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Robe keeps busy at PALM Expo

THE LITTLE ONES ARE NOW SHIPPING At less than 61 cm tall and only 20 kg, the VLX3 LED Wash boasts 6,000 lumens using 3 x 120W replaceable custom RGBW LED chipsets with a 10,000 hour source life, all with individual LED control. Coming in under 64 cm tall and only 25 kg, the VL400 Spot provides 9,000 lumens of output from a 400W MSR Gold 400 Philips MiniFastFit lamp and has 14 fixed colors on two independent color wheels. All created under 64 cm tall and only 25.5 kg, the VL440, VL770, and VL880 Spot luminaires are complete with a 3-wheel CYM color assembly for rich, saturated colors. The VL440 uses a 400W MSR Gold 400 Philips MiniFastFit lamp to produce 9000 lumens of output, the VL770 has a 700W MSR Gold 700 Philips MiniFastFit lamp which produces 15,100 lumens of output, and the VL880 is complete with a 800W MSR Philips Platinum 35 lamp producing 19,000 lumens of output. For a complete list of product features visit Phone: +65-62879878

(L-R): Robe CEO Josef Valchar, Robe Sales Director Harry von den Stemmen and Robe Customer Service Representative Petr Vanek

Czech lighting manufacturer Robe displayed three different fixtures during the exhibition – the DLX Spot, the ROBIN LED Wash 1200 and the ROBIN MMX Spot. The Robe DLX Spot won the prestigious Award for Technical Innovation at the 2012 SIEL trade exhibition in Paris France’s leading international expo for the professional lighting, sound, video and entertainment technology industry. It uses a new and unique RGBW LED light source and offers a colour output brighter than a 575 Watt discharge unit, but with the very eco-friendly average power consumption of only 250 Watts! Robe DLX Spot The super-slim, mega-bright ROBIN 1200 LEDWash utilises the same multichip RGBW LEDs as Robe’s awardwinning ROBIN 600 LEDWash and the smaller ROBIN 300 LEDWash, in a bright package featuring 61 LEDs arranged in four ROBIN 1200 LEDWash concentric rings. It

is a multi-purpose luminaire and can be used to create spectacular kaleidoscopic patterns and effects through individual control of the four LED rings as well as for washing large surfaces areas and objects. It is ideal for all applications needing powerful and adaptable lightsources drawing less power. The Robe MMX is a discharge fixture that has similar light output to most existing 1200W luminaires. It is based on the ROBIN advanced technology design that provides brighter, lighter, more efficient and physically smaller fixtures than ROBIN MMX Spot previously possible. The MMX includes the Robe exclusive Hot-Spot lamp control feature that allows remote adjustment of flat beam uniformity or power beam hot-spot. The key feature of the MMX is the Dual Graphics Wheel two fully controllable contra-rotating plates that can be positioned anywhere across the light path to produce unique visual effects. During the show, Robe Sales Director Harry von den Stemmen announced that all of Robe’s new generation fixtures now come with the LumenRadio CRMX Receiver installed.

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