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Polo Grounds

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St. Joseph School and Church Project: St. Joseph MP What: Site Design Where: Athens, GA Media: CAD/PS Note: The school building is on the west side. the road layout and parking lots, (except the lot above the church) are existing. Design: To establish the campus. The St. Joseph school and church wanted to fill in the remaining area of campus. The site includes a design of a cross-country course, adding a baseball field, vegetable garden, formal garden, and prayer garden. The ideas from the staff and parent surveys were included for the outdoor classroom.

Large Scale

Master Plan

St. Joseph School and Church

Section View

Blow Up Plan Design: To establish the outdoor experience. The outdoor experience includes a vegetable garden, formal garden, outdoor classroom with a rain garden, open space, recreational and fitness playgrounds.

Section View

Large Scale

Whatcoat Street Project: Oxford MP What: Park Design Where: Oxford, GA Media: CAD/Marker

Park Plan View

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Design: Establishing the town center, town park for the community using the existing conditions of the site.

Small Scale

Park Plan View

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Design: Establishing the town center more formally with a larger park, and a way to control traffic

Whatcoat Street

Section View Before


Park Plan View

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Design: Establishing the town center and eliminating the side street to make one large functional park.

Small Scale

NCWSA Xeriscaping Garden

Project: NCWSA Water Conservation Garden What: Xeriscaping Garden Where: Covington, GA, Newton County Media: Auto Cad/Marker/Photoshop

Garden Scheme

Garden Final Design Note: This Graphic above is a collective effort.

Design: The Newton County Water and Sewage Authority wanted to show the county how to conserve water. They wanted a xeriscaping garden. There were five designs. Mine was chosen and is in the process of being installed. All of the planting are low maintenance and help to conserve water.

Small Scale

Newborn Park Project: Newborn Park What: Park Design Where: Newborn, GA Media: CAD/Marker/PS

Pollinating Garden

Newborn Park Scheme

Newborn Park Final Design Note: These Graphics are a collective effort.

Finished Park

Design: The small town of Newborn wanted a community park. The class divided in five groups of two. Our design was selected. We included a playground, gazebo, butterfly garden, and used Georgia’s largest fig schrub as a focal point.

Small Scale

Athens Transit Station Project: Brownfield MP What: Mixed-Use Development Where: Athens, GA Media: CAD/Marker

Plan View Design: Based around the main train station and retrofitting the old cotton mills. the 40-acre site has 3 loft buidlings, an apprtment complex, 11 buildings for retail or office use, an ice rink, 70 housing lots and multiple parks.

Large Scale

Ice Rink Facade Perspective

Sectioned Plan View Design: The Plaza is located between the two lofts with a surrounding balance for planting, green space, and walkways. In addition there is the front view of the on-site ice rink

Large Scale

Polo Grounds Project: Polo Grounds MP What: Horse Farm Where: Lexington, KY Media: CAD/Marker

Master Plan Design: A 200-acre site, a family style ranch includes an arena for polo matches, a winding trail throughout, evergreen shrub maze, cross-country course, and a stable for 14 horses.

Large Scale

Oak Grove

Project: Oak Grove MP What: subdivision Where: Athens, GA Media: CAD/Marker

Soil Erosion & Sediment Control Master Plan Design: A subdivision on the north side of Athens with 117 housing lots and a minimum of 8,000 sq. ft. The lots are 60 ft. wide. The west side has a steep topography, a lake, and most of the existing vegetation.

Large Scale

Chabad House Project: Chabad House What: Student Jewish Center Where: Athens, GA Media: CAD/Built Project

Cad Plan





Design: The Chabad house wanted to renovate the back side of the house. The site includes a small vegetable garden with seating and rain barrel to collect for watering. This was all hand built.

Built Projects

Ross Park Mall Project: Ross Park mALL What: Site Analysis Where: Pittsburgh, PA Media: CAD/PS/Google Maps Design: A retrofit project of the perimeter of the mall. Site photos were taken and matched to the location of the shot.

Plan A

Key Map

Plan B

Site Analysis

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