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NEXO plays star role at the Arena of the Stars The 5° Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource in the Geo T4805 is optimized so that multiple GEO loudspeakers coherently radiate tangent wavefronts, allowing these curved vertical arrays to deliver consistent front-to-rear SPL across all coverage areas. The flown Center cluster consists of 4 units of the 8” NEXO GeoT4805 5° array module with 2 units of 8” NEXO GeoT2815 15° array module. They are controlled by NEXO’s NX242-ES4 processor. The flown Left Main and Right Main cluster consists of 10 units of the NEXO GeoT4805 with 2 units of NEXO GeoT2815 that are controlled by NEXO’s NX242-ES4 processor. The Left and Right Side Fills consists of 12 units of the NEXO GeoT4805 with 2 units of NEXO GeoT2815 that are controlled by NEXO’s NX242-ES4 processor whereas the Front Fill consists of the previously existing NEXO PS15s and the CAMCO DX24 power amplifier that were upgraded with NEXO’s NX242-ES4 processor. Resorts World Genting, the Fun City above the Clouds and a popular destination for entertainment, welcomes over 20 million visitors annually. At its entertainment centre, Arena of Stars, the venue with 5300 seats has organized over 1300 concerts since its conception 12 years ago with many international acts and events at the 45000 sq ft amphitheatre. The venue has welcomed top international performers such as Sir Elton John, Sir Cliff Richard, Kenny G, Black Eye Peas, Vienna Boys Choir from Austria, Kitaro, Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Sam Hui and Sammi Cheng.

Rico Yong, sales engineer at Audio Solutions Sdn Bhd said, “To ensure that our solutions met the objectives of the venue’s management, we used NEXO’s NS-1 simulation and configuration tool. This enabled us to configure our speaker systems for optimal performance offering uniform SPL coverage. Arena of Stars is a large venue, the software provided us with the correct configurations to ensure exceptional coverage with minimized sound reflection and even coverage.”

Arena of Stars, being a one-of-a-kind entertainment centre, installed a NEXO Alpha audio system when it was first built. Last July, Genting Malaysia Berhad reappointed NEXO to upgrade its current amphitheatre system to keep itself in line with today’s latest audio technology. With the system upgraded, Arena of Stars hopes to continue to be one of Malaysia’s top entertainment venues that is equipped with a premium audio-visual system as it continues to welcome more internationally acclaimed artistes. The Arena of Stars upgrading project was undertaken by Nexo’s Malaysian distributor, Audio Solutions Sdn Bhd, who supplied and installed the system, while the testing and commissioning of the system was undertaken by Scott Mason & Stuart Kerrison from NexoSA.

Sub-woofers placed at ground level under the main cluster were configured as left and right with 12 units of the NEXO 18” RAYSUB 18PT controlled by a NEXO NX242-ES4 processor. The Ray Subs feature new patented technology by NEXO that provide high sound pressure level output and offers long throw even coverage. All audio signals are managed by an XTA DP 448 system. An existing Midas Heritage 4000 was used for FOH mixing whereas a new Yamaha PM5D was purchased for monitoring that was supported by a NEXO NX-Y16ES 16 channel Ethersound digital interface. The managing and controlling of the Ethersound network was done by an Auvitran AVE-Es monitor system. The team from Audio Solutions completed the project within two months ensuring minimal downtime. The NEXO sound system is recognized internationally for its audio technology.

The upgraded speakers consist mainly of the NEXO Geo Ts. The Geo T4805 were extensively used as they are compact with extremely highoutput. They are also lighter and easier to rig.

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