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The lovely succulent Aloe plant is a natural healer that can soothe and moisturise skin in need. Keep a pot handy in your house.

Welcome... THE HEALTH AND HEALING ISSUE So another New Year begins! If you feel like you need a bit of a health kick after all the festivities or are just feeling a bit strung out, this Health and Healing issue could be for you! We have various articles from our lovely contributors such as one on Yoga by Anne at Create Harmony and Maggie Currie talks about revamping your wardrobe (something I definitely need to do!) I am also pleased to introduce Melanie Archer of The Reading Chestnut, where she reviews her current favourite read. And for advertisers, the next issue of Glean (Apr/May/Jun 2015) will have a flat rate of just ÂŁ10 *for any advert! Enjoy this special issue of Glean!

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FEATURE What is Yoga? by Anne Osborn (Create Harmony)


BEAUTY Healthy New You by Jane Mott


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HEALTH Revamp Your Wardrobe by Maggie Currie (Maggie Currie Coaching)


LIFESTYLE Holistic Emporium


CUISINE Seasonal favourites for Winter by Marie-Clare Thompson (Isle Cook)


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GARDENING Winter Thoughts by Amber Beard LIFESTYLE The Joy of Incense Sticks by Karen Bowden (Vectis Karma)

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What is Yoga? by Anne Osborn, Create Harmony


Yoga is often seen as a set of physical postures but there is much more to yoga than just the physical activity, it works in a similar way to meditation – seeking to calm the mind and bring clarity and focus to our thoughts and feelings. The word yoga means to ‘unite’ or ‘connect’ and so in yoga we aim to connect the body and mind, bringing the mind into balance, allowing the body to build in strength and provide a feeling of calm and relaxation. The postures or asanas offered in Yoga give a focus to the mind, working the body in order to still the mind. Exercising the body helps to release tension and improve health, leading to a body that is pain free and a mind that is calm, letting go of everyday thoughts so that you can be in the present moment.

What to expect from your yoga class If you have never experienced yoga before you might not know what to expect, but like many other forms of exercise you may initially feel tight, stiff or awkward doing the postures, however with a little practice everything will become easier. You may find that you are more flexible in some poses than others, but those areas that are less flexible can gently be worked on to slowly improve over time. There should definitely not be any pain in the body, so don’t force, strain or push yourself into postures, take your time flow gracefully into each pose and only go as far as your body feels able to go. Using the breath with each asana, helps the body to ease into the pose and be able to hold it comfortably for a short time. Breathe and relax into the postures, take your time and don’t over do it, if you do, you may find yourself stiff the next day. Postures known as asanas are either static where the pose is held for a short period, or dynamic, where the body moves or flows. Most yoga sessions contain a mixture of both these postures. Along with postures there is time at the end for relaxation and reflection, some classes may also have breathing or Pranayama exercises, the use of mudras (hand 2

positions), chakras (energy centres in the body) and meditation or mindfulness techniques which help calm the mind. All of these methods are used together to create peace and harmony within. For further information on Yoga to Relax classes, Ki-Flow Yoga & Meditation or Meditation & Mindfulness classes take a look at w w w . c r e a t e h a r m o n y. c o . u k or contact Anne on 07813918950


Healthy New You by Jane Mott Over indulged this festive season? Has raising a glass to toast in the New Year left your skin flushed and drained? Good skincare is not just about what products you put on your skin, but a reflection from within… “You are what you eat!” So what are the essentials for great skin? Water Our bodies are 72% water and our skin is 80% water and dehydrated skin show more fine lines and deeper wrinkles. Water is nature’s own beauty essential, though water contains no nutrients it hydrates and

plumps skin cells as well as flushing out impurities, improving circulation and blood flow. If your skin is dry, tight and flaky your skin’s likely not getting sufficient water, dry skin has less resilience which in turn means more fine lines and wrinkles. Dark circles under your eyes can also be a sign of dehydration. Try increasing your water intake over the next two weeks and see how the extra hydration affects your own skin, as well as many other health benefits. Whatever your skin type you will benefit from a more radiant glow. It’s never too late to start the healthy habit daily of drinking plenty of water. The Department of Health recommends drinking around 1.2 litres of fluid every day, that’s around 6-8 glasses. But we’re all different and each person’s needs are unique, use this Hydration calculator for your specific requirements. Vitamins for Clear Skin Vitamin deficiencies can cause adverse effects on the skin and research shows that certain vitamins are essential for preventing and reversing many signs of skin aging process. Vitamin D is one of the best vitamins for your skin, along with vitamins C, E, and A. 3

Vitamin D helps with production of new, fresh skin cells. Deficiency in vitamin D can increase oil production and aggravate both acne and psoriasis. Vitamin D aids the absorption of calcium and enhances the absorption of vitamins A and C. Vitamin C is an all-around anti-ager helping to smooth and firm your skin. Vitamin C plays an important part in rebuilding collagen; the abundant protein that makes up 75% of your skin, diminished levels of collagen cause your skin to wrinkle and sag. Vitamin C also helps fade uneven pigmentation such as unwanted brown spots and acne scars. Vitamin E eases dryness reducing the appearance of wrinkles, making your skin smoother and also helps in the treatment of skin inflammation. Vitamin A is involved in skin repair and maintenance, and believed to help slow the aging process. Deficiency in Vitamin A can results in a dry, flaky complexion. Acne suffers also benefit from Vitamin A’s skin repairing ability. Your skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside your body, and all skin conditions, whether dry and flaky, oily with acne outbreaks or aging with wrinkles, are all signs of compromised internal health, often the result of lack of nutrients.


Image kindly supplied by Hannah Brewer Photography

So think carefully about what you eat and drink and how it will affect your skin! For more beauty information, tips and advice or personal skincare or makeup guidance please contact me via my website


Revamp your wardrobe - live in the present by Maggie Currie, Maggie Currie Coaching Revamp your wardrobe – live in the present. Change how you feel about yourself with the practical task of revamping your wardrobe. This can really help to get rid of those winter blues and the aftermath of Christmas and the New Year. By getting rid of any unflattering clothes, the way is cleared for a new, improved you. A careful reassessment of what you wear is a truly transforming experience. Follow these suggestions, and you could change your life. By ridding yourself of the unwearable rubbish, paradoxically you will find you have more of everything. • More wearable, worthy clothes • More time - you’ll get dressed so much quicker! • More money - no more impulse buys • More confidence • More control To totally revamp your wardrobe, you will need: • Best part of a day, uninterrupted • Bin bags, boxes • Coat hangers • Good, uplifting music (anything you like that motivates you) • Loads of energy and a positive attitude

First of all, take every single thing out of your wardrobe. Make sure the whole thing is empty. Put everything on the floor or bed. You need to clear the decks. Next, create a reject pile and cast aside EVERYTHING that is: • Broken • Stained • Doesn’t fit and never will. • Old and tatty • Dated • Baggy and shapeless • You have not worn for a year at least (be honest) • Totally not you. Take a step back and have a really good look at what is left. What are your clothes REALLY saying about you? Do you like what you hear? Is there anything not reflecting your true personality? If there is, put it on the reject pile. You are bound to be left with a number of garments you still have doubts about. Try these on, and take a long look in the mirror. • Does it still fit? • Is it flattering? • When did you last wear it? (Honestly) • If you saw someone else wearing it, would you compliment them?


Ask yourself, is the garment really worthy of being worn by you? If the answer is no, reject it. Be ruthless. From now on, only choose to wear clothes that reflect you at your best. Let’s just stop here and evaluate your cast off pile. How does it feel to be getting rid of this stuff? Take this opportunity to take stock of your appearance, your self-image, and your life. Do not choose to hold on to old clothes you no longer have use for. They are taking up precious space you could be using to expand into your new, beautiful self. If you need to keep a memory, find something more appropriate: a photo, a piece of jewellery or a letter. Resolve now to live in the present. Let go of these clothes and make room for your new life. There may be items you have bought but have never worn, and maybe you feel guilty about these. You won’t change that situation by hanging on to them, you will only sustain it. Stop beating yourself up with the constant reminder every time you open the wardrobe. Do some good and take them to a charity shop.


Maybe you have lost some weight, but are still hanging on to your “fat clothes.� Reject these now, and let go of the temptation to slip back into your old habits. If you do put weight back on, the clothes will probably be out of style, anyway. Bag up your rejects right now and take them away. No regrets. Look to the future! Go and buy a few items that reflect the new you and you feel comfortable in. Add to these as and when you can afford to. Maggie Currie Founder of Maggie Currie Coaching

Stay strong and vibrant. Help your body fight the winter blues. Using nature to help you feel more energetic, full of life and to combat those nasty cold weather bugs. The best aloe vera products from Forever. For more information call Tara 07933723731 or email




Holistic Emporium

How did the Holistic Emporium come about? We still keep asking ourselves that question, and to this day haven’t really worked out the answer. Two years ago, after redundancy, I didn’t want work for anyone else again but didn’t know what to do. One day I was walking around a crystal shop admiring the jewellery and a little thought popped into my head which said “I can make that!”, so I found some gemstone beads and other materials

and started to make some gemstone trinkets – key rings and book marks etc. I then got myself a little stall at the local library to try and sell them. The response was amazing! I guess things went from there. We started at local craft fairs and were lucky enough to have a regular stall at a lovely beach café in Sandown. One day a customer told us that our items would be great at the annual Healing Festival at Ventnor Botanical Gardens. I think The Holistic Emporium was really created there. We changed the way 9

we designed items to take in account the healing properties of the stones and even started to sell gemstones and crystals! We went on to meet such lovely people who really inspired us to want a crystal shop of our very own – we just couldn’t afford one at the time. A few months later we were lucky enough to get a pitch at a large local event. Our success at this event went beyond our wildest dreams, and from this we got our little shop. What would you say to people who are cynical about crystal healing? We like to be honest with all of our customers and tell them that we can’t prove that the crystals work, but then again, we can’t prove that they don’t work either. A doctor called Henry Beecher wrote an influential article about the powers of placebo in 1955, where it detailed that if people believe something will help them then in many cases it will – most personal problems these days are linked to thought processes, and positive thinking can cure a lot of things, especially when related to anxiety or confidence issues. The healing power of crystals has been documented for thousands of years! We like to think that our crystals help people, but people should not take our advice over that of a qualified medical practitioner.

What is your most popular selling crystal and why? At the moment out most popular crystal is Opalite Moonstone – sadly it’s not a natural stone, but people just love the intense blue glow that it gives off. Second to that I would say quartz; people love it for its form, clarity and protective properties, quartz also acts as a power booster to all other crystals that’s placed with it and is the only crystal that can be programmed for a specific use. Most Favourite Shop Crystal? That’s a very hard question, we have so many! I think at the moment it’s a Bismuth Cluster (pictured right). The shapes and angles which form when the crystal grows are just mind boggling. I could look at it all day, it’s beautiful! How have crystals worked for you? They’ve certainly made us feel more relaxed! There is something very calming about being surrounded by crystals – they instil a lovely sense of peace. We’ve also researched and designed many different bracelets which help people with particular ailments such as confidence, depression, insomnia etc. I have a good fortune bracelet and we got our shop shortly after I started wearing it!

Apart from Crystals, What other shop stock do you have? Many things! Incense, dream catchers, books, fossils, candles, handmade jewellery, steampunk, charms, trinkets, curious and lots, lots more!


Where do you source your crystals from? Our crystals come from all over the world, so we have many different suppliers. Where possible we like to hand select our crystals, as the quality of our items are very important to us. We also find crystals ourselves on the local beaches – gypsum, calcite, quartz and iron pyrite; sea glass also makes for some lovely little trinkets. Future Plans? Apart from new gemstone jewellery designs - we’ve recently found that due to another shop sadly closing there are no suppliers of Pagan and Wiccan items, so it’s our plan to move into this area as a lot of our customers are interested in this. We are also working on some rather strange curios, but that’s a secret for now! theholisticemporium


Seasonal favourites for Winter by Marie-Clare Thompson, Isle Cook After all the indulgences of Christmas, the rich meats, carbs, cheeses and alcohol, the thought of eating some lighter, healthier food now seems more appealing. But healthier doesn’t have to mean dull. This zingy winter salad uses

the best of what is in season and will give your body a much needed break from the excesses of the festive period.


Honey Glazed Carrot, Jerusalem Artichoke and Hazelnut Salad Ingredients: Rapeseed oil or olive oil Chicory Baby Carrots or Carrots cut into batons Jerusalem Artichoke, peeled and sliced thinly Grapefruit or blood orange (peeled and cut into segments) Hazelnuts Honey Fennel fronds to garnish 3-5 Star Anise Salt & Pepper to taste Method: Get two small oven trays, one for the carrots and the other for the artichoke and drizzle a little oil over both, shake and mix to evenly coat. Place in the oven for about 8-10 minutes but keep an eye on both trays to prevent burning. While the vegetables are roasting, toast the hazelnuts in a pan over a medium heat, keep them moving in the pan and cook until golden, remove and reserve.

Squeeze the remaining grapefruit and drizzle some honey into pan with the star anise to make a glaze and add the carrot and artichoke from the oven and plate up (This would work wonderfully with grilled fish) WHAT’S IN SEASON IN JANUARY AND FEBRUARY? Beetroot, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, celeriac, celery, chicory, horseradish, Jerusalem artichoke, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, parsnips, potatoes, salsify, shallots, swede, truffles, turnips, apples, blood oranges, clementines, kiwi fruit, lemons, oranges, passion fruit, pears, pineapple, pomegranate, rhubarb, satsumas, tangerines, almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts, duck, guinea fowl, hare, mallard, partridge, turkey, venison, clams, cockles, dab, dover sole, gurnard, haddock, halibut, hake, langoustine, lemon sole, lobster, mackerel, mussels, oysters, red mullet, scallops, sea bream, skate, turbot, winkles.

Post Christmas Detox Tea This tea will give your body some much needed cleansing. Aromatically spiced, sweet, sour and astringent, it’s the perfect response to over indulgence and provides a natural boost to the immune system along with lots of other health benefits. Ingredients: 2-3 tbsp Hibiscus flowers 1 tbsp Black peppercorns 1 Lemongrass stalk chopped Ginger root (thumb sized) Turmeric root (thumb sized) A good squeeze of Lemon or Lime and some Honey to taste. Method: Take all the dry ingredients and give them a good bash and grind in a pestle and mortar. Steep in a tea pot or infuser for at least 5 minutes Strain and sweeten to taste. (Tweak to your liking, try substituting the hibiscus for jasmine, lemon or lime for grapefruit or blood orange) Hibiscus Is very popular in the Middle East and is used to prevent colds and some research has found that Hibiscus also helps to maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


Lemongrass Contains vitamins A and C, folate, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and manganese. It can help to prevent colds, aids digestion and because of its calming effects it can be used to treat insomnia. Ginger root Known for alleviating symptoms of gastrointestinal distress but it is also a highly effective anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Turmeric root Has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities. Recent research would suggest that turmeric may be able to help treat cancer and prevent Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases. Black Peppercorns Once used as currency and were offered as a sacred gift to the gods but today they are best known as a seasoning along with salt to enhance flavours. It is now thought that black peppercorns also enhance the nutritional value of food. Piperine is the natural substance found in pepper and it can enhance the absorption and efficacy of turmeric by 2000%

Relax and unwind...

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Winter Thoughts by Amber Beard When the weather takes a turn for the worse I often find myself thinking of lines from Shakespeare’s ‘Winter’. With the icicles ‘hanging by the wall’, the milk frozen in the pail and poor Marion’s red and raw nose it’s the time of year when gardening is the last thing on your mind. But even at this time of year there are things that you can be doing in the garden, the greenhouse and indoors to ensure that you are all ready to go as soon as spring pokes its head above the parapet. Prune Wisterias and cut back summer side shoots to two or three buds for a late spring and early summer show. The foliage from ornamental grasses should be clipped to within a few centimetres from the ground and winter flowering shrubs can be cut back after they have flowered. Keep deadheading winter pansies to keep the flowers going and trim winter flowering heathers to stop them becoming leggy, as soon as the flowers have disappeared. In the greenhouse don’t be tempted to sow too many seeds because there won’t be enough light to make them grow – save your planting until later in the spring and your seeds will grow just as quickly if not quicker. You can plant Allium and Lily bulbs in pots in the greenhouse and move

them outside when the threat of frost has passed and start chitting early potatoes in an egg box on a sunny windowsill. There are some seeds than can be sown under cover like leeks, onions and celeriac and you can get ahead and start preparing your vegetable beds by removing weeds. If you cover them with a sheet of black plastic they’ll stay weed free, drier and the soil will warm up in time

for spring planting. Of course, if you can’t face the great outdoors in the winter, the garden will come to no harm. You may leave yourself a few more jobs to do clearing and cutting back in the spring but it won’t be the end of the world if you decide not to brave the elements. From the sofa or from under the duvet you can do lots of organising for the growing season ahead. Sort your seeds out by sowing date and month and make sure you’ve got enough trays and pots for 15

sowing. If you haven’t already, plan out your vegetable plot remembering to ensure that you rotate your crops to avoid disease and order plug plants and seeds online. If you’ve drawn up a plan then you should have a good idea of quantities. You can also order flower bulbs for summer colour – Gladioli, Lily of the Valley and Lilies are all good candidates and will add good splashes of colour in pots and borders. Most importantly don’t forget the birds if it’s really cold. Hang some fat balls and top up your bird feeders and you’ll be rewarded with the songs of your feathered friends for months to come. So, lots to do. Lots to think about. And plenty to look forward to!



What I’ve been reading by Melanie Archer, The Reading Chestnut Jill Mansell – The Unpredictable Consequences of Love As with most new years I have snuggled up with, what I call, a comfort read. Easy to follow, light-hearted and fun. Perfect for de-stressing after gearing up for Christmas and the end of the year. This year is no different and I have returned to an author that I will read and read again, as her books just make me feel good; Jill Mansell an author of ‘chick-lit’ and the chosen book The Unpredictable Consequences of Love. Published by Headline Review 2014. The Unpredictable Consequences of Love is another romantic lively page turner. Sophie Wells has sworn off men completely, and the gorgeous, hotel owner Josh Strachen cannot understand this and certainly cannot understand why she turns him down time after time, particularly when every other girl dreams to be asked out by him, especially Sophie’s sassy best friend Tula, who has a massive crush on Josh, and then there is the serial womaniser Riley, throwing his own complications into the mix. As with all of Jill Mansell’s novels I was hooked from the start and fell easily into the lives of the close knit community of characters she conjures up. The ease with which she weaves each storyline of love and compassion

together so neatly is magic. Set against the beautiful sunny back drop of Cornwall, we meet the lovely cast including Sophie, who as a reader we are equally intrigued about her reasons behind not ever wanting to let a man in her life. Sophie’s best friend Tula, sarcastic, full of life, hardworking with a strong work ethic is immediately likeable and both are easy to relate too. As with most Jill Mansell novels I find myself relating to and likening people I know to characters in her books. I find her really true to normal everyday life. And Sophie and Tula set examples of good strong independent women who do not need a man to survive life. Twisting its way into the plot is also the back story of Riley’s aunt, successful author, Marguerite Marshall who has her eyes set on Lawrence, who is in fact still in love with his ex-wife Dot who also runs the hotel with Josh. A serious side is also explored within the humour of the book, and I took a deep breath when I knew why Sophie had given up on men, I found this to be an original, thought provoking reason. In some places I found myself skipping ahead in the text just so I could get to the next bit to check all was ok and then go back and read again. There are some beautiful moments in the book, described with such warmth and depth and then there are some 18

humorous scenes, including running around on a beach without a stitch on to experience freedom, something I’m sure we’ve all felt like doing at some point. I invest and indulge in all of her characters and feel a connection to them and a willingness to succeed, they become my friends and I live their lives, feel their pain and feel their love and desires. I often find that reading one of Jill Mansell’s books will fill me with hope and reassure me that in fact I am doing ok and today is a good day after all. If you too are looking for a comfort read, or are feeling a little chilly one evening and want to be warmed, or even sitting on a beach or in a park enjoying some time away from your world, I recommend you pick this book up, settle down and put a smile on your face, you won’t regret it.


The Joy of Incense Sticks by Karen Bowden, Vectis Karma Having a pleasant aroma in your house or office can be beneficial to your very well being. It can lift the spirit and mood, whether you’re alone or in a group; perhaps even aiding the recall of past enjoyment or experiences. From a pragmatic perspective, you may use an introduced aroma to overcome other smells (such as from cooking) or repel insects. You may be seeking to aid concentration or meditation; if so, a background of a chosen fragrance can certainly enhance both these endeavours. Relaxing in an environment with a good background aroma makes you feel good, lifts the spirit and clears the mind; plus you have the control to select, create and deliver your own ambiance ... it’s all good! Once convinced, or intrigued, about how good aromas can help you, then you must choose how they are delivered, and the choice is wide. Candles, sprays, essential oils are all good examples – but for the widest choice of fragrances, control of delivery (time and quantity) and for the most affordable & cost effective we believe incense sticks offer the best all-round answer.

You light or start incense using a match or lighter, which starts the incense to glow or smoulder, rather than burn with a flame like a candle (so none of the dangers or worries associated with naked flames). The glowing ember on the incense will continue to smoulder, offering up or delivering the aroma to the room, based upon the ingredients used. The best incense sticks have no supporting core – being made completely made of incense/fragrance material. Easily broken into pieces, it allows one to determine the specific amount of incense they wish to burn and for how long. This is the most commonly produced form of incense in Japan – and incense sticks from Japan are generally considered of be of the highest quality. At Vectis Karma, we hold approx. 170 incense fragrances in stock (the largest stock available in the UK), offering a very wide range in terms of type, price, ingredient types and packaging. The choice doesn’t stop there though … you may now choose, try or experiment with the exact type of aroma or ambiance you want to experience …


Choose from Floral, Woody or Spicy fragrances. Perhaps you prefer something light, fresh and in the background, or the opposite, something heavy, earthy and powerful. Choose a particular ingredient and whether you want to sense that in the foreground or background. Enjoying incense is a little like drinking wine … You can take a connoisseurs approach and delve into a world of high-notes and soft notes, blends or classic single ingredient varieties. Or, like most of us, just enjoy and relax in the fragrance. Also like wine, there is a vast range of prices you can pay, with the old saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ often being very true. Vectis Karma sells incense starting at £2.50 per box to nearly £90 per box – and almost every point in between. We’re here to offer advice and can provide samples to help you choose what’s best for you. Vectis Karma – www.vectiskarma. - a business based in Ventnor, supplying locally and internationally.

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