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Deccan Arida started The Forge as a hobby that grew into a genuine business servicing the various role-play communities. Read all about his journey to become the prolific designer he is today, and his exciting plans for the future.

deccan arida: the forge

Check out this month’s feature article, on one of Second Life’s newer and most popular recurring events, to read all about the unique perspectives that combine beauty and function, all set in a gorgeous Italian piazza.

events: tres chic

C O N T E N T S 58

The amazing talent behind two of the most recognizable accessory brands in SL, Amala and Earthstones, discuss their journey and how they came to be two of the most popular jewelry brands the grid has ever seen.


events: now trending


Meet one of the most creative, unique and treasured bloggers in Second Life as she introduces us to her world. Asylum discusses her unique perspective on blogging while showcasing some of her highly coveted photos.

asylum miggins

Event coordinators, content creators, bloggers and shoppers share what exactly event culture means to each of them.

events: perspectives


110 horoscopes by redd columbia


since you asked by noey ivy london

Letter Fr

I can hardly believe we’ve been creating S for six months already! In some ways it se started yesterday, and in others it feels like doing this our whole lives. Through all my Second Life, Spotlight Magazine remains a unique experience that I have come to tre with the incredible talent of our contribut an humbling experience, and one I look fo each issue.

As with our previous issues, the contribut disappoint for March 2017. This month’s f event Tres Chic, owned by Eva Weimes an have had the pleasure of watching this ev sidelines since its opening. It has truly me from a caterpillar just learning to crawl, to butterfly that has spread it’s wings. Tres Ch becoming one of the most requested eve The hard work of its dedicated team and t Tres Chic has earned from shoppers is refl feature article.

The trend we focus on this issue is jewelry perspectives from the masterminds behin coveted brands as Amala and EarthStones brands represent different ends of the ava spectrum in Second Life, but both creator

rom The Publisher

Spotlight Magazine eems like we just e we have been y adventures in a completely easure. Working tion team has been orward to with

of creating intricate designs just for our avatars to wear.

tion team did not feature is on the nd Forel Palmira. I vent grow from the etamorphosized o a beautiful hic is quickly ents on the grid. the loyalty that flected in this issue’s

Deccan Arida of The Forge also sat down with one of our contributors this month to discuss his brand, one of the most popular in the role-play community. Check it out to see read about Mr. Arida’s rise to popularity and his bright prospects for the future. We are also proud to feature Asylum Miggins, one of SL’s most unique and talented bloggers. Her article is a must-read for any bloggers looking to spread their wings, and also features several of her favorite blogging shots.

y creation with nd such highly s. These two ailable jewelry style rs discuss their love

This issue’s perspectives piece features Carrie Snowpaw, long-time content creator and owner of Snowpaw’s, Allie Munro, prolific event coordinator, Zahrah Bowie, a dedicated and experienced SL shopper, and Alicia Cheneaux, infamous and trendsetting promotional blogger. These four incredible women provide their unique perspectives of event culture as it currently exists in Second Life.

Thank you for checking out Spotlight this issue. I hope you enjoy! Love,

Delicate T. Flower


Welcome to the third issue of Spotligh It really does not seem like that long a released our second issue or even our we are six months later since we first t publishing a new magazine. I’m conti to our entire group of contributors th tirelessly to bring you this new edition goal here at Spotlight is to truly shine all aspects of event culture. We have t one step further with a new feature th blogger, so be sure to check it out.

From a content standpoint, we have a two new pieces. “Since You Asked…” i an advice column, where Noey Ivy Lo you with all the answers. The introduc the feature also has a link, so you can receive the answers that you seek. The is our “Horoscopes” piece by the alway creative Redd Columbia. Check it out future holds for you this month :P

On a mildly separate topic, since we re January issue of Spotlight - I’ve been s released two other issues of my other and even celebrated its two year anni

From The Editor

ht Magazine! ago that we r first, but here talked about inually grateful hat have worked n. As always, our e the light on taken this idea hat showcases a

added another is our take on ondon provides ction page on anonymously e second one ays fun and to see what the

eleased the so busy! I have r publication iversary! This

past weekend we even launched the new Blogger & Vlogger Network. Our mission here at BVN is three fold. The first is we strive to provide bloggers & bloggers with the most pertinent up to date information - whether it’s through our interactive group chat, various Second Life tutorials on our website, live discussion panels, guest speakers and informal group discussion, we endeavor to be a resource of shared information. Second, we also will host various blogger contests and games, all designed to maximize the exposure to your presence and to your website. And, finally, third, we aspire to be a gathering place for a community of like-minded bloggers and vloggers who are not only here to network but truly support and inspire each other. Enough about that and back to Spotlight! This issue is jam packed with content, so I really hope you enjoy it. Happy Readings!

PR & Ma

This issue of Spotlight has come around again qui be mistaken for thinking that in between we take That’s not the case for the editorial team I can assu next issue. From my perspective with the marketin workload. That’s ok with me as I’m the type of per

The same would be said for all of the events we fe monthly or quarterly events there is always a new event. It’s also true that the event itself must be ke social media marketing comes in. We’ve done som most interaction and engagement with our reade amount, is social media like Facebook and Flickr. T activity from the brands or events to keep them re event, Tres Chic, is one of those events that I know their cycle and it’s shown benefits in how the profi months.

Of course, one of the ways that events get themse people is the use of bloggers and we’ve introduce a single Blogger – Asylum Miggins. I was personal been one of my favourite bloggers to follow for so in Second Life so how do you become successful a Getting noticed is one part of the answer so if you our Blogger Feature please contact either Del, Tro


ickly. Being a bi-monthly publication you could e a month off once the issue hits the newsstands. ure you as they immediately set to work on the ng and social media there’s also no let-up in the rson that likes to keep busy.

eature in the magazine. Whether they are weekly, w cycle of work to do in preparation for the next ept at the top of people’s minds and that’s where me work at Spotlight recently looking at where ers comes from and the leader, by a considerable These platforms need to have a constant flow of elevant and top of the news feeds. Our cover story w keeps their social media updated throughout file of the event has increased over the last 12-18

elves and their participating stores in front of ed a new feature this month which focusses on lly excited to see the feature on Asylum as she’s ome time. There are literally thousands of bloggers and get on the blogging lists of great events? u’re interested in finding out how to be featured in ouble or myself.

Kess Crystal

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is eternal Written by Cajsa Lilliehook Landscape Photography by Xandrah Sciavo

Page 32 | Featured Event: Cover Story

March 2017 | Page 33

Page 34 | Featured Event: Cover Story

Tres Chic Team | AG Reinard, Nikidemonix, and Maven P Photographer | Wicca Merlin

It’s all about You! Be Unique, Be Stylish! Be Inspired, Be … Tres Chic Six times a year, this magazine casts its spotlight on an event, seeking a 360° perspective, we interview the event owners, designers, bloggers, and shoppers. This month, our spotlight falls on Tres Chic. We asked everyone interviewed to describe the event with three words and their answers, as expected, were varied. One word, though, came through loud and clear—Style.


March 2017 | Page 35

Page 36 | Featured Event: Cover Story

Tres Chic Shopper | Valent1ne Apogee Photographer | Wicca Merlin

March 2017 | Page 37

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” —Yves Saint Laurent

How the people we interviewed perceive Tres Chic is dependent on their relationship to it—but they are united in their enthusiasm. Valent1ne Apogee is a loyal shopper at Tres Chic. She has not missed a showcase since its first month. Apogee is drawn by the fashion-forward, unique items that are showcased and loves the Italianate sim. “When I’m shopping I always look for stylish things that I could never afford in real life, or things that would be impractical to wear in real life.” She also values the seasonal approach they take, “Tres Chic always has a unique theme that fits with the season. I usually dress with the seasons in Second Life, so it makes it easy for me to put together outfits.” Thetra Blackheart believes that Tres Chic attracts a special kind of shopper, one with “different views on the aesthetic taste and often looking for something new.” As a designer, her satisfaction comes not just from her sales at the event, but that it draws new customers to her mainstore. Blogger Satomi Masukami rhapsodizes, “Tres Chic is one of the few events for which I’m always queued up as soon as it starts.” For her, it’s the designer lineup which includes many of her favorite brands. She’s also impressed with the management of the event, that all items are out when it opens. Event creators, Forel Palmira and Eva Weimes believe that their differences enhance the event. “Due to our different personal likes and styles you will see very different ideas and new brands in every round of the event.” Tres Chic is a themed showcase that features an assortment of clothing, accessories, and decor from about seventy different stores. Running from the 17th of one month through the 10th of the next, Tres Chic has a laser focus on mesh creations, so if there are poses, they are coordinated with a mesh prop. The only non-mesh products are skin appliers for mesh heads and bodies. Cosmetics are allowed only in bundles with mesh heads. By May 2015 when Tres Chic was launched, anyone would have been daunted by the challenge of breaking into the saturated event market with its multitude of events overwhelming even the most dedicated shoppers. Tres Chic founders Palmira and Weimes cracked the code of success by focusing on an appeal to style. While some events focus on a particular genre or on a congruent mix-and-match color theme, Tres Chic focused on the eternal challenge of fashion—style.

Page 38 | Featured Event: Cover Story

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” — Rachel Zoe Style is more than the latest trends, though Palmira points out that they try to follow first life trends when creating mood boards and inspiration ideas for the monthly themes. The themes serve as inspiration, not direction, which allows for a great variety in the monthly showcase. Style is highly individualistic. The worst-dressed lists are full of people who do not understand that the silhouette

that enhances one woman may not a bug, that Palmira and Wei sensibilities. Few people can eff what does not appeal to their ta giving them a broader capacity an organic, unforced variety the

Masukami, whose insight on Tre event for several months, credit as well, their organization skills only is the lineup ready on launch lovingly decorated, making it a p There’s nothing sadder than an e not much else,” she remarked. Bl event and the variety of creator of Tres Chic’s appeal as well. She

y bury another. It’s a feature, imes have divergent fashion ffectively judge the quality of aste, but their tastes differ y for finding quality. This creates e stores they recruit.

March 2017 | Page 39

professionalism. Apogee, who as a shopper, is really the final arbiter of success, said, “If you had to limit yourself to a few events, you’d have the best chance of finding things you like at Tres Chic because of the amount of stores participating, which all have high quality items.”

Blogging has become such an integral part of fashion es Chic is based on blogging the marketing in SL® and every event has a score or more of ts their success to other things event bloggers who promote the event. Masukami has been and attention to details. “Not blogging Tres Chic since November. She enjoys event blogging h, but the venue is also always and says it pushes her to be more creative. “Due to a large influx pleasant shopping experience. of blog posts during events you often see many blogger posts with event with stacked booths and similarly styled outfits, given we all are choosing pieces from the lackheart thinks the size of the same outlet. This is why I try to improvise, something I don’t do as rs participating are a big part actively for regular posts.” e also praises the organizers’

Tres Chic Blogger | Satomi Masukami Photographer | Satomi Masukami

Page 40 | Featured Event: Cover Story

Fashion is about something That comes from within you —Ralph Lauren Except for the highest echelon, those creators who captured their market share during the early years of Second Life, events are integral to a store’s success. Blackheart of E-Clipse Designs reflected on the paradox of events for creators, “The good thing is that customers can find grouped in one place many excellent designers and exclusive items, however, this resulted in a slight decrease in mainstore visits.” However, as Palmira notes, this has also helped newer stores. She recalls how finding someone new was haphazard, the luck of coming across a new shop in a mall. Today, Palmira notes, “Events have taken over and are able to give those designers a broader audience more quickly.” Palmira notes that events bring people in-world together, unlike Marketplace™. Communities build around events, particularly within the in-world groups whose chat windows light up with all sorts of conversations. Events are also a better choice than Marketplace™, as Palmira notes, “Events give you also a more editorial, selected choice, not just a random listing.” Apogee, as a shopper, sees both sides, “I would say events are both

Tres Chic Owners | Eva Weimes & Forel Palmira Photographer | Lessthen Zero

March 2017 | Page 41

good and bad. They’re a great way for stores to advertise, but at the same time they put a lot of pressure on designers to continuously churn out new items.” She remains impressed with the work ethic that propels designers to keep up with all their event commitments. Shining a spotlight on anything will usually find a few areas for improvement. This was difficult, though, with Tres Chic. For example, when asked for suggestions, Blackheart said, “It’s already perfect.” Then, Masukami said, “Honestly, I can’t think of any.” Well...dang. Thankfully, our shopper Apogee offered a couple suggestions, suggestions which she notes apply to many. “Tres Chic, and many other events, could benefit from having more items for men. I also think that smaller, more up-and-coming designers could be featured more in these events.” For Palmira and Weimes subscribe to the maxim that the journey is the reward, so as Palmira put it, “We don’t want to miss the experience and we guess we’d do it just the same way again.” Of course, who would want to exchange that process when it has been so much about their friendship? Their management is centered on their friendship and the freedom that allows. “All is based on the friendship, a mutual trust that allows us to decide things in the absence of the other and in financial matters. We share all ideas and concerns, a constant communication.”

Page 42 | Featured Event: Cover Story

I believe in pursuing your dreams, in doing what you love every moment of every day, and in inspiring others to do the same. —Eva Weimes Lauren Palmira and Weimes were already friends, both of them fascinated by fashion, by “constant dressing the “doll” or changing the look of our pixel homes, so the step from doing it just for our own joy to a promotion of fashion has not been far.” It grew much more quickly than they expected and are proud of the result. They also like that Tres Chic gives them the opportunity to foster and promote new designers. “Stepping onto the “big runway” like an event, is for new designers a giant step, we try to help them along this way. This is a very personal support and may be a difference to other events.” A spotlight also gives people a chance to share what they wish other people understood about their role. For the organizers, they wish people understood the importance of keeping them in the loop. “An event is a joint effort, of all designers and the event team, we will support you within our abilities to make each round a success. Due to the tight schedule we just need to know things in time, so communication is a priority,” Palmira said. For Blackheart, she wishes people understood that not all ideas can translate to SL. As she says, creation “requires much dedication and it is not always easy to combine ideas and practical especially for Second Life needs.”

Tres Chic Designer | Thetra Photographer | Wicca Merli

Blackheart in

March 2017 | Page 43

Page 44 | Featured Event: Cover Story

“When you don’t dress like everybody else, you don’t have to think like everybody else.” —Iris Apfel Masukami wishes people understood blogging as a business transaction. “The designer wants you to showcase their work in order to maximise sales and exposure. Your take is the item you received for free, but in exchange for the expectations of a job well done. You get to make friends within the team and gain followers and admirers of your own creative work in the process. I see a lot of people hinting towards actual payment to bloggers and it makes me shake my head. I don’t think you should apply to blog for someone if you don’t believe in their work. If you blog to be greedy, then I don’t think it’s for you.”

March 2017 | Page 45

Blogging has brought her unexpected rewards just as Second Life has. She remarked that SL began as a way to pass the time, but now, “I feel like it’s a part of my daily life. In my SL journey I have met amazing people, learned skills I never thought I would, built up a steady income (She makes bento poses.) and it just keeps on giving.” For the shoppers, Apogee expresses the lament of every shopper struggling to get into a packed event. “It has to be encouraging to designers to have the event sim completely packed with people waiting outside trying to get in, even the neighboring overflow sims fill up.” On the other hand, it took her a week to get into a recent event. Taking advantage of Apogee’s candor, Spotlight asked if she had packaging preferences that she was willing to share. Like many people, she prefers to simply get a folder that does not require any unpacking. She continued, “I realize some delivery systems require use of a box but there’s no reason the box can’t be made to be worn to unpack. I find it really helpful if the box says “wear me” in the name so that I know I don’t need to rez it on the ground. For fat packs and other things that need to be boxed in groups I’d prefer them to be organized by mesh body. Really though if you’re going to make a fatpack I’d prefer a hud to change colors.”

Page 46 | Featured Event: Cover Story

One of my life mottos is “If you want something, then work for it ... — Forel Palmira (Fofina)

Blackheart has been creating for many years. She opened E-Clipse Design in 2011. She has worked assiduously to avoid being boxed into any niche. Reviewing her last few years releases reveals that she is equally comfortable with high fashion formal wear as she is with street fashions and fetishwear. For her, it comes down to two basic tenets. “I try to do my best in every item I do and try to reflect in them traits of my personality.” This simplicity is reflective of her personality. She describes herself as a simple person who flourishes in SL because it allows her to express her creativity. She’s been a part of the Tres Chic event for over a year, drawn to it by the wide variety and high quality designers who associated with the

March 2017 | Page 47

event. She appreciates the variety, quality, and originality of the items showcased every month and values the professional staff. She also has a special love for the build at Tres Chic. Because it features an Italian square, she said, “it makes me feel at home.” Masukami drifted into blogging. She used to shop, style outfits, take pictures, and post them on Flickr®, gaining followers organically. A friend talked her into signing up to blog. She does not see it as work, nor as a hobby. For her, it’s a way to relax and explore her creativity. “I would spend hours going through my inventory putting something together, and then sometimes I’d scrap it entirely. Other times I’d see something and instantly picture the end result. I blog for just that kind of creative excitement and to continue to improve my skills. My images are rarely ‘outfits of the day’ so I’m guessing most of my audience is made up of artistic folk, rather than hardcore fashionistas.” For her, the primary requirement of an excellent blog is the quality and accessibility of the credits. “I may have written a touching story linked to my blog post, but if it’s not documented with a quality image, chances are a lot of followers will miss it entirely.”

Page 48 | Featured Event: Cover Story

Apogee is a dedicated shopper with insights and tips that will improve your shopping experience. Her best advice is to use Firestorm’s “Show Friends Only” feature. “You can’t count on anyone to detach their 3000 LI objects at events but this way it’s not a problem, and your computer doesn’t have to render nearly as much stuff,” she explains. Certainly we must all agree that lag from friends is less irritating than lag from strangers, right? Apogee also believes there is no better time to shop than 1:00 A.M. SLT on a weeknight. In addition to shopping, Apogee loves socializing in SL. Connections made in SL have made a real difference in her first life. “I wouldn’t have my RL job, or cats, if it weren’t for SL. I’ve made a lot of connections and friendships over the years here and many of those have spilled over to RL. Three years ago Harlow Heslop had decided to foster two rescue cats at the vet clinic she worked at. She claimed five cats was too many to own though, and so she asked me if I would take them since I had mentioned wanting to adopt at that time.” In addition to making friends who give her cats, she spends her time mesh modeling, scripting, animating, editing audio, and managing an RP sim. The best, though, is spending time with friends, “I enjoy hanging out with friends at Blithe, Bed, or The Bay. I also spend most of my time getting dressed, occasionally I take pics of myself or other things I find while exploring SL.”

March 2017 | Page 49 Tres Chic Owners | Eva Weimes & Forel Palmira Photographer | Lessthen Zero

Page 50 | Featured Event: Cover Story

“In ord irreplace must alw differ — Coco

Palmira and Weimes th their “baby”—as Palmi much attention and tak time. It cries often and w month.” In fact, for the are working part-time i you never really stop…” though, that it has bee popularity and quality that we are now at a po provides an one-stop-s Much of that is thanks to turn their slogan, “It reality. “We aim to offer and fresh experience in should be a place to loo to try and buy. Visit us, t better, you will discover

Beyond their justifiabl they find there are dee as well. “We feel close t have met and will meet creative minds and arti time again to see what The event is our showca sharing it with you…” A Chic keeps them busy ideas and hint that the the future.

Now that is something to.

der to be eable, one ways be rent.” Chanel

hink of Tres Chic as ira put it, “needs as kes as much of your wants to be fed every em, “It feels as if we in another real job, …” They are thrilled, en growing in y. “We are confident oint where every round shopping experience.” s to their commitment t’s all about you,” into r our visitors a unique n every round. Tres Chic ok around and enjoy, the more often the r something new.”

le pride in the event, eper, richer benefits to the pulse of fashion, t amazing talents, ists. It thrills us every they come up with. ase of this feeling, us As to the future, Tres y, though they have ey may surprise us in

g else to look forward

March 2017 | Page 51

Page 52 | Featured Event: Cover Story


Tres Chic in 3 Words

Favorite Song


Forel Palmira

Unique, Stylish & Fashionable

Try by P!nk

The No

Eva Weimes

Ocean Drive by Duke Dumont

500 Days o

Satomi Masukami

Class, Quality & Style

Try to Remember Me by Stumbleine

My memo short f ques

Thetra Blackheart

Variety, Originality & Quality

Storytime by Nightwish

The Gre

Valent1ne Apogee

Stylish, Couture & Seasonal

World Painted Blood by Slayer


Tres Chic Check out their website. Join their Inworld Group. Check them out on Seraphim. Teleport to Tres Chic. Forel Palmira Follow her on Flickr. Check out her Blog. Eva Weimes Follow her on Flickr. Check out her Blog. Valent1ne Apogee Follow her on Flickr. Check out Vex on Marketplace. Add her on Plurk.

March 2017 | Page 53

e Movie

Favorite Fruit

Favorite Sim



Luanes World Le Sixieme Sens

of Summer



Virtual Decay

ory is too for this stion


Does Strawberry count?

Now gone Midnight Reflections

een Mile



Morenci (my own)

d Away



Serenity Lost


Favorite Candy

Thetra Blackheart of E-Clipse Design Check out her Blog. Follow her on Flickr. Check her out on Marketplace. Teleport to her Inworld Store. Satomi Masukami Teleport to Fox City. Follow her on Flickr. Check out her Vimeo. Connect with her on Facebook. Contact her for commission work.


can arida Written by Miele Tarantal Landscape Photography by Tempest Rosca

Page 60 | Creator Feature

March 2017 | Page 61

Page 62 | Creator Feature

March 2017 | Page 63

To be successful at anything first requires a combination of interest, talent, skill, and luck. But most importantly, one has to be willing to ride the tide, the waves of change, that will inevitably come as one progresses in one’s chosen field. The ones who rise to the top, the strong swimmers (to squeeze every drop out of that metaphor) will apply that burst of energy needed to not only keep afloat but to surge above and ride each wave. This is the kind of creator Deccan Arida, the owner and primary builder of The Forge and EZ Weaponry, has proven to be. The main store, a sprawling eclectic collection of highly detailed role-play wear, weaponry, gadgets, and jewelry, all of excellent quality and inspiring thoughts of RP adventure and the possibility one could create by combining them. There is something to suit almost every personality, from the devilish and macho bent on mischief and destruction to the gentle elf girl. More recently The Forge has begun to feature kink-wear and jewelry, as well as footwear that is easy to imagine on a runway. There are some purely playful and cute pieces, like an “ice cream splat” hat and other colorful accessories. It’s so much fun and such an impressive representation of years of inspiration and hard work. Arida came to Second Life about the middle of 2007. He started role playing in some medieval Gorean sims, which soon turned into the driving force of his creations and weaponry. Arida, who is based in the UK, has a creative background. He started The Forge in 2007 but didn’t take it seriously at first; it was a hobby and offset his real life income.

Page 64 | Creator Feature

Arida’s first creations were three bows and three swords, created to begin a store. “The first weapon I made was a bow called ‘Bow of the Alt’ back in 2008. Bows were more popular then,” says Arida. “The combat system people used in those sims used bows and swords to fight too, so most roleplayers had weapons; it’s all part of the game, as well as for the aesthetics.” The first accessory he made was a set of gloves called ‘Vanguard’. Arida shares that these gloves were made “on my old avatar that I started The Forge on - Kain Flores - along with a trench coat. Both sold real well.” Over the years The Forge has evolved from mainly medieval & fantasy, to include contemporary, urban, apocalyptic - “which is one of my favourites,” says Arida - to cyberpunk and wiccan, covering fantasy and roleplay genres. “I went full time creating in 2013 after trying a few jobs outside Second Life. Nothing really stuck, and I didn’t have the right degrees to do the ones I wanted. It gave me a chance to use my creative side and also to be my own boss, which is something I wanted above all in anything,” says Arida. “So I work harder for it and get rewarded directly to how much I put in. It was tough to be disciplined at first, but I also have a passion for creating, and I studied business so that comes easy. It’s not just art I want to make; I want to create a brand, something people will be instantly drawn to.” Although some of his pieces seem directly influenced by familiar sources, they are often entirely new and original, recalling their “real life” counterparts but with special details and tweaks straight from the mind of the creator. This is because, although Arida will research authentic design on Google or Pinterest, he wants to put a twist on it with something of his own. The Forge & EZ Weaponry Owner| Deccan Arida Photographer | Wicca Merlin

March 2017 | Page 65

“What inspires me, that’s hard to write about, or hard to pin down, because it’s anything and everything, from my early years up to right now. I also heavily enjoyed art from a very early age, studying real life objects and fantasy. I’ve watched a lot of horror and scifi films, and also watched anime, and studied a few other fantasy artists, like [Luis] Royo, Dorian Cleavenger and [Gerald] Brom, as well as pictures from Artstation and other places. All of these influences have stayed in my head, floating around and in some way or another, have helped to inspire the work I do; it all comes out one way or another.” Around the age of sixteen Arida started fusing those things together. “My art teacher told me I should probably study character and set design but I never took it seriously or had the interest then, since I was working and never took it further than college level.” Arida’s artistic skill is profoundly evident in his creations; the level of quality and attention to detail is demonstrated without exception in all his pieces. When he began creating items in Second Life, mesh had not appeared yet, and designers built with prims and sculpts. Some of those designers, did not survive the new work process, but those who did, says Arida, were the ones who forced themselves to keep learning and adapt. “Mesh is a real design skill,” says Arida. “System clothing was just something for Photoshop, but lots of people who started with prims were natural designers anyway, so they learned.” About his mesh design beginnings in Second Life, Arida says,”I had no knowledge of mesh back then and built with prims, so I watched all the tutorials I could find on sculpting in Blender, which helped to no end when mesh came on the scene. I’ve just pushed myself to learn what I need to, to improve.”

Page 66 | Creator Feature

One thing Arida dislikes doing is scripting, but over time he has regularly collaborated with others who are featured under the brand umbrella. Listed on his profile as his team are builders Deathcore Torok, Daniel Silvercloud8391, and Aymee Monk, as well as Slightly Opaque (Scripter/Owner - Firo Series) and JJames Alter (Scripter/Owner - NOVO Series). Since Arida has been doing an average of seven events a month, including Kustom 9, TMD, Bish Box, Fantasy Collective, and Fantasy Gacha, as well as “the big faire things - I’m in Epiphany again next round and Lootbox”, it is imperative that he has a good team he can rely on to meet deadlines. Also, says Arida, “Some naturally talented people don’t like creating full time either.” It seems like a very mutually satisfying arrangement. In an event landscape that features so many similar versions of harnesses, short little dresses and lingerie, to come across

a set like Akira, which was featured at the last Fantasy Gacha Carnival, is refreshing. Arida collaborated with Jacinda Jaxxon (of {le fil cassé} and CandyDoll) to create this collection. The kimono, boots and katana set is truly outstanding, and a testament to the prodigious skills of both creators. Arida spoke about the increased amount of women-centric items that are appearing in his store. “It’s one of the most requested things I get asked, surprisingly, by customers and in every single survey I’ve carried out. As a creator I like to challenge myself, which is why there is such a mix of items in my store, so if an opportunity arises, I’ll take it! It’s also true most shoppers in SL are female, which doesn’t hurt, but it’s more about the artistic and technical side than anything else.” Arida focuses on making items that are versatile, so that they can be used by avis with

March 2017 | Page 67

different SL goals. “I try to hold back on the artistic and infuse it with practical instead, or offset something with a different style. This helps make an item of clothing or accessory more wearable for the customer and also something that expresses their character perhaps, rather than the item alone.” Arida let us in on an exciting new project in the works. “We have a new event at the moment [Kremlin Kabal Artist/Creator Exposition & Sales] between several designers, like Remarkable Oblivion, Lab737, Enfant Terrible and a few others. We’re going to put out the stuff we really want to make, no deadlines or anything; it’s constantly open - and it’s exclusive - so sorta like a creator’s creation.” What can we expect in the future from Arida, who seems as enthusiastic and motivated about The Forge as if he had just begun? “Everything and anything I can conceive,” says Arida. “I’ll be doing a lot more sets, like my collab

with {le fil cassé}, Akira. We want to create a set of characters with different themes to bring a bit more life to collectible sets - I think it adds some uniqueness. Our next set will be at Lootbox on the 20th of March.” Arida has just started a male clothing line, Forge Apex, with the help of Jacinda Jaxxon, as he continues to learn how to make rigged clothing. “My first set will be soon. Ultimately this is going to include fantasy, medieval and futuristic themes which will be cool to do!” Arida’s goal this year is to learn Zbrush sculpting, “so I can add more detailed items to things like armour, for example. I’ll definitely be making more weaponry and apoc gear, but first I wanna nail clothing. So you’ve got something to look forward to guys!” He also imagines creating “cool little apoc” dwellings , “like Lorries turned into a home or something, or a boat turned into a building. I might try doing little furniture collections too.”

Page 68 | Creator Feature

Arida says we can expect “anything and everything” from him in the future. It will be exciting to see how the emerging technologies that are changing Second Life will affect his production. “Sansar will come along soon - that’s got some interesting possibilities with VR, which could offer some fun opportunities with games and much better environments. I’m not sure what I’d do there yet, but it’s looks fun. I expect the standard of mesh and sims will be much higher.” Arida also finds Bento very interesting, and mentioned that he can see himself creating items, like tails, that rely on Bento. He is excited about the future in Second Life. “My main driving force is creativity at the end of the day; something interesting and unique, so I want to keep striving forward here.” Arida ended the interview with a shout out to his loyal customers: “I’d just like to say, thanks for reading and thanks for your continued support over the years I wouldn’t be here without you!” Teleport to the Forge. Follow on Flickr.

The Forge & EZ Weaponry Owner| Deccan Arida Photographer | Wicca Merlin

March 2017 | Page 69


In a world where anythin culture permeates the la Each issue, the Spotlight bloggers and sh


ng is possible and dream often become [virtual] reality, event andscape, providing each individual with a unique experience. Team creates a dialogue event coordinators, content creators, hoppers who share their perspective on event culture.

Page 76 | Perspectives

event owner Allie Munro Check out her event TWE12VE.

Allie Munro is behind the event TWE12VE and co-owns Evil Bunny Productions. She shares her behind the scenes perspective of event culture with Spotlight Magazine. For more information on her event, check out her flickr, Facebook and website. “This year marks my 10th in Second Life and the 7th that I have been running hunts and events. One thing that is very important to me regarding running hunts and events is giving new designers a chance. When we first started, before we set-up Evil Bunny Productions, Grumble tried to get involved in hunts back in 2009. At that time, if you were not involved in anything and were new, getting into something was nearly impossible. Since then, it has always been important to me to include as many new designers as possible and give them a glimpse at hunts and events in SL. We start out approving newer designers for hunts so they can get their feet wet and see what our events are like. We currently run 6 large events/year, 5 hunts/year, and TWE12VE monthly. TWE12VE started up as a venue to give designers the ability to take one word and express themselves designing for it. TWE12VE is geared mainly towards holidays/seasonal celebrations and includes more seasoned designers. I wanted to give shoppers the place to go when they were looking for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, or other seasonal themes like fresh for January and New Years, passion for February and Valentine’s Day. It is a fun and creative outlet for designers to stretch their creative brains and try something different. Each designer does a new release which is exclusive to the event and all items at the event are required to be new designs.

Photographer | WrenNoir Cerise

Our larger events: Truth or Dare Affair, Dark Side, Jersey Shore, Fable, Mad Circus, and Naughty List all require designers to have a 10L special so that our customers can get a hold of some amazing deals. Making events affordable for designers and customers is important especially in today’s economy. We LOVE to organize these themed events and hunts and hope everyone enjoys participating in them as much as we enjoy offering them. We are very blessed to have such an amazing group of designers that return event after event and support from the SL community. We welcome any designers out there to come check us out and get involved in hunts and events in SL.”

March 2017 | Page 77

Page 78 | Perspectives

event shopper Zahra Bowie

Zahra Bowie is an avid shopper. She shares her perspective as a shopper of event culture with Spotlight Magazine. “One of the most appealing and stimulating aspects of my journey though Second Life is having the ability to freely express my personal sense of style. For me, fashion plays a pivotal role in enabling me to sculpt and express my identity; I feel it’s just as necessary in a digital world where I intermingle with crowds of strangers and have only seconds to make a first impression. It enables me to communicate who I am, or who I want to be in that particular moment in time. I love being able to show up at an event, bursting at the seams with new creations from a varied selection of designers, all under one roof. I always look forward to seeing what my favourite designers have on offer at a monthly event, but it’s also exciting to discover new, perhaps lesserknown designers who are participating in the event for the first time. I feel as if there’s been an influx of events since I joined SL two and a half years ago, but perhaps, I’m just better informed about events through following blogs and social media sites such as flickr and Seraphim. I’m not complaining though; as an avid shopper in both worlds, this feeds my need for retail therapy quite nicely!” Photographer | WrenNoir Cerise

March 2017 | Page 79

Page 80 | Perspectives

event designer Carrie Snowpaw Check out her store Snowpaws.

Carrie Snowpaw is the creative force behind the brand Snowpaws. She shares her designer perspective of event culture with Spotlight Magazine. For more information on her brand, check out her website. “Event culture is such a huge part of Second Life economy these days and participating in them has been a great boon to my store. They draw large crowds and expose my products to new customers every time I join in. I only enter a few different events, and I don’t place an item in each of them every month since trying to do them all is just too stressful for me. But I try to make sure I am in at least one each month. I have found that I do my best work in events that have a particular theme. I find myself creating items that I might not otherwise have thought of doing and it pushes me out of my comfort zone. All in all I believe event culture has been positive for Second Life, for creators and for customers.”

Photographer | WrenNoir Cerise

March 2017 | Page 81

Page 82 | Perspectives

event blogger Alicia Chenaux Check out her fashion blog.

Alicia Chenaux is the creative blogger and photographer behind her fashion blog, CH’KNOW Style and her adventure blog, CH’KNOW. She shares her blogger perspective of event culture with Spotlight Magazine. Be sure to check out her Youtube channel. “I have a total love/hate relationship with events in Second Life these days. I am a blogger for some wonderful events, and I adore the “behind the scenes” happenings with these. From the conception of the event theme to the day it opens, it is exciting and fun. I, like many others, like the convenience of having so many different items in one area. But as just a shopper, I truly do miss mainstore releases. More than that, I miss when designers had time to really work on a collection of items. In my early days of SL, it was incredible when certain designers released an entire wardrobe at once. You could see the time and work that went into their art, and you had time to really enjoy your new purchases before the next collection came out. Sometimes now, it feels like it’s just machines cranking out one item after another to put into several events in a month. I enjoy having new things often and it’s very easy to slip into that expectation. We are now in the habit of knowing that there will always be new events and new items, even if we haven’t opened up packages from the last event. I love them and I hate them, but I keep going to those events.” Photographer | WrenNoir Cerise

March 2017 | Page 83


um miggins Written by Ahn Avion Photography by Asylum Miggins

Page 92 | Blogger Feature

March 2017 | Page 93

Page 94 | Blogger Feature

According to, the word blog is defined as a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences,observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites. For as often as the word “blog” is used in our modern vernacular, it’s can be difficult to believe that the word as we know it is less than thirty years old. In the world of Second Life fashion, some of the most effective advertising can come from blogging. According to Alex Avion, owner/creator of Brocade Tiger and manager of all five ‘stuff groups, “They give advertising and exposure to a designer’s items but it’s more than that. It’s a time and work saver. A designer already spends a crazy amount of time creating and getting items out to the buying public. A blogger gives their own time and effort to showing how that item works and looks outside the vender photo. If not for bloggers, a designer would have to spend just as much time taking artsy photos and running a blog and finding readers as they did designing. Designers are artists, but so are the bloggers. Their art is making the designer’s art appealing to wider markets.”

March 2017 | Page 95

Page 96 | Blogger Feature

One such blogger that is making her own creative stab in the Second Life (SL) blogging foray is Crumbelina DiCaramello (asylum.miggins). “When I started blogging, it was around when I started my first store. I noticed that other people had bloggers so I looked into the whole thing and got pretty blown away by the pictures I saw. From there, it kinda just grew into me seeing if I could, and then if I could get better,” she explains. Crumbelina has been using Photoshop for as long as she has been blogging, roughly two and a half years. And, yes, she also designs for her store, Nightmare. “I try to keep myself open to a lot of different styles, but my favorite is misty creepy weirdness.. I prefer things on the darker side. Though I try to brighten things up every now and then!” When she’s not blogging her own creations, she also blogs for Glam Affair, The Plastik, Astralia, Formanails, Le Morte, MadPea, Cynful, Violent Seduction, CandyDoll, and various grid wide events.

March 2017 | Page 97

Crumbelina discusses her time frame for a blog, start to finish. “Generally I have an idea for a post before going in, so it can sometimes take as little as an hour from start to finish. But most of the time, it sits anywhere between 3 to 5 hours, from start to posting. Sometimes longer if I have a meltdown about accessories in the middle.” Every artist draws from various forms of inspiration. “A lot of the inspiration I get comes from the designers and creators themselves. I can build whole blog posts around one accessory that I love. But the other half comes from other bloggers. There are some amazingly gifted folks out there, a lot of them have tutorials for editing etc. I get a lot of help from them,” she mentions, but then I asked the hard question of where she draws inspiration for her own designs. “Oh, from the warped space in my mind!” If those great designs come from her warped mind, just imagine what comes out when she goes full out mental!

Page 98 | Blogger Feature

Most bloggers become fixated on the number of hits their blogs receive, but Crumbelina isn’t one of those kinds of bloggers. She has a refreshing confidence about the art she creates in each and every blog. She says, “I don’t advertise too many places. Mostly Flickr and my blog itself. I also post to a few Facebook groups every so often. I’ve never really paid too much attention to my hits per post. Most of my traffic comes from Flickr, so it depends how a post goes there to how many people come back to the blog.” In Second Life, a business that lasts a year can be considered a major accomplishment, especially with all of the changes that occur over time. When I started Second Life over eleven years ago, flexi prims were a new concept and everyone had at least three pairs of micro thongs in their inventory, regardless of avatar gender. Within the last year or two alone, the fashion world has seen the advent of not only mesh clothing including standard mesh, liquid mesh, and fit mesh to name a few, but also mesh avatars and the myriad of appliers that go along with them.

March 2017 | Page 99

Page 100 | Blogger Feature

Don’t be discouraged when first starting [...] Just gotta stick to your own style, and not try to be something you aren’t.

March 2017 | Page 101

With this train of thought of improved fashions, I asked Crumbelina what she considers her biggest improvement over time. She says, “My biggest improvement is honestly just settling into my own style and not trying to be something I’m not. I took a comparison about a month ago of my pictures from 2014 and this year, and I can see the amount of growth I’ve managed with theme and editing. The sponsors that have accepted me also add to that, of course. I couldn’t do what I do without them, and that they feel my style would mesh with theirs is a huge compliment in itself. I think that helps add to the feelings of success, along with all the crazies that follow my work!” One look through her work will have you being one of those crazies, too! Asking an artist to name a favorite personal piece can be like asking an

astronomer to pick a favorite star or an author to pick a favorite book, so it was surprising to learn that Crumbelina has a definite favorite. “I have a post that was inspired by Sugar Rush from Wreck-It Ralph. It was one of the first ones I did, that I went nuts with decor and food items instead of just simple or black backgrounds.” Click here to see the favored post. Vanellope von Schweetz would definitely approve! For those considering a Second Life career of blogging or have recently started, she offers this advice, “Don’t be discouraged when first starting. I see a lot of new bloggers be upset about a lack of views or sponsors or the like, and that’s not how it works. Nothing happens straight away, and it takes a lot of effort and time to get noticed when there are so many bloggers. Just gotta stick to your own style, and not try to be something you aren’t.”

Page 102 | Blogger Feature

March 2017 | Page 103

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to blogging, it can also be about a sense of style and self. While anyone can claim to be a blogger, far less have the true talent to hone the skill. Make sure to take the time to look through the work of Crumbelina DiCaramello (asylum. miggins) if you haven’t by now. Rest assured that some of it truly is the stuff of Nightmare! Check out her Blog. Check out her Flickr. Connect with her on Facebook. Teleport to Nightmare. Check out Nightmare on Marketplace.


Second Life’s hottest t Magazine provides a exclusive int

This month we take a lo


trends are often found at events all over the grid. Spotlight an in-depth review of what is new and trending, including terviews with the masterminds behind the craze.

ook into jewelry, interviewing Abraxxa Anatine of EarthStones and CrystalNY of Amala.

Written by Novaleigh Freng Landscape Photography by Taylor Wassep Landscape Photography by Xandrah Sciavo

Page 112 | Now Trending

March 2017 | Page 113

Amala Owner | CrystalNY Photographer | Wicca Merlin

Page 114 | Now Trending

Fashion isn’t just about the latest clothing trends. Sometimes, the most difficult part of finding the perfect look lies in the finer details. Second Life ® has always been a world of infinite possibilities—the sort of game that allows its users to create anything that they can dream up. Most users know that a simple search of the marketplace can yield hundreds, if not thousands of pages of results of clothing for our avatars, allowing us to customize ourselves to our heart’s content. To a point, that is. Certain items like jewelry and avatar accessories (hats, glasses, etc.) used to be harder to find, but have, in recent years, been growing not only in popularity but in quality, thanks to the innovation and dedication of some of Second Life’s most talented creators, who found themselves wanting to focus on the small details that help each of us make our looks unique. This is no small task (no pun intended). In fact, as daunting as it may seem to try and find that perfect piece to finish off your look when you’re getting

March 2017 | Page 115

ready for that date night, or that photo-op with your favorite photographer you had to schedule two months in advance, the ladies and gentlemen of SL who design these accessories have put even more time and attention into every detail than you can probably imagine. And just as it does when you go searching the marketplace for things like “purple pearls with a shark-tooth” or “hat with fluffy bunny ears,” for these creators, it all starts with a simple idea. Abraxxa Anatine is a wellknown name in Second Life’s jewelry market nowadays, but back in 2007, she was a selfdescribed “newbie running around in ripped jeans and tie-dye tank tops” looking for quality earthy jewelry to compliment her look. Of course, a decade ago, pickings were slim, the dreaded bling script was a little more popular than most of us will ever admit, and Abraxxa had more than a little trouble finding the accessories she longed for to match her Bohemian style.

EarthStones Owner | Abraxxa Anatine Photographer | Wicca Merlin

Page 116 | Now Trending

“So, I gave up on trying to find jewelry to suit my style, and began learning to make it myself,” she told Spotlight. “Of course, back then, everything was made of regular prims, and even sculpties were just being introduced… Jewelry making came with its own special challenges back then - and I didn’t sleep much, at all.” This, ladies and gentlemen, is how Earthstones was born. CrystalNY Resident is another creator of popular accessories in Second Life, and owner of Amala, which has been taking the grid by storm for five years now. While Amala and Earthstones are on opposite ends of the style spectrum, Crystal and Abraxxa have

something in common—something that they no doubt share with other creators—they love what they do, and they love sharing their creations with their customers. “It’s very rewarding when people tell me that they’ve fallen in love with one of my items and they refuse to take it off,” said Crystal, who admitted to Spotlight that she came into Second Life knowing that she wanted to open a store, and looked to her creator friends, celebrities, and websites like Pinterest for inspiration when she started her business and began building her creations to share with the rest of the grid.

March 2017 | Page 117

Abraxxa had something similar to say. “What really puts a smile on my face is hearing from customers when something I’ve created touches them in some special way. Whether it was a gift or an item they bought for themselves, there’s nothing like knowing something I’ve created has given someone an emotional lift. That, more than anything else, is what inspires me to keep creating.”

“One of my biggest challenges was getting my metals to look realistic. My metals used to be AWFUL,” Crystal laughed during her interview with Spotlight. “I’ve thought about going back to my old items and redoing them. I’m embarrassed about how cheesy the gold was. But now, customers tell me how much they love my gold and rose gold items. That’s always really nice to hear.”

Of course, like every creator can probably attest, there were difficulties along the way. Accessories designers often deal with unique sets of circumstances when building their creations—super small pieces, or textures that may be hard to replicate in a digital medium, for example.

Abraxxa, who opened Earthstones almost a decade ago, confessed to a different set of challenges. “The biggest challenge I’ve seen isn’t even limited to working with accessories,” Abraxxa said. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it?

Page 118 | Now Trending

It’s definitely something to think about the next time you’re adjusting the fit of your favorite bracelet, or searching the marketplace for the perfect ring for that special someone. As small as some of these items are, as simple as some of them may seem, a lot of time, effort, and preparation go into making them what they are, and whether we realize it or not, these accessories and the creators who make them are an important part of the fashion community. The fashion community draws its inspiration from all walks of life, and there are tons of events every year that demonstrate just how true that is. Most of us will wait for days to gain access to our favorite events, or get that limited-edition item from our favorite clothing designer, but sometimes, we don’t think too much about that necklace that we seem to wear in every photo we take, or that bellychain that matches our favorite crop-top just right. We give little thought to the elf ears we’ve worn since the day we bought them, or the glasses we purchased because they remind us of the pair we wear in real life because in essence, they have become a part of who we are in Second Life—an element that makes us different from the avatar standing beside us. Unique.

March 2017 | Page 119

Page 120 | Now Trending

March 2017 | Page 121

None of us fits in a box, and that is what makes accessory designers in Second Life so important. Much like Abraxxa, who scoured the grid and the marketplace a decade ago in before she decided to open Earthstones, and Crystal, who came to Second Life knowing that she wanted to create a brand that was “elegant and fun,” we all want to stand out from the crowd. We all need that little something that makes us individuals in this community. How do we do it? It’s all in the details. Without them, we are merely mimics. Teleport to Amala. Teleport to EarthStones.

Page 122 | Now Trending

EarthStones Owner | Abraxxa Anatine Photographer | Wicca Merlin

March 2017 | Page 123

Amala Owner | CrystalNY Photographer | Wicca Merlin


Accurate Tales



s of your destiny by Spiritual Advisor Madame Ruby.

‌ it’s me, Redd, under this fortune teller suit!)

Written by Redd Columbia

Page 132 | Fun Feature ARIES


You are so spontaneous this month! That means you’re doing stuff randomly. You should use your extra energy to go on an adventure. You are a fearless cool person and you deserve to try new things, even if the person who you are close to tells you not to go outside. If somebody tells you no, you should just tell them ‘yes’ and do it anyway.

You know what? Sometimes you are bos said. You need to be bossy this month to m They’re going to be in such big trouble if y think you kn

Your love life will be good, but you have to decide if you want to spend your time with making a love explosion or making time to explode yourself outside doing things, like on your adventure.

Your love life will have to wait a little bit b mon

Your Money is going to go down a little this month but guess what, aries? It will be so worth it! You will invest well in things that are so so good. If you see something in a gacha machine that you like, you can try to get it! You will get pretty lucky at some point.

Your money will be going out and out and your payments in

Lucky Numb

Lucky Numbers: 2,4,7

TAURUS You need to be sure so be patient a lot this month. Especially in week 3. You will need to be keeping yourself from getting so mad at someone who will test you, like give you a test of your mind. If you can stay calm and you are determined, you can reward yourself with objects and things because you’re kind of materialistic. Your love life will be bad this time so don’t try anything that will be too hard to do with who you want to date. Your Money will be slowly getting bigger throughout the month and you will have plenty at the end of the month to go shopping. Maybe next month you will double your money if you feel like you can use up some luck.


You’re looking into things too much and you that you shouldn’t worry about right now b pill, virgo y

Your Love life is going to suffer this month can control yourself you will be able to rep

Your money will be spent wisely and your p of this extra money on others this month b

Lucky Nu

Lucky Numbers: 4,11

GEMINI You need to quit being unfriendly. Take some time out to smooth over relationships with people that you made so bad and take what they tell you and know that it could be real. Like if they say you are being superficial, you need to think about maybe you are? And be honest with yourself too. Your love life will be good but only if you stop being so nervous about it. If you get nervous than everything will be ruined!! Just RELAX!!!! Your money will be bad, if you saved up last month you are going to be luckier than usual. If you spent all your money last month you will be much more unlucky. Lucky Numbers: 78, 3


You always want to put so much work into yo pretend romance that you will have, but you this month to make your dreams come true! I on a date like on tinder or maybe even a dati kissing involved and maybe using y

Your love life is going to be good if you reme and say the right thin

Your money will go up this month. I know you you will know you did a really good job if you good things h

Lucky Numbers: 3, 34,

CANCER You need to let your person who you love the most know how much you like them. In return they will give you lots of protection against baddies that might come get you later and we know how much you need to feel protected. Your love life will be good but only on days when you get to kiss, if you don’t get to kiss anybody then you won’t have a great time. Your Money will go up and down and you won’t have control over how much you spend because that’s just how your cookie goes. Lucky Numbers: 4, 1, 8, L



Someone is going to come into your life and person in your life later on. I can’t tell you wh open to their things that are different tha

Your love life will be hot hot hot on the s

You will spend other peoples money this mon for things that are needed like rent and

Lucky Numb

March 2017 | Page 133


ssy but this time it’s just what the doctor make sure that a friend stays out of trouble! you don’t take a big role in their decisions. I now who it is.

but it will be more better at the end of the nth. out slowly, but you will be paid back for all money or in love.

bers: 3, 36, 15


u need to take a step back. There are things because it’s not even a big deal! Take a chill you’re nuts!

h because you are such a nosy body. If you pair your problem at the end of the month.

piggy bank will stay full! You can use some because it will make them feel really good.



our romantic time and thinking about all the u need to stop dreaming and do something If you can get out of the house and maybe go ing website you will do pretty good! There is your hands to touch on a date later.

ember to focus and making actions happen ngs to your loved one.

u will be indecisive about a big purchase but u go forward and buy it. You will have a lot of happen to you.

SAGITTARIUS Use your outgoing personality to introduce yourself to a stranger and then introduce that stranger to the next stranger that you meet. They will probably get married later if you get them to talk to each other, but you won’t know because they will be friends but neither of them will be friends with you, so you’ll have to just trust me that they will get married even if you’re not invited. Your love life will be just by yourself. Practice kissing on your hand in week 2 and you will discover something about yourself. You can’t spend extra money this month because you’ve got some stuff to do in the coming weeks that will be a little bit expensive. Lucky Numbers: None, avoid counting if you can.

CAPRICORN Do you think you’re spending too much time working? I think that you should probably take some time out and go on a vacation, or maybe see a movie by yourself, or maybe you can get a salad at the place you like the most, but you are working too much and everybody thinks you are boring. All your coworkers think you are weird right now, but you can tell them you’re not when you tell them all the fun things you did in week 3. Your love life is bad right now because you rejected something that would have been a really nice thing in your life. You will not have another chance at doing it. If you want to do it you’ll have to wait until next month. Your money is very good, try spending some of it because you have enough for a while now. Lucky Numbers: 92, 5, 418, 87

AQUARIUS You’re doing a lot of nice stuff for other people so don’t stop. If you see a time where maybe somebody could need help, you should help them. Even maybe they just need a compliment or someone to tell them to have a good day, you will help everybody you try to help. Helpful is your energy for the whole month. Your love life is good but not in a kissing way, everyone’s love for you is warming up and it’s a good thing because it’s going to give you opportunities for having sex later. Your money will be normal this month, spend more dimes than quarters and you will see a change in your mood. Lucky Numbers: 69, 16

, any double numbers.



d guess what? They’re going to be a really big hat kind of person it is but you will want to be an you and not be too skeptical this time!

side. You will be able to have a lot of sex!

nth, so you can hold onto your money except food, and you know, that kind of thing.

bers: 87, 29



Keep dreaming about what cool stuff you did recently, you should tell everybody about the things you did that made you happy. They will like to hear it and your fantasy-like energy will go to other people. It’s dreaming time for you. Your love life is dependant on your readiness to express yourself in words. You will want to use your words to tell others how you feel this month or else you might have a bad time. Your money will match your lucky numbers in several occasions, in those occasions you should take the time to give that money as a gift. You’ll get more gifts back if you give a little bit right now!

Lucky Numbers: 99, 3, 29.99, 7

Page 134 | Now Trending

March 2017 | Page 135

Page 136 | Now Trending

March 2017 | Page 137


Since You Asked... feature and anything else you c London, is an armchai large group of family and

you asked

es your questions about Second LIfe trends, events, problems, could possibly think of. Our resident advice expert, Noey Ivy ir therapist with years of practice providing guidance to her d friends. If you would like to submit an anonymous question, please click here.

Written by Noey Ivy London

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Dear Noey: My boyfriend of two lives about 2,000 miles from me have never met in Real Life, alth we are committed to each othe worlds. When he is not working constantly talking, video chattin spending time together in Seco Lately his behavior has changed no longer texts me from work o me on his way home. We do ea “together” via video call every n but even that has gotten later a without any indication why. Wh him, he gets very irritable and a me of being too needy. Am I re too needy, or am I setting myse heartbreak? How do I address t without making him angry or so whiny? Please help! -Needy Nancy

Dear Needy Nancy: Dating in Sec definitely offers some challenges very different than what we woul out in the “real life” world, but we to remember that we are still; our person in both worlds. We are ind with individual needs. We need o at times.It’s healthy to have time friends or alone. We can’t be with at all hours. He may need some ti decompress after a long stressful work. Everyone needs their “ me” would definitely take a step back to yourself how you feel would be way to bring it up to him and the a heart to heart with your partne let him know, in a calm and ratio how it makes you feel. And then g the same respect and allow him t where he is coming from as well. about communication and unde I am a strong advocate of commu in a relationship. Pent up feelings be detrimental to your relationsh end. If you guys are meant to be,

o years e and we hough er in both g, we are ng, and ond Life. d, and he or calls at dinner night, and later hen I ask accuses eally being elf up for the issue ounding

condLife that are ld face e have r own dividuals our space with h someone ime to l day at time. I k and think e the best en have er and onal way, give him to tell you It’s all erstanding. unication s could hip in the then it will

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work out. And it’s going to take some work and understanding to achieve this. But the pay off in the end is worth it. Dear Noey: I’ve had a men’s clothing store in SL for close to four years. Within the last six months, I learned how to make my own mesh, so now all my releases are original and no longer template. I participate in a couple monthly events, but I really would like to get into the upper tier ones. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard back from any of the ones I’ve applied to. What advice do you have to help me increase my chances on getting accepted into these events? -Frustrated in SL Dear Frustrated in SL: Never give up! Keeping making your own awesome designs and submitting requests for an invitation into an event. Also networking never hurt anyone. In any business, Rl or SL, a business needs to thrust themselves out there. Go to social events that may be known for having a large pool of group members who are in the creating community. One thing to remember while doing this….stay genuine, patient and professional. Hard work will ALWAYS pay off. Don’t let a few obstacles keep you from achieving what you want. Those hurdles make you THAT much better. I see a very successful path ahead of you! Dear Noey: I have a friend who is a serial ‘relationshipist’. Every few weeks it’s a different girl and always the same pattern…dates, partnered within days, declaring everlasting love all over Facebook, engagement within a month then within another few days it’s over and he’s on to the next one. Recently he posted that he was ‘in a relationship’ with someone new on Facebook and I didn’t

like the status. He im’d me and asked me why so I told him that I had missed the post rather than telling him what I really think which is he needs to slow down and that he can’t be taken seriously when he’s on his 4th girlfriend of the year and it’s not even the end of February yet! It’s just a matter of time before he’s another relationship and I feel like a hypocrite liking the statuses and pretending that it’s acceptable behaviour but I don’t quite know how to address this with him. He has a bit of a temper and doesn’t take criticism well…maybe that’s one of the reasons his relationships never work out but I’m nervous about how to talk to him? -Conflicted Dear Conflicted: Sometimes some of the best lessons in life are learned from some of the BIG mistakes we make. It sounds like you are going to have to let him learn this one on his own. You let him know as a friend how you feel about how he’s conducting himself. And that’s all you can do. In the end he is an adult….he’s a big boy. If he chooses to continue down the path of serial dating, then that’s his decision to make. He will eventually learn that it’s a never ending cycle and his dating technique is getting him nowhere. Sometimes the most loving thing we can do for a friend is let them see for themselves that they are making a mistake, and allow them to pick themselves up and learn from it. In the end you can’t forget about yourself and your feelings. Put your emotional health first and don’t let him manipulate you into feeling guilty for not liking a “ SL FB” post, and definitely not allowing him to take his temper out on you because of his own failed attempts at love. Don’t be a doormat! Sounds like he needs a reality check!

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