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Cremation & Memorials for your Companion

What the Heart has Once Known It Shall Never Forget We promise to take the best possible care of the companion you’ve lost and the people who have shared in that life. On site: Family Gathering Room and Reflections Room, Memorials including photo and custom boxes, keepsake urns, personalized garden stones and plaques and heartfelt jewelry.

Proud to host the annual Service of Remembrance 8976 SW Tualatin Sherwood Rd, Tualatin, OR 503.885.2211 •

Michael, Randy & Avani, owners





2 Spot Magazine | April/May 2014

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DEPARTMENTS 16 Matchmaker, Matchmaker The Golden Retreiver

12 Rescue Me!

Photo by Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital

Furbabies in need of forever loving families. Meet beautiful dogs, cats and rabbits who need a little extra help getting home. Some may have medical issues, some are older, and some have just been in shelter too long. Runchy little newsbits to chew on • Animal lovers create new rescue • All aboard the Waggin’ Wagon! • 10 years, 10,000 saved dogs • Great save! • Walk or Run for the Animals • Celebrating 5 years of unchaining dogs • DoveLewis employee wins Vet Tech of the year • New York Pit Bull finds sisterly love • Chicago passes anti-puppy mill ordinance • Shelter animals win big at the Oscars • Colombian woman turns home into sanctuary

14 Fetch •


9 Don't Judge a Book by its Cover by Denise Fleck 18 The GOOD NEIGHBOR VET

FEATURES 6 Something about that blonde . . .

He’s a talented actor, but totally unaffected by his fame. In fact, he speaks to his fans daily. He’s a man about town, counting Betty White among his friends. Meet Parker Pup, and prepare to fall in love … everyone does.

10 A New Path for Career-Change Dogs

Some dogs who train to become Guide Dogs for the Blind don’t ultimately end up in their chosen career. The reasons are many, ranging from skin conditions to fear of elevators. And while they may not be suited to work as guide dogs, their impeccable training equips them to do great things. Now, thanks to the new PACTT program, they are.

The largest pet expo in the Northwest is happening Apr. 12-13, with great attractions, demos, workshops, samples and more. Best of all, pets are welcome, and it’s all free! Read all about this year’s features and attractions, and get your Show Guide — a pull-out inside this issue.

13 Portland's Biggest Pet Party

Come out and have a blast while supporting the animals at OHS! Bring your best friend in costume, and maybe even help set a new world record!


Photo by

D1 It’s Show Time! | 3

Dignified Pet Services


People in the Neighborhood Magazine

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Vol. 9 • No. 5

APRIL / MAY 2014

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Michele Coppola, Kristan Dael, Heidi Houchen DVM, Nikki Jardin, Megan Mahan, Vanessa Salvia

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Meet amazing members of the NW pet community … learn surprising tidbits … even hear them sing a little song!

Karen, Victor and McKenzie Stevens

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Companion and working animals are important, beloved members of the family. Spot Magazine is the one-stop resource for information, ideas, and events of interest to these animals and their people.


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4 Spot Magazine | April/May 2014

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Cover Model 411 HAVE A BLAST AT DOGGIE DASH! May 10, Portland’s Waterfront Park goes to the dogs when the 27th annual Oregon Humane Society Doggie Dash takes over the park and surrounding streets … and bridges! Special this year is an effort to set a new world record — bring your buddy in costume and help beat the record for most dogs in costume at an event! For details about all the fun on tap during the Dash (vendors, contests and more), see page 13. Cover Photo by Ben Koker

Hello Sunshine! S pringtime in Portland kicks off a fun-filled season of pet events, starting with the annual Pet & Companion Fair, Apr 12-13 at the Expo Center. Read all about how this event has grown in recent years, thanks to the hard work and TLC of our favorite showgirls, Amy Johnson and Vanessa Wright. In 2011, the girls rescued the event from extinction, and in three short years have transformed it into a memorable, award-winning weekend of fun, connection and learning.

Visitors enjoy free samples, workshops, entertainment, adoptables, and more, and of course Spot is on the scene with smiles, cameras, and goodies for you and your best friend. Stop by and say hi! Springtime is definitely a favorite here at Spot HQ. All of us are fair-weather walkers, and lately, we’ve been clocking some miles! Where Peach and Lula once sailed over curbs with grace and ease — not to mention synchronized altitude! — these days we bypass the curbs in favor of driveways that are much easier on aging little legs and eyes. And while we don’t trek as far or as fast these days, our enthusiasm is as high as ever! We work at home, and once the season has begun, around 5 o’clock every day the girls start a full-court press to hit the streets. Big girl Roxy goes all Drama Queen — I think she’s got an internal 5 o’clock alarm that “goes off” with pleading puppy-dog eyes and woeful moaning . . . which escalates to a full-on wail that’s impossible to deny. As pet parents we’re ever mindful of how fleeting the time with our lovebugs is, making it all the more important to make the most of every chance to play, love and “live out loud” with our best friends. Happily, spring/summer in the Northwest is prime time! Keep an eye on the Furry FunPlanner , now sponsored by our friends at Good Neighbor Vet, tune into the weekly Good Neighbor Vet Furry Funplanner report on KPSU Radio (98.1 fm), and come out and play! Spot is on site at most pet events during the season with goodies and smiles, and the best part is reconnecting with you! Yours in everything pet, | 5

Something about that blonde… Vonnie Harris • Spot Magazine


here’s something about a sweet-spirited, flirtatious, good-looking blonde. And for the one you’re about to meet, these descriptors barely begin to cover his traits and accomplishments.

Don’t be surprised if you fall in love with him … everyone does, and for good reason. He is a talented actor, but wholly unaffected by his fame. In fact he speaks to his fans daily —more than 200,000 of them follow him on Facebook. He’s been featured in magazines, and has starred in music videos, on television and on stage. He is also famous for his fierce dedication to eradicating cancer in both humans and animals. You might call him an over-Retriever, and go right ahead — he is Parker Pup, and his list of fantastic traits also includes easygoing. Call him what you like, just be sure to call him for dinner! The blonde butterball joined the McFarling family six and a half years ago, including two-legged parents, mom (Chris), dad (Dan) and daughter Jenn, and four-legged sister Goldens, Daisy (3), and Sophie (13).

You might call him an over-Retriever, and go right ahead — he is Parker Pup, and his list of fantastic traits also includes easygoing. Named for the former OSU stadium where Dan went to school, Parker’s people created a website to celebrate the life and puppy antics of their adorable new boy. Photos and videos flowed, showing the little tyke discovering toys, cats, children, the great outdoors, mugging for the camera in sweet and funny outfits, rough-housing with his sister, and executing his increasing repertoire of tricks. Stealing our hearts with each passing month, Parker Pup grew up right before our eyes. The family loved the little guy and took him everywhere — work, church, festivals and gatherings. A quick study, he sailed through 6 Spot Magazine | April/May 2014

puppy preschool and began obedience, agility and other training, passing the Canine Good Citizenship test at just 11 months of age. Seemingly destined for great things, about Parker’s ultimate success Jenn says, “It just happened … and we just went with it.” Incredibly cute photos and videos continued coming, of Parker and his sister Daisy celebrating birthdays and holidays, and Parker Pup showing off new skills and adventures. Just for fun, he was entered in a contest. He won, was increasingly featured on dogrelated websites, and his image even appeared on the big screen in Times Square. Soon he was getting professional gigs for print ads, TV commercials and music videos. One big break came as a fluke. A photo of Parker sent to was picked up and printed in the Dec. 2009 issue of Vanity Fair alongside a column on — you guessed it — “Cuteness.” The McFarlings had no idea until they received a call from a friend living in France. Jenn says she got the call one evening after celebrating her birthday with friends. “I was ready for bed, in my pajamas, and ended up racing to the store to find a copy.” His mellow temperament led Parker to animal assisted therapy work, with Dan as a natural partner. Working for the State of Oregon in the early ‘80s, Dan’s responsibilities included overseeing the rules governing health care facilities. A firm believer in the power of pet therapy, one of his earliest acts was implementing rules to allow pets in nursing homes. “Those same standards, which allow resident pets and pet therapy, are in effect today,” he is proud to point out.

“It’s easy to tell that Parker enjoys the visits,” says Dan. “As he approaches one of his regular haunts, his enthusiasm is clear. His ears perk up, his tail wags enthusiastically, and his pace quickens. His posture tells me he is one happy fella approaching his therapy work!”

While patients and staff thrive in his presence, Parker also gets his due — he loves his work. In his work to eradicate cancer and heighten awareness, Parker participates in cancer walks on the West Coast as an advocate for the Morris Animal Foundation (MAF), a four-star charity dedicated to funding studies to advance veterinary medicine. In existence for more than 60 years, the foundation is currently leading a global campaign to cure canine cancer in 10-20 years, while providing more effective treatments in the meantime. Parker fundraises throughout the year for MAF, as well as the American Cancer

Society, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. He raised over $10,000 last year for organizations working to find a cure.

The smile says it all: Parker Pup loves his work

Parker’s connection to cancer started before he was born. In 2006, Dan was diagnosed with an aggressive strain. He is now cancer-free, but when faced with something like that, “You do a lot of bargaining,” Jenn says. “I promised I would someday give back and do whatever I could to help.”

Photo by

Parker spreads love and hope while visiting schools, libraries and hospitals. A regular visitor at Doernbecher Children's Hospital and Oregon Health Sciences University, he not only soothes fearful patients and families affected by cancer, but also alleviates stress in staff members. When providing animal assisted therapy, or AAT, Parker provides more than a healing touch and warm cuddles. As a performer with many tricks, he is able to break through fear, generate smiles where there were none, and laughter where it is vital. While patients and staff thrive in his presence, Parker also gets his due — he loves his work.

Last year, cancer struck the family again, taking the McFarling’s beloved Daisy at just 9 years old, fueling Parker to gather over 2,100 names for a vest he wore at a cancer walk in the fall, bearing names of people and animals who were fighting or had lost their lives to the deadly disease.

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$175: 3 rounds of vaccines, deworming, microchip, nail trim & more! 888.234.1350

Clinic Locator for your zip code @ | 7

Jenn says meeting Betty White was pretty great, and it’s easy to see her huge heart for dogs. “When Parker walked into the room, the whole world stopped for Betty. She stopped mid-conversation and got the biggest smile on her face.” Recently, Parker played Sandy in a production of Annie in Forest Grove. His role of endearing mutt expanded as he provided comfort to the cast, crew and parents of two little girls killed in a hit and run. One had been cast as an orphan in the show.

Another recent happening: Parker has been nominated in the Therapy Dog category of the American Humane Association’s Hero Dog Awards. It’s perfectly fitting — a hero to his family and in many lives he touches — the awards celebrate the powerful relationship between people and dogs, recognizing exceptional canines doing extraordinary things. Online voting narrows the field to Parker and Betty White three semi-finalists in were fast friends eight categories, who are judged by a celebrity panel. A unique black-tie affair televised on the Hallmark Channel celebrates the heroes on both ends of the leash. Voting continues through June. To vote, go to (Go Parker!) Photo by

Parker with brother Reser

Parker’s love and therapy also shows up in many unexpected places. In October, the MAF celebrated its 65th anniversary with a Gala of Hope that included honoring longtime supporter and advocate Betty White. Jenn says, “It was quite an honor as he was the only invited dog.” Laughing, she adds, “He actually received a real invitation!”

So, what does this remarkable, busy boy do in his off-time? “He is totally obsessed with balls,” says Jenn. “If no one will throw one for him, he’ll make up his own games and entertain himself for hours batting at a ball or sleeping with one in his mouth.” These days, new 6-month-old little brother Reser (named for OSU stadium’s name today) also keeps him occupied. Hoping Reser might follow in his big brother’s paw-steps, Reser’s first step was enrolling in MAF’s Canine Lifetime Health Study. One in two dogs of all breeds will get cancer, and one in four will die from it. For Golden Retrievers, the risk is higher, with 60% dying from the disease. MAF’s groundbreaking study is following 3,000 Goldens over their lifetimes to gain insights into preventing cancer, helping determine risk factors for canine diseases, and improving the health of future generations. Other than that, the family says with Reser they’re flying by the seat of their pants. “He’s his own dog and pretty spunky, whereas Parker was mellow,” Jenn says. “He’ll have a job, we’re just not sure what that is yet.” If Parker is any inspiration, then wonderful things will happen. For more Parker Pup, go to and follow him at To read more about the Morris Animal Foundation, visit Vonnie Harris is a freelance writer, and operator of Pet Stop pet sitting services in SW Washington. She resides in Vancouver with Jessie (a yellow Lab), Pedro & Lorali (parrots), chickens, and memories of Jake, her heart dog. Vonnie also is the face of Spot at many Portland pet-related events, and the voice of Spot in social media outlets.

8 Spot Magazine | April/May 2014

Megan Mahan • Spot Magazine

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover by Denise Fleck, Illustrations by LiliChin


bout three times as many households get new pets each year as the number of pets waiting for homes in shelters. Don't Judge a Book by its Cover goes a ways toward explaining that sad phenomenon. It is heartwarming, and might just help sway the tide from shopping to adopting! As someone who works in an animal shelter, I couldn't help but find some of the ideas simplistic, such as “the shelter dog looks dirty; take him home and give him a bath — now he looks great!” or “older dogs don't chew things up.” But as it’s a book intended for children and young adults this may be the way to teach a new generation that adopting rather than buying from someone who may be adding to the dog/cat overpopulation problem is a priceless gift for the dog and the adopter. The book also highlights giving senior and sometimes “less adoptable” dogs a home. The protagonist, a young girl, [spoiler alert!] does not buy the adorable puppy she had in mind, but with the guidance of her parents adopts an older black dog who’d been getting overlooked. Of course the big lesson here is don’t judge a dog by its appearance, and don’t predetermine that you can’t find the dog who’ll fit your family in a shelter — go look!

The illustrations, which are pop-art/ cartoon style, are very fun and appeal to the younger crowd. The lessons of the book and the altruistic quality make it a fantastic read for shaping the values and attitudes of today’s youth. If you’re looking for a gift for a young person that will keep on giving, this may be it! Megan Mahan lives in Eugene with her boyfriend Jacob, their adopted Lab Maddie, many saltwater fish and two miniature Silver Appleyard Ducks, Louie and Olive.

My favorite feature of this book is the explanation pages in the appendix that delve into “Black Dog Syndrome,” great traits of older dogs, and breed discrimination. If every child in America read this book, shelter workers like myself would be talking with an informed, insightful group of adopters in the future. | 9

A New Path for Career-Change Dogs On

a Tuesday afternoon at the Bridge to Independence treatment center in Damascas, OR, a client suddenly went into a seizure. Here, in a day therapy program for people with traumatic brain injuries, these electrical brain storms aren’t unheard of. Still, they can be disconcerting for visitors to witness. As staff worked to stabilize the client, a visiting black Labrador named Flynn quietly watched — calm, still, gazing on with concern. It was the first time he’d witnessed a seizure.

Photo by Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital

Michelle Blake Spot Magazine

Sarena visiting kids at The Emerson School

When the convulsions stopped, the black dog seemed to know exactly how to help. “He immediately wanted to come over and see if she was okay,” says Tori Eaton, the program’s occupational therapist. “He gave her a nudge with his nose and she greeted him. It gave us a chance to assess how her communication was after the seizure and how she was recovering. And now we know it’s safe to have him around if someone’s having a seizure.”

“I want to see them anywhere that they can make a difference”

— Kathy Loter

It was only the third time Eaton and her clients had seen Flynn, and the seizure experience further convinced Eaton of what she already knew: Flynn has become a valuable member of their therapy team. “We try to do a placement so it’s the right fit,” says Kathy Loter, who matched Flynn with the brain injury program — one of the first therapy team assignments through Portland Area Canine Therapy Teams (PACTT), a partnership between DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital and Guide Dogs for the Blind. Loter, 10 Spot Magazine | April/May 2014

who coordinates the program for DoveLewis, trains five teams per month, and matches them with facilities across the metro area. “There’s a real screening process for our teams before we start the training. First, at Guide Dogs for the Blind, there’s a face-to-face screening, then an assessment, then a lifelike experience that mimics an actual hospital visit.” After these steps, the training process starts. With 25 trained teams to date, Loter envisions many more to come, so they can fan out through the community. “I want to see them anywhere that they can make a difference,” says Loter. “We have them in the Kaiser Permanente Hospital, some are going through the volunteer training process at OHSU, they’re in Read-To-A-Dog programs at libraries, several assisted living and rehabilitation facilities, and homeless shelters.” Eventually, she hopes her teams will comfort witnesses and crime victims in courtrooms, visit crisis shelters, and support people recovering from abuse. “I’m passionate about this. I could talk about it all day, and I want to see it continue to grow. These career-change guide dogs,” Loter adds, “there’s just no better animal.” A career-change dog is one who was raised by Guide Dogs for the Blind from early puppyhood to about 15 months. Training

A career-change dog is one who was raised by Guide Dogs for the Blind from early puppyhood to about 15 months The training makes a difference that observers like Eaton can easily see. “There’s a lot of research that supports animal therapy as a way to engage people, and I can read the research all I want, but to see the changes directly in my clients, that’s extremely exciting.” Traumatic brain injuries can leave survivors with gaps in speaking ability, impulse control, social skills, and those needed for everyday tasks such as cooking or dressing. At the day therapy program where they work to regain their skills, unflappable Flynn has quickly become a supportive friend who’s calm during a seizure, unfazed by sudden movements or sounds, and who interacts just as well with someone who can’t speak as with someone who has full verbal ability. And these days, Eaton’s clients want to focus their skill-building activities on their new canine pal. “They want to bake cookies for Flynn. I’ll ask his handler if he can have homemade cookies, but if he can’t, our next activities will be around making toys or building obstacle courses that they can do together with Flynn. I’m so glad we have him here twice a week.” “Bridge to Independence was a very touching experience,” says Loter, who adds that her human-canine teams face unique challenges at every facility. “If you’re visiting with a patient who’s

Photo by Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital

protocol exposes puppies to challenging environments from airports and busy intersections to shopping malls and hospital rooms. Where other therapy dogs often begin their lives as pets and receive specialized training later, “these dogs have all of it from day one,” Loter says. After they complete their training, even a skin condition or fear of elevators can prevent them from becoming official guide dogs, but they can still apply their training in other settings.

Nixon visiting adults at The Stafford in Lake Oswego

100, you know there’s a real possibility they won’t be there the next time you visit.” Walking into a hospital waiting room, where relatives may sit silent and ashen-faced while a loved one clings to life, it’s emotionally challenging. But when a dog gently rests his head on someone’s lap, the oxygen returns to the room. Color appears in people’s faces. They break their silence and talk to the dog, and then they talk to each other. Careful screening and training prepare therapy teams for the emotionally-charged environments in which they deliver muchneeded doses of levity and love. But the dogs possess a uniquely canine knack for easing through even the toughest moments. Loter has watched them work their magic time and again. No matter how hard or sad the environment, “The dogs are wagging their tails when they go in and they’re wagging when they come out.” Michelle Blake lives and writes in Salem with three big dogs, three

cats, and one very patient husband. She serves on the Oregon State Council of The Humane Society of the United States and is active with Fences For Fido, which builds fenced yards to free dogs from chains. Where every dog is treated like a show dog! • Classic & Breed • Nail Trimming • Pet Care Specific Styling • Hair Dyeing Products

Mature love muffins seeking couch potatoes for naps, snuggling. adoptions • licensing • investigations • lost & found • rescue

We do cats too! Mon: 10 to 4, Tues - Sat: 9 to 7 • 926 N. Lombard

503.283.1177 • | 11

Babies in need of forever loving homes. Treasure

Adina I’ve been told that my gorgeous green eyes and silky, soft fur are very alluring to humans, who find me sooo beautiful! I hope it’s also true that I look like the perfect companion for you! My name is Adina, and I’m a quiet, peaceful, tolerant feline . . . well tolerant of most things — I don’t care for other cats. I’m currently staying with my friends at Cat Adoption Team. If you come visit (please do!), we might just be the forever friends we’ve both been looking for! Learn more at or 503-925-8903, and come see me!

Diego Divine Hello, my name is Diego Divine and I’m going through some heartbreak at the moment. My people left me when they moved, and I haven’t seen them or my cat and dog siblings ever since. I’m in this nice home at the moment, but I know it’s just temporary and I’m really hoping someday soon a new family who can appreciate me will take me home. I’m a mature guy, so I won’t get all kitten crazy on you, and the vet says I am healthy and strong! Please contact my foster parents and arrange a visit — I think you’re the one I’ve been waiting for! Call 503-516-4604 or email

Toby You know all those stories about dogs who get lost and then their people don’t come get them at the shelter? Pretty sad, and that’s what happened to me. But, I’m not letting it get me down! I’m still young, and I know there’s a perfect family out there for me. I’m dreaming of an active home with older kids where we can all keep each other company, and a place where my beautiful hound singing won’t get me into trouble. Other dogs would be a plus too! Why don’t you come meet me? I think we might be perfect for each other! Call Oregon Dog Rescue at 503-612-0111.

12 Spot Magazine | April/May 2014

Who doesn’t like found treasure? Especially when it comes in a gentle, loving, purrfect package? Treasure is an older lady and requires just a few simple things: a sunny spot to lie in, a warm lap for snuggling, and a forever family to share all the love she wants to give back a hundredfold. Find Treasure where “X” marks the spot at Petco in Tualatin, or visit

Peggy Sue Would you look at this face? Have you ever seen a more joyful, loving smile? That’s Peggy Sue, as sweet as they come and then some. She’s a little bit older, and a little bit quiet and shy, so she’ll do best in a home with children older than 10. She loves walks and her people, and is doing very well in her current foster home. Arrange a visit by calling Donna at 503-545-3021 or emailing Donna.B.Scott@

Winston Look at my stunning cat-ness, won’t you? From my white-tip tail to my white mustache, I’m always dressed to the nines! But, don’t worry, I’m far from a formal guy! I love to snuggle, I adore the humans, and feline friends too! In fact, I’ve been told that I’m pretty delightful all around. If you come hang out with me a bit, I’m sure you’ll agree that we’ll be the life of any party! Please visit or call 503-292-6628, option 3 and come meet me!

Coco You know, I may be a youngster at just 2 years, but I’ve seen a lot! Life was pretty serious when I was raising lots of babies and was all alone, a lot. Now I’m eager for a brand new start. Today I love road trips with my foster dad, snuggly naps, and hours of playing fetch! My friends say I’m full of sugar and spice, with a side of Pibble wiggles. I’m not sure what any of that means, but if it means happiness and love, then that sounds right! I love other dogs, don’t know anything about cats, and I still need to figure out that leash thing, but I’m willing! Why don’t we meet? I bet we’ll melt each other’s hearts! Email to make a date!

Razzle and Dazzle Okay, first off — great names, right?! This bonded pair of female, Lionhead rabbits are super cute, chasing each other around the room and cuddling. The girls keep themselves squeaky clean and are good about using the litter box most of the time. They are about 1½ years old, and are still a little shy about people, but are starting to enjoy pets and cuddles by their human friends. To learn more or to meet them, contact Choclattcatt@ or

Portland’s Biggest Pet Party is O

HS has its sights set on a Guinness World Record this year, when Portland’s biggest pet event of the year takes over the streets on the Waterfront. An estimated 3,500 dogs will walk, trot, amble and run in the 27th annual Oregon Humane Society Doggie Dash. The event has been voted Portland’s favorite pet event by the Spot readers for six consecutive years. In addition to aiming for a fundraising record of $500,000 for animals, OHS is hoping to break a Guinness World Record this year. “Doggie Dash is already the largest gathering of canines on the West Coast, so we thought we should be in the record books this year,” says Sharon Harmon, OHS Executive Director. The record to break: the most dogs in costume. The record was made by 1,326 dogs in the 2012 Beggin’ Pet Parade in St. Louis. OHS is expecting about 3,500 dogs at Doggie Dash, and if just half show up in costume, Portland wins! “One of the best things about Doggie Dash is dog-watching,” says Harmon. “And with so many dogs in costume this year, it could be the most fun we’ve ever had at Doggie Dash.” Naito Parkway is closed to cars during the Dash so pets and their peeps can enjoy a 2.5-mile run/walk down the street and across the Hawthorne and Steel bridges. A shorter 1.5 mile loop takes walkers down Naito and around Waterfront Park. The park itself is transformed into a blocks-long pet festival, with more activities than you can wag a tail at. Counting for Guinness World Record will take place at approximately 10 am at the south end of the park.

May 10

Everyone’s welcome to Dash (with or without a dog) and to enjoy a pancake breakfast, live music, vendor booths and more. All proceeds help pets at OHS. Last year, OHS found homes for 11,110 animals, the most adoptions of any single shelter in the West.

Registration is $30/advance, $35/day of. Get $3 off using the code 2014SpotDogs! To register in advance, and for costume requirements (eg, must be 2 items) from Guinness World Records, and/or costume ideas, visit or call 503-285-7722 ext. 412. Doggie Dash is presented by Wentworth SubaruCity and Subaru of America.

You’re Invited! WHAT: OHS Doggie Dash WHEN: Saturday May 10, 2014 TIME: On-site registration opens at 7:30am; first runners/walkers leave at 9 PLACE: Waterfront Park in Portland COST: $30 through May 8; $35 after. Kids 10 & under free with adult COSTUMES: Not required, but every dog with two items of attire will count toward a new Guinness World Record! DETAILS: • 503-285-7722 ext 412

Accepting Best Friends!

It just wouldn’t be right without him.

Pet friendly in Cannon Beach & Newport, Oregon.

1-888-448-4449 |

Fees from your pet’s stay benefit local humane shelters. | 13

Fetch Animal lovers create new rescue

Ute Luppertz has long been “all about the animals.” As the proprietor of Pet’s Point of View and Shiva’s Hope House, Luppertz’s services offer ways to help people form a deeper connection with the animals they love. Her programs include Animal Communication, TTouch, and an Animal Hospice Support Group. Luppertz has also been a strong advocate for homeless animals, frequently highlighting those in need of homes or medical support on her Facebook page. Last fall, Luppertz teamed with fellow animal lover, cat behaviorist and coach Dee Dee Remington, and created The Delicious Mickey Grrrl Fund, a grassroots effort to help orphaned and feral cats and kittens find shelter, food and medical attention, including spay/neuter. The group is named after a “street kitten” named Mickey Grrrl found as a stray, pregnant, and with a broken rib. She was restored to health and nurtured for 18 years until she crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year. The Delicious Mickey Grrrl Fund was created shortly after her passing as “A memory to this wise, spunky girl cat … to help the forgotten, tossed away cats and kittens. Mickey Grrrl always acted in a way that life was delicious and to be enjoyed. We want all cats and kittens to know a delicious life.” Find the rescue on Facebook or at

All aboard the Waggin’ Wagon! Stay Pet Hotel has launched an innovative new program designed to help keep pups at play … The Waggin’ Wagon mobile playgroup. The Stay Pet Wagon will pick up your dog(s) and ferry them to Stay Pet in NE Portland, where they can play to their heart’s content. At the end of the day, the dogs are loaded back into the van and taken home. The van can hold 25 dogs, some crated and some leashed. Discounts are available for multiple dogs, or regular attendance. Learn more at

10 years, 10,000 saved dogs Family Dogs New Life Shelter (FDNLS) celebrates its 10-year anniversary with a gala Saturday May 4 at Castaway in Portland. Titled, “X Marks the Spot, Celebrating 10 years of XOXOs,” FDNLS honors all

14 Spot Magazine | April/May 2014

R unchy little newsbits to chew on

who have helped save more than 10,000 dogs through the years. The event features live music, food and wine, a cash bar, live and silent auction, and the premier of “Finding Love, Giving Life,” a FDLNS short film. Learn more at

Great save! The Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland (ASAP) reports that the six largest public and private animal shelters in the Portland/Vancouver Metro area have saved 91 percent of all cats and dogs that arrived through their doors in 2013, an unprecedented number that’s nearly double the national average. Since forming in 2006, participating ASAP shelters have decreased euthanasia rates by 76 percent, thanks mostly to the community of dedicated veterinarians, rescue groups, volunteers, donors and of course, adopters. ASAP has also decreased the number of cats going into area shelters by 35 percent, due primarily to the highly successful “Spay and Save” program that has altered more than 41,000 feral, stray and privately-homed cats. “The people of the Portland Metro area take great pride in being green. They should equally take credit for creating and working on sustaining one of the safest communities for pets in the United States.” says Debbie Wood, Manager of the Bonnie L. Hays Small Animal Shelter/Washington County Animal Services. “Our residents are working on solutions with the shelters — be it getting behavior training or advice to keep pets in the family, getting their animals sterilized to avoid adding to the shelter population, and supporting their shelters through adoption, fostering, volunteering or donating money.” Learn more at

Chicago passes anti-puppy mill ordinance The Chicago City Council passed an ordinance in March banning the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits obtained through large-scale breeding operations. Pet stores will still be able to offer animals to customers, but the pets must come from shelters or rescue groups. Chicago aldermen passed the ordinance 49 to 1, signifying a growing trend toward legislation that supports animal welfare. The Chicago ruling follows similar laws put forth in Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and 43 other communities throughout the nation.

Walk or Run for the Animals Registration is open for the 23rd Annual Walk/Run for the Animals, a benefit for the Humane Society of SW Washington. Registered partici-

pants can begin promoting their efforts through an individualized fundraising page, vie for prizes, and receive other special gifts and samples on walk day in Vendor Village. This year’s event takes place May 3 at Esther Short Park in Vancouver, and includes live music, animal demonstrations and other performances. Details at

Celebrating 5 years of unchaining dogs Fences For Fido hosts its annual gala fundraiser, “Our Kitchen Table: Celebrating Our Beginnings,” May 17 at Castaway in Portland. The event commemorates the organization’s start, when several women gathered around a kitchen table and formed a plan to build free fences for dogs who would otherwise remain chained. The evening will feature live vintage swing jazz, a silent auction, dessert auction, 50/50 raffle, and a comfort food and cash bar. Festivities will also include celebrating the new antitethering law enacted earlier this year, and the more than 650 dogs who have been unchained since 2009. Auction item donations are currently being accepted and sponsorship tables are available. Learn more at

DoveLewis employee wins Vet Tech of the year Megan Brashear, CVT, VTS (ECC), a 14-year employee with DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, was named the 2014 Veterinarian Technician of the Year by PetPlan Pet Insurance. One of 250 technicians nominated. Brashear impressed the judges with her passion for teaching, particularly as the face of DoveLewis’s groundbreaking On The Floor @Dove web-based series devoted to teaching animal care practitioners. “I’m honored to receive this award,” Brashear says. “I do so on behalf of veterinary technicians everywhere who are vital to veterinary medicine yet often go unrecognized for their work.”

The talk-show host chose two beneficiaries: St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and The Humane Society of the United States. After receiving word that The HSUS’s coffers just swelled by $1.5 million, CEO Wayne Pacelle said, “Ellen DeGeneres is the leading celebrity voice for animal protection in our nation, and we are so lucky to have her on our side.” The HSUS will divvy the donation between three programs, Pets for Life, the Shelter Pet Project, and its Animal Rescue Team.

Colombian woman turns home into sanctuary For more than 35 years, Maria del Carmen Quiceno has given shelter to the homeless dogs and cats in her community of Risaralda, Colombia. “I rescued my first mixed dog when I was 27,” she told El Tiempo newspaper. “He had been abandoned and people abused him. I couldn’t stand for that, so I decided to help him.” Currently Quiceno shelters 63 dogs and 36 cats, many who were once sick, injured or homeless. She has limited resources and relies on local veterinarians to donate their services, including spay/neuter, and others for food donations and help with daily care. Quiceno once dreamed of becoming a veterinarian but couldn’t afford the training. She says she will continue to help animals in any way she can. “My love for them has no limits.”

Learn more at

New York Pit Bull finds sisterly love A New York convent recently brought a new member into its fold. Remy, a nineyear-old Pit Bull, was adopted by three of the convent’s sisters after they saw the older dog languishing in a local shelter. “As soon as I saw the sign that said ‘9 years,’ I said, ‘This is the one,” Sister Veronica Mendez told TODAY Show reporter Laura T. Coffey. “No one is going to want this one.” Indeed, Remy had been at the shelter for more than three months, her gray muzzle and breed serious barriers for adoption. The sisters were looking for a new dog to welcome into their home after losing a beloved dog to cancer. They decided to adopt a shelter dog in danger of being euthanized, and were directed to Remy, who now enjoys walks, multiple cushy dog beds, and oodles of love.

Shelter animals win big at Oscars First there was the report that Oscar host and well-known animal lover Ellen DeGeneres’s pet food company, Halo Purely for Pets, had supplied 20 Oscar swag bags with vouchers for 10,000 meals to be donated to the rescue or shelter of the recipient’s choice. Then there was that selfie that crashed the Twitter-verse. In response, Samsung, whose Galaxy Note 3 was used to take the famous picture, has donated $3 million to charities of DeGeneres’s choice in honor of the 3 million retweets (and counting) the picture received. | 15

Megan Mahan • Spot Magazine

Spotlight on… The Golden Retriever Breed Overview

fetch, and activities that strengthen the bond between owner and dog. They are known as devoted and eager to please. When compared to a Lab, many owners cite the Golden as a calmer cousin.

Common Health Problems Susceptible to hip dysplasia, prone to various eye issues.

Size: Large, 55-75 lbs.

Best Match

Grooming needs: Heavy

Goldens have a working side to their nature that needs to be satisfied; daily exercise and play can typically meet their needs. A potential family should be prepared for lots of sweeping or vacuuming, as shedding is usually the one complaint from owners.

shedding requires daily brushing.

Exercise: Requires at least one good walk daily, and time to explore off leash. Instinctive love of water.

Featured Adoptable: ALICE

Environment: Adaptable, but needs time outdoors.

“I am looking for my forever home. I am four years old, weigh about 60 pounds, have all my shots, and am in excellent health. I came from a family with children and another dog, but no cats. I am super active and need a good, fast run once or twice a day. I am very loving, and my human is the most important thing in my life. I want to be with him/her (although somewhat more inclined to a ‘him’) all the time. I have good house manners and readily obey basic commands (come, sit, down). I’m not very good at ‘stay,’ especially if my human walks away. I like to search the kitchen for anything that might be handy, but I’m obedient when told “Out.” I want to pull on leash, but walk well with the help of a Gentle Leader. I like to ride in the car and I wait quietly while my human does errands. I tremble and shake at loud noises and thunder. If you think I might fit into your family, please contact Golden Bond Rescue at” Love, Alice.

Temperament: Playful, Affectionate. Life Expectancy: 10-12 years Interesting Fact In the early part of the 19th Century, interest in hunting created demand for a bird dog to navigate water and land with relative ease. The Setter, Water Spaniel, and Curly Coated Retriever were cross-bred to create the Golden Retriever.

Appearance Golden Retrievers are large dogs with silky, medium-length hair. The coat is thick and water repellent, with feathering on legs, chest and underbody. Coat color varies from white to dark gold or red. Retrievers are fairly tall and have drop ears. They have a smooth gait and a generally friendly attitude.

Personality Owners often describe their Goldens as energetic goofballs full of love! These very popular and fun dogs usually enjoy swimming, romping, and soaking up attention. A very athletic breed, Goldens often like Frisbee,


A Furry Tail April 12th, 2014 6 – 10 PM

Join us for OFOSA’s Annual Gala to support Shelter Pets Held at Estate Sales Unlimited 6585 NW Cornelius Pass Rd Hillsboro 97124 16 Spot Magazine | April/May 2014

Tickets $50/$75 per couple Purchase at 503-747-7818

Megan Mahan lives in Eugene with her boyfriend Jacob, their adopted Lab Maddie, many saltwater fish and two miniature Silver Appleyard Ducks, Louie and Olive.

It’s a beautiful thing. Find out what it feels like for the two of you to be totally pampered. Join us for a cup of Starbucks® coffee and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and we’ll give you a tour of our beautiful pet hospital.

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To lessen the sadness or sorrow of losing a beloved companion

Healing the Heart Keepsake Memorial Gift Frames

Send your condolences and support with a gift that reflects your heartfelt concern. 503-653-9648


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April 3, 2014: (Pledge Drive)

Sonja Harju on issues facing Oregon families.

April 10, 2014: (Pledge Drive)

2013 Miss Oregon Plus Veronica Child.

April 17, 2014: (Pledge Drive)

Mitten’s Motel

Harvey Master on the need for both parents.

Boarding for Cats & Kittens

April 24, 2014:

Rick Scheetz on the movie “Divorce Corp.”

For additional featured guests visit

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6025 NE Sandy

webcast 24/7 • huge diversity


ADVERTISING DIRECTORY BOARDING / DAYCARE Mittens Motel ................................ 17 Rose City Veterinary Hospital .. 16

HOTEL / VACATION PROPERTIES Bennington Vacation Properties ....................................... D8 Hallmark Inns ................................. 13 Idyllic Beach House .................. 14 McMenamins Pet-Friendly Hotels .............. 8, D5

DOG WALKING Pet Stop ........................................... 17

PET STITTING Pet Stop Pet Services ................ 17

END OF LIFE SERVICES Dignified Pet Services ............... 2 Healing the Heart Keepsake Frames ........................ 17

PRODUCTS / SUPPLIES Bi-Mart ................................................ 20 Healing the Heart Keepsake Frames ......................... 17 NoPo Paws ..................................... 17 Sellwood Dog Supply ............... 9

ADOPTION / RESCUE Multnomah Co. Animal Services ...................................... 11, D6

EVENTS Bark in the Park ................................ 2 Meat's Big Move ........................... 15 OFOSA's "A Furry Tail" .............. 16 GIFTS / TREATS Bi-Mart .............................................. 20 Fred Meyer Jeweler .................. D2 Sellwood Dog Supply & Cat Annex ..................................... 9 GROOMING Rose City Vet Hospital ............. 16 Show Dogs Grooming ............. 11

SPAY / NEUTER Multnomah Co. Animal Services ...................................... 11, D6 VETERINARY CARE / WELLNESS Back on Track Veterinary Rehab Center ................................. 14 Cascade Veterinary Referral Center (CVRC) ............................... D7 Companion Pet Clinic St. Johns .............................................. 9 Good Neighbor Vet ..................... 7 Rose City Vet Hospital ............. 16


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city-wide scavenger hunt

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For breaking news, alerts, and tons of pet fun every day! | 17




All day • PORTLAND, BEAVERTON, VANCOUVER — PIZZA HUT FUNDRAISER Eat pizza and support Born Again Pit Bull Rescue. Code RESCUE donates a portion of each purchase. Valid on dine-in, delivery or take-out.


10-6 • PORTLAND — BODYMIND-SPIRIT EXPO at the Oregon Convention Center. Animal communication booth and sessions all weekend with Ute Luppertz of Pets Point of View. Details 11-2 • PORTLAND — BAPBR MEET & GREET at Sellwood Dog & Cat Supply. Meet the great, knowledgeable folks at Born Again Pit Bull Rescue and sweet Adopt-A-Bulls and Not-A-Bulls ready to meet their forever families. Details Noon-3pm • PORTLAND — FUREVER PETS ADOPTION DAY. Meet sweet adoptables from OHS. Details 5:30-10pm • EUGENE— CANINE CASINO CAPER at Hop Valley Brewing Co. Fun & games to support spay/neuter for dogs of low-income residents. Casino games, silent auction, hors d’oeuvres and dessert. Roaring ‘20s attire encouraged! Tickets $40/advance; $45/at door. Register at


NATIONAL VOLUNTEER WEEK. Give a shout-out to dedicated volunteers everywhere! Through April 12. Better yet, say Thank You daily! 8am • PORTLAND — PAW TEAM VET CLINIC. Help for those on gov’t assistance or experiencing homelessness. Must be in line before 9:30am to be seen. $5/pet co-pay; no one turned away for true inability to pay. Details


6-8pm • PORTLAND — PEEWEE PLAY NIGHT at Stay Pet Hotel. Small dogs hang out & socialize! Dogs must weigh 35 lbs or less and be well-socialized with dogs & humans. $5 and proof of vaccines required. Details

7-9pm • PORTLAND — ANIMAL HOSPICE SUPPORT GROUP at Shiva’s Hope House. Monthly support group for those with aging/ailing pets and those providing hospice care. Hosted by Ute Luppertz; admission by donation. Details


5-5:45pm • PORTLAND — PUPPY ROMP at Oregon Humane Society. Socializing puppy helps grow a good, happy dog. OHS trainers on hand. Donations accepted. Details


8-11am • TROUTDALE — RABIES CLINIC BY GOOD NEIGHBOR VET at Multnomah County Animal Services. License your pet and get free rabies vaccines, plus free complete exam with notes for your family vet. Dogs must be on leash; cats in carriers. Details 10-5 • PORTLAND — NW PET & COMPANION FAIR at the Portland Expo Center. Explore the latest in everything pet and meet hundreds of pet-related and -friendly businesses. Workshops, samples, contests, entertainment and adoptables. Free admission for pets and their peeps. Continues tomorrow, 10-4:30. Details 10-5 • VANCOUVER — SPRINGTIME BAZAAR at Fisher’s Landing Grange. Plants, baked goods, crafts, homemade treasures and sweet adoptables hoping to meet you. Benefits the animals at Second Chance Companions. Details Noon-4pm • SHERWOOD — MEET CAT KITTIES at Unleashed by Petco. Details 1-2:30pm • SHERWOOD — KITTEN BABY SHOWER: IT’S RAINING KITTENS at Cat Adoption Team. Join CAT in kicking off the busy kitten season at an open house with refreshments, shower games, and gift-giving of much-needed supplies. See the wish list/details 6-10pm • PORTLAND — A FURRY TAIL at World Forestry Center. Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals’s (OFOSA’s) major fundraiser features silent and live auction, dinner, hosted wine/beer, and live entertainment. Details


Noon-3pm • TIGARD — FIND SOME BUNNY TO LOVE at Tigard Petco. Meet adoptables and their Rabbit Advocates. Care & adoption resources, plus light grooming & nail trims for visiting bunnies (suggested donation). 3-4:30pm • PORTLAND — MEMORIAL ART THERAPY WORKSHOP at DoveLewis. Create a memento and spend time in good company. Free; RSVP to


7:30-8:30pm • PORTLAND — REACTIVE ROVER CLASS at Oregon Humane. Six-week class teaches positive training. $180/dog. Continues through May 21. Details/RSVP 7-8:30pm • SALEM — HUMANEITARIAN AWARDS 2014 at Pringle Hall. Nominees and award winners are honored. Dessert reception. Details


7-8pm • PORTLAND — DEAF DOGS MEETUP at Play & Chase Dog Day Care. Free training and socialization for deaf dogs and their owners. Details


6:30-8pm • TROUTDALE — CAT & KITTEN FOSTER ORIENTATION at Multnomah County Animal Services. Learn how to make a difference in saving lives by becoming a cat foster. Opportunities vary. RSVP to


9:30am • EUGENE — DOG-GONE EASTER EGG HUNT at Peterson Barn Community Center. Bring the kids, an Easter basket and leashed dogs, and hunt for over 3,000 treat-filled eggs. Registration at 9:30; hunt starts at 11. $5 admission/$15 Easter bunny photos. Proceeds benefit Greenhill Humane Society. Details 10-3 • PORTLAND — HOUSE OF DREAMS PLANT AND VEGAN BAKE SALE hosted at 1923 SE 58th. Plants for garden and home and yummy baked treats. 100% of proceeds help the cats at House of Dreams No-Kill Cat Shelter. Continues tomorrow. Details

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Noon-3pm • PORTLAND — DOGGIE DASH RALLY at Hawthorne Fred Meyer. Meet OHS adoptables and register for Doggie Dash. Get $3 off – use code 2014SpotDogs. Details Noon-3pm • PORTLAND — SPRING KITTENS PHOTO FUNDRAISING EVENT at Animal Aid. Get a professional photo of your kitty (and you, if desired). Details Noon-3pm • PORTLAND — TEDDY BEAR SURGERY DAY at Pearl Animal Hospital. Bring the kids and their favorite stuffed toy in need of repair to “scrub in” and assist the doc with surgery. Pets and their stuffies welcome too! Part of the Pearl District’s annual Hippity Hop Bunny Hop. Free; pets and stuffies welcome. Details 12:30-1:30pm • PORTLAND — PROBLEM POOCH CLASS at OHS. Great for new or soon-to-be pet parents, and those who just want to know what makes Fido tick. Free; please leave pets at home.



8pm • VANCOUVER — PITTIE JAM at Dublin Down. Enjoy local music, a raffle, and learn about Lovers Not Fighters Pit Bull Rescue. 21+ only. No cover; donations accepted.


HAIRBALL AWARENESS DAY. Hairballs are a fact of life with cats. Get brushes and remedies at Cat Adoption Team. 11-3:30 • VANCOUVER — PETSMART ADOPTION EVENT at East Vancouver location. West Columbia Gorge Humane will be on site with loving adoptables. Support their efforts and stop by and say Hi! Details 3-6pm • PORTLAND — ANIMAL COMMUNITY TALKS at the Kennedy School. Free lecture series for those who work/volunteer with animals. This month, local experts speak on pet loss support and palliative care. Humans only. RSVP required to 5-5:45pm • PORTLAND — PUPPY ROMP at OHS. Socializing puppy helps build a good/happy dog. OHS trainers on hand. Details 6-10pm • PORTLAND — THE FOLSOM BAND CHARITY CONCERT at George Morlan. Live music benefit for Greyhound Pet Adoptions NW. Ticket prices vary. Details


TBA • PORTLAND — ANIMAL COMMUNITY TALKS at Healthy Pets NW. Free lecture series for those who work/ volunteer with animals. Local experts speak on stress-less crate conditioning and preventing pet emergencies. Humans only. RSVP required to 11-2 • PORTLAND — BOWL 4 THE PAWS at Interstate Lanes. Support the animals at OHS. Each team plays 4 games. $25/team before 4/30; $30/ after. Details 6-9pm • PORTLAND — X MARKS THE SPOT: 2014 FAMILY DOGS NEW LIFE GALA at Castaway. Join Family Dogs New Life for a fun-filled evening celebrating its 10th anniversary and 10,000 lives saved. Live music, dinner, wine, cash bar, live/ silent auction and premiere of FDNL documentary short, “Finding Love, Giving Life.” Tickets $80/advance; $100/at door.

ongoing BrightSide Animal Center REDMOND BOW WOW BINGO THURSDAYS 6:30pm at 7th Street Brewhouse

Good brew/food & bingo. Save The Pets EUGENE ADOPTION OUTREACH SUNDAYS 11-3 PetSmart, 2847 Chad Dr.


TBA • PORTLAND — GARAGE/ PLANT SALE at Animal Aid. Check out plant starts and other treasures. Details 7-1 • PORTLAND — DOGGIE DASH at Waterfront Park. Portland’s biggest annual party for pets and their peeps. Walk or run for the animals at OHS; choose from two routes. First runners depart at 9. Festival features live music, food, canine contests, vendors and demos. Pancake breakfast for early birds. Open to all, with or without dogs. Register/details 8-11am • TROUTDALE — RABIES CLINIC BY GOOD NEIGHBOR VET at Multnomah County Animal Services. License your pet and get free rabies vaccines, plus free complete exam. Dogs must be on leash; cats in carriers. Details Noon-3pm • PORTLAND — BAPBR MEET & GREET at Holistic Pet. Meet the great, knowledgeable folks of Born Again Pit Bull Rescue and their sweet Adopt-A-Bulls and NotA-Bulls ready to meet you! Details


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! GOOD NEIGHBOR VET CLINIC MULTIPLE LOCATIONS THE PONGO FUND PET FOOD BANK PORTLAND 4/13, 4/27, 5/11, 5/25 Noon For anyone who needs help feeding their pet(s). Call 503-939-7555 for important details before arriving,


Willamette Humane Society SALEM FRIDAY CANINE PLAYGROUPS 11:30-1 RSVP (required) to 503-585-5900 x326.

Oregon Humane Society PORTLAND TRAINING CLASSES Various classes all month long.



Noon-3pm • TIGARD — FIND SOME BUNNY TO LOVE at Tigard Petco. Meet adoptables and their Rabbit Advocates. Care & adoption resources, plus light grooming & nail trims for visiting bunnies (suggested donation). 3-4:30pm • PORTLAND — MEMORIAL ART THERAPY WORKSHOP at DoveLewis. Create a memento and spend time in good company. Free; RSVP to


6-8pm • PORTLAND — PEEWEE PLAY NIGHT at Stay Pet Hotel. Small dogs socialize and have fun! Dogs must weigh 35 lbs or less and be well-socialized with dogs & humans. $5, proof of vaccines required.


7-8pm • PORTLAND — DEAF DOGS MEETUP at Play & Chase Dog Day Care. Free training and socialization for deaf dogs and their owners. Details


6:30-8pm • TROUTDALE — CAT & KITTEN FOSTER ORIENTATION at Multnomah County Animal Services. Make a difference & save lives by becoming a cat foster. Opportunities vary widely. RSVP to jodi.m.luffman@


6-8:30pm • PORTLAND — FENCES FOR FIDO GALA - OUR KITCHEN TABLE: CELEBRATING OUR BEGINNINGS at Castaway. Benefit celebrates 650+ dogs unchained and FFF’s 5th anniversary. Live swing jazz, live/silent/dessert auctions, comfort food and cash bar. Tickets $40. Register/details DoveLewis PORTLAND PET LOSS SUPPORT GROUP THURS. 4/3, 5/1 Noon THURS. 4/10, 5/8 9am MON. 4/17, 5/15 7pm THURS. 4/21, 5/19 7pm Free. Take a photo to share. Marion County Dog Shelter SALEM ADOPTION OUTREACH SATURDAYS 11-4 4/5, 5/3 at South Salem Pet Supply

4/12, 5/10

at PetSmart on Lancaster Drive

4/19, 5/17 at Pet Etc. in West Salem

4/26, 5/24

at Petco on Lancaster Drive



7-9pm • PORTLAND — ANIMAL HOSPICE SUPPORT GROUP at Shiva’s Hope House. Monthly support group for those with aging/ailing pets and those providing hospice care. Hosted by Ute Luppertz; admission by donation. Details

Fu r

7:30-Noon • VANCOUVER — WALK RUN FOR THE ANIMALS at Esther Short Park. Annual fundraiser for the animals at Humane Society for SW Washington. Choose 5K fun run or 3-mile walk along the Columbia. Vendors, music & demos in the park before/after. Enter as an individual or team. Details Noon-3pm • PORTLAND — FUREVER PETS ADOPTION DAY. Meet sweet adoptables from OHS. 6:30-10pm • PORTLAND — FURBALL FOR FERAL CAT COALITION OF OREGON at Castaway. 16th annual Furball is going Hawaiian with Aloha Kitty! Live/silent auctions, wall of wine, raffles and Hawaiian entertainment. Details/tickets





F u n P la n


8-Noon • EUGENE — BARK IN THE PARK at Alton Baker Park. On your barks, get set, go! Leash up for a 5k run or 2k walk for the animals at Greenhill and First Avenue Shelter. Canine activities, vendors & entertainment. $20/ advance; $25/day of, includes bandana. Details 1-4pm • PORTLAND — PUG CRAWL at Portland Brewing Co. The largest gathering of pugs in the world fills the streets for this annual event and parade. Vendors, music, food and beverage. $10 entry fee benefits OHS. Details


11-3:30 • VANCOUVER — PETSMART ADOPTION EVENT at East Vancouver location. West Columbia Gorge Humane presents loving adoptables. Support their efforts and stop by and say Hi! Details 2-5pm • PORTLAND — ANIMAL COMMUNITY TALKS at the Kennedy School. Free lecture series for those who work or volunteer with animals. This month, local experts speak on desensitization, counter conditioning and training methods. Humans only. RSVP required to PET EVENT REPORT PORTLAND THURSDAYS 6:05pm Tune in for Spot’s Good Neighbor Vet Furry FunPlanner report on events every week on 98.1 FM Radio. The GNV Furry FunPlanner opens the KPSU Family Show. FIND YOUR YOUR NEW BEST feline FRIEND MULTIPLE LOCATIONS WEEKENDS Noon-4 At PetSmart stores in Clackamas, Hillsboro Tanasbourne, Tualatin and Washington Square and the Petco location in Tualatin. GUIDE DOG GRADUATION BORING 4/12, 4/26, 5/10, 5/24 | 19

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Spot Magazine - April / May 2014  
Spot Magazine - April / May 2014  

In this issue: Parker Pup: Something about that blonde..., A New Path for Career Change Dogs, Portland's Biggest Pet Party and more...