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Nothing Happens Until You

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February 2018


About the Publisher, Steve Sipress If you want to grow your business slowly – or just maintain it as is, you’ll have to do that all on your own. But if you want dramatic growth in your income and lifestyle, then Steve’s out-of-the-box and time-tested strategies and tactics could be the keys to your dreams, as they have been for thousands of other small business owners and entrepreneurs over the past 35+ years.

You can benefit from Steve’s coaching experience and expertise to revolutionize your business by booking your very own world-famous, one-on-one, Guaranteed $25K In 25 Minutes Strategy Session by putting in your request at: *Steve gets far more requests for these life-changing sessions than he can fulfill, so make sure that you mention Rhino Monthly Magazine when you request your session. Steve is a successful and award-winning serial entrepreneur, who has created and built nearly a dozen successful companies of his own, and he can help you do the same – more quickly and easily than you’ve ever imagined. In fact, you can immediately use plenty of his simple and powerful strategies and tactics that work especially well in this current emerging economy. You can discover the basics of Steve’s powerful “The WOW! Strategy™: How To Solve All Of Your Sales And Marketing Problems” by watching a short video at Steve is a celebrated author, speaker and business coach who has established profitable businesses and helped thousands of ambitious and aggressive business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and sales professionals all around the world. He has written numerous newsletters and articles on sales and marketing for a wide range of publications and has appeared on radio and television, helping millions of people along the way. For over five years, Steve was the #1 “Dan Kennedy Certified No B.S. Business Advisor,” and was Runner-Up out of 25,000 members for 2010 GKIC Marketer Of The Year. If you want the very best, hard-hitting, no-nonsense, caring advice and help you can get, then “Straight-Talk Steve” could be exactly what you and your business need most. Whether you’re a current or future business superstar, Steve can help you get exactly where you want to go as quickly, easily and powerfully as YOU want – with massive results both short-term and long-term.


When we first started, I was terribly in debt and we were just a few months away from bankruptcy. We started seeing a boost right away in our business, we took what Steve’s given me and we just started implementing and implementing, and it’s just totally transformed my business. Steve has helped me with my laser focus, he helps me implement, he’s taken my business to a whole new level. We went from a half a million dollars to a million dollars in two years. It’s just an incredible experience to know that where you think you’re just dead and things are horrible, to now anything is possible. I can see taking this to a whole new three or four types of businesses -- it’s going to be huge. Steve is all business, he is an unbelievably smart, brilliant man. I can’t say enough about him. Everything he’s told me, I’ve made so much money it doesn’t matter what it costs. They don’t make enough money in this world that somebody could pay me so I would stop listening to Steve. Steve is the exact reason why I have a retirement fund now. It’s probably illegal how much fun I’m having!”

Jon Bockman

Owner, Bockman’s Auto Care Sycamore, Illinois


A BUSINESS By Steve Sipress


You need to find people to do the “doing” of the parts of the business, along with at least one person to manage the business.

You really shouldn’t own your own business if you haven’t read Michael Gerber’s classic The E-Myth: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It. The original version was published in 1986 (I still have my copy), and thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs have read at least one of its many different versions (yes, only “thousands” out of the millions of business owners in the U.S. alone!). I’ve read it over and over, and have taught its principles to thousands of people who desperately need to heed its advice.

businesses). I believe this is an issue because of two timely factors: (1) People tend to reflect on the current state of their businesses and lives and set new goals at the beginning of each year, and (2) The American economy, after being in sharp decline and then remaining basically stagnant for the past decade, with the previous administration doing basically everything they could to crap all over small business owners, is finally starting to boom, with an entrepreneur in the White House, and business owners and entrepreneurs want to make sure they are in a position to take advantage of it.

I’ve discussed Gerber’s basic premise with several prospects and clients recently, who feel “stuck” in their businesses and frustrated that they’ve hit a plateau (or worse, are experiencing major problems due to poorly structured

Even if you don’t get the right help, use the right strategies, and put the right systems into place in your business, you are likely to experience some growth over the coming months and years, and possibly even start to “burst at the seams” a I RHINO MONTHLY

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February 2018


little bit, where you won’t be able to handle all of the work you’ll be getting and some things will start to fall through the cracks and cause you problems. This is a big change from the past decade or so, where it took a lot of work and investment to continually attract a steady flow of new customers, clients, or patients. My clients and I had great success – but unfortunately, most business owners struggled or even closed their doors for good. Gerber talks about the various stages of a business, and where the emphasis needs to be in order for any business to continue to thrive and grow to the next stage. At the start of any business, many of us tend to take on way too many roles, and find ourselves “doing” far too much of what needs to be done in our business. This role of “Technician” is one of three that Gerber points to, along with the roles of “Manager” and “Entrepreneur.” If you want your business to grow past the startup phase, you need to stop performing all three of those roles yourself. You need to find people to do the “doing” of the parts of the business, along with at least one person to manage the business. That will free you up to perform the role of Entrepreneur on a full-time basis, casting a vision for the business and continually working on ways to improve and grow it. Unfortunately, the vast majority of small business owners never make it out of this startup phase. They continue insisting on doing what needs to be done to provide the product or service, often using excuses such as, “I can’t find any good people” or “No one can do the work to my standards.” These people are “self-employed” in the truest sense of the word. They don’t really own a business – they just have a job, and it’s often a crappy job. Yes, they are their own boss, but they are usually over-worked, over-stressed, and underpaid for all of the hours they put in and all of the work they do. They aren’t really “running a business” as much as they are simply selfemployed with a job. I recently had one of my Guaranteed $25K In 25 Minutes Strategy Sessions with a superintendent of a large contracting firm outside of Denver, Colorado, who also has his own “business” where he does small construction jobs on his own. When I asked him if he was looking to grow his side “business,” he told me that he wanted to, but he just couldn’t find any good workers in his area. When I pointed out that the company he worked for had found him, along with plenty of other great people, he suddenly realized just how ridiculous his excuse was.


Furthermore, as Gerber points out, your business is overly complex if you need “great people” to do the “doing” of it. He explains how putting the right systems into place makes it much easier to run extremely successful, multi-million dollar businesses than it is to run the typical small business, where the founder is running around like crazy doing way too many tasks him- or herself, and being over-stressed and underpaid as thanks for all of that. Gerber and I both define a “real business” as one that can operate (and even thrive) without its owner having to be there on a daily basis – if at all. If you have set up the structure of your business so that you are stuck doing and/or managing some or all of the work that needs to be done in order to deliver your product or service, then you really just have a job and not a business. I highly recommend you make the necessary adjustments to start running one or more successful businesses instead of staying stuck with just a crappy job. Reading The E-Myth and/or getting on a Guaranteed $25K In 25 Minutes Strategy Session with me ( would be a great start to having the success you want and deserve.

To find out more about Steve Sipress and how he can help you have more fun and make more money with your business, see the Inside Cover Page. To get new moneymaking strategies and tips from Steve and other top business-building experts from around the world, go to: or


February 2018

I’ve Got To See A Man About A Dog Injunction You’ve probably heard a lot in the news about “cultural appropriation,” in which someone is accused of borrowing cuisine, fashions, songs, etc. from another nationality or ethnic group.

“I double-dog dare you.” That’s a terrific opportunity for guilt by association. Innocent canines are subconsciously linked with a bajillion cases of broken limbs, smashed automobiles, and tongues frozen to lamp posts.

Well, I don’t have a dog in that fight (pardon the expression), but I’ve decided to become an activist in the matter of species appropriation.

How did “dog and pony show” get joined at the hip with idea of using a lot of razzle dazzle to make a sale? I can’t unearth a single example of a purchasing agent ever actually exclaiming, “Hey, there’s an Airedale Terrier juggling on the back of a Shetland! Let me buy a whole fleet of your vehicles!”

For too long, humans have gotten away with using dogs in their similies, metaphors, homilies and slang. No more. As the old saying goes, “He who lieth with dogs, riseth with cease-and-desist orders.” For instance, I’m concerned about phrases such as “the hair of the dog that bit him.” Really? Dog hair as a cure for a hangover? I’m surprised that pooch hair hasn’t been hunted down like rhinoceros horns and elephant tusk ivory! Good thing no snake-oil salesman got even more creative with purported doggie miracle cures. (“I stole some Poodle toenails! Yee-haw! That’ll cure cancer and lead to Mideast peace!”)

Phrases such as “Let sleeping dogs lie” do not deserve onesize-fits-all status. Maybe the dog’s alarm clock failed to ring and he’ll miss the garbage truck because you failed to help him out! Hope he’s a publicity hound, so your face is all over the newspaper! Ever heard an object or a person described as “crooked as a dog’s hind leg”? Ever heard a sexist describe an unattractive woman as a “dog”? Talk about body shaming! Maybe a classaction suit would teach an old linguist some new tricks!

Do you have any idea what preconceived notions a casual cliché such as “sick as a dog” can conjure up? No wonder pet insurance premiums are so high! The guy who coined the phrase must have had the preexisting condition of being a moron.

Sure, phrases such as “top dog,” “running with the big dogs,” and “Hot diggety dog” are fairly innocuous; but they are enriching human speech without doing anything for the bottom line of dogs. I’m hot on the trail of some royalties, and my lawyers are not on a short leash.

Ever heard the colloquialism “My dogs are barking” when a human’s tootsies are sore? Equating dogs and feet: really respectful. Bet people wouldn’t like it if a Chihuahua exclaimed, “Watch me drag my homo sapiens across the carpet!”

Mark my words: I’m starting a grass-roots movement to end the canine exploitation. There will be petitions and fundraisers and rallies. And we’ll try to learn from the glitches of the illfated Million Lemming March…

Manny (full name Emanuel or “Dog With Us”) brought non-stop joy, affection, and energy into the lives of Steve and Michele Sipress for over 13 years. He also shared his wit, humor and insights with readers here every month. Thankfully, as he got on in years and knew that his time on this Earth was growing short, he poured himself into his writing, leaving many, many columns behind, so that his fans can have the continued pleasure of being entertained and enlightened by him for a long time to come. He is no longer physically with us, but his memory lives on… I RHINO MONTHLY

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expert interview with

Clint Arthur THE SPEAKING GAME Steve Sipress: Clint Arthur, what a pleasure it is to have you here on The Rhino Daily Podcast! Clint Arthur: I don’t think that Donald Trump could be any more excited than I am, even if he was sitting right in between Kim Jong Un and Hillary Clinton. [laughter] Steve: Boy, that would save him a lot of trouble tweeting, huh? He could just be a jerk right to their face! [laughter] But I digress. So as the fantastic, award-winning, money-making,

awesome, unbelievably nonpareil speaker that you are, you start off with a pattern-interrupting joke. Fantastic opening, I should have known that’s what you would do here on The Rhino Daily Podcast. Clint: So great to be with you, and I’m really excited to share with your audience stuff that’s going to change their lives and help them to make more money every time they open their mouth. I don’t care if they’re a speaker or not a speaker. If you talk to people, this is going to improve your


life and help you to make more money and have more impact, influence and income. Steve: I love it. And I love that you wrote this book, because here’s the thing: I’ve known you for years, and you’ve always been the guy who is the expert at getting people on TV, and you’ve done that, gotten people thousands of appearances all over TV, and you’ve been all over TV. But now suddenly you’re writing a book on a different topic, on the Speaking Game. How did that come about?


Clint: I found out from one of my mentors that, as a result of the speaking that I do, which is one of my most powerful means of attracting prospects and customers into what I do, clients… It’s the greatest thing to be a VIP speaker. As a result of all the speaking I do, I make more money as a speaker than 99% of the members in the National Speakers Association. When I learned that, I took a look at what I was doing and I really started analyzing the methodologies and the tricks that I use, and started teaching people how to get what I call the “lowhanging fruit” of being a seven-figure speaker. And I came up with this book about all of my techniques, and then I gamified the whole thing into what I call the Speaking Game, so that you can have more fun and make more money, and overcome any fear of public speaking that you might have, and become the confident, charismatic person you’ve always wanted to be, every time you open your mouth to speak.

a point. Another thing you could do is speak faster or slower: Sometimes you want to speak really fast, and sometimes you want to speak really slow. By changing those speeds, you get a point. And there are various methods that we’ll talk about. We’re doing several installments of this from day to day for the next couple of days, and we’ll talk about more of each one of them. But for the time being, let’s begin with those very simple things, changing your volume and changing your speed and you can start earning points like that. When you start out playing the game, the goal should be to get 10 points a day. Then as you get to be a better and better speaker, you can try to get 100 points in a day. And if you could be getting 100 points in a day, boy, you’ll be really making a lot of money, that’s for sure [laughter].

February 2018

Steve: So 100 points a day. Let me see if I get this. 100 points a day means if I’m talking to 20 people a day, I’m doing five of the things you suggest in every one of those conversations. Clint: Right! And there’s a lot of really easy things. Like for example, when I opened up this presentation, I talked about Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un and Hillary Clinton. Those are status language. Each one of those high status words, which are their names, earned me a point. So that was three points to open. [laughter] The game is really fun, and there’s lots… Steve: Well I said “Hello Clint Arthur.” That’s a high status name. I get a point for that. Clint: Amen, amen. Very nice. I like that a lot. But in the meantime, let’s talk about some things that people

Steve: And I’m guessing that when you’re saying every time you open your mouth to speak, you mean every time: One-on-one, in a group, in a webinar, talking to an employee, talking to a supplier. You pretty much mean anytime you’re speaking to anybody. Clint: You’re talking all day long, so you might as well be playing a game, and having more fun, and having more impact all at the same time, which is exactly what you get when you play the Speaking Game. Steve: All right, so hit me: How do I play? How do I play better? How do I win? Clint: Well, there are basic “lowhanging fruit tricks” of how to become a better speaker. So for example the easiest thing you can do is to just talk louder or softer. Changing the volume that you use when you speak gets you I RHINO MONTHLY

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February 2018



should never say if they want to make more money, because I’ve really learned that there are some things you really should never say if you want to make more money. Steve: Oh-uh. I’m excited, although I’m sure I’m about to hear, and then I’m going to want to take back millions of conversations I’ve had, but go ahead, hit me. What should I never have said? Clint: [laughter] First thing you should never say is, “Let me think about it.” Because we all know that when a person says, “Let me think about it,” they usually mean “No.” You say, “Hey, would you like to buy this?” And they say, “Let me think about it.” You know that means “No,” and what that only means is that they’re chicken and they’re afraid to tell you “No.” They don’t want to have a confrontation, they don’t want to hurt your feelings, whatever the case may be. They’re wasting their own time, and your time. They’re wasting everybody’s time by opening up this loop of “Let me think about it.” Don’t ever say that. Make your decision, take action or not, and move on with your life.

and I’ve got to see a certain number of people a day, and if you had just been really rude to me and thrown me out, I could have gotten to one more prospect today, and maybe made some money.”

Steve: All right. I love that, because as listeners know – some of them might know – I did nine years of doorto-door sales, and I said that all the time. The guy that said, “Hmm-hah, hmm-hah” and wasted half an hour of my time before he finally said “No,” I’m like, “I would have rather had you throw me out when I first walked in the door and called me every name in the book. You would have been more courteous than wasting half an hour of my time and then going, “You know, I’m not going to buy, but you are a really good sales person.” And that’s just because of what you just said: they don’t want to hurt my feelings. “I don’t give a crap about my feelings! I’m here to make money,


So let me ask you: If somebody says, “Let me think about it”, what do you say? To listen to the full interview, go to:

Clint Arthur is a best-selling author, successful entrepreneur, and high-powered speaker who makes more money from speaking than 99% of the members of the National Speakers Association. His new book, “Speaking Game: 7 Figure Speaker Secrets Revealed,” shows you how to make more money, have more fun, overcome any fear of public speaking, and become the confident charismatic person you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Get 45 minutes of free video training at:

Steve Sipress The WOW Strategy™ Creator

To find out if The WOW! Strategy™ Results Group could be right for you, go to:

Jon Bockman Sycamore, IL

“Steve is all business. He is an unbelievably smart, brilliant, brilliant man. I can't say enough about him. Steve has put probably more, I would say, thousands, and thousands, and thousands of dollars... I mean, I probably can't even put a true figure on it, because it keeps coming back, and keeps coming back, just more and more money all the time.”

“One suggestion that Steve gave me, well, without question, put $300,000 more in my bank account. And we are going to be using it forever. This is not a one-time deal. We’re going to be using this idea that Steve helped us with... and we’ll be using it until it doesn't keep working like it is. And so, the value over time could literally be way over even the $300,000 number.”

Mary Forte Bensenville, IL

Keith Lee Seattle, WA

“He's helped me learn how to market my business, and today I can say that we're more successful than we've ever been… I needed to learn how to market the business better to create more revenue, and that's what Steve has helped me with. The financial difference is considerable. We've probably close to doubled our revenues. We're on track now to do another close to $500,000 more than we did last year. So that's awesome. I do owe all of that to Steve.”

GOAL SETTING: Nothing Happens Until YouNOT Take YOUR NEWActions YEAR’S The RIGHT RESOLUTIONS By Felicia Slattery

Last week my family and I visited my wonderful in-laws in East Tennessee, just south of Knoxville. While I was there I was lucky enough to be a featured in-studio expert. But luck had nothing to do with it.

For years it had been my dream to get on TV as a featured guest expert. I’d read articles, talked to PR folks, and thought a lot about what I wanted to do and how I might do it. Whenever I’d see featured guest experts on TV


segments, I’d think to myself, “That guy is on there doing it. Why can’t I?” Here’s why… I wasn’t actually trying to get on TV. Sure I wanted to get on TV. I thought about it. And I did all those


things that felt like taking action to get on TV. But it wasn’t until I took the real, meaningful, right actions that included actually writing a segment proposal, planning with a PR coach, figuring out the name of the right person to send the proposal to at each station (no simple task, I tell you!), and picking up the phone to talk to a human beingseveral of them per station – to get myself scheduled, that things started to really happen for me.

February 2018

So many people tell me they wish they could be on stage more. It’s their dream to share their message with the world. They take courses and read books, learn on webinars and really think about being on stage. But now, ask yourself, what have you really done toward that end?

The most interesting part of it all – with all that advance training and preparation, when it came down to rolling up my sleeves and getting booked, it was easy because I knew what to expect, what to say, and what to do once I arrived at the stations. It was easy. Once I took the right actions. I got booked not just by one station, but by two, and appeared two days in a row! That was also pretty cool. I was on the NBC/FOX affiliate and the CBS affiliate. They were both different experiences, too, which I’ll save for another article, but the main lesson I learned was even with all the preparation and ideas, if you don’t take the right actions you never achieve your goals or reach your dreams. For example, so many people tell me they wish they could be on stage more. It’s their dream to share their message with the world. They take courses and read books, learn on webinars and really think about being on stage. But now, ask yourself, what have you really done toward that end? Do you have your speech ready? Do you have the description of your speech together, along with the bullets of what your audience will discover? Have you picked up the phone and spoken to or sent an email to someone who actually plans events and books speakers? Whatever it is in YOUR life you’d like to do more of … it’s time to stop thinking about it and get down to doing it.

Felicia Slattery has been a teacher and trainer for more than a decade at businesses, colleges, and universities, as well as a best-selling author and communication consultant and coach to entrepreneurs around the world. She teaches teleseminars, is a keynote speaker, and offers private coaching, as well as various written and homestudy programs to service-oriented entrepreneurs on improving their communication skills in order to present their best image and see increased cash flow to succeed at work and enjoy happy and fulfilled personal lives. Subscribe to Felicia’s newsletter at: I RHINO MONTHLY

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RHINO MONTHLY Volume VI Number 2 | February 2018



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I’ve Got To See A Man About A Dog Injunc�on

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