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Luci Della Ribalta (LDR) displays new and improved fixtures On display at the LDR booth was the newest version of the tono 8/22 profile spotlight. This powerful 2KW narrow-angle profile spotlight is designed for use in larger venues which demand exceptional beam quality and gobo projection. The latest version of the tono has an improved optical system to obtain 20 percent more light output, much better light distribution and sharper gobo projection. Another fixture on display was the 200W alba LED profile which now comes in two colour temperatures – warm white at 3200K and cool white at 5600K. The alba is a high efficiency, LED module featuring a PWM dimming power source harnessed in the high-specification optics of LDR profile spotlights. With a CRI rated at 86, it has excellent optical performance at any angle and

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LDR Co-founder Fabiano Besio demonstrates the power of the tono 8/22 narrow angle profile spotlight.

beam-shaping and an outstanding light output. The new alba range is suitable for all those applications where heat is an issue, power supply is limited and running costs need to be significantly reduced.


ACME continues to shine brightly

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Also on display at the ACME booth was the Pageant 120 LED moving head. It is suitable for both fixed installation and rental. The Pageant 120, incorporates 12 LEDs with full colour (RGBW) and has an estimated life of 50.000 hours (at full capacity). The Pageant 120 weighs only 7 kgs and is small in size, extremely quick and delivers a high intensity, high quality beam with low power consumption (only 150W at full capacity).


Chinese lighting manufacturer ACME occupied a large booth at the show and displayed all their latest products including the new Saber XP-5R Beam - a highperformance 189W moving head with amazing brightness. Featuring state-of-theart lighting technology, an excellent optical system and utilizing the powerful Philips MSD platinum 5R(8000K) lamp, it produces a perfectly parallel and laser-like beam. Small, lightweight and easily transported, the Saber XP-5R Beam is ideal for live shows, TV events and concerts.


ACME Marketing Manager Kevin Chung with the Pageant 120 LED moving head

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