Pooch Scoop July to September 2019

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POOCH SCOOP July-September 2019

Hi my name is Sophie. I’m a rescue Staffordshire dog. I attend the Tuesday Obedience group with my mum Pip & I love eating a piece of apple during the morning tea break.

News, views and opinions in this newsletter are those of the correspondents, and not necessarily those of the club, editor and committee. The Springwood District Dog Training Club Inc. reserves the right of rejection of material.

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President Lynn Olson Vice President Maryjka Kelly Secretary Moina Wye Treasurer Paul Kelly Chief Instructor Obedience Leanne Brown Newsletter Noeleen Horswell Website Lynn Olson Table Manager Obedience Paul Kelly Shop Manager Francoise Matter Sporting Representative Paul Kelly General Committee: Ron Amann, Vicki Cooper, Chris Lambert, Trevor Mawer, & Cath Moran.

Life Members: Dot Luker,Ann Moy,Sue Fell,Ron Amann, Wally Campbell, Pam Waters, Lesley Piggott, Lynn Olson, Leanne Brown. As a member of the club you are always welcome to attend our Club’s General Meetings at the Red Cross Hall in Macquarie Road Springwood. Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7.30 p.m. Meetings resume each January. NB There is no meeting in December. Web Site: www.sddtc.org Email: info@sddtc.org FACEBOOK: Springwood District Dog Training Club

Training Sessions Agility Beginners  Monday evening 7.00 – 8.00 p.m. Obedience -Intermediate & Advanced  Tuesday l0.00 – 11am (9.30-10.30am if temp above 30) & Thursday evening 7.30 – 8.45 p.m.  New Beginners 8 week Course-commences first Thursday evening of each month @ 7.30pm.(Dogs not needed that night) February to October Wet Weather: If it has been raining for a few days check the Blue Mountains Oval Closure Hotline 47805617 after 3.00 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, or check the BM City Council Website. Also check our SDDC Facebook Page for any training & weather updates.

Dates for your diary 2019 

SDDT Club hosts an Agility Trial each year. This year’s agility trial is being held Sunday 20th October Lomatia Park Springwood. We are looking for volunteers to help out during the day. Thursday December 5th we host our SDDT Club Doggie Christmas party.

*Please be aware that there is no Tuesday morning obedience training during the month of September due to the oval being closed for ground maintenance. Thursday evening obedience training & Monday agility is still on during September.

What is Canine Enrichment? According to Leash & Learn a professional dog training organisation it’s a process for improving the environment & behavioural care for confined animals within the context of their doggy behavioural needs.

What are some of the benefits of Canine Enrichment?    

There is reduced stress for the animal. It can occupy the animals mind & body. Long term behavioural & physical health & wellbeing for both the animal and its human owner Increased enjoyment of the animal

7 Types of Enrichment

Cognitive  Providing the animal with food puzzle toys  Foraging opportunities Auditory  Playing suitable music to your dog  Utilising audio books  Biologically significant sounds for your dog to listen to Feeding & Taste  Offering the stimulation of food puzzle toys to the dog  Offering a variety of “high value” treats to your dog  Providing the dog with novel food objects

Visual Stimulation  Using mobiles  TV  Ensuring the dogs environment has “a room with a view” Physical Exercise  Taking your dog for walks  Allowing your dog opportunity to run  Playing catch/fetch with your dog  Fun play with your dog & yourself Olfactory  Providing your dog with opportunity to sniff out novel scents  Nose Work –according to the National Association of Canine Scent Work Organisation- Nose Work is the specific term used to describe canine scent detection activity. When dogs are engaged in this activity they burn lots of mental and physical activity doing searches. These scent searches can be done anywhere you can take your dog. Shy or fearful dogs build confidence & overactive dogs put their energy into fun stimulating searches. Novel Experiences  Outdoor access to other environments  Changes in scenery

My name is Clooney. My mum Louise & I are being trained in the Responsible Pet Ownership for Children Program. We attend the Tuesday morning Obedience class. Did you know the NSW Government has three education programs targeting responsible pet ownership and safe pet interaction? 1.

‘We Are Family' – targeting the child and pet relationship from pregnancy to preschool years. 2. ‘Living Safely with Dogs’ – targeting 4 – 5 year old preschool children. 3. ‘Living Safely with Pets’ – targeting 5 – 8 year old primary school children. These programs aim to educate parents and children about how to interact safely with pets.

Francoise & Molly Francoise stocks a number of items for sale at wholesale prices. Black Dog is one of our suppliers. Francoise can order an item from Black Dog www.blackdog.net.auwe don’t usually stock in the shop. E.g. Black Dog leads-various lengths, plain or smart leads & Martingale collars-various sizes. The shop is usually set up most Thursday evenings & on most Tuesday mornings the shop is open but not on display. Please see Francoise for special orders, & further information. 

Black Dog Halties-all sizes $22.00 & Haltie extensions $8.00. Black Dog 1 metre lead $14.00

Black Dog treat Tote-various colures NEW $20.00, Blue treat bag tote $10.00 & Black vinyl treat bag tote (1 left) $5.00.

Pigs ears-dog treat-$1.50, Liver treats 150gm bag-$2.50.










$2.00.Environmental doggy poo bags pack of 3 (45) bags $6.50. 

Club shirts, vests and jackets are available for purchase from the club.