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CHAMSYS whips its magic in Singapore

Singapore: CHAMSYS may not be a familiar name to the lighting professionals in this region, but across the sea, CHAMSYS is renowned for its innovativeness and creativity in bringing new standards and developments to the lighting console industry. Determined and eager to bring their ideas and concepts to South East Asia, CHAMSYS appointed SLT Asia as a distributor for their products in this region to reach out to professional lighting designers and programmers. Acoustic & Lighting System, a respected distributor of sound and lighting equipment in the same region, in turn collaborates with SLT Asia to realize CHAMSYS’ objectives and aims.

A seminar was held on 23 April 2012 in TAB SINGAPORE to display two Chamsys models – MQ 200 and MQ 100 + playback wing functionality. The seminar was attended by 30 people within the industry. The seminar was conducted by Sebastien Jurkowski, a respected figure in the lighting industry. In 2008, Jurkowski was invited to South East Asia as a lighting consultant for Zouk Nightclub. Since then, he has remained a constant figure in the local scene. He has been involved in stage and lighting design projects such as @live Group Malaysia, Hennesy Artistry, G Circuit, Zouk Fest 2012 and more. During the seminar, he touched on topics such as the common problems faced by lighting programmers, solutions provided by CHAMSYS products, the functions and technical aspects of the products, past project references and the future outlook for the company. With strong hardware design and unique positioning by utilizing software developers that doubled as lighting designers, CHAMSYS successfully established themselves as a serious industry player within 5 years. CHAMSYS’ mission is to deploy the latest

technology to the lighting console market with the ultimate aim of providing better performance by eliminating the barriers and obstacles associated with traditional consoles. With this event, CHAMSYS aimed to demonstrate the ease-of-use and efficiency of their consoles. Many of the participants commented on the user-friendliness of the consoles. One of the lighting designers at the seminar commented, “If you want my opinion, I think this product is rather user-friendly. This actually carries a lot of weight. In this fast-paced industry, time is of the essence. The easier and more user-friendly a product is, the higher the reliability and effectiveness associated with it. And of course, it can save plenty of time as well!” “Patching of luminaries media rerun is much easier and faster than my existing console. I see a lot of potential in this console. A very power-packed machine indeed,” added another participant.

Soundassist Entertainment purchases Allen & Heath GLD 80 Digital Mixing Console Malaysia: Soundassist Entertainment (SAE), a complete rental house for professional audio, lighting and visual equipment, including stage & truss works and generator sets, has become the first company in Malaysia to purchase the Allen & Heath GLD 80 Digital Mixing Console complete with the AR2412 I/O Rack. SAE was established in 1998 and founded by its director, Klvinz Thevandran. Based in Petaling Jaya, SAE started as a music machine company. They specialise in the rental of equipment for international conferences, exhibitions, annual dinners, product launches and private events.

great advantage to us,” said Klvinz. “The amazing thing about the GLD 80 is that it is a complete compact console,” added Klvinz. “You will be stunned exploring what it can handle. What really makes us happy compared to other brands is the total solution it is designed with, in terms of a designated I/O stage rack configuration and a CAT 5 cable system. That certainly is crucial to us bearing in mind the short timeline given for set-up time. Gone were the days the technical team would have to lay & coil up a 100-metre multicore snake cable.”

(L-R) Mr Idhaykumar (Systems Engineer), Klvinz Thevandran (Director) and Mr Arimalam (Senior Audio Engineer)

console also has great headroom within the faders.”

There were several reasons why SAE decided to invest in the Allen & Heath GLD 80. Firstly, the company felt that it was time to invest in a proper digital console and the Allen & Heath GLD 80 offered the perfect package. Secondly, SAE also wanted to go with an established brand when it came to such an investment.

“The positive thing is that our company’s staff and clients are pleased with the current technology we carry.” Klvinz continued. “It is now, for sure, a 5-star technical requirement in all our events. I have always encouraged my staff to carry out total customer satisfaction, not only in the products that we provide, but also in our service during show production.”

“I would have to say that the console comes in a very attractive design, not forgetting the funky colour it reflects on a purple band. Above all it provides our company with a total audio solution within a reasonable and affordable price. After reading all the information on the product, we could not wait to be the first to own it,” Klvinz concluded.

Thirdly, the current industry requirements for even simple events required a great deal of outboard gears for inserts and so fourth. This was made simple with the GLD 80 package. “You have it all in there, within a touch screen platform and it is truly user-friendly. This is a

Mr. Arimalam, Senior Audio Engineer for Soundassist Entertainment, commented, “The console truly amazes me with its high end preamp that produces high quality audio in terms of clarity and warmness. I have never heard this before from a digital console. The

The console was sold to SAE by A&H’s distributor in Malaysia, Yosim Technology Sdn Bhd.

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