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E V E RY T H I N G P E T I N T H E N O R T H W E S T • F E B R U A RY/ M A R C H 2 0 1 4

Cremation & Memorials for your Companion

What the Heart has Once Known It Shall Never Forget We promise to take the best possible care of the companion you’ve lost and the people who have shared in that life. On site: Family Gathering Room and Reflections Room, Memorials including photo and custom boxes, keepsake urns, personalized garden stones and plaques and heartfelt jewelry.

Proud to host the annual Service of Remembrance 8976 SW Tualatin Sherwood Rd, Tualatin, OR 503.885.2211 • 2 Spot Magazine | February/March 2014

Michael, Randy & Avani, owners

D25 Vancouver boutique sweeps

The testimonials on Canine Utopia’s website say it all. Stop in and experience for yourself Evan and Jason’s fun, friendly, knowledgeable service, and their beautiful shop that earned EIGHT Top Dog wins this year.

D26 Green Dog sits top of the heap

Known and loved for going the extra mile, pet parents returned the favor this year, voting Mike and Christine Mallar’s Green Dog Pet Supply a Top Dog in eight categories.

D 31 Chatting with Rubi Sullivan

Among Portland’s most beloved animal pros, Rubi’s Heal Animal Massage has been named TOP DOG for 6 consecutive years. Join Spot behind the scenes with Rubi.



Meet your 2014 Top Dogs! 6 DoveLewis celebrates 40 years … of community, commitment, service 10 The Best Pet of All

8 Rescue Me!

Sweet babies in need of loving forever families. Meet beautiful dogs, cats and rabbits who need a little extra help getting home. Some may have medical issues, some are older, and some have just been in shelter too long …

9 Matchmaker, Matchmaker The Manx

Runchy little newsbits to chew on • Vancouver cat boarder offers adoptables • Local organizations offer free spay/neuter for felines • Fences For Fido mourns “First Fido” • Can we talk? • Local vet team out to give

12 Fetch •


Dr. Heidi explores the qualities that make for a perfect pet/person match. The answers can be surprising … and touching.

D6 Doing Daycare Right

Longtime friends Jaime and Anne joined forces, and in a very short time built A Dog’s Best Friend into an award-winning business.

D15 Never a Kennel, Always a Blast

Anne Graves and her partner Mike Lauria began offering cage-free daycare and boarding five years ago, and have been serving happy dogs and people ever since.

D17 Dogs Dig It … and people too!

After taking the reins just months ago, Ryan Kling has built Dogs Dig It into a winner … in six categories this year.

D22 Puppy training biz truly a wonder

Portland’s puppy wonderland is a Top Dog three years’ running. Discover what makes this business and staff so special, and the exciting things ahead.

D4 Home vet focuses on comfort

Dr. Louise Mesher, who earned votes in seven categories this year, says for her, the house call arena is focused on the comfort of the animal.

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Dignified Pet Services


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4 Spot Magazine | February/March 2014

Meet amazing members of the NW pet community … learn surprising tidbits … even hear them sing a little song!

Who would YOU like to meet? Let us know at Spot Magazine on Facebook, or by emailing

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Cover Model 411 NAME: Howard AGE: 3 BREED: DSH PACK: Howard lives with 3 dogs and 8 other special needs cats. STOMPING GROUNDS: Howard lives indoors in Beaverton. LOVES: All visitors, food, playtime, his fellow cats and dogs, all toys, watching birds from inside, getting brushed, wild night-time play romps, boxes. DOESN’T LOVE: Dieting, tooth-brushing or car rides. SPECIAL NOTES ABOUT HOWARD: Born with a heart problem, Howard has mild kidney issues. He takes his medication well! Howard’s cat-mom Patti says, “He loves to chirp, he has a mischievous side, he loves to greet people with head bumps, and purrs constantly at the sight of people. His feelings are very hurt when we leave him for vacation, and his voice is very high-pitched.

Cover Photo by Kathi Lamm Kathi combines her rapport with animals and her exquisite artistry to create award winning portraits of people and/or their beloved animal friends. Her skills have garnered her numerous state and national awards, Portrait Photographer of the Year for 2011, 2012 and 2013 by Professional Photographers of Oregon, and has also earned the prestigious degree of Master Photographer from Professional Photographers of America. Her work has appeared in books, magazines, calendars, cards, and advertisements. Excellent images, quality products and fantastic customer service have always been of utmost importance to her business.

Meet your W

2014 TOP DOGS!

hat makes a Top Dog?

It’s always such a pleasure presenting each year’s Top Dog Award winners — who earn the distinction thanks to your votes. This year you voted in over 45 categories, and while some longstanding Top Dogs continued to reign supreme, many businesses rose in the ranks — some who’ve landed at or near the top in past years, others very new to the scene — which makes the competition all the more exciting! How do you know a Top Dog?

Marnie McCammon Photography

The traits of a winner are as varied as the qualities that make something beautiful. And while common themes pepper the stories of winners’ beginnings and journeys to success — things like heart, smarts, commitment, tenacity, optimism and drive — the designation of a Top Dog goes beyond that; bestowed not by financial reports or sales performances … not even by time. Like beauty, that special something that makes a professional or a business a Top Dog is in the eye of the beholder.

J with Roxy (and Peach the famous photobomber)

Top Dogs earn the logo for their winning year, so you’ll see it (or sometimes many!) displayed in their shop windows, inside walls, even on posts, fliers and/or correspondence. Keep an eye out — that logo is a badge of which winners can be very proud — and one they won thanks to you. Of course you’ll also find your Top Dogs featured in Spot’s annual BEST in the BIZ Directory, inside this issue, and available all year long at pet-centric businesses and events. In addition to the pros and businesses ranked best by popular vote, the Directory contains beautiful ads showcasing our winning advertisers, including some businesses that simply love and support pets, the pet community, and … Spot! It is the ads from our amazing partner businesses that make this Directory possible. Please support them! As always, the BEST in the BIZ Directory is wrapped inside pages of traditional Spot content, this issue including a great story on DoveLewis’s 40th anniversary, a touching story from Dr. Heidi on “the best,” precious adoptables just waiting to meet you, pet-friendly events, and more. After enjoying the outer magazine stories and planning some fun this month and next, just peel off the outer pages (please recycle), and keep your BEST in the BIZ Directory handy for quick reference whenever you need outstanding pet products and services this year. After all, what better referral for ‘the best’ pet products, services and businesses like hotels, auto dealerships, jewelry stores and more — than from thousands of your closest pet-loving friends! Big thanks to everyone who made this great edition possible. Enjoy! | 5

first emergency veterinary clinic. Members of the Portland Veterinary Medical Association formed a board of directors, and the nonprofit DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital was born. In August 2013, DoveLewis celebrated its 40th anniversary of providing emergency and critical care services to animals. Over the last four decades the hospital has also pioneered community services such as the Pet Loss Support Group, Blood Bank, and Velvet Assistance Fund. From state-of-the-art medical care to free educational and therapeutic workshops, DoveLewis has a hand in almost every aspect of animal services.


Photo by Gary Lewis


“We talk about DoveLewis as being an octopus,” says Marketing and Communications Manager, Marin Aultom. “There are so many different tentacles to us, and ways in which we support our community.” Aultom says it’s not uncommon for people to know only one or two aspects of DoveLewis’s reach. “Sometimes people know us as a hospital or pet loss support program, but we’re so much more, and I think that contributes to our longevity.”

Nikki Jardin • Spot Magazine


iven the wealth of animal services in the Portland area it may seem hard to believe that emergency services for animals is relatively young. In 1973, local veterinarians typically handled their own emergency cases or spelled one another in times of need. A void existed — especially in extreme cases. Enter A.B. Lewis, who honored his late, animal-loving wife, Dove, by donating funds to open Portland’s

CEO Ron Morgan, who has been with DoveLewis in that capacity for 10 years, says that in looking back over DoveLewis’s legacy he’s been impressed with how many people have contributed to the organization’s success. “I’ve read board minutes from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, and I see these familiar names, many of whom are still around. It really shows that so many people put time into the complexity of making DoveLewis.” Along with medical staff and volunteers, Morgan points to vital importance of DoveLewis’s donor base. “I’ve met some amazing people over the last 10 years whose hearts are just in the right place and they want to do the right thing — it’s phenomenal. Dove is a little unique I think, in that 98 percent of our donors have had hands-on experience with what it’s like here, what the staff is like, and how they get treated — and they want to support that.”

DoveLewis's critical care is one of the best in the country.

Another little known aspect of DoveLewis, Morgan feels, is the breadth of knowledge of its veterinary staff. He says many people don’t know that Dove is a teaching hospital, drawing medical professionals from across the country and the world, to learn from its medical staff.

Mature love muffins seeking couch potatoes for naps, snuggling. adoptions • licensing • investigations • lost & found • rescue 6 Spot Magazine | February/March 2014

“DoveLewis is very well known in emergency circles,” says Morgan. “Our ICU and critical care medicine, outside of the university setting, is probably in the top five in the country.” But that’s not all that draws top docs to Dove. Morgan says, “A lot of our staff is attracted to our nonprofit mission and the programs we offer. They can help people with financial needs, they can help strays and injured wildlife, and they can get people involved in the pet

as our referring vet partners who trust us with their patients for emergency care when they’re closed. We’re so excited to celebrate our 40th anniversary and have the community’s support, because without the community, there really isn’t a DoveLewis.” To learn more, visit

Nikki Jardin is a Portland-based freelance writer who loves to write about people dedicated to making the world a better place for all beings.

A DoveLewis Blood Bank Superhero

loss program. They like that our mission is focused on the humananimal bond and not on driving profit.” Morgan is particularly proud of the recently launched Portland Area Canine Therapy Teams (PACTT) program. DoveLewis has partnered with Guide Dogs for the Blind, giving new opportunities to retired or career-change guide dogs. “We are taking these wonderful, highly trained dogs who love being in service and taking them into senior centers and hospitals. We’re really excited about it.” Another new program expanding the hospital’s educational efforts is an on-demand, online training tool, “On The Floor at Dove,” which offers veterinary professionals — including doctors, vet technicians, practice managers and even front desk personnel — educational videos on procedures and management practices. “We saw a real niche in our industry,” says Morgan. “There are many people working in places where there’s no access to good education, and if there is, it’s just a PowerPoint presentation or webinar that’s never on their time. This is on-demand and easy to access.” The high-quality videos are shot at DoveLewis, and range from how-to’s on placing an IV catheter, to advanced surgical procedures, to managing cage aggression. The program has been a hit with the medical community, which accesses the service by subscription. Nearly 500 clinics around the country are currently participating, and subscribers are growing in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain and Europe. “Our goal is to help improve the level of veterinary medicine, and when the program becomes profitable, that money will come back to Portland and help us grow our programs locally.” Expanding programs and finding ways to further its mission are at the forefront of DoveLewis’s vision for the future. “We’re spending a lot of time now looking forward, not just on what got us here, but what’s going to keep us here and thriving,” says Morgan. For Aultom, this anniversary has also been a time to reflect on the importance of the entirety of DoveLewis’s community. “The donors and volunteers are a huge part of our support, as well | 7

Babies in need of forever loving homes. Mo


Well, 2014 is my year, I can feel it! Hi, my name is Mo and I’ve been at the shelter for a year . . . can you believe it? Me neither — I’m such a good boy! I like other dogs, am respectful of felines, love the car, and am even a full-fledged graduate of the Basic Manners Class! To top it all off, I play fetch! A fetching Chihuahua, you say? Yep, that’s me! I’m a swell guy and a great playmate, all bundled in a sweet little package. Come meet me, you’ll see! Please call Animal Aid at 503-292-6628 to make a date.

Howdy, howdy! My name is Elby, so glad to meet you! I’m a happy, smart boy who loooves people! Don’t let my serious mug fool ya — I’m not a serious guy! I’ll shower you with kisses, wiggle for you, and just please the heck outta ya! I’m even game for dress-up! I’ve heard about other creatures called “cats,” and “little kids,” but I don’t know anything about them, so probably full-grown humans and other doggies are best in my new home. How ‘bout it! Let’s make a date! Email and ask for Elby!

Roxie and Rosie We were found abandoned in the woods this past August, and we’re so grateful to be inside! Both of us are still very young, only about 6 months old, and still have some growing to do. Our foster mom calls us a Havana-mix due to our shiny, black coats and marvelous ears. We are learning about the litterbox, love to run around, “binky” and play with our toys. We’re even getting used to pets and being held . . . it’s pretty nice! You were looking for a beautiful pair of rabbit queens, weren’t you? Come meet us! Contact

Tristar You know how cats purr, right? No, no you don’t . . . not until you’ve met me! I am Tristar, purring champion of the whole cat world! Baby, you just have to look at me and the motor won’t stop. I can’t help it! I’m just a very content girl. I don’t need much — a little catnip, some laser pointer tag . . . but, still there’s something missing — a family of my very own. That would really rev up the purrs! Are you the one to bring me home? Yes, you! Come meet me at CAT’s Sherwood Shelter, and remember, it’s Tristar!

8 Spot Magazine | February/March 2014

Sir Nigel


Sir Nigel here, good day to you gentle lady, fine sir … it’s an honor. I was hoping I could have a moment of your time, as I’m in a bit of a sticky wicket. I’m very fortunate to have lodging in these lovely rooms, but more permanent accommodations would be most beneficial for my long-term health and … well, happiness! You see, a dreadful accident occurred when I was a wee one and I lost my sight. Oh, please don’t pity — I do quite well, thank you. I am a quiet sort, but most affectionate and will not be a bother in the slightest. Won’t you come for a visit and a spot of tea so we can introduce ourselves properly? Contact or call DeeDee at 503-516-4604.

Bowerooo! Hi, I’m Toby! I’m a young Hound mix who got lost and my people never came to find me. I’m a good boy with lots of energy, so a home where playtime is part of the package would be great! I’m working on my manners, but it would be super fun to take a training class together! I’m best with older kids and adults and, you know, I’ve got singing in my blood, so I hope you like that too! Us hounds are a hoot, come see for yourself! I’m at Please call 503-612-0111 and let’s meet!

Tyson Hiya, I’m Tyson! I’m a boisterous young guy with all kinds of bouncy, playful energy, and I’m ready for my forever home! I LOVE to play with my foster sibs, but I also love it when my human friends play with me . . . rope toys, fetch, walking — all of it! At the end of the day, I just like to lie down and call it a night. Even though I’m young, I’m really well-behaved. Still, it will be best if I’m not around little humans or little dogs because I’m just so . . . bouncy! But, I know how to use a crate and a doggy door, and I’m a very good boy in the car. Let’s start this year off with a lifelong friendship, whaddya say! Email!

Martha & Morris We are two perfectly cute mustached kitties. We’re fortunate to be with a wonderful foster family, but it’s been almost a year, and we’re really eager to meet our forever family!  We do come with some special needs as we are both diabetic, but we do just fine thanks to our special diet!  We would love to stay together, but if two loving families coming looking, we’ll be okay apart.  Please call our foster mom Jodi to meet us!  503-572-6539.

Megan Mahan • Spot Magazine

Spotlight on… The Manx

enjoy lots of play or actual mousing time. A favorite Manx trait with many owners is that their cats like to play fetch!

Common Health Problems

Breed Overview

Manx Syndrome is the most well-known and serious health issue associated with the breed. If the tail is too short it can result in problems with the bowels, bladder or digestion.

Size: Medium

Best Match

Grooming needs: Minimal Exercise: Medium, Adaptable Environment: Adaptable Temperament: Intelligent and Playful Life Expectancy: 8-14 years Interesting Fact The Manx breed originated hundreds of years ago on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea. A genetic mutation in this breed can result in a shorter tail, stub tail, or no tail at all, and tail length is random in each litter.

Appearance Aside from the notable tail, Manxs are lean and muscular, and broadchested with sloping shoulders and flat sides. The hind legs are longer than the forelegs, so the rump is higher than the shoulder, creating a rounded or humpbacked appearance.

Personality The Manx is considered highly sociable with family but shy with strangers. The breed is highly intelligent, curious and playful. Given their curious nature they can be fairly active at night, and many enjoy a dripping faucet. Manx are also known for following their humans around during the day and settling in on laps during downtime. Manx are great hunters and

Pet guardians who enjoy a smart cat that can be trained love the Manx. They may be guard cats who are wary of strangers until owners give the okay. They get very attached to their humans and will enjoy someone who wants to spend time with them. Manx are not very chatty, but occasionally like to trill to their kittens or young.

Featured Adoptables “Hiya, I'm Herbert! Or you can call me Herbie the Love Bug since I am known to be quite the snuggler. I’m a super friendly, short-haired orange Tabby boy, and a Manx to boot! I just love anybody as long as they give me some good petting. I even really enjoy the company of other cats. All around, everyone who meets me says I've got it all. So all I’m missing is a nice, safe home and family. Come meet me and see if I’m the cat buddy you've always wanted!” Learn more or meet Herbert through Animal Aid in Portland, Please note: Animal Aid rarely adopts out of the Portland metro area.

Megan Mahan lives in Eugene with her boyfriend Jacob, their adopted Lab Maddie, many saltwater fish and two miniature Silver Appleyard Ducks, Louie and Olive.

It’s a beautiful thing. Find out what it feels like for the two of you to be totally pampered. Join us for a cup of Starbucks® coffee and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and we’ll give you a tour of our beautiful pet hospital.

809 SE Powell 503.232.3105


Where every dog is treated like a show dog! • Classic & Breed • Nail Trimming • Pet Care Specific Styling • Hair Dyeing Products

We do cats too! Mon: 10 to 4, Tues - Sat: 9 to 7 • 926 N. Lombard

503.283.1177 • | 9

The Best Pet of Heidi Houchen DVM • Spot Magazine


ortland is a great place to call home — for dogs, cats, people, or parakeets. It consistently tops the list for those rating “pet friendliest cities” because members of this community deeply love their animals, and they want to provide the best for them. The people of this city spend a great deal of time researching, pondering, and discussing “what is the best” when it comes to pet food, toys, medicine, exercise . . . and the list goes on. These questions eventually come to be asked of a veterinarian. To be honest, while we enjoy discussing the merits of types of nutrition or medicine to keep pets healthy, there is one question that is universally dreaded: “What is the best pet to get?”

For every relationship that has an easy explanation, there are those that require a second look... As with much comparison shopping aimed at getting “the best” of a pet product or service, deciding which pet might be best comes down to asking a person or family what is best for them. Due diligence in this area calls for hard questions: What is my lifestyle? (active or sedentary or in-between). Where do I live? (apartment or suburb or farm). What do I do? (work from home or travel for business). Other considerations include whether a family member has certain allergies (reptiles are an option for the violently animal-dander-allergic person) or certain fears (in this slither-phobic situation a snake is NOT a good choice — stick to fuzzy bunnies). For parents whose children have seen the latest Disney movie and come home begging for a pet, I want to give a shout out to the PBSKIDS website “Which pet is right for you?” This site asks thoughtful questions AND asks children to consider many aspects of pet ownership, from the time they’ll have to devote to the pets to the ways they can show that they are responsible enough to have a pet. This makes a veterinarian AND a parent very happy — and yes, it is required reading in this family. After all that research into yourself and the type of pets you may want, all bets on “what will be the best pet for me” are off. That’s because, after decades of viewing the human-animal bond at its best (and worst), I have found that intangibles play a huge role in successful pet-person relationships, just like those of people-people — reaching beyond lifestyle factors. For example, some people want pets that go hand-in-hand with their own personalities, maybe one that is equally smart, stubborn, or charming. Or they’re seeking a type of relationship with a pet — one that is achingly aloof (a 10 Spot Magazine | February/March 2014

Tabby cat that’s always just beyond reach), or doggedly inseparable (dedicated hound that plods one step behind). Or, honestly, there are pet owners seeking a look they find appealing: cute, quirky, exotic, or silly. For every relationship that has an easy explanation, there are those that require a second look — or listen — even for professionals to understand. Here’s a great example. What at first glance seemed to be a “not great fit” entered the hospital as a harried lawyer followed by a sheepish Lab with clothing bits stuck in its stomach. The backstory involved an inattentive attorney who owned an active — and perceptive — pooch. Her dog who could tell from the morning’s choice of clothing whether it was to be a lazy day on the couch with her furry friend (slouchy sweats), or a busy day at court (fashionable foundations under a business suit). After a particularly busy week, the owner came home to find her dog in pain, after gnawing on and ingesting the eyes and hooks out of all her “supportwear.” The owner made two choices after surgery, neither involving the dog: 1) work less, and 2) put expensive undies in top drawers. What another pet owner might classify as a behavioral issue, this owner told me she saw as a wakeup call — to wake up later more often — and she loved her pet all the more for it. For others, the why is not at first seen or heard, on the surface. Many years ago I had the privilege of knowing a lovely 90-pound elderly woman who had a 120-pound Doberman in my blood donor program. She took aspirin daily for elbow pain from walking the dog, who pulled. After several months of blood donations, I asked her why (although we would miss her in the program!) she didn’t have a perky Pekingese. She said her dog’s size was a minor issue compared to his devotion and his demeanor, and with him she felt protected and loved since the passing of her linebacker husband. There are owners who have not one but several high maintenance-type pets, but the work involved matters little. Often, these are the animals they grew up with, and the work is comforting and renewing rather than exhausting. For those who adopt a pet in need of a second chance, a behaviorally challenged ADD Terrier is a chance for some rescuer’s children to “learn tolerance and patience” as an alternative to rejection from a home. These personality traits extend well into my profession also, perhaps to a degree that we are sometimes hesitant to show readily to the public. For example, I have colleagues who have adopted pets from other countries, going to great lengths to ship home a stray, injured animal. It has shown me that a transatlantic flight, piles of paperwork, and the challenge of translating medical lingo in order


“The things that we love tell us what we are.” — St Thomas Aquinas

to get a pre-flight health certificate is simply not an obstacle for those who feel an unspoken moral obligation when an injured pet crosses their path. Eager-to-be pet owners take tests online that claim to “find the best pet for you”— the equivalent of for inter-species relationships. For some who struggle to find a fit, this approach falls neatly into the “this makes sense” department. For many others, though, life alongside animals doesn’t fall along a bell curve or into a category. They make their lives fit around a pet because some chord is struck, some quality or trait simply cannot be lived without. For the need or want of that intangible, the “shoulds” and “musts” just … fall away. When you love something for which there is no good rational reason, the act of loving it becomes a gift you give not only to that pet, but to yourself. What they give to you may remain a mystery to anyone looking for a measurable reason. Sometimes what is “best” is not the superlative object that’s been determined by comparison to others for “best fit.” It all depends on context. For pet owners, the needs of our internal lives aren’t as evident as those of our external lives — that is when all the measuring sticks need to be put away. There are no comparisons when it comes to your best pet in the world, and no explanation is necessary. Dr. Heidi Houchen is an ER/Critical Care veterinarian at VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialists in Clackamas; she writes and lectures extensively about trauma, blood banking, and toxicology. She is especially passionate about keeping pets and poisons apart. | 11

R unchy little newsbits to chew on Vancouver cat boarder offers adoptables In partnership with the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society, The Cat’s Meow Luxury Boarding House now has a special room dedicated to adoptable cats. Owner Jo Schmidt hopes to unite cat lovers with kitties in need of loving, forever homes. Similar partnerships with Multnomah County Animal Services and area businesses have been wildly successful in increasing adoption rates for cats, while also providing adoptable kitties a much needed break from the shelter. The arrangement allows cats to have one-on-one attention and provides temporary refuge in a less stressful environment. Learn more at

Local organizations offer free spay/neuter for felines In recognition of February’s Spay/Neuter Awareness Month and World Spay Day February 25, the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon is offering free surgeries and vaccines for outdoor stray and feral cats. Online applications are available at or by calling 503797-2606. Marion and Polk County residents can also contact the Willamette Humane Society for free surgeries as well as trap rentals. Contact WHS at

Fences For Fido mourns “First Fido” The dog that was the first to be unchained by animal welfare organization Fences For Fido passed away in January due to complications from cancer. Chopper, a yellow Lab mix, had spent several years chained to a tree in a NE Portland yard

12 Spot Magazine | February/March 2014

before a small group of women got together in May 2009 to build a fence so he could run free. Inspired, the women continued their work of unchaining dogs and educating the public on the dangers and cruelty of chaining, leading to a cause that has, to date, freed more than 650 dogs from tethers and chains. “He leaves a legacy that still grows,” says a statement on the FFF website, “We will always remember the big yellow dog who started it all.” Read more at

Can we talk? In line with recent news that dogs poop in concert with the earth’s magnetic field, European inventors are working to create a device that translates a dog’s brainwaves into English. The device, “No More Woof,” is being developed by the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, and looks much like a headset used by telephone operators and Internet gamers. Inventors hope to program the unit to translate electroencephalogram (EEG) readings into simple statements like, “I’m hungry,” or “I’m tired.” While the group admits to being “optimistic dreamers,” they do hope their work attracts attention to the science of breaking the communication barrier between humans and animals. Maybe then we’ll really learn about the pooping thing. Check out the scientists’ campaign at

Local vet team out to give We often hear “It’s better to give than to receive,” and now and then we see someone who lives the adage — not only reminding us of its power, but lifting our spirits along the way. On a Sunday in mid December, Spot tagged along as the staff of Halsey East Animal Clinic loaded a bus and a pickup with boxes and sacks — and set off for a day of giving. 

Organized by office manager Donna Police in a mere three weeks, the clinic, along with help from vendors and area merchants, donated over 2000 lbs of pet food and supplies, hats, gloves, scarves, sweatshirts and blankets to area organizations dedicated to aiding those who need it most. Halsey East is not a large corporation, but a family-owned neighborhood pet clinic that’s provided loving quality pet care to local generations for over 45 years. Before boarding the bus, the staff enjoyed a hearty lunch provided by second-generation clinic owner, Stephen Vockert, DVM. The bus was a comfy limo style, large enough to accommodate the many staff members eager to help out — a capacity crowd. First stop was Dignity Village, a City of Portland enabled encampment, or tent city, for homeless people. The camp has many identities in political circles, attached to equally numerous opinions — but all that mattered to the Halsey East staff was that the people and pets living there could really use a little kindness. Police says, “Our intention was to meet the people and feel connected,” and clearly they did. Immediately upon the bus’s arrival, villagers, along with their beloved cats and dogs, joined in to help distribute the gifts of warm and colorful hats, scarves, socks, gloves, blankets and shirts that Halsey East staff had purchased just for them. Next stop . . . this is Portland after all … Starbucks — where everyone warmed up with beverages as the evening grew chilly. The warmth proved a blessing, as the next stop, at PAW (Portland Animal Welfare) Team, was COLD — pipes had broken in the cold snap, somehow making the inside twice as cold as out.

providing hot meals each Sunday to homeless folks in downtown Portland, and that fed over 1500 people on Christmas Day. The last stop of the day was Other Mothers, a very small rescue caring for dogs and cats who are pregnant or have litters, providing the labor-intensive care needed until babies and mothers are ready to be homed. Back at the clinic, the end of this day saw a happy, tired and thoughtful group return to their cars and soon homes, where provision was a given. Will the group make a run again next year? Donna Police says if they do, she’ll start planning in July, not the end of November. One can only imagine what these folks will accomplish with that kind of head start! Kudos to Donna for her tireless, joyful handling of this special day — from concept to execution — and to her fellow Halsey East crew members who leant their hearts and hands. In addition to blessing the recipients of their efforts and donations, the group reminds us all that any group, large or small, can give in a very big way. Story and Photos by Marty Davis

Learn more at … Other

The bundled-up staff listened intently to PAW Team’s Executive Director Cindy Scheel discuss the organization, which provides veterinary care to pets of very low income folks experiencing homelessness. While at PAW Team, additional donations were loaded and sent off to the House of Dreams, a local cat shelter working closely with PAW Team. As a foggy golden glow settled over downtown, the bus rolled to the next stop: the Portland Rescue Mission. Now comfortable with the routine, vet staff jumped out and moved to the pickup to unload boxes and bags they then carried through the open doors. The Mission relies heavily on gifts and donations, and their procedures for accepting them are well organized. Donors open the lid of a large culvert-like tube in the floor and drop items directly in — where packages slide quickly to the floor below for sorting and distribution. In addition to donations made during the tour, gifts were also bestowed upon the group Potluck in the Park, an organization | 13






Ease the Heartache of Losing a Beloved Companion


A Furry Tail April 12th, 2014 6 – 10 PM

Healing the Heart Keepsake Memorial Gift Frames

Send your condolences and support with a gift that reflects your heartfelt concern. 360-314-4159

Mitten’s Motel

Boarding for Cats & Kittens

6025 NE Sandy



HERE! As low as $75

ongoing BrightSide Animal Center REDMOND BOW WOW BINGO THURSDAYS 6:30pm at 7th Street Brewhouse

Good brew/food & bingo. Save The Pets EUGENE ADOPTION OUTREACH SUNDAYS 11-3 PetSmart, 2847 Chad Dr. Animal Aid PORTLAND SHOW & TELL SATURDAYS Noon-4 Oregon Humane Society PORTLAND TRAINING CLASSES Various classes all month long. OregonHumane.or

THE PONGO FUND PET FOOD BANK PORTLAND 2/9, 2/23, 3/9, 3/23 Noon For anyone who needs help feeding their pet(s). Call 503-939-7555 for important details before arriving, Willamette Humane Society SALEM FRIDAY CANINE PLAYGROUPS 11:30-1 RSVP (required) to 503-585-5900 x326. Cascade Pet Camp HOOD RIVER YAPPY HOUR THURSDAYS 5-7:30pm GOOD NEIGHBOR VET CLINIC MULTIPLE LOCATIONS

14 Spot Magazine | February/March 2014

Join us for OFOSA’s Annual Gala to support Shelter Pets Held at Estate Sales Unlimited 6585 NW Cornelius Pass Rd Hillsboro 97124


Tickets $50/$75 per couple Purchase at 503-747-7818


Feb 6, 2014:

Harvey Master on the importance of both parents.

Feb 13, 2014:

Q Madp on honoring the troops on President’s Day.

Feb 20, 2014:

Sonja Harju on issues facing Oregon families.

Feb 27, 2014:

Sonya Justice on health matters, and her TV show, Reel Nurses.

March 6, 2014:

Miss Oregon Plus 2013, Veronica Child, on kids need both parents.

For additional featured guests visit

98.1 FM • • webcast 24/7 • huge diversity DoveLewis PORTLAND PET LOSS SUPPORT GROUP THURS. 2/6, 3/6 Noon THURS. 2/13, 3/13 9am MON. 2/17, 3/17 7pm THURS. 2/20, 3/20 7pm Free. Take a photo to share. Marion County Dog Shelter SALEM ADOPTION OUTREACH SATURDAYS 11-4 2/1, 3/1

at South Salem Pet Supply

2/8, 3/8

at PetSmart on Lancaster Drive

2/15, 3/15 at Pet Etc. in West Salem

2/22, 3/22 at Petco on Lancaster Drive

FIND YOUR YOUR NEW BEST feline FRIEND MULTIPLE LOCATIONS WEEKENDS Noon-4 At PetSmart stores in Clackamas, Hillsboro Tanasbourne, Tualatin and Washington Square and the Petco location in Tualatin. PET EVENT REPORT PORTLAND THURSDAYS 6:05pm Tune in for Spot’s report on pet-friendly events every week on 98.1 FM Radio. The Furry FunPlanner report opens the KPSU Family Show. Catch the report anytime at — click on “On the Air” GUIDE DOG GRADUATION BORING 2/1, 2/15, 3/1, 3/15, 3/29




FREE-BRUARY SPAY/NEUTER SPECIAL — IIn honor of Spay/Neuter Awareness Month, free spay/neuter for ferals and strays in Multnomah, Clark, Clackamas & Washington Counties. Info/Application 503-797-2606 or SHOW SHELTER CATS SOME LOVE — Donate $1 or $5 to CAT and get a gift for the cat lover in your life at Cat Adoption Team’s in-shelter retail store. Noon-3pm • PORTLAND — FUREVER PETS ADOPTION DAY. Meet adoptables from OHS.





Noon-3pm • TIGARD — FIND SOME BUNNY TO LOVE at Tigard Petco. Meet adoptables and their Rabbit Advocates. Care & adoption resources, plus light grooming for visiting bunnies (suggested donation). 3pm • SALEM — FENCES FOR FIDO FUNDRAISING BINGO at Capitol City Theater. $20/10 games with 3 cards. Help unchain dogs. Details 3-4:30pm • PORTLAND — MEMORIAL ART THERAPY WORKSHOP at DoveLewis. Create a memento and spend time in good company. Free; RSVP to

6:30pm • PORTLAND — ANIMAL COMMUNITY TALKS at Synergy Behavior Solutions. Free lecture for animal pros/ volunteers. This month, learn about clicker training and S.T.A.R. animal-assisted therapy. Humans only; RSVP required to

Noon-3pm • TIGARD — FIND SOME BUNNY TO LOVE at Tigard Petco. Care & adoption resources, plus light grooming & nail trims for visiting bunnies (suggested donation). 3-4:30pm • PORTLAND — MEMORIAL ART THERAPY WORKSHOP at DoveLewis. Create a memento and spend time in good company. Free; RSVP to

8am • PORTLAND — PAW TEAM VET CLINIC. Vet care for pets whose people are on gov’t assistance or experiencing homelessness. Must be in line before 9:30am to be seen. $5/pet co-pay. Details

6-8pm • PORTLAND — PEEWEE PLAY NIGHT at Stay Pet Hotel. Fun night out for small dogs! $5 and proof of vaccines required. Details



5:30-9pm • ALBANY — DE-SEX IN THE CITY SPAY-GHETTI DINNER & DESSERT AUCTION at Linn County Expo Center. Love is in the air…let’s keep it there! Catered dinner, dessert auction, entertainment supports SafeHaven’s spay/ neuter program. Tickets $20-$25; 12 and under free. Details

7 5-5:45pm • PORTLAND — PUPPY ROMP at OHS. Socializing puppies while young helps build a lifelong good dog. Trainers on site. Donations accepted. Details

8 8-11am • TROUTDALE — RABIES CLINIC BY GOOD NEIGHBOR VET at Multnomah County Animal Services. License your pet and get free rabies vaccines, plus free exam! Additional vaccines $10; microchips $25. Dogs must be on leash; cats in carriers. Details or 11-2 • EUGENE — MY FURRY VALENTINE at 5th Street Public Market. Valentine-themed pet photos, raffles & refreshments. Details Noon-4pm • PORTLAND — TRUE LOVE IS FUREVER! at Pets on Broadway. Meet Pibble adoptables, enjoy dog treats & kissing booth. Continues tomorrow. Details Noon-4pm • SHERWOOD — MEET CAT at UNLEASHED by Petco. CAT volunteers and adoptables on site. 6-9pm • PORTLAND — 5TH ANNUAL PUGENTINES PARTY at Splendorporium. Valentine-themed fundraiser features fashion show/costume contest, kissing booth, play area, raffle, silent auction, sweet treats and adoptables. $5/donation at door. Proceeds benefit Pacific Pug Rescue. Take pennies for jars! Details


7-9pm • PORTLAND — ANIMAL HOSPICE SUPPORT GROUP at Shiva’s Hope House. Support for those with aging or ailing pets. Admission by donation. Details

14 4:30pm • BEND — YEE PAW! VALENTINE’S DANCE at Maverick’s. 5-star catered dinner, hors d’oeuvres, line dance lesson and live music. $50/person. Or just enjoy dancing; $10 starting at 7pm. Details

18 7:30-8:30pm • PORTLAND — REACTIVE ROVER CLASS at Oregon Humane. Six-week class on positive training. $180/ dog. Through Mar. 25. Second series begins tomorrow at 6pm. Details/RSVP

20 7-8pm • PORTLAND — DEAF DOGS MEETUP at Play & Chase Dog Day Care. Free training and socialization for deaf dogs and their owners. Details

22 11-3:30 • VANCOUVER — PETSMART ADOPTION EVENT at East Vancouver location. W. Columbia Gorge Humane Society presents loving adoptables. Stop by and say Hi! Details

22 5-5:45pm • PORTLAND — PUPPY ROMP at Oregon Humane. See details Feb. 7 @ 5. 5:30pm • REDMOND — SPAY-GHETTI at Sleep Inn and Suites. Vegetarian items available. Proceeds support shelter animals and spay-neuter. $15/adults; $10/12 & younger. Details

23 1-3pm • SALEM — FINDING YOUR HEART - HOW ANIMALS TRANSFORM OUR LIFE at Nature’s Pet. Explore the human-animal bond. Details


EUGENE — PAPA’S PIZZA FUNDRAISER at all 3 locations. West Coast Dog & Cat Rescue will receive 50% of all sales. Download/print the flier and present it at the register (required), available on WCDC’s website and Facebook.

28 7-8pm • TROUTDALE — MCAS VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION at the shelter. Discover great programs and how you can help. No need to RSVP. Details



Noon-3pm • PORTLAND — FUREVER PETS ADOPTION DAY. Meet sweet adoptables from OHS.

2 8am • PORTLAND — PAW TEAM VET CLINIC. Vet care for very low-income or homeless families. Be in line before 9:30am to be seen. $5/pet co-pay. Details

7 9:30-5:30 • GRESHAM — CRUCIAL, COMMON-SENSE & CUTTING EDGE CONCEPTS IN DOG BEHAVIOR & TRAINING with DR. IAN DUNBAR at DogTown. Raising and training dogs to be good-natured, well-behaved and reliable. Admission $90/before Feb. 7; $120/after. Details/register

8 8-11am • TROUTDALE — RABIES CLINIC BY GOOD NEIGHBOR VET at MCAS. See full details Feb. 8 @ 8. 9:30-5:30 • GRESHAM — OFFLEASH RELIABILITY & GAMES WORKSHOP with DR. IAN DUNBAR at DogTown. Two-day workshop helps make dog training fun. Games improve the human-dog relationship and accelerate the training process. Admission $200/with dog before Feb. 7; $250/after. Continues Sunday Mar. 9. Details/register

11 6-8pm • PORTLAND — PEEWEE PLAY NIGHT at Stay Pet Hotel. $5 and proof of vaccines required. More info

15 10-Noon • PORTLAND — PET FIRST AID COMMUNITY WORKSHOP at DoveLewis. Free; space is limited. RSVP to 5:30pm • VANCOUVER — ANNUAL MUST LOVE DOGS NW BENEFIT & AUCTION at The Heathman Lodge. It’s a ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ Emerald affair. Wear green and enjoy dinner, entertainment & auction to support Must Love Dogs NW. Details

16 10-1• PORTLAND — BEGINNING TTOUCH WORKSHOP at Oregon Humane. TTouch basics in a hands-on workshop. $55 with dog; 440 without.

20 7-8pm • PORTLAND — DEAF DOGS MEETUP at Play & Chase Dog Day Care. Free training and socialization for deaf dogs and their owners. Details

22 11-3:30 • VANCOUVER — PETSMART ADOPTION EVENT at East location. W. Columbia Gorge Humane presents loving adoptables. Stop by and say Hi! Details

29 2-5pm • PORTLAND — FINDING YOUR HEART - HOW ANIMALS TRANSFORM OUR LIFE at New Renaissance Bookstore. Explore the humananimal bond. Details PetsPointofView.; RSVP to

Circle the Date! April 12-13 — NW PET & COMPANION FAIR at the Expo Center. Local pet pros, sweet adoptables, workshops and presentations, shopping, entertainment and more. Free admission; well-behaved pets on leash welcome. Details | 15

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Spot Magazine - February/March 2014  
Spot Magazine - February/March 2014  

In this issue: DoveLewis celebrates 40 years of community, commitment and service, The Best Pet of All with Dr. Heidi Houchen, Matchmaker,...