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GSL showcases new range from Harman, Philips, Tascam

Locally-based audio distribution company GSL Professional displayed new products from Harman’s major brands including JBL, AKG, Soundcraft, BSS, Crown and Lexicon. Prominent among the new products were the JBL VTX V25 line array and AKG DMS70 wireless mic system. GSL’s Sales Manager Glen Kershaw said that he felt positive about the exhibition. According to him, the fears of an economic downturn

have begun to disappear, and PALME proved to be as exciting a platform as ever. The stand welcomed visitors from all over the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain. These are thought to be potential markets and he hoped for a very bright future. GSL also demonstrated their newly added Philips Strand and Selecon lighting range.

GSL Professional’s Sales Manager Glen Kershaw explains about Harman’s new JBL and AKG ranges

Hydrografx strikes a different note of entertainment Striking a different note from among the audio, lighting, LED and laser entertainment companies was digital water screen solutions provider Hydrografx. A local water-based entertainment solutions developer, Hydrografx created amazing patterns of water screens through a computer-aided programming. From company logos to unbelievably unique floral and graphic patterns, Hydrografx created a wide array of designs. “It’s pretty unique and different from the fountains or lasers that are commonly known to people; it adds great value to any entertainment space,” said Romeo Betabdishoo, the chief of Hydrografx. “PALME is among the right platforms for solutions like this,” he said. “Staying in the midst of so many laser and lighting solution providers and still attracting sizeable visitor attention is itself a testimony. We are here simply because this showfloor gets us our target audience.”

Romeo Betabdishoo of Hydrografx shows his digital water screens.

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