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The Lengthy, Loadbearing Spec As many as 10 distinct audience spaces, and three control rooms, with over 100 input and even number of output sources of diverse size and scale, across four floors- all are laid on a backbone (twisted pair) cable network of single brand KRAMER. The AV gear major also took honours for entire wireless collaboration, switchers, transmitters, receivers, extenders, and scalers. That’s a commendable loadbearing.

For Vibhor Khanna, Country Manager of Bose Professional India, ‘It’s a matter of great pride to be associated with the ICAR-NASC project.’ According to him, a closely coordinated teamwork from both Bose technical design team, and AVST has produced absolutely stunning model of integration. “I believe the ICAR auditorium at the NASC is a shining example of a truly adept and efficient performance space,” Vibhor commends. “It is a matter of great pride for everyone involved with the project, that the eventual result is nothing less than spectacular sound.” While the sound department came up with a sound performance, vision department too shone in brilliance. The display component is characterized in the Front Audi by an 8m X 5m Christie video wall (mentioned earlier) while the same in both RHS and LHS is tasked to 240-inch Draper motorized front projection screens that can be rolled up into ceiling on combined events, and rolled down on individual events. These screens can be brought down by 12 feet, in keeping with the sight lines from the seating areas of the auditoria. The projection component here is taken by one each of Christie 18,000 lumens D20-WU-HS DLP projectors for RHS and LHS.

Training Halls & Conference Halls Compared to the complexity of the three auditoriums, the training and conference halls – though running into multiple numbers – do not seem to be as challenging. The audio capture is tasked to beyerdynamic boundary microphones, and sound reinforcement is handled by Bose, while the display tasks are taken by Samsung displays.

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One of the Conferencing Halls, fitted with audio, video conferencing, display monitors, boundary mircophnes and ceiling speakers...

Redundancy: An important part of the design philosophy at the ICARNASC Convention Centre is the redundancy element. “With a view to seamlessly getting the systems into action in an unlikely event of a failure of a node, we deployed 32 x 32 Kramer Modular Matrix Switchers in a redundant fashion,” informs Gopi Ram. “Similarly as many as 10 units of DSPs with Dante extension have been roped in for a failsafe audio distribution across the facility.”

Challenge OR Prestige! “It’s both,” recalls Mradul. “The structural nature of the auditorium, and the design requirements makes it all the more challenging,” he says. “However, addressing such a challenging situation is a matter of prestige, and even privilege.” There were, of course two challenges- one on the field, and the other, off the field. The on-field challenge comprised close coordination with all the teams involved in installation and testing before going to handing over to the client. The challenge posed as big as the edifice. The off-the-field challenge was the client being a PSU, and a defacto technology standard, marrying both had its own set of things, according to the consultant. Using network-based design for signal transportation, control and monitoring was a key factor to identify such necessities. Overall, the ICAR-NASC Convention Centre is a statement of audiovisual science & technology.

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SIA AUG-SEP 2019  

In this issue, our cover story gives an in-depth perspective of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) NASC campus in New Delhi...

SIA AUG-SEP 2019  

In this issue, our cover story gives an in-depth perspective of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) NASC campus in New Delhi...

Profile for spinworkz