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2012-13 Tour & Vacation Preview Day

Join us as we “juggle” sharing information on over 40 new tours!

Saturday, August 25th •  Marriott Hotel

Sunrise Blvd. & Hwy. 50  •  FREE Parking  •  Admission $5 in advance, $10 after August 15th

3 showtimes to choose from: 9:00-11:45am • 12:45-3:30pm • 4:15-7:00pm Door prizes at all shows, plus special gift for everyone at the 4:15pm show only! • Get your advance copy of our 2013 Tour & Vacation catalog, Born Under a Wandering Star – along with the opportunity to register ahead of the crowd • Everyone in attendance receives a tour discount coupon • Participate in our Instant Traveler Opinion Survey, live at the event

• 2012 Holiday Tour Review • Great tours right in the USA, including a dozen brand-new destinations • Breakout sessions featuring new 2013 international destinations – Panama Canal Cruise, European River Cruise, Ireland, Spain and Switzerland • Entertainment, light refreshments


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Mammoth Lakes, Movies & Ghost Towns is an exciting new tour that takes you to a variety of interesting destinations. Walk the movie sets where your heroes once stood. Spectacular scenery and fall colors in the Sierra. See page 17 for details, or call our office and speak to Scott Angeletti.

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BELOW: Gene Autry made parts of 19 movies in the general area of the Eastern Sierra. This picture of Gene and his horse Champion was taken in the Alabama Hills and is from the film Cow Town (1950).

ABOVE: John Wayne made several “B Westerns” in Lone Pine after the failure of his big box office motion picture The Big Trail (1930). He was, in effect, beginning his career again. This still shows Wayne with some cowboys in a location called Ruiz Hill. The picture is from the film The Lawless Range (1935). It is a few feet from the location of another Wayne film called Tycoon made 12 years later in 1947.

9812 Old Winery Place, Suite 1 • Sacramento, CA 95827 • (916) 361-2051 • Toll-Free (800) 951-5556 • www. • CA Travel #2011549-40

Just One Man’s Opinion When Loyalty Has No Limits My friend Rita is a huge baseball fan. Let me qualify that. My friend Rita is a huge Cubs baseball fan. I’m not sure how many years Rita has been on the planet, but since the Cubs haven’t won a championship in 103 years, I know they haven’t won it all in her lifetime. Rita is a loyal Sports Leisure Traveler and has been for many years. She has been a regular on the baseball day trips and long tours and even went with me on my first trip to Poland in 1999. See, she’s been around for two centuries (she probably won’t appreciate that comment so much)… Last time VacationS we were at Wrigley Field, for a SportS LeiSure tour, not a ballgame, the guide suggested the Cubs didn’t have to field a winning team to draw fans and therefore since they were guaranteed to make money, had little incentive to really try to be champions. I looked around quickly when he said that, hoping Rita wasn’t within earshot. To even suggest such heresy would be outrageous to a true Cubbie fan. When you go to Wrigley, you see signs in the windows of the houses that surround the park, saying things like “It’s Gonna Happen,” and “This is the Year.” But it isn’t. The year, I mean. It isn’t gonna happen this year, because the Cubs have been buried in the cellar since about 20 minutes after the season’s first pitch. There is hope for Rita and the Cubs. The late Merry Lou Roberts rooted for the Boston Red Sox all her life, faithfully following them season after hopeless season, and was rewarded for her loyalty with a championship before she went to the great ballpark in the sky. She got to enjoy the fruits of so many years of her rooting labors, at the expense of the Yankees, no less. What could be sweeter? When I asked Kevin if I could be assigned the trip to see the Giants play the Cubs in SFO last month, I could pretty much predict SUCCESS STORIES—A SpECIAl AdvERTISIng SECTIOn

9812 old Winery place, Sacramento, ca 95827 (916) 361-2051 •

After working in the Mission Oaks Recreation and Park District, Mark Hoffmann founded Sports Leisure Vacations out of his Fulton Avenue apartment in 1979. Though Mark admits to ‘just sort of happening into it”, he found his niche in the retail tour business, enabling folks to achieve their travel dreams. Given the fact that Mark and his staff strive to exceed customer wants, they’ve been most successful in serving a niche of mature travelers, often those who need a little extra consideration. Sports Leisure Vacations assembles and operates custom tours and vacations of one to fifteen days in length, and can accommodate a wide variety of travel interests. Check out the website to see an amazing array of travel options. The company culture has centered around refusing to put profits ahead of service, and a mantra: “We love our travelers and they love us back.” It’s working- not only is the company thriving in its 32nd year, but community support and acknowledgement have resulted, including a prestigious award for contributions to the Arts from the Sacramento Arts and Business Council. For twenty years Sports Leisure has been an underwriter of KVIE Public Television. VP Clayton Whitehead has served on the KVIE Board and Mark was president of the National Tour Association in 2000. Mark and Tom Romano host the Travel Guys on KFBK, Sundays 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.


j a n ua r y 2 0 11 s a c m a g . c o m


who one of the travelers would be. Yep, Rita was on board, right in the second row where she always is, with her Cubs hat on. Sometimes, loyalty has no limits in life. The Cubs probably don’t know Rita is a fan, but they surely know there are millions of Cubs fans who have never known the joy of a World Series parade. At least not one held in their honor. Rita’s loyalty is unshakable. We teased her a bit on the trip, and the day didn’t end up real well for the Cubs (not a big surprise). Not to worry. Rita will be back. Whether her Cubs reward her someday is probably not the point after so many years. It’s a humble badge of courage and Rita wears it proudly. They may not be champions, but they are her Cubs. Rita’s loyalty really has no limits. For many years she has sent me a birthday card at the office. Some years I get a handful and some years only a few, but there is always one from Rita, thanking me for making life a little sweeter. I appreciate those more than she (and the others who send them) will ever know. Together, we’ll keep going to the ballpark, hoping this is the year, or that maybe it will happen this year. Or maybe not. Life is uncertain is some ways. Perhaps that’s what Cubs fans cling to, an uncertainty that might allow something unusual to occur. Like a World Series win. Rita and I will keep going to games. That’s the way this company started, over 30 years ago. Rita is a patient lady. And she is my friend.

Petty Theft is the Order of the Day

Perhaps it’s a sign of the times. Maybe the bad guys have figured out that the police are not coming after them for anything short of murder and mayhem. If so, I’m not sure where we go from here. But there are signs around us that the criminal element is becoming more brazen in their actions. Clayton and I live in a regular sort of neighborhood in Rosemont. Not particularly good or bad, a place where families feel comfortable walking in the evenings. Recently, vandals went on a series of break ins, getting into the back yards and garages in our complex. By most measures, they didn’t take much. Just made a mess,

Sports Leisure Vacations / July–Augusr 2012

rifling through the cars and throwing things everywhere. Then, just last week, in broad daylight in front of our office, a car pulled up and two guys jumped out. They got into a staff member’s car that wasn’t locked (right in front of the office, maybe 30 feet from the front door), looking through the car and popping the trunk before speeding off. Happened so fast we didn’t realize it had occurred. A client coming into the office had observed the activity and explained what she saw. The whole thing took less than a minute. So what’s the point? Two things. For those of you who don’t lock your back fence or your garage or completely secure your property, you are doing yourself a disservice. This isn’t 1957, and you can’t leave the doors unlocked. Just speaking from experience… If you see your Tour Director hanging in the back of a group on a city street, there’s a reason. We are watching. We are watching for bad guys and we are watching to see which of our travelers looks like an easy target. So please don’t be offended if we suggest you put your purse strap over your opposite shoulder, or move your wallet to your front pocket. It just means we are trying to keep you from being a target. You should do the same at home. Walk around the inside and outside of your house and pretend you are an intruder. Is there an obvious weak point? Asking a friend or relative to make the same inspection can often yield interesting and informative results.


Time to go. Enjoy the newsletter. I hope to see you at our annual Tour Preview Day, on August 25th at the Marriott. It’s always a big day, with 600-700 members and their friends in attendance. Be the first to have the opportunity to register for new adventures, and just as important, see your traveling friends. I encourage you to come out and say hello, even if you only take day trips or are not an active traveler any longer. And that, is Just One Man’s Opinion. And so it goes…

Clayton Place Hey, y’all! I write you today from my home in Savannah. Is it hot and steamy? You bet! But remember, here in the South we don’t sweat, we glisten. While “enjoying” summer’s high temperatures whether in Georgia or California, it’s easy to let your mind wander to “the most wonderful time of the year.” In the hum of my air conditioner and ceiling fan, I can almost hear Andy Williams’ dulcet tones singing of the joys of the holiday season. In my mind, his is the official voice of Christmas. And when it comes to holiday travel, Sports Leisure Vacations is your official gateway to memorable experiences all over the continent. Back on June 10, like many, I was glued to the television watching the 66th Annual Tony Awards. It has become a trend over the past few years that movies-turned-musicals are the hottest tickets on Broadway, and this year was no exception with the stage interpretation of the indie film Once taking the award for best new musical. Whereas watching the Tonys is a pleasure, it’s also work as it helps me in planning our signature tour, “Thanksgiving in New York.” This year’s tour, scheduled for November 18-23, not only includes tickets to see the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes in their timeless Christmas Spectacular, it also includes tickets to see another popular movie-turnedmusical, Ghost. Rounding out the show schedule is our exclusive Choose Your Own Show night. It’s as simple as it sounds. You decide what you want to see, I buy your tickets, your Tour Director helps you get to the theatre, and that’s it. On Monday, a night when most Broadway shows are dark, we offer the option of seeing an off-Broadway show, indeed the longest-running musical of all time, The Fantasticks. Just yesterday, a traveler sent

Monterey Bay.” Join the Sports Leisure me an e-mail and asked if she could go see elves on a short 3-day, close-to-home an opera at The Met that evening. Of course adventure designed to add meaning and the answer is YES. The performance is Verdi’s togetherness to the climax of the holiday Un Ballo in Maschera – granted, not the best season. known opera of all time, but seeing any Complete day-by-day itineraries for the performance on the main stage at Lincoln above-mentioned tours and indeed all our Center is a pure joy. And how can you go holiday trips can be found in the May/June wrong with Verdi? Learn more about this edition of The Traveler, online or by calling and all live New York performances during the office. As I’ll be on vacation through July our stay online – is a 29, kindly direct any questions you have great place to start – or give me a call. for me by e-mail to clayton.whitehead@ There’s another holiday trip I just have or call my cell phone at to write about because it visits my beloved (916) 208-6992 – a local call for most readers Southland. “A Cajun Country Christmas” regardless of where I am. runs November 29 through December 4 Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and spotlights New Orleans and Mobile, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year! Alabama. You can expect both cities and everything in-between to be decked out “Your Tour Guy, in holiday finery, complimented by mild temperatures and low humidity. The trip is set at the very start of the Christmas season by design, for we will be in New Orleans Clayton Whitehead, CTP when Papa Noel comes in from the bayou Vice President (always the first Saturday in December) to bring holiday cheer to all the good little boys, girls and Sports Leisure travelers. Of course, holiday lights, lots of good food and even a few spirits will add to our cheer. In Mobile, in addition to the breathtaking holiday lights both inside and out at world-renowned Bellingrath Home and Gardens, we have a very exclusive behindthe-scenes tour and lunch served aboard the battleship USS Alabama. This tour is not likely to be repeated in the near future, so why not make this the year to visit Cajun Country! And because I know someone is bound to wonder, let me tell you only a few seats remain on Look here, one of the characters from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day our over-Christmas Day Parade is doing some “post Parade” mingling with the crowd in Times getaway, “Christmas on Square Sports Leisure Vacations / July–August 2012    


The Customers Always Write Hi Mark, Just returned a few days ago from the Dakotas w/Ramona. Truly a memorable trip. In my mail stack I found a Lincoln Hwy postcard from you from the convention in Canton complete with an old motorcar stamp and the very cool postmark. Thank you! FYI – on our way from Laramie to Denver airport to return home from The Dakotas we were able to stop at Johnson’s Corner to check out those great cinnamon rolls. You are right – they are yummy. A personal highlight to this stop for me was: as I was checking out the rolls a young woman standing at the counter paying for her purchases confirmed that, yes indeed, the rolls were terrific. In fact, she was so excited about them that she said “let me buy you your first roll”. She paid for it and sent me on my way. I will forever remember the stop at Johnson’s Corner… Ruth Werner Ed. Note: Ryan, our Director of Technology and All That Jazz, helped create that stop, which was left over from the Lincoln Highway trip. The stop didn’t fit for us, but it did for you! As for the postcard, I was at the Lincoln Highway convention in Canton in June when I saw they had hand-cancelled Lincoln Highway stamps. The office sent me the names of the people who went all the way across the country with us (all 3 sections) and I addressed cards to all of them and went to the mailbox to send out special after-the-tour souvenirs. Only one problem. I came up four cards short. So, to the four who got Lincoln Highway cards without the commemorative hand stamp, I apologize. It’s the thought that counts. Mark – So we were in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl Parade – parked (with our Airstreams) near Trader Joe’s and Macy’s – about 3 blocks from Colorado Avenue. One of our members had discovered a great cafe. I don’t know who led your group – but this is a great stop. The address is at Lake and Villa – they serve the best pastrami sandwiches! The name is The Hat – it was established in 1951. We would highly recommend this. I have the


menu and can mail it to you if you would like. Keep up the good work – we are thinking about repeating the Thanksgiving in New York trip. There are bunches of things that we didn’t have time to do the last time. Hedda Smithson Ed. Note: Hedda, if you still have the menu, I’d love to have it! Mark, I’m so glad you were able to get us into the Glen Campbell show... it was absolutely wonderful -- his voice was perfect, his guitar playing amazing, and having his three kids on the stage as part of his backup band brought a warm and fuzzy feeling to the whole evening, keeping him and his career “gentle on our minds.” Thank you! Sonya Cox Mark – We are new members and you might ask why. Back on February 10, 2012, our friends Frank and Arlene Costello were unable to go on the Tribute to the Glenn Miller & Tex Beneke trip, and asked my wife and me if we would like to go in their place. We did… and we were very impressed with the Group Leader and the planning that went into this trip. The short of this story is… We joined Sports Leisure and look forward to going on additional trips. Thanks, David & Sharon Crowe, #44718 & 44719 Mark: Came across this article. I think I would be very happy going to this festival and not have to hear about it! What do you say? Your pal, Diana Gordon Ed. Note: This note came with an article about a Banana Split Festival. If you had been on The National Road tour in April/ May, you would understand. You see, we stopped for ice cream, and Diana and LaVerne got banana splits. Not just any banana split, but one that was about two stories tall. We were riding on a brand new bus and I wouldn’t let Diana back on with all that melting ice cream. Hence, her request that we go someplace where she won’t be hassled about her ice cream eating habits.

Sports Leisure Vacations / July–Augusr 2012

It was the biggest $5 banana split any of us had ever seen. Dear Clayton, I am writing to thank you for the entertaining and enlightening program you presented to our homeowners association members. I have personally heard many complimentary comments about the program. It was very much appreciated that you gave tips that will help seniors have safer and more enjoyable vacations. One person remarked that that you waited until the end of the presentation to talk about your company, which was also appreciated. Thank you again for your time and efforts. Sincerely, Sandra Meredith, Secretary, Country Villa Homeowners Association Dear Mark: On behalf of myself and the Board of Directors, I would like to thank you for taking the tour of the Historic National Road and for supporting the National Road Heritage Corridor and its efforts. We appreciate your generous donation of $250. Your gift will help the NRHC continue its work. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and Chris and your clients were delightful. Let me know when you plan a return visit! Sincerely, Donna Holdorf, Executive Director Ed. Note: Donna was our step-on guide through Pennsylvania on our recent journey. Nice lady and a hoot. We had a terrific trip. Except for Diana’s banana split “incident” (see above). Thank you notes were also received from the Merced County Historical Society (Casino Mystery Tour), The C.L.U.B. (providing drop-in senior care in Rancho Cordova) and US Figure Skating (donation in honor of our speaker Kathy Casey on the Figure Skating trip in January) . Special thanks to those who sent “the old guy” a card for his 57th birthday last month (Sarah, Peggy, Shirley and everyone else I’m forgetting), and especially to Judi Walker, who surprised me with a card signed by all of the Cape Cod group. – Mark

The Human Side Learn, Laugh, Reflect Eat Lots of Sweet Potatoes It’s been said that God first separated the salt water from the fresh, made dry land, planted a garden, made animals and fish.. All before making a human. He made and provided what we’d need before we were born. These are best and more powerful when eaten raw. We’re such slow learners... God left us a great clue as to what foods help what part of our body!

A Look At God’s Pharmacy… It’s Amazing! A sliced Carrot looks like the human eye. The pupil, iris and radiating lines look just like the human eye… And YES, science now shows carrots greatly enhance blood flow to and function of the eyes. A Tomato has four chambers and is red. The heart has four chambers and is red. All of the research shows tomatoes are loaded with lycopine and are indeed pure heart and blood food. Grapes hang in a cluster that has the shape of the heart. Each grape looks like a blood cell and all of the research today shows grapes are also profound heart and blood vitalizing food. A Walnut looks like a little brain, a left and right hemisphere, upper cerebrums and lower cerebellums. Even the wrinkles or folds on the nut are just like the neo-cortex. We now know walnuts help develop more than three (3) dozen neurontransmitters for brain function.

Olives assist the health and function of the ovaries. Kidney Beans actually heal and help maintain kidney function and yes, they look exactly like the human kidneys.

nutrition in each one of these foods (modern science has only studied and named about 141 of them). Figs are full of seeds and hang in twos when they grow. Figs increase the mobility of male sperm and increase the numbers of sperm as well to overcome male sterility.

Celery, Bok Choy, Rhubarb and many more look just like bones. These foods specifically target bone strength. Bones are 23% sodium and these foods are 23% sodium. If you don’t have enough sodium in your diet, the body pulls it from the bones, thus making them weak. These foods replenish the skeletal needs of the body. Avocadoes, Eggplant and Pears target the health and function of the womb and cervix of the female – they look just like these organs. Today’s research shows that when a woman eats one avocado a week, it balances hormones, sheds unwanted birth weight, and prevents cervical cancers. And how profound is this? It takes exactly nine (9) months to grow an avocado from blossom to ripened fruit. There are over 14,000 photolytic chemical constituents of

Sweet Potatoes look like the pancreas and actually balance the glycemic index of diabetics.

Oranges, Grapefruits, and other Citrus fruits look just like the mammary glands of the female and actually assist the health of the breasts and the movement of lymph in and out of the breasts. Onions look like the body’s cells. Today’s research shows onions help clear waste materials from all of the body cells. They even produce tears which wash the epithelial layers of the eyes. A working companion, Garlic, also helps eliminate waste materials and dangerous free radicals from the body.

Sports Leisure Vacations / July–August 2012    


Casino Trips and Baseball Loretta Lynn At John Ascauga’s Nugget 2 Days • October 20-21 Loretta Lynn is a singer-songwriter legend. As country music’s leading lady for over four decades, she continues to have a far reaching influence on many of the talented female singing stars of today. See Loretta live in the Nugget’s Celebrity Showroom. Your accommodations will also be at the Nugget where you will receive $5 in slot play as well as a $3 food credit. Before returning home the following day there will be an optional three-hour stop at the Silver Legacy in Reno where you will receive an additional $5 in slot play. 250/275 Gold Passport Points $245 p.p./dbl.occ., $275 single (with show), $160 p.p./dbl.occ., $190 single (without show)

Thanksgiving at the Nugget 2 Days • November 22-23 Sports Leisure Vacations’ annual Thanksgiving outing to John Ascuaga’s Nugget in Sparks returns this fall. Travel to The Nugget on board SuperCoach III on Thanksgiving Day, arriving in time to check-in to your room and enjoy the hotel’s lavish Thanksgiving Day Buffet Dinner. Leave the cooking (and the clean-up) for someone else. The evening is yours to enjoy as you please. Before returning home the following day there is a three-hour stop at the Silver Legacy in downtown Reno where you will receive a $5 slot credit. The package includes overnight accommodations with $10 in cash gaming bonuses and a $3 food bonus. 200/225 Gold Passport Points $199 p.p./dbl.occ., $219 single

The Champagne Express to Tahoe Harvey’s Casino Tuesday, September 11or Thusday, October 4 (Apple Hill) Our monthly trips to Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Casino on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe includes a 6-hour stay with a slot credit of $20 and a free buffet or $7 food credit. You must belong to Harvey’s Total Rewards program to receive the bonuses. Our October trip includes a stop at High Hill Ranch en route to the lake for complimentary coffee and an apple treat. $40

The Travel Guys

Sunday from 2:00-3:00pm with Tom Romano & Mark Hoffmann

News Talk 92.5 FM & AM 1530 KFBK Brought to you by:



Sports Leisure Vacations / July–Augusr 2012

The 2012 Ballpark Express For over 30 years, the BEST way to get to the ballparks in Oakland and San Francisco has been with Sports Leisure Vacations. The original Ballpark Express allows you to travel to the game in comfort without the traffic, tolls, gas and food stops, etc. Refreshments are served on board the motorcoach on your way to and from each game. You’ll enjoy Lower Deck seating for all A’s games and your choice of Lower Deck Outfield seats (first price listed) or View Level Infield seats (second price listed) for Giants games. Please request your seating area when making your reservation.

San Francisco Giants Sun., Sept. 9

Giants vs. Dodgers*



Thurs. Sept. 27 (Fan Appreciation Day)

Giants vs. Diamondbacks

12:45pm $107/$99

All Giants games are sold out. Waiting lists are available. * Includes a one-way ferry ride to the ballpark on board the Baylink Ferry from Vallejo. Return to Sacramento on board SuperCoach III.

Oakland Athletics Sun., Sept. 2

Athletics vs. Red Sox



Wed., Oct. 3 (Fan Appreciation Day)

Athletics vs. Rangers

12:35pm $99

Field Level Seats located in Right Field, just past First Base.

“People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.” ~ Rogers Hornsby

Giants-Padres Season End Celebration 3 Days • September 28-30 Sports Leisure’s Mark Hoffmann will lead a roadtrip to San Diego at the end of September as the Giants look to close out the 2012 Season with a berth in the playoffs. Because tickets had to be secured quickly, we were able to notify customers who had provided their email addresses through our new online notification system, By Invitation Only. While we also sent letters to everyone who had participated in a Ballpark Express trip this year, the new tour was almost sold-out within two days of the email being sent. As a result, we now have a guaranteed departure to see the Giants’ three-game series with the Padres and a waitlist for the tour. Please consider adding your name to our email list by visiting and clicking on the link to By Invitation Only at the top of the page. It is your key to finding out about last minute trips where time is of the essence. If you would like to be added to the waitlist for our Giants-Padres trip, please call our office for more information.

Day Trips and Theatre Outings There Goes the Bride East Sonora Theater, Sonora Wednesday, August 22 It’s a madcap, comedic race to the altar for the Westerby family. The father-ofthe-bride tries to handle his daughter’s wedding arrangements while juggling his frenetic advertising business. After a bump on the head, he meets a beautiful and rambunctious 1920’s flapper, but only he can see her. Compounding his problems are his intrepid wife, a critical mother-in-law, his hard-of-hearing father-in-law, a sarcastic business partner and a suspicious fatherof-the-groom. Lunch precedes the 2pm matinee at the Willow Steakhouse. $122

Say Cheese! Thursday, August 23 We know we have many chocolate lovers… how about cheese lovers? Begin in Petaluma at Spring Hill Jersey Cheese. Rich, organic 100% Jersey milk is the secret of Larry Peter’s gourmet cheeses. Learn the process from start to finish with a tour and a tasting. A private lunch at Estate Restaurant is included in nearby Sonoma, with your choice of a cheese plate for dessert if you so choose! End the day on historic Sonoma Square with a visit to Vella Cheese, familyowned and operated since 1931. Its Golden Bear Dry Jack is a sure bet! Free time for exploring the square is included. $139

Return to the Gardens of Golden Gate Park Tuesday, August 28 With so much to see and never enough time, our San Francisco guide extraordinaire Craig Smith has come up with Part 2 of this popular tour of Golden Gate Park. This new itinerary includes visits to the Botanical Gardens, National Aides Memorial Grove, the newly restored Murphy’s Windmill, Lawn Bowling Greens, and the Merry-Go-Round built for the Golden Gate Exposition in 1939. Lunch is included at the popular Beach Chalet. $118

Cruisin’ the Lincoln Highway Saturday, September 15 Hidden in the suburbia of Sacramento, and the foothills and mountains of the Sierra, is one of California’s most famous landmarks. Many of us travel on the historic Lincoln Highway without knowing it. Now you can learn about this historic road that turns 99 years old this year. Travel through Penryn, Newcastle, Gold Run, and other communities along Highway 80 (Historic Highway 40), pausing in several locations for a little history and lore from your expert guide. Lunch is at the Truckee Diner, itself famous after being featured on Drive-Ins, Diners & Dives. $110

You Have a Date for Lunch with Twain & a Train Saturday, September 22 Mark Twain spent several years tramping in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, prospecting for gold and stories. Learn a little more about Twain through his alter ego, Pat Kaunert, an impersonator who channels Twain and his wonderful experiences, during lunch at the City Hotel in historic Columbia State Park. Following lunch, travel to Railtown 1897 State Historic Park for a fascinating guided tour of the working roundhouse and repair shop and a trip on historic Sierra #3, a steam train featured in many Hollywood movies. $123

American Pastime Nevada Theatre, Nevada City Sunday, September 23 Sports Leisure goes to the movies as Community Asian Theatre of the Sierra presents a unique afternoon of baseball in film. Did you know the important role of baseball to Japanese-American internees during WWII? The film American Pastime, a story of a family interned in Utah during the war and its love of the game, will be shown by its producer, Kerry Yo Nakagawa. The documentary Diamonds in the Rough, narrated by Pat Morita, will also be shown.

It explores the hidden stories of famous Japanese players who played professional ball. Lunch is included at the Trolley Junction Restaurant. $108

San Francisco Symphony’s Bolero Davies Symphony Hall, SF Sunday, September 23 Michael Tilson Thomas conducts a festive afternoon of torrid musical passion ranging from the teenage lovers of Verona, by way of Berlioz’s Romeo and Juliet, to the red hot sensuality of Ravel’s dramatic and wildly popular score, Bolero. The poignant music of Chausson’s Poeme and a popular work by Saint-Saëns are in the charming hands of violinist Alina Pogostnika, making her SFS debut. Enjoy lunch at your leisure around Union Square and a pre-performance talk before the 2pm matinee. $135

The Pritikin Museum in San Francisco Tuesday, September 25 Join our second trip to The Pritikin Mansion, a private museum with a varied and eclectic selection of paintings, sculptures, pop art, musical instruments, World War II documents, and an array of San Francisco memorabilia. Recently opened to the public for private tours only, it was built in 1981 as home to advertising executive Robert Pritikin. A man of many interests and talents, Mr. Pritikin is known as a “collector of things” and will be our guide for this entertaining tour of his garden, home, art work, with an included luncheon onsite. Be advised this is a multi-level home with stairs. $140

I Love a Piano Fallon House Theater, Columbia Wednesday, September 26 The great Jerome Kern once said: “Irving Berlin has no place in American music. He IS American music.” This charming showcase features Berlin’s most well-known songs neatly united through vignettes from historical events of America from 1910

Sports Leisure Vacations / July–August 2012    


to the 1950s. Featuring such numbers as “Alexander’s Ragtime Band,” “Cheek to Cheek,” “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” and “God Bless America,” this show celebrates Berlin’s musical spectrum from Tin Pan Alley all the way to Broadway. Lunch precedes the 2pm matinee at the City Hotel. $125

It’s the Great Glass Pumpkin! Friday, September 28 Pacifica offers a lovely setting for a day trip. The Sanchez Adobe provides a glimpse into California history of both the native Ohlone people and the days of Spanish rule. Tour the adobe and then enjoy lunch at Nick’s Café on Rockaway Beach with great views of the ocean. After lunch, turn east in search of the Great Pumpkin…glass pumpkins that is. Glass blowers from around the bay area create glass pumpkins of every size and color, and then create a large display of thousands of glass pumpkins in the local park for autumn. $114

Treasure Island & The Exposition Tuesday, October 2 Every tour to San Francisco takes us through a small portion of Treasure Island. But this time we stop to visit and explore this historic treasure in the Bay. With Craig Smith as our guide, learn its history, see its present day activities, and experience magnificent views of San Francisco. A three-course lunch prepared by students is included at the U.S. Job Corp Culinary Academy before going into the city to see the famous Diego Rivera Expo mural that was relocated from Treasure Island to San Francisco City College. $100

Hal Holbrook’s Mark Twain Tonight! Gallo Center, Modesto Friday, October 5 Actor Hal Holbrook has toured Mark Twain Tonight! in some part of every year since 1954 making 2012 the 58th consecutive year for this remarkable one-man show – perhaps the longest-running in theater history. Holbrook has no set program; he adds to his Twain material every year,


editing and changing it to fit the times. This enjoyable performance is proceeded by dinner at Tahoe Joe’s in Modesto. $141

“The Rock” Featuring a cruise to Alcatraz Saturday, October 6 The sights and sounds of Alcatraz come alive during a visit to “The Rock.” Cross over the Bay Bridge and travel along the Embarcadero to Fishermen’s Wharf for lunch at one of the area’s oldest restaurants, Scoma’s, where you will have a choice of entrée, including the fresh catch of the day. A ferry departs for Alcatraz mid-afternoon with time on the island for exploring on your own with an included audio tour. $139

The Drowsy Chaperone Woodland Opera House Sunday, October 7 A rare combination of unprecedented originality and hilarious talent, this show boldly addresses a great unspoken desire in all of our hearts: to be entertained. It all begins when a die-hard musical-theater fan plays his favorite cast album on his turntable, and the musical literally bursts to life in his living room, telling the rambunctious tale of a brazen Broadway starlet trying to find, and keep, her true love. Lunch is included prior to the 2pm matinee. $117

Doc Severinson & The San Miguel Five Gallo Center, Modesto Wednesday, October 10 The Tonight Show’s former iconic bandleader and virtuoso trumpeter, Doc Severinson, moved to Mexico in 2006, where he made new discoveries in very talented musicians and teamed with guitarist Gil Gutierrez to craft an innovative program of classical Spanish music with a jazz flair, including gorgeous ballads and gypsy jazz in the style of Django Reinhardt. It all adds up to a brilliant evening of entertainment! Dinner is included at Sports Leisure favorite Canal Street Grill prior to the 7pm show. $138

Sports Leisure Vacations / July–Augusr 2012

Sunday’s a Drag Starlight Room, San Francisco Sunday, October 14 On this Sunday all is done with extravagantly good taste and wit as the Sir Francis Drake Hotel on Union Square is the home of one of the city’s most popular shows, Harry Denton’s Sunday’s a Drag. Enjoy a sumptuous brunch plus a show that gives you attitude from the mistresses of music and the divas of drag. After the show, stroll the streets of Sausalito before returning home. $135

Fall in the Sierra Monday, October 15 This oldie but goodie takes you “over the hill” to Nevada’s Carson Valley. Travel along the American River, watching for signs of fall as you make your way into the Tahoe Basin. Then drop down into Minden for an included lunch at JT’s Basque restaurant before returning home along picturesque Highway 88 through Hope Valley and thousands of shimmering quaking aspens. $107

Glass, Fish & Ships Tuesday, October 16 Begin with visits to Nourot and Smyers Glass Studios in Benicia; studios known for outstanding quality and value in vivid colored original designs. Next it’s lunch at The Dead Fish Restaurant overlooking the Carquinez Straights – a silly name but great food! Next, cruise around the US Navy’s “Mothball Fleet” aboard the m/v Journey. You cannot board any of the naval vessels but it is a great way to see some of America’s powerful and historic ships including destroyers, cruisers, oilers, and merchant ships. This tour is limited to 30! $139

The Old Mill Saturday, October 20 A new daytrip exploring the old highway between St. Helena and Calistoga in Napa Valley. Begin at the Bale Grist Mill, the largest, still operating mill west of the Mississippi. Tour its museum and explore the inner workings of the mill itself with an informative docent. Lunch follows at the

popular Silverado Brewing Company, just down the highway. Finally, pay a visit to the Silverado Museum in St. Helena and learn about author Robert Louis Stevenson and the time he spent writing in the area. $106

A Day at the Races Golden Gate Fields, Berkeley Thursday, October 25 Our always popular Day at the Races includes a buffet lunch and seating in the enclosed Turf Club at Golden Gate Fields by beautiful San Francisco Bay in Berkeley. Enjoy the races from a comfortable table with betting windows nearby and television monitors throughout the dining room. $102

The City at Night Friday, October 26 A new Sports Leisure tour takes you to San Francisco for an evening tour of the city aglow with all its “night lights” turned on. With Craig Smith as your guide, traverse the city from Twin Peaks to the Bay taking in all the sights that highlight its scenic setting, coastline, architecture, iconic skyline, monuments, and the lights adorning the bridges that look like diamond necklaces sparkling in the sky. Dinner is included at the Fog Harbor Restaurant on Pier 39. $112

Tea at the Top Saturday, October 27 Journey to San Francisco for a day of exploration ending at Nob Hill and the famous Fairmont Hotel. Arrive in the city in late morning with time to browse and a light lunch on your own before rejoining the group for a guided walking tour of the area surrounding Union Square. Explore hotel lobbies, stores, public and private buildings and experience the architecture and works of art that adorn and enrich this beautiful city. Complete your day at The Fairmont Hotel with Afternoon Tea and a selection of tasty sandwiches and pastry treats. $133

Bill Engvall Gallo Center, Modesto Sunday, October 28 Bill Engvall is one of the top comedians today and among the busiest. Always clean,

Bill takes much of his material from his family life. He was of course part of the enormously successful Blue Collar Comedy concert films and starred in his own television show as well as hosting several programs on Country Music Television (CMT). Lunch precedes the 3pm show at Tahoe Joe’s in Modesto. $139

A Day at the de Young From French Impressionism to Modernism Tuesday, October 30 Founder of the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), William S. Paley was a patron of the arts and his stunning collection includes paintings, sculpture and drawings ranging from the late 19th century through the 1970s. This exceptional limited exhibit from the New York Museum of Modern Art includes works by Paul Cezanne, Henri Matisse, Edgar Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Paul Gauguin, and Pablo Picasso. An audioguide is included. In the afternoon, enjoy the permanent collection of the museum including a special exhibit featuring costumes and photographs of legendary classical dancer, Rudolf Nureyev. Lunch is at your leisure in the museum café. $92

The Lion King Orpheum Theater, San Francisco Thursday, November 1, Saturday, November 3, Sunday, December 9 or Wednesday, January 9 Experience the phenomenon of Disney’s fantastic family musical The Lion King. Marvel at the breathtaking spectacle of animals brought to life with an unforgettable score including Elton John and Tim Rice’s Oscar-winning songs “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” and “Circle of Life.” Let your imagination run wild with the story of Simba, the lion cub, as he faces adversity and the challenges of growing up. Seating for the matinee performances are in the orchestra section. The weekday trips feature a box lunch served en route to the performance with a no-host stop for dinner at Pier 39 following the show. The weekend shows include a no-host stop for lunch prior to the show in the area of Union Square with a return home following the show. Thu./ Wed. – $151, Sat./Sun. – $174

Roger & Hammerstein’s Cinderella Fallon House Theater, Columbia Sunday, November 4 Sierra Repertory Theatre provides the timeless enchantment of this magical fairy tale reborn with the Rodgers and Hammerstein hallmarks of originality, charm and zany fun. The hearts of all will soar when the slipper fits and the prince finds his princess. Musical highlights include “In My Own Little Corner,” “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?” and “Ten Minutes Ago.” Lunch is included at City Hotel in Columbia, adjacent to the theater, prior to the 2pm matinee. $130

Cranes and Champagne Featuring a sunset viewing of Sandhill Cranes Thursday, November 8 An estimated 7,000 Sandhill Cranes return to the rich farmland of the Delta each year as they make their way down the great Pacific Flyway from Alaska. The optimum time to view these large birds is at dusk as they take flight, returning to the Isenberg Crane Reserve at sunset. At the reserve, sip champagne as docents join us to watch the cranes fly in for the night and listen to their haunting calls that are like the sound of a distant French horn. A late lunch is included along the Sacramento River at The Point Restaurant in Rio Vista following an earlier visit to the Cosumnes River Preserve. $­­­­­121

Beach Blanket Babylon Club Fugazi, San Francisco Sunday, November 25 or December 30 Our holiday departures always sell out so it just goes to show you there’s nothing quite like Beach Blanket Babylon. San Francisco’s longest-running staged comedy show pokes fun at everyone – politicians, celebrities and other folks in the public eye. The songs are hilarious, the dancing is wonderful, and the hats are really, really big! Reserved seats are upstairs in this historic theatre in the center balcony. Enjoy an included lunch at Viva Pizza Restaurant prior to the 2pm matinee. $158

Sports Leisure Vacations / July–August 2012    


The Barber Pole, or Once Over Lightly The place to come for updates and notices of importance to Sports Leisure Travelers. On this page, you’ll find reminders and announcements to make your travels more enjoyable. As always your comments are welcome, by e-mail, phone or in person at our office. Sports Leisure Vacations is a member of the Northeast California Better Business Bureau and proudly maintains a perfect A+ rating from the bureau. You can look it up!

Preview Day Notes You already know our annual Tour Preview Day is slated for Saturday, August 25th at the Marriott. Here are a few things you don’t know about the event… This is the 35th Tour Preview Day, even though we are in our 34th year. Why? There were two Preview Days held our first year in business, one each year thereafter (we held one on the north side and one on the south side that first year). Each session accommodates 225 people, and attendance is generally around 600. There is always some type of entertainment (this year it’s juggling and magic) and light refreshments. We suggest arriving about 15-20 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the session you wish to attend. Several years ago, because of an alarming number of no-shows at the event, we decided to collect a $5 donation from each person attending. The no-show problem went away. The monies we collect are distributed to three charities on the day of the event (frequently the checks are presented in the sessions). Since we started charging admission, over $21,000 has been donated to charitable causes. Sports Leisure Vacations has a scholarship fund, named after a former staff member, Chuck Evans. We call it the Sports Leisure Chuck Evans Santa Claus Scholarship Fund. Santa Claus? Yes, because Chuck bore a remarkable resemblance to our holiday friend and played the role every year. So that is the way we remember him. Each year, at Preview Day, we award a $2,000 scholarship to a college-bound student. Since this year’s scholarship winner has not been selected, there is still time to apply. If you know someone who is attending a


four-year college and needs the assistance, give Mark a call or drop him a note at He would be happy to speak with you about the qualifications. We prefer to give it to someone in our travel family if possible (think grandchildren, great nephews and nieces, etc.).

There is a general session to start, then breakouts that allow you to get specific information on the trips you are interested in. Our new tour catalog, Born Under a Wandering Star, will be available that day (mailed after the event to those who aren’t in attendance). The shows do sell out, so we recommend reserving as soon as possible.

Update on By Invitation Only As we go to press, over 400 Travelers have signed up for this exciting new way to find out about the latest (and best) tour opportunities. Here’s how it works: Call our office and ask to sign up for By Invitation Only. We just need your e-mail address. Or go online to and look for the little post-it note at the top of the screen. Click on it and you’ll just have to fill out a very short form. Sports Leisure Vacations does not share your e-mail (or any other personal information) with anyone. You’ll notice our policies are made to project your private information. You are our customer, not theirs. We are nice people, but in this case, we don’t share. Ever. When a special opportunity arises, such as the ones described below, we send you an e-mail. You either respond or ignore us. In the first three months the program has been up and running, we have sent three e-mails, so it’s not a constant irritation. We only contact you when we have something truly special to offer.

The Trips We’ve Offered So Far Here’s an update on the By Invitation Only offerings: Glen Campbell’s Farewell Concert – We had one week to commit for tickets. By selling 36 within 3 days we were able to offer the remaining tickets through the newsletter. The waiting list was long and many people who wanted to go missed out because they weren’t registered. Tony Bennett & Jackie Evancho at Ironstone Vineyards – We heard about this concert after tickets had gone on public sale. Thanks to the By Invitation Only announcement, we filled a bus and 42 travelers will get a chance to see these two superstars of entertainment. No tickets were offered through the newsletter, because they were all sold to people registered for the announcements. Remember, we couldn’t wait until the newsletter went out, we had to act immediately, or lose the opportunity. Andrea Bocelli in San Jose. Our first non-successful promotion. We signed up 15 people, but time ran out on us. Before we could offer it to all of you in the newsletter, ticket sales increased and the tickets we needed were gone. (The point of this program is to help us avoid spending thousands of dollars speculating on tickets at great financial risk.) We think we could have filled the bus, but we weren’t up for risking $6,000 to find out. (This tour was announced at the same time as Tony Bennett and Jackie Evancho.) The Giants and the Padres in San Diego – We hadn’t had a roadtrip this year, and after the Giants beat up on the Dodgers a few weeks ago, we jumped on the opportunity to go to San Diego. But again, to secure tickets and the luxury box we wanted for one game, we had to have an immediately response. By using both the baseball and the By Invitation Only lists, we had 20 people registered within 48 hours and could safely put down our deposits. The good news is, it’s working. Now if we find out about something really neat, an entertainer we’ve been waiting to see or a special event, we have a way of knowing almost immediately if you want to go. This means lots of wonderful new travel opportunities. All you have to do is share your e-mail address and wait for the opportunities to come.

Sports Leisure Vacations / July–Augusr 2012

Teasers… Destinations under consideration for future visits If any of these destinations strike your fancy, please give us a call or send an email to the office and let us know. We’ll put your name on the appropriate Priority Notification List and we will notify you of any new departures before advertising them to the rest of the Travel Club or the public. Better yet, sign up for our new email program, By Invitation Only, to be assured of quick notification! Visit us online at for more details.

Searching for Lake Wobegon 5 or 6 Days • October 2012 Everyone’s favorite segment during Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion, his long-time radio broadcast, has to be when he reads the weekly letter from his fictional hometown of Lake Wobegon. Filled with unique characters and places, like Ralph’s Pretty Good Grocery, the Chatterbox Café, and Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility Catholic Church, Keillor’s letters weave tales of outrageous occurrences tempered by country-wisdom and reflection. Our tour goes in search of Mr. Keillor’s imaginary Lake Wobegon as we explore small towns like New Ulm, Austin, Freeport and New Prague throughout the state. Of course, no visit to Minnesota would be complete without a live broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion from the show’s home, the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul. Schedules for the live shows are published with little notice so it’s important we have a list of those wishing to participate in this special journey. Details on this trip should be available the second week of August.

Cuba: The Culture & The People 9 Days • January 2013 Join Sports Leisure for a very special trip to explore the mystical island of Cuba! We are working with Insight Cuba, a division of Cross-Cultural Solutions, a licensed provider of people-to-people travel. This will be an educational exchange program, resulting in

meaningful interaction between the traveler and individuals in Cuba. Meet tobacco farmers and learn about cigar production, stroll the streets of Old Havana to the musical rhythm that pulses from the sidewalk musicians, and take in the natural beauty of the limestone rock formation in Pinar del Rio. Visit Las Terrazas, an eco-community of local artisans, and Cienfuegos, a colonial city declared a UNESCO “Cultural Heritage of Humanity” site to enjoy a meet-and-greet with a youth choir; and colonial Trinidad to see the remains of the once thriving sugar refineries and the architecture museum. Domestic airfare, the charter flight airfare to Cuba, most meals, and all administration and visa fees are included. This package will be announced in our catalog and at Tour Preview Day if there is enough immediate interest. The price will be about $4,500$5,000 p.p./dbl.occ., only 23 can join us! (Pending OFAC license renewal.)

Springtime in Spain 11 Days • April 30 – May 10, 2013 (tent.) Due to demand, we have accelerated our offering to Spain by one year, scheduling it for Spring 2013. Explore the highlights of Spanish life and culture: the prestigious Prado Museum in Madrid, exotic flamenco music and dance in Seville, the Moors’ majestic Alhambra Palace in Granada. Visit elegant cities as well as quaint villages perched high on cliffs. The itinerary features 2 nights in Madrid, 1 night in Almagro, 2 nights in Seville, 2 nights in Granada, and 2 nights in Barcelona, all in 4-star accommodations. The tour also includes roundtrip air from Sacramento or SFO, daily breakfast and 5 dinners (one in each city with drinks included), deluxe motorcoach transportation, and the services of both a Sports Leisure Tour Director and Englishspeaking guide during your travels in Spain.

The Hills Are Alive in Switzerland

Steamboatin’ on the Mighty Mississippi Join us aboard the American Queen on a springtime cruise through the South 10 Days • March 1-10, 2013 After much waiting and anticipation, we finally have confirmed dates aboard a 2013 spring sailing of the beloved American Queen. This 8-day/7-night cruise begins and ends with one night each in New Orleans and Memphis hotels to include meals, attractions and local touring in those cities. Once aboard, ports of call include the famed Oak Alley plantation, St. Francisville, Natchez, Vicksburg, and Helena. The “new” American Queen delivers more onboard dining options, beer and wine included with dinner, sensational entertainment, and included tours and/or attractions at every stop. The tour will include roundtrip air from Sacramento and airport transportation. We expect to finalize air and other details soon. Estimated prices, per person, double occupancy start at $4600 outside, $3500 inside.

12 Days • August 10-21, 2013 Our Switzerland tour is unlike anything else you’ll find in the marketplace. We’ll take you into the hills and off the beaten path to a region of the country seldom visited by Americans, the Bernese-Oberland. The highlight of your visit will be a multi-night stay in the tiny hillside village of Wengen, so remote and isolated that it can only be reached by cog railway. At night, you’ll hear no cars, trucks or horns – they aren’t allowed – only the steady hum of cow bells. You’ll go to the “Top of Europe,” Jungfraujoch at over 11,000 feet above sea level, the tallest mountain on earth a “normal” person can ascend (thanks to the cog railway). Visit Interlaken, Lucerne, Kleine Scheidegg, the Schilthorn, Piz Gloria and more. Tour by train, cable car, funicular and even postal truck! Roundtrip air will be to/from Zurich. You’ll have the services of both a Sports Leisure Tour Director and English-speaking guide during your tour. Call now to place your name on the Priority Notification List!

Sports Leisure Vacations / July–August 2012    


New Vacations and Getaways Sports Leisure Returns to the Panama Canal 16 Days • January 17 – February 1 Join Sports Leisure on board Holland America’s m/s Statendam as we sail from Florida to California. Fly from Sacramento and spend one night in Fort Lauderdale before boarding the ship on January 18. Sailing from Fort Lauderdale gives you the advantage of getting the long, crosscountry flight out of the way first, leaving just a short hop home from San Diego at the end of the cruise. Our 14-night cruise stops in Oranjestad, Aruba before our full transit of the Panama Canal, called by some the Eighth Wonder of the World. Next, call at Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica, where you can experience a tropical rain forest. Port calls follow at Huatulco, Acapulco, and Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. We continue to partner with Holland America Line for this adventure because of its commitment to service and because we know and believe in the quality of its ships, programs and shore excursions. The m/s Statendam is a midsize ship which carries 1,260 passengers with style and grace – it’s large enough to offer a host of exciting amenities but more personal and intimate than the floating cities belonging to other cruise lines. The tour includes airfare to Ft. Lauderdale and home from San Diego, a pre-cruise Day 0 1 2 3 4 5 5 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14


Date 18 Jan 2013 19 Jan 2013 20 Jan 2013 21 Jan 2013 22 Jan 2013 23 Jan 2013 23 Jan 2013 23 Jan 2013 24 Jan 2013 25 Jan 2013 26 Jan 2013 27 Jan 2013 28 Jan 2013 29 Jan 2013 30 Jan 2013 31 Jan 2013 01 Feb 2013

hotel stay in Fort Lauderdale, all meals aboard ship, door-to-door service, transfers and taxes. Gold Passport Points dependent on the price of your package. Inside Cabin Prices start at $3245 p.p./dbl.occ., $4495 single Outside Cabin Prices start at $3594 p.p./dbl.occ., $5195 single $ave $100 until August 14

Winter in Yellowstone Featuring a stay at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge in Yellowstone National Park 6 Days • February 4-9 Join our select group for a trip to the winter wonderland that is Yellowstone National Park. It’s an adventure you’ll never forget… 1. Fly from Sacramento to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Settle into your hotel before a hosted dinner. Lexington Hotel and Suites – 2 nights (D) 2. Embark on a private safari tour into the National Elk Refuge and Grand Teton National Park in search of the area’s abundant wintering wildlife. Thousands of mule deer, elk, moose, big horn sheep and bison migrate into the valley in search of food each year along with coyotes, wolves, fox, bald and golden eagles. This gathering of animals makes winter one of the best times to view wildlife in Jackson Hole! In the afternoon, get a close-up view of elk on

Port Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US At Sea At Sea Oranjestad, Aruba At Sea Enter Panama Canal Cristobal CO Cruising Panama Canal CO Exit Panama Canal Balboa CO Cruising Golfo Dulce CO Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica At Sea Huatulco, Mexico Acapulco, Mexico At Sea Cabo San Lucas, Mexico TR At Sea San Diego, California, US

Sports Leisure Vacations / July–Augusr 2012


Depart 04:00 PM

10:00 AM

06:00 PM

05:00 AM

05:00 AM

07:00 PM

07:00 PM

07:00 AM

04:00 PM

NOON 08:00 AM

05:00 PM 05:00 PM

07:00 AM

03:00 PM

07:00 AM

a sleigh ride through the refuge followed by a visit the National Museum of Wildlife Art with collections of nearly twenty-three hundred works of art. (B,L) 3. Head north for a few days and discover Yellowstone National Park, America’s oldest and most famous park. Sit back and enjoy the spectacular scenery in comfort as you are move easily across the snow in custom snow coaches on a groomed trail chauffeured by an experienced guide. Arrive at Old Faithful, explore the upper Geyser Basin, and enjoy an evening in the park. Your accommodations for the evening are just steps away from the famous geyser. Old Faithful Snow Lodge (B,L) 4. Today will provide you the opportunity to further explore America’s first National Park. You will have an option of a full day tour of snow coaching to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, where you’ll have the chance to see spectacular Yellowstone Falls, chronicled by artists such as Thomas Moran and Ansel Adams. Or enjoy a shorter day and tour the Lower Geyser Basin, seeing sites such as the Fountain Paint Pots. Along the way you’ll learn about the park’s history, view thermal features, and take pictures – lots of pictures! Both groups will meet up at the end of the day in the town of West Yellowstone, Montana, our host for the evening. Holiday Inn (B,L) 5. Spend the morning on a guided tour at The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center before traveling by motorcoach back to Jackson Hole via Rexburg, Montana. Lexington Hotel and Suites (B,L) 6. Depart the hotel in the late morning for your flight back to Sacramento. This tour includes roundtrip airfare from Sacramento to Jackson Hole, deluxe transportation and airport transfers, accommodations, all attractions and meals listed in the itinerary (4B,4L,1D), and the services of a Sports Leisure Vacations Tour Director. 2950/3250 Gold Passport Points $2940 p.p./dbl.occ., $3210 single $ave $100 until August 14

Death Valley and the Eastern Sierra Nevada Featuring Manzanar National Historic Site, Scotty’s Castle, and the breathtaking scenery of Highway 395 6 Days • February 18-23 H Highlights H • Travel along Highway 395 enjoying the spectacular scenery of the Eastern Sierra Nevada • Visit Manzanar Nat’l Historic Site, a poignant tribute marking a troubling period of history • Spend two full days touring Death Valley Nat’l Park, visiting Scotty’s Castle, Ubehebe Crater, Zabriske’s Point, the Devil’s Golf Course, and Badwater Salt Flats • 12 meals: 1 breakfast, 3 full breakfasts, 6 lunches, 2 dinners • Door-to-door transportation • Roundtrip travel on SuperCoach III • 1700/2000 Gold Passport Points Death Valley… its name alone conjures up all sorts of images. It is one of California’s hidden treasures; one of her most misunderstood natural beauties; home to one of California’s most colorful and loveable scoundrels. Won’t you join us as we rediscover the magnificence of Death Valley? You are sure to be surprised by the beauty, intrigued by the stories, and awed by the splendor that is Death Valley National Park and the Eastern Sierra Nevada. 1. Be picked up from home by Carey Transportation and driven to the Sports Leisure office where you will meet your fellow travelers. Transfer to SuperCoach III for a leisurely ride past Lake Tahoe to enjoy a Basque lunch in Gardnerville. Continuing on, your journey takes you along the rugged eastern Sierra Nevada as you travel down Highway 395, past Mono Lake and Mammoth Mountain. Your first night will be spent in Bishop, located in the Owens Valley, surrounded by the majestic Sierra Nevada and White Mountain ranges. Bishop Creekside Inn (L) 2. Wake up this morning to the crisp clear air of the high desert and a stunning view of the mountains just outside the window. South of Bishop, tucked into the base of

the Sierra Nevada, sits Manzanar National Historic Site, a windswept reminder of the indomitable spirit of those interned here during WWII. A docent will share the story of the over 10,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry that were housed here between 1942-1945. In the afternoon, travel over the Panamint Mountains past Stovepipe Wells and the famous Sand Dunes and arrive into Death Valley late in the day. A stop at the visitors center will get you well oriented for your first of three nights at the historic ranch in the valley. Our accommodations are at the historic Furnace Creek Ranch, once part of the Borax Company and a working ranch. Today it is the main visitor service center with all recently renovated rooms. Bring your bathing suit as the pool is fed by the warm waters of Furnace Creek. Furnace Creek Ranch – 3 nights (B,L,D) 3. Death Valley is a land of rich ore and history filled with a cast of characters who traversed the valleys and canyons seeking their fortunes here. Travel north through the valley this morning to Scotty’s Castle, and learn the colorful story of Death Valley Scotty and the Spanish Villa that bears his name. Following a tour of the castle, the afternoon will be spent touring the Upper Valley and hearing a few more tales. Upon a late afternoon return to the hotel, the remainder of the day and dinner is at your leisure. (FB,L) 4. This morning explore the treasures

and surprises of the Lower Valley, learning about more of the people who called this amazing place home; and those characters who passed through. Lunch at the elegant Furnace Creek Inn is sure to please both the eye and palate. This afternoon, enjoy a free afternoon on your own to take in the valley at your leisure. Maybe try out the pool or walk through the Borax Museum. (FB,L) 5. A morning walk in the desert along the boardwalk at Salt Creek shows signs of life few expect to find in the desert. Leaving the valley, cross the Tehachapi Mountains for an evening arrival at our hotel in Bakersfield. Enjoy a hosted dinner tonight as you recall the surprises and delights of Death Valley with your fellow travelers. Hilton Garden Inn (FB,L,D) 6. Return to Sacramento along Highway 99, capturing a few glimpses of the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada as you make your way north with a few stops along the way. Arrive in Sacramento in early evening where you will be greeted by Carey Transportation and returned home to your front door. (L) $1690 p.p./dbl.occ., $1995 single $ave $40 until August 14

Follow Me To La Jolla & Discover Balboa Park 4 Days • February 22-25 Come on! Get out of the cold and chill that can be Sacramento’s winter, and follow us to San Diego! This time, we’ll show you a

Discover the unique beauty of Death Valley Sports Leisure Vacations / July–August 2012    


different side of La Jolla and explore Balboa Park. This 1,200-acre cultural park was placed in reserve and dedicated to public recreational use in the 1800’s. In addition to its many museums, the park has several theaters, an amazing atrium, restaurants, gift shops and of course that little bitty thing of a zoo. Your sunny getaway begins with our signature door-to-door service. A car from Carey Transportation will pick you up at your home and take you to the airport for your short flight to San Diego. Enjoy lunch at The Hob Nob Hill, then it’s a short ride up to Mt. Soledad Memorial Park. With a spectacular 360 degree view, on a clear day you can even see Mexico from this amazing vantage point! Arrive at your hotel for the next two nights, the ever-popular Embassy Suites La Jolla. Enjoy a made-to-order breakfast each morning of your stay as well as the nightly Manager’s Reception. Day two starts with Balboa Park, including a guided tour of the Air and Space Museum and lunch at The Prado. In the afternoon, explore the park on your own. There is a free tram service throughout the park that will deliver you to all the museums and attractions. You’ll be back at the hotel in time for the Manager’s Reception. On day three enjoy a guided tour of La Jolla. Lunch will be at the Steakhouse at Azul. You’ll have the afternoon to browse the many shops and galleries in town. Shuttles will bring you back to the hotel as needed. An evening performance at a local theater is tentatively planned for tonight but dependent on future schedules. On your final day take a tour of Old Town San Diego, have lunch at a cute little Mexican restaurant there, and then head for the airport for your flight home. The cars of Carey will be ready to transport you from the airport to your home. Prices were not available at press time, but we hope to have a price soon. Give us a call at the office if you’re interested in joining us for this trip and we’ll make sure to let you know when we have the prices and complete itinerary.


Winter at the Ahwahnee

Oregon Chocolate Festival

Featuring an overnight stay at the historic lodge in Yosemite National Park 2 Days • February 24-25 This trip is all about the Ahwahnee Hotel… enjoy the elegant brunch in the grand dining room, have a docent-guided historic tour of the public areas, and stay one night in what is considered the Grand Dame of National Park hotels. And if you are fortunate, Mother Nature will dust the valley in a beautiful fresh coat of fluffy snow during the night so you will wake up to a sparkling white blanket on the meadows. 1. Depart Sacramento by SuperCoach III and travel in comfort through the Central Valley to Yosemite National Park and your home for the evening, the historic Ahwahnee Hotel. Opened in 1926 and designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood, who also designed Zion Lodge and Bryce Canyon Lodge, the Ahwahnee provides gorgeous views of Half Dome, Glacier Point, and Yosemite Falls. Enjoy Sunday Brunch in the Ahwahnee Dining Room, with its 34 foot high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. After brunch, a guided historic tour of the public areas deepens your appreciation for the architecture and interior design of this grand structure. Relax with a cup of tea in the Grand Lounge while awaiting check-in at 5pm. The evening is yours to enjoy the surroundings. Ahwahnee Hotel (BR) 2. Exploring the valley during this season is very different than during other times of the year. Learn more about winter in Yosemite and enjoy the spectacular views as you explore from one end of the valley to another from the comfort of a heated coach with a local guide this morning. Lunch and one more chance to pick up a souvenir from the shops of Yosemite Village follow before returning to Sacramento. This package includes transportation on SuperCoach III, accommodations, 1 brunch, all tours and attractions as listed above and the services of a Sports Leisure Vacations Tour Director. Same price as this year’s trip! 700/800 Gold Passport Points $655 p.p./dbl.occ., $765 single $ave $10 until August 14

Fast Becoming an SLV favorite! 3 days • March 1-3 Calling all Chocolate Lovers! This will be the 9th year that the Ashland Springs Hotel will play host to the Oregon Chocolate Festival and the third trip for Sports Leisure Vacations! We’ve changed this three-day itinerary a bit, and believe that this year we have found our “sweet spot,” pun intended! This year, we will stay in Ashland for two nights allowing us to attend the Vendor’s Showcase on both Saturday and Sunday. 1. Chocolate lovers all, our sweet journey begins with our exclusive door-to-door service. Carey cars will bring you to the Sports Leisure office from which you will depart onboard Supercoach III. Pause in Redding to have lunch at The Olive Garden. Our hotel for two nights is the Ashland Plaza Inn & Suites, in the heart of downtown. You’ll have time to freshen up before heading out to the Ashland Springs Hotel for the first event of our chocolate weekend, the elegant Chocolate Maker’s Dinner. (L,D) 2. No need to rush this morning. Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and perhaps a morning walk around town before arriving at the Chocolate Festival Vendor Showcase at the Ashland Springs Hotel. Chocolatiers from all over Oregon come with their chocolate specialties. Sample and browse to your heart’s content… until dinner tonight at Standing Stone Brewery, a local favorite. (B,D) 3. Again, a morning at your leisure, and don’t forget the hotel breakfast. You’ll have a little more time at the Chocolate Festival Vendor Showcase this morning to go back for more of that amazingly delicious treat, or to check out that vendor you didn’t get to yesterday. You have to leave your chocolate haven today, but will stop for a late lunch at your newly discovered favorite restaurant, CR Gibbs American Grill in Redding, before heading back to the office where Carey Transportation will have cars waiting to take you home. (B,L) This package includes: deluxe motorcoach transportation on board SuperCoach III, accommodations, six meals (2B,2L,2D), all

Sports Leisure Vacations / July–Augusr 2012

1. Carey Transportation picks you up at home and takes you to the airport for your morning flight to Ontario. En route to Palm Springs, pause in the quaint community of Redlands for lunch and a visit to The Lincoln Memorial Shrine. The shrine is a museum Palm Springs Getaway and research facility dedicated to Abraham Featuring the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies Lincoln and the Civil War, built by a man who 3 Days • March 20-22 so admired the former president. Continue to your desert hotel, located in the heart of H Highlights H downtown Palm Springs and convenient to • Laugh and sing along with the Fabulous all the boutiques and restaurants along Palm Palm Springs Follies Canyon Drive. Enjoy the evening at your • Experience the West Coast’s only leisure. Palm Springs Hyatt – 2 nights (L) institution dedicated to Abraham Lincoln 2. A morning at the Living Desert aquaints • Discover the region’s natural and cultural you with the natural history and wildlife of history as you ride jeeps into Andreas the region. A picnic lunch is included at the and Palm Canyons park. Return to Palm Springs in time for the • Ascend Mt. San Jacinto for lunch aboard matinee performance as the Fabulous Palm the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Springs Follies celebrates its 22nd season • 6 meals: 2 full breakfasts, 3 lunches, with a new show “Dance with the Music.” The 1 dinner “long-legged lovelies and follies gents” (55 • Door-to-door transportation to 85 years young) will be kicking up their • Roundtrip airfare: Sacramento/Ontario; heels to the music of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s… Palm Springs/Sacramento dancing the stroll, the twist, and even some • 1300/1400 Gold Passport Points disco. Singer, Lesley Gore, is the featured headliner of the show. You may recall her hits from the 60’s and 70’s: “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows” and “It’s My Party.” Enjoy the entire show from your premier center orchestra seating. After the show, walk across the street for a fine dinner at the Kaiser Grill, a Sports Leisure favorite. (L,D) 3. Continue the leisurely pace of the desert this morning before riding the gondolas of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to the top of Mt. San Jacinto. The gondolas have windows all around and the floor rotates slowly so as you travel up the mountainside, you get a 360-degree view of the valley below. Following lunch on the Ralph and Betty Anderson took the opportunity to take a back-tomountain, your afternoon nature stroll on a recent mystery tour attractions as listed above and the services of a Sports Leisure Vacations Tour Director. 950/1050 Gold Passport Points $925 p.p./dbl.occ., $1040 single $ave $25 until August 14

flight to Sacramento is direct from Palm Springs. (L) $1255 p.p./dbl.occ., $1385 single $ave $35 until August 14

Look To The Sky Mystery Tour 5 Days • March 31 – April 4 Fly with Scott to a beautiful resort for four nights. Travel to nearby scenic, historic and unique attractions. Clues: Don’t forget to look down where the water comes out. I wonder what Bing Crosby would think of this place? I bet you “wood” meet some feathered friends. The package includes door-to-door service, airfare, 4 nights accommodations, and 10 meals (4B,1BR,3L,2D). Won’t you join Scott this spring? 2050/2300 Gold Passport Points $2015 p.p./dbl.occ., $2260 single $ave $40 until August 14

San Antonio: Deep in the Heart An “unpack-once” tour featuring the best little city in Texas 5 Days • April 2-6 H Highlights H • 4 nights in the historic Drury Plaza Hotel located along the Riverwalk • City tour featuring The Alamo • Riverwalk tour and luncheon cruise • Historic Lyndon B. Johnson Ranch, Institute of Texan Cultures, IMAX Theater • Daytrip to Fredricksburg to see the National Museum of the Pacific War • 8 meals: Daily breakfast, 3 lunches, 1 dinners • Round trip air to/from San Antonio • Door-to-door airport transportation • Tour Director: Clayton Whitehead • 1800/2050 Gold Passport Points Our repeat tour to the heart of the “Lone Star State” had an extensive Priority Notification List and almost everyone on the list signed up. As a result this tour has very limited space so please call to reserve soon! $1795 p.p./dbl.occ., $2440 single

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The Tour Calendar (Previously Announced Tours) 4 Days

Sept. 1-4

Balloons, Glass & Ducks: A Washington State Adventure

Featuring the Sequim Hot Air Balloon Festival and the artistry of Dale Chihuly. Sequim is a tiny, favorite town of ours on the northern tip of the Olympic Peninsula. Spend 3 nights at the Holiday Inn Express. Lunch in Tacoma, the Museum of Glass, a tour of Seattle before you come home on the amphibious “ducks” that takes you in and out of the water. Seattle’s newest attraction, the Chihuly Gardens and Glass Exhibit, is on the itinerary. Enjoy the view from the observation deck of the Space Needle, and most of all, see the balloons rise from the hotel’s rooftop patio garden in Sequim. There’s even a side trip to colorful Port Townsend for shopping and lunch. 6 meals, airfare, door-to-door service, Tour Director: Ramona Goodge, 1700/1950 Gold Passport Points. $1695 p.p./dbl.occ., $1915 single, Limited space available 2 Days

Sept. 12-13

The Santa Cruz Follies

A quick overnighter featuring one of our favorite, all-senior variety shows in Santa Cruz. Stay at the Hilton Scott’s Valley, lunch at the Crow’s Nest, a visit to the famed Boardwalk and a ride through the Redwoods on the Roaring Camp Railroad. 2 lunches, 500/550 Gold Passport Points. $485 p.p./dbl.occ., $535 single, $15 EPD** 6 Days

Sept. 15-20

“Show Me” TV Stars In Branson

9 shows: Andy Williams & Debbie Reynolds (replaces Dick Van Dyke), Yakov Smirnoff, Shoji Tabuchi, Jim Stafford (replaces 12 Irish Tenors), Joseph at the Sight & Sound Theater, The Oak Ridge Boys, Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch in his own show, Presley’s Julibee, The Brett Family. 5 nights at the best hotel in town (Hilton Promenade), visit the Titanic Museum, private performer chat, 12 meals, r/t airfare direct to/from Branson, Tour Director: Scott Angeletti. 2800/3100 Gold Passport Points, $2770 p.p./dbl.occ., $3070 single 4 Days

Sept. 16-19

The Redwoods of Northern California, Big Trees in the Wild

A great trip on SuperCoach III. Visit The Avenue of the Giants on Hwy 101 with a local guide, home of the coastal redwoods. Walk through the groves, visit the marshes of Arcata, teeming with waterfowl, Luther Burbank Home. 7 meals, overnight Garberville, two nights Eureka. Tour Director: Ramona Goodge. 1200/1400 Gold Passport Points, $1175 p.p./dbl. occ., $1365 single

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Sports Leisure Vacations / July–Augusr 2012

Enjoy an exclusive behind-the-scences tour at the Hatfield Marine Research Center

4 Days

Sept. 21-24

Return to the Oregon Coast

3 nights in Newport on the central Oregon Coast at the Elizabeth Street Inn (where all rooms have a full ocean view), wonderful meals (both casual and gourmet), harbor dinner cruise, Sunday Brunch on the coast, Lincoln City float blowing and culinary demonstrations, Hatfield Marine Research Center and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) visits, Spruce Goose at the Evergreen Aviation Museum, 10 meals, airfare to/from Portland, Tour Director: Chris or Mark. 1550/1700 Gold Passport Points. $1540 p.p./dbl.occ., $1700 single 8 Days

Sept. 22-29

Fall in Love with Colorado & Utah

A new and unique itinerary, featuring first class service on the Durango-Silverton RR. 2 nights at the Zermatt Resort, visits to Durango and Ouray – Colorado mountain villages, lunch at Robert Redford’s Sundance Retreat, Dinosaur Nat’l Monument, round trip air to Albuquerque/return from Salt Lake City, doorto-door service, 12 meals. 3050/3400 Gold Passport Points. $3020 p.p./dbl.occ., $3400 single 2 Days

Sept. 29-30

Genoa Candy Dance Faire

A tradition lasting nearly 100 years, the festival features not only candy but arts and crafts, food and fun; plus an outdoor BBQ and entertainment (you may skip this if you choose). Accommodations in South Lake Tahoe with a gambling option, Sunday Brunch at Harrah’s. 400/450 Gold Passport Points, $369 p.p./dbl.occ., $409 single (If you wish to skip the evening BBQ and entertainment, take a $30 credit off listed prices)

Visit us online at:

7 Days

Sept. 29 – Oct. 5

New England Fall Foliage Sampler

7 Days

Oct. 4-10

Oktoberfest & Thanksgiving in Canada

Leisurely itinerary, lots of off-the-beaten-track attractions. If you’ve never treated yourself to the colors of fall in New England, let this be the year. Vermont and New Hampshire at their colorful best – a taste of Maine, too! Cruise Lake Champlain, see the leaves on the Kangamagus Highway, visit Quechee Gorge and Shelburne Farm. 12 meals, airfare Sacramento/Manchester, door-to-door service. Tour Director: Clayton Whitehead, 3150/3550 Gold Passport Points, $3125 p.p./dbl.occ., $3525 single

Absolutely one of the most popular new itineraries in a long time. A wonderful new tour featuring a Canadian holiday and a brief visit to Niagara Falls. Oktoberfest in Kitchner, Ontario – with beer barrel racing, music, foods and crafts. Visit quaint Canadian villages, enjoy a different sort of Thanksgiving Parade (reserved seating), 2 nights fallsview rooms at Niagara Falls in the Embassy Suites. 12 meals, airfare Sacramento/Buffalo. Tour Director: Chris Galloway, 2900/3350 Gold Passport Points, $2885 p.p./dbl.occ., $3340 single, valid passport required

4 Days

4 Days

Sept. 30 – Oct. 3

Catalina Island Getaway

Our annual visit to California’s favorite island. Fly to LA, Sunday Brunch on the Queen Mary, then ferry to Avalon, 3 nights Pavilion Lodge, wide variety of sightseeing on the island, 6 meals, airfare, door-to-door service, round trip Catalina ferry, Tour Director: RoseMarie Holt. 1450/1650 Gold Passport Points, $1420 p.p./dbl.occ., $1650 single 7 Days

Oct. 3-9

Living History and Nuts… or is that FOR Nuts – A Mystery Tour

Only two seats remain. Two. Only two more people can sign up and fork over their hard-earned money without any clue as to where they are going. Doesn’t that amaze you? Does it amaze you even more that we have been doing Mystery Tours for many years and they are our most popular product? (That part amazes us too.) It’s true. Must be a reason. If you have never taken the leap of faith and joined a Mystery Tour, what are you waiting for? More fun? Not happening. More food? Haw, we are taking the group to “market” at the end of this tour, we are eating so much great food. The package includes 17 meals (every feeding except one lunch), your airfare to this place no one has ever heard of and, of course, we’ll pick you up at home. Living. History. Nuts. No kidding. Mark and Ryan Quinn say it’s the best tour of the year, but then, they created it and are taking you on it. Those of us in the office are still wondering what it could all be about. What was the line from the Wizard of Oz, “Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore?” Dorothy was obviously on a Mystery Tour. Should have gone with us. She wouldn’t have had to deal with that tornado and the bad witch and all. Just sayin’. 2400/2650 Gold Passport Points, $2365 p.p./dbl.occ., $2615 single

Oct. 9-12

Mendocino’s Colorful Coast

Autumn on the coast. Spectacular! 3 nights Harbor Lite Lodge, all 10 meals, a ride on the famous “Skunk Train,” The California Western Railroad and time in historic Mendocino. A botanical garden, a coastal walk, a lighthouse, an evening of theater. 1150/1350 Gold Passport Points, $1145 p.p./dbl.occ., $1330 single 6 or 9 Days

Oct. 10-15 or 10-18

Mammoth Lakes, Movies & Ghost Towns

A brand new tour. 3 nights Mammoth Lakes (Mono Lake, Devil’s Postpile, Lone Pine Movie Museum), Death Valley for lunch, the new Mob Museum in Las Vegas – extended tour includes the ghost towns of Goldfield and Rhyolite, and lunch at the restored Mitzpah Hotel in Tonopah. Truly off-the-beaten-track. 6 Days – $1755 p.p./dbl.occ., $1950 single (coach from Sacramento, fly home from Las Vegas); 9 Days – $2095 p.p./ dbl.occ., $2335 single (all SuperCoach III, no flying)

Utah and Arizona are not the only places you find beautiful rock arches like the one pictured here. This one is found in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Mammoth Lakes. Join Scott on the trip to Mammoth and the ghost towns and movie sites of the Eastern Sierra. You’ll enjoy the unique natural settings, while learning the history of the region.

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6 Days

Nov. 29 – Dec. 4

A Cajun Country Christmas featuring New Orleans

Join Papa Noel as he ushers in the holiday season. 3 nights in New Orleans, 2 nights in Biloxi, Krewe of Jingle Christmas Parade and Jingle Mingle Party, visit two historic plantation homes decorated for the season, sample some crawfish, see the holiday lights of Bellingham Gardens in Mobile. 12 meals, airfare, limited to 25 travelers, Tour Director: Clayton Whitehead. 2350/2650 Gold Passport Points, $2340 p.p./dbl. occ., $2635 single, $60 EPD** 4 Days

The new Mob Museum in Las Vegas is a real “hit”

6 Days

Nov. 11-16

Laughlin & Las Vegas by SuperCoach III

On our roomy SuperCoach III from Sacramento to Tonopah (overnight) to Laughlin (2 nights), Las Vegas (2 nights); stay in the Golden Nugget Hotel/Casino in Laughlin and Las Vegas. Discover the Neon Museum on the streets of downtown at night, see the new Mob Museum, visit historical Oatman (where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their wedding night). 6 meals, SuperCoach III transportation, Tour Director: Joey Querio. 1150/1300 Gold Passport Points, $1150 p.p./ dbl.occ., $1295 single, $20 EPD** 6 Days

Nov. 18-23

Thanksgiving in New York

5 nights at the Westin Times Square – truly deluxe accommodations, tickets to two Broadway shows – one you get to choose, the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall – preferred seating, theater talk, sightseeing in Manhattan, Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island option, airfare, 5 meals including a memorable Thanksgiving dinner cruise past Lady Liberty, Tour Director: TBA. 3550/4100 Gold Passport Points, $3520 p.p./dbl.occ., $4100 single, $50 EPD** 3 Days

Nov. 25-27

The Magic of the Hollywood Christmas Parade

See the Christmas Parade, featuring TV stars, on the streets of Hollywood. Sunday Brunch at the famous Magic Castle, lunch at Cantor’s Deli, two nights at the deluxe Renaissance Hotel, tour the home of the Academy Awards, our best Hollywood package ever. 3 meals, airfare, Tour Director: TBA. 1350/1550 Gold Passport Points, $1330 p.p./dbl.occ., $1540 single, $25 EPD**

Nov. 30 – Dec. 3

Captain Jeff’s Holiday Cruise

Stay 2 nights on board the Island Spirit, plus an overnight in Mukilteo. See the amazing Warm Beach Christmas Lights (site of our first Christmas Mystery Tour, a decade ago), cruise around Puget Sound with Jeff, enjoy meals and a Christmas Lights boat cruise on board, Pike Place shopping before returning home. 7 meals, airfare, Tour Director: Scott Angeletti. 1600/1800 Gold Passport Points, $1595 p.p./dbl. occ., $1795 single

Things to Know Before You Go: Airfare: On all trips where air travel is indicated, airfares are included in the listed prices. Home Pick-up: Our exclusive home pick-up is included on all trips listed here of three days or longer. Carey Limousines and their partners provide transportation to/from the airport, Sacramento’s Amtrak station or the Sports Leisure Vacations office. Meals: Please refer to the day-by-day itinerary for a break down of the included breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners. **Early Registration/Payment Discounts: Trips with a note like this after the price “$40 EPD**,” indicates there is a discount available for Early Registration and Payment. Please refer to the back page of the newsletter for more details on Early Registration/Payment Discounts. The Fine Print: Our Special Tour & Vacation Notes brochure contains the answers to many often-asked questions. A copy is sent with your reservations. Sports Leisure online: You are invited to visit our website at for more information on any tour listed here, or call our office and we will be happy to send you a detailed itinerary.

2012-13 TOUR & VACATION PREVIEW DAY • Saturday, August 25th, 2012 • Marrriott Hotel 3 showtimes to choose from: 9:00-11:45am • 12:45-3:30pm • 4:15-7:00pm Advanced Reservations Required, Seating Limited • Call today or reserve online! (916) 361-2051 or (800) 951-5556 • See front cover for more details! 18    

Sports Leisure Vacations / July–Augusr 2012

7 Days

Dec. 10-16

The Kennedy Center, Rockettes, Boston Pops Christmas Concerts

Tickets to 3 holiday music concerts as listed above (National Symphony performs at the Kennedy Center), 2 nights Boston, overnight NYC, 3 nights Washington, DC. Kennedy Presidential Library, Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, Mount Vernon Christmas, White House Christmas Tree, DC Monuments tour, free time to explore the Smithsonians, Acela express train – Boston to NYC. 12 meals, airfare, Tour Director: TBA, 2950/3400 Gold Passport Points. $2950 p.p./dbl.occ., $3350 single, $60 EPD** 3 Days

Dec. 23-25

Christmas on Monterey Bay

Head to Monterey and 2 nights at the beautiful Portola Hotel downtown. Guided sightseeing on the 17-Mile Drive, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Christmas Day Brunch, evening lights tour. 6 meals, holiday festivities, SuperCoach III transportation, Tour Directors: TBA. 1000/1150 Gold Passport Points, $999 p.p./ dbl.occ., $1149 single, $10 EPD** 4 Days

Dec. 29 – Jan. 1

Take The Train to the Rose Parade

SuperCoach III takes you to Oakland, where your private car (The Silver Lariat) is hooked to the back of the Coast Starlight for the ride to Los Angeles. Service like you’ve never experienced, with all you can eat and drink along the way. Once in LA, stay 3 nights at the Marriott Burbank, a deluxe hotel. Visit Huntington Gardens for a luncheon tea, see A Salute to Vienna at the Disney Concert Hall (a recreation of New Year’s Eve in Vienna, complete with a full orchestra), presented by the Strauss Symphony of America. Watch the floats being decorated, enjoy an exclusive tour and lunch in Pasadena, offered by Melting Pot Tours. Reserved bleacher seats for the Rose Parade, return by air, 8 meals, Tour Director: TBA. 1800/2000 Gold Passport Points, $1790 p.p./dbl.occ., $1990 single

2 Days

Dec. 31 – Jan. 1

New Year’s Eve at Harris Ranch

Overnight at the hacienda-style hotel, wine and appetizers delivered to your room, social hour, five-course dinner with wine, 7 piece dance band, New Year’s Eve Toast (at midnight). All 4 meals, SuperCoach III transportation, Tour Director: Ramona Goodge. 700/800 Gold Passport Points, $659 p.p./ dbl.occ., $779 single 11 Days Mar. 15-25

St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

2 nights Dublin, overnight Kilkenny, 3 nights Killarney, 2 nights near Bunratty Castle. Tour Blarney and King John’s Castles, visit the Guinness Storehouse, Trinity College, Killarney Nat’l Park, Medieval Feast at Bunratty Castle. 17 meals, airfare SFO/ Dublin, transfers to/from SFO, Tour Director: Scott Angeletti. 4450/4950 Gold Passport Points, $4415 p.p./dbl.occ., $4945 single, $100 EPD** 10 Days Mar. 19-28

The Colorful Carolina Coast

2 night stays in Myrtle Beach, Savannah and Charleston. Fly to Norfolk and return from Jacksonville. New Bern, Outer Banks, Hilton Head Island, Ft. Sumter, all with Sports Leisure’s Resident Southern Gentleman Clayton Whitehead. This is Clayton’s signature tour. 17 meals, airfare, all sightseeing and even dessert at Clayton’s house with his mom’s famous prune cake! 3550/4100 Gold Passport Points, $3545 p.p./dbl.occ., $4090 single 7 Days

Jan. 18-24, 2014

Key West, Key Largo, Miami and the Everglades

Four nights in beautiful Key West is the best feature of this trip, but it’s not the only highlight. During your Key West visit, see the Hemingway Home, the nation’s very first public aquarium, Truman’s Little White House, & Mel Fisher’s Treasure Museum. The dinner and drag show at La Te Da, an authentic clipper ship cruise (optional, included) and the small but amazing Butterfly & Nature Conservancy plus Mark promises a surprise new attraction this time around. Before you get to the Keys, overnight in Miami with an air boat ride in the Everglades and overnight in Key Largo with a glass-bottom boat ride. Miami city tour including Coral Gables and South Beach. Roundtrip air, 13 meals, door-to-door service, Tour Director: Mark Hoffmann or Chris Galloway. For the 2014 tour, call now to reserve your seat with a $100 fully refundable (until May 1, 2013) deposit. $3435 p.p./dbl.occ., $3985 single, please note this is 2014, our 2013 trip is sold out!

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The best parade floats in the country are found in Pasadena

Let Mark or Clayton share humorous travel stories and tips for avoiding hassles on the road. Door prizes and complimentary Travel Club Memberships are provided. Call the office to reserve your date today! Sports Leisure Vacations / July–August 2012    




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EARLY PAYMENT Di$count Coupon Early Registration/Payment Di$counts listed here expire on August 14, 2012. To receive the discount, you must pay in full within ten days of registration. If you accept this option, the monies paid, including the cost of Cancellation Protection, are returned to you in full if you cancel more than 60 days prior to departure for US and Canadian tours or 75 days prior for International tours, regardless of the reason for cancellation. Within the time limits noted above, restrictions on refunds apply. See the Special Vacation Notes & Information brochure for complete details. Nov. – Laughlin & Las Vegas by SuperCoach III – $ave $20 Nov. – Thanksgiving in New York – $ave $50 Nov. – The Holiday Magic of Hollywood – $ave $25 Nov. – A Cajun Country Christmas – $ave $60 Dec. – The Capital, Kennedy, Pops Christmas – $ave $60 Dec. – Christmas on Monterey Bay – $ave $10 Jan. – Panama Canal Cruise – $ave $100 Feb. – Winter in Yellowstone – $ave $100 Feb. – Death Valley & The Eastern Sierra – $ave $40 Feb. – Winter at the Ahwahnee Hotel – $ave $10 Mar. – Oregon Chocolate Festival – $ave $25 Mar. – St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland – $ave $100 Mar. – Palm Springs Getaway – $ave $35 Mar. – Look to the Sky Mystery – $ave $40

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TOUR UPDATE… A brief list of tours which are sold out, or have only a limited amount of space (10 or fewer seats, number in parenthesis) remaining. Day trips are not listed. Sold-Out Tours (waiting list available) Jammin’ Through Montana’s Glaciers Giants-Padres Season End Celebration Fall in Yosemite The Ritz Carleton at Half Moon Bay Christmas Lights Mystery Key West, Key Largo & the Everglades (Jan. 2013)

Limited Space (10 or fewer seats) Balloons, Glass & Ducks in WA – (2) Living. History. Nuts. – A Mystery Tour (4) Thanksgiving & Oktoberfest in Canada – (5) Captain Jeff’s Holiday Cruise – (8) dbl. occ. only Take the Train to the Rose Parade – (4) The Colorful Carolina Coast – (6) San Antonio – Deep in the Heart – (2)