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Well, saving our planet and ourselves is not, and will never be a “fad”. The movement is here to stay and the question is do you have what it takes to stay on for the duration of the ride! There are so many things we can do individually and collectively to start change. For example, you can share all the superb information and truth from SPLIFF Magazine with your coworkers or even your annoying next door neighbor.

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Only 41 medical marijuana dispensaries eligible to stay in business, Los Angeles officials say... Los Angeles city officials announced Wednesday that only 41 medical marijuana dispensaries are eligible to stay in business under the city’s restrictive ordinance, a number so low that the city will suspend the winnowing process and ask a judge to rule that it is legal. “It was a surprise,” said Jane Usher, a special assistant city attorney who worked closely with the City Council to draft the complex law and is defending it in court. Rather than move ahead with a selection process that would clearly trigger a spate of lawsuits by disqualified dispensaries, the city attorney’s office decided to sue them first and ask a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge to determine that the city’s process was appropriate. “We’re trying to be proactive,” Usher said. Yamileth Bolanos, who runs PureLife Alternative Wellness Center, found out that the city had determined her dispensary was not eligible to continue to operate. “I’m not going to take this lying down,” she said. “This is ridiculous. They have screwed up one thing after another. Not once have they thought about the patients of Los Angeles.” Los Angeles is already tangling with about 85 dispensaries that have filed almost 30 lawsuits challenging the procedure the City Council adopted Jan. 26 to limit the number of dispensaries. Most of the dispensaries that have sued are among more than 400 ordered to shut down. The city experienced a dizzying increase in the number of dispensaries when it failed to enforce a pot-shop moratorium put in place in 2007. Under that ban, only 186 dispensaries were approved to operate, but hundreds opened, a trend that accelerated after the Obama administration indicated last spring that it would not raid dispensaries complying with state law. Judge Anthony J. Mohr is presiding over all the lawsuits and has set a Sept. 21 hearing on constitutional issues. It is unclear how quickly Mohr might act on the lawsuit, which the city attorney’s office intends to file Thursday. “The judge has considered things very expeditiously to date,” Usher said. “He seems to have a very keen awareness of the harm it causes to the community to leave this unaddressed.”

12 August 2010 SPLIFF

When the City Council passed the ordinance, it acted on an estimate that about 130 dispensaries might qualify to stay open. Under the ordinance, however, if the number dropped below 70, additional dispensaries would be chosen in a lottery. The total number of dispensaries in the city would then be capped at 70. City officials said 169 dispensaries applied to be allowed to remain in operation, but 128 failed to meet the stringent criteria. The city clerk's office mailed letters Wednesday to each dispensary notifying it of its status and also posted the list on the office's website. [Corrected at 8:50 p.m.: A previous version of this post said 170 dispensaries applied to remain in operation.] The ordinance, which became effective June 7, allowed only those dispensaries that had registered by Nov. 13, 2007, to operate during the moratorium. But they also had to show that the ownership and management had not changed, that the management had no major criminal record and that the dispensary was at its original location, or had moved just once after being evicted by landlords who received warning letters from the Drug Enforcement Administration. “We took a very strict interpretation of the ordinance, and if it didn’t match the ordinance exactly, then we declared them ineligible,” said Holly Wolcott, executive officer for the city clerk. The city will not seek to shut down the disqualified dispensaries before a court ruling. “As of Tuesday,” Usher said, “the entities that filed notices of intent to register and who fully comply with state law will not be prosecuted under the city’s ordinance.” -- John Hoeffel

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14 August 2010 SPLIFF

Save Our Planet

Light pollution, the environment and climate change by Bruce Mulliken, Green Energy News Light pollution, the environment and climate change. First published December 2006, updated August 2010 The issue of light pollution sprang to mind again tonight after reading about some cosmic events I'd really like to see. One of the events is the effects of a recent solar storm that is likely to generate some amazing auroras. The other is the upcoming annual Perseids meteor shower. While the former won't be witnessed in many places, the meteor shower should be visible in most parts of the world - except where there's cloud cover or heavy light pollution. Imagine what night time on this planet would have looked like from space just a few hundred years ago. It would have been very.. dark. To give you some idea of just how much of the modern world has spread it's tendrils across the planet, check out this image of the earth at night: A larger, clearer representation can be viewed here (will open in a new window). Even though places like Australia seem to have very little in terms of night lights; the larger image shows in better detail that even this country with it's relatively small population does seriously light up the night sky. This above image is a composite image of hundreds of pictures made by DMSP satellites; released by NASA back in 2000. Given the pace of modernization in developing countries and continuing urban sprawl elsewhere across the planet in the last 10 years, I hate to think what the same image would look like now. I'd also hate to think how much electricity usage that snapshot represents. Do you live in a city? To understand the effects of human generated light; make it a goal to at some stage head out to an isolated area on a clear night - get as far as you can from any major light source. Then look up to the skies - I guarantee you'll be awe-struck at how beautiful our small section of the universe is. If you get a particularly clear night, it's almost as though you can reach up and touch the stars. To get an idea of what you're missing out on if you're living in a city or even a relatively small town - view the image on the right.

16 August 2010 SPLIFF

Our modern world steals these breathtaking sights from us - this light pollution is also known as photopollution or luminous pollution. Sadly, aside from light pollution, at the rate we're going with airborne pollutants and dust in the atmosphere, even viewing the stars from remote places won't have the clarity that it does now. I often wonder what the night skies looked like prior to the industrial revolution. Light pollution is also a symptom of another serious problem affecting the entire planet - global warming. To create light takes electricity; and electricity is generally generated by the burning of fossil fuels, which increases carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, which in term contributes to global warming and climate change. Some of the other environmental impacts of light pollution include: - Some nocturnal birds use the moon and stars for navigation during their migrations; and they can become disoriented when flying through brightly lit areas. - Female sea turtles shy away from areas with bright lights, which interrupts their nesting patterns. Newly hatched turtles are also drawn to lights, so instead of heading to the ocean, they often head inland instead. - Other reptiles and mammals are believed to suffer from bright lights in relation to feeding and mating habits. - Wasted resources through over-illumination While our planet will likely never return to it's natural state of darkness at night, there is something we can all do to help with issues relating to over-illumination. It is a serious problem, accounting for somewhere in the region of two million barrels of oil per day in energy wasted in the USA alone. What you can do: - Light only where needed - Don’t overlight - Don’t waste light - Shine light downwards, using shields and reflectors - Light only when needed - use sensors where possible - Light with energy efficient sources such as LED's and compact fluorescents. There's not just the environmental aspect - by cutting back on lighting and using light wisely, you'll also save a wad of cash.

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Helping Hands

Safe Water for the World Organization: Unicef Tap Project Location: International Project: water, sanitation and hygiene programs Status: Ongoing What is the UNICEF Tap Project? In 2007, the UNICEF Tap Project was born in New York City based on a simple concept: restaurants would ask their patrons to donate $1 or more for the tap water they usually enjoy for free, and all funds raised would support UNICEF’s efforts to bring clean and accessible water to millions of children around the world. Growing from just 300 New York City restaurants in 2007 to thousands across the country today, the UNICEF Tap Project has quickly become a powerful national movement. During World Water Week, March 20-26, 2011, the UNICEF Tap Project will once again raise awareness of the world water crisis and vital funds to help the millions of children it impacts daily. All funds raised support UNICEF's water, sanitation and hygiene programs, and the effort to bring clean and accessible water to millions of children around the world. UNICEF’s Role UNICEF has saved more children’s lives than any other humanitarian organization, and UNICEF is committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve the goal of reaching the day when ZERO children die of preventable causes. Currently, UNICEF provides access to safe water and sanitation facilities while promoting safe hygiene practices in more than 100 countries. In alignment with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, UNICEF is working with its partners to reduce the number of people without access to safe water and basic sanitation by 50% by 2015, which will also save children at risk from waterborne illnesses, the second highest cause of preventable childhood deaths. 20 August 2010 SPLIFF

Where Your Money Goes Every dollar raised through the UNICEF Tap Project supports UNICEF Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programs— saving and improving the lives of countless children in more than 100 countries around the globe.

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Legalize It!

Marijuana may get democratic voters High turnout in the booth? Putting the question of marijuana legalization on state ballots in 2012 may be one of the most effective ways for a dispirited Democratic Party to get reluctant voters out to the polls. The wild card in the coming midterms and in 2012 will be the “surge” voters — people who were driven to the polls in 2008 through a once-in-a-generation mix of shame at the outgoing administration and hope in a new, barrier-breaking candidate. Democrats are investing millions in figuring out how to get those voters out, and the marijuana issue is getting increasing attention from political operatives. A survey making the rounds among strategists, which has yet to be made public, indicates that pot could be just the enticement many of these voters need: Surge voters, single women under 40 and Hispanics all told America Votes pollsters that if a legalization measure were on the Colorado ballot, they’d be more likely to come out to vote. Forty-five percent of surge voters and 47 percent of single women said they’d be more interested in voting if the question was on the ballot. Most of these were energetic, with 36 and 30 percent, respectively, saying they’d be “much more interested” in coming out to vote. Roughly half said it would make no difference. For Latinos, 32 percent said they’d be “much more interested” in voting and another 12 percent said they’d be somewhat more attracted to the idea of trudging to the polls. Surge voters said they would support the measure by a margin of 63-35. Young single women would back it 68-31. Latinos, meanwhile, oppose it 52-46, according to the survey. “Whether it can pass or not is another question, but I think it’s clear that a marijuana legalization measure has the potential to increase turnout among voting groups that are critical to Democratic success in November,” said a Colorado Democratic operative, who, like most strategists employed by campaigns, prefers not to talk about marijuana on the record — highlighting the difficulty Democrats will have threading the political needle. Turning out an extra few percent can be the difference between winning and losing in swing states, a reality Karl Rove exploited in 2004 by papering the nation with anti-gay marriage initiatives.

22 August 2010 SPLIFF

Support for marijuana legalization has been ticking up over the past decade as residents of states with legal medical marijuana realize that the sky hasn’t fallen. And backing has surged more recently amid deficit hysteria and a declining economy, as voters are less inclined to spend tax dollars on a drug war when instead marijuana could itself be taxed and used to create jobs. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who’s been working to liberalize marijuana laws for decades, thinks that the goal may finally be in sight, saying recently that his bill to remove federal criminal penalties would pass in the next five years. “I want to be clear; that’s not my major motivation,” said Frank of the revenue argument. “My major motivation is personal freedom. When we outlaw marijuana or online gambling, all you do is create more criminals and deprive us of revenue.” The Service Employees International Union explored putting a pot initiative on the 2010 ballot in Washington state and engaged Project New West to poll whether it could turn liberals out. The union concluded that the move had merit in general, but in particular it wasn’t impressed with how the petition drive and campaign was being organized, so didn’t pursue it. (As if to confirm the SEIU’s conclusion, the would-be pot organizers issued an angry statement aimed at the union when it decided not to get involved.) In California, Democrats hope the state’s legalization initiative will drive turnout and help send Barbara Boxer back to the Senate and Jerry Brown to the governor’s mansion, even though both have taken positions against the measure. Because Democrats have yet to coalesce around reform of marijuana laws, the effort to link pot to the party’s electoral hopes is going on quietly, the opposite of Rove’s coordinated campaign with religious groups opposed to marriage rights for all Americans. A recent survey has California’s marijuana initiative up 56-42, though proponents worry about the threat of major spending in opposition from the prison guards union, alcohol interests and pharmaceutical companies. Nevada, a swing state, has twice rejected pot legalization initiatives in the past, though support increased to 44 percent in 2004, the last time it was on the ballot. Supporters plan to put it on again in 2012. Whether it can pass isn’t some Democrats’ top concern: As long as it can get unlikely voters to a polling station they’d otherwise avoid, it’s a success. Activists are also looking at several other states, including Oregon, Illinois, Maine and Massachusetts, the last of which greatly liberalized its pot laws through a 2008 ballot measure. Illinois and Massachusetts are unlikely to be competitive at the presidential level, but having pot on the ballot could help with House races or assist in unseating Scott Brown in 2012. The very thought of relying on marijuana to increase motivation, however, is a difficult one to absorb. “I’d be shocked if this was our version of the right’s anti-gay initiatives,” said Markos Moulitsas, founder of DailyKos. “I certainly wouldn’t bank on these initiatives as part of a Democratic turnout initiative.”


Of all the environmental issues to think about -- and there a lot of them -- questions concerning food and health are common to us all. We've all got to eat, and do so every day, and so questions of how we manage the environment and how the environment affects human health affect all humankind. How we will feed the world's burgeoning population? Which farmers are pushing beyond organic? Can corporate growth and products that are healthy for people and the environment ever meet in a happy place? Nothing, it seems, is so systematically and emotionally complicated as agriculture and health -- because it's not just about tasty recipes, there are economics, science, and politics involved. On the following pages, we highlight some of the companies, products, people, and ideas that are pushing the envelope when it comes to balancing and navigating the complex universe of ecologically sound food and health issues. For a complete list of winners please visit Written by David DeFranza, Jeff Nield, and Meaghan O'Neill

Best Green Food Writer or Book: Eliot Coleman Eliot Coleman has been organically growing food for more than 40 years. These days, he's best known for growing food throughout the Maine winter in unheated greenhouses and has single-handedly answered all critics who claim that local food systems won't work in places where crops supposedly can't be grown during winter. His latest book, The Winter Harvest Handbook, teaches everything you need to know to start growing your own food, even in the dark, cold days of winter. Image credit: mage: Chelsea Green Publishing

Best Food Film: Food, Inc. Food, Inc. created quite a buzz when it premiered last June, and for good reason. Produced by Robert Kenner and Eric Schlosser (of Fast Food Nation fame), the film's goal is to expose "the highly mechanized underbelly" of the American food industry that "has been hidden from the American consumer with the consent of our government's regulatory agencies, USDA, and FDA." The film touched a nerve with industry giants; Monsanto, for example, had its rebuttal prepared even before the movie hit theaters. Industry cried foul again when Food, Inc.'s Oscar nomination was confirmed, a testament to the powerful exploration into an industry that affects each of us every day.

Image: Food, Inc SPLIFF August 2010 25

Best Advocate for Sustainable Agriculture: Will Allen Will Allen has become a hero of sorts for the food security movement. Allen's common-sense solutions to hunger and food insecurity along with his can-do attitude have inspired innovation around the world. The MacArthur Fellow is best known for his work with Growing Power in Milwuakee, where he helped developed an urban growing-system anchored by aquaponics that produces a low-footprint, locally produced protein source to the inner city. His aim is to teach people how to grow, process, market, and distribute their own food, wherever they live. Image credit: David Tracey

Best Food Innovation: Urban Aquaponics Aquaponics is "the merging of aquaculture and hydroponics into a process that seems to take all of the positives from the above production systems and leave the negatives far behind." and it's right where backyard chickens were five years ago when they were voted a weird eco-habit. The difference now is that, for green foodies, growing your own food anyway you can is cool, not weird. The popularity of aquaponics can be traced to a few key people, namely Living Machines visionary John Todd, Will Allen (another 2010 Best of Green winner), and maybe even our own Sami Grover. No matter the inspiration, urban aquaponics has us hooked. Image credit: Growing Power 26 August 2010 SPLIFF

Best Cookbook: Vegan Soul Kitchen, by Bryant Terry When Bryant Terry was a child growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, his grandparents showed him how a meal begins in the garden, passes through the kitchen, and ends on the dining room table. Since then, he has dedicated his life to building a sustainable food system and using cooking as means of confronting poverty, racism, and food insecurity. In his latest book, Vegan Soul Kitchen, Terry explores his Southern roots, providing—through poetry, stories, and soundtracks—a roadmap for a completely unique culinary experience. Image credit: Bryant Terry SPLIFF August 2010 27

28 August 2010 SPLIFF

Best Practices by a Big Food Brand: Eden Foods Eden Foods is one of a handful of natural food brands that is both ubiquitous and universally revered. Started as not much more than a buying club, the still independently owned Eden Foods evolved into a store and eventually into a wide-ranging brand of whole foods. The majority of their products are certified organic, no ingredients are irradiated, and they've been using BPA-free cans since way back in 1999. This past year, they also helped launch a non-GMO verification program with other industry leaders. Image credit: Edens Foods

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Haiti recovery paralyzed over 7 months after deadly quake Reconstruction stalled by disorganization, corruption By JONATHAN M. KATZ

CORAIL-CESSELESSE, Haiti — The sun was beating down on the rocky cactus plain when men with machetes came for Menmen Villase, nine months pregnant, shoved her onto her bulging stomach and sliced up the plastic tarp that sheltered her and her four children. The family was one of thousands of earthquake homeless who had come to this Manhattan-sized stretch of disused sugarcane land between the sea and barren mountains north of Port-au-Prince, seeking refuge from overflowing camps in the city. But this real estate is earmarked for building a new Haiti. Villase had walked into one of the fights over land, rooted in Haiti's history of slavery, occupation and upheaval, that have served to slow recovery to a nearstandstill in the six months since the earthquake leveled much of the capital and killed as many as 300,000 people. The government, already weak before the magnitude-7 quake and still hobbled by its aftermath, is trying to build anew in places like Corail- Cesselesse, a nearly empty swath of land that begins about 9 miles north of the capital. But the effort is paralyzed by disorganization, bitter rivalries and private deals being struck behind its back. Multiple families claim title to almost every scrap of real estate. Already one reconstruction official has been forced to step down for steering a public project to his company's private land at Corail-Cesselesse. Wealthy landowners vow the "new Haiti" will become yet another vast slum unless the government rebuilds on their terms. Caught in the middle are the homeless, looking to grab a patch of ground from the thugs hired to keep them away. Even facing machetes, Villase had to be dragged from her flimsy shelter. "I didn't want them to take the tent away," she recalled. "They said, 'We don't care. We can rip it up while you're inside.'" Rubble fills streets In the moments after the disaster all Port-au-Prince began pouring into twilit streets. Homes, still collapsing, had in a moment become death traps. Camps rose on public and private spaces, squares, parks and golf courses. Bodies were everywhere, laid out under sheets, cardboard or nothing. Most were cleared by garbage trucks and front-loaders. Others were burned. Some are still being found . But an estimated 26 million cubic yards of rubble continues to make most of the capital impassable. Even with 300 trucks working daily, 98 percent of it remains.

32 August 2010 SPLIFF

The number of people in relief camps has nearly doubled to 1.6 million, while the amount of transitional housing built is minuscule. Most of the $3.1 billion pledged for humanitarian aid has paid for field hospitals, plastic tarps, bandages, and food, plus salaries, transportation and upkeep of relief workers. About $1.3 billion went through U.S. relief groups. Hundreds of millions have yet to be spent, with agencies such as the American Red Cross saying they want to avoid dumping money into half-baked projects . Aid workers say the money already spent helped prevent epidemics, floods and political violence, while distributing food and other essentials. Food markets are back to normal, and the foreign doctors and equipment that flowed in have left medical care — while deeply flawed — better than it was before the quake. Most Haitians didn't have running water and electricity before the quake, and still don't. Police and U.N. peacekeepers are back on patrol. Crime is more prevalent since the quake, with attacks in camps terrorizing thousands, especially women and girls. However, violence is nowhere near the levels faced when the U.N. troops arrived six years ago. But very little long-term progress has been made. Reconstruction remains a dream. President Rene Preval works beside the caved-in hulk of the national palace. Homes and stores lie in heaps. More than 665,700 plastic tarps and 97,000 tents were handed out, but most are now falling apart. Officials planned to put up 125,000 transitional shelters — not nearly enough for everyone. Only 3,722 have been built. Nearly four times as many still await assembly, shelter officials say.

When materials finally get through customs, there's no land to put them on. It took more than three months to hold a donors' conference at the U.N. The 26-member international Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission, headed by Bill Clinton and Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive, didn't convene until last month. That committee is set to oversee the $5.3 billion pledged internationally for the first two years of Haiti's reconstruction — money separate from the total spent on humanitarian aid. But only 10 percent of it has been delivered — most as forgiven debt. The rest is mired in bureaucracy and politics of more than 60 countries and organizations that pledged to help. Everyone bemoans the lack of progress. But Bellerive says the government needs to proceed with caution so it doesn't simply replicate the pre-quake slums. In "the last 30 years there was no planning with any action ... no code," he said. "What we didn't want to do is launch any demogogic, visible action (just to) prove we are working." Planned communities A few miles from Haiti's biggest ports and safely past its northernmost slums, Corail-Cesselesse is a blank canvas. On this vast stretch abutting one of the Caribbean's largest cities, in a country more densely populated than Japan, will rise garment factories, homes, stores and restaurants in one of the country's first planned communities, the planners say. Just before a March visit by former U.S. Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush, Preval said the government was taking over more than 18,500 acres of that land to accommodate thousands of families at risk from the coming floods and hurricanes. A few hundred acres were picked out for the city's first, long-awaited relocation camp. The U.N. and U.S. military construction teams flattened and graded the land for deluxe "ShelterBox" tents. About 5,000 residents of the Petionville Club golf-course camp, run by actor Sean Penn, were bused in. Thousands of squatters who could not get access to the "good" camp followed, staking their tarps and poles on its outskirts. Other big plans for Port-au-Prince are on the drawing board: Rebuild the downtown; spend $100 million to restore the destroyed government center of the Champ de Mars; bring back the cruise ships; hold a design competition for new ministerial buildings, to be "a museum of 21st Century architecture" in the words of government planner Leslie Voltaire. But if you really want to see the future, Voltaire said, look north. In Corail-Cesselesse, houses would be built for 300,000 people — transitional shelters at first, but each with a permanent facade and capable of expanding to six rooms. There will be jobs and services that most of the rest of the city now lacks. This northern expansion will help transform Port-au-Prince into a "Zen city," engineered to be balanced and serene, he said. It will be the key industrial city of the Caribbean.

"The idea is to pick up all that imagination and wealth and put it in that mountain," Voltaire said with a smile. "It's minutes to the port. It's going to be a hit." Backroom deals But with a barely functioning government, Corail-Cesselesse may be built according to backroom deals, not planners' blueprints. The government had appointed Gerard-Emile "Aby" Brun, president of Nabatec Development, a consortium owned by some of Haiti's most powerful families, to be in charge of relocating the squatter camps in Port-au-Prince. For that first relocation camp for 5,000 people, with clinics, food on premises and some electricity, he chose a piece of Corail-Cesselesse land owned by Nabatec, Voltaire and Bellerive both confirmed. The company now stands first in line to gain part of $7 million the government will spend compensating landowners. That's just a small part of the potential payoff. Nabatec is also a lead negotiator with South Korean garment firms to build factories that Haitian officials say will likely go into Corail-Cesselesse. The camp he set up is a potential source of workers for those factories, which can take advantage of generous U.S. import laws for Haitian-assembled textiles. Foreign aid workers complained that the camp was too far from the city and went up without basic amenities. "We weren't very happy about the choice of site and how it was selected, and how it was isolated," said Oxfam spokeswoman Julie Schindall. Bellerive said he told Brun to quit his government position because of the apparent conflict of interest. But the deal Brun negotiated for his company stands. Rumors of the coming factories and jobs have already spread in the camp. Jonathas Metelus, a 31-year-old father of two, says he'll take a job there if offered. "I need the work," he said. Squatters pour in Meanwhile, the squatters continue to pour into Corail-Cesselesse. You don't see them until you come up the road. First just one. Then a hundred. Then fields of them. Sweating through their secondhand T-shirts, clutching wooden poles, plastic sheets and tools, 10,000 or more have set up tents. Maxo Jean-Charles, 26, lost both his children, 4-year-old Claudia and 3year-old Marco, in the quake. He lost his home in the densely packed Delmas 32 district of Port-au-Prince. He's desperate for a place to start over. His cousins and uncles pound a stake into the ground while a woman rests in the dirt. Each family is claiming their square of land, they explain. "This is where they're sending everyone to live. That's why we're building our tent here," he said. Who "sent" them? No one can say. But the landowners suspect the government is populating the land with squatters, so it can be taken for the "new Haiti" at a minimum price — or for nothing.

Land ownership has been a sensitive issue since Haiti's 1804 slave revolt, when it was wrested from French planters and distributed among the people, only to fall back under the ownership of a few powerful families — the "grands-hommes" (big men) in Haitian parlance. The land registry hasn't been updated for decades, and many of the records that did exist were lost in the earthquake. People who claim to be the landowners say it's worth $50,000 a hectare ($20,000 an acre). "My fair price is a negotiation between the market price and the price the owner declared to the income tax," Voltaire said. "And it's always very low." Bellerive said landowners will be compensated, but that housing the homeless takes priority. "If we take the time to resolve it one by one, the people are going to stay on the streets," he said. He could have a strong ally — Clinton, who has said he'll plunge into the bargaining himself, if necessary. "I'm not above doing that," Clinton told The Associated Press on a a recent visit. "I've been known to make a deal or two in my life." Landowners demand compensation The landowners say if they're not compensated, the "new Haiti" in Corail-Cesselesse will end up making the violent slums of pre-quake Port-au- Prince look tame. They say if anyone builds there without their consent, they will sue to get the land back. Landowner Jean-Claude Theodore calls the squatters invaders who are attacking private property. Voltaire has his own response to threats of lawsuits or worse — a government backed by U.N. peacekeepers, the international community and his blueprint. "What do I say to them?" he said with a smile. "I say, 'Checkmate.'" Every squatter seems to have had an encounter with gangsters they believe are sent by landowners. Sadrak Abane, 60, said they beat him with a rifle. He refused to go. "Any time we pick a spot to build a place there's always the 'grands-hommes' claiming the land is theirs," said Wisner Jerome, 37. But they believe they have government behind them. "Don't forget! Don't forget! Don't forget!" said Daniel Paul, a 35-year-old member of a squatters' committee. "The state has declared it is public land. Nobody can go above the state." It didn't work that way for Menmen Villase. Stripped of tarp and land, she and the children fled to a crumbling concrete cabin in a remote corner of Corail. Farther from the aid available in the deluxe camp, with no easy way to get to markets, she struggles to find food. "I'd love to live under a plastic sheet," she said. "but I can't afford it." A few days after being driven from her makeshift home, she lay alone on the cabin floor and gave birth to her fifth child.

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The minds of inventors and designers never cease to amaze us with the concepts that they create. Especially those that find their way into the reality of production.

A majority of the most popular concepts involve future computing and communication technologies. From cell phones to mobile computers with amazingly intelligent, creative, and portable technology. But there are also many great designs that have functionality and practicality outside of computing and communications. Even though functionality and practicality drive many designs, entertainment value and the idea of the product being just plain fun sometimes takes over. This list, which is part 1 of this series, shows just a glimpse into some of those amazingly creative concept gadgets. For more solar powered and other green gadgets, visit our friends at

The Nokia Morph

With the cell phone market saturated with different styles, colors, and functionality truly original concepts are a pleasant change from the standard. The Nokia Morph is one of those concepts. It takes advantage of nanoscale technologies to create a mobile device made with flexible and transparent materials that are extremely strong. The flexibility allows it to change shape and can serve different functions depending on the configuration. The nanotechnology can be self-cleaning, improving the lifespan of the device in several ways. It also incorporates surfaces that naturally repel water, dirt, and fingerprints. The Morph could also take advantage of solar power converted from the surface of the device allowing for smaller batteries that quickly recharge with a longer lifespan. One other new capability is the ability to sense the environment. For example, analyzing air pollution, or telling you if the produce that you are about to eat should be cleaned before consumption. It will be interesting to see if a concept such as this will come to market and if it happens any time soon (in concept years, that is)..

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oncept Gadgets

Tribons Wearable Computer Mentors are a wonderful thing for anyone. Imagine a digital one for your child providing for their curiosity and need to learn new things. The Tribons wearable computer concept gives a kid emotional support while increasing their knowledge and skills. In addition, adding to the wearers experience not available in their actual life. The Tribons would be worn as a head piece and controlled by a 3D user interface, projecting the informational material. It would also have a built in safety feature that lets parents track their children. With an add-on module parents can also monitor the childs health.

Trou Hologram Mobile Phone

Although the technology for the projection of 3D holograms in open space as seen in Star Wars and Vanilla Sky is physically impossible…at the moment. The Trou Hologram Mobile Phone provides a glimpse into what may be if the technology emerges. With this concept a physical screen isn’t used. Instead a 3D image would be projected by very small projectors which are run along the inner surface of the area where a physical screen would normally be located. Imagine a 3D map of the city streets that you are walking or driving, or a hologram of the person that you are talking to. That is the reality that this concept wishes upon the mobile phone market in which there “will be no war amongst manufacturers with regards to display…”

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Renewable energy rebates By Michael Bloch Renewable energy grants, rebates and incentives Ever dreamed of having solar panels on your roof or a wind turbine in the back yard? It's certainly been a goal of mine; one I have partially achieved. While prices on solar installations and other forms of green power options have dropped substantially in recent years, renewable energy technology is still out of the reach for most of us - or is it? When I priced a small system for the little place I had in the outback in 2003, it was around $USD 3,000 that was just enough to run my notebook 12 hours a day, basic lighting and a few peripheral items. To power our house was in the region of $USD 30,000 - $40,000. Prices steadily decreased and I was able to get together a mobile solar rig for my outback adventures for around the $USD $1,400 mark (around $1,600 AUD at current exchange rates), but one for the house was still out of reach without some sort of substantial assistance. It's been encouraging to see many governments becoming increasingly aware that as part of the battle against rising greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, they need to plough some very serious cash into renewable energy - including rebates, grants and other financial incentives to householders, businesses and community groups.

Renewable energy options such as wind and solar power might now be in your reach thanks to government rebates! (Image courtesy of Energy Matters)

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While the rebates still won't make the initial purchase of green power hardware attainable for some, it will open the renewable energy door for others and hopefully with increased demand; technology and production efficiencies; we'll see pricing drop further across the board on items such as solar panels and wind turbines. Feed in tariffs I thought I would make special mention of feed in tariffs as they are becoming increasingly popular around the world and many people are confused about how they work. While not a rebate, feed in tariffs do offer a powerful ongoing incentive for installing solar power. Feed in tariffs pay a premium rate for some or all of the electricity generated by grid connected solar power systems. The rate paid is usually far higher than the market rate for electricity and is guaranteed for X years. This allows potential solar power system purchasers to calculate how long it will take to recoup their investment. For example, in one Australian state the average market rate for "normal" electricity is around AUD 16c per kilowatt hour. Solar power system owners in that state are paid 60c per kilowatt hour for all the electricity their systems generate! On top of other rebates available in Australia, this means the payback period for a system is just 4 or 5 years in that region - and then after that, it's truly free power. Given the lifespan of a solar power system, the owners will "make" thousands of dollars on the system over its serviceable life through electricity savings; plus the system will also add value to their home. Of course, there's also the warm and fuzzy feeling of helping in the battle to slash greenhouse gas emissions as well! But not all feed in tariffs are created equal. For example, the two most popular models are net and gross feed in tariffs. A gross feed in tariff scheme pays the premium rate on all electricity generated, whereas a net feed in tariff only pays the higher rate on electricity generated surplus to the consumption of the premises on which the system is installed. From a financial viewpoint, in most cases the gross feed in tariff is the better model; particularly in the case of where large amounts of electricity are consumed during daylight hours. There are other factors involved in determining how good a deal a feed in tariff is, so it's important to research these sorts of incentives carefully. And just on that point.. Finding current information on renewable energy rebates and incentives such as feed in tariffs can be a bit of a hassle, so I thought it might be useful to attempt to list some of the various rebate resources available online. I'd really welcome feedback so I can expand on the list (particularly additional countries) and to help me keep it up to date! USA rebates and incentives President Obama has made renewable energy a priority and all sorts of rebates and incentives are available at both a federal and state level. The Database of State Incentives For Renewables and Efficiency is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and federal incentives and rebates that promote renewable energy. It was amazing to see how much financial assistance is available in the USA. Green Made Simple is a free online service that allows you to find local residential energy efficiency rebates by just entering your zip code. SPLIFF August 2010 43

Canada Office of Energy Efficiency Grants and Incentives Australia Solar credits program - offers up to $7,500 in rebates on grid connect systems for home, business and community groups. Renewable Remote Power Generation Programme - supporting renewable energy in (some) remote areas Solar Hot Water Rebates - helping Australian households install greenhouse friendly hot water technologies Feed in tariffs - State by state summary of programs that pay owners of solar power system owners a premium for the electricity they produce. UK The Low Carbon Buildings Programme provides grants for renewable energy technologies to householders, schools, the public, non-profits and private businesses. Currently, householders can apply for grants of up to ÂŁ2,500 per property towards the cost of installing a certified product by a certified installer. A feed in tariff program has also recently launched in the UK. If you know of other rebate schemes for renewable energy related equipment in these or other countries, please add a comment below, even if it's just a link. I'll look into it and add it to this article! Thanks in advance! By the way, if self-generated renewable energy is just totally out of your reach for now, consider green tags as a way of providing cleaner power for your home or check with your utility about green power options. There's also some links to articles on saving electricity below. Reducing electricity consumption is an important part of lessening your energy related environmental impact - and you'll save cash too! Michael Bloch Green Living

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Health & Fitness

15 Foods To Help You Lose Want To Curb Your Appetite And Stop Sugar Cravings? Then Put These On Your Grocery List. By Denise Foley

1. Eggs. Skip the bagel this morning. Eggs, which are full of protein, will help you feel fuller longer-a lot longer. A multicenter study of 30 overweight or obese women found that those who ate two scrambled eggs (with two slices of toast and a reduced-calorie fruit spread) consumed less for the next 36 hours than women who had a bagel breakfast of equal calories. Other research has shown that protein may also prevent spikes in blood sugar, which can lead to food cravings.

2. Beans. You've probably never heard of cholecystokinin, but it's one of your best weight-loss pals. This digestive hormone is a natural appetite suppressant. So how do you get more cholecystokinin? One way, report researchers at the University of California at Davis, is by eating beans: A study of eight men found that their levels of the hormone (which may work by keeping food in your stomach longer) were twice as high after a meal containing beans than after a low-fiber meal containing rice and dry milk. There's also some evidence that beans keep blood sugar on an even keel, so you can stave off hunger longer. Heart-health bonus: High-fiber beans can lower your cholesterol.

3. Salad. Do you tend to stuff yourself at meals? Control that calorie intake by starting with a large salad (but hold the creamy dressing). In a study of 42 women at Penn State University, those who ate a big, low-cal salad consumed 12 percent less pasta afterward-even though they were offered as much as they wanted. The secret, say researchers, is the sheer volume of a salad, which makes you feel too full to pig out. Health bonus: A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that people who ate one salad a day with dressing had higher levels of vitamins C and E, folic acid, lycopene, and carotenoids-all disease fighters-than those who didn't add salad to their daily menu.

4. Green tea. The slimming ingredient isn't caffeine. Antioxidants called catechins are what help speed metabolism and fat burning. In a recent Japanese study, 35 men who drank a bottle of oolong tea mixed with green tea catechins lost weight, boosted their metabolism, and had a significant drop in their body mass index. Health bonus: The participants also lowered their (bad) LDL cholesterol. 48 August 2010 SPLIFF

5. Pears. They're now recognized as having more fiber, thanks to a corrected calculation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. At six grams (formerly four grams) per medium-size pear, they're great at filling you up. Apples come in second, with about three grams per medium-size fruit. Both contain pectin fiber, which decreases blood-sugar levels, helping you avoid between-meal snacking. This may explain why, in a Brazilian study that lasted 12 weeks, overweight women who ate three small pears or apples a day lost more weight than women on the same diet who ate three oat cookies daily instead of the fruit.

6. Soup. A cup of chicken soup is as appetite blunting as a piece of chicken: That was the finding of a Purdue University study with 18 women and 13 men. Why? Researchers speculate that even the simplest soup satisfies hunger because your brain perceives it as filling.

7. Lean beef. It's what's for dinner-or should be, if you're trying to shed pounds. The amino acid leucine, which is abundant in proteins like meat and fish as well as in dairy products, can help you pare down while maintaining calorie-burning muscle. That's what it did for 24 overweight middle-aged women in a study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Eating anywhere from nine to 10 ounces of beef a day on a roughly 1,700-calorie diet helped the women lose more weight, more fat, and less muscle mass than a control group consuming the same number of calories, but less protein. The beef eaters also had fewer hunger pangs

8. Olive oil. Fight off middle-age pounds with extra virgin olive oil. A monounsaturated fat, it'll help you burn calories. In an Australian study, 12 postmenopausal women (ages 57 to 73) were given a breakfast cereal dressed either with a mixture of cream and skim milk or half an ounce of olive oil and skim milk. The women who ate the oil-laced muesli boosted their metabolism. Don't want to add olive oil to your oatmeal? That's OK-it works just as well in salad dressings, as a bread dip, or for sautĂŠing.

9. Grapefruit. It's back! A 2006 study of 91 obese people conducted at the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center at Scripps Clinic found that eating half a grapefruit before each meal or drinking a serving of the juice three times a day helped people drop more than three pounds over 12 weeks. The fruit's phytochemicals reduce insulin levels, a process that may force your body to convert calories into energy rather than flab.

10. Cinnamon. Sprinkle it on microwave oatmeal or whole-grain toast to help cure those mid-afternoon sugar slumps. Research from the U.S.Department of Agriculture found that a little cinnamon can help control post-meal insulin spikes, which make you feel hungry. Health bonus: One USDA study showed that just a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon a day lowered the blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

11. Vinegar. It's a great filler-upper. In a Swedish study, researchers found that people who ate bread dipped in vinegar felt fuller than those who had their slices plain. The probable reason: Acetic acid in the vinegar may slow the passage of food from the stomach into the small intestine, so your tummy stays full longer. Vinegar can also short-circuit the swift blood-sugar rise that occurs after you eat refined carbs such as white bread, cookies, and crackers.

12. Tofu. It seems too light to be filling, but a study at Louisiana State University showed that tofu does the job. Researchers tested it against chicken as a pre-meal appetizer for 42 overweight womenand the participants who had tofu ate less food during the meal. The secret: Tofu is an appetite-quashing protein

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13. Nuts. Yes, they are fattening: A handful of peanuts is about 165 calories. But research shows that people who snack on nuts tend to be slimmer than those who don't. A study from Purdue University found that when a group of 15 normal-weight people added about 500 calories worth of peanuts to their regular diet, they consumed less at subsequent meals. The participants also revved up their resting metabolism by 11 percent, which means they burned more calories even when relaxing. Health bonus: Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids. And researchers at Loma Linda University recently found that eating 10 to 20 whole pecans daily can reduce heart disease risks.

14. High-fiber cereal. Studies show that you can curb your appetite by eating a bowl for breakfast. But how well does it really work? Researchers at the VA Medical Center and the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis tested the theory against the ultimate diet challenge: the buffet table. They gave 14 volunteers one of five cereals before sending them out to the smorgasbord. Those who'd had the highest-fiber cereal ate less than those who didn't have as much fiber in the morning. Try General Mills Fiber One (14 grams per serving) or Kellogg's All Bran With Extra Fiber (13 grams per serving).

15. Hot red pepper. Eating a bowl of spicy chili regularly can help you lose weight. In a Japanese study, 13 women who ate breakfast foods with red pepper (think southwestern omelet) ate less than they normally did at lunch. The magic ingredient may be capsaicin, which helps suppress appetite.

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MOST PAT E D i C i T N A s m u b l A

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The Town Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) is an unrepentant criminal, the de facto leader of a group of ruthless bank robbers who pride themselves in stealing what they want and getting out clean. With no real attachments, Doug never has to fear losing anyone close to him. But that all changed on the gang's latest job, when they briefly took a hostage--bank manager, Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall). Though they let her go unharmed, Claire is nervously aware that the robbers know her name...and where she lives. But she lets her guard down when she meets an unassuming and rather charming man named Doug...not realizing that he is the same man who only days earlier had terrorized her. The instant attraction between them gradually turns into a passionate romance that threatens to take them both down a dangerous, and potentially deadly, path. Director: Ben Affleck Cast: Jeremy Renner, Ben Affleck, Blake Lively, Chris Cooper, Jon Hamm In Movie Theaters: September 17, 2010

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Devil A supernatural thriller based on an original story by M. Night Shyamalan. Messina is set to play the lead role of Bowden, a sobered-up homicide detective. No other plot details have been revealed. Director: Drew Dowdle, John Erick Dowdle Cast: Chris Messina, Geoffrey Arend, Caroline Dhavernas, Jacob Vargas, Matt Craven In Movie Theaters: September 17, 2010

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2010 NFL Preview By Sam Adams Staff Writer

Welcome to the 2010 NFL preview provided exclusively from! We're please to bring you a preview of all 32 NFL teams as we all look forward to the 2010 NFL season. Can the Saints repeat in 2010? Will Tom Brady lead his Patriots back into the playoffs or possibly the Super Bowl? Are the Jets for real? Find out in the 2010 NFL football preview. We break down each team to make sure you, the fan, have all of the info you need heading into the 2010 NFL season. Also, be sure to check out the 2010 College Football Preview from our partners at!

2010 Baltimore Ravens Football Preview Head Coach: John Harbaugh 2009 Record: 9-7 (2nd place in AFC North) Playoffs: Wild Card Playoffs defeated New England Patriots (33-14), divisional game lost to Indianapolis Colts (20-3) Pro Bowlers: Ray Rice (RB), LeRon McClain (FB), Haloti Ngata (DL), Ray Lewis (LB), Ed Reed (S) AP All-Pros: Ray Lewis (1st team), Ray Rice (2nd team), Le’Ron McClain (2nd team), Haloti Ngata (2nd team), Ed Reed (2nd team) 2010 Preview: The key for the Ravens in 2010 is to find more offense and in a huge move they brought over Anquan Boldin putting a big play receiver opposite of Derrick Mason. The future is really looking bright for this Ravens team, with Ray Rice running the ball and catching passes out of the back field and Joe Flacco tossing the ball around the field the Ravens are definite contenders in the AFC. In the draft the Ravens obviously focused on getting the defense younger by drafting Sergio Kindle from Texas and he should improve the speed on the defense. I really believe that the Ravens will be on top of the AFC North this year as they were the ones to make the most of the offseason, it will pay off this season. Is it enough to get them to the top of the AFC, only time will tell but it sure is getting them closer. 2010 Prediction: Baltimore Ravens: 11-5 (1st place in AFC North) playoffs

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2010 Buffalo Bills Football Preview Head Coach: Chan Gailey 2009 Record: 6-10 (4th place in the AFC East) did not make the playoffs Pro Bowlers: Jairus Byrd 2010 Preview: This season looks to be no different than that of the 2009 season for the Bills, gone are weapons like Terrell Owens and Josh Reed and they still have not solved the riddle that is the quarterback position. This preseason they will have an open competition for the starting job with Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Brohm none of which have a tremendous wealth of NFL experience. The Bills did draft the highly touted running back out of Clemson C.J.Spiller, to not only have a solid set of young legs in the back field but to also be the return specialist that he was in college. The hiring of Chan Gailey as head coach left many scratching their heads and at the end of this season many still could be scratching their heads, it doesn’t seem as though the Bills improved and those results may show on the field.

2010 prediction: Buffalo Bills: 4-12 (4th place in the AFC East)

2010 Cincinnati Bengals Football Preview Head Coach: Marvin Lewis 2009 Record: 10-6 (1st place AFC North) Playoffs: Wild Card Playoff Game lost to New York Jets (24-14) Pro Bowlers: Chad Ochocinco (WR) AP All-Pros: Leon Hall (2nd team) 2010 Preview: With the past behind them the Bengals are looking to improve on the 10 wins from 2009. The Bengals really looked to work on the offensive side of the ball adding veterans Antonio Bryant and Matt Jones at wide receiver and picking tight end Jermaine Gresham in the draft. On the defensive side they added Gibril Wilson from Miami and added the always controversial Pacman Jones to roam the secondary, with this move only time will tell is the Bengals made the right decision. There has been talk that the Bengals may be after the veteran wide receiver Terrell Owens this would work nicely for adding a big play wide out on the other side of Ochocinco but the move is yet to take place. The key is to see if Antonio Bryant can be that receiver if the move for T.O. doesn’t happen. The Bengals have a great chance of making the playoffs once again but if they don’t get there don’t be surprise if Marvin Lewis isn’t on the hot seat (again). 2010 Prediction: Cincinnati Bengals: 9-7 (2nd place in AFC North)

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2010 Cleveland Browns Football Preview Head Coach: Eric Mangini 2009 Record: 5-11 (4th place in AFC North) Pro Bowlers: Joshua Cribbs (KR), Joe Thomas (OL) AP All-Pros: Joshua Cribbs (1st team), Joe Thomas (1st team) 2010 Preview: The rebuilding has begun in Cleveland and it started when Mike Holmgren was introduced as the new team president and also the new general manager Tom Heckert was put in place. Eric Mangini’s job is safe and he will return for the 2010 season (for now) and out with the old, Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson are gone and in are Jake Delhomme from Carolina and Seneca Wallace from Seattle and they drafted gritty Texas quarterback Colt McCoy (in my opinion you could end up with another QB controversy if you are not careful). It is quite possible that Cleveland had the most turnover in the NFL, but they definitely did get better on the defensive side of the ball, the jury is still out on the offense. Jake Delhomme, if the starter, must improve on last seasons performance (which got him removed from Carolina), fact is the Browns must get better at wide receiver and they must have steady production from the running back position. I think Cleveland will improve on wins but they will need more pieces to make a serious run. 2010 Prediction: Cleveland Browns: 8-8 (3rd place in AFC North)

2010 Denver Broncos Football Preview Head Coach: Josh McDaniels 2009 Record: 8-8 (2nd place in AFC West) Pro Bowlers: Brandon Marshall (WR), Ryan Clady (OL), Elvis Dumervil (LB), Champ Bailey (CB), Brian Dawkins (SS) AP All-Pros: Ryan Clady (1st team), Elvis Dumervil (1st team), Brian Dawkins (2nd team) 2010 Preview: The key issue for the Broncos, and for any team, is to get rid of those who do not want to be a part of the team because if you don’t it could begin to affect the team. So the Broncos shipped off Brandon Marshall to Miami and are ready to take the AFC West division once again. The defense is ready to improve on last year’s performance and defensive end Elvis Dumervil looks to cause opposing offenses all kinds of problems. The Broncos in order to be successful in ’10 they must have solid quarterback play from the starter (who ever it may be) on the roster they have Kyle Orton who started many games for them last season, Brady Quinn who was with Cleveland last season and they drafted Tim Tebow from the University of Florida in the first round (which was a shock to many). Can the Broncos win now that is the question everyone is asking as for me I think they can, not because of the offense (don’t get me wrong Knowshon Moreno is a very good back put the passing attack must get better) but because of the talent and experience they have on defense. 2010 Prediction: Denver Broncos: 10-6 (2nd place in AFC West) playoffs 64 August 2010 SPLIFF

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2010 Houston Texans Football Preview Head Coach: Gary Kubiak 2009 Record: 9-7 (2nd place in AFC South) Pro Bowlers: Matt Schaub (QB), Andre Johnson (WR), Mario Williams (DE), DeMeco Ryans (LB), Brian Cushing (LB) AP All-Pros: Andre Johnson (1st team), Brian Cushing (2 nd team) 2010 Preview: In 2010 the Texans are looking to build on the progress they made in 2009 which was the teams first winning season in franchise history. The Texans narrowly missed the playoffs in ’09 but in this season they don’t want to just slide in they want to make a statement. With Matt Schaub at the quarterback position the Texans are looking to be successful for many seasons to come and if Andre Johnson stays healthy it is scary what they could do on offense. The big question is in the rushing game can they find a solid running attack to go with the scary passing game? If they can they will be a contender during this season. On the defensive side of the ball is where they want to get better in the draft they picked up Kareem Jackson a cornerback out of the University of Alabama to help patrol the secondary. The Texans may have been the best team not to have made the playoffs; I look for that to change this year. 2010 Prediction: Houston Texans: 10-6 (2nd place in AFC South division) playoffs

2010 Indianapolis Colts Football Preview Head Coach: Jim Caldwell 2009 Record: 14-2 (1st place AFC South) Playoffs: Divisional Playoff defeated Baltimore Ravens (20-3), Conference Championship defeated New York Jets (30-17), and Super Bowl XLIV lost New Orleans Saints (31-17) Pro Bowlers: Peyton Manning (QB), Reggie Wayne (WR), Dallas Clark (TE), Jeff Saturday (C), Dwight Freeney (DE), Robert Mathis (DE), Antoine Bethea (S) AP All-Pros: Peyton Manning (1st team), Dallas Clark (1st team), Dwight Freeney (1st team), Reggie Wayne (2nd team) Peyton Manning: AP NFL Most Valuable Player

66 August 2010 SPLIFF

2010 Preview: For Indianapolis it is business as usual, the Colts will attempt to win 12 or more games or the eighth consecutive season and win the AFC South division title for the seventh time in eight seasons. The Colts are looking to improve on last season’s success, with the emergence of Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie at the wide receiver position and with veterans Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne remaining consistent the sky is the limit for the Colts. Peyton Manning continues to amaze everyone as teams knew what the Colts were going to do but could do nothing to stop it, now imagine if he has an average running game who knows what could happen. In order for the Colts to become Super Bowl champions they must remain healthy and improve on their rushing game. 2010 Prediction: Indianapolis Colts: 13-3 (1st place in AFC South) playoffs

2010 Jacksonville Jaguars Football Preview Head Coach: Jack Del Rio 2009 Record: 7-9 (4th place in AFC South) Pro Bowlers: Maurice Jones-Drew (RB), David Garrard (QB) 2010 Preview: The Jags are looking to improve on the 7-9 record from last season, but when you don’t make many moves chances are you will stay the same. Once again they will ask David Garrard and Maurice Jones-Drew to carry the load and once again they will come up short. It’s not that these players are not able (fact is they are both superstars in my mind) it is just that you need others around them to help; you can’t rely on the same players every week. Mike Sims-Walker will be called upon to do more and we will see if he is up to the challenge. Really the Jags during the offseason focused on the defensive side of the ball signing a couple of veteran linebackers (Freddy Keiaho and Kirk Morrison) the big move was bringing in defensive end Aaron Kampman from the Packers, we will see how well this move works out. Jacksonville must get better offensively in a division where offense is key the Jags are limited and that will mean another year at the bottom looking up. 2010 Prediction: Jacksonville Jaguars: 7-9 (4th place in the AFC South)

2010 Kansas City Chiefs Football Preview Head Coach: Todd Haley 2009 Record: 4-12 (4 th place in AFC West) 2010 Preview: The Chiefs are looking to get better but did they make enough moves in the offseason? Bringing in Thomas Jones for the two headed attack rushing the ball will pay dividends down the road. The Chiefs will bring back the hardcore smash mouth running game with Jones and Charles and it should be interesting to watch. In the draft to bring in hard hitting safety Eric Berry from the University of Tennessee is a key move to help improve the struggling secondary, he puts me in mind of Bob Sanders, he can play the pass really well but is also a great run stopper. Unfortunately for the Chiefs I don’t think many of the off season moves will pan out to wins for them in 2010. I think it will be on down the line before they reap the benefits. Matt Cassell must be consistent and they must have balance on offense if they can do that they may surprise some teams around the league. 2010 Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs: 6-10 (4th place in AFC West) SPLIFF August 2010 67

2010 Miami Dolphins Football Preview Head Coach: Tony Sparano 2009 Record: 7-9 (3rd place in AFC East) Pro Bowlers: Yeremiah Bell (CB), Dan Carpenter (K), Jake Long (OL) AP All Pros: Jake Long (2nd team) 010 Preview: The new look Dolphins are ready to make a splash, releasing Joey Porter, Gibril Wilson, Reggie Torbor, and Akin Ayodele and signing Karlos Dansby an outstanding linebacker from the Arizona Cardinals and bringing over Brandon Marshall the do it all receiver from the Denver Broncos. The key for Miami is having the consistency at the quarterback position, so they brought in Chad Pennington the former Dolphin quarterback for this season and I am sure there will be a competition during the preseason for the starting job. So with Marshall in as the #1 wide receiver the Dolphins sent Ted Ginn Jr. packing to the 49ers for a 5th round draft pick, he was electrifying on kick offs but not on much else. So the new look Dolphins are hoping that the additions will help get them over the hump, but I think they will need to bring in a little more help, especially at the starting QB position. Great moves in the off season don’t always mean success on the field and this will be the case with the Dolphins this season.

2010 Prediction: Miami Dolphins: 8-8 (3rd place in AFC East)

2010 New England Patriots Football Preview Head Coach: Bill Belichick 2009 Record: 10-6 (1st place in AFC East) Playoffs: Lost in Wild Card Playoff Game to Baltimore Ravens (33-14) Pro Bowlers: Tom Brady (QB), Logan Mankins (G), Brandon Merriweather (SS), Randy Moss (WR), Wes Welker (WR), Vince Wilfork (DT) AP All-Pros: Wes Welker (1st team), Logan Mankins (2nd team), Vince Wilfork (2nd team) 2010 Preview: It is always difficult for a team that has been on top to have to rebuild again but it looks to me that is where the Patriots are heading. Tom Brady is not happy with his contract and the offensive line is becoming older, they have veteran wide receivers Wes Welker (coming off a knee injury) and Randy Moss both of which are not getting any younger. The Patriots still have a good team and they still know how to win but it is harder when your body can’t do the things it use to and nothing could be more evident than in this 2010 season. The thing with a veteran ball club is that when they know how to win they know many different ways how to make that happen and I think that as always the Patriots will find a way to win.

2010 Prediction: New England Patriots: 10-6 (2nd in the AFC East) making the playoffs as Wildcard

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SPLIFF August 2010 69

2010 New York Jets Football Preview Head Coach: Rex Ryan 2009 Record: 9-7 (2nd place in AFC East) Playoffs: Wild Card defeated Cincinnati Bengals (24-14); Divisional Playoffs defeated San Diego Chargers (17-14), Conference Championship lost to Indianapolis Colts (30-17) Pro Bowlers: Darrelle Revis (CB), Nick Mangold (OL), Shaun Ellis (DL), D’Brickashaw Ferguson (OL), and Alan Faneca (OL) AP All-Pros: Nick Mangold (1st team), Darrelle Revis (1st team), and David Harris (2nd team) 2010 Preview: Off with the old and on to the new, the Jets made an incredible playoff run with the personnel they had and now they have added Antonio Cromartie and traded Kerry Rhodes they also added Ladainian Tomlinson and released Thomas Jones (to be honest this one has me scratching my head) Thomas Jones was one of the most productive backs in the NFL last season but this move is strictly to promote Shonn Greene to the starting position, L.T. will be the 3rd down and situational back. The Jets with the off season moves have pushed themselves to the top of their division if they can keep the egos in check. As we all know when you have a team full of stars it can be hard work giving each one their praise. I think that if it is possible and if anyone can do it Rex Ryan will make it happen.

2010 prediction: New York Jets: 12-4 (1st place in AFC East) playoffs

2010 Oakland Raiders Football Preview Head Coach: Tom Cable 2009 Record: 5-11 (3 rd place in AFC West) Pro Bowlers: Nnamdi Asomgha (CB), Shane Lechler (P) AP All-Pros: Nnamdi Asomugha (2nd team), Shane Lechler (1st team) 2010 Preview: The Raiders will try to improve on the 5-11 record from 2009, and I believe the pick up of veteran quarterback Jason Campbell can be the key. Like him or not Jason Campbell has proven himself to be a solid quarterback in the NFL, fact is if you give him time he can make things happen for you. With Darren McFadden running the ball the Raiders could have a pretty good backfield tandem, but they must utilize the young talent they have at wide receiver and Zach Miller must be the big target in the middle. On defense of course they have Richard Seymour to anchor the defense but in the draft they had a smart pick in draft a linebacker from Alabama Rolando McClain, he is a solid LB that can not only defend over the middle but can be a key in stopping the run. The Raiders have a lot of young talent but I do not think they are quite ready to make the next step give them a couple of years, with some key signings and key draft picks they can make waves.

2010 Prediction: Oakland Raiders: 7-9 (3rd place in AFC West) 70 August 2010 SPLIFF

2010 Pittsburgh Steelers Football Preview Head Coach: Mike Tomlin 2009 Record: 9-7 (3rd place in AFC North) Pro Bowlers: Casey Hampton (DL), James Harrison (LB), Heath Miller (TE), Lamar Woodley (LB) AP All-Pros: Lamar Woodley (2nd team), James Harrison (2nd team) 2010 Preview: First and foremost the discussion is definitely about who will fill in for Ben Roethlisberger as starting quarterback while he serves his 6 game suspension (chances are he will only serve 4 games) the team acquired Byron Leftwich and they have Dennis Dixon but it is anyone’s guess as to who will take the reigns. The key will be to stay afloat, we all know this is Big Ben’s team (at least for this season) so if Pittsburgh can maintain until he returns they may have a shot at the playoffs. They made a couple of big moves in this off season sending Santonio Holmes to the Jets and choosing not to re-sign Willie Parker but the did add Antwaan Randle-El to give a threat at receiver to help Hines Ward. In my opinion the Steelers are in trouble, from Big Ben to Mike Tomlin if the Steelers do not make the playoffs this season head’s may roll because when you are used to winning, losing doesn’t work especially in a place like Pittsburgh. I believe that the suspension will be just too much to overcome and I don’t think the Steelers will be the team of dominance that they have been in the past, but time will tell. 2010 Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers: 7-9 (4th place in AFC North)

2010 San Diego Chargers Football Preview Head Coach: Norv Turner 2009 Record: 13-3 (1st place in AFC West) Playoffs: Divisional Playoff lost to New York Jets (17-14) Pro Bowlers: Vincent Jackson (WR), Antonio Gates (TE), Kris Dielman (OL), Kassim Osgood (ST) AP All-Pros: Nate Kaeding (1st team), Antonio Gates (2nd team), Kris Dielman (2nd team) 2010 Preview: For the Chargers another playoff run will not be sufficient only a championship will do in San Diego. The Chargers on offense have all the pieces they need for a title run, sending L.T. to the Jets now frees up Darren Sproles to be the starter (at least for the time) and drafting running back Ryan Matthews will pay huge dividends for them to have the two back attack. Vincent Jackson is looking to improve on last season’s success but he will have to overcome an early suspension and Phillip Rivers is looking to build off of last season and do more at the quarterback position. The focus is still defensively, do the Chargers have what it takes to get over the hump, I don’t think so, they are a playoff team but that is as far as it goes for me. They are good enough to win the division but not good enough to win the championship.

2010 Prediction: San Diego Chargers: 11-5 (1st place in AFC West) playoffs SPLIFF August 2010 71

2010 Tennessee Titans Football Preview Head Coach: Jeff Fisher 2009 Record: 8-8 Pro Bowlers: Vince Young (QB), Chris Johnson (RB), Kevin Mawae (OL), Kyle Vanden Bosch (DE) AP All-Pros: Chris Johnson (1st team), Michael Roos (2nd team) 2010 Preview: The Titans are a solid rushing team very evident with Chris Johnson and Vince Young in the back field but they must find ways to be better in the passing attack. Young can throw the ball and if they are looking for him to be the bonafide NFL quarterback they must give him targets to be successful. With the loss of Kyle Vanden Bosch on the defensive side they are hoping that drafting Derrick Morgan, defensive end out of Georgia Tech, will fill the void left. Are the Titans playoff contenders? Not with the offense as is right now, if all they are relying on is Johnson to run the ball defenses will stack 8 in the box and it will be difficult for him to have the success he had last season. Can the Titans be successful this season, with Jeff Fisher as coach I believe so he really knows how to win and bring a team together but I don’t know if they can make it happen this season?

2010 Prediction: Tennessee Titans: 9-7 (3rd place in AFC South)

2010 Arizona Cardinals Football Preview Head Coach: Ken Whisenhunt 2009 Record: 10-6 (1st place in NFC West) Playoffs: Wild Card defeated Green Bay Packers (51-45 in OT), Divisional Playoff lost to New Orleans Saints (45-14) Pro Bowlers: Darnell Dockett (DL), Antrel Rolle (FS), Adrian Wilson (SS), Larry Fitzgerald (WR), Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (CB) AP All-Pros: Adrian Wilson (1st team), Larry Fitzgerald (2nd team), Darnell Dockett (2nd team) 2010 Review: It is always hard to say goodbye to someone who has been so good to you but that is what the Cardinals had to do this offseason, saying goodbye to long time quarterback Kurt Warner. Kurt was a major reason for the resurgence of the Arizona Cardinals and he will be missed, and it will really be evident this season. I believe the Cardinals have a good team but with Anquan Boldin going to Baltimore, Karlos Dansby going to Miami, Antrel Rolle going to the Giants and Matt Leinhart taking over as starting quarterback, Arizona may catch a few bumps and bruises along the way in this season. The Cardinals have good solid veterans and a good cast of young players, I believe they can win this year but I don’t think it will be as in years past.

2010 Prediction: Arizona Cardinals: 9-7 (2nd place in NFC West)

72 August 2010 SPLIFF

SPLIFF August 2010 73

2010 Atlanta Falcons Football Preview Head Coach: Mike Smith 2009 Record: 9-7 (2nd place in NFC South) Pro Bowlers: Roddy White (WR) 2010 Preview: The focus for the Falcons in the offseason was to get better on defense, bringing over cornerback Dunta Robinson from the Texans was key to help man the weak secondary. Also in the draft hitting it big with linebacker Sean Weatherspoon who was a tackling machine at the University of Missouri will be a good solid presence for those teams who want to run against Atlanta. The offense in Atlanta if healthy may be one of the best balanced attacks in the league today. With the running of Michael Turner, the passing of Matt Ryan and the receiving of Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez the Falcons definitely have a chance to do big things in 2010.

2010 Prediction: Atlanta Falcons: 11-5 (2nd place in NFC South) playoffs

2010 Carolina Panthers Football Preview Head Coach: John Fox 2009 Record: 8-8 (3rd place in NFC South) Pro Bowlers: Julius Peppers (DE), DeAngelo Williams (RB), Ryan Kalil (OL), Jon Beason (LB) AP All-Pros: Jon Beason (2nd team), Julius Peppers (DE) 2010 Preview: Out with the old, gone is Jake Delhomme and his shaky play from a year ago and in is the young gun Matt Moore (in all honesty the Panthers are relying heavily on this kid). With the same steady rushing attack the Panthers are looking to improve on the 8-8 record from last season but they must develop the solid passing attack. Steve Smith is still in Carolina but they must have a solid no. 2 receiver, gone is Mushin Muhammed so who will fill the void to take the pressure off of Smith? If they have no one to step up it could be a long season for Matt Moore. As I have said if teams know you will run the ball they will stack the line and come after you, if there is no passing game there will be no rushing game. This is a make or break year for John Fox, if his team wins they will love him if they lose they will be calling for his job, unfortunately it could be more of the same in Carolina. Not to mention with Peppers gone to Chicago it could be hard times for the Panthers on the defensive side of the ball.

2010 Prediction: Carolina Panthers: 9-7 (3rd place in NFC South)

74 August 2010 SPLIFF

2010 Chicago Bears Football Preview Head Coach: Lovie Smith 2009 Record: 7-9 (3rd place in NFC North) Pro Bowlers: Lance Briggs (LB), Johnny Knox (KR) AP All-Pros: Lance Briggs (2nd team) 2010 Preview: The Bears made huge waves early on in the free agency market, mainly because they understood that there was no way they could continue with the team from last season. So to help with the offensive production they brought in Chester Taylor from the Vikings and Brandon Manumaleuna from the Chargers to provide a spark on offense. Unfortunately there still was nothing done about the wide receiver issue, maybe they are relying on Devin Hester to become that receiver they are hoping for (good luck). On defense they bring in the biggest free agent on the defensive side of the ball in Julius Peppers to give them that solid pass rusher to go along with the stout linebackers Briggs and Urlacher. I think the Bears will be better than last season but not much better. They must address the issue at receiver and even though they revamped the coaching staff, coaches don’t play, players do and that is what they need on the field.

2010 Prediction: Chicago Bears: 8-8 (3rd place in NFC North)

2010 Dallas Cowboys Football Preview Head Coach: Wade Phillips 2009 Record: 11-5 (1st place in NFC East) Playoffs: Wild Card Playoffs defeated Philadelphia Eagles (34-14), divisional playoff game lost to Minnesota Vikings (34-3) Pro Bowlers: Jay Ratliff (DL), DeMarcus Ware (DE), Jason Witten (TE), Tony Romo (QB), Miles Austin (WR), Leonard Davis (OL), Terrance Newman (CB), Mike Jenkins (CB) AP All-Pros: Jay Ratliff (1st team), DeMarcus Ware (1st team), Andre Gurode (2nd team), Jason Witten (2nd team) 2010 Preview: This season the Cowboys are looking to defend their NFC East division title but the competition has gotten a lot better and whole lot tougher. Dallas was not very active in the free agent market but did make some key moves drafting Dez Bryant the talented wide receiver from Oklahoma State to play opposite of Miles Austin. Some key losses for the Cowboys we Flozell Adams, Bobby Carpenter and the loss of Ken Hamlin but just as every Dallas team there is always someone to take the place of those who are gone. Dallas and the high powered offense are looking to improve on the production, while the defense is looking to fill in the holes from last season. With the beast DeMarcus Ware anchoring the defense Dallas will have to add some key pieces to the puzzle to be the complete defensive team. For Dallas the defense is the only hole I see if they improve there they could become title contenders once again.

2010 prediction: Dallas Cowboys: 12-4 (1st place in NFC East) playoffs SPLIFF August 2010 75

2010 Detroit Lions Football Preview Head Coach: Jim Schwartz 2009 Record: 2-14 (4 th place in NFC North) 2010 Preview: The Lions have always had difficulty finding pieces to fulfill that winning team, now don’t get me wrong they have had very good players but they have not had the consistency they need on both sides of the ball. If you can remember the days of Barry Sanders it was as though he had no help (and basically he didn’t) is Matthew Stafford in the same boat? No the bright spots for the Lions come in the form of Calvin Johnson, Kevin Smith and newly acquired Jahvid Best but in order for these guys to be what the Lions are expecting they have to get solid play from the offensive line. The keys on defense for the Lions are the drafting of Ndamukong Suh the massive defensive lineman from Nebraska and the signing of Kyle Vanden Bosch to give them a bonafide pass rusher, there is no doubt the defense will be better but how much better. I believe the Lions will be better but there will still be disappointment in Detroit and Jim Schwartz may not have a job at the end of this season. 2010 Prediction: Detroit Lions: 6-10 (4th place in NFC North)

76 August 2010 SPLIFF

2010 Green Bay Packers Football Preview Head Coach: Mike McCarthy 2009 Record: 11-5 (2nd place in NFC North) Playoffs: Wild Card Playoff game lost to Arizona Cardinals (51-45 in OT) Pro Bowlers: Aaron Rodgers (QB), Charles Woodson (CB), Nick Collins (LB), Clay Mathews (LB) AP All-Pros: Charles Woodson (1st team), Nick Collins (2nd team) 2010 Preview: If the Packers were in any other the division they may be the favorites but because they are in the division with Minnesota, this could be one of the toughest divisions in all of the NFL. The Packers must maintain the high intensity defense that they had shown last season in order to get back to the playoffs. Mathews and Woodson must have huge years again and Nick Collins must anchor that defense. Aaron Rodgers will be asked to have another mega season but he must have help, Greg Jennings must make more big plays and Ryan Grant will be asked to carry the load once again. The Packers have a great shot of making the playoffs once again and if they get there they have possibly the best chance at finding themselves as Super Bowl Champions. 2010 Prediction: Green Bay Packers: 12-4 (1st place in NFC North) playoffs

2010 Minnesota Vikings Football Preview Head Coach: Brad Childress 2009 Record: 12-4 (1st place in NFC North) Playoffs: Divisional Game defeated Dallas Cowboys (34-3), Conference Championship lost to New Orleans Saints (31-28 in OT) Pro Bowlers: Brett Favre (QB), Adrian Peterson (RB), Sidney Rice (WR), Bryant Mckinnie (OL), Steve Hutchinson (OL), Jared Allen (DE), Kevin Williams (DL), Antonie Winfield (CB), Percy Harvin (KR), Heath Farwell (ST) AP All-Pros: Adrian Peterson (1st team), Steve Hutchinson (1st team), Jared Allen (1st team), Kevin Williams (1st team) 2010 Preview: It seems as though every season we are talking about the same thing…is he or isn’t he? Fact is he knows whether or not you can play, and whether or not you want to play to me if you string your team along that can’t be good for them or for you (look at last year in the playoffs). Who is to say that if he would have come in early we aren’t talking about the Vikings being Super Bowl Champions? The fact is it is the same thing as last year a circus, a soap opera and it doesn’t help the team it only hurts. With solid weapons like Harvin, Rice, Peterson, etc… the list goes on and on why would you not want to play in Minnesota? Peterson is still one of the best backs in the NFL and having Favre in at quarterback changes the dynamic of the running game. This season Peterson may be relied upon more since Chester Taylor departed for Chicago, and chances are he will embrace that calling. The Vikings are the best team in the NFC North if they have solid quarterback play and that is something I guess we will just wait (like the rest of the team) to find out if he will return. 2010 Prediction: Minnesota Vikings: 11-5 ( 2nd place in NFC North) SPLIFF August 2010 77

2010 New Orleans Saints Football Preview Head Coach: Sean Payton 2009 Record: 13-3 (1st place in NFC South) Playoffs: Divisional Playoff defeated Arizona Cardinals (45-14), Conference Championship defeated Minnesota Vikings (31-28 in OT), and Super Bowl XLIV defeated Indianapolis Colts (31-17) Pro Bowlers: Drew Brees (QB), Jahri Evans (OL), Jonathan Goodwin (C), Roman Harper (SS), Darren Sharper (FS), Jon Stinchcomb (OL), Jonathan Vilma (LB) AP All-Pros: Jahri Evans (1st team), Darren Sharper (1st team), Drew Brees (2nd team) 2010 Preview: This season the Saints are looking to repeat as Super Bowl champions which is never an easy task. They have Drew Brees back running the show at quarterback and receivers Henderson and Colston making big plays down the field and running back Pierre Thomas keeping the running game steady. I think the Saints have a lot of tools to repeat, but the pressure to repeat could be too much. The defense must have the same intensity and passion they showed last season which is hard to duplicate. The Saints will have a great run but I think they come up short for a repeat. 2010 Prediction: New Orleans Saints: 11-5 (1st place in NFC South) playoffs

2010 New York Giants Football Preview Head Coach: Tom Coughlin 2009 Record: 8-8 (3rd place in NFC East) Pro Bowlers: Shaun O’Hara (OL), Steve Smith (WR), Chris Snee (OL), David Diehl (OL) AP All-Pros: Chris Snee (2nd team) 2010 Preview: New York is definitely looking to improve on the 8-8 record from last season, but in order to do so they must make moves in free agency. With the retirement of linebacker Antonio Pierce and the departure of Kevin Dockery and others on defense the key for them this off season was what else DEFENSE. The key moves for the Giants were bringing in free safety Antrel Rolle and safety Deon Grant to try and sure up that lacking secondary. In the draft they picked up a big pass rushing defensive end in South Florida’s Jason Pierre-Paul which can only make the pass rush stronger. Obviously the Giants are confident in Eli Manning (you can tell that by the contract he signed) so if the team is confident in you, your play must reflect that, so can Eli make it happen? With the receivers coming into their own and a strong running game, Eli must step up his game for the Giants to get back to the promise land. 2010 Prediction: New York Giants: 9-7 (3rd place in NFC East) 78 August 2010 SPLIFF

SPLIFF August 2010 79

2010 Philadelphia Eagles Football Preview Head Coach: Andy Reid 2009 Record: 11-5 (2nd place in NFC East) Playoffs: Wild Card game lost to Dallas Cowboys (34-14) Pro Bowlers: DeSean Jackson (WR), Leonard Weaver (FB), Jason Peters (OL), Trent Cole (DE), Asante Samuel (CB), David Akers (K), Donovan McNabb (QB), Quintin Mikell (S) AP All Pros: David Akers (1st team), Leonard Weaver (1st team), Trent Cole (2nd team), Asante Samuel (2nd team), DeSean Jackson (2nd team) 2010 Preview: The biggest issue for the Eagles going into the new season is where will solid quarterback play come from in Philadelphia? With the departure, excuse me, with the force out of Donovan McNabb the Eagles seem to think they got what they wished for, that remains to be seen. Fact is Donovan is out and Kevin Kolb is in, true he had a couple of good games but does that mean it could turn into a good season? The Eagles have all the keys to be a contender from wide receivers to running backs to tight ends they have it all but can the quarterback lead this team? With other off the field issues with Michael Vick, the Eagles say they believe in Kolb and his ability let’s put that to the test after the 8th game of the season. Remember Donovan is gone, the heart and soul of this offense and the key leader is now with another team someone has to step up, who will it be? If no one is willing it could be a long season for the Eagles and their fans, but I think someone will but that remains to be seen. The key arrivals for the Eagles on the defensive side of the ball Ernie Sims at outside linebacker and Marlin Jackson at free safety are hoping to help sure up that struggling defense. 2010 Prediction: Philadelphia Eagles: 10-6 (2nd place in NFC East) playoffs

2010 St. Louis Rams Football Preview Head Coach: Steve Spagnuolo 2009 Record: 1-15 (4th place in NFC West) Pro Bowlers: Steven Jackson (RB) AP All-Pros: Steven Jackson (2nd team), Donnie Jones (2nd team) 2010 Preview: The Rams knew coming into the draft that the key would be to find a quarterback, one that could be the face of the franchise for years to come, but did they get that in Sam Bradford? There are many questions about Bradford and his durability and he will have to answer those on the field. The key for the Rams is to put pieces around Bradford and Jackson to one establish the solid running game and then second form some kind of passing game to take the pressure off of Jackson. Do the Rams stand a chance this season? Not in my mind they are a young team that seems to be in the rebuilding process (a slow rebuilding process) until they get some urgency about them they will find themselves at the bottom of the NFC West.

2010 Prediction: St. Louis Rams: 4-12 (4th place in NFC West)

80 August 2010 SPLIFF

2010 San Francisco 49ers Football Preview Head Coach: Mike Singletary 2009 Record: 8-8 (2nd place in NFC West) Pro Bowlers: Vernon Davis (TE), Frank Gore (RB), Justin Smith (DL), Andy Lee (P), Patrick Willis (LB) AP All-Pros: Patrick Willis (1st team), Andy Lee (2nd team) 2010 Preview: You must understand that the 49ers didn’t really get it together until half way through the season. Think about it Alex Smith was benched for 5 games, Crabtree held out for the first four games and this team still came back and finished 8-8 in their division. Smith threw for over 2,000 yards and they expect more of that as he is starter going into this season. Crabtree had over 40 receptions and they expect a whole lot more from him, Vernon Davis had a pro bowl type season and Frank Gore does what he always does rush for over 1100 yards and 13 touchdowns. Can the 49ers remain healthy? With the additions on the team will it make them better? I believe that they will be better; I think that with the team coming in ready to play they will be on top of their division and they will be a hard team to handle come playoff time. 2010 Prediction: San Francisco 49ers: 10-6 (1st place in NFC West) playoffs

2010 Seattle Seahawks Football Preview Head Coach: Pete Carroll 2009 Record: 5-11 (3rd place in NFC West) 2010 Preview: It is time to usher in a new era in Seahawks football (a winning one hopefully for the fans sake), Pete Carroll is now the head coach and Seattle is hoping that the success he had in the college ranks will transfer over to the NFL. The Seahawks definitely made waves in the firing of Jim Mora and hiring of Pete Carroll but the desire for the Seahawks is to win now (which should make Carroll worry if he looks back on Mora’s tenure). The Seahawks are looking to improve and they did so in the draft with two first round picks #6 Russell Okung a massive offensive tackle and #14 Earl Thomas a hard hitting safety from Texas. I believe that Seattle will find it difficult to win and win now so if they are willing to be patient the hiring of Pete Carroll could pay off but they must be patient with Carroll and the team.

2010 Prediction: Seattle Seahawks: 6-10 (3rd place in NFC West)

SPLIFF August 2010 81

2010 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Football Preview Head Coach: Raheem Morris 2010 Record: 3-13 2010 Preview: Sometimes the rich get rich and the poor get poorer and in Tampa’s case it could be more of the latter, Josh Freeman can be a solid quarterback for Tampa but in only his second season it will be a struggle. The key for Tampa Bay’s offense is to put seasoned veterans around Freeman, allow him to make mistakes and allow him to grow as an NFL quarterback, if this is the case chances are it will not be winning time in Tampa and that will not sit well with the fans. With Antonio Bryant gone it will be interesting to see who the prime target is for Freeman (more than likely Kellen Winslow). Back are Williams and Ward at running back to help provide a stable running attack for a sketchy offense. Fact is the Bucs must get strong on the defensive side of the ball and by doing that then it will take the pressure off the young QB. A step in the right direction, drafting defensive tackle Gerald McCoy to help be a run stopper and making other off season moves to bring in a few veterans. I don’t see much cause for celebration in Tampa at least not right now give a few years Tampa, with some key free agent moves and a few good drafts, Tampa could return to glory days.

2010 Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 5-11 (4th place in NFC South)

2010 Washington Redskins Football Preview Head Coach: Mike Shanahan 2009 Record: 4-12 (4th place in NFC East) 2010 Preview: Forgetting what is behind and pressing toward what is ahead, that should be the motto for these Washington Redskins. I guess you could say that it is the new look Redskins, and let’s start at the quarterback position gone is Jason Campbell and in is Donovan McNabb. McNabb is a proven winner and he knows how to lead a team something that Washington desperately needed. More than that the ‘skins brought in Larry Johnson and Willie Parker at running back, they boosted their offensive line with the drafting of massive offensive lineman Trent Williams and signing offensive tackles Artis Hicks and Jamaal Brown to make sure McNabb is protected. The Redskins are looking to rebuild and they are making serious moves to see it happen now. For me I believe that even though they have made these moves they will still struggle in the division, remember it never bodes well to trade or have former players in your own division (ask Green Bay), and I think the Redskins will definitely be ready to play against the Eagles but what about the others that they will play? It is important that Donovan have someone to throw to, someone who can make the big play does Washington have that only time will tell. I think Washington will be better, I mean they made themselves better just getting McNabb he is good for at least one or two wins but I still think they struggle as they rebuild but look out down the road.

2010 prediction: Washington Redskins: 7-9 (4th place in NFC East)

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