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Size Mattered Arguably the most striking feature of PALM EXPO Mumbai 2012 was the huge booths which exhibitors had taken. Modern Stage Services took the largest space on the showfloor, followed by E&E Systems India, Harman India, Narain Audio, Rivera International, Pace Communication and SuninfoNet. Noticeably, E&E Systems and SuninfoNet put up bigger stands this year and displayed a wide array of products. Many other exhibitors brought more products to the show as well.

Modern Stage Service shows the way

Watchout V-5 from Frederick Svahnberg of Dataton

In association with its sister concerns, Audio Design and Visual Design in Delhi and E2 Tech and Video Design in Mumbai, Modern Stage Service showcased products from over 15 companies ranging from lighting, video, audio, trussing and laser technologies. In addition to the Dataton presentation, there was a laser show from Laser World; a media server demonstration from Green Hippo; speaker systems from K - Array; the new ‘Jack’ and ‘Nick Nergy’ LED moving heads from DTS; a new fixture from SGM – a dynamic LED strobe; new fixtures from PR Lighting - LED moving heads and beams; Pixel Mapping from Avolites, and the new SHOLITE - 185R platinum beam/LED fixtures/LED moving ball. In addition, there was a special demo and training classes for rigging/trussing by Prolyte.

Davinder Wadhwa (right) of Modern Stage Service

Davinder Wadhwa, Director of Modern Stage Service, said, “3D video projections, Green Hippo’s media server, K - Array’s small speakers and pixel video mapping from Avolites are all being displayed for the first time in India.”

Svahnberg & Vijay Sabhlok

Vijay Sabhlok of Video Design, Dataton’s India Partner (under the aegis of Modern Stage Service), said, “It feels great to have a solution like this and to be able to present it to such an excited crowd. PALM EXPO is the perfect platform for this kind of initiative. We are happy with the response we’ve been getting.” Enthusiastic crowds at the Dataton demo

Modern Stage Service booth also showcased Dataton WATCHOUT demonstration in 3D. The Dataton WATCHOUT Version 5 is a multidisplay production and playback system that lets the user orchestrate stills, animations, graphics, video, sound and live feeds in a single impressive show across multiple display areas, soft-edge or scattered. The solution, upgraded recently with 3D effects and with stage preview options, takes the experience to a new level. It lets the user position and rotate all media objects in 3D; with 3D motion paths, images and video fly through space any way the user directs. The preview can be rotated to view the stage from the most appropriate vantage point, all the while staying true to its simplicity and ease of use. The first iteration of WATCHOUT for seamless stereoscopic playback, Version 5 also comes with stereoscopic projection, with little or no additional production effort. Moreover, the highly interactive solution understands virtually any kind of device or external system, allowing users to connect sensors and control sources – like iPads – directly to on-screen elements such as images, video, live feeds and more. “We are proud to showcase the new version,” said Svahnberg. “It’s truly innovative, and immersive - something which takes the experience to a new level.”

Technology takes There was also excitement at the Mackie display. According to Mackie, the DL-1608 Digital Live Sound Mixer redefines live mixing by combining the proven power of a fullfeatured digital mixer with the unmatched ease and mobility of an iPad. Besides 16 boutique-quality Onyx mic preamps and the performance of 24bit Cirrus Logic AD/DA converters, the system plays seamlessly with wired to wireless iPad control, meaning the ability to mix from anywhere in the venue. Moreover, it even supports up to 10 iPad devices.

Gilbert Perales of Loud Technologies shows off the DL-1608

Gilbert with Poncho of E&E

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