail was born!

"We tell others that in order to join us on the trail, they will need to have a very casual attitude towards body damage."

18 18

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- APRIL APRIL 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com S&S www.ssorm.com

Due to the difficulty of the trail the canyon became extremely popular overnight. It quickly became the “go to trail” for extreme rock crawling in San Diego County, so much so that the canyon was abruptly closed by the BLM and the CA Fish and Wildlife agency in early 2007. Not only is Devil’s Canyon an extreme rock crawling trail, it’s also home to a very large population of protected California Big Horn Sheep, hence the CDFW got involved in the closure. With the closure of the trail, the story of Devils Canyon could very well have ended there, but through five years of hard

work from the Tierra Del Sol Four Wheel Drive Club along with the cooperation of the BLM, CAFG and a small group of volunteers, the trail was partially reopened in 2012. Today the Canyon is still highly regulated by the BLM and in order for you to legally run it you must obtain a BLM special use permit that takes a minimum of six months to reserve. The trail is only open one weekend (Sat/Sun) every three weeks from October-April, is limited to a max of 15 rigs per day and requires the permittee to purchase special use insurance that can be challenging and quite costly to obtain.

Depending on the number of participants, the total cost between the permits, special use fees and insurance can easily run upwards of $700 or more. Tierra Del Sol has had 50 or so permitted runs through the canyon over the last 10 years and as we continuously ran the canyon we noticed a slow and steady buildup of trash from the 8 freeway that runs above. TDS wanted to preserve the beauty of the Canyon and help protect the sheep population in the area. We wanted to give back! In early 2020, working through a partnership with the El Centro BLM Field


"The trail offers nonstop obstacle after obstacle (think the Rubicon on steroids) with refrigerator and VW Bug size rocks."

www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


reach out to us if you would like to join us for a day of wheeling on Devil’s Canyon. Thank you Scott Heldstrom, Vern Britain, Steve Unwin and Bo Neece for contributions to the above. We would also like to thank Neil Hamada, Alexia Williams and the entire El Centro, BLM Field office for your continued support. And lastly we would like to give recognition to those volunteers who assisted Tierra Del Sol in reopening the canyon to OHV use: Bo Neece, George Kroop, Marco Schilling, Thomas Zale, Vern Britain, John Stewart, Bill Bachman, Mark Geletzke, Angela Cook, Ed Webster, Dallas Meeks, Jabe Beal and Miguel Monroy. E office, TDS was officially awarded the stewardship of the canyon through the BLM’s “Adopt a Trail Program.” During our first trail cleanup in October 2020, with cooperation from the BLM, TDS members, guests and volunteers from the San Diego 4 Wheelers, were able to collect enough trash to completely fill a 24’ flatbed trailer! Regarding the trail: We tell others that in order to join us on trail, they will need to have a very casual attitude towards body damage. Believe me, this trail has not gotten any easier over the years! The trail is short at a mere 2 ½ miles one way, but it is the real deal, a solid 7.5-8 rated trail! Traditionally, TDS runs this trail round trip, down and then back up and normally takes us approximately eight hours to complete. BUT, don’t let it fool you, as others can attest, it can also take 12+ hours to run it in one direction! The trail offers nonstop obstacle after obstacle (think the Rubicon on steroids) with refrigerator and VW Bug size rocks, big water falls, holes that if you don’t take the right line will flop you in a heartbeat and very technical, tight, off camber turns. Our trail boss Bo Neece summed it up as “For buggies, not too challenging but fun, for anything else, more challenging, it’s not hard all the time but it has its moments.” Equipment recommended to successfully traverse this trail include a minimum of 37 inch tires, real lockers front and rear, a working winch, full under armor, upgraded steering and some spare parts. Mechanical breakage is common and body damage is almost certain on this trail. Tierra Del Sol 20

still runs this trail several times a year so if you have what it takes and if your rig meets the minimum requirements, please

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Bike Shop Vintage Racing


fter racing and riding my 1995 Honda CR250 a few times, I realized it wasn't what I wanted. I really enjoyed racing my friend's 1970 CZ250 and wanted to get a vintage race bike to compete on. I also rode the CR250 in the desert and think I would be happier with a new bike there. With the red sticker program ending I plan to buy a new red sticker bike to keep for a long time. First order of business was to sell the Honda. After posting, I exchanged messages with an interested guy. He fixes up older bikes better than new and resells them. He gave me his Instagram name to see some of his work and I was shocked to find out it was David Vuillemin, motocross star of the 1990's and 2000's. He came to my house, so I had to call him the Cobra as soon as he walked in (his old racing nickname). Was super fun talking to him about bikes and life. He consults with Yamaha rider Dylan Fernandis and fixes up bikes from his era. He bought the bike and I set out to find a vintage MX race bike. To be eligible for vintage racing, the bike must be model year 1974 or older. While I love the European bikes, I settled on a 1973 Yamaha MX360. These are very capable and durable racing bikes. Of course I bought it cheap and will spend a lot of time and money fixing it up. I bought it from a guy in Long Beach who had easily

By Clutch Roberts

over 50 bikes, mostly Yamahas with a few Bultacos, Suzukis and Triumphs. Nothing newer than 1974 and not one in running condition. I spent a couple hours looking through his stuff and getting tips on old bikes. I'm now becoming friends with Bikebuzzard on Ebay and helping DC Plastics fund their 401k account. At least the MX360 will look good! I'm glad it shifts on the left, as my Husky 400 shifts on the right and gives me foot dyslexia. Just to keep my life interesting I am also rebuilding the engine on my 1960's Triumph 500cc twin. My most recent lesson is on sludge traps (Google it) I am interested in setting up the Triumph to race

"I'm now becoming

friends with Bikebuzzard on eBay and helping

DC Plastics fund their 401k account."

with the Old School Scrambles Racing Group. These guys use old bikes on tracks much smoother than vintage motocross. Think mounds instead of jumps. Last month I wrote about rigid neck braces and how much good they can do. A few months ago, I wrote about the big vintage race I attended where I spoke to old stars, including 125 SX champ Todd Dehoop. When I saw Todd on the starting line, I remember easily reading his name on his jersey's upper back. Thinking back, he didn't wear a neck brace or hard chest/shoulder pads. I just read a report that Todd was badly injured in an MX crash in Florida. He broke a vertebra in his neck and is in very bad shape. Let's pray for Todd and seriously think about wearing all the protection we can. I always wear a neck brace on tracks and after a minute, I forget I have it on. E

David Vuillemin on left with Bike Shop author 22

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www.ruggedradios.com www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



ceano dunes has problems, Superstition bombing range border is getting a fence, TDS Safari took place, Sandstone Canyon has closed and grants are out for comment.

Sandstone Canyon

Sandstone Canyon is in Anza Borrego Desert State Park and heads southwest from Fish Creek wash. It is a narrow and deep wash that is fun to drive. We started hearing reports of it being closed and had to dig in and find out what was happening. Turns out a state Fish and Game commissioner was walking around above the end of the canyon looking for big horn sheep stuff and she came upon a steel post hammered in the ground, some rope, a run over ocotillo and a sawed down very old ocotillo tree. Someone had driven to the end of Sandstone Canyon, placed the post and winched out of the canyon. She told park staff about it and they looked carefully at park maps of the area. They found that the official trail ends at the spot where the new signs have been placed. This is where there is the pile of collapsed wall that is challenging to drive over. There is some confusion because there are signs further up the wash that indicate that travel with vehicles is ok in there. The park says it was a mistake to have allowed travel beyond that point. We are talking to the park about allowing travel further up. I have seen photos of the post and cut tree and they are real.

were some casual group runs in the desert nearby and an online raffle took place. I had been contacted the week before by OHV commissioner Tom Lemmon about he and Senator Brian Jones coming out to drive around. The Sunday morning, I met with Tom, Brian and fellow Commissioner OHV Patricia Urena at Steve's ATV in Salton City. Steve allowed the three of them to borrow side by sides for a run and invited our VP Audrey and myself. We went along S22 where we would like to have the road designated as combined use, then we went up Tectonic Gorge and down Tierra Del Sol washes. Audrey drove her Jeep and I led with my motorcycle.

Superstition Bombing Range

The Superstition open area is getting a smooth wire fence on the northeastern

TDS Desert Safari

Tierra Del Sol Safari took place, though not in the usual way. There was a small base tent with shirts for sale behind the Jack in the Box in Salton City. There 24

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

side soon. There have been a lot of incursions into the bombing range and that is making trouble with the Navy. The Navy plans practice flights in advance. Planes are prepared, schedules made and pilots readied. They take off and fly to the practice area, only to have to abort the mission because someone is down there driving around where they are not supposed to be. This is expensive and damages our military's ability to be ready to protect us, so please stay out of the bombing ranges.

Oceano Dunes

Oceano Dunes may have its fate decided by the time you read this. It is now days before the California Coastal Commission meeting to vote on whether to allow OHV use to continue there.

SDORC submitted comments to CCC asking for the park to remain open. We pointed out the large number of visitors who go there, the ability of underserved communities to rent ATV's and enjoy an off-road experience and reminded them that State Parks does an excellent job managing all the resources there. We also commented on State Parks Public Works Plan and noted that there is no objective reason to limit capacity to 500 per day when it was 1,000 per day before the pandemic. We also pointed out that not allowing concessions, like ATV rentals is a big mistake and hurts underserved communities.

OHV Grants

State Parks OHV grants are now up for review and comment. If you care about how your OHV green sticker dollars are being spent, this is your time to weigh in. https://olga.ohv.parks. ca.gov/egrams_ohmvr/user/ ReviewProjects.aspx


You can listen to SDORC radio on Sundays at noon on KCBQ AM 1170, FM 92.1 and online The Answer Radio as well as past shows on SDORC.org We are looking for radio sponsors, so The threat to close the Oceano SVRA to vehicles is real as shown by this hypolet us know you want to get on critcal protester who is collecting signatures to shut the beach down to vehicles, the air with us.

SDORC Membership

SDORC is a membership organization, so go to our website and join for only $25 per year and help us keep land open for us all to enjoy.

Join San Diego Off Road Coalition to help protect off road areas www.sdorc. org/joinsdorc/

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while sitting in his own vehicle.



Last Chan BY JESSI PUFFENBARGER www.sdjc.rocks

26 26

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nce Canyon W

hat can happen when two great Jeep enthusiasts meet? An annual event of course. That is what happened when JeepnGypsy and Jeep Daddy met the San Diego Jeep Club. With like goals and interests, this friendship just continues to blossom. This year, while still impacted by Covid, the two found a way to make the annual event happen. It was decided that a camp out with trail runs of varying degrees of difficulty would occur. Unfortunately, mother nature had other ideas. Naturally, San Diego Jeep Club stepped into action and altered the event so that it could still happen, just on a modified scale. Instead of multiple runs, there would be one run that would highlight the best that the area had to offer. Camping would still occur, but with high winds anticipated, members without motorhomes elected to stay at nearby lodging. All participants met at basecamp to air down and have a quick drivers meeting before hitting the trail. The revised plan was to hit the trail and travel to various locations along the way such as a mine, camp, and tunnel. The plan would have to be revised one more time, but more on that later. Last Chance Canyon, here we come. Last Chance Canyon is a fun trail surrounded by beautiful canyons in the El Paso Mountain range.



Last Chance Canyon is part of Red Rock Canyon State Park and features steep canyon walls, challenging rock obstacles, and many places to explore and see the past. Red Rock Canyon State Park has over 147 archeological sites and various wildlife including desert tortoise, Mohave ground squirrel, Prairie Falcons, Golden Eagles, and various desert plants. Petroglyphs and aboriginal tool stone quarries can also be found. In the 1860s Red Rock Canyon became a travel route for shipments of supplies for regional mines especially during the 1890s when there was a rush to mine placer gold from the dry washes. After time, the mining activity died down but saw a resurgence during the Great Depression. During this period, long-term residency near the mines increased. A few 28

of the main points of interest in the park are Dutch Cleanser Mines, Bickel Camp, Holland Camp, Holly Ash Mines, Cudahay Camp, and Burro Schmidt Tunnel. Burro Schmidt Tunnel was not made by nature, but instead by William “Burro” Schmidt who spent 38 years digging the half-milelong tunnel. Once reaching the trailhead, we all lined up to enter Last Chance Canyon and start on our adventure. As the trail progresses, a series of obstacles and loose rock come into view. Now the trail starts to come to life. The high canyon walls and weaving of the trail keep you focused and on your toes. The first major obstacle that you approach is the V-notch. This is an area not for the faint of heart. As you drive up onto the notch, you have to slowly ride the

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

walls bringing your Jeep up high enough on the wall to almost walk under it. If not careful, the Jeep could slip down the wall into the notch, causing damage. There is a bypass for this section so if you are not comfortable you can continue on the trail. As the trail progresses the rocks continue to get larger and remain loose making the trail change as it is driven. The next obstacle you encounter is a step-up shelf. There are two lines on this shelf depending on the build of the vehicle and the skill of the driver. With great spotting, a stock vehicle is more than capable of getting through one section of this obstacle. This trail is not just traversed by Jeeps, but also motorcycles and sideby-sides so be sure that you do not block the trail should you need to stop for any reason.

As we continued down the trail, it opened up to a large wash and areas marked for wildlife preservation. This was the perfect area to stop for a small break. Unfortunately, this was also the area of our next challenge. We had a vehicle breakdown and after working on it for a little while, we determined that we would be unable to repair it on trail. Tow straps were taken out and we started to hook up the vehicle in preparation to tow it. San Diego Jeep Club's policy is to never leave a vehicle on the trail. Unfortunately, this caused us to modify our trail plan for the day. After much discussion, we decided the fastest way to get the vehicle off the trail was to go past the Dutch Cleanser mine where we would be able to tow the Jeep to pavement much quicker. The only thing standing in

our way was Graduation Hill. While this is a moderate hill, the added weight of a vehicle in tow added a new challenge. Getting the vehicle part way up the hill we decided to connect a winch to the tow vehicle to help it get all the way up and over with the extra weight. The convoy continued down the trail until reaching the Dutch Cleanser Mine where it was decided that we would split the group up. A few went with the tow vehicle and brought the non-running Jeep to the pavement where it could be towed. The rest of us stayed at the mine to explore. It was amazing to see the large shafts where the pumice was mined to make the abrasive cleanser sold in the early 1900s. Once the tow vehicle group returned, we continued on the trail passing Cudahay Camp. This was a small

settlement in 1923 that housed on average 12 men at a time who would mine the nearby Pumicite producing over 100 tons of pumice a week. The camp was later abandoned, but remnants of the concrete foundations can still be seen. After a fulfilling, but challenging day, the San Diego Jeep Club, JeepnGypsy, and Jeep Daddy made it back to camp. Some members aired up and headed home, while others remained to finish the last day of the campout. The day ended with a wonderful campfire shared by friends who have become family. Can’t wait to see what we plan for next year’s annual event. E


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n March 18, 2021 the California Coastal Commission voted to end the 100 year tradition of allowing off road vehicles on the beach at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area.

to assure that the Public Works Plan had directly addressed each of the concerns and demands. This was done at the expense of State Parks, offering no actual benefit to the OHV users and campers of the Park, but instead included major new reductions and restrictions imposed on the Park's current operations.

meetings, Friends of Oceano Dunes President Jim Suty presented a slide show highlighting the Park’s history, Coastal Act compliance and longstanding historical use of OHV and camping recreation going back over 100 years. Also discussed were the successes of our many world class Background environmental and endangered species Following the California Coastal programs (funded by the OHV Trust Fund) Commission meeting July 2019 in San Prepping for the Big Day with insight offered as to how we could Luis Obispo, State Parks was directed to collaborate together with the Coastal In the months leading up to the big develop a comprehensive Public Works Commission and State Parks to further day, Friends of Oceano Dunes board Plan and many other key environmental improve on these successes. members, our attorney and our lobbyist documents prior to meeting It might seem with the Coastal Commission odd that Friends of again. Oceano Dunes put After years of preparation in the extra time and and direct coordination with effort to meet with the Coastal Commission, the Commissioners California State Parks released and Staffers, but we their draft Public Works believed it was worth a Plan in December 2020. Per shot to engage with our the deadline, the plan was opposition and exhaust delivered by State Parks every possibility prior to as promised to the Coastal the March 18 meeting. Commission. What is most alarming On March 18, 2021 is that we found out rather than the Commission later through the Coastal taking the opportunity to Commission's ex parte discuss and evaluate the Jared and Point Mugu 4x4 President Lance DesBaillets with the disclosures, that Friends Oceano Dunes Public Works Counter Protesters of Oceano Dunes was Plan, they chose instead to take were all-hands-on-deck working around the the only pro OHV organization to actually drastic action against the longstanding meet with or attempt to have meetings clock in preparation. 1982 Coastal Development Permit that First, we met privately with California with the Commissioners. Where were the allowed off road vehicles at Oceano. The others? Coastal Commission Staffers Dan Karl Commissioners voted on their Staff’s Next, Friends of Oceano Dunes and Kevin Kahn, the masterminds behind recommendation for a 5-Year Phase out decided to join forces with the Pismo the staff recommendation and scheme to of OHV and camping at Oceano Dunes Chamber of Commerce as well as a local phase out current operations at the Park. SVRA, as well as other drastic changes to advocacy group called Beach Drive Ride, Next we scheduled separate meetings the Park. United Spinal Association, Rugged Radios, with Commissioner Uranga, California In an effort to appease the California Clawson Motorsports, Mitchell Insurance, Coastal Commission Chair Padilla and Coastal Commission, State Parks had spent Yo Banana Boy! and other local business Vice Chair Brownsey. At each of these years implementing painstaking measures



S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Lin Macleod protesting the Park’s closure owners and residents to have the “Access 4 All Peaceful Demonstration” at Oceano Dunes the weekend before the March 18 meeting. The idea was simple: To protest against the March 18 meeting and to bring the local community together to take a stand against the Coastal Commission’s overreach of power and threats to close OHV and camping at our SVRA. The demonstration was a huge success.

3 years (closing in 2024). The Coastal Commission wants the Park closed in 3 years time, with zero consideration for the fact that it is a state legislated SVRA and no regard for the impact this will have on the local businesses and community. The second most consequential amendment passed was to extend the closure of the Pier Avenue entrance to July 2022, an extra 12 months, rather than the July 2021 original closure date proposed in the Staff recommendation. The Commissioners clearly could care less about the local businesses this will destroy, but as they see it, one extra year should be plenty of time for the businesses to figure things out.

The Battle Continues

This fight is far from over! The Friends of Oceano Dunes' legal team is gearing up and preparing to file another lawsuit. The upcoming lawsuits will be expensive, and will likely go all the way to the Supreme Court. This will ultimately come down to funding, and Friends of Oceano Dunes needs your support. We are IN IT TO WIN IT!

Keith Smith, Founder/President of United Spinal Association Central Coast To DONATE and help support our legal fight against the California Coastal Commission, please go to www.oceanodunes.org

The Showdown

Fast forward to March 18, the showdown with the California Coastal Commission! This grueling 12 hour meeting was the most drawn out dog and pony show I have ever seen. We listened to hours of one-minute public comments from both sides, for a total of 50 pro OHV callers, as well as group presentations from established organizations. Again, very disappointing to see an absence of so many of the “key players” for the most pivotal decision to date in the fight for Oceano Dunes SVRA. The biggest result of the meeting was the Commissioners’ unanimous vote for an amendment to advance their Staff's recommended 5-year phase out plan to just

Karen Suty, Jennifer Rokes, Jim Suty (President & Founder of Friends of E Oceano Dunes) and Anthony Andre www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Cousins Slater Ketcham (2) and Jacey Ketcham (2) riding double on a CRF50. - Dave Ketcham, Escondido CA

turn the page for MORE OFF ROAD KIDS!

www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE

33 33

This is all our grandkids in the buggy at Devils Slide - Theresa Collett, San Marcos CA

Here is a picture of my beautiful, spunky and energetic 5-year-old daughter from Holtville CA, Abrianna Trevino enjoying her Sunday at Eagle Mountain Railroad Trestle Bridge February 21st on a ride from Mammoth Wash - Neftali Trevino, Holtville CA

Adrian Marin, Preston Sexton, and Wesley Sexton all from Borrego in Ocotillo Wells - Rusty Sexton, Borrego Springs CA

Zoey Frampton and Kenzie Poe - Wayne Frampton, Lakeside OR 34

Brayton and little brother Benny of Borrego in Ocotillo Wells - Rusty Sexton, Borrego Springs CA

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www.ssorm.com - FEBRUARY 2021- -S&S S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE 35 35 www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021

Brooke Flores, age 2, Glamis Sand Dunes (circa 2003) - Sandy Flores, Lakeside CA

Danielle Harrington, age 7, 1975, YZ 80, Stone House - Tom Harrington, Bonita CA

Tyler Flores behind the wheel, age 3 (circa 2003) - Sandy Flores, Lakeside CA

Blake Easton: "Steering wheel check. Shifter check. Now if only I could reach the pedals!" - Travis Eaton, Wheatridge CO

Max (right) & Mason (left) Turvey with a few of their best friends at the Sand Bar in Superstition. - Sarah Turvey, El Cajon CA 36

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Little Lindsey (2 years old) getting her 93 YJ ready for the next off-road Jeep adventure! - Cortney Wright, El Centro CA MORE OFF ROAD KIDS AHEAD www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


We are 4 generations deep in off-road racing and vintage memorabilia. - Arron Sletten, Indio CA

Zander tearin’ it up on his quad. - Sarah Banuelos, Vista CA 38

Brock LaBelle is our little Storm Trooper. The Force is strong with this one! Pumpkin Patch at Ocotillo Wells - Brian LaBelle, Brea CA

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

My twin boys, 11-year-old Mason and Jared at Table Mesa OHV just north of Phoenix, AZ - Ed Richardson, San Diego CA

Maisie Maelynn Jones, 5 years old, at LACR. - Mindy Jones, Phelan CA

These are my grandkids with the rock man that they discovered in Ocotillo Wells! Joaquin Aray, Oliver Peek and Elaina Aray - Proud grandpa Ned Peek, San Diego CA

Taylin, Gage and Cam Baldwin from Lakeside - Rachel Baldwin, Lakeside CA MORE OFF ROAD KIDS AHEAD

www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


This is Hailey at a Parker race. Her Dad races a Jeep Scrambler. - Darcie Coffland (mother of Hailey), Gilbert AZ

40 40

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- APRIL APRIL 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

https://www. facebook.com/OcotilloWells-RV-ParkStore-875140252624514/

Dulce Renée Montaño, age 13, learning to ride

LEFT Deegan Saechao, age 3, enjoying the weekend on the sand at the Oceano Dunes. - Photo submitted by Mom, Megan Saechao

Summer Kukla photobombing the picture of my truck - Jack Reilly, Sagle ID My son Paul, 1987ish - Larry Proctor, Jamul CA


www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Wyatt, Weston and Waylon at the drag strip in Glamis CA New Years Day. - Jeremy Diede, Sonora CA

Tessa LaBelle is a Rock Star! On the trail at Ocotillo Wells - Brian LaBelle, Brea CA

Papa Stan and Brookelyn out on the Arizona Peace Trail. - Bryan Jacobson, Placentia CA

Hailey and Kenneth love being at any desert. Glamis, Superstition, Plaster City, just anything to do with the desert and they are happy campers! - Cindy Swanguen, Campo CA Camden Mills, age 4, Ocotillo Wells - Lana Mills, San Marcos CA Our two kids, Callie, 5, and Andrew, 2, enjoying some snacks in front of our rzr. We were camped up in Ocotillo Wells State Park and rode down south to the 2nd trestle bridge for the mine train. These two kiddos just love taking rzr rides to all the cool spots of interest in and out of Ocotillo Wells Sate Park. - Kate Robinson, Fallbrook CA 42

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

www.duncanracing.com www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Sadie McPheeters, Avery Ortiz and Lilah McPheeters working on their 'dirt tan' at Superstition Mountain, 2021 - Doug McPheeters, Santee CA

"Leave the desert here."Aaron Ortiz 'dusting' daughter Avery, for the ride home from Superstition. March 2021 - Doug McPheeters, Santee CA

Jameson Mills, age 9, in Ocotillo Wells CA - Lana Mills, San Marcos CA

My twins, plus their older bro Jacob riding near home - Ed Richardson, Black Canyon City AZ

Henny Harrington and Cody Ocheltree, ages 10 and 8 at Cahuilla Road, Ocotillo Wells - Tom Harrington, Bonita CA 44

Mason Turvey, Shane Savory, and Dominic Agistino. Best friends riding out at Superstition. - Sarah Turvey, El Cajon CA

Family off-road time is the best time. William Monroe at the train trestle near Superstition - Steven Monroe, Chula Vista CA off road kids continued next page

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


My son William testing out his new bike from his Uncle Bob, owner at San Diego Powerhouse - Chelsea Youngs

Bexley, 3 months old - Kayla Pfohlman, San Diego CA

Them Sletten Boys. 11 Brothers Motorsports. Start them young. - Dennis Sletten, Indio CA

From left to right: Andrew Fields, Andrea Baczkowski, Troy Fields, Spencer Willhite and Maggie Willhite. Photo taken just outside of the town of Ocotillo. Photo by Jess Willhite, Santee CA 46

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

951-699-6922 “Specializing in Hand-Crafted Vehicles” Long-Travel Buggies Ultra 4 x 4’s & Jeeps Off-Road Trucks

Repair Facility Tube Bending Mig/Tig Welding

Sheet Metal Wiring Performance Parts

“THE ONLY FAB SHOP YOU’LL EVER NEED” www.rawmotorsports .com 42065 Zevo Drive #16 Temecula, CA 92590

Christian Mills, age 7 at Fox raceway in Pala, CA Lana Mills, San Marcos CA

Hannah, Bailey, Ben and Blaze kicking it at Cal City - Marty Eisen, Tarzana CA

Brendan and Katelyn at Sunset Hill in Glamis - Laura Rockwood

Johnathon Thorpe watering trees with left over water before we left Glamis - Raymond Leon, Campo CA

off road kids continued next page

www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Fernanda Lopez, 11 years old, enjoys weekend riding on her Honda TRX250R

Madeline Vallecorsa, age 6 and James Vallecorsa, Upland CA Callie learning to ride her CRF50. Thumbs up coming into camp after some laps practicing her turning. - Kate Robinson, Fallbrook CA

The McPheeters girls enjoying some snack time out at Superstition. Photo by Jesse McPheeters, El Cajon CA

Olivia Freeman and Ava Wik - Ken Freeman, Las Vegas NV 48

My son, Damian Mills, age 13, at Fox Raceway, Pala, CA (left) and his friend Owen Sanders, also 13 - Lana Mills, San Marcos CA

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

My grandson Jay, practicing driving the Bronco. - Richard Calahan, Temecula CA

Tessa and Brock together and NOT FIGHTING… LOL! Lots of good family fun to be found off road. Somewhere near Silverwood Lake - Brian LaBelle, Brea CA

"Let's roll!” Charlotte Murguia at Superstition. Thanksgiving 2020 - Doug McPheeters, Santee CA

Jeep kids having a blast before a night run up valley of the moon. Jeremiah Bruening (center) and friends - Dona Bruening, Oceanside CA

Clinton Greene and Preston Sexton of Julian and Borrego in Ocotillo Wells - Rusty Sexton, Borrego Springs CA continued next page

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50 50

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- APRIL APRIL 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

Safety 1st! My son Blake with my wife, Shannon - Travis Eaton, Wheatridge CO

Jayden St. Clair (right) with his pals at Glen Helen Raceway - Kelly St. Clair, Big Bear CA

that's all for OFF ROAD KIDS 2021 next month: Off Road Moms! Text SSOR to 21000 to get on the list for upcoming reader features! www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Blast from the Pas Photos by Trackside Photo www.tracksidephoto.com

John Joyce’s buggy being righted after a roll over at the 1993 Nevada 400

52 52

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- APRIL APRIL 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com S&S www.ssorm.com

ast Scott Sells leading a procession of cars on the first lap of the 1993 Nevada 400

www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


extra fuel we carried in cans was a comfort that we would not run out before finding a viable station. The extra fuel cans by themselves were not sufficient for the rest of the trip.

Don’t Be A Fool -Stop For Fuel!


e were well into a four-day drive through Death Valley. Our trip had taken us across the Slate Range of the Inyo Mountains into Panamint Valley. From there, we traveled through Gohler wash, and up and over Mengle Pass into Death Valley. By this time our fuel tanks were about half empty. Up ahead was Furnace Creek, Calif., which I knew had only one gas station. We pulled in, only to realize that the station was out of gas. Our next option was in the community of Stovepipe Wells. This town was in the right direction, north, but a little out of the way. We set off. Upon arriving, we discovered that the one gas station was closed due to high winds. Management feared the canopy overhead would blow down. With no recourse, we changed our route and drove to Beatty, Nev. to fuel up. Needless to say, these detours put a crimp in our plans. The

Get your fuel when you can

This incident was a stark reminder that four-wheeling doesn’t always go according to plan. In this case, we had difficulty getting fuel. Engine fuel, whether gasoline or diesel, is absolutely critical for four-wheeling. All drivers know that,

Which brings me to Rule #6: Gas First! Rule #6 means gas is your first priority when it is available. Fuel up before checking out the convenience store to restock the drink supply. Fuel up before you check out that dinner for a meal. Fuel up before checking into the motel. Fuel up before the group disbands for the evening. Fueling up in remote areas is problematic. Gas stations are few and far between. They often offer only one grade of gas (87 octane) and diesel fuel. As discussed above, a station could be out of

Beatty Nev. – Have group fuel up before dispersing which is why many carry extra fuel in portable gas cans. By its nature, our sport puts us in remote areas, with long distances between small towns, which also have limited services.

gas or closed. A mechanical breakdown won’t necessarily derail a 4WD trip. But a vehicle out of fuel is in real trouble. Don’t assume that the gas station you’re counting on will come through for you.

All vehicles in the group should fuel up together

Remote 54

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

If you’re the Trail Leader, make a point to lead the group into the gas station. Ensure everyone tops off their tanks even if they need just a few gallons. Those few gallons could come in handy later. This process is challenging when a group splits up. After a long day of driving, some drivers may want to visit a restaurant or hit the campsite. Some will put off fueling up until the next morning. It is so easy to forget, once you put it off. Encourage everyone to gas first when a

you thought. These and other issues cause drivers to use more fuel than planned. When you go off-road, remember Rule #6: Gas First. And top off your tank any chance you get. Because you don’t know what issues gas stations along the route may face.


station is available. As we’ve seen, you can’t always count on the gas stations. In addition to being out of gas (as was the case at Furnace Creek), my group once encountered a station closed the next morning because it had lost power. With no power to the pumps, there was no way to get gas. Those who did not fuel up the evening before had to wait until mid-day when the power was restored. Even if drivers are able to gas up the next morning, that stop will delay the group’s departure. Do all you can to have them fuel up the night before. Some drivers skip the pit stop because they are carrying extra gas. That’s unwise. The spare gas – especially the final can – is for emergency purposes. Perhaps the owner won’t need it, but another driver could. Four-wheelers are a versatile, resourceful bunch. They know that 4WD trips don’t always go according to plan. A trail is closed, requiring a detour. Campsites are full, forcing you to find an alternative. A particular route may take longer than

Tom Severin, 4x4 Coach, teaches 4WD owners how to confidently and safely use their vechicles to the fullest extent in difficult terrain and adverse driving conditions. Contact him at tom@4x4training.com or visit www.4x4training.com to develop or improve your driving skill. Copyright 2021, Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Inc E

Suspension Without Compromise

www.sdiracing.com 714-464-2050 | eclikshocks.com

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SAGUARO UT February 19-21, 2021 Wenden AZ


56 56

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- APRIL APRIL 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S



57 57


long the McMullen Valley runs Highway 60 stretching from Wickenburg, AZ to Brenda, AZ. In this stretch located between the Harcuvar and Harquahala mountains, you will find the small towns of Salome, AZ and Wenden, AZ. Both towns are small but welcoming to snowbirds, travelers and off-road enthusiasts year round. This area is rich in agriculture, farming, old mines, open desert views and the best part are the miles and miles of off-road adventure to be had! Fun history for the area includes: Salome, AZ getting its name from Grace Salome Hall who stepped on the hot dry desert sand barefoot and did a dance. The town motto of course is "Where she danced." Dick Wick Hall a humorist ran the Laughing Gas Station and advertised Free Hot Air. Wenden, AZ is the gateway to Alamo Lake and in the early 1900's it was a supply depot for all of the local mines in the area. Wyatt Earp left Tombstone to


become the first retiree in the early 1880's and mined this area. With plenty of sunshine to be had, you can pick an adventure for the day. UTV Offroad Adventures has designed 2

rides daily that range between 50 - 75ish miles. This year were the Palmerita Loop and the Harquahala Mine Loop rides. Both rides boasting beautiful desert views, mine shafts galore, and a stop at the Wayside Inn & RV Park for an off the beaten path lunch

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

and drinks located a few miles from Alamo Lake. Both rides are full of fun, friends, adventure and many stories from the local guides. This UTV event was held February 19-21, 2021 with everyone starting out at locals Christy and Clark's homesite located up Alamo Lake Road. They are the owners and operators of C&D Auto Repair located in Salome. Their hospitality beyond measure allows all of us camping and all festivities on their properties for the event. A huge thanks to them for their guidance and the best bonfires ever for the nightly shenanigan's. The Cornhole Tournament, Raffles and night time festivities are well planned and everyone has an amazing time. Many leave with new gear and fond memories, not to mention new friends. We certainly cannot forget about the night ride! The first Friday night, after setting up your camp, checking your bags

for the weekend and gearing up for all the fun is the infamous night ride. Always a desert night time favorite. Among the cactus shadows and moonlight, flashing light bars and fun filled music fills the desert with a night time party on deserted backroads. What a sight to witness and be a part of. The desert night air and light show gives you a refreshed feeling that this weekend is just a beginning to many more adventures with friends, family and so much fun! Food for this event was provided by Emalee's Taqueria and I can certainly tell you from experience it is simply to die for! Breakfast burritos are much needed for your energy on the trail rides and will fill you up for miles. Their menu

has authentic Mexican food including Elotes, Burritos, Quesadillas, Nachos and even a Keto Menu for those of us that have food allergies or issues. They are always accommodating and the food is simply amazing. The fun and experiences at these events cannot be put into words. There are not enough thanks for the people behind the scenes working endlessly to make

sure your adventure is one to cherish for a lifetime! Experience the many trails and interesting places Arizona has to offer. Adventure awaits at every turn in Arizona and UTV Off-road Adventures will help you find the experience you are after. For information for ALL Arizona upcoming UTV events visit utvoffroadadventures. com. E

www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



Flat Track Round 2 - march 6, 2021 perris raceway - perris ca WWW.SCFTARACING.COM PHOTOS BY DW MEDIA

60 60

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- APRIL APRIL 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S


Travis Petton IV 1st place Pro class



Zack Earwood, 1st place Open Amateur class

Kage Tadman, 1st place 85 cc Open , 1st place 85-100 cc 2-Stroke Amateur and first place 250cc Youth Open 50cc 2 Stk Beg 1. Solomon Stern 2. Ben Elkelberger 3. Thomas Chavira 4. Walker Lewis 5. Sidney Stern 50cc 4 Stk Beg 1. Duke Makarevich 2. Solomon Stern 3. Bryce Elkelberger III 4. Doffo 50cc Open 1. Duke Makarevich 2. Solomon Stern 3. Bryce Elkelberger III 4. Ben Elkelberger 5. Thomas Chavira 65-70cc 2 Stk Beg 1. Danny Iha 65-70cc 2 Stk Nov 1. Jackson Brown 65-70cc 2 Stk Amateur 1. Colton Shafer 50cc Nov 1. Duke Makarevich 85 Open 1. Kage Tadman 2. Kensei Matsudaira 3. Colin Petton 4. Jasper Heathfield 5. Jackson Brown 85-100cc 2 Stk Amateur 1. Kage Tadman 2. Kensei Matsudaira 62

3. Colin Petton 85-100cc 2 Stk Nov 1. Colton Shafer 2. Jasper Heathfield 85-100cc 2 Stk Beg 1. Jackson Brown 250cc Youth Open 1. Kage Tadman 85cc 4 Stk Amateur 1. Kensei Matsudaira 65-70cc Open 1. Colton Shafer 2. Jackson Brown Vets +35 Am/Nov 1. Stace Richmond 2. Adam Lesley 3. Mike Diffenbaugh 4. Joseph Boyd 5. Damian Doffo Madd Dog Open 4 Stk 1. Conner Hickerson 2. Sierra Hickerson 3. Dan Iha 4. Jason Bishop 5. Bill Lyons Senior Vets +60 Exp 1. Jon Nunes 2. Mike Vital 3. Jeff Apple 4. Sam Cover 5. Travis Ward Pull Starts 1. Conner Hickerson 2. Daltin Collie 3. Jeff Apple 4. Brody Porst 5. Lane Miller

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Senior Vets +50 Am/Nov 1. Stace Richmond 2. Mike Diffenbaugh 3. Adam Lesley 4. Mark Norman 5. Donny Moore Framer Expert 1. Travis Petton 2. Clayton Williams Framers Am/ Nov 1. Geneva Howes Super Sen +60 Exp 1. Royal Anderson 2. Jim Ottele 3. James Morris 4. Elliott Iverson 5. John Clayton Super Sen +60 Am/Nov 1. Paul Claybaugh 2. Gary Lane 3. Patrick Hayes 4. Tom Howes 5. Mike Boals Premier Senior +70 1. Wayne Warrington 2. Robert Marchbanks Vets +35 Exp 1. Jon Nunes 2. Sam Cover 3. John Clayton 4. Josh Mills Bomber Exp 1. Danny Perkins 2. Robbie Crean 3. Josh Mills Bomber Am/Nov 1. Paul Claybaugh

2. Robert Marchbank Open Unclassified 1. Travis Horn 2. Zack Earwood 3. Daltin Collie 4. Stace Richmond 5. Michael Resendez Open Expert 1. Travis Petton 2. Conner Hickerson 3. Andrew Myers 4. Matt Foster Powder Puff 1. Sierra Hickerson 2. Geneva Howes 3. KC Coleman 4. Joey Crabtree 5. Roberta Ewart Hooligans 1. Helder Alvernaz 2. Jim Ottele 3. Adam Lesley 4. Stace Richmond 5. Daniel Ito Open Nov/Beg 1. James Broskey 2. Michael Resendez 3. Joseph Boyd 4. Geneva Howes 5. Joshua Lesley Open Am 1. Zack Earwood 2. Daltin Collie 3. Conner Hickerson 4. Cole Norman 5. Josh Lesley Pro 1. Travis Petton 2. Justin Thurman 3. Andre Oches 4. Colt Foster 5. Nick Garcia

Danny Perkins, first place Bomber Expert Class www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE

E 63


CTA Grand Prix Mexicali B.C. www.zrpromo.com Photos by Triplets Media

Giovani Aviles finished fifth in the Novice class

64 64

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- APRIL APRIL 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

Efren Montoya racing until problems put him out of the race with a DNF


www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Luis deNicolas won the Class 50 on his KTM SX250

Brandon Prieto, first overall at the finish line

Fernanda Gissel finished fifth in Novice class 66

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

M/C OPEN PRO 1. Brandon Prieto (29), Ensenada B.C. QUAD OPEN PRO 1.José Luis Meza Vélez (22), San Felipe Baja México 2. Felipe Vélez (40), San Felipe Baja México 3. #Q10 Chris Avalos (20), Yuma AZ 4. Marcos Cousiño, San Vicente B.C. 5. Jesús Hernández (30), Santa Rosalía BC sur OPEN EXPERT 1. Manuel Antonio Gómez Jr. (17), Tecate B.C. 2. José André Enríquez (17), Mexicali B.C. 3. Esteban Lujan (24), Tijuana B.C. 4. Rubén Lujan (20), Tijuana B.C. 5. Robert Rodríguez III, Mexicali B.C. QUAD OPEN EXPERTS 1. Nicolás Vélez (14), San Felipe B.C. 2. Edgar Muñoz (22), Chula Vista CA 3. Omar Murillo (21), Tecate B.C. 4. Ery Sandoval (21), Brawley Ca. 5. José Luis Montoya García (21), Mexicali B.C. M/C OPEN +30 1. Francisco Septien (44), Ensenada B.C. 2. Michel Valenzuela (32), Mexicali B.C. 3. Manuel Antonio Gómez (35), Tecate B.C. 4. Leonardo Crowder Lizárraga (33), Mexicali B.C. 5. Adrián Valdez (44), Tijuana B.C. QUAD OPEN +40 1. Gilberto Pérez (41), Mexicali B.C. Honda TRX450R2. Ismael Hernández (41), Escondido Ca. 3. Carlos S. López Martínez (48), San Felipe B.C. 4. Raudel Coronel Ceceña (47), Mexicali B.C. 5. Francisco Espinoza Ríos (49), Mexicali B.C. M/C OPEN NOVICE 1. Hosman Márquez Carreón (17), Mexicali B.C. 2. Ricardo Meza Vélez (17), San Felipe B.C. 3. Daniel Meza Vélez (20), San Felipe B.C. 4. Marco Avalos Jr. (97), San Diego Ca. 5. Giovanni Avilés (29), Tijuana B.C. M/C OPEN +40 1. Christian Espinoza (44), Mexicali B.C. 2. Jesús Navarro (47), Mexicali B.C. M/C OPEN +50: 1. Luis de Nicolás (53), Mexicali B.C. 2. Miguel Coria Barajas (56), Mexicali B.C. 3. Efraín Nuño (60), Mexicali B.C. QUAD OPEN +30 1. Jorge Luis Ramírez Jr. (33), Mexicali B.C. QUAD OPEN NOVICE 1. Dionisio Zavala Ayala (13), Jacume 2. Eduardo Rojas (17), San Ignacio B.C. 3. Yoel Leal (13), Mexicali B.C. 4. Alfredo Rodríguez 5. Fernanda Gissel (19), Mexicali B.C.


https://amzn. to/2DLibqZ




Andre Enqiruez finished second in the MC Open Expert class

Brandon Prieto flying near Trump’s wall - Dulcé Renee photo

Edgar Muñoz finished second in the Expert class on his TRX450R

Jesus “Toy” Navarro finished second in the Open +40 MC class

CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE Jose Luis Meza Velez, first Quad 68

Marcos Cousino from San Vicente Baja Mexico rode his first ZR series race and finished fourth in class

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com


“The American Adventure Continues” Come Live Your Adventure with Best In The Desert, the largest off-road racing series in North America

110+ Miles of Fresh Desert Not Used in Over 15 years

• Classes for All Riders Pro / Expert / Amateur / Family / Women / Adventure • Full Schedule of Youth Races Watch The Champions of Tomorrow • 3 Years in the Planning • Throwback to the Early Days of Hare & Hounds • Amazing All New Rarely Used Race Course • World Hare & Hound Men’s & Women’s Champion to be crowned

For information contact: Best In The Desert Racing Association • (702) 457-5775 • Website: www.bitd.com • Email: bitd@bitd.com www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Local Jesus Osuna flying on his TRX450R finished seventh

Manuel Gomez Jr. led and won the Expert class

Nicho Zavala Jr. won the Novice class

TJ rider Luis Garcia finished 11th in the Expert class

Michel Valenzuela finished second in the Open +30 class 70

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com


Support the ASA! HOW CAN YOU HELP?


Become a Supporting Member for $25.


Buy tickets for our raffle vehicles.


Purchase your ISDRA dunes permit from the ASA.


Stay current by following our social media channels on Facebook @americansandassociation, Instagram @asasandassoc and YouTube @asasandassoc


For over 20 years we’ve been fighting hard to protect your right to recreate on public lands!


To date, the ASA has spent $2,000,000 dollars on education, legal and biological expenses.


We are currently fighting for access to the dunes from the trails east of the tracks.


Actively working on a solution to get access to Patton Valley from the Sand Highway.

The primary objective of the American Sand Association is to “UNITE, INFORM, and MOBILIZE” the sand duning community to protect your right to recreate on public lands.

www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


AMA DISTRICT 38/Roadrunner mc


https://www.facebook.com/ Photos by Judd Neves Nothing JuddNeves.NothingButDirt. But Dirt Racing RacingPhotography/ Photography

Ismael Hernandez, third ATV Expert

Pete Andrassy, third Super Senior Expert 72 72

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- APRIL APRIL 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

Justin Morgan, 1st overall and 1st Vet Expert

Kevin Ciccarelli, first Senior Novice



Luke Ware, third Vet Novice, plowing through a deep silt bed TOP TEN OVERALL 1. Justin Morgan 2. Adrian Ortiz 3. Chad Goodsell 4. Joshua Sharp 5. Dylan Earle 6. Ryan Gustine 7. Robert Youngs 8. Daniel Fenton 9. Evan Estrada 10. Kyle Hill TOP TEN UTV 1. Justin Cox, Justin Herrera 2. Elliott Watson 3. Dustin Twamley, Joshua Butler 3. Eric Hartell, Sandy Flores 4. Rich Hedgecock, Sean

McCall 5. Jesse Melrose, Brian Kim 6. Jake Cassidy 8. William McNeer, Helena Soto 9. Skip Fitch 10. Dave Sykes, Dan Candler CLASS RESULTS Vet Exp 1. Justin Morgan 2. Robert Youngs 3. Kyle Hill 4. Chris Brooks 5. Joe Saelens Vet Am 1. Erik Burnworth

2. Devin Thornton 3. Ivan Delgadillo 4. David Valley 5. Nathan Johnson Vet Nov 1. Josh Wissehr 2. Nathan Grayelle 3. Luke Ware 4. Darin Ayala 5. Andrew Pappas Open Exp 1. Adrian Ortiz 2. Joshua Sharp 3. Daniel Fenton 4. Evan Estrada 5. Donald Stanley Open Am 1. Logan Green 2. Justin Wilson 3. AJ Motta 4. Robert Rodriguez 5. David Ponce-Dick Open Nov 1. Connor

Rusty Sexton, sixth Vet Novice

Casey Lizaola, first ATV Vet Am S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 www.ssorm.com 7474 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - -www.ssorm.com

Devin Smith, third UTV Pro Production 1000cc Detlefsen 2. Cole Herbrandson 3. Jesus Cabrera 4. Derek Marron 5. Cameron Kinnear 250 Exp 1. Chad Goodsell 2. Dylan Earle 3. Braydin Collie 250 Am 1. Albaro Ortiz 2. Austin Farley 3. Cooper Shira 4. Noah Clevenger 250 Nov 1. Salvador Paniagua 2. Pedro Montes 3. Andrew Hendrix 4. Brenten Adams 5. Tyler Clark 200 Nov 1. Connor Belew Senior Exp 1. Ryan Gustine Senior Am 1. Courtney Ludwin 2. Darin Smith 3. Chad Prey Sen Nov 1. Kevin Ciccarelli 2. Donnie Durfee 3. Michael Kent 4. Brian Morris 5. Joseph Moore

Super Sen Exp 1. Eric Carnes 2. Art Pifer 3. Pete Andrassy 4. Jason Cogbill 5. Robbie Pippin Sup Sen Am 1. Robert Feinstein 2. Dave Green 3. Zac Shira 4. David Rinder Sup Sen Nov 1. David Doyle 2. Scott Kinnear 3. Davey Shapiro 4. Dick Hosmer Masters Exp 1. Mark Zela Women Exp 1. Liz Karcz Women Am 1. Desiree Bates Women Nov 1. Brittany Freeman 2. Julie Daniels 3. Kristin Baxter 4. Brittany Brooks ATV Exp 1. Danny Magdaleno 2. Chris Avalos 3. Ismael Hernandez

ABOVE Julie Daniels, second Womens Novice BELOW Austin Farley, 16 years old, first desert race, 15th out of 160 racers, talented and fast.

Nathan Johnson, fifth Vet Amateur


4. Ricardo Gonzalez 5. Rafael Aros ATV Nov 1. Luis Dukes 2. Jake Hickman 3. Jesus Diaz 4. Anthony Lopez 5. Zachary Winkelman ATV Vet Am 1. Casey Lizaola 2. Anthony De Mars ATV Vet Nov 1. Hector Monroy 2. Steve Kerchner ATV Sen Exp 1. Clint Guidry ATV Women Nov 1. Lilia Rodriguez 2. Jessica Engen 3. Chyrisma Ison 4. Annaleese Reed UTV Pro Unlimited 1. Justin Cox, Justin Herrera 2. Eliott Watson 3. Dustin Twamley, Joshua Butler 4. Eric Hartell, Sandy Flores 5. Rich Hedgecock, Sean McCall UTV Pro Stock 1000cc 1. Jesse Melrose, Brian Kim 2. Will Salazar, Gil Salazar 3. Janelle Feeler, Chyrsimam Isom UTV Sportsman 1. Jake Cassidy 2. William McNeer, Helena Soto 3. Patrick Taber 4. Victor Diaz, Esmeralda Rodriguez 5. Mollie Whitted, Kyle Whitted UTV Pro Production 1000cc 1. Skip Fitch 2. Brett Berker, Craig Estrada 3. Devin Smith 4. Steve Knight, Beau Gasinski 5. Max Carver LEFT Adrian Ortiz, second overall and first Open Expert

76 76

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- APRIL APRIL 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

Robert Rodriguez III, fourth Open Amateur

www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



Danny Magdaleno, first overall ATV and first ATV Expert

Ricardo Gonzalez, fourth ATV Expert

Justin Cox and Justin Hererra, first overall UTV


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

www.factoryresole.com www.ceetracing.com

Salvador Paniagua, first 250 Novice

Josh Wessehr, first Vet Novice

Eliott Watson, second overall, second UTV Pro Unlimited

Jason Bishop, 12th Senior Novice

Dave Sykes and Dan Candler, sixth UTV Pro Unlimited E

www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Slash X duel February 20, 2021 Slash X Ranch Blythe CA www.moreracing.com

https://www.facebook. com/rnr.photos.1 Photos by RNR Racing

Matthew Turner, finished fourth Class 2000 in spite of a flat tire and later an end over end roll-over

80 80

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- APRIL APRIL 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

l in the desert


81 81

Blake Wilkey, first Class 11 TOP 5 CLASS RESULTS CLASS 9 1. Brandon Heald 2. Wesley Welch 3. Eric Ruble 4. Frank Wagner 5. Brandon Meehan CLASS 11 1. Blake Wilkey 2. Jorge Ventura 3. Cisco Bio 4. Cory Vandemark 5. Richard Sletten CLASS 5/1600 1. Raul Solano 2. Guy Savedra 3. Luis Herrera 4. Ernie Negrete 5. Ken Flippin CLASS 1600 1. Tim Craig 2. Bryce Farrar 3. Matt Depue 4. Cole Hardin 5. Tyler Petersen CLASS 2000 1. Jason Babcock 2. Ryan Galloway 3. Richard Oja 4. Matthew Turner 5. Allen Byma CLASS 1400 1. Adam Leonhardt 2. Adrian Padilla 3. Joser Herrera 4. Cory Campbell 5. Dustin Brodwolf

Brandon Heald, first Class 9

Carolyn Hines, second Class 1350 82

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Tom Bird, second Class 5U

Brian Dague, first Class 5U TROPHY TRUCK 1. Eric Hardin 2. Zak CLASS 7200 1. Phil Casey 2. Austin Langley 3. Ulises Galvin 4. John Langley Smith CLASS 1350 1. Richard Woods 2. 5. Gatlan Haddon Carolyn Hines CLASS 1300 1. Cole Brandt 2. Bobby McCall 3. Brandon Whitehead 4. Brooke Perfect THE 5. Joseph Clerici CLASS 6100 1. Patrick UTV | Quads | ATV | Modern & Vintage Motorcycle Reardon 2. Ryan Agius 3. Shock revalve / rebuild and service • Forks revalve / rebuild and service Bear Nunley 4. Keith Smith 5. Shock body hard anodizing • Spring kits, stabilizer bars and more! Tony Murray CLASS 10 1. Brady Wisdom Side by Side Services Include: 2. Bryan Goetsch 3. Blaine Performance Suspension Set Up Includes: Eibach spring kit, revalve, rebuild, oil, seal kit & nitrogen, from $1,798.00. Conrad 4. Adam Gonzalez 5. Complete Shock Revalve Includes: Shims, oil, seal kit & nitrogen, $998.00. David Sanchez Complete Shock Service Includes: Oil, seal kit & nitrogen, $619.00. CLASS 1 1. Johnny McCall Spring Kits & Stabilizer Bars Available for most popular models, please call for 2. Bradley Ellis 3. Christian specific pricing information. We proudly service: Weber 4. Pat McCarthy 5. Keavin Reardon CLASS 5U 1. Brian Dague 2. Tom Bird 3. Ethan Jackson 4. Ray Promer CLASS 1400 PRO 1. Brian Younger 2. Joey Diaz 3. Phone: (760) 955-8757 | E-mail: info@noleenj6.com Justin Miller


Suspension Experts

For more information on our complete line of SXS product and services please contact us today!

www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


https://www.instagram.com/ jpdesigns1/?hl=en https://www.industrial-bolts. net/bolts-4-u/

Tim Craig, first Class 1600

Tim Sletten, eighth Class 11

Justin Miller, third Class 1400 Pro

84 84

S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- APRIL APRIL 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com

www.ksurplus. com

www. kingshocks. com

Desirae Jones, 12th Class 1600

Jeremy Buckley, 14th Class 1600

Adam Gonzalez, fourth Class 10


www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Tony Murray, fifth Class 6100

Brandon Arthur, sixth Class 6100

Pat McCarthy, fourth Class 1

Cole Brandt, first Class 1300 86

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com www.ssorm


www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Optima Batteries January 28 - February 6, 2021 Johnson Valley CA www.ultra4racing.com Article & Photos by Michael Maher

88 88

King of

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- APRIL APRIL 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

the Hammers

Part 2

#21 Erik Miller, 7th overall finisher in the KOH category side by side here with #67 Loran Healy who finished 13th overall in the rugged challenge


www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com -- APRIL APRIL 2021 2021 -- S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE

89 89

JP Gomez finished second overall, nine minutes behind the leader with a time of 7 hours, 10 minutes, 18.268 seconds

90 90

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- APRIL APRIL 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

www.electrotechcoatings.com hile much of the country was caught in a vicious winter storm, the weather was warm and sunny in Southern California as off-road racers and fans flocked to the Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Area just outside Lucerne Valley for the Main Event of the nine day Hammers Week, the OPTIMA Batteries King of the Hammers Presented by Lasernut itself. Eighty-four exotic racers, built to withstand the unique combination of off-road desert racing and rock climbing through some of the roughest terrain in the world, started the race, but only 34 would finish in the allotted 14-hour time limit. The first finish was Randy Slawson, who completed the three lap, 190 mile plus course in seven hours, one minute and 17.378 seconds in his self-built Bomber Fabrication buggy. This was the third win for Slawson, who also won in 2013 and 2015, but the first for co-driver, navigator and cousin Dustin Emick. “My year begins and ends in February. It's not in January, like everybody else's,” Slawson explained. “This is the only thing that I live eat, breathe, sleep, dream - King of the Hammers.” For his efforts Slawson won not only the $65,000 winner's check, he also took home a


Tom Gilpin finished 29th overall in 12 hours 27 minutes, 56.215 seconds.




The winner! Randy Slawson finishes first overall for the third time at a King of the Hammers race. new Ford Bronco, which isn't even out on the market yet. Finishing second, only a few minutes behind Lawson on the track, was JP Gomez, driving a single-seat UFO Fabrications buggy. But because Gomez was fast qualifier and thus started first, while Slawson started 29th, the official margin of victory was just over nine minutes behind Slawson

on time. Gomez's brother Raul finished third in another UFO Fabrications car to give the family two spots in the top three but not the one they wanted. Raul scored some brownie points with his fellow racers when he stopped his own race to help fellow driver Tom Wayes after Wayes suffered a violent flip.

Jumps were the least of their problems. 92

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Bailey Cole finished fourth for the second straight year and the second straight day, having also finished fourth in the previous day's Everyman Challenge. Drift racing star Vaughn Gittin Jr. rounded out the top five. Some of the early favorites got off to a good start but hit bad luck on the way. Jason Scherer and Cameron Steele shared the early lead but dropped back with mechanical issues, with Scherer and Wayland Campbell both running out of fuel on the course. Scherer’s navigator Jason Berger actually ran to the main pit to get fuel while fellow competitor Andrew McLaughlin pulled Campbell into the pit to refuel. OffRoad racers are good people. Other winners of the week long racing festival included Bryce Menzies winning the Toyo Tires Desert Challenge for desert trucks, Chase Caprara took the 4WP Every Man Challenge, Trisan Hart was victorious in the All Balls King of the Motos motorcycle race and Kyle Chaney won the Can Am UTV Race. For complete results see www.ultra4racing.com






www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Ford chose King of the Hammers to introduce their new Bronco, including some Bronco buggies in the race. Jason Scherer drove this Bronco to a 10th overall finish.

Winch war at the Back Door

94 94

S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE --APRIL APRIL2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com

Former champion Wayland Campbell ran out of gas on the course E

https://www. facebook.com/ omfperformance/

www.omfperformance.com www.ssorm.com - APRIL 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Medicare system and compare that with the current private pay health care system. Under our current private health care system, insurance carriers are driven and in fact rewarded, to make sure the claims they pay are appropriate and accurate. Insurance carriers invest a lot of money every year putting systems and personnel in place to make sure they are not paying for fraudulent or inappropriate claims. That investment pays off as there is very little fraud within our private heath insurance industry. Many of the people speaking out and supporting "Medicare For All" bang the drum and point to the "obnoxious profits and excessive salaries being made by these private insurance carriers and their executives." I would think many of us would agree that at least the salaries may be an issue. Here is the part that is a little confusing. If you add up all the profits of the 1,100 private health insurance carriers who reported to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) in 2018, the total profits come to around $23.4 billion. Now add in the $1.1 billion in salaries, bonuses and stock options of the executives of the top 62 firms in 2018 and you get a rounded-up total of about $25 billion. I do not think anyone will dispute that $25 billion is a lot of money. Here is where the difficulty begins on this issue. Currently, Medicare covers approximately 44 million people or about 15% of the USA's population. It is widely agreed that there is a huge amount of fraud, waste and abuse within the current Medicare system. This costs

Medicare For All? Let's Take a Look


n the current news and political views, there has been a calling by some for "Medicare For All." This concept has been pushed by many folks including Presidential hopeful candidate Bernie Sanders and others. So, a good friend of mine, Erick Lundy of "Lundy Insurance Services" did some research on this very topic. I'd like to give him credit for this article and information first. He did his homework. Here is what he found out from his research. It's a point of view that has not been considered by many people but certainly should be! The call for "Medicare For All" is growing louder everyday. With that in mind, I thought I would look at this issue from a different perspective, one that nobody else seems to talk about. Please understand this is simply another point of view in the big picture. Most would agree that there are many things about the current health care system here in the USA that could be improved upon. Most of us like the fact we can choose the medical providers we would like to see. Most of us like the choice of plans available based on our individual needs. On the other hand, the costs are high and seem to keep going up. There are often many administrative navigational roadblocks to deal with as well. These issues are both in private and government types of health care. Now, what if everyone had Medicare? Besides the obvious and often discussed issues, lets focus on a few specific areas, like the cost of paying for inappropriate claims, waste, abuse and how this affects the overall costs within our current 96

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the taxpayers and Medicare beneficiaries massive amounts of money. In an article published by AARP on March 30th, 2018 titled "Medicare Under Assault From Fraudsters", the article points out that in 2017, fraud amounted to $60 billion! The actual amount may be higher or lower, but most all can agree that it is very high and growing. So, in other words, about 15% of our population in the USA is costing about $60 billion in fraud, waste and abuse. This makes the so called and often vilified "obnoxious and excessive executive income and profits" in the private insurance sector ($25 billion) of the USA, look pale in comparison! This should stand as especially true since the private sector insurance covers nearly 50% of our population or about 164 million people. Think! Now we should all ask ourselves when considering Medicare For All, if we are currently paying about $60 billion in fraud, waste and abuse now for about 15% under our current Medicare system, what would it cost if we had "Medicare For All" covering 100% of the USA's population?

The math comes to about $396 billion in fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayer money. That is on top of the costs to run the entire program of current Medicare as we know it. Those "obnoxious and excessive profits and salaries" of the private sector companies and executives might not be looking so bad once you look at the facts at hand from this point of view and as presented here in this conversation. Going on to look at the differences here between

private sector and Medicare, perhaps we should be looking to the private sector for help in solving our own Medicare problems and not to just expand government sponsored programs that have no historical experience in saving taxpayer money. Besides the references as cited in the coulmn here, there are many more you can research yourself online. Here is

another that supports comments made in this article as posted "Fraud and billing mistakes cost Medicare — and taxpayers — tens of billions last year – Center for Public Integrity" (https://publicintegrity. org/health/fraud-and-billing-mistakes-costmedicare-and-taxpayers-tens-of-billionslast-year/)

Dr. Gary DeForest is a San Diego based DC located in Mission Valley. He has been in practice for over 35 years. He is always happy to speak with you about any health concern you may have. He can be reached at (619) 291-2462. Or, e-mail him at deforest192@yahoo.com. Speak to or text the Doc directly on his cell phone at E 619-300-7717.

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