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S P R I N G I S S U E 2013

............................................... A Refection Back: The Longest Continuous Sidewalk In The World / The Story Behind Bayshore Blvd. • Mother/Daughter Relationships/ The “Original” Love Relationship • The Woman’s Rights Movement • Historic Female Leaders of Tampa Bay • Community Focus • South Tampa Business Alliance (STBA)

Spring 2013 | Davis Islands Magazine




Spring 2013 | Davis Islands Magazine




Spring 2013 | Davis Islands Magazine


Publishers Letter Spring 2013

.................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. Happy Spring! I hope 2013 has started off well for you … Its hard to believe a quarter of the year has passed us already … someone please slow the time down! My birthday is approaching soon … again! Last year was tough enough … not only did I turn “40” … my son had a daughter. Whether I want to admit it or not … that makes me a grandmother at “40”. WHAM!! … that kinda knocks you out for a minute … actually more like a few hours ;). No seriously … I am grateful for my beautiful granddaughter Kylie! She is beautiful and doing fabulously and is 8 months old already! My son has very much stepped up and taken on an entirely new life taking care of his daughter now and fiancé Demi. They are a beautiful family! You know as a Mother … it is not easy when it comes to your son and being accepting of the women in their life. Of course, we always think no one will ever be good enough. I have been proven wrong … which doesn’t happen often ;) … Demi is a wonderful person, mother, daughter, sister … I could not pick anyone more perfect to be the mother of my grandchild. I am very proud of both of them! I love you guys!! We have all been through a lot these past few years with all of the economic and financial changes that most of us have experienced or are still experiencing. I know I have … after spending 13 plus years as a Real Estate Broker (happily retired now) … wow … it has been tough! I talk to people every day that are still trying to adjust to all the changes and financial transitions we have all endured. These tough times have taught many of us many lessons. Through my own struggles and determination … I have continued to develop the desire to help others in ways 06



that I am able. Luckily, I feel this internal optimism inside me. Thankfully this optimism continues to pull me through hard times and keeps me going … sometimes slowly … nonetheless I’m going. Unfortunately, not everyone has this “defense mechanism”. I realized that when reflecting recently on the very sad passing of fellow Publisher, Bill Sharpe. Hard to believe it has already been a year since his death. Bill will always be remembered and missed. Hopefully we are all starting to get back to a place of comfort and strength … gliding as gracefully as one can through the stormy waters. I thankfully seemed to have found some dry land … the storm seems to be off in the distance … the sun is out and shining brightly. It is time to take in all that we have learned … rebuild … restructure and restore our lives. Numerous generations before us also endured similar struggles. Actually our pioneers endured struggles that thankfully we will never fully experience. Did you know March was Woman’s History Month? And with Mother’s Day right around the corner … I felt it was a perfect time to put some thought into our relationships with our Mother’s and also reflect back on the Women’s Right’s Movement … dating back to as early as 1848. Many brave … absolutely incredible women have assisted in paving the road before us. Many of these women fought for equality during a time when women were not considered fit to lead. Yet … they stood up and fought for what they believed in. We are all forever grateful for these courageous angels sent before us.

So spring is here … get out and enjoy our pleasant spring temperatures … well... kinda pleasant … it’s already 90 ;) … still … make time … relax … and take in all of our beautiful surroundings. Bayshore Boulevard is one of my favorite places to do just that. Did you know that Bayshore Blvd. is worldly known? There are numerous captivating stories throughout our Spring Issue. We hope you enjoy the look back!! Sincerely, Kelly Wilson, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief info@davisislandsmagazine.com


................................................................. To my wonderful son and daughter; Zach & Jada, family & friends, all of our advertising sponsors, my fantastic staff and the South Tampa community! Special thanks to channel 10 news, Lee Sharkey, Ph.D., Linda Mintle, Ph.D., Guinness book of world records, WFLA news, City of Tampa, The Centre, Ted Marten, records of the national women’s party and the library of congress for providing the references used in the following editorial sections. Thank you to the Burgert brothers photographic collection for their alluring historical photographs used throughout our spring issue. Special thanks to Rodney Kite-Powell, curator of history at the Tampa Bay history center… I happily continue to come across very detailed, interesting stories he has written on the beginning days of the Tampa Bay area. Thank you!

Spring 2013 | Davis Islands Magazine


THERE ARE MANY UPCOMING EVENTS TO ENJOY! d.i. Magazine would like to thank Emilio and Blanche Librero for sharing their story with us in our Holiday Issue. Be sure to read all about Judd Chapin, Chief Helicopter Reporter & Pilot for WFLA … featured in the d.i. Business Focus Section (pgs. 10-11). Your participation is welcome … if you know of a business owner in the Tampa Bay Area with a unique, inspiring story … please e-mail us their information to: info@davisislandsmagazine.com … we look forward to receiving your responses. Each issue … one Business Owner will be chosen to be featured … we look forward to sharing many Magical, Influential Stories of Success and Determination from Business Owners … right here … within our Community. Congratulations to Becky Sullivan for winning our Holiday History Contest. Thank you to everyone that entered!!



d.i. Magazine is excited to Welcome and Introduce … The South Tampa Business Alliance … A much needed modern day “Alliance” for Entrepreneurs. The STBA is designed to assist Bay Area Businesses with all of their business endeavors while additionally protecting, promoting and uniting with other Businesses within our Business Community. (pgs. 18-19& 47) … We look forward to assisting the STBA with many future endeavors and events. Welcome the STBA and thank you! Be sure to check out d.i. Magazine’s Website for the latest event happenings, photos and area information. You can even browse through d.i. Magazine’s archived issues. Keep up to date by signing up for weekly updates. Subscriptions for d.i. Magazine are now available … sign up today to receive your printed keepsake copy. There are many upcoming events to enjoy! Be sure to check out pgs. 18 & 19 for additional information.

community focus

The 8th Annual Davis Islands Ice Cream Social & Movie in the Park Saturday May 18 8-9:30pm - Sandy Freedman Tennis Complex Sponsored by the Davis Islands Civic Association, bring the whole family for an evening of fun. Enjoy our beautiful waterfront with your neighbors and all the ice cream you can eat!

Hyde Park Fresh Market 1st Sunday of every month, year round (No End Date) 1602 W Snow Avenue, Tampa, FL 33606 Rain or Shine, from 10 AM to 3 PM. With space for over 100 vendors, the Hyde Park Village Fresh Market features: Agricultural products | Fresh, Organic Produce | Plants, Herbs & Flowers | Fresh Bread | Pasta | Ready-to-Eat Foods | Brooklyn-style Knishs | Kettle Corn | Southern Style Foods | Hand Crafts | Local Art | Handcrafted Jewelry | Live Music | Cooking Demos | Outdoor Seating and much more!

Sunday Market in Downtown Tampa Operates every Sunday 10 am to 3pm Address: 600 North Franklin Street, Tampa, FL 33602 Offering local produce, artisan breads and cakes, gourmet cheese, scrumptious desserts, and home-made jams, sauces, spreads. The Market also offers hand-crafted jewelry and accessories, leather goods, adoptable dogs, live music, children’s activities and original works from local artists.

Davis Islands Yacht Club “LEARN TO SAIL PROGRAM”

If you are looking for a unique opportunity for your child during the summer break. You might want to consider the Davis Islands Yatch Club Learn to Sail program. The weekly camps run from June 13 to August from 9am to 4PM each weekday. The camps are open for ages 8 to 18 years old and cost $265 per week. You can get more information if interested from the Davis Islands Youth Sailing Foundation website.

Together We Can Make A Difference

Spring 2013 | Davis Islands Magazine


^ Judd preparing for take off

Judd Chapin WFLA Chief Helicopter Pilot and Reporter


recently had the pleasure of interviewing Judd Chapin, a Helicopter Pilot & Reporter for WFLA News. Judd has been with WFLA News for over 28 years. I had never been in a Helicopter before, I just recently overcame my fear of flying in planes, nonetheless I will not pass up a once in a lifetime opportunity to fly in a News Helicopter with the comfort of knowing that I am flying with a pilot that is extremely experienced and knowledgeable. The flight was amazing! Peter, a news photographer for WFLA came along with us to catch the photographs needed for the appropriate news story that evening. “There is a lot going on while you’re flying …there is much to be aware of at all times … radios on aircraft are set by priority … you are constantly checking; all radio activity, the weather, air control towers, other air traffic and if your live with your Anchors … you have to be able to respond appropriately to questions asked.”



Judd Chapin grew up on a farm in Arkansas where they raised cattle, corn and cotton. Judd attended Wofford University in South Carolina. After attending the Liberal Arts College 2.5 years, Judd

received a draft notice from the US Military. Instead of being drafted, Judd decided to enlist in the US Army. Judd attended flight school in the Army and became an Army Helicopter Pilot in the Vietnam War. “I figured if I was going to be in combat, in the jungle, I would rather be in the air than on the ground” Once Judd’s military days were over he attended USF where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Judd could not suppress is passion for Flying. In 1984 he joined WFLA as their Chief Helicopter Pilot and Reporter. Judd takes tremendous pride in his work. He is continually recognized for his talents, outstanding achievements and dedication. In 1991, he was awarded the “Leo Galanos Award” for Pilot of the Year presented by American Eurocopter and the National Pilots Association. The Society of Professional Journalists recognized him in 1995 with its annual Award of Excellence. Both the Associated Press and the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Awards selected his aerial coverage for Best Spot News in 2003. Judd serves as Chief Pilot for US Helicopters, Inc. He was the founding Chairman of

business focus



“Ground Photos would be all the News Stations would have without helicopters. Helicopters give the Stations the ability to get anywhere in a small amount of time and deliver a picture or report that you couldn’t otherwise deliver”. Judd also stressed “we try to fly neighborly; we try not to stay too long or in one place too long.

^ Kelly and Peter (photographer for WFLA)


d.i. Yacht club – approaching Peter O’ Knight

Look up occasionally, you just might catch a glimpse of Judd in his legendary Eagle 8 News Helicopter. Judd has truly been an asset to our community. Thank you to Judd Chapin for sharing his story with us. d.i. Magazine would like to congratulate Judd Chapin for all of his contributions to the Tampa Bay area and beyond. Thank you Judd and Congratulations!


the National Broadcast Pilots Assoc. (1985-1992), Co-Founder of Vietnam Helicopter Assoc. of Florida (1997-98), as well as Co-Founder (Chairman, 1999-2003, and Life Member) of the Vietnam Helicopter Aircrew Museum, along with keeping an active membership in other pilots’ organizations. Judd is also 1 of 7 that co-wrote the Helicopter Safety Procedures for the NTSB (National Transportation Board) … Helicopter TV Crews around the country are encouraged to follow them.

We recognize that we do create noise. We try to be as unintrusive as possible”. Amazingly, Judd still has time for his hobbies. Judd enjoys fishing, woodworking and designing and building military miniatures.

Right over Adventure Island Water

Kelly Wilson and Judd Chapin – helicopter Pilot / Reporter for WFLA / NBC Affiliate

Judd notes a few of his most memorable flights as being; one of the first News Crews in the air when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded in 1986. Also, he was the first Aircraft into Homestead to view the devastation after the horrific Hurricane Andrew. Judd participated in a Search and Rescue Mission which resulted in saving the lives of two missing boaters in Sarasota. “This was my most gratifying flight”. This Search and Rescue Mission was featured on the TV Show, Rescue 911. He has also flown with such celebrities as; Paul Newman, Al Rocker and Pulitzer Prize Winning Author James A. Michener.

Spring 2013 | Davis Islands Magazine





Service station at intersection of Bayshore, Swann and Magnolia Avenues with Hills Bay on the left. April 6, 1934

Bayshore Blvd. is one of Tampa’s true treasures. We are so very fortunate to live in an area that has such a mild, enjoyable climate that provides the perfect environment for year round outdoor recreation. One of my favorite places in Tampa is definitely “Bayshore”. Stretching 4.5 miles from downtown Tampa southward to South Tampa - Ballast Point. Bayshore Blvd. is said to be the World’s longest continuous sidewalk. (Tampa Bay and Company is the agency that markets our area to tourists and its spokesman says the agency has confirmed that piece of trivia. – Channel 10 news)


I’m sure many of us would agree that Bayshore Blvd. is one of the most scenic, picture – perfect places in Tampa Bay. Bayshore Blvd. provides many outdoor enthusiasts with plenty of recreational opportunities. The wide boulevard with a grass median is extremely popular through all hours of the day for joggers, bicyclists, walkers and fishermen. Others congregate, relax and enjoy the views of the Tampa Bay and downtown Tampa. Bayshore Boulevard runs along the bay with only a white balustrade between the water and sidewalk. As you head north on the divided boulevard toward Downtown Tampa, a wide 12


Spring 2013 | Davis Islands Magazine


History ^

Workers repairing sidewalk adjacent to seawall along Bayshore . January 17, 1933

..................................................... ON THE COVER: Bayshore Blvd. sidewalk and seawall, looking north. April 6, 1934

beautifully landscaped median with grand historic homes lines the western side of the boulevard and gives way to a narrow median with exquisite high rises with magnificent views. Bayshore Blvd. has displays of public art and numerous historical markers. Many celebrated events have taken and will continue to take place on this famous boulevard. (Too many alluring details to mention at this time, however looking forward to future d.i. stories.) Although some recent upgrades have been made, including new landscaping, were made recently, just prior to the 2012 Republican National Convention. The pavement has remained mostly untouched. Nonetheless the beauty of the area far out way any bumps you encounter along the way.


So what history story lies behind this legendary sidewalk? Bayshore Blvd., through the years, has been referred to as the Bayshore Blvd. of Dreams … It is said that Emelia and Chester W. Chapin of New York settled in Tampa in 1891. The Chapin’s were instrumental in helping develop the bay shore and the city of Tampa. They purchased 110 acres of land three miles south of the city limits of Tampa. On October 12, 1892 the Chapin’s formed the Consumers Electric Light and Street Railway Company. This new trolley car system was completed in 1893, and provided service throughout the community. Emelia Chapin’s personal trolley car, Fair Lady, was built so she could shop, entertain friends and travel to the Ballast Point Pavilion. On December 14, 1898, the Consumers Electric Light and Street Railway Company’s dam was destroyed 14


In 1907, Alfred Swann and Eugene Holtsinger constructed the original section of seawall and roadway extending from Swann Avenue to Rome Avenue. This initial section, which was called Bayshore Drive, served Suburb Beautiful, the first residential development along the bayshore. Subsequently, as a result of a 1912 bond issue, 2.3 miles of seawall and roadway were added by Hillsborough County. Thus, the bayshore was expanded to 3.2 miles, transforming the original drive to Bayshore Boulevard.


El Prado Blvd. from Bayshore Blvd. undeveloped / taken Sept. 3, 1946.


by dynamite. The company never recovered from this major financial setback. On October 2, 1899, the company was purchased by a Boston syndicate, Stone and Webster, who formed the Tampa Electric Company. When the new company assumed control, the city’s trolley system, including the bayshore tracks, included 21.5 miles. The Chapin’s sold all of their remaining properties, never to return to their city of dreams. A plaque at the southern end of Bayshore tells this story of Tampa’s original streetcar company.

“The boulevard runs along the shore of Hillsborough Bay, so the origin of its name is about as obvious as it gets. But where the builders actually put the pavement was far from obvious. It was revolutionary”, said Rodney Kite-Powell, curator of history at the Tampa Bay History Center. Back then, Bayshore’s sidewalk and its balustrade of shapely columns didn’t exist. It was simply a muddy waterline looking out into the gorgeous, glittering blue bay.

When they built Bayshore’s first homes, two developers -- Alfred Swann and Eugene Holtsinger -- made the call: their finished suburb would preserve that pristine view by putting the road between the houses and the bay. No houses, no shipyards, they wanted nothing to block the

beautiful view. “They saw even then that having public access to the bay and having that be really kind of a grand boulevard for their development and for the city was more important than selling some waterfront lots,” Kite-Powell said. The Great Hurricane of 1921 destroyed a substantial portion of the boulevard, resulting in a 1925 reconstruction project. The City of Tampa reconstructed the boulevard within the city limits. Concurrently, Hillsborough County built a new section of boulevard extending from Hawthorne Road to Howard Avenue. In 1935, created by order of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) was the largest and most ambitious New Spring 2013 | Davis Islands Magazine



The WPA was funded by Congress with passage of the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of 1935 on April 8, 1935. The WPA provided almost eight million jobs throughout this period consisting of; public works projects, including the construction of public buildings and roads. Almost every community in the United States had a new park, bridge or school constructed by the agency. WPA provided the resources necessary to once again reconstruct the Bayshore Boulevard as well as build the Bayshore Boat Docks. This 1935 project resulted in a wider Bayshore Boulevard extending from Hawthorne Road to the Platt Street Bridge. Since 1935, time and storms have taken a toll upon the Bayshore Boulevard. In 1992, the Bayshore Boulevard restoration project was completed, resulting in the restoration of the seawall system as well as the realignment of the northbound roadway between Hawthorne Road and Rome Avenue. The tradition of Bayshore Boulevard as a public treasure, not a private one, has and will continue to live on for generations to come. Who knew ‌ the world’s longest continuous sidewalk was right in our backyard. 16




Deal agency, employing millions of unemployed people (mostly unskilled men) during the Great Depression in the United States, between 1935-1943.

Crowd along seawall at speed boat races along Davis Islands and Bayshore Blvd. March 6, 1926



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South Tampa Business Alliance

Mission Statement We are leaders

… as business leaders we will seek to bring growth and success to our area businesses (our members).

We are involved … we will partner with our mem-

bers and will provide the needed support to our members by allowing our members to focus on what they do best while at the same time … delivering excellence to their customer’s.

We share strategy … we will form partnerships

with the most reputable companies to deliver customized solutions to our members. Our partners will include highly skilled individuals who are experts in a number of areas key to the South Tampa Business Owner. Whether its starting a new business, building capacity, continuing your education or brushing up on your skills, marketing / advertising, whatever your needs, we will have a partner that can assist you. The South Tampa Business Alliance strongly believes that we can all achieve our best results by working together. 18


Our reason for being is to support South Tampa Businesses by delivering relevant industry knowledge along with the marketing / advertising edge that allows our members success.

Membership benefits:

*The South Tampa Business Alliance will provide a directory of all members. STBA quarterly publication will showcase and feature our members and their businesses … while also proving enjoyable editorial for our readers. 10,000 copies will be printed quarterly and distributed among our members and in designated distribution locations throughout the South Tampa community.

Member to member discounts:

All members will agree to offer and receive member to member discounts (member share’s). A set discount of 10% will be offered at all businesses included within the alliance. Your STBA membership card will be needed to receive your “member share’s”. Once your application for membership is processed ... The STBA will forward to you all of your additional member details & benefits (new member packet). As we continue to grow you will be able to research on our website all local active members within our alliance.

South Tampa Business Alliance

entrepreneurs share faith in a bright future. They have a clear vision of where they are going and what they are doing, and they have pressing needs to succeed. If I didn’t know better, I would be tempted to say that “entrepreneur” is another word for “American. WE ALL SHARE A COMMON GOAL … to be successful and grow our businesses. We all work extremely hard starting and continuing our businesses success. If all of us benefit by a slight discount on cost by using each others businesses … not only does that assist in stimulating our local economy … that also increases the opportunity for additional jobs within our community. While also ensuring the success of each individual business. The South Tampa Business Alliance believes in relationships … people do business with people they trust. Trust is born out of these relationships. Establishing trust and conveying confidence is crucial. Ethics, integrity, respect, delivering value and peace of mind, and making a positive impact on our community are just a few of our core values. Become a member today! The South Tampa Business Alliance strives to identify our members highest-value opportunities,

– Ronald Rea-

address their challenges and assist in opinions on the same issues … at the positively transforming their enterprises. same time.. That is powerful … there is strength in numbers! The South Tampa Business Alliance will also continuously provide up to date information to our members on what Congress is doing in session that directly relates to Business Owners. The STBA will inform all members of important decisions that your Law Makers are making … so that your input can be heard before your Law Makers vote … not after when it is too late. There is strength in numbers … if each of us is voicing our


see membership application on page 47

Spring 2013 | Davis Islands Magazine




Spring 2013 | Davis Islands Magazine




A tribute to Mother’s

Mother & daughter the original love relationship Whether you have a great mother-daughter relationship or a mother-daughter relationship that needs improvement … there is no denying that the mother-daughter relationship is a very special bond. When you’re five, she’s a goddess. You smear your face with her lipstick and model her earrings and high heels, wanting to be just like mommy. That’s the way it is until you’re about twelve or thirteen, when she suddenly becomes the most ignorant, out-of-touch creature on the planet, and you can’t get far enough away from her. And then, somewhere between your twenties and your thirties or so, if you’re lucky, she becomes your best friend again. No relationship is quite as primal as the one between a mother and her daughter. “It’s the original relationship, and it’s also a relationship that has been sentimentalized but not honored,” says Lee Sharkey, Ph.D., who directs the Women’s Studies program at the University of Maine at Farmington, where she

teaches a popular course in mother-daughter relationships. “Women grow up and our energy is largely turned toward men, but the original love relationship is with a mother. If we as daughters don’t acknowledge that, we’re closing ourselves off from a great source of power and fulfillment and understanding of ourselves.” Mothers and daughters who struggle with their relationships as adults often repeat the old patterns of control and rebellion from childhood, says Dr. Sharkey. “They can’t hear each other. The daughter will hear the mother say something and she’ll think, ‘She wants to control me.’ And the mother is saying something that absolutely is controlling, but is not meant to be.” Meanwhile, when the daughter speaks, the mother hears nothing but anger — in a comment that does indeed convey anger but also “I love you, and can’t we do this differently?” continue to page 29 Spring 2013 | Davis Islands Magazine


Good Humor Ice Cream trucks and employees lined up on Bayshore Blvd., in front of the Bayshore Royal Hotel, near the corner of Howard Ave., for this 1920’s promotional photograph. The Good Humor manufacturing plant was located several blocks away, adjacent to the railroad line, along Hyde Park’s industrial corridor. Ice-cream trucks were especially popular before residential refrigeration could adequately ensure consistent freezing. June 27, 1927.




Picture of 1913 Suffrage March, New York City

Suffragists on bus in New York City, part of the Suffrage hike to Washington D.C., which joined the March 3, 1913 National American Woman Suffrage Association Parade




Elizabeth Freeman of the New York State Suffrage Association, with her horse and carriage, on her way to join the march in Washington D.C. on. March 3, 1913


March 3, 1913 photo at the Suffrage Parade, showing members (left to right) Mrs. Russell McLennan, Mrs. Althea Taft, Mrs. Lew Bridges, Mrs. Richard Coke Burleson, Alberta Hill and Miss F. Ragsdale


Abby Scott Baker in Prison Dress. Abby Scott Baker served as an officer of the National Women’s Party. This picture of Abby Scott Baker in prison dress dates to 1917, after her arrest and conviction for participating in a suffrage protest in Washington, DC.



Yellow Suffrage Ribbon - 1913. Suffrage ribbons were commonly worn in suffrage parades and marches. This one is from a 1913 suffrage demonstration.

^ The automobile became a popular mode of travel at the beginning of the 20th century. At first, gasoline was available at very limited locations. Affluent families had gas pumps attached to private garages behind their homes. As the automobile became more affordable, service stations began to appear in residential neighborhoods. Service station at intersection of Bayshore, Swann and Magnolia Avenues with Hills Bay on the left. April 6, 1934. | Spring 2013

Davis Islands Magazine




Spring 2013 | Davis Islands Magazine


...continued from page 23


rom the time she was seven until she graduated from high school, Carrie Hutton, a human resources manager now in her thirties, lived with a stepfather she and her sisters recall as emotionally abusive — an experience that reverberated through her relationship with her mother for years afterward. “Because of the decisions my mom made, my younger life was very difficult. When I was in my twenties, that made me very angry. And mom didn’t want to talk about it. She just wanted us all to get over it,” Carrie recalls. Finally, one weekend several years ago, Carrie and her mother finally managed to hear each other. “For the first time I said, ‘I need to understand what happened. It’s part of me, as much as my blonde hair and my blue eyes. You have three daughters who love and adore you, and I don’t understand why you get so angry when I ask about it.’ It was the first time we had a real conversation about what happened.” Carrie’s mother, Sue Gearhart, then wrote long letters to each of her three daughters, talking about the choices she had made. “I



think writing a letter helped her to put her thoughts down in a way that made sense. She carried a lot of guilt,” Carrie says. “I realized my mom is who she is because of the things that happened to her, and she did the best she could. I guess you start to see yourself in your parents somewhat.” Sue certainly sees a lot of herself in Carrie. “We’re probably a lot alike emotionally. We’re moody, and I think we’re alike as far as trying to find out answers to our own emotional problems, always searching for an answer to ‘fix’ ourselves.” She recalls with pride the period when Carrie moved from Hershey, Pennsylvania, near her hometown of York, to start an independent life in Atlanta. “She knew she could live on her own and make it and thrive, and after that, our relationship got a lot closer. Such an important part of parenting is letting go.”

10 steps

to improving your Mother


Relationship 1.

Make the first move.

Don’t wait for the other person to make the first move, said Linda Mintle, Ph.D, relationships and family therapist and author of I Love My Mother, But… Practical Help to Get the Most Out of Your Relationship. Doing so inevitably leaves relationships stuck. “Think about how you feel in the relationship and what you can do to change.”

A tribute to Mother’s 2.

Change yourself.


Have realistic expectations.

Both moms and daughters often have idealistic expectations about their relationship. For instance, kids commonly think their mom will be nurturing and present — always. This idea can develop from an early age.


^ 6.

Sokhan Mey with Daugther Sarry San.

Sarry’s age from left to right, 14 months and 23 years



Many think that the only way to improve a relationship is for the other person to change their ways. But you aren’t chained to their actions; you can change your own reactions and responses, Mintle said. Interestingly, this can still alter your relationship. Think of it as a dance, she said. When one person changes their steps, the dance inevitably changes.

Repair damage quickly.

“One of the key principles in sustaining healthy and satisfying relationships is to repair damage quickly,” Mintle said. Healthy couples don’t avoid conflict. They realize conflict is inevitable and they deal with it head on. This applies to mother and daughter relationships, too, she said. Not resolving conflict quickly can have many consequences.

Lack of communication is a common challenge with moms and daughters. “In some ways they can be so close or feel so close that they believe that each of them should know how the other one feels,” Mintle said. “What happens as a result is they don’t communicate.” Or they communicate harshly, in ways they’d never “dare speak to everyone else,” which 7. Put yourself in her shoes – switch places causes hurt feelings that “don’t go away so easily,” she said. Mintle refers to empathy as “widening the lens.” She uses the analogy of a digital camera, which just offers 5. Be an active listener. us a snapshot. But a panoramic lens provides a much Active listening is “reflecting back what the other person is wider view, letting us see the object in a larger context. saying,” instead of assuming you already know, Mintle said. If you’re a daughter, think of your mom as a woman When you reflect back what your mom or daughter is saying, with her “own wounds and hurts,” who was born and you’re telling her that she’s being heard and that you underraised in a different generation with different values and stand. difficult family relationships and issues. Spring 2013 | Davis Islands Magazine




Learn to forgive.

Forgiveness is “an individual act,” Mintle said. It differs from reconciliation, which takes both people and isn’t always possible. Forgiving someone isn’t saying that what happened is OK. It’s not condoning, pardoning or minimizing the impact, she said. Mintle views forgiveness as key for well-being. “I’m constantly telling daughters you have to forgive your mom in order to be healthy.” “The power of forgiveness is really for the person who forgives.”

Agree to disagree.

Moms and daughters disagree on many topics, such as relationship, parenting and career, and they usually try to convince the other to change those opinions, CohenSandler said. Moms feel threatened and rejected that their daughters are making different decisions. Daughters think their moms disapprove of them and get defensive. Realize that there are some topics that you’ll never agree on. And that’s OK, she said. In fact, “it’s really healthy for moms and daughters to have major disagreements.” Also, don’t take “something personally that isn’t personal.” “The bottom line is that moms and daughters can be really close www.davisislandsmagazine.com


Goldie Hawn with daughter Kate Hudson




One of the key principles in sustaining healthy and satisfying relationships is to repair damage quickly.

but they’re not the same people. They are allowed to have different interests, goals and ways of handling things.” A daughter doesn’t have to change her choices to please her mom; and mom doesn’t have to change her opinions, either.

10. Stick to the present. Moms and daughters tend to have “an old argument that runs like a broken record in the background,” Mintle said. It becomes their default disagreement. Instead, avoid “bringing up old gripes from the past,” and try to focus on the present.

Kelly Wilson age 2 with her mom Emily ^

Interesting Mother’s Day Facts

A tribute to Mother’s • The earliest Mother’s Day celebration dates back to ancient Greece. They celebrated this day by honoring Rhea ‘mother of the gods’ with honey-cake, flowers and drinks at dawn. • Ancient Egyptians celebrated this day by honoring the goddess Isis, who was known as ‘mother of pharaohs.’ • It is a tradition in China that family names often begin with a sign that means “mother”. It is a nice way of honoring their moms long past. • In United Kingdom and Ireland, Mother’s Day is called Mothering Sunday. It is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, or three weeks before Easter Sunday. • Interestingly, in most languages, the word for mother begins with the letter M. • The wife of Russian Fedor Vassilyev is credited by the 1997 Guinness Book of Records as having given birth to most children. She delivered 69 children, which included 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets, and four sets of quadruplets. • Jayne Bleackley holds the record for the shortest interval between two children born in separate confinements. She gave birth to Joseph Robert on September 3, 1999, and 208 days later on March 30, 2000 she gave birth to Annie Jessica Joyce.

• Carnations are the flowers associated with Mother’s Day. White carnations are worn in the memory of deceased mothers. Whereas, red carnations are for those mothers who are alive. • World’s youngest mother is Lina Medina, who delivered a 6½-pound boy in Lima, Peru in 1939, at an age of 5 years and 7 months.

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Spring 2013 | Davis Islands Magazine


Real estate update Spring

2013 ............................................................................. How is the market? This is the question that comes up 9 times out of 10 when a

Especially in South Tampa zip codes of 33606, 33609, 33629, and 33611 January 2013 vs. January 2012 performance numbers are very positive: • Number of CLOSED TRANSACTIONS – up by almost 35% vs. Jan 2012.

conversation touches upon real estate.

• AVERAGE SALE PRICE – up by 5.4% vs. Jan 2012

Good or bad, my response has always been:

• MEDIAN SALE PRICE – up by 6.4% vs. Jan 2012

“It’s unbelievable!.” ............................................................................. You can take that any way you wish. During the past few years, “unbelievable” usually had a negative tone to it. Recently, it has taken on a much more positive one. It is quite unbelievable how well some neighborhoods are performing with increased levels of sales activity. A few reasons why this is happening are the extremely low interest rates, increased buyer confidence, increased demand for new homes spurring buying activity from custom home builders, and an influx of investment groups snapping up recently built single family homes in nice areas. These factors contribute to increased demand for housing and a decreasing supply. Basic economic principles dictate that if we have less of something that more people desire, the price must go up. And so it has.

According to the most recent MLS data, the trend continues. Sales are increasing, and prices are going up. 34


• AVERAGE SALE PRICE PER SQ. FT. - up by 13.7% vs. Jan 2012 Year to Year (2/1/11 to 1/31/12 vs. 2/1/12 to 1/31/13) comparisons reveal positive trends as well: • Number of CLOSED TRANSACTIONS – up by 11% • Annual SALES VOLUME – up by 29% • AVERAGE SALE PRICE – up by 16%

..................................................................... What these figures mean for us purchasing or selling a home is that sellers are finally starting to gain some traction and are able to demand a higher price for nice homes located in good areas. For buyers the environment has turned competitive and is forcing them to get more serious and act. In many cases,

good properties will have multiple buyers interested, necessitating swift and decisive action on part of the buyer. To win the “buying competition”, offers need to be strong and serious. Mortgage loan pre-approvals are definitely a must to compete with other buyers, especially those offering cash. The days of low-ball offers are behind us, bank-owned inventory is dropping, and prices of distressed properties are increasing closer to their conventional sale counterparts. It is still a great time to buy a home. It may also be the right time to sell one if you have been waiting on the sidelines until things get better. Of course each neighborhood is unique and each property is different. Therefore we always recommend a closer look at what is relevant to you and your home. A REALTOR® will be able to evaluate your individual situation, take into account the factors that are specific to your home and make recommendations that would work best for you. If you have any questions about this article, real estate, or would like to explore what options you may have with regards to selling or purchasing a home, please contact Michal Winiarek at the Engel & Völkers Real Estate office in Tampa. (813) 787-0361.

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womens’s right movement


WOMEN’S RIGHTS MOVEMENT In many societies, women have been seen as second-class citizens, at the control and mercy of their husbands or fathers. In the late 1800s, both sexes gathered with the intention of obtaining equal rights for women in the work place, the right to vote and take part in government.

On that day, a group of women came to the home of Elizabeth Cady Stanton for afternoon tea. From their conversations that afternoon, a declaration was made and events leading to the first women’s rights convention were set in motion

The beginning of the women’s rights movement in the United States is often marked as July 13, 1848.

One result of the afternoon tea was the Seneca Falls Convention, which was held July 19-20,




Elizabeth Cady Stanton, 1815–1902, American reformer, a leader of the woman-suffrage movement

^ In May 1869, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton organized the National Women’s Suffrage Association, dedicated to a constitutional amendment granting women the right to vote. In 1903, the National Women’s Trade Union League was established to fight for higher wages and better working conditions. Through the hard work and dedication of many women, Congress finally passed the women’s suffrage amendment in 1920. The work that

began that afternoon over tea would finally pay off. On August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was signed into law, granting women in the United States the right to vote. No law has yet been passed giving women equal pay for equal work. With the Great Depression of the 1930s, followed by World War II, many women went seeking jobs outside the home. Women were needed to support their families financially, but soon with the return of men home from the war, and an ever-increasing competitive job market, women became frustrated once again with their role in society.


Susan Brownell Anthony, 1820–1906, American reformer and leader of the woman-suffrage movement

The 1964 Civil Rights Act, the same act to bring momentous change in the fight for civil


1848. One hundred men and women met over a two-day period to discuss important issues facing women. During the convention Stanton presented the Declaration of Sentiments. In the end, they urged equal treatment and the right to vote. The first convention led to several other conventions at locations around the country in the years leading up to the Civil War.

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Woman Suffrage Headquarters, Ohio campaign of 1912 / Included: A. (at extreme right) Miss Belle Sherwin, President, National League of Women Voters; B. Judge Florence E. Allen (holding the flag); C. Mrs. Malcolm McBride




Womens’s Rights Movement

Women’s Liberation protest 1960


................................................................................ Opposition Headquarters about 1911



rights of African Americans, put equal opportunity for women into federal law by prohibiting sex discrimination in employment. NOW (the National Organization for Women) was founded in 1966 and has continued to defend the rights of women, particularly in areas of equal opportunity and equal pay, into the modern era. Established by Congress in 1987, March is considered Women’s History Month in the United States. Each year in schools, communities and workplaces, women’s struggles and accomplishments, as well as famous contributors to the women’s movement, are highlighted and celebrated. WE’VE HAD SOME INCREDIBLE FEMALE LEADERS IN TAMPA BAY Kate Veronica Jackson (1-13-1857 - 12-11-1940) fought for equality during a time when women were not considered fit to lead. Kate Jackson deeded her home to Sacred Heart Catholic Church which later sold it to the city of Tampa. A Recreation Center was built and named for her in recognition of her seminal efforts toward the development of Tampa’s first public playgrounds under trained directors and contributed a “considerable sum of money to its equipment,” according to former Mayor D.B. McKay, in office in 1910. She was an organizer and first President of the then, all Female, Tampa Civic Association, formed in 1911, which carried forward strenuous campaigns for playgrounds, city clean-up, a public library, better streets and beautification--”cultivating higher ideals of civic life and beauty” (her words).


Kate Jackson Community Center – Hyde Park

Women’s Rights Movement

.................................................................................................................... In 1908, Nurse Clara Frye set up her home to care for African-Americans in Tampa. Her house on Lamar Avenue served as a hospital for the next fifteen years and no patient was turned away due to ethnicity or lack of finances. In 1923, she expanded into a two-story, seventeen-bed facility on the same street. In 1928, the City of Tampa purchased her hospital, where she continued to work until her health deteriorated. A new, larger facility, the “Clara Frye Memorial Hospital”, was built in 1937. The 9th floor wing of Tampa General Hospital is named in her honor. BETTY MAE TIGER JUMPER (1923-2011)

^ Betty Mae Jumper (The first female Chief of the Seminole Tribe of Florida1923-2011)-

.................................................... ^

Nurse Clara Frye - The 9th floor wing of Tampa General Hospital is named in her honor

The first female chief of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Betty Mae Tiger Jumper, was born in South Florida’s Indiantown. She attended the Cherokee Indian School in North Carolina, and in 1949, she became the first Seminole to earn a high school diploma. In 1946, she married Moses Jumper. Betty Mae was elected to head the Seminoles in 1967, she was also the founder of the United South and Eastern Tribes (USET), one of the most powerful lobbies in In-

dian Country. In 1970, she was one of two women appointed by President Nixon to the National Congress on Indian Opportunity. Betty Mae Jumper was the Seminoles’ first Health Director, and was known as the tribal storyteller. She edited the Seminole Tribune, is the author of two books: And With the Wagon - Came God’s Word and Legends of the Seminoles, and narrated a video, The Corn Lady. Betty Mae was awarded an honorary doctorate by Florida State University in 1994 for her years of dedication to improving the health, education, cultural and economic conditions of the Seminole people. d.i. Magazine looks forward to re-telling many future stories of Tampa Bay’s Historic Women Leaders. Thank you to so many brave, powerful and determined Women! It just goes to show you what “Women” can accomplish when we set our minds to change! Together we can … and will always make a difference!

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Ken Walters’16th Annual

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ritz Ybor, 1503 East 7th Avenue Tampa, Florida

8 pm - 1 am $50 per person $500 per reserved table of four Dance to the sounds of Tom Tiratto’s 17 piece big band orchestra with Lisa Casalino, Ashley Locheed and Paul Phillips on the main stage along with Ignacio Marin’s Latin Lovers in the Copa Room

For more information 813-251-0500

A portion of the proceeds to benefit

Price will increase to $60 on July 24th and at the door.

42 www.davisislandsmagazine.com Complimentary Vodka Martinis during the first hour • Cash Bar • Passed Hors d’oeuvres • Cigar Bar • Black Tie Optional • Valet Parking

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HOW TO WIN: ................................................ Send in the correct answers to these 10 questions for a chance to win a $50 gift card to Bavaro’s Pizza Napoletana & Pastaria.

1: What distance does Bay shore Blvd’s continuous sidewalk run along the Hillsborough bay? A: ______________________________________________________ 2. What has Bayshore Blvd. been referred to through the years? A: ______________________________________________________

7. What year, in result of a bond issue, was 3.2 miles of seawall and roadway added by Hillsborough County? A: ______________________________________________________ 8: Who were the two developers that built Bayshore’s first homes? A: ______________________________________________________

3: What were the Chapin’s instrumental in creating? A: ______________________________________________________ 4: What was the name of Emelia Chapin’s personal trolley car? A: ______________________________________________________ 5: The Consumers Electric Light and Street Railway Company’s dam was destroyed by what? A: ______________________________________________________

9: What year did The Great Hurricane destroy a substantial portion of the boulevard, resulting in the 1925 reconstruction project? A: ______________________________________________________ 10: What Agency, in 1935, created by order of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was the largest and most ambitious New Deal Agency, employing millions of unemployed people (mostly unskilled men) during the Great Depression in the United States, between 1935-1943? A: ______________________________________________________

6: What was the name of the first residential development along the bay shore? A: ______________________________________________________

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South Tampa Business Alliance APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP Business Name _____________________________

Phone _________________________________

Contact Person & Title _______________________

E-mail _________________________________

Business Address ___________________________

Website: _______________________________

City/St./Zip ________________________________ Annual Dues: $395 (12 month membership begins upon receipt of payment) My payment of $395 is enclosed

Charge to my Visa/Mastercard/Discover/ Amex

Card #_________________________________________________ (3 to 4 digit security code on back of card) ___________ Exp Date ______________ Billing Zipcode ___________ Potential Members ‌ STBA first and always respects your privacy. By submitting the membership application, I agree to accept communications from the South Tampa Business Alliance via email, regular mail, phone, text or fax.. I agree to participate in the exchange of member to member benefits / offering 10% off of my product in exchange for 10% off of other business owner member’s product. I agree to be included in the quarterly printed and online membership directory during the term of my membership. Signature ______________________________________________ Date __________________ South Tampa Business Association | WWW.STBA.US | 301 W. Platt St. Suite 29 Tampa, 33606 Spring 2013 | Davis Islands Magazine




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