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MA onPC command wing makes its debut at the Easter Show Paul Collison is using the new MA onPC command wing to control the lighting of the Main Arena Spectacular at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show. Designed as the perfect hardware expansion to the grandMA2 onPC software, the MA onPC command wing enables the look and feel of the software to be as close to a real grandMA2 console as possible. “I was really keen to give it a go on this show,” he commented. “It allows you to have hard buttons, knobs and faders to control grandMA2 onPC software which is basically grandMA2 on your computer. Now, rather than trying to put in a ‘large’ console in a control room where there is no space, I’ve got the compact MA onPC command wing.” Wherever it is physically difficult to use a grandMA2 console, the MA onPC command wing, in conjunction with the grandMA2 onPC software, enables the customer to program or playback within the grandMA2 world. Paul used a grandMA2 light to program the show, switching to the MA onPC command wing for replay. “It’s not too dissimilar to using an actual console and I was surprised at how easily I took to it,” he said. “All of the buttons are in the same arrangement as the console

and the six faders are more than enough for a cue to cue show. I also have two touch screens hanging off my computer. Using the MA onPC command wing hasn’t compromised what I have to do at all. In fact, I’m very happy with it.” “The MA onPC command wing is very cool and I think that it will be a fantastic tool for the

touring lighting designer who goes from show to show never quite sure of what console they’re going to get,” Paul added. “It gives you the ability to use what is probably the best lighting control platform that there is in an affordable package. Plus you can take it as hand luggage.”

Clay Paky shines a light on Bahrain’s Path of Pearls Long-term Clay Paky stockist, Eclipse Staging Services, a trusted supplier of audio-visual services in the UAE and GCC, supplied local Bahrain Company, AVL Concepts, with Clay Paky Alpha HPE 1500’s, Beam 1500’s, Wash 1500’s and Profile 1500’s along with a large number of Sharpy fixtures.

Festivities are underway as Manama, capital city of Bahrain, celebrates its appointment as Capital of Arab Culture 2012. As part of the festivities the city produced a spectacular opening ceremony, Path of Pearls, which was packed with magical imagery and effects. The person responsible for the stage and lighting concept was Belgian lighting designer, Luc Peumans, who employed no less than 170 Clay Paky fixtures to light the vast tiered stage, full-sized orchestra, aerialists and dancers.

Darren, general manager for Eclipse, commented, “One of the fields in which Luc Peumans and his company, Painting with Light, excels is in utilizing the latest technologies in the process of designing, while at the same time increasing efficiency and output. This made the Clay Paky Alpha range ideal for this project as they pack a lot of punch for relatively low power draw. In addition, the Clay Paky Sharpy effortlessly cuts into the action to pick out individual performers or to create architectural scenic effects.” Lighting had to be strong and defined to complement the performances and to ensure the performers were not lost to the audience on the immense stage. Peumans used the Clay Paky Alpha range to evoke a variety of moods and environments. These

varied between underwater worlds to storm sequences and sunny seashores. The show’s performers, which included over 100 dancers and aerialists, plus a full-sized orchestra, used all areas of the expansive, three-dimensional multi-level stage, which presented Peumans with quite a challenge. “Luc used a large number of our Alpha 1500 stock, including the Wash, Profile, Beam and HPE models,” explains Darren. “The high build quality and the fact that they’re reliable and robust, even outside in a rainstorm, made them a great choice for this project. The range of effect and projection options along with their high luminosity, sharpness of image, richness of colour and graphic effects are all features that ensured Peumans could successfully deliver his creative vision. From the moment we purchased the Clay Paky Alpha range - and more recently the Sharpys - they have become the preferred choice of fixture for many LDs in the region. Today, they’re used across every professional lighting sector in the region including theatres, television studios, architectural and entertainment environments. We’re delighted with them.”

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