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MARCH - APRIL 2014 st

Narendra M odi - An Activist Prime M inister of the 21 Century ?

"I am always wearing the hat of the citizen and trying to think on his behalf"

From t he President 's Desk...................................................................... Looking Ahead ........................................................................................ Quarry Blast ing-Letter to t he Collector .................................................. • Fotos- Damage Due to Blast ing M emorandum t o Guardian M inister ...................................................... • Fotos-Joint Front of Indust ries • Loksatta Report on Dumping Ground • Times Report on St reet light ing / Landfill Dena Bank – Now or Never Credit Camp ................................................ Navi M umbai Police Commissioner K. L. Prasad - A man w it h t he common touch - .......................................................... M eet your Thane Lok Sabha Candidate .................................................. • Fotos-Shri Sanjeev Sane • Fotos -Shri Rajan Vichare M IDC comes full cycle ............................................................................. Local Body Tax –Quick Reference ........................................................... Last Word ................................................................................................


There are st ray art icles in Newspapers w hich cont inue to

The grow ing bureaucrat ic interference w it h SM E's

feed t he propaganda t hat LBT has been peacefully and

due to mult iple taxes, charges & fees ranging from

quiet ly accepted by Indust ry in Navi M umbai. It helps

high Propert y Tax, Local Body Tax, Labour Welfare

t hat t he LBT on Newsprint is now 0%. From 1-4-2013 to

Fund etc. to applicat ion of t he M at hadi Act .

2-2-2014 Indust ry w ill be paying, on average, 300% of t he local taxes t hey w ere paying in 2012-13. From 3-2-

An unforgiving Proper t y Tax and Cess/ LBT

2014 onwards it w ill be paying 200%. The simple answer

Depart ment w hich is grinding ent repreneurs into

is t hat Indust ry is dow n and out . Not hing of w hat has

t he dust w it h an unprecedented 600 Criminal

happened is accidental. Brick and mortar indust ry has

Prosecut ions, 10 t imes penalt y and 24 to 36%

been st ruck a killing blow in Navi M umbai and t he M IDC

interest rates,

and t he Government have unfort unately been passive part icipant s.

The fact t hat Indust ry is somehow surviving and cont inues t o pay taxes is cit ed as evidence and

Wit hout any exaggerat ion, if t hings cont inue as t hey are,

just ificat ion for doubling and t ripling t he taxes. A simple

brick and mortar Indust ry w ill be out of t he TTC Indust rial

back-of-t he-envelope calculat ion of t he impact of such

Area in t he next 10 years, w hich is possibly t he intent ion

inordinate and punit ive increase in local taxes by one of

of vested interest s in t he first place.

our ent repreneurs show s t hat 18% of his Net Profit is taken aw ay by t he NM M C. This is lunacy.

And w hat are t he reasons for t his predict ion: Whom w ill all t his impact ? •

Neglect of t he Indust rial Area by t he M IDC t ill 2005 after w hich it abandoned all pretence of act ivit y

The Indust ries, of course, a number of w hom are exit ing Navi M umbai or exit ing indust ry all

Permitt ing more t han 300 acres of land to be

toget her.

overrun by illegal shops, slums etc even as t he NM M C put up roads and st reet light s for t hem but

The cit izens of Navi M umbai w ho w ill have to compensate w it h massive increase in taxes to

did very litt le for indust ries.

maintain t he bloated financial requirement s w hen •

Ram p ant i r r egu l ar i t i es i n p l o t al l o cat i o n ,

indust ries start exit ing.

const rict ion of nullahs etc. and squeezing illegal premiums from indust ries t hat need to expand.

A large number of Navi M umbai's work force w ho are employed direct ly and indirect ly in t he 1000's

Encouragement of innumerable plot allocat ions to

of small & medium indust ries w ho are st ill clinging

so-called PAP's w ho represent vested interest s,


many of w hich have been t urned into sleazy bars. If t here is anyone in Government listening, t he economic •

M IDC paradoxically opposing t he SSEA in Court ,

& social impact of t his art ificial dislocat ion needs to be

w hen SSEA fought a 10 year batt le to prove t hat

st udied and counteracted w it h great urgency.

M IDC was t he sole planning and local aut horit y in t he 25 TTC Indust rial Area.

Or w e can like Nero, play the fiddle and watch the TTC Area burning.




Indust ry, and part icularly SM E's are rarely interested in polit ics or polit icians, except to t he limited ext ent t hey impact his/ her part icular indust ry. He or she normally feels t hat it is difficult enough running an enterprise in t his count ry w it hout poking t heir nose into areas w hich normally don't concern t hem. After a decade and more of liberalisat ion in t he 90's and t hereafter, t here was a great wave of opt imism and some act ual achievement s w hich percolated dow n to all of us such as: •

Criminals – There has been an ent ry of criminals

into virt ually every polit ical part y w hich should be a cause of great concern to t he Nat ion as a w hole. One can hardly expect such persons to act for t he benefit of t he larger good. In such a societ y it is hardly a surprise t hat t he dirt y scum have come to t he surface. It was in t his sorry background t hat t he words of Shri Anna Hazare resonated in our heart s and for a t ime all of

ground meant t hat I did not have to bow and scrape before t he Joint Chief Cont roller of Export s & Import s t o get a licence to import a few tons of steel. M ost of t he st uff was on t he Open General List (OGL) and I could pick up t he phone, order and pay for it by filling up a simple form. Tax rates w ere rat ionalised, M odvat , Cenvat and VAT int roduced. After t he init ial hiccups, t here was a great improvement in tax compliance as a result .

us w ere caught up in t his social revolut ion experiment .

Communications Revolution: Start ing w it h t he

Consumer Revolution: All t his set off a massive

consumer revolut ion and t he availabilit y of a host of product s from cars to colognes and a mindboggling number of brands.

When t his seemingly reached a dead end, t here was t he spectacular rise of Arvind Kejriwal and t he Aam Aadmi Part y. Somew here along t he way, AAP seems to have lost t he plot and suddenly it is t he NDA and Narendra M ody everyw here. If t he newspapers and opinion polls are to be believed Narendra M odi and t he NDA are all set to sweep t he polls. What does it mean to us and our indust ries in t he TTC Indust rial Area? •

It w ill herald for t he first t ime in independent India a business minded person as t he Prime M inister

The likelihood of General Sales Tax(GST) being implemented quickly is very high.

Narendra M odi himself and t he NDA candidate in Thane have expressed t heir intent ion to abolish Local Body Tax. However, t he stand of t he UPA w ho present ly rule t he State is not clear.

Even as t he count ry and t he world opt imist ically talked of economic breakt hroughs and pitted t he Indian Elephant against t he Chinese dragon, w e snatched defeat from t he jaw s of victory as w e do many t imes in cricket .

alternative but to believe that the NDA [if it comes to

Corruption- has seeped into every part of our lives

power as predicted] w ill lift us out of the morass w e

and has become a monster w hich t hreatens to

find ourselves. India itself has no option but to embrace

swallow all t hat w hole generat ions have st ruggled

peace and single-mindedly progress.

to build. M onst rous scams and massive stealing of


Simplification of economic policies – w hich on t he

STD/ ISD and graduat ing sw ift ly from t he RAX of Sam Pit roda to mobiles, computers, t he internet , cable TV, Satellite TV and a profusion of Channels. This is a cont inuing revolut ion w hich has t ransformed all our lives. •

our Nat ural resources is t he order of t he day.

That the UPA w ho w ere riding high on the back of economic reforms should have brought themselves and India to this sorry situation in 10 years is unbelievable. All of us have, in fact, been left w ith no


Quarry Blasting-Letter to the Collector

29.04.14 Collector, Office of t he Collector, Thane Dist rict , Thane (West )

Kind Attn : Shri P. Velrasu I.A.S.

Sir, Sub: Damage to Property and potential loss of life – Illegal quarries –M IDC, TTC Industrial Area-Thane Belapur Road

The issue of illegal quarries and dest ruct ive blast ing w hich causes substant ial damage to factories in t he M IDC, TTC Indust rial Area has become a fact of life in t he M IDC, TTC Indust rial Area as test ified by t he t railing email and t he phot os attached above. It has been taken up w it h various aut horit ies, intermittent ly, for t he last decade and a half w it h very litt le effect . It is almost as if t he aut horit ies are w ait ing for a disaster to occur before t hey are pushed into taking act ion. Factory ow ners have approached us from t ime-to-t ime as in t he case of t he factory, phot ographs of w hich are attached above. Compound walls are cracked, cracks run t hrough walls, columns & beams, chunks of plaster have fallen from t he ceiling and t he absence of injury or loss of life is merely by chance. Staff & w orkers employed in these factories run a continuous risk due to unregulated blasting & explosions in the quarries, w hich may be running illegally. A number of factories in the vicinity are affected to a greater or lesser extent. In most cases, the ow ners have spent considerable amounts of money to repair the cracks and damage.

In t he circumstances, w e request you, Sir, to take t he matter very seriously w it h t he follow ing act ions: 1)

Kindly let us know t he name, addresses, quant it y and durat ion for w hich legal quarries in t he area are licensed by your Office.


Kindly let us know t he names and addresses t he quarries w hich have operated/ are operat ing illegally, if available


Kindly depute your Officers to ident ify and stop, illegal quarrying, if any being carried on in t he area.


Please do let us know t he act ion you have taken or propose to take to put a stop to illegal quarrying in t he area.


Kindly let us know if t here are regulat ions and rules prescribing t he t ime, met hod & manner of blast ing to be carried out , part icularly w hen quarries are close to factories employing large number of staff & workers.


Please let us know t he names & ot her details of Quarries w it h details against w hich your office has taken act ion and t he nat ure of t heir offences.

We do hope your office, Sir, w ill assist us w it h t he speed and alacrit y w hich is required w hen not only propert y but life and limb is daily t hreatened. Please do let us have t he informat ion requested such t hat act ion as necessary may be taken up at our end as w ell. Wit h warm regards

R. Seshan Chief Execut ive Officer c.c 1. Shri Yashwant Sontake – Regional Officer, M PCB, Navi M umbai 2. Shri C.P. Paseband – Joint Director of DISH, Thane



Crack in Slab / Column

Crack running around compound Wall

Large plaster Chunks crash t hrough false ceiling

Cracks in Concrete



M emorandum to Guardian M inister th


5 April, 2014

SM ALL SCALE ENTREPRENEURS ASSOCIATION, TTC INDIAN M ERCHANTS CHAM BER (Navi M umbai Chapter) Industry Interaction w ith Hon'ble Guardian M inister Shri Ganeshji Naik & Hon'ble M ayor of Navi M umbai Shri Sagar Naik on Saturday, 5th April at the W hite House @ 5 p.m. Sirs,

As t he Associat ions substant ially represent ing Indust ry, large, medium and small across t he 25 km M IDC, TTC Indust rial Area, w e are placing t he follow ing issues for your considerat ion, immediate comment and urgent act ion. A)

Local Body Tax: Indust ry is deeply affected and sorely disappointed at being completely let -dow n on t he LBT issue.

From Rs. 422 crores last year t his year's collect ion is right now Rs. 738 crores w it hout count ing arrears w hich w ill be paid in 2014-15

The lion's share of t his ext ra 75% has come from t he 300% increase in tax from 1-4-2013 to 2-22014 and t he 200% increase t hereafter, borne almost exclusively by Indust ry.

1.5% LBT is applicable only on 270 items most of w hich are chemicals no longer manufact ured in t his area and guns, grenades etc. It is hence a mirage.

In t he case of Job-w ork t here is zero act ion for our request to add processes to t he list w hich t he Commissioner has power to do and w hich has been already done by t he Pune/ Thane Commissioners.

Action sought: 1)

Roll back LBT tariff to 1.5% on the entry of all goods brought into Navi M umbai by Industry.


Waive interest/ penalty for payment of arrears, if any, in respect of 2013-14


Include processes already submitted in the list of exempted Job-w ork processes.


Infrastructure: Roads:

The key roads from Thane Belapur Road going inside w ere supposed to have been concret ized in 2010-11 but t he work has yet to commence.

The internal roads are in a shambles


Storm water drains are non-existent in many places

The sewage/ effluent drainage system is falling apart in most places, especially w it h t he load of large new IT Offices.


Garbage Disposal is pat het ic. Despit e repeated demands for a “ Ghanta Ghadi” system t here is no act ion w hat soever.

Street lighting:

St reet Light ing, w hich is t he easiest t hing to improve, is terrible, part icularly in t he interior of t he TTC Area. Large areas cont inue to be in darkness and insecurit y.

Illegal Construction:

Illegal Const ruct ions, scrap shops, hut ment colonies, including polit ical offices are brazenly being put up in t he TTC Area, w hich have bot h short -term consequences of insecurit y and long-term consequences of displacement of indust ries.

No Bus Service:

Bus Service: After 50 years, t he TTC Area st ill does not have a proper internal bus service. Lakhs of our staff & w orkers have to w alk to and fro to t he Railw ay stat ions in darkness & bad w eat her


M emorandum to Guardian M inister Criminal Cases-Cess :

Action Sought:


M ore t han 600 criminal cases are going on since 2007 against indust ries despite t he fact t hat many have paid t he taxes for t he period for w hich t he complaint was made by NM M C. Cont inuing t his any longer w ill make it appear t han NM M C is vindict ive, since t he Associat ion has agreed and t he indust ries have accordingly already paid or are in t he process of paying t he Principal Tax amount s. Hence t hese cases should be w it hdraw n.

Cess Assessments

The Associat ion has taken a clear stand for payment of all out standing principal payment s and accordingly most of t he members have fallen in line and paid up or are gett ing assessed for payment , w hich t he Depart ment it self w ill concede. Action Sought : D)

In t he circumstances, w aiver of penalt y/ interest be given to all indust ries w ho have paid t he principal tax amount on or before 30 September 2014.

Property Tax –Old Issue In line w ith the directions of the Association member Industries have been paying all principal tax amounts.

Action Sought:


Only Not ice Fee but no interest or penalt y is applicable for t he period prior to 1-6-2010 and only penalt y is applicable t hereafter. In t he circumstances penalt y be w aived for indust ries w hich pay past out standing Principal tax amount s by 30-9-2014. [Commissioner is empow ered u/ r 51 of t he Taxat ion Rules] •

Not to adjust payment s against a non-existent Penalt y, Interest or DPC prior to 1-6-2010

To rect ify substant ial errors in computat ion of Rateable Value and denial of 35% rebate in Rateable Value announced by Hon'ble Guardian M inister in 2006 for some indust ries.

Property Tax: Indust ry is equally amazed and disappointed at t he arbit rary increase in Propert y Tax from 60% of t he Rateable Value to 68.33% w it hout any just ificat ion w hat soever and cont rary t o t he Guardian M inister's ow n earlier promise made in 2006.

The increase in General Tax component from 32.5% to 40.5% is cont rary to t he proviso to S 129 w hich st ipulates t hat any increase of General Tax Rate u/ s 99 or 150 cannot exceed by more t han half t he rate of resident ial land and building w hich stood at 23.5% Action Sought:

As t he increase of 8.33% is cont rary to t he promise made by Hon'ble Guardian M inister and also t he law it should be rolled back w it h immediate effect . On behalf of more t han 3500 Large, medium and small indust ries in t he M IDC, TTC Indust rial Area and several lakhs of staff/ workers, t ransporters, service providers etc w ho are direct ly or indirect ly affected by w hat happens to indust ry, w e w ould like to state t hat , quite unfort unately, t here is a grow ing feeling t hat decisions are being made and act ions taken w hich are against t he long-term grow t h and even t he existence of indust ries in t his area.

It is hence important that there should be immediate, clear and helpful pronouncements on the issues and actions sought by us such that industry and the lakhs of people directly and indirectly dependent on us are able to continue w ith the confidence that Government at the local and State level is sympathetic and understands the need to nurture industries.





M emorandum to Guardian M inister

Sanjay M ehta Hon. Gen. Secretary of SSEA & Bipin Shah President of TBIA kick-start the joint meeting on LBT

R. M . Kedia, Vice President of TBIA in a hundle w ith R.K.Jain President of IM C (Vashi)


M emorandum to Guardian M inister



Dena Bank – Now or Never Credit Camp

R.S.Saini SSEA President flanked by Shri Agaskar, Treasurer & Shri. K.S.Churi Past President in conversat ion w it h M eenakshi Suresh, Chief M anager, Dena Bank

Shri Sat yanand Rao of Narsipur Chemical Pvt . Ltd. & Shri M andar Deshpande of M ahalaxmi Grain Processing Company understanding t he details from M eenakshi Suresh, Chief M anager

D. Raju, Zonal M anager of Dena Bank w it h R. Seshan CEO of SSEA

Sandeep Kundra of Kun-Chem Pret reat ment s Pvt . Ltd. seeking clarificat ion from M eenakshi Suresh, Chief M anager & Shrirang Kamble M anager - Airoli Branch



Navi M umbai Police Commissioner K.L.Prasad A man w ith the common touch

Hon. Gen. Secretary Sanjay M ehta greeting Police Commissioner Shri K. L. Prasad

SSEA Delegation meets Commissioner K. L. Prasad (L to R) Raman Khurana, Vice President Sanjay M ehta, Hon. Gen. Secretary, CEO R. Seshan, (Behind) Clifford Gomes, & R. S. Shetty M anaging Committee M ember




A TATA Enterp rise

V-Tra ns



SSEA has never done anyt hing like t his before. We have so completely steered away from polit ics of any sort t hat w e have even avoided meet ing t he persons, w ho in a sense determine t he fate of all of us. We finally had a consensus t hat prior to t his Lok Sabha Elect ion w e would send out invitat ions to t he candidates of t he principal polit ical part ies in t he area to visit us and share w it h us t heir views, part icularly on issues w hich affect indust ry. Accordingly, w e invited Shri Sanjeev Naik of t he NCP/ Congress, Shri Rajan Vichare of t he Sena-BJP and Shri Sanjeev Sane of t he Aam Aadmi Part y While invit ing t he candidates w e gave t hem an idea of t he issues w e would want t hem to touch upon, clarify or commit such as: •

Local Body Taxes

Autonomy of t he 25 TTC Indust rial Area

feedback for t heir Business Out reach Program. Radhika Nair, in part icular, impressed all t hose present w it h a very passionate exposit ion of w hat AAP stood for. All of us w ere put on not ice t hat a generat ion impat ient for change had risen.

On a very realist ic note and considering t hat w e are almost at t he fag-end of t he electoral process it does seem t hat AAP has no chance at all in Thane. The current w isdom according to pre-poll forecast s, TV channels and newspapers is t hat Narendra M odi and t he NDA are on a roll and t he UPA is likely to be steam-rolled in Elect ion 2014. However in M aharashtra the percentage of votes cast w hile much higher compared to 2009 does not seem to indicate public favour one way or other. This is as it should be. It is always interesting to be kept w ondering

Infrast ruct ural improvement of roads, drainage systems & sanitat ion

Rampant grow t h of slums, illegal shops & ot her st ruct ures post -2000

High level o f M unicipal Taxat io n w it ho ut commensurate services

Imposit ion of M at hadi Act on SM E's

Single Act and Single Window for SM E's to remove bureaucrat ic hurdles.

till the last minute. So toss a coin….heads …status quo…tails….change!

Shri Rajan Vichare and Shri Sanjeev Sane accepted our invitat ion prompt ly. However, t hough it appeared t hat Shri Sanjeev Naik of t he NCP-Congress would accept t he invitat ion, he did not make it in t he end. The Interact ive M eet ings w it h bot h Shri Rajan Vichare and Shri Sanjeev Sane, held on 20t h and 29t h M arch r esp ect ively, w ent o f f sp len d id ly w it h a go o d ent husiast ic gat hering at relat ively short not ice. What was part icularly not iceable was t hat bot h candidates w ere t horoughly nat ural, unassuming, friendly and freely interacted w it h our members. On the issues raised both candidates expressed themselves in favour of removal of LBT, w hich as far as t he NDA is concerned is in any case it s stated posit ion. On t he ot her issues, considering t he complexit y of t he issues involved neit her candidate committed himself but t hey agreed to st udy t he issue. The younger team accompanying t he AAP candidate was very vocal and passionate on t he issues t hey believed in and wanted



Sanjay M ehta Hon. Gen. Secretary int roducing SS-BJP Thane Loksabha candidate Shri Rajan Vichare.

Shri Rajan Vichare accept ing a bouquet from Shri R. K. Jain President IM C (Vashi) flanked by Sanjay M ehta Hon. Gen. Secretary & Shri Raman Khurana, Vice President of SSEA

A packed conference hall intent on drinking in every w ord.

Shriram At hri of Dhanvant hri Engineers Pvt . Ltd. making a point to Shri Rajan Vichare.



Shri Sanjeev Sane receives a warm w elcome from Shri Sanjay M ehta Hon. Gen. Secretary & Raman Khurana Vice President

A very frank & int imate exchange w it h Shri Sanjeev Sane

Shri. U. C. Gupta of Beegees Confab Pvt . Ltd. - Want ing a radical Solut ion

Shri Sanjeev Sane reading t he latest issue of Shagun


M IDC comes full cycle ” M IDC ‘U’ Turn. Wants a hand in TTC Infrastructure”.

Shri Kshirsagar Executive Engineer M IDC, Thane Div II proposing that M IDC partly take up the work of internal roads. Flanked by R.S. Saini, President of SSEA & H. U. Patange, Dy. Engineer of M IDC

Treasurer Himanshu Aagaskar seems to say "ITS TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE"


LOCAL BODY TAX – QUICK REFERENCE Quite a few members are st ill confused about t he rate of Local Body Tax applicable for t he goods t hey bring into Navi M umbai. In t he case of Cess, it was very simple. You w ere uniformly paying 1% Cess. But in LBT since you have different rates, any mistake in classificat ion w ill prove cost ly as you w ill know only at t he t ime of assessment after 4 years and be levied a 24% interest not to speak of penalt y for t he amount you have not paid.

So far Government has issued 3 Not ificat ions giving t he rates applicable on various goods.

Date of Notn.

28-3-2013 06-07-2013 03-02-2014

Changes rates w ith effect from

Original Not n.






2 Not n reducing rates in some items 3 Not n.reducing rates in some items

To make it easy for you w e have summarised t he 3 Not ificat ions above in a “LBT Rates-Quick Reference” •

Using t his you can find out t he Schedule, Group and Sr.No. of t he goods

You can also find out t he rates applicable for t he period


1-4-2013 to 2-2-2014


3-2-2014 onwards

The List of Exempted Goods is also given on w hich t here is 'Zero” rate of LBT

Despite many clarifications many members continue to be under the impression that all inputs are coming under Schedule A/ Sr.No.54/ Group II “Industrial Inputs and other Packing M aterials”

Please note: •

That t he rate of 2% from 1-4-2013 to 2-2-2014 and 1.5% from 3-2-2014 is applicable only on 270 items as per 4 M aharasht ra VAT Not ificat ions specified in t he Ent ry.

Disclaimer: Informat ion provided in t he “ LBT- Quick Reference” is w it h t he sole intent ion of simplifying tax compliance.

However, t hough all care is t aken SSEA disclaims responsibilit y for any consequences of relying on t he same w it hout independent verificat ion. Summary From 1-4-2013 to 2-2-2014 you have to pay

2% on limited number of 270 items as per VAT Not ns. Referred in Sr.54 (Group II) Schedule A.

3% on all t he balance goods

From 3-2-2014 you w ill be paying:

1.5% on limited number of 270 items per VAT Not ns Referred in Sr. 54 (Group II) Schedule A

That means most of us w ill end up paying 200 to 300% of the Cess w e paid in 2012-13































LAST W ORD In India w e have so many t hings to w eep about t hat I

R. Seshan

have now decided to stop w eeping as I edge close to my 60t h birt hday and t ransit ion to 'senior cit izen'. So I have d e ci d e d t o co n t i n u e f e e l i n g yo u n g at h e ar t [considerably dented and stented] and look on t he brighter side of t hings for a change. •

Change at the Top: It looks like t here w ill be a

change at t he top and Narendra M ody w ho sounds and looks capable w ill take over as PM come M ay. It w ill be a great change from M anmohan Singh. If

resources from t he rich to t he poor but constant ly

he simply holds t he scales of just ice st raight and

re-cycling and divert ing money to t he most

maintains peace, India w ill progress by leaps and

product ive uses w it h higher standards of human

bounds as it ought to. •

w elfare as t he end goal. For st art ers, t he

Exploiting the Demographic Dividend: The next

Government should implement GST and include

10 to 15 years are crucial as w e have to ensure t hat

Cent ral Excise, VAT & local taxes in it s ambit .

t he so-called “ populat ion dividend”, t he majorit y

yout h w ho w ill make up t his count ry are educated,

made to run around from one regulatory body to

skilled and t rained for t he jobs and services w e w ill

anot her t o gat her t oget her dozens of “ No

require t hem to do. If t hey have a great fut ure,

Object ion Cert ificates”, permissions etc. are no

India w ill automat ically have one too. •

“ pract ical'' bribe everyone in sight and t hink t hey

follow ing t he West . India and China represent ing a

have solved t he problem. What t hey have done is

sixt h of t he human race are t wo great nat ions w ho

to solve “ t heir ” problem and create a sickeningly

should follow t he pat h of t heir ow n genius. The

shoddy syst em w hich t hreat ens t o sw allow “ all of

West has many t hings to teach us and many t hings


w hat w e want as a people. The techno-Indust rial mode and infinitely cranking up consumpt ion as a recipe for prosperit y w ill lead us all now here. As SM E's w hat do w e want?


longer funny. Those w ho t hink t hey are very

W hat do w e want? It 's t ime w e stopped blindly

w e must cont inue to learn, but it cannot tell us

Single W indow : Stories of how ent repreneurs are

Nothing from the Government: If you really come

Rationalisation of Laws: Simplify all applicable

laws. Instead of t hinking how to cont rol indust ries, law makers should t hink how to free t hem to do t he t hing t hey do best and simultaneously provide employment and resources needed to provide a safet y net for t he poor in t he short term.

to t hink of it w e really want not hing from t he

Recall t he t remendous product ive energy w hich was

Government except basic infrast ruct ure such as

unleased w it h t he first wave of liberalisat ion. Bet ween a

good roads, power, st reet light s, drains, gutters etc

t hird and a half of our populat ion pulled t hemselves out

w hich any ordinary cit izen might also want .

of t he morass of povert y and misery w hich seemed to

Government should be happy w e have such low

have become a permanent feat ure of India. If w e did it

expectat ions!

once, w e can certainly do it again.

Reasonable taxes & No red tape: The single

All that w e as a people and our rulers need to keep in

biggest crime of our rulers is t hat t hey have st ifled

mind is the shining vision of w hat India can be! We

t he genius and innovat ive powers of a w hole

should unleash the tremendous advantages of being

generat ion of talented ent repreneurs and reduced

the w orlds' largest democracy and aim to also become

t hem to clerks, legal expert s and bribe-givers. The

the w orld's largest economy to give our people a life of

main aim of all taxat ion should not be t ransfer of

dignity and comfort to attain our highest potential.

Shagun Mar - Apr 2014  
Shagun Mar - Apr 2014